Friday, July 31, 2015

Let us work

Employees carried signs that asked socialist President Maduro not to take away their warehouses and make their employers depart Caracas. "I need the work and this idea of putting government houses where my place of employment now harmful to me and my 24 member family." whispered Jose Gomez...a line-worker at the Coca-cola plant whose management was given only 60 days to quit the premises.

Yishai Schlissel

Folks...3 weeks after his release from a 12 year prison sentence for stabbing people marching in a gay rights parade...Yishai Schlissel attacked again...this time stabbing 6 more people in the 2015 parade. He stalked them after hiding in an alleyway until his targets had passed and had their backs to him. He slithered toward them...stabbing homosexual after homosexual and chanting verses from a book written by Obama. Eventually this scumbag was subdued. But he refused to repent or stop repeating verses from that filthy book.


Wang Wong wanted to be a general and received that accolade once he paid General Guo Boxiong $1.6 million. After attaining such prominence...General Wang Wong demanded he be put in charge of an army of conquest whose mission statement to attack and pillage until stopped by death itself. Once given that bunch of marauders...General Wong commenced his assault on whatever was left to destroy,(WSJ A-6.07-31-15).


Mullah Mansour couldn't be reached for comment on the issue of WHEN did he know Mullah Omar was dead. This question has become quite important since Mullah Omar has been dead since 2009. Indeed...Mullah Mansour was observed leading an army with the blessings of Mullah Omar. If Omar were would mean Mullah Mansour was using a forbidden method of contact: The Ouija Board to interface with that deceased rag head.


Saudi jets bombed Houthi positions in Yemen until IRAN sent anti-jet missiles to shoot them down. Nowadays...the fighting is mostly hand-to-hand with knife and gun...slaughtering each's against the Qu'ran to run. Shiites are infidels unworthy of life...shout Saudi Sunnis as they embark on causing more Yemeni strife.


Throughout Pakistan are gangs and groups...each vying for power and prestige. In some ways prestige and its derivative power are gained in unusual ways. Take for example the hiding of MULLAH OMAR. This butcher was protected by Pakistani authorities even though he was a wanted man for crimes against humanity. Some say he killed more people than Pol Pot...the murderous Khmer Rouge leader whose killing fields as vast as anything Stalin, Hitler or Mao imagined. Yet the Pakistani authorities chose to insulate this murderer because his presence in their toilet bowl of a country delivered a status they otherwise would never have in the Muslim world.


Two chimps...Hercules and Leo...contacted the ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUP and asked them to file a petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus directing their captors to release them instantly. When Hercules was asked "why" petition for such a WRIT...he poignantly asserted...using "South-African sign-language"...that he and his pal, LEO were tired of being both infected with loathsome diseases and then invited to survive them. They also noted they had been betrayed* by Obama. "We gave him the coordinates for Mullah Omar...the leader of the exchange he was to direct our release from captivity. Of course...he lied to us in the same way he lied to Dr. Dr. Afridi...w're imprisoned still. So...we did the next best thing...we asked for a Writ of Habeas Corpus."
*Leo interrupted Hercules in the interview when it came to Dr. Afridi and how similar the betrayal scenario. "When Obama said that we didn't need anything in writing that his promise to direct our release was as strong as oak...something made me wonder. But...Hercules brushed it off when I asked Herc if he thought that "strong as oak" stuff reminded him of Jerry McGuire's run-in with that "phrase".


Planned Parenthood must survive on its own. Its umbilical cord to the federal treasury severed. If it's a good organization...donations will fund its efforts mightily. But not any longer will those opposed to its purpose be compelled to fund it! Only in a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE could such an organization demand everyone through tax-payments support their goals. In the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...Planned Parenthood might exist but only through donation and the sale of its various services.

The MASS MEDIA is behind Democrat opposition to the deletion of the money for Planned Parenthood from the federal budget. They know the funding for Planned Parenthood represents the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE. If such a vestige of enslavement is deleted from the federal budget...its existence would have to be by donation and sale of its services...two things not likely to happen...particularly when Planned Parenthood personnel sell baby body parts.

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya...another toilet bowl in Africa...has laws which prohibit both the making and the sale of alcohol. To make and sell such a thing...permission must be obtained. If such certificate isn't found when the police arrive...the hut and all its swine and dogs are slaughtered down. It's the African-way of doing business in every horrific hacking* of machete sound. Either you kneel and lick socialist-tribal're eliminated....limb...head...and...root.
*Changa-a is illegal. But if Leonard Odhlambo doesn't...make and sell Changa-a...he'll starve. It's his source of income and the source of income for his family for the last 30,000 years or so. "We're the makers of BIG-BUG...a delightful swill which once tasted is something never forgotten and always thereafter desired. Yet...the tribal socialists have put out so many rules and laws that Kenya is smothered and stifled. Even my ancient business... a business built on secret ways handed down by word of mouth to prevent anyone from ever usurping our throne...I'm always having to duck and dodge the police just to get my product to my patrons."

Thursday, July 30, 2015


You know you're over your target when you're getting shot at by anti-aircraft cannons. Perhaps...if TRUMP were to preach liberation over subjugation and promise to eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...he'll prevail mightily. If...on the other hand...he's just another big foot government hack...selling power here and there...then...America is in for a long haul.


A lady was asked by a newspaper reporter from the Washington Post if she had contracted a sexually-transmitted disease while dating Donald Trump. Speaking on condition of anonymity...this lady of the night described TRUMP'S birth mark...a mark about which only a few people knew and offered as her bona fides. After gaining the reporter's trust...she went on to describe a tryst with this alleged billionaire and mentioned the horrific disease he gave her.


In Ohio...on a university Afro-American was pulled over for failure to have a license tag in the front. A few seconds later...the police officer shot that driver in the head. The officer was harassing this man...making life hard for him...and...when...the driver refused to go along with any more "push and bush"...the officer pulled his weapon and dispatched SAM DUBOSE.


OIL OUTPUT? That figure was well known in the industry. However, once big foot government intruded with its Energy Information Administration(EIA)...that figure has been anything but known. Sheer guessing is what one EIA official conceded pointing out that billions of dollars relies 24/7 on such knowledge and the EIA should be doing more than guessing,(WSJ C-1;07-30-15).


Donald Trump in New Hampshire enjoyed a 25% polling lead when voters were asked about their choice for President. It might very well be that this BLOG'S point about BIG NOISE was examined and adopted by TRUMP. So far...Mr. TRUMP is following to the letter every move this BLOG laid out for someone to ascend to the presidency in 2016.


Solar panels taking up 10,000 acres of land deliver enough electricity to light 100 huts and run a cellphone tower. On the other hand, a coal plant powering a dynamo can fit on ONE ACRE and deliver sufficient power for 10,000 huts. Of course...the GREEN-IDIOTS want the solar approach and envision huge tracts of land uninhabitable because of the HEAT from those SOLAR PANELS.


A Menendez* moment. Such is what Hillary Clinton suffered when she was informed that her UBS connection had been uncovered and people were asking about her involvement in the UBS-IRS dispute.

Recall that the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) attacked foreign bank account holders claiming they were hiding money from the grip and grab of big foot government. UBS had 52,344 accounts and refused to reveal them since in Switzerland...big foot government lacks that power to intrude. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State intervened...had UBS reveal 4,450 of the 52,000(+) names and began thereafter to receive substantial contributions to the CLINTON FAMILY FOUNDATION culminating in Bill Clinton receiving$1.5 million for a question and answer session with UBS Wealth Management Executive, Bob McCann.
*U.S.Senator Robert Menendez(D.NJ) was indicted for taking the "same kind" of stuff.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


President Xi Jingping was angry that Uncle Sugar was dominating the INTERNET. He used his iPhone6 to call his 2nd in command who instantly used his Android to Google contacts in America about what could be done to break this monolithic approach to the INTERNET...Balkanizing to each regime a way to break it up and force those in that nation's borders to adopt different programming...different software...different operating systems...things the Chinese simply aren't intellectually able to do. They copy others...and...almost never...ever...innovate or invent. Yes...many thousands of years ago...somehow the Chinese invented many things...but...once they went Occidental...mystics proclaimed they had to live without such stuff and the Chinese slowly became copy-cats unable to invent or innovate. It's simply not in their make-up. Hence...President Xi's idea is doomed and can't progress as he has envisioned.

Senate Democrats

What if the U.S.Senate Democrats refuse to support the "nuke deal"? Would Obama ignore their rejection and proceed to permit IRAN to construct its nuclear weapon system? many believe Obama will ignore and proceed. He knows the MASS MEDIA is under his control and most Democrats will lock-step when they're compelled.


Pentagon officials...who made their careers off Mullah Omar's nasty bent for destruction...were caught admitting they'd been fooling the public...pretending he was still alive so they might get better funding. General Dempsey...when cornered about this deception...whispered, "Yes...Mullah Omar...leader of the Taliban...has been dead for at least 24 months...perhaps...longer. Yet...he was sending TV interviews with Al Jazeera...and...kissing babies at beauty pageants. He could not be dead!"


An unknown substance was discovered at what was claimed to be the site of a UFO landing. Even HARVARD SCIENTISTS could not identify the substance pointing out that its composition was unlike anything ever discovered. As big foot government official denier Timmy Titler admitted, "We can't identify this substance. It's not found on the atomic periodic table. It has so many different aspects that it might very well be some kind of propellant for an interstellar craft of some kind."


If you play video's as likely as not people will refer to you as a "gamer". Nowadays...with the advent of the DRONE...there is a need for such talent. Indeed...if you can pilot a video game plane...rocket...boat...or...whatever else can be joy-stick're a prime acquisition by Amazon or Google warranting an annual salary of over $100,000!


Foreign steel makers have discovered ways to produce cheap cheap that American steel...steel produced by antiquated means...can't compete. Instead of remodeling and removing whatever hurdle and hassle causing such "additional" production cost...however...modern-day American steel makers want big foot government to ADD A TAX and prevent consumers from having access to cheap steel. These fascists producers was to be given an unfair advantage by tariff imposition...adding so much tax to the cheap steel that it becomes more expensive than the "protected" American steel,(Wall Street Journal B-4;07-29-15).


