August 2015
Lesbos, Greece...5 nautical miles from the first stop for refugees on their way to socialist Europe where they can get free food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment. These refugees know once they arrive in a socialist state...the socialists are obliged to give them whatever the want for FREE!

Take for example, GERMANY. The one time were mostly Nordic in appearance...but...nowadays...they're a mongrel looking lot. Chancellor Merkel told a cub reporter form this BLOG that the German people in another 10 years would look African or something else...but...definitely...not Germanic any longer.
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Close down the furnaces for the parade. The edict wasn't well received by the steel producers in the Beijing area since those furnaces aren't just shot off. They are very hot and it takes a long time to cool down or heat up. The parade will be long over and still those furnaces will be heating up again. In the meantime...all those orders for steel during that parade will be lost.
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Unlike many in the Republican and Democrat field of possible presidential candidates...MR. DONALD TRUMP...might very well find the courage to preach liberation over subjugation...dramatically describe the pleasures and Eden-like benefits of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...and...invite everyone to join him in dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. On the other hand...Donald Trump might be just another big foot government dude who will do what need be done to perpetuate the CAGE and never offer KEY.
Because Donald Trump is a drawing card...the MASS MEDIA has found it either carries stories on Trump or lose audience to those TV and RADIO stations that are following this amazing rise in political stature and prominence. Unlike the "low energy" common core fella...Donald Trump arrives with bang and bell...gathers the crowd under his spell...describes a way to delete the grip and grab...and...reveals where into the heart of enslavement he will stab.
*By a dude who even tried to get his nasty-declaration: YOU'RE FIRED! copyrighted claiming that...until he used that wasn't as popular and hence he deserved to be rewarded with a copyright. Fortunately...his petition was denied since that phrase has been around as long as there have been employers and employees.
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The National Labor Relations Board...packed with Obama-scumbags...voted 3-2 to make all worker bees the employees of big companies by disregarding the franchisee's interest. The idea was to attack big business and deliver a UNION STAB that will eliminate many companies that simply can't afford to merge the concept of an "independent contractor" and an "employee". And when the "flash-vote" is also used...a company can find itself in 60 days inside a UNION CAGE with the only exit: BANKRUPTCY.
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A cub-reporter from this BLOG was granted a face-to-face interview with Baghdad Bob...the putative leader of the Islamic State. During that 15 minute interface...Baghdad Bob said he hated being hunted but laughed when he thought about getting snuffed. He pointed out quite candidly that the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) was his sponsor and never did he fear betrayal since he had compromising video on everyone of the top brass including Obama. "I never have to worry...though...about getting shot by my best friend. I have so much dirt on all of them...including that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office...that...they'd never dare assassinate me," drooled Baghdad Bob reeking of garlic and saffron.
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President Xi Jingping is slowly moving China to a 21st century otherwise unhampered market model wherein big foot government doesn't interfere with the Socio-economic context but offers only essential government services such as: national defense with everything else left to the mandarins* of industry to provide.
*For instance...recently...a huge energy project was constructed. It has been labeled the THREE GORGES DAMS...and...its power supply will support that region of China for centuries to come. The project...though...was paid for by private industry once granted the power to receive a profit from that monumental effort.
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As the mushroom cloud rose over what was once Manhattan...there was heard the lament, "BUT THERE WERE RESTRICTIONS!" Forecasting isn't useful in most instances...but...when it comes to this "nuke-deal" with's more likely than not the rag heads in Tehran won't stop until they've eliminated the GREAT SATAN...the label appended to America by the Ayatollah.
Mitt 'the nit' Romney was never liked by most people. He's an arrogant...snotty...haughty jerk. On the other hand...Donald Trump comes across as arrogant...but...willing to listen. Of course...his attitude says he really doesn't care but is pretending to care for that photo op. What is perplexing is what will TRUMP do when he does have power to eliminate the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in a 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) model...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Will he perpetuate the he the man with KEY?
For years...U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders extolled the virtues of socialism and what a paradise Venezuela had become since socialism had taken root. He pointed out how big foot government controlled price and the unwashed masses what was best...and...directing the "sheeple" toward a time when not anyone had to work...everyone was fed and clothed by the would-be master...and...everyone sat around the camp fire singing old negro spirituals.

