Thursday, July 30, 2015


A Menendez* moment. Such is what Hillary Clinton suffered when she was informed that her UBS connection had been uncovered and people were asking about her involvement in the UBS-IRS dispute.

Recall that the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) attacked foreign bank account holders claiming they were hiding money from the grip and grab of big foot government. UBS had 52,344 accounts and refused to reveal them since in Switzerland...big foot government lacks that power to intrude. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State intervened...had UBS reveal 4,450 of the 52,000(+) names and began thereafter to receive substantial contributions to the CLINTON FAMILY FOUNDATION culminating in Bill Clinton receiving$1.5 million for a question and answer session with UBS Wealth Management Executive, Bob McCann.
*U.S.Senator Robert Menendez(D.NJ) was indicted for taking the "same kind" of stuff.