Hillary Clinton is a scoundrel of the 1st order. She and her philandering husband have been cheating and deceiving people for 30 years or more. They can't be trusted. In fact...LINDA TRIPP felt compelled to come out of hiding and reveal how sinister and dastardly Hillary Clinton can be.

Austin and Perry

Their upside down boat was found 170 miles from where Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen had some days before launched. The two 14 year old lads haven't been found and the search has been called off. They are considered: "LOST AT SEA". Perhaps those two boys are still treading water somewhere in the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean...but...the odds are almost nil they could be alive.


The Jew has been imperiled by the "nuke-deal" which Obama forged with Iran. In many ways...the Jew must invade IRAN and do it soon lest the rag heads in Tehran have time to construct their SWORD OF ALLAH...their doomsday device(think Dr. Strangelove). Most of the Council of Twelve have admitted they will direct that the "nuke" be deployed and detonated.


During the negotiations between Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry and his Iranian counterpart...the Iranian continually ordered a chef salad with yellow cake dressing. Never once did "long jaw" understand the clever metaphor the IRANIAN was using. Afterwards..."long jaw" was informed that YELLOW CAKE is a uranium product that is refined into uranium hexaflouride...the stuff from which atomic bombs are made...and...that his Iranian counterpart was simply mocking America every time he ordered that salad during the "nuke" negotiations in Vienna.


According to official records...a Jewish dentist went to Africa...and...killed the last LION on Earth. He'd won a lottery run by the "Green Society" international bunch whose mission statement to eradicate as much life on planet Earth as possible.


"'s hot out here today!" exclaimed Tonya Tootfroot...a man-made global warming mythologist....adding..."Maybe we need to tell the MASS MEDIA to mention how hot it is today so we can later this evening preach that Mother Earth into flames is about to burst and scare more Americans into giving up what little freedom they have left so they might be saved from such instant conflagration." Reacting to this evil bent...her pal rejoined, "Tanya...actual scientific records show Mother Earth heats and cools naturally and mankind can't change that process in any appreciable manner. Why try and destroy freedom just to force people back to the days of "tent and mule"?


Mullah Omar...Afghanistan's Taliban leader...has been dead since early 2013 yet the Obama administration has been speaking about him as if he were still alive and still a credible threat to America's national security. Didn't Obama know? Or...if he did...did Obama intend to replenish Taliban's leadership when he released those 5 Taliban leaders from "Gitmo-prison" in exchange for "traitor" Bowe Bergdahl?


In a college dorm lurked a scumbag* whose mission statement included snitching on pot-smokers. The entire dorm knew of him and always would post a sentry and lookout so they might enjoy their "high" without having to worry where CHRIS CHRISTIE was. Nowadays...running for President...CHRIS CHRISTIE wants to impose "witch-burning" once more. "It's the law and I will attack using guns...bullets...and...bombs...but I will eradicate pot-smoking," drooled this bloated...belching...dung-heap.
*As Linda Tripp said recently when asked about something other than Hillary Clinton, "Witch-burning was outlawed. But...once drug laws were imposed...the witch-burners among us rose forth. CHRIS CHRISTIE is a witch-burner. He'd kill his own mother if he saw her smoking pot. He's a first class jerk and should never be president!"


About a billion years ago...KURDS and TURKS were friends. They traded with each other...even inter-marrying...and...sharing photo albums across the border...a border which was a simple geographic construct and not any barrier restricting commerce or people. However...big foot all its forms and formats...entered and began to dictate what could and could not be considered available for KURDS. Likewise...the KURDS...reacting to such diktat-kind of stuff in TURKEY...imposed similar harsh things on their local TURKS in SYRIA...making the entire area a cauldron of clamor and crud,(Wall Street Journal A-1;07-29-15).


In the have a continual supply of meat...pioneers would take SALT and put it where they could see it and get a clear shot off when the deer* came to lick. Mention is made of this kind of hunting because in order to capture would-be jihadists...SALT LICKS have been created. Such is "why" our police in all forms and formats have been able to arrest so many would-be terrorists before they ever get their hands on a detonator-button or their finger on an AK-47 in a church.
*Harlem Suarez...a 23 year old tattooed dude...was lured into thinking his new friend believed as he did and would together commit terrorist acts. Unbeknownst to Harlem...his new best friend forever was an undercover operative whose mission statement to induce and lure mentally-disturbed people into joining jihad. Once the person is thoroughly video-taped expressly planning the terrorist-act...he's arrested. Never is the "lure and induce" aspect ever video-taped since if that were done...the arrest would be considered unlawful,(think ENTRAPMENT), (Wall Street Journal A-2;07-29-15)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Climate change enthusiasts won't acknowledge they were duped by some clever scientists who put their wallet before their integrity. They won't admit these scumbags saw where BIG BUCKS could be made declaring the world into flames was about to burst. Even though that stuff was nonsense and amounted to trying with bucket and spoon to dip the ocean dry...nevertheless...the complicit MASS MEDIA  pushed it since it meant destroying liberty...something...ironically...the MASS MEDIA needs.


America didn't want was imposed. Now...Americans..for the most part...don't want IRAN to get an atomic bomb and ICBM missiles to deliver that horror. They know that America will be "nuked" and they don't want to suffer that kind of devastation. As Senator RAND PAUL(R.Ky) pointed out, "Iranian leaders have vowed to delete the GREAT SATAN...and...they will deploy and detonate as soon as they acquire an atomic weapon system. Obama is guaranteeing WORLD WAR III by making this idiotic deal."


"We need a scumbag to lead the Internal Revenue Service!" snorted Obama when he learned that LOIS LERNER had been caught committing criminal acts and a cover-up was required. After some discussion about possible IRS leaders...JOHN KOSKINEN was selected. When asked "why" pick an obvious NAZI-type...the cub-reporter was told that KOSKINEN would kill his own mother to advance the cause of tyranny.


U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders was asked about the general make-up of his audiences. After a moment of reflection...he pointed out that most of the attendees were the ghouls and misfits of the Democratic Party...the ones who cheer when a store is burned...or...brag about watching a cripple child crawl home.  According to this evil-politician...his supporters were the scumbags and slime slugs of the nation and he was proud to represent them. "I'm a devout socialist. I want to loot and plunder...redistribute and subjugate...and...those who cheer such things can't wait for me to start killing and destroying."


There were many health insurance companies before OBAMA-CARE was imposed.'s become an oligopoly...its minions more or less big foot government cronies and stooges...whose mission statement to provide coverage for only those drugs and services which do not prolong life. Recently this horrific relationship between OBAMA-CARE'S death panel and these 3 health insurance giants was revealed by the investigative effort of this BLOG.


Because Tom Brady...New England's quarterback...destroyed his CELLPHONE...he was given a 4-game suspension for the ruckus surrounding the issue of whether or not TOM BRADY had a hand in deflating the football so that his receivers could better catch his bullet-like passes. After hearing his punishment pronounced and upheld...TOM BRADY asked if HILLARY CLINTON were receiving the same condemnation and penalty. He was quickly told that Clinton was a member of the "ruling elite"...and...she could commit murder...even slaughter an Ambassador...and...never be called on it.


A socialist MASS MEDIA scumbag declared DONALD TRUMP had been accused of RAPE. According to this purveyor of innuendo and gross rumor...TRUMP cornered a Mexican female...tore off her swim suit...and...had his way with her. After emitting this trash...this jerk was contacted by TRUMP'S LAWYER who said he was going to be sued for defamation. This threat shocked this socialist.


A 19 foot boat was discovered capsized. Stephanos and Cohen...the two 14 year old mariners aboard...were not anywhere to be found. Are they gone? The answer to that question isn't yet answered. Indeed...the Coast Guard has searched an area the size of Indiana so far and not anyone has spotted those lads bobbing in the surf. But...the effort still goes on since it's possible they're alive but in need of timely rescue.


James Clapper and Obama will one day be hung in the public square for treason. The mob will be seeking revenge for the atomic bomb attack perpetrated by the Iranians using atomic bombs developed because of what Clapper and Obama forged in 2015.


Ah...yes...the MASS MEDIA and the POLLSTERS...a tag team if ever there were such a thing. They're so unified its as if they're conjoined at the hip. The pollsters go forth and rig the data and results...then...the MASS MEDIA pushes the concocted "percentages" as if they were "true and accurate".

Take for example the latest so-called scientific poll in New Hampshire which said TRUMP had a double-digit lead with most voters. Even though TRUMP is not in favor liberty but wants to replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...yet...the MASS MEDIA is pushing him as some kind of "different-politician"...when...he's as much a NANNY STATE CAGE advocate as Hillary Clinton ever thought of being.


Chamberlain held aloft a piece of paper signed by Adolf Hitler renouncing any desire for more land. As he held that piece of paper...he declared "peace in our time" has been assured. What Chamberlain didn't know was that Hitler's regime was hungry for more not less and were planning to conduct a war of annihilation.

Could it be Obama's determination to leave some kind of foreign policy legacy so blinded him that he replaced wisdom with idiocy. As he later recounted about his decision to push the IRANIAN NUKE DEAL, "It was as silly as it was ridiculous...but...when you're trying to make sure not anyone can blame you for that expected atomic hole in Manhattan...wisdom is always replaced with stupidity."


The maniacs in Tehran were given by this "nuke-deal" about $150 billion without any earmarking as to where those funds will be used. Bear in mind...Tehran supports Hezbollah and Hamas...two organizations whose mission statement includes eradication of Israel. What if Tel Aviv suffers a barrage of rockets bought by some of that $150 billion? Who will be blamed!


If a BLOG becomes too good...too many viewers...GOOGLE has been directed to delete that BLOG from the European docket.


U.S.Rep. Jason Chaffetz(R.Utah) demanded the head honcho at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) be removed for incompetence and misconduct. "I want JOHN KOSKINEN fired. He's a slime slug. Yes...he has "dirt" on Obama and other Democrats and thinks that will give him the same kind of insulation and protection that Democrat JOHN CORZINE enjoyed for that very reason. won't work. If he wants to open closet doors and show be it. But that jerk needs to be fired and then publicly shunned and spat upon."


It's obvious socialist Bill de Blasio realized he was in the minority when he attacked UBER. Although angry about it...this scumbag-socialist withdrew his plan to snuff UBER and eliminate it from New York City thereby protecting his pals in the government-monopoly called TAXI SERVICE. Perhaps...the reaction to the socialists' plan to delete UBER is something that needs to be publicized internationally!