Of course...nowadays...what Sanders once called paradise is a boiling cauldron of interest groups vying for their season in power. Maduro and his gang presently hold power but others are ready to pounce should this jerk falter. At the borders...Columbian smugglers are getting rich as they prey on Venezuelans who want to avoid starvation...but...are insisting the Venezuelans pay for their milk and rice in U.S.dollars not in worthless Bolivars.'s packed with filth and lice this socialist paradise.
Dick Cheney is a jerk! His idea is to put American troops on the ground everywhere and kill anyone who might in that foreign land dislike the intrusion. Lest people forget...DICK CHENEY is the same scumbag who had the chance to erect a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market model in Iraq...and...instead...chose to burden those rag heads with more socialism and Eco-fascism so that turmoil and misery would always be afoot,(WSJ A-9;08-29-15)
A cub reporter from this BLOG has valiantly dogged Clinton's trail looking for that chance...that opportunity...that open window...that door ajar...that ask Hillary Clinton what she was doing during those 7 long hours when Ambassador Stevens by SKYPE demanded she and Panetta release the drones and kill the attackers outside his safe-room door* at the embassy compound on 09-11-12.
*Because Hillary Clinton used a private email server...the whereabouts of Ambassador Stevens was known to the would-be assault team the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) had assembled to assassinate him on 09-11-12.
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Hurricane Erika drowned Dominica in rain and tidal surge. The socialist government didn't prepare for the onslaught of wind and water and many lives have been lost. Instead of heeding the warning issued by this BLOG to seek higher ground...the residents of Dominica chose to listen to their socialist masters and remained at home...many in tidal areas which eventually were plunged into 80 feet of water instantly.
Niall Ferguson demonstrated "why" Harvard as a place of great discourse is losing ground quickly to GOOGLE SEARCH. In the WSJ(A-11;08-28-15) his solution to China's economic vicissitudes was to put the People's Bank of China in charge of what he calls monetary policy as if a bunch of stiff shirt bankers is somehow going to divine the dynamics of the worldwide marketplace and impose guiding control and illuminating directive on an otherwise ignorant and desperate landscape. No...folks...hand him a wrench and gun...Naill's a technocrat...not a visionary.
Hillary Clinton compared all of the Republican candidates to Islamic State terrorists. Her assertion was based on the statements made by some of the Republican hopefuls who want to outlaw abortion.  Mention is made of this social imbroglio since Hillary Clinton* is attempting to construct a voting bloc comprised of women fighting to retain their right to decide what they will do with their own bodies.
*She knows Rubio...for example...can't defeat her with a position as idiotic as the one he has been forced to utter to out-sail Senator Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee to name a few. She knows women must always have that right to end a pregnancy and Rubio's position is so contrary to that obvious right to choose that he will be defeated by such a reactionary bloc-vote.
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Inside a refrigerated truck parked in an alley in Austria were found 71 decomposing bodies...migrants who had suffocated inside that hermetically-sealed coffin-of-sorts. How they got into that truck...why they were abandoned to die...and...who was involved in such horror...are questions not easily answered in a place such as socialist-Austria.
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Speed and skill combine in Mr. Bolt making him the fastest human on planet Earth. However...after demonstrating such prowess...he was knocked to the ground by a man who had lost control of his motorized two wheeled cart. What BOLT did not know was that while he paraded around the track...a camera man on a Sedgeway...lost control and ran him over from behind.
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U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) is wrong to declare China is somehow dedicated to the eradication of its primal marketplace. Instead of offering open borders and unfettered trade with America...he wants to erect trade barriers as foolhardy as those the mandarins of China have imposed. Moreover...Rubio wants to increase the size of the military footprint in the Pacific when it's obvious the Chinese are better able to provide such a policing function. In general...RUBIO doesn't know what should be done and has chosen old ways to address new things,(WSJ A-9;08-28-15).
Nobody knew where Phil called home...he just drifted into town...and...stayed all alone...sort of quiet and shy...and...if you even spoke to him at just said "hi". Someone said at EPA he was into a fight over a Cajun queen...he attacked Pebble Mine before it was...committed crimes the media buzz.

That ditty was penned by a cub reporter as she waited to speak to Gina McCarthy...head honcho at the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) about the imbroglio bubbling forth over how close she was to Phillip North and his illegal attack on the Pebble Mine. Rumors were rampant that Phil and Gina not only had collaborated on this attack but also were lovers "inking" the to speak. The cub reporter was there to confirm such rumors and ask Gina why stop energy production when energy prices are "too high" already.

Recall that North...while employed at EPA...unlawfully used his private email server to coordinate an attack on Pebble Mine. He was not supposed to do such things but when you're a "green-trooper"...there isn't anything stopping or preventing. When he was finally caught conducting such unlawful exercises...he left the country to escape condemnation.

However...when North departed the United States he forgot to clean his email server completely leaving enough for this BLOG to examine remotely using an Edward Snowden "pass key" And although somewhere in the outback of Australia looking for proof of ancient aliens...without cellphone or compass...and...Gina is claiming she didn't know Phil was emailing his pals while at her house at 2:00 am..nevertheless...most people want to know what really happened and why.
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Carly Fiorina went from secretary to leading Hewlett-Packard. Sure...she was fired by the Board after she had both down-sized the company and turned it around...but...that aspect isn't mentioned when the MASS MEDIA discusses the 2016 Republican presidential field. To overcome this insulting portrayal...this BLOG invited Carly to come forward and preach liberation over subjugation...offering therein a fresh approach...a new paradigm...a 21st Century path...and...the way to a veritable EDEN.
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Across the United States...big health insurance companies...the ones who assisted Obama in imposing hellish OBAMA-CARE...are demanding they be granted an INCREASE IN PREMIUMS. In a real marketplace...these insurance companies would have to work to keep patrons. However, with OBAMA-CARE...people are forced to BUY insurance and are hence automatically in the overall pool of patrons even if such not of their choosing. Enslaved and now burdened by higher premiums as the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE demand more coverage...more freebies...more favors...these insurance companies are the "fascist" product OBAMA-CARE envisioned bubbling forth with America inside the bowels* of the OBAMASTAD...the 21st century's metaphorical slave ship.
*Amistad was a slave ship and its cargo human beings.
ROWAN COUNTY, KENTUCKY. Until was just a place holding together the rest of the planet. But its Clerk of Court, KIM DAVIS has made it the epicenter of the same-sex marriage issue by refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Why she is refusing to do her job isn't completely clear...but...she said she wanted to be fair to everyone except gay couples noting how Obama mistreated illegal immigrants as her "sufficient" excuse.
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BUSH-CHENEY in 2002 had the chance to stabilize that entire region had they imposed an otherwise unhampered market model eliminating any way for sects to grab power and loot the storerooms of the losers. Instead of such a 21st Century paradigm...they chose* to encumber the post-Saddam Iraqi way of life with big foot government intrusion from cradle to grave.
*So much did they do to enslave rather than liberate that recently in the WSJ(A-12;08-28-15) there appeared a statement about this tragedy: "Iraq's state-controlled Iraqiya television reported that..."
State-controlled TV? Yes...folks...BUSH-CHENEY...went to IRAQ and made things worse not better!
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In Beirut...a model of socialist rule and smothered in garbage. Yes...private enterprise offered to remove the trash but the garbage union...on strike for higher wages and better pension benefits...declared jihad on anyone trying to alleviate the noisome odor and troubling filth. Hence...Lebanon is almost covered up. Sure...the houses can still be seen...but...many Lebanese are buying tents, camels, and camp fire gear and are heading out into the desert to find clean air and a place where rats and disease aren't commonplace.
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In Beirut...the garbage is piling up and there isn't any end in sight to its growth as more and more Lebanese clean out their houses and toilets making room for "fresh". Many observers are perplexed by the obdurate nature of the Lebanese...each sect refusing to allow a competing sect to remove trash through their neighborhood. Hence...around Beirut...trash is piling up and the stench is almost breath-taking. One lady...for instance...swooned and collapsed as the wind shifted and a waft of the filth struck her nostrils...while a mullah...using incantations from the Qu'ran...told Allah to remove the smell from his mosque.
Obama told Dilma Rousseff to stay the continue destroying liberty in Brazil with more "red tape, tax and spend" program and policy. He pointed out that with the assistance of the MASS MEDIA...he had eliminated almost all freedom in America. His horrific use of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to attack enemies...his deployment of the U.S.Injustice Department to harass anyone he chose to hassle...all combined to deliver enslavement. And...he didn't want a prominent socialist such as Rousseff telling the world socialism was silly and as far as she was concerned a "failed idea".
Junaid Hussain was a well-known hacker and computer genius around Raqqa, Syria where Junaid had stationed himself to assist the Islamic State keep abreast of what enemies might deploy to interdict and stymie the march to caliphate. He was very good at what he did. So skilled was he that he even uncovered and then to this BLOG revealed "why" and "how" Ambassador Stevens was assassinated by Obama on 09-11-12. So dangerous was he to Obama that he was killed by a Predator Drone as he drove to his office in his Mercedes.
Dim sum bonds. These are yuan-denominated promissory notes* issued outside China. Recently...when the yuan was permitted to float against other currencies...the yuan plummeted thereby causing investors to dump such losers,(WSJ C-3;08-27-15)
*Indeed...savvy currency traders are making fortunes off the vagaries of the marketplace as nation after nation succumbs to the oppression of socialism and its funding requirements. Such is the fate of "dim sum" bond traders and others as those bonds were beaten and stomped in the devaluation process as Chinese big shots attempted to fine tune their socialist economy by devaluing the currency.
In the movie, CALL ME BRUCE...the hero asks his karate teacher how will he know his "master". The teacher replies, "You will know him since he will answer to the name: SUM DUM GUY.  Could it be that to the question...who will be the Democrats' choice for 2016...the answer is "SOME DUMB GUY"?
Univision sent Jorge Ramos to a Trump news conference to make noise. And he did. Even though he was not granted the floor at the moment Jorge chose to attack...nevertheless...he proceeded to deliver an editorial about illegal immigrants and Trump's proposed wall. Trump insisted Mr. Ramos stop intruding and wait for the floor being granted to him. Ramos wasn't there to be polite but rammed forward declaring he had a 'right" to be be be a jerk when he lacked the "floor" to perform as such.

Jorge Ramos lacked any "right" to be intrusive yet because he's a freedom-hater he pushed forward anyway. How dare a mere mortal stop RAMOS from demanding the world listen to his editorial...and...with that haughty-air...he screamed and ranted until removed by helpful by-standers.
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Everyone has heard of the Burning Man carnival...but...recently...a new event has come to a desert near you. The stakes are high with winners receiving million dollar contracts with the Pentagon to construct their armada as a weapons system.