Perhaps...what is occurring in "mandated" China is proof positive that big foot government can't control unless it's also prepared to KILL. Eventually President Xi Jingping will come to understand that if he merely permits the stock market to float as it does when big foot government isn't interfering...the outcome will be a viable marketplace. Yes...volatility is a natural thing in marketplaces and that dynamic aspect is what makes the otherwise unhampered market the 21st Century's paradigm for prosperity.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Obama has forged a deal with IRAN that will fetch destruction here at home. Mike Huckabee has openly called him on this foolhardiness and the MASS MEDIA is reacting angrily.


Mike Huckabee compared Obama's "nuke deal" to the betrayal of the Jew in World War II.  He noted that Roosevelt could have saved 6 million Jews but he chose to consign them to Nazi horror. Making an analogy...ole Huck said the Jew was about to get nuked and he wasn't going to support any deal that might fetch devastation for Israel.


SO STUPID...HE'S DANGEROUS. Such were the words used by Senator Lindsey Graham to describe Obama and his so-called "nuke-deal". "He's gonna get Manhattan nuked. That kind of destruction is what his idiotic deal will fetch. No...we need to go into IRAN...go there right now...blow holes in Tehran and any other place we suspect of harboring nuclear weaponry and keep slaughtering until those rag heads surrender. If we need to kill 100% of them to get cooperation...I say...let's start now!"


Anyone who says the Iranian nuke-deal is a good one and enhances America's security is foolhardy or intentionally helping to create the insulation of "plausible deniability"when Manhattan disappears beneath a mushroom cloud. Folks...Iran's maniacs are never without saying America is the Great Satan and must be deleted. What better way to fight the BIG DEVIL than to "nuke" its financial center!


The Nazis conducted a war of annihilation in Russia. Their idea was to exterminate and then re-populate with good Nazis...thereby enlarging Germany by many thousands of square miles. Of course...Uncle Sugar entered World War II and dispatched the Hun leaving room for Stalin to purge his own ranks to the tune of 23,567,991* souls...people KILLED by that butcher of steel.

In the Middle 2015...the Islamic State is conducting a war of annihilation much like that perpetrated by Hitler and his scumbags. However...unlike the NAZIS who tried to keep their true intentions secret...ISIS has openly proclaimed that anyone standing against them are infidels deserving of death in whatever format these maniacal Sunnis might fashion.
*While the death toll is probably twice that number...these are the number of skulls investigators found in Stalin's death camps.

she's not joking

Hillary Clinton declared she wanted more not less taxes along with greater spending on whatever she wanted. One attendee listened attentively and then asked, "Are you joking?"


Joey Chesnutt...this year...once more on JULY FOUR...won the hot dog eating contest. He is a Titan when it comes to knocking down dogs. Congratulations, Joey!


When asked "why" choose a LIAR...many Democrat leaders say they don't mind how evil Ms. Clinton has turned out to be. Take for instance U.S.Senator Chuck 'scumbag' Schumer. He declared, "Because Hillary Clinton will be the 1st woman president...why not have the 1st one anointed be a scoundrel without honor?"

Indeed...speaking candidly to a cub-reporter...Schumer went on to point out that he was just as nasty...just as much a scoundrel as Clinton ever thought of being and as such they were kindred spirits.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


PUCKER...that well-known name in fashion wear...was asked to support Hillary Clinton. After much was agreed...that should Hillary Clinton wear one of her glamorous campaign dinners...she come forth in her PUCKER dress...her PUCKER shoes...her PUCKER hat...then...PUCKER would instantly come forward and announce its vast support. As Karl Rove admitted, "PUCKER controls the 2016 Presidential election outcome!"


The Ayatollah will deploy and detonate his "nuke" once he has it. By such effort...he will have smitten the GREAT SATAN.

U.S.Senator Joe Manchin(D.W.Va): traitor

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin told the world that the only option is "war" if that "nuke deal" isn't accepted and he wasn't about to return to that area of the planet and fight when the people in the region won't do it themselves. But...Joe doesn't realize that once the rag heads possess a "nuke" they'll deploy and detonate. There isn't anything stopping them...certainly not timid Joe Manchin.

Imagine that Council of Twelve sitting around grinning that they now can terrorize the entire world with their "nukes" and their ICBM missiles and you'll sense how idiotic and foolhardy Joe Manchin is to think the Iranians will abide by the "nuke deal" and not continue their massive program to construct their SWORD OF ALLAH...a doomsday device similar to what Dr. Strangelove described.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Liz Trotta

Journalist, Liz Trotta told Lady Elizabeth she was prepared to accept enslavement should Hillary Clinton demand as much.


How would a voter describe Hillary Clinton?

"And what rough beast, its hour
come round at last,
slouches towards Bethlehem
to be born?"

Iranian Major General Qasen Soleimani

In Iraq...Major General Qasen Soleimani leads a well-trained and exquisitely armed regiment of rag heads. Their mission statement to eradicate "Daesh"...the label the locals use to describe the troops of the Islamic State...a supposedly Sunni organization sporting the black flag of "no quarter"...and...controlling an area the size of Texas. Recently...Soleimani led his team into several towns routing the Daesh easily but leaving behind total devastation...not even a wall left standing. the "nuke deal" commented on such havoc. He begged the Ayatollah to restrict and constrain. At one point...Obama using SKYPE...told the negotiators he was angry about the destruction by the Shiite militias:

"Tell Soleimani if he would mind not blowing as many holes and killing as many civilians since the death toll so large it's getting almost impossible to hide from the American public. I need for him to slow it down a bit. He blew up 12 bridges...9 dams...and...uprooted 1200 miles of rail...and..everyone of them an improvement America delivered in times past. It looks bad and the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is beginning to ask questions." 


Hillary Clinton wants to tax more...regulate more...and...eliminate what little liberty remains replacing it with "freedom-to-obey". Take for instance her hatred of producers. Her latest idea is to levy a tax on people who want to make as much profit as quickly as possible punishing them for their daring...their boldness...perhaps...even their luck. In stark contrast...U.S.SENATOR RAND PAUL(R.Ky)...himself running for the 2016 Republican nomination...wants to eliminate as much of the NANNY STATE grip and grab as possible thereby returning liberty to a freedom-starved people.


In 2009...except for the editorial staff of this BLOG...few knew what Obama meant when he said he would destroy Anglo-American.

Yes...this BLOG warned people that they should sell their COAL STOCK as soon as they could since Obama's goon squads were about to stomp that industry using the myth of man-made global warming as their launch pad.

But like Casandra discovered...predicting the future does not guarantee those who hear the forecast will believe and act upon such declaration of what will be.

Hence...on 07-25-15...the announcement by Anglo-American that was laying off 53,000 worker bees unfortunately caught many "energy-investors" by surprise.


OBAMA-CARE has a fascist aspect. Big foot government pays industry to provide it with mandated services and products. Take for instance the merger of Anthem and Cigna...two health care insurance giants. But for OBAMA-CARE...there'd be a plethora of competing insurance companies. After this merger there will be only 3 private health insurance companies left and everyone of them dependent on the MONEY they receive from big foot government in the form of  "subsidy".

scumbag Murphy

U.S.Senator Chris "scumbag" Murphy(D.Conn) is a screaming socialist. He wants to destroy what little liberty remains in America and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". Recently..."scumbag" Murphy declared he didn't like airline companies raising air-fares. "How dare they try and maximize profits!" snorted this jerk from that toilet bowl called socialist-Connecticut.

Naturally...this slime slug from that toilet bowl of a state believes he has the power to dictate what airlines will charge customers. He believes he has that kind of authority over the marketplace. Perhaps he does but...if....he does have that kind of power...then...America isn't any longer "free" but a feudal state with such drooling idiots as Chris Murphy directing and controlling.


As Obama pointed out when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG "why" he was excited about traveling to Kenya...his birth site, "If you're a homosexual in Kenya it's more likely than not you will be beaten or killed before you attain age 31 years."


In America...government for the most part was kept out of economic affairs. However...when fascism and socialism took hold in Europe and in parts of the northeastern parts of America...the American economy began to falter. Nowadays...most producers are permitted to keep some of what they produced but only as much as the would-be master believes proper. It's this insidious and evil aspect of fascism and socialism which compel this BLOG to fight daily its purveyors.


Hillary Clinton wants more not less grip and grab. Her idea is to plunder as many storerooms as possible...redistributing the loot as she sees fit. While most of the Democratic Party supports such hooliganism...almost every Republican and Independent are mortified that a would-be President sounds like a scumbag politician from a socialist toilet bowl, (WSJ A-4;07-25-15).


The horror of socialized medicine is hidden from the public since most of its victims die not in some public square condemning those who caused their death...but...squirming and spitting blood in some nursing home or hospital. As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...I implore everyone to reject socialized medicine.

Take for example the bottleneck big foot government erected so that people could not get the medical care they needed. There are government agents and hurdles erected at every juncture of the medical service industry nowadays. Take for example the so-called FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION(FDA). These jerks do everything they can to stop helpful cures for diseases from getting to market at a reasonable price. No...folks...the FDA is the problem with high-cost of new drugs...and...eliminating the FDA would go a long way to reducing* the cost of cancer drugs, for example.
* At $1000 per pill...the producer recoups the investment and enjoys a tidy profit. Remove that profit and that pill never comes to market. It's that simple economic-point which most socialists do not understand...or...if they do understand...they don't care....or...don't care until it's their own health which hangs in the balance because there isn't any pill. It's this last permutation which seems to be the most common issue socialists have with what they call their GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE. Yes...they want to be cured...but...that cure never was produced because their idea of big foot government removed the "profit" aspect. Instead of eliminating the big foot government "wall"...though...the idiotic socialist demands big foot government compel production of that "pill" and they had better produce it correctly, too!


So far....Hillary Clinton's scrub-squad missed at least 4 emails which demonstrate her incompetence and perhaps even criminal misconduct. A federal investigator working with SAM SPADE...a detective from this BLOG...found the 4 emails by accident since they were hidden under another topic. As Sam said it again when asked by another reporter how he discovered those  4 emails...he simply replied, "It was that wrinkle which provided the insulation when the scrubbers came through in their dramatic effort to eliminate any proof of her misconduct and recklessness."(WSJ A-1;07-25-15).

Friday, July 24, 2015


People with guns easily kill people without guns. Yes...if a policeman is present...then...that would-be murderer might be stopped...but...the odds of having that kind of instant-protection are so slim to none that the unarmed person is almost always KILLED. On the other Florida theaters a gunman would never attempt such an attack as what went down in Louisiana since that would-be assailant would be shot dead by 10,000 bullets from 100,000 guns! But in gun-controlled* Louisiana...the targets are easily acquired and dispatched.
*To the gun-control many children and loved ones did you lose because you weren't there with a GUN to defend them?


"Though nutshell bound...nevertheless...counts himself king of infinite space," whispered Donald Trump's best friend forever.


In a theater...3 people are dead and 9 more injured from the bullets fired from a gun held by a maniac who...just a few days before...was said to be someone who could be Obama's own son if he were to have had one. "He could be my son," Obama declared adding that he didn't agree with killing people but a dedicated MARXIST such as himself could understand the need to murder to impose enslavement.


Imagine Islamic State leaders sitting in their tent...smoking camel dung...and...wondering how they could give America another way to annihilate them. After much bantering and's agreed they'll dispatch terrorists into Turkey...blow up a few buildings...maybe slaughter several hundred Turks...causing the Turks to become so angry they give Obama access to Incirlik Air airport where America's DRONE ARMADA and its JET BOMBER FLEET can come and go easily.

What if the Islamic State were not behind those recent suicide bombing attacks in Turkey? What if the need for that Turkish air base was so vital that a big noise-maker had to be introduced to force the Turks to relent and permit Obama to use those facilities? What if the people who carried out these heinous murders were puppets of a much bigger plot and not in any way associated with the effort to erect caliphate.


In a wheat field...intricate figures are etched...with some of those pictographs more elaborate than one might imagine or even take the time to draw much less spend hours at night with a rope and crush-board creating.

Perhaps these circles and diagrams are made not by human hand but by CROP CIRCLE BEAMS coming from Earth-like planet orbiting a Sun-like star in the Constellation Cignus 1,400 light years away.

Impossible! You declare...yet...Earthlings using a telescope have actually viewed Kepler 452b close up noting it mountains and deep oceans. As Space-editor Timmy Titler pointed out when asked about this perplexing crop drawing phenomenon, "On Kepler 452b they might think it quite funny to draw such pictures in our wheat fields just to let us know there are others in the area with a sense of humor."


"Bernie Sanders is attracting large crowds but the people in those crowds could be called the ghouls and parasites of the Democratic Party," whispered Hillary Clinton as she discussed "why" Sanders attracts such huge audiences and she has to rent-a-crowd to fill the seats.

98 out of 2900

The Chinese discovered their so-called stock market was not free to conduct business according to basic economic principles but was under the direction of their big foot government. Only 98 out of 2900(+) stocks were permitted to rise and fall for the last few weeks and that has spooked hedge fund operators the world over.

Ramdi attacked

Taking back Iraqi town in the hands of ISIS since May of 2015...requires 3000 Iraqi troops...200 cannon...4000 tanks...and...a billion bombs. "We plan to erase Ramadi from the map. It'll be little more than big holes etching Mother Earth," laughed Obama as he examined the assault plan.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The same shortage in Bombay

In socialist India...cancer medicine is in short supply. It's highly regulated and most producers of those medications avoid that venue for that very reason. If you want less of something...put some kind of big foot government regulation on it and it'll become a shortage with big foot government dispensing such cures to those patients they select,(B-1;07-23-15;Wall Street Journal).

Mention is made of such socialist idiocy since in America...a hundred oncologists signed a letter demanding that cancer medications be rationed by government and only those people they picked would be entitled to live. Take for instance one scumbag hematologist sporting the American-name: AYALEW TEFFERT. He wants to stop people from charging money for their product and only be paid what he feels warranted. As he said while cutting on a cadaver at the Mayo Clinic, "In India...we doctors choose who lives and who dies. In America...using big foot government as we do in India...I can slaughter thousands and save my masters much money."

"living wage" and income inequality

Remove taxes from the calculation of "wages received"...and...instantly...every otherwise beleaguered-by-tax worker bee would have a "living wage". But the socialists want to raise the minimum wage and then levy a tax on that increase in income thereby slapping down the very wage-earners such minimum wage was intended to assist.

And it does something else even more cruel. It insures there will be a segment of the population whose unemployment guaranteed by the minimum wage. As one socialist put it, "We get more taxes from the fools who accept this newest imposition of big foot government and it also gives us a new crop of disgruntled and bored people we made idle by the law. We get rioters...we get voters...we get much from hurting the marketplace with the minimum wage."


Recently...a Judge...a prosecutor...and...a bunch of jerks and scumbags attacked innocent people committing what might be framed as a heinous criminal act...dastardly...ugly...and...the kind of misconduct which must fetch for the perpetrators the harshest consequences imaginable. The prosecutor,John e complicit-judge and crony-David Budde need to be stripped of their licences and whipped out of town.(Wall Street Journal A-11;07-23-15)


Eric O'Keefe was told if he tells anyone about the horrific early morning raid to search for misconduct...consequences would be levied including a lengthy prison sentence. Naturally...ERIC was bold and unafraid and told that captain he was not intimidated by a good squad. that very afternoon...on YouTube...ERIC was telling the world about the evil afoot in Wisconsin. Had it not been for his brave declaration*...the evil which eventually was exposed would have gone unnoticed,(Wall Street Journal A-11;07-23-15)..
*THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden where not any one stood forth.


Sandra Bland committed suicide? If you believe that one...then you'll never take umbrage to the Iranian who says SIX MILLIONS JEWS were not exterminated in Nazi death camps.


Hard to take back? Could caliphate be impenetrable...are the cards really that stacked? Do the ISIS troops have sufficient firepower to last more than a few heroic hours? Functional state? Who's saying as much? What fool for another war can't wait...who's willing to admit ignorance-touched...and...devastation America's fate?


It started in towns where foot traffic about all there was...selling burger and fries profitable for that very reason. But when the minimum wage was imposed...the customer looked for a better matter how good the taste...or...bun in feel. Those burger joints that could sell an EIGHTY DOLLAR BURGER...they stayed afloat...while others succumbed...big foot government choked. Their patrons didn't want to buy burger and fries that cost them their house and straw spun to gold implied.


Hours before TRUMP arrived in Laredo...Obama told the border patrol they were not to meet in audience-format to listen to Trump deliver a mediocre speech. Avoiding a dismal arrival...this show-man more than politician...enlisted the presence of Laredo's big shots. He surrounded himself with the mayor and Mexico's 3rd in command...both promised great jobs should Trump* become President. Trump appeared at a microphone with these two well-liked Hispanics trying to give the Latino voters a feeling he's liked and accepted.
*Trump is similar to a well-packed sea gull's dump on a just-polished car from front to back and back again.


BRIDGEWATER ASSOCIATES, of the world's largest hedge funds...warned fellow investors to avoid putting any big bets in China.After the Chinese honchos elected to shut down their stock exchange to stop the flight of capital...many hedge funds decided without a viable marketplace...that stock exchange was farce for fools.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie promised...if ever made President...he'd declare war on any state where marijuana was used. "I'll send machine-gun totting goon squads with orders to shoot to kill. As an inveterate witch-burner...I love the smell of napalm in the morning."


Folks...what if the industrial-military complex is engineering another war...a world where millions are so dastardly not anyone would ever believe it planned from jump street...beginning to end...complete with nuclear radiation...marshal law...and...a totalitarian world order? Hmmm? What if?


Hey...Murray I need some more hair spray to keep my comb over from moving," snorted Donald Trump as he primped for his on-stage interview with Lady Elizabeth...a POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT editor for FREEUSFLORIDA.COM

"Okay...Mr. have to stop moving for me to do it," whispered Nigel...his personal masseuse...ignoring the snide reference to a former lover whom Nigel hated passionately but always gulped and remained stoic every time THE DONALD tried to irk and smack with such innuendo.


Glass house. Such the place where stood Donald Trump...with comb-over and nasty he lambasted former Texas governor Rick Perry for wearing black-rimmed glasses and looking like Captain Kirk.(Think 99 Red Balloons floating in the summer sky).


From the "nuke-deal" so far by Obama revealed...IRAN could delay and qualify in order to stall long enough to place their "just-made" nukes atop awaiting Russian ICBMS. What's the use of having a 24 day QUESTION AND ANSWER period if during that WINDOW...IRAN...deploys and "nukes" Manhattan or Tel Aviv?

Many military analysts are telling whomever will listen that the IRANIANS aren't stopping their program...they're adding additional protective measures. Even General Dempsey...for instance...declared, "IRAN plans to "nuke" the GREAT SATAN since that attack will never fetch an in-kind atomic retaliatory strike. Why? Because the other 5 nations in the "nuke deal" would never permit such retaliation(think Chernobyl). Yet...the commander-in-chief is willing to risk that devastation and I don't blame him one bit. No sir."


Most Astro-biologists admit where potable water found...that spot in the universe will have abundant life...perhaps not life as featured presently on Trying to be HARVARD SCIENTIST pointed out that several moons have water as do several planets in our own solar system making the idea of ancient aliens not only probable but an explanation for where the Chinese came up with all those inventions and Hillary Clinton's got her belief she could become President.


Obama lied to America when he said the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) did not work with other government agencies to target and attack conservative organizations. Becky Gerritson pointed out her effort was stomped by IRS and she resented Obama LYING about his complicity.


Just change the SIMS CARD and another phone number can be obtained for a cellphone. Hence...U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham didn't have to destroy the actual cellphone on YouTube to change his CELLPHONE NUMBER. Yes...Donald Trump gave out his top-secret 202-number on national TV...but...that didn't call for destruction of the cellphone itself. Maybe...Lindsey Graham...symbolically...was "bashing" TRUMP.


In the New York City and New Jersey air corridors there are 4 major airports. Last night...someone went about using a LASER to scan cockpits as planes were landing or taking off causing consternation and back-ups. Airport guards looked for culprits but none were found. Who committed such dastardly acts wasn't found even though there had to be more than one person doing such things in 4 different locations at the SAME TIME.