The event is called: BOT WARS. In the desert...bots...flying...crawling...jumping...burrowing...BOTS...are pitted against each other in a battle to determine which the superior should they be drafted into combat. One contender...for example...uses jet propulsion technology for speed and steel for protection in such combination it appears to be a shoo-in for 1st place.
Yes...Vester lee Flanagan was an he used to label himself. He was one of the loudest voices in 2012 telling the world that Obama was his choice for President. At his place of employment...though...his enthusiasm for Marxism wasn't shared. On one occasion...for example...Alison Parker...a co-worker...upbraided Flanagan pointing out that in a tribal socialist world he...too...would be little more than either a parasite or a servile supplicant...and...he could do much better for himself if he didn't whine so much.

What Alison Parker didn't know...however...was that her chiding of Flanagan marked her for termination with extreme prejudice. Never did she think the drooling and dripping venom from Flanagan's anger would merge into hate-filled bullets of death. As for Adam Ward...her cheer-pecked camera-man...he...too...had been marked for doom because he had video-taped Flanagan as he was escorted off the TV station premises when the manager finally had his fill of Vester's singing socialist worker songs using a voice much similar to Obama's own tenor. Alison and Adam were conducting an interview...a "live-feed" interview...Vester approached and began to fire his cannon...killing Adam and Alison instantly as his hollow-point bullets ripped bucket-size holes in their bodies. He'd been waiting for them...reviewing in his mind Obama's famous instructions on how to deal with the opposition. Indeed...Vester Lee recalled what Obama said to do when confronting enemies, "If they have club...bring knife. If they have knife...bring gun. If they have gun...bring cannon. Show no mercy."
The ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG predicted the price-controls and other big foot government diktats imposed on Venezuela would lead to rampant food shortages...shortages of even milk and rice...a prediction almost every economist said was preposterous. the Wall Street Journal(A-9;08-27-15)...there was demonstrative confirmation of this forecast...a declaration of what would be if socialism were carried out to its logical conclusion...something Maduro was wont to do. There have been food riots...and...police shot as protests over price-controls have grown in number.
U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) told a visiting group of Lebanese dignitaries they could never be blamed since they didn't cause civil discord by themselves...that outside forces fostered and festered until strife and stomp bubbled forth. They listened to this idiot and then asked her what were they to do with the 2 billion metric tons of garbage and trash in the streets of Beirut...stuff they could never cart off since the entire area infested with Islamic snipers who relish the smell and like the squalor. In reply...Warren said she would personally go to Beirut and tell everyone as socialists they need to join together...and...sweep this mess into Israel.
A leading military aircraft manufacturer recently agreed to construct an armada of drones for this BLOG so that the Pentagon might be shown a full demonstration of this 21st Century way to conduct warfare. Confirming this agreement...Lu Bingheng...head of Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corp...angrily admitted they lost the contract by only a $100 million. "Had it not been a closed bid," he fumed, "My company would have bested the Shaanxi boys for sure!"
President Putin told Frencie he didn't much need two obsolete warships. Looking for another sucker...Frenchie called upon the Egyptians. According to President Hollande...the Egyptians will by almost anything including ships as obsolete as what the Russians rejected. It might very well be that the Egyptians don't care the two ships could be sunk with rifle bullets or that their firepower little better than what a Predator Drone carries...but...President Putin did.
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Northern Europe is inundated with refugees from the Middle East and Africa. So many are coming northward that Germans...for example...are expressly worried what's left of their German character will be erased in a mongrel mixing pot....a disaster which will doom Germany to socialist squalor similar to what Africans and Middle East people suffered prior to their departure for this HEAVEN ON EARTH.
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How do we attack Donald Trump in Iowa? This question was posed by one of the Board of Directors of Univision as they contemplated Trump's $500 million lawsuit. "Let's send in the DANCING PICKLE," offered this astute commander of mischief in answering his own rhetorical question.

"We will dispatch that loudmouth...what's his name?"

"Jorge Ramos, sir" injected another Board member.

"Yes...Jorge Ramos. He's a sneaky little jerk with a big mouth and he'll stick to script, I'v heard."

"Yes...Jorge is a real scumbag and he'll do whatever we direct him to do. He'll even scream...make all sorts of idiotic gestures...and...claim he's been hurt or hassled. He's a pickle for sure and will do our bidding," added another Board member as they all sat around gloating about harassing Trump with the DANCING PICKLE gambit.

On a sidewalk outside a TRUMP rally a Trump sign was languishing...probably dropped by a disillusioned freedom-fighter who thought Trump was going to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE not enhance it...was going to delete big foot bottleneck to commerce not build some silly wall...and...with all that dissatisfaction bubbling and boiling...that Trump sign was dropped onto the sidewalk...perhaps to be trampled and scuffed.

A cub-reporter from this BLOG thought there was worth in Trump and that Trump would fight against the minions of Mammon,(Matthew 6:24), not increase their power and grip. And with that belief...she walked over...picked up that Trump banner...and...affixed her support to her Ford Truck.
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How can Australian milk producers produce and deliver whole milk and every other kind of milk product and generate enough profit to make the overall effort worthwhile cheaper than what can be produced in America? The answer is Australians have a comparative advantage given the myriad of burdens the American farmer suffers and hence they will always be the better choice by an unfettered consumer.
Why would Donald Trump...whose mission statement to make America great again...ever wish to erect another big foot government bottleneck? His endorsement of e-Verify yesterday demonstrated his preference for interference.

On the other hand...Senator Rand Paul...another contender for the 2016 prize...has framed the better approach pointing out that labor must be able to flow to/from without hinder or hassle.

Unlike Trump..Senator Paul noted the huge pile-up of farm labor at the border recently when big foot government computers could not process as required stranding thousands of workers and concomitantly ruining the farmers' harvests that rotted in the field due to this bottleneck. To Senator Paul...e-Verify is just another way to affix the mark of the beast,(REVELATIONS 13;17).
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The Chinese yuan is slowly dropping in value as investors discover just how worthless the so-called Chinese juggernaut really was or could be given the grip and yoke big foot government retains. As with every country whose government is designed to control from cradle to grave...the economy of China is faltering. On the other hand...should the Chinese leadership see wisdom in fostering an otherwise unhampered market paradigm...China will quickly ascend to its rightful place as the leader of the world in commerce and innovation!(WSJ C-1;08-26-15)
Alison Parker and Adam Ward are gone. Killed by a maniac while they were on "live-TV" doing their job. The shooter was a well known Obama campaigner who had been many times complimented by Obama for his loyalty and willingness to kill for cause. Speculation about the killer's motive is running rampant...but...many pundits are concluding Vester Lee Flanagan killed those two people because they didn't like socialism...something he knew Obama loved.
Instead of remaining "neutral"...Turkey agreed to help bomb Islamic State positions in Syria and Iraq. While Obama assured Erdogan such an alliance against Islamic State would fetch him re-election...most political analysts believe Erdogan will lose because he embroiled Turkey in a massive fight which can only lead to direct attacks on Turkey...attacks Erdogan could have avoided by remaining on the sidelines.
The socialists took control of Brazil and imposed so much "red tape, tax and spend"it finally overcame whatever vibrancy that overall economy possessed until what's left is a shambles with interest groups fighting each other for their season* in power so they might loot the storeroom of the "losers",(WSJ A-10;08-26-15).
*Rousseff added programs and policies with all its attendant agencies, ministries and departments and in so doing created a leviathan which sucked out wealth and replaced it with enslavement and misery.
Univision attacked TRUMP and TRUMP returned fire by suing UNIVISION for $500 million. Never to lose an opportunity to attack...however...Univision sent JORGE RAMOS to create a disturbance in a press conference in Iowa. JORGE RAMOS climbed in the company jet and was dispatched to that site to conduct his assault.

Naturally...the watchers from this BLOG apprised Mr. Donald Trump of this jerk's presence and had helped fashion a clever way to get instant "free" media attention eclipsing everyone else in the Republican field once more. When TRUMP observed Ramos stand up...TRUMP immediately called on another reporter and was taking that other reporter's question when RAMOS began to rant and yell demanding he be granted the floor so he might editorialize and accuse TRUMP of ignorance and demagoguery. Mr. Trump shadow-boxed with Ramos for a few seconds and then tried to turn his attention elsewhere which caused RAMOS to become even more manic and loud...the very things he was sent to do he did.

Trump then closed the trap by inviting RAMOS back into the news room to ask questions. When Trump got the target in the right spot...he pounced. Mr. Donald Trump asked RAMOS if RAMOS knew the number that Trump was demanding in damages from his employer. Of course...RAMOS understood he was trapped...knew he was an agent for the defendant...knew that he had already been invited back to ask questions when the floor was properly being queried about the underlying lawsuit which Mr. Donald Trump was pursuing.