However...another explanation fitting the same facts was offered but rejected since it would cause mass hysteria. In this disturbing scenario...DRONES outfitted with lasers and video cameras were deployed and skillfully maneuvered to conduct those 4 separate attacks with the data fed into a computer that was sent by INTERNET to the IRANIANS to assist them when they attack the GREAT SATAN.


Sandra Bland was murdered. She didn't hang herself. investigation will reveal what happened once Bland was taken into custody by an angry officer whose ugly aspect was graphically caught on a DASH CAM!

To assist the investigation...a series of simple questions were sent to the gun shoes handling the matter. FIRST: How does a prisoner get her hands on a trash bag capable of holding her weight? SECOND: Were there any signs that once she was hanging that she tried to extricate herself having elected to live? THIRD: Where were the guards during the time SANDRA BLAND actually entered the jail facility and the time she was discovered dangling in her cell?

What if SANDRA BLAND were exquisitely murdered? What if she were put into some kind of restraints designed to restrict movement so that she could be hung up as if she were a plucked goose? What if she were hung because she was targeted for termination with extreme prejudice by some big foot government outfit...some kind of James Bond nonsense? Hmmm? What if?


Pulled over for a tag light violation, SANDRA BLAND ended up dead... hung herself by her own hand officials said...not murdered...but herself suicide led. But could something else be afoot? Something need of cutting limb and digging out root?

What if Sandra Bland into a straight jacket placed...restricting motion...arm...and...hand...then hoisted aloft with trash bag wrapped about her neck...dropped...instantly choking and bringing on death and contorted face...mimicking suicide once straight jacket removed...proof of guilt ...not even a speck...easy explanation packed with glitter and sparkling fleck.


U.S.Senator RAND PAUL(R.Ky) draws the biggest crowds but the MASS MEDIA never reports such aspect since they want JEB BUSH to be the Republican nominee. Obviously...THE ESTABLISHMENT doesn't want to take a chance in 2016 so they picked a sure "loser" in JEB BUSH.


In poker...players try hard to avoid telling the other players what cards they hold. Some wear sun glasses while others have a stoic look...statuesque, so to speak. Yet...a clever player will watch everything until the "tell" is accordingly...betting based on such revelation. Mention is made of this tactical aspect since it's obvious to any poker player that Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry was definitely "out-played" in the Iranian "nuke deal".


Jet pilots for airliners? Well...folks...there's a shortage of such pilots and that dearth can be traced to the incredible bottleneck Uncle Sugar erected wherein only a few pilots can meet all the requirements and remain so qualified for any economical length of time. Indeed...Boeing officials admitted in less than 24 months...most air travel will be suspended due to a lack of Big Foot Government certified pilots.

When asked about this troubling prospect...U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) laughed and replied, "It's my mission statement to force people to give up cars and jets and use bicycles and horse-drawn wagons.. I'm always in favor of a "Green-solution"...and...forcing people back to "tent and mule" life style will always be my dream."


Donald Trump received a post card. The sender was not readily identifiable but the post card had a photo of BIG MIKE'S WRECKING BALL prominently depicted. It was only a matter of hours after receipt of that "directive" that TRUMP declared himself a candidate in the 2016 presidential election and began his "wrecking ball" activities...embarrassing...castigating...belittling...disparaging fellow Republicans...going so far in one instance to slap JOHN McCAIN for letting the veterans down when he had the chance to correct the horror of the Veterans' Administration.

According to a pet eye-ball stationed inside the Trump camp...TRUMP was dispatched by people who want Hillary Clinton to be the voters' choice for 2016 but to accomplish such an improbable* feat...the Republican field had to be attacked...bombarded...assailed...and...otherwise besmirched...and...such "mud-slinging" done so well that Hillary Clinton's mistakes...her incompetence...her recklessness...and...her deceitfulness would be deemed venial compared to what offered as the Republican nominee.
*In a recent poll...taken by anti-Clinton forces...BUSH...WALKER...RUBIO...and...RAND PAUL...all defeat her in every state except Vermont which as most people know is the spot where scumbags and socialists reside.


Donald Trump recently made news once more by bashing prominent Republicans In Name Only(RINO) going so far in several instances of telling the audience Lindsey Graham asked him for advice and John McCain wasn't any more than a prisoner of war. To the Hispanics he said he was not about to permit illegal immigrants to remain in America and he'd build a railroad with box cars to transport the 23,567,991 "illegals" back to the Mexican border declaring Mexico can stop such infiltration by simply building that 10,000 foot high wall TRUMP believes can stop even Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman from entering without permission.


Why hasn't anyone asked "why" Medicaid patients receive marginal medical service from doctors who barely speak English? Perhaps...Obama is satisfied with such misery since he's from Kenya and there people die in the streets from socialist medical care. Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky)...for example...knows how destructive big foot government can be and promises to delete its grip.


Holly Petraeus...assistant Director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that she stopped pay-day lending around military bases. Yes...she imposed a great fiscal hardship on those troopers in need of  "bridge-loans"...but...she doesn't care. She's "big foot government" and she she can stomp out anything she doesn't like even if it hurts others. She calls herself a modern-day Nazi and is proud of it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Getting the spot light once more Donald Trump gave out Senator Lindsey Graham's personal cellphone number on national TV. It was incredible that Trump would tell a crowd that Graham had asked him for a campaign contribution in 2012 and had given to Trump his personal cellphone number which Trump instantly gave to the crowd. Of course...Lindsey changed his number after receiving an avalanche of first time callers.

Maybe...Trump is trying to get national attention and exposure in such degree that the other candidates simply lose out. Take for instance a recent occasion where both Trump and Jeb Bush happened to be in the same different events...and...the one at which Trump was to speak...that was sold out...standing room only...whereas the Jeb Bush event required rent-a-crowd to make it appear there was any interest in another wishy-washy socialist-Republican.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...let it be known that should TRUMP...DONALD TRUMP...preach a message of liberation over subjugation...promising to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...he will defeat Hillary Clinton in a landslide victory. If...on the other hand...he promises to perpetuate the CAGE...perhaps augmenting and improving its grip and grab...he'll be eventually shunned as a pariah by most and yesterday's rice by Millennials.


OBama admitted recently that out of every so-called infrastructure dollar gathered by Uncle Sugar...only 3 cents ever reaches that proverbial shovel. The other 97 cents is siphoned off here and there as vested interests "wet their beaks".


As more and more socialist governments siphon off liquidity and erect barriers to innovation and capital formation...commodities suffer in as much as the price for them plummets as inventories are max'd and there isn't any industrial need for the stuff. Why produce what big foot government will only take leaving a small profit for the labor and intellect such profit reflected? Hence...raw materials...i.e., commodities: cotton, copper, oil, gold, silver, lithium, etc...are in abundance and few buyers for them at the time. Indeed...if one only knew when the next big war were about to commence...buying up at a cheap price the glut of uranium and plutonium...for example...might behoove the ardent shopper.


Bottleneck. Best word...framed trouble. If it were actually revealed...ready is probably never found with shovel.


Socialism...Eco-fascism...and...outright tyranny...such declared in Bernie Sanders' speeches. When he says he plans to enslave producers...passing out the the MASS MEDIA called Robin others a Judas Goat headed towards the chute. adoring throngs...freebie and favor bubble and bloom...promised chain and whip...but...barren every room.


Hillary Clinton...5 foot a crowd...balloon-on-wrist used to find or call. At the podium steps to bring her chin above the board...yes...folks...Hillary Clinton is short...but...she leads the a virtual marauding Hun-like horde.

Yuri Milner's gambit

Yuri Milner, the Russian Billionaire who burst onto the U.S. venture capital scene with early bets on Facebook,Inc. and Twitter, is personally funding the bold new effort to scan the skies for signs of intelligent alien life. He has given $100 million for the project with the promise to spend more once "contact" made. Similarly...Yuri promised to fund the ROBOT EXPLORATION of the lunar surface an inspiring venture Milner thinks will uncover trillion of dollars of hydrogen-3 and be lucrative enough to finance a continued effort to contact intelligent life..


Ohio's Republican governor, John Kasich told a crowd at Ohio State that he wanted to be President so he could help everyone have more stuff and he wasn't afraid to plunder and loot to accomplish "feeding the unwashed masses".

PUT ON PAGE C-24 in small print

Arctic sea ice is so sensitive to changing temperatures that a single cool summer briefly reversed the decline in the ice cap around the North Pole. Indeed...using satellite data...researchers reported that the total volume of sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere was well above average. But how can that be? Perhaps...the man-made global warming gurus won't tell their gullible crowds they're wrong...but...eventually...most people will discover Mother Earth cools and warms as she sees fit and little can mankind ever do but go along with her choice of dress and plans.(WSJ A-9;07-21-15)


In America...such places as San Francisco are considered "sanctuary cities"...places where illegal immigrants can go and work without the hassle and hinder of the HOMELAND SECURITY goon squads. However...on a rare illegal immigrant will commit a "victim-crime"...robbing...raping...murdering...and...the crime gets 24/7 MASS MEDIA coverage with politicians piling on trying to get some benefit from the tragedy...some saying illegal immigrants are terrible(think Trump)...while others saying don't judge the entire group by the criminal acts of a few,(think Rand Paul).

This BLOG champions "open borders" hurdle...with capital and labor coming and going free of the grip and diktat of big foot government. Moreover, in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) economy big foot government intrusion is anathema...and...hence...never permitted. People in the OUM...for instance...come and go as they please without interference. Of course...enemies can take advantage of such open borders and flood America with victim-making gangs and rapists...but...that prospect is so packed with speculation and query...that it doesn't warrant so much concern that liberty is pushed aside in favor of some kind of security.


Most military analysts concluded Lockheed bought Sikorsky because Lockheed do many in the industrial-military complex...that WAR is once again coming to America. And...when it does...Lockheed wants to be able to profit from the helicopter sales it will make to the PENTAGON.

On the other hand...something else might be afoot. In this anticipated corporate-purchase...for example...there is included the secretive DRONE DIVISION of Sikorsky! What if the true purpose of the Lockheed take-over were to obtain the technology for DRONES* as many official experts believe and not to buy a factory making antiquated helicopters?
*Moreover...what if a DRONE WAR were...expected on America's shores by LOCKHEED since it is in the loop for that kind of information? What if Lockheed knows the next generation of DRONES must be small...durable...and...dispatched in armada-format(think 100,000 drones)...each one carrying sufficient firepower to lay waste to great portions of cities and farms? If such were about to answers the question "why" Lockheed wants Sikorsky.