Univision's lawyers were contacted by the lawyers for Mr. Donald Trump and asked "why" did their client send that jerk to Iowa. The lawyers denied they knew anything about it...pointing out they'd never undermine their defense by conducting such an obvious assault. They apologized for the incident but were told that Mr. Donald Trump didn't much care since he got about $30 million in freebie news stuff from it.
A poll taken by Monmouth University demonstrated TRUMP(30%) is ahead of CARSON(15%) and BUSH(9%) should a primary vote be held today in South Carolina. U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham,(R.S.C.) didn't even score 1%. How can TRUMP be leading? Because he's telling his crowds he plans to delete the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE since by such eradication of the yoke and choke agenda...American can be great again.
Lois Lerner...that crafty witch and Obama-stooge...had an email address labeled: TOBY MILES. She used that email to confer with Obama and other prominent Democrats as they planned how to attack the anti-Obama organizations bubbling up across the country. From her position at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...she was able to earmark and bottleneck. She was also able to send private information to the U.S.Injustice Department so the Injustice Department might coordinate the attack to stifle and smother.
When asked about her travail with her private email and other imbroglios...Hillary Clinton confided, "Most politicians will admit they lost because they peaked too early. Their supporters lost interest and zeal to come out and cheer. first...the crowds were huge...over-flow crowds...but...the message was not about liberation over subjugation...although such is what most came to hear...but...about how to deal with the status to accept enslavement with to surrender freedom and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...and...that message wasn't something people wanted to hear. Hence...the crowds dwindled until the only crowd that found at a bar with loud music and bad tasting beer."
U.S.Senator Claire McCaskill,(D.Mo) announced she would support the Iranian "nuke" deal even though those rag heads already have sufficient atomic stuff to construct 10 nukes and demonstrated their latest ICBM rocket system...a rocket capable of striking Manhattan. Yes...McCaskill is a good Democrat...a lock-stepping Democrat...and...really doesn't care how much danger this Iranian deal creates. But...come election time...many voters might conclude her days in the Senate should be over and use her support of the silly "nuke" deal as their reason for changing allegiance.
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Ayi El-Kawaki...a timid boy...came home from school to play with sister and toys. Instead of home and hearth...he found a hole...and...blood splattered earth. Orphaned by people he didn't know...yet...eye-for-an-eye inside him boiled and glowed. He grabbed a knife...camel...and...gun...and began to track the scumbags who had eliminated his loved ones.

Outside of Paris near the Tower...he almost caught them with a cab. In London...they escaped his wrath by paying a waiter to stall the tab. In Cairo...Ayi was overcome by heat...fell 10 stories and broke his leg before he could dispatch those scoundrels for the devil to meet. Yeah...he dogged their unveiled.
Hillary Clinton had at least two private email servers. That much most people know. What isn't widely that the Russians...the Chinese...and almost every jihadist were reading every email Hillary Clinton generated or received. Indeed...Ayoub El-Khazzani...the Moroccan who was recently stopped on a high-speed train from killing people with his AK-47...admitted, "We knew where Ambassador Stevens would be when we planned that 09-11-12 attack on the embassy compound."
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Obama said he had examined LOIS LERNER and her activities while at the Internal Revenue Service and found that she operate properly and did not violate any law or rule. Most critics after hearing that Presidential "absolution" pointed out in reaction that LOIS LERNER had so much "dirt" on Obama and other top Democrats they dared not attack.
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At a rookie meeting where vets tell young players what to to act...and...what to avoid...CHRIS CARTER revealed something he had taken to heart when Hillary Clinton told him her secret to success. He told these men that they always needed to have a "fall guy"...someone to blame...someone to take the hit...any downside their problem not yours. YouTube picked up on this nonsense and the fall-out was instantaneous. The CLINTON CAMP called the NFL and demanded Chris Carter be reprimanded pointing out that the advice was secret and he was wrong to reveal her tactical advantage.
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Although few historians dwell on the topic...during the Revolutionary War...there were more loyalists than those who were fighting against King George and his merciless minions. But...they were dispersed...not well organized...and...rising only to the level of militias with banner and drum making noise and hurting people opening the way for Cornwallis to come.
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Sauce for goose...sauce for gander. Why should the Federal Trade Commission attack private companies that failed to protect their customer data banks from hacking...when the federal government has been the biggest offender. The Internal Revenue Service failed to protect 39,566,722 individuals from having their data accessed but not one IRS employee was reprimanded.
Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley called Trump a charlatan and a scoundrel. Of course...his envy was on display as he drooled his venom about Trump. O'Malley is a socialist scumbag and most people know it. They call him nasty names as he parades in public. One old lady spat on O'Malley as she thought about how he destroyed Baltimore.
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If the U.S.dollar grows in value as opposed to the Chinese Yuan...Keynesian economists will say that U.S.exports will become more expensive in China. The $10.00 item is now $25.00 because the Yuan lost value when compared to the U.S.dollar. Since the Chinese are masters at currency manipulation...they can stifle U.S.exports merely by reducing the value of the Yuan...making Chinese consumers pay more. But what sane person wants to hurt people? It's nonsense to declare exports more expensive. What has really happened is the Chinese government has siphoned off wealth by cheapening the Yuan...thereby depriving its citizens of purchasing power they once had.
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Folks...we're in an economic recession and have been since 2009. TEAM OBAMA did well in creating a great appearance but our economy is a tortoise instead of a rabbit due to their big foot government approach. The taxes...the incredible red tape...and...the spending have only tanked the overall economy. Recall that $878 billion stimulus? How did that turn out? According to the Keynesian was not only marvelous...but it also...saved Democrat cronies and built the Democrat war machine for 2012 and 2016. But for everyone was boondoggle(think Solyndra)...and...waste.
President Putin had been reading the most secret of information ever since Hillary Clinton chose to use a private email service and system. While she was keeping her information and decisions close to her vest so to speak...nevertheless...President Putin was able to conclude that he could take Crimea without a big hassle. He also knew he could keep Obama busy with brush fire troubles here and there in the Middle East stirring Muslims up when such anger was tactically required.
no image
Marco Rubio is making the rounds and is telling his audience he wants to reduce the grip of big foot government but his plans involve more big foot government plan and program. If little else has been proven about big foot can't produce prosperity. Why RUBIO squandered his chance to preach liberation over subjugation hasn't been fully explained or adequately explored. the years to come...historians will note RUBIO had a real chance to become President in 2016 but failed to tell America "why" he should be elected over the many others seemingly equally qualified in one way or another.

Perhaps RUBIO still believes that big foot government can spend and tax its way to prosperity. Recently...RUBIO pointed out that if the Chinese were to apply more control over their producers there would be more prosperity. Unfortunately...Chinese leaders are using the same silly formula of "tax and spend" hoping their plans will produce more than stalemate.

Yes...with its almost unlimited power to direct and print the YUAN...Chinese directors can choose whiners, winners and losers but even such choices are packed with "what if" as the Chinese big shots discovered. They interrupted their stock market slide...for example...only to find upon resuming trade that what was a small loss turned into a trillion dollar route for many who were until then fairly wealthy. One such investor went from having a credit of $1.34 billion to a debt of $200,000 (U.S.Currency...a currency that became instantly 3.6% more valuable today than it was yesterday.)
no image
A "bubble" is dangerous whereas a "ripple" provides adjustment. Such was the explanation by HARRY DENT...a stock analyst and one-time used car salesman...when asked about the relationship between the economic troubles in China and the 8%(+) American stock market drop.

During this dialogue...DENT admitted he thought the American stock market was a bursting bubble that would not stop until the Dow Jones average dipped into early 2009 levels. Naturally...DENT also picked the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super his forecast and conclusion must be handled with care. As Robert Reich...Bill Clinton's Secretary of Labor...chided, "DENT doesn't know dick about stock markets and people will lose big bucks if they listen to him. I predicted OIL would be $200 per barrel by 08-23-15 and I was absolutely wrong. But I'm not wrong about DENT don't know dick."
no image
Many people wondered "why" President Putin would smile when asked about his foreign policy imbroglios with the Obama regime. Recently...what was behind his smile was exquisitely revealed when Hillary Clinton admitted her email account was regularly hacked by Russian and Chinese intelligence services.

Indeed...President Putin knew Obama wasn't about to commit troops to defend the Ukraine as did the Chinese know they could take over the Spratly Islands and construct a naval base without any worry about Obama's interference. is asking everyone to overlook her idiocy and give her the position of commander-in-chief?
no image
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he had absolute trust in the IRANIAN PROMISE not to finish construction of their SWORD OF ALLAH...their nuclear doomsday device(think STRANGELOVE). After hearing OBAMA drool about how must faith he had in the Ayatollah's good nature...the cub reporter loudly admonished, "YES...TRUST IN ALLAH...BUT TIE YOUR CAMEL!"
no image
Currency is a fungible commodity. The Yuan...for example...becomes less valuable when the Chinese government prints trillions of them and passes them out. This concomitant loss of value means it takes more YUAN to buy U.S.DOLLARS. Ironically...the Chinese a direct consequence...pays more to buy IMPORTS...while...for a short time...the foreign buyer receives a "gift" because the EXPORTS from China are relatively* cheaper when bought with U.S. dollars.
*This relationship between the product and its production in China where the YUAN is so much less valuable soon finds equilibrium as the component-makers adjust their own inventories to reflect the loss of value due to "government-caused" inflation.
no image
A SHORT SELLER told a cub reporter from this BLOG 10 days ago that she felt the would plummet on 08-23-15 noting that while such a precipitous fall would hurt'd only fetch her a bigger profit. When asked how she could be so sure about August 23rd...this savvy investor said GOOGLE data banks predicted both that date and outcome for the U.S. securities markets.

Now that it's 08-23-15 and the market has fallen 8%(+) since opening bell...the patronage for GOOGLE data bank prediction and forecast has grown exponentially. So important this information that an "app" has been created to accommodate the nervous investor. With this "app" an investor can buy-sell in nano-seconds thereby avoiding any drop and taking advantage of any rise...and...accomplishing the entire scenario without any need for intrusive commission-brokers or fee-grabbing investment mavens.
no image
Because they got better Wi-Fi reception in the second class train cars...the 3 Americans moved their stuff from 1st Class back to the "cattle-car" area. At the time...not any of them contemplated a terrorist attack but knew France to be one of the filthiest places where scumbags were wont to inhabit.