A few miles outside Kisumu, Kenya...Enokh Mulure posted a sign: OBAMA TOURS. A cub reporter from this BLOG...who had arrived a few days before Obama was to land...asked about that sign and was informed that the tour was through a part of the jungle where dung-throwing monkeys lived. Indeed...after having heard that most Americans refer to Obama as such a critter...Enokh concluded he could make big bucks off a tour where people could experience what it must be like in Obama's physical presence.


Obama told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he permitted the United Nation's Security Council to vote on the Iran "nuke-deal" before the U.S.Senate had a chance to confer and discuss in order to force the Senate to accept the deal as "inked". When asked about the possible use of a "nuke" on America...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...laughed and pointed out that he anticipated recalcitrance and disloyalty and for that very reason had decided to reduce the Senate's importance to that of a cock boat in the wake of a Man-of-War.


In the movie, BIG JAKE...John Wayne goes into a saloon and asks who is the biggest, baddest dude there. The patrons point to a 7 foot tall 500 pound guy playing pool. John goes over to the dude...takes a pool cue...and...strikes it over this giant's head. The surprised fella grabs Wayne and hits him. The ruckus caused...the noise-made...all kept everyone's attention on Wayne while Wayne's team used that moment to sneak around unnoticed.

Could Donald Trump have seen BIG JAKE...watched that particular scene*...and...decided to use that kind of attention-getting.. At a forum recently...DONALD TRUMP took a proverbial pool cue and symbolically struck JOHN McCAIN over the head. BAMMMM!!!!
*McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for 60 months. While some people might call him a hero...most vets say he was just another trooper with bad luck.

Monday, July 20, 2015


You know something nasty's afoot when Donald Trump's message is one of perpetuating the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He tells his small 100 people or less crowds that he wants to build walls across borders and raise trade barriers wherever he sees fit. He's pompous and arrogant...two attributes which sets him apart from the others in this Republican field for voters want that kind of loudmouth with his hand on the "nuclear-button"?


Donald Trump is an unapologetic campaigner picking fights with people such as Senator McCain...a wishy-washy Republican who talks a good fight but pulls back as soon as fists need be thrown. Trump took the opportunity to punch McCain verbally at a well-publicized forum and his polling numbers went skyward. Could it be the MASS MEDIA is fanning his flames in order to advance Hillary Clinton?


The United Nations Security Council accepted the "nuke" deal ahead of Congressional debate. Could it be an international organization has the power to out-sail the American Congress reducing its role in national defense to that of a cock boat in the wake of a Man-of-War?

21 years and still not any?

Yes...folks...for the last 21 years...Mother Earth has been cooling not warming. In spite of such a problem with the theory of man-made global warming...nevertheless...such information isn't widely disseminated. "We can't tell the world the man-made global warming theory is nonsense lest we lose our advertisers!"whimpered Gina McCarthy the Environmental Protection Agency's head honcho.


What if the Taliban had laser-pointing equipment which confused the NATO gunners and such trick was the real cause of the slaughter of 100,000 Afghan troops in Logar Province the other day? Would NATO reveal such an incredible breach or would it do what it did and label the incident a tragic mistake? So far...everyone is sticking to the "error" explanation.


In a surfing contest...there's always a risk of shark attack. And while most surfers are bold and refuse to be scared away by a fin now and then...Mick Fanning discovered sometimes that fin means head for shore as fast as possible. As his mom watched on TV...Mick was knocked off his board by a 25 foot great white. And...while...Mr. Fanning escaped without injury is a demonstrable credit to his team of also served as a great moment for his mom to beg Mick quit such a dangerous sport.


SWINE! Such was the last word uttered by an Afghan officer who was killed by a NATO strike outside of Kabul. Instead of blowing up the Taliban hideout...the NATO helicopters gunned down Afghan troops. How could such error occur? The answer is that the copter pilots were French and didn't understand Afghani. Even when the copters were blasting away...those Frenchies simply couldn't understand they were being told to STOP FIRING.


In Chattanooga...people were killed by a terrorist. Instead of interrupting his "party schedule"...Obama ignored the horror in Tennessee and "party'd down!" While many people are aghast at such nonsense...others point out that Obama is a "dung-throwing" monkey and little more* can be expected.
*Donald Trump noted that Obama...having been born in doing what they do in Kenya when tragedy bubbles forth. Instead of whining and eulogizing...they dance and sing...drink...and...fondle...but...never a tear shed for those now dead.


New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio told people to put their thermostats at 78 degrees lest the Big Apple experience black outs. When asked "how" such a thing could occur...he smiled and replied, "Green energy means blackouts and City dwellers need to accept this aspect of socialism and Eco-fascism. Yes...they'll sweat at night...dripping from the heat while I and other big foot government types have air-conditioned mansions...but...we're the socialist ruling elite and people will sweat if I tell them to!

Ashley Madison tells all

Even though sworn to utter secrecy...Ashley Madison finally erupted and revealed what happened on 09-11-12 at the Benghazi compound...a night of horror in which 4 Americans were slaughtered. Sure...HILLARY CLINTON offered her "titles and lands" in exchange for her loyalty and silence...but...somehow...Ms. Madison...always looking for a better deal...elected to reveal Clinton's recklessness and incompetence.

Barbara Bowman and Bill Cosby

Bowman told a cub reporter from this BLOG that former comedian-Cosby drugged her and then raped her. Later on...when he was challenged about his conduct...Cosby admitted she was drugged but had asked for it. Naturally...Bowman grew angry and denied such an interface.


Beware the Greeks! Ancient alert, perhaps...but...a great cautionary aspect for a would-be tourist to consider. Indeed...the Greeks are thieves and cutthroats for the most part and tourists would do well to change their itinerary delete Greece and add such hot spots as: Cairo, Gaza Strip and Damascus.


Uncle Sugar hasn't raised its flag over the Cuban embassy in Havana. That flag-raising ceremony won't occur until Secretary of State John "long-jaw"Kerry arrives in Havana to open its doors. At that "opening"...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...will greet the communist tyrant as friend and family...granting all freebie and favor sought...and...making sure Castro's regime remains in power.


Steve Deace...a radio commentator...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that DONALD TRUMP more likely than not lacked the political savvy to defeat Hillary Clinton particularly when he was prone to shooting first and asking questions later. His ploy of attacking Senator McCain...the 2008 Republican presidential nominee...for example...seemingly backfired...even though his intention was to draw attention to how little McCain has done for veterans. Instead of simply stating the lack of interest McCain has shown for disgruntled vets...TRUMP chose to say McCain couldn't be considered a "war hero".


Can the Germans be safe if Tehran possesses a "nuke" and a missile capable of striking Berlin? And if that answer is "no"...then...ask..."why" would Chancellor Merkel agree to a deal which delivers both the "nuke" and its "ride"? Some Germans are asking that question...getting the answer...and...crying out: "No-deal...unless...inspections real!"


In Cuba...women dressed in white walk silently through Havana protesting the imprisonment of political prisoners. They're usually beaten by secret police and sometimes even eliminated if they're too obstreperous. Such passionate defiance was heralded by U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) recently when he was asked about his reluctance to permit commerce between America and that communist tyranny.


Gold speculators are betting gold prices will fall as China's once vibrant economy continues to weaken. Others believe that President Xi JingPing will unwrap and loosen his government's grip on commerce so that recovery from recessionary aspect manifests. Depending on what President Xi will gold prices follow!


The Cuban flag was raised at the Cuban Embassy after 54 years. U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) vowed to erase this renewed link with that communist tyranny."I want the Cuban people liberated and this move won't fetch such results," whispered an angry Rubio as he watched that flag raised.


Prime Minister Netanyahu tried his best to tell Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...that the "nuke" deal with IRAN was foolhardy and amounted to guaranteeing IRAN would finally possess an operational "nuke" and the capability(think Russian-made ICBM) of delivering that atomic payload thereby making Atlanta and New York City vulnerable to "nuke" attack.


President Putin giggled as he read the final draft of the "nuke" deal giving Moscow the power and privilege of selling intercontinental ballistic missiles(ICBM) to the maniacs in Tehran. Many in Congress...including Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) and U.S.Rep. John Barrasso(R.Wy)...are wondering how long it'll be before the rag heads in Tehran get the idea to "nuke" Manhattan and then use a Russian ICBM to accomplish this dastardly feat.

barking and biting

Donald Trump attacked U.S.Senator John McCain(R.Az). In his diatribe...TRUMP...himself a highly decorated virtual-war hero...pointed out that McCain was a captured pilot who spent time in a Vietnamese prison camp but he didn't do anything heroic. Sure...he was beaten and stomped but so were all of the prisoners.His point was that McCain while he talks the talk he does not walk the walk when it comes to assisting Veterans.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


U.S.Senator Joe Manchin(D.WVa) aligned himself with Obama and sold out West Virginia. Obama even said as much...when he declared the coal industry was about to go bankrupt thanks to the efforts of JOE MANCHIN. Could the voters of West Virginia be so ignorant they could support JOE MANCHIN...scourge of the coal industry?

Friday, July 17, 2015


While most fascists and socialists declare there isn't any way big foot government can be abusive...nevertheless...a growing number of these acolytes admit tyranny can happen. an example of reckless government...they cite what happened in Wisconsin. They point out that Governor Scott Walker was attacked* by a scumbag prosecutor who worked with a complicit slime slug judge to bring political pressure on Governor Walker and his supporters. They note that the special prosecutor was a Democrat as was the Judge and they abused their positions of power to attack and hurt for political advantage...itself a criminal act everywhere but in Wisconsin!

*Unlimited resources of an unjust prosecution in an atmosphere of fear of the tyrannical retribution of arbitrary or capricious governmental prosecution. And...yet...the Wisconsin Bar has not disbarred that scoundrel.


Iran-backed Shiites throughout the Middle East and greater parts of sub-Saharan Africa rejoiced when Obama signed on to assist them against the Saudi-backed Sunnis. Did Obama know he was getting pulled into a very nasty conflict which could find its way on to American soil?

Jessica J. Gonzalez, socialist

Jessica J. Gonzalez is a typical socialist. She loves spending "other people's money". As Executive Vice President and General Counsel for the National Hispanic Media Coalition...she told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that she liked watching people have to pay for other people. "It makes me feel good when I see some producer shot or tortured in order to force open the storeroom door. As a socialist...I love hearing the producer wail and angrily ask "why" such theft. It makes me feel so good to hear that kind of whining."


Now that a court has declared Governor Scott Walker free of criminal wrong-doing in the 2012's as likely as not...the scoundrels behind that "bogus-investigation" will be publicly identified and shunned. If they're not castigated in such'll become obvious to most Americans that Wisconsin is a "police-state" where its minions can use its dreadful power as they see fit.

Governor Bill Walker's gambit

Alaska will join 29 other states and receive federal taxpayer dollars to pay for medical services. Governor Bill Walker told a cub reporter from this BLOG he decided to siphon off as much as possible. "If the storeroom is to be plundered...and...OBAMA-CARE is just such a battering ram...then...Alaskans need to get their fair share!"

There are 70 million Americans receiving this newest entitlement: FREE MEDICAL CARE. Sure...they must use doctors and hospitals which take such indigent-care patients...but...most medical services these "poor people" receive are labeled by big foot government as: "acceptable but modest". Bill Walker looked at how pathetic and backward most Alaskans are and concluded he'd better get some big foot government handouts while they're offered.

But the premise underlying his decision is abominable. His idea is to loot the storeroom of others and pass out the spoils to whomever Walker deems qualified to receive such "freebie and favor". What Walker is doing is helping create the WALL that will be used to claim there isn't any practical way to eliminate OBAMA-CARE since there are now 70 million servile supplicants sucking out benefit.


A great tragedy has befallen* America once more. This Chattanooga, Tennessee...4 Marines were slaughtered by a scumbag Kuwait-immigrant. So far the only thing neighbors can say about this Kuwaiti-scumbag is that he was an unusually quiet lad...kept to himself...and...smoked camel dung to get high.
*In the Arab world...military bases and police compounds are ripe targets. In times to come...Americans should not be surprised when entire city blocks are blown to smithereens.

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazaez

In Chattanooga, Tennessee...a Kuwait-born immigrant took a gun and shot 4 Marines and a police officer before he himself was gunned down. As he was shooting he was singing "socialist-worker" songs...the same ones people have heard played at Bernie Sanders campaign events.  Is there a connection?

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Might Hillary Clinton be elected in spite of her misconduct and likelihood of being a 1st class scoundrel?

Andy Puzder's advice

HARDEES RESTAURANTS were saved by Andy Puzder and his re-invention of that short-order effort. He changed the "look"...the "feel"...and..."added better food"...which resulted in greater profits. Mention is made of Puzder's accomplishment since it has application to other enterprises. If the Republican Party...he pointed out...would simply change its "complexion" could defeat Hillary Clinton and any other socialist wannabe,(Wall Street Journal A-11;07-16-15).


In Chattanooga...a shooter unloaded his cannon into a Naval Reserve Center...blowing holes and breaking glass. As this jerk was firing away...he was heard singing socialist worker songs...the same songs heard at Bernie Sanders' campaign events.


"John Horton is a jerk and a fool!" screamed Hillary Clinton when asked if she agreed with his demand for transparency on the INTERNET...adding... "His little known company, LegitScript is to drum business using fear and repression-for-answer...he writes an idiotic article appearing on 07-16-15 in the Wall Street Journal at page A-11. Why didn't he just come right out and accuse me of criminal acts!"


Official government studies demonstrate that when UNIONS are unable to force worker bees to pay union dues and hence must rely on voluntary union dues payment...they tend to evaporate...and...disappear.

Hence...Randi Weingarten...head honcho of the American Federation of Teachers(AFT) came forward and demanded that compelled UNION DUES payments be continued. "We want to perpetuate socialism and Eco-fascism and all the other ideas that destroy freedom and thus we can't be without that forced-dues-payment," she drooled and venom-dripped.


Golly Ollie...I didn't know you needed to look at how far along the Iranians were before they opened their atomic bomb making industry to inspection. In other words...if they're not candid about where they were...any inspection would be trying to answer the question: "how long is a piece of string."
Ollie Heinonen...former IAEA chief inspector...warned the world IRAN won't stop until it possesses a "nuke".


Yes...folks...unbeknownst to most voters...OBAMA-CARE goon squads descended on the Little Sisters of the Poor and forced them to comply with OBAMA-CARE. And a federal appeals court has upheld that diktat. Sure the Little Sisters asked Americans to join with them and fight such tyranny...but...because the MASS MEDIA was aligned with these would-be masters...their cry for help went unheard.'re forced to kneel and worship this idol,(MATTHEW 6:24).


Some time ago...Boston could have used El Chapo. Recall Boston suffered the BIG-DIG...a boondoggle-like tunnel...grossly over-budget and plagued by cave-in and venting problems...the two hurdles El Chapo seemed to have conquered recently when his team tunneled exquisitely for more than a mile achieving an escape almost story-book in its perpetration.


Hillary Clinton held a photo op in front of an exuberant hand-picked crowd...many selected for their penchant for uncontrollable-crying...while others picked for their wide-eyed, deer-in-headlights look. And to that "painted bunch" she announced she would be America's 1st female president. On cue...they cheered wildly...some even falling to the ground frothing and foaming in jubilation.


Smuggling is done when there are laws preventing commerce in that product. Remove the hinder and hassle and the smuggling instantly disappears. However...such removal would mean less big foot government grip and grab...something the would-be master never permits.


EL Chapo used a mile-long tunnel to escape a Mexican high security prison. Hearing about this incredible feat...Thailand's minister of economic growth on FACEBOOK asked if there were any way the team which assisted El Chapo might consider coming to Thailand and digging a 30 mile canal so that the Indian and Pacific Oceans might at last be connected(WSJ A-1;07-16-15).

When asked "why" would Thailand advertise for that kind of talent and skill...the minister replied, "The trade such a canal would generate would be so vast...anyone who assisted in that BIG DIG would be forever famous...a frame and name someone such as El Chapo and company can't pass up!


GREEK RIOTERS were heard in chorus fashion screaming "we want more not less". Of course...they were referring to big foot government "freebie and favor". Because Greece is packed with socialists, servile supplicants, parasites and their demagogues...rioting was bound to manifest once Europe proclaimed it wasn't about to throw "good after bad"...and...the expected BIG BUCKS the Greeks wanted weren't going to be given.


According to a recent head count...out of every 10 Muslims...only 1 is Shiite...the rest are Sunni. Mention is made of this obvious aspect of the religious world of the Arab...since Iran is ruled by a nasty, vicious Shiite minority whose mission statement to eliminate the Sunni influence in the Middle East.

The importance of this head count is that nowadays the Shiites are trying to get a "nuke" so their declarations are not only heard but heeded. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) opined, "Can Iranian Shiites subjugate the Sunnis of the world to such an extent that the Ayatollah would thereafter speak for all Muslims and direct the path of Islam?"


America's Health Insurance Plans said its board of directors voted unanimously on the appointment of Marilyn Tavenner as the chief operating officer. Recall that Tavenner was the slime slug who ran OBAMA-CARE. She was notorious for her declaration that dead people's organs could be harvested and sold by government to help defray costs. She also was the one who wanted fetuses dissected and their little organs also sold on the government exchanges. She's a hideous thing deserving of shunning and 2015..."cronyism" is afoot and Tavenner is reaping a benefit of America's fascist ways.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Why are the Iranians smiling? What did they gain in that "nuke-deal" with Obama? And...might Obama have been so duped...that he has imperiled America? As one pundit put it, "When an Iranian have to know somehow advantage clearly his!"


Does anyone sense some connection* between the putative "rise of the Islamic State"...and...the intercession-like efforts by IRAN to defend client-states therefrom? What if perpetual battle behooved both sides in ways so important that every now and then an ENEMY created...packed with bunches of "boo factor and hideous gore"...and...then largely dispatched with much expense of men and material...culling the herd...creating both a need for re-armament...and...the obvious demand for more power over the people lest they be slaughtered wholesale.
*According to sources inside the Oval Office...the newest deal with IRAN permits IRAN to deliver weapon systems and to buy weapon systems including the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system even capable of knocking down "stealth aircraft".  As one gleeful Iranian rag head put it, "We can even sell our Iranian tank...a tank so fast it could parlay a victory at Daytona 500...and...with enough firepower to blow holes in New York City. We can sell them...deploy them...even set out ballistic missiles...birds capable of reaching Washington D.C. if the Ayatollah decides it's time for the appearance of the 12th IMAM."


After much importuning by the FREEDOM DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...President Obama informed America that he was about to open the prisons and release the non-violent offenders whose most likely criminal act getting high or helping someone else get high. He was told that such an act would be considered by historians to be almost biblical in its importance.


If you bombard element 115 with protons...for a moment that stuff jumps to element 116 and then instantly decays releasing pentaquark energy Using this simple propulsion method...Air Force aircraft have achieved speeds of 100,000 mph and travel to/from America's moon base using its extraordinary aspects.The American public hasn't been fully briefed on this technology since revelation would also mean other countries would instantly commence their own UFO construction projects, (Wall Street Journal A-12;07-15-15).


Through a 14,000 foot high mountain pass...and...another 900 miles of path and trail...worshipers travel from India to Mount Kailash...ancient home of SHIVA...the chief god of Hindu religion. Most believers attempt the trek once to demonstrate their faith and reverence of SHIVA...head honcho of Hindi life.

So important this spot on planet Eart* that even big shots strive to make their way there. Take for example Sushma Swaraj...India' Foreign Policy Minister...a big foot government dude. He was asked about this incredible feat of faith. In reply...somewhat half-laughing...he said, "I'm 69 years old...and...I will one day soon make that arduous pilgrimage but I will crawl on my belly from my door step to the Shrine of Shiva atop Mount Kailash...a mountain many Hindus believe is over 25,000 feet high."
*China's esteemed President, Xi Jingping, permitted the trek since he is himself a believer in the worth of man and the need to do what required to find expiation.


After IRAN is caught cheating...what then? Well...according to "red line" Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey..."snap-back" sanctions will instantly apply. Of course...the other 5 nations to this so-called "nuke-deal" would have to assent to such "snap-back" and that aspect of this "nuke-deal" might not be forthcoming particularly if these 5 other nations are engaged in Iranian commerce.

Imagine...some unfortunate President in...say...2017...finds out that IRAN not only secretly enriched sufficient atomic bomb stuff to make a big one using the "2015-nuke-deal"...but also...put that big-bomb on the tip of their "permitted-to-be-built" Intercontinental Ballistic Missile(ICBM).

Would anyone then want to find that dung-throwing monkey and lynch him? Or would that desire for revenge and retribution come only after Manhattan suffers a huge radioactive hole? Hmmm? What happens, then?


Recall that because of a big foot government error...9 people died in a Charleston church slain by Dylann Roof...a maniac who received a gun because big foot government erred.'s been revealed that there was an error committed by the PIPELINE AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SAFETY ADMINISTRATION(PAHMSA) and that mistake caused a pipeline to burst and flood pristine nature with 100,000 gallons of sticky crude oil. Of both instances not anyone was fired and the error was blamed on the Republican Party.


Intelligence...Surveillance...and ...Reconnaissance(ISR)...are combined in the DRONE PROGRAM. The problem is that the DRONE-IN-USE part of the overall program requires expert pilots with a penchant for long hauls since DRONE FLIGHTS can be 12 hours of continuous flying. And because the number of pilots is dwindling...there has been a call put out to solve that problem and it's been answered by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG.

This BLOG sent to the Pentagon a DRONE that can fly all by itself...create its own flight and duck any anti-aircraft missile or shell with ease. While the software is obviously proprietary...suffice it to say that this DRONE TECHNOLOGY is based on the termite's ability to organize and conduct.


Ruthless. Such was the adjective used to frame Obama's attack on the Little Sisters of the Poor. "I crushed them!" he bragged when asked why he was laughing so loud after hearing how OBAMA-CARE had just been used to stomp the Little Sisters,(Wall Street Journal A-4;07-15-15).


Has anyone noticed how quiet U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) has been about the "nuke-deal" TEAM OBAMA forged yesterday with IRAN? How come she's not as angry as the Republicans? Why has she not sided with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in denouncing this obvious capitulation?


Memory-chip maker, MICRON TECHNOLOGIES,INC. has been targeted by the Chinese as a worthy purchase. Apparently...the Chinese are taking the long view...the view suggested by this BLOG. They sense the same things the editors at the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT felt when the BIG PICTURE was once more examined. By buying Micron...the Chinese can transform into a computer super power...something the Chinese would very much like to achieve. In many ways...President Xi Jingping is finally putting China on the to speak.


In Obama's "nuke-deal"...what if Iran obtained what it needed to continue unabated in its preparation of a nuclear arsenal? What if Obama was lured into a trap and his foolhardy Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry never figured it out until it was much too late to retreat and declare impasse? These questions and others are piling up and few answers are forthcoming from Obama or Kerry. Perhaps...they realize just how well the Iranians played them and are too proud to admit their recklessness.


When Manhattan gets "nuked"...will the MASS MEDIA blame Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey? Or...will the MASS it always does...blame the Republicans who fought against the "nuke-deal" of 2015? Folks...Obama has imperiled America. The rag heads in Tehran aren't about to cease construction of their nuclear arsenal since they know once they are in possession of such a monstrous thing...they'd have total control of the Middle East since unlike the Russians or Chinese...the maniacs in Tehran will deploy and detonate.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Okay...send a refrigerator size interplanetary research vessel-NEW HORIZONS...3 billion and duck countless hazards and obstacles...and...arrive 7,800 miles above PLUTO for a closer look...some might call that kind of talent remarkable and the accomplishment:"good shooting". Congratulations, team.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey....told Americans his "nuke deal" stopped the Iranians from constructing a nuclear weapons system capable of attacking Israel or Manhattan. Yet...the Iranian President told the world that IRAN never would construct a nuclear weapon since such a weapon is immoral. But...if the IRANIANS never intended to construct a nuclear weapon...then..."why" did Obama tell America he was preventing their effort to finish their SWORD OF ALLAH...a nuclear doomsday device(think Dr. Strangelove)? The dissonance is almost deafening. Even timid Benjamin Netanyahu doubted that such a "deal" would thwart the construction of their "nuke".


Has anyone considered the probability that JEB BUSH is getting a "free" push by the complicit MASS MEDIA since Hillary Clinton concluded she can defeat JEB BUSH easily? According to Clinton campaign aides...Clinton could defeat Bush in a landslide vote and hence he's the "loser" the MASS MEDIA has been directed to push and make the Republican nominee.


Governor Scott Walker could become the front-runner in the race for the 2016 presidential nomination...if...but...only if...he were to preach liberation over subjugation...demanding the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled...its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system deleted...and...ushered in thereby the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied paupers.


Why should Donald Trump have been chosen to make a "nuke-deal" with Tehran? The answer is obvious, Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry was not the negotiator America needed at that "nuke" table. According to his dossier...never has he negotiated any deal. Indeed..."long jaw" didn't know what to do or what to say when he met with the Iranian negotiator whose resume' included conducting extensive torture and terror on almost a daily basis. And...of course...the so-called "nuke-deal" that Kerry forged is favorable to IRAN and quite destructive to America and its security interests in that region of the world. Yes...Donald Trump might have come back with a better deal...a pro-American deal.


The scumbag who killed all those people in that theater was convicted of those heinous crimes and will be sentenced to death. He's a despicable cur that needs to be deleted as quickly as possible.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the world that Israel isn't bound by that silly "nuke-deal" which Obama struck with the rag heads in Tehran...and...that Israel would protect itself. In many ways...the Jew knows the Muslim wants to erase Israel. Indeed...QUDS DAY in Tehran last week was a celebration of the eradication of the Jew. Netanyahu knows Israel has been imperiled by this improvident "nuke-deal" Obama has struck with the Ayatollah and knows Israel will be "nuked" if those rag heads are ever given a nuclear weapon system..


Why do the Iraqis choose Ford and the Islamic State drives Chevy? Both trucks appear comparable...but...when asked "why" each side tells a much different story about dependability and speed.

For instance...Abdullah Iraqi freedom-fighter...told a cub reporter from this BLOG, "With a 30 mm cannon and 100,000 rounds in the back...I need a truck that can go through 3 feet of loose 500 miles on one tank of gas...and...when I need to step on it...hammer to speak...the truck responds and saves my life!"


French President Francois Hollande through tears and slobbering told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he was distraught and moved by the plight of the Greek socialists. "They ran out of other people's money...and...can't continue to perpetuate their socialist paradise and it's made me cry," sniffed Hollande as part of his latte drooled down his chin...adding..."We socialists* must stick together. If the Greeks need for me to plunder storerooms in France and elsewhere in the be it. I'll bash down all doors to feed the Greek socialists!"
*Hollande whispered such iconic words as he choked on his own venom.


In Boston...a police captain...stopped his son from slaughtering people in some kind of half-baked jihad. Heart-broken and feelings of being a "failed-dad" bubbled and sputtered as he contacted his cohorts to arrest his son before mayhem and murder could be unleashed. But for the interdiction of this "failed-dad"'s more likely than not JIHAD would have unfolded as contemplated.

Monday, July 13, 2015


SEIU is a well-funded public employee union. It  supports any big foot government policy or program and marshals its minions at election time to keep their puppets in power.Can Scott Walker defeat Hillary Clinton? Karl Rove when asked about that aspect said, "It's more likely as not he could if he were to preach liberation over subjugation."


Are the rag heads in Tehran buying time until they have enriched enough uranium to make a nuclear weapon? It's more likely than not those mullahs know with a "nuke" they can command...and...can ignore sanctions including blowing holes in Manhattan in protest.


When Stalin cut off access to Berlin...American planes flew in tons of food and supplies until the RED DOG relented. Similarly...President Putin...playing a very clever game of chess...promised Tehran that should Uncle Sugar increase sanctions...close off borders...stop commerce...Russian planes...giant planes...planes so big they darken the sky as they fly over...packed with Muslim food...Yak milk and Camel dung...these transports would be flown 24/7 until Uncle Sugar relented.


Without the complicit assent of most Germans...the NAZIS could never have carried out the extermination of 6 million Jews. Like any other tyranny...there was an occasion when the movement could have been stopped. Had bravery and boldness manifested instead of fear and dread...perhaps...Hitler might have been derailed...his band of cutthroats and murderers arrested...and...the whole lot of them hung. America...fascism in the marketplace along with a dash of socialism...has burdened the economy until it limps along at less than 1% anemic...many "real" economists wonder when Americans will finally awaken and decide to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system and thereby usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

But there are those pundits who don't want to eradicate the CAGE but want to find ways to work inside of it with all its new laws and burgeoning rules and diktats. Antonio Weiss is just such a bird. He likes singing inside the cage. He's a veritable nightingale chirping and hooting inviting everyone to work inside the CAGE not dismantle it. What is annoying to many people is that he actually wants the CAGE improved not deleted, (Wall Street Journal A-15;07-12-15)


Joaquin Guzman...alias EL CHAPO...escaped from a high security prison. His escape not only was quite dramatic...but...exquisitely executed. It involved a tunnel 5284 feet long...and...required almost genius effort to connect the tunnel to a spot EL CHAPO could easily and safely access. In many respects the talent needed most experts believe could only be found in the Gaza Strip...where precision mining and tunneling a fine art practiced 24/7 by almost every Palestinian.

And...because this BLOG does not wish to see EL CHAPO captured but permitted to flourish...everything is being done to assist him. Former National Security Agency employee, Eddie Snowden was contacted in Moscow...for example...and...asked to give ELCHAPO a set of  INTERNET "pass-keys" so that EL CHAPO might monitor all electronic communications any time he desires to know how close the police are to his coordinates. He has also been granted permission to use the safe houses in Tibet and Singapore should retreat reveal its ugly head.  

While not expressly wishing to assist EL CHAPO...Eric the Holder...former U.S. Attorney General did concur with this BLOG'S conclusion about EL CHAPO. He said, "EL CHAPO is a hero to many people...a giver of good news...a seller of quality drugs...and...what I would call a 21st Century Titan. But of course...I'm admiring someone the big shots are labeling a murderer although not any crime other than drug dealing has EL CHAPO committed. I should know...I was Attorney General!"