As Mr. Stone later confided, "My spider-senses were tingling the whole time. I just didn't know why. But when the Moroccan pulled an AK-47 and screamed "Allahu Akbar!" I knew it was time* to intervene. My two pals and I beat that RAG HEAD half to death. We kicked...poked...and...bit!"
*Stone ran 40 feet and covered that distance between the time the Moroccan began cussing his "jammed" AK-47 machine gun and the time he racked a round and began to pull the trigger. In that few tenths of a second...the Americans covered that 40 foot distance and jumped that RAG HEAD.
no image
Hillary Clinton told a crowd that she and Ms Abedin were not only lovers but also close business associates. Later on...that statement was deleted. The editors...when asked about that missing statement...whispered that they were threatened with 24/7 excoriation by the MASS MEDIA if it weren't eliminated. "We wiped the hard drives clean. We used 3 experts to perform the feat and never can "bad stuff" be found thereon any more." confided Ms. Abedin.
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Market mavens some time back said OIL was going to be $200 per barrel by 01-01-16. Using computer models...they caused Exxon and other big oil producers to ramp up their production based on that prediction...that guess...that "green-energy" forecast. Of course...they were wrong...their computer models were wrong...and...the investment made thereon as FOOLHARDY as it gets with OIL hovering around $40 per barrel.
no image
Because the "little fella" wants to remain in power in North Korea...he asked the South Koreans for a peaceful resolution to the most recent "land mine" imbroglio. Recall the "little fella' didn't like how well the South Koreans guarded their side of the planted land mines and killed a few South Koreans. But when it was demonstrated that those mines were intentionally placed on that path...the "little fella" had to sue for peace.
no image
European anti-trust officials expressed resentment and anger that GOOGLE would offer cheaper phones with more choices than European phone makers. "We want Europeans to use what we say they can use...and...GOOGLE is hurting that power to impose," confided Pierre "Dumb-thumb" official using a pseudonym to protect his employment.
no image
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was asked about his destruction of liberty. He reflected on the question and then expressed his desire to continue the effort until America was a tribal socialist regime similar to what is found in the darkness of Kenya...which...according to Donald Trump is Obama's birth site.
no image
Whereas in China...big foot government closed down its stock America...the stock market was permitted to rise and fall as investors saw fit. Indeed...even when stocks are plummeting...there are investors who make MONEY all the way down the slide! The trick...if it could be framed as to know when to BUY and when to SELL...a feat few have really mastered. But permitting a free market to flourish..."losers" can be "winners" where in China..."losers" likely remain "losers" due to their government's interference.
no image
"Cheap natural gas and oil eliminates the attractive aspect of the wind and solar production. In order to avoid revealing the "boondoggle" element of so-called "green energy"...TEAM OBAMA is doing all it can to keep oil and natural gas prices so high that solar and wind energy are marketable. Indeed...why pay $5.00 per mega-watt when it can be acquired as cheaply as $1.00 per mega-watt?

 So obvious this question and its answer...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed his so-called Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) to attack shale oil producers creating as much burden and hassle as possible. The idea is to make oil and gas so expensive that boondoggle* wind-solar appears reasonable.
*If the MASS MEDIA weren't controlled by the socialists and Eco-fascists...the myth of man-made global warming would have already been exposed and its mythologists scorned and spat upon.
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What attracts a person to socialism? Is it the offer of "freebie and favor" at the expense of other people? Is it the idea that those who work must provide for those who don't?  What pleasure could ever be derived from watching some would-be master loot a storeroom so that it might be redistributed?

 Yet...Bernie unapologetic attracting large audiences who like hearing about how he'll kill in order to make life better for he'll take from Bob and give to destroying liberty will be best for everyone. Are these attendees parasites and servile supplicants looking for a better pasture? Or...are they Americans who were taught in public school to be cattle and sheep ready to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps?
no image
Joe Biden told a crowd he was so glad to be in Minnesota. The crowd stood silent because they were in Tennessee. Joe's helper ran up to Joe and whispered in his ear. Biden instantly looked out at the crowd and declared, "I love Tennessee as much as Minnesota." The blunder was obvious but made the attendees want to vote for someone who didn't know where they were. "He will do less damage than someone who knows he's in the Oval Office," sneered Donald Trump when asked about such a contender.
Library quiet. Such was the way JEB BUSH was described by those who took time to stop by and listen to him tell how he wants to trim big foot government...yet...give just as much but in other ways. Republican-kind of ways. Common Core kind of ways. More programs and policies kind of ways. One attendee was overheard telling her husband, " obvious loser against any glib Democrat."
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Talk about heroism...3 Americans were coincidentally riding on a French high speed rail...when they heard a Moroccan cussing his AK-47 which had jammed. Instinctively...they sprang into action. One grabbed the scumbag but was sliced with a razor knife, The other two Americans...instead of running away from this screaming maniac...began to punch and kick. Had it not been for these 3 men...several hundred Frenchies were doomed. As it was...the jihadist was caught...and...turned over to the French Police who admitted they'd been tracking this killer for the last few weeks but had lost him outside of Madrid.
Ron Paul is closing in on eradication of the Federal Reserve even though its edifice protected by goon squads. of his aides was attacked by the U.S.Injustice Department.  The FBI was dispatched with a search warrant to the home of this unfortunate aide with directions to search the house and arrest the aide, if found therein.

The FBI sent its "scumbag" unit...the bunch whose mission statement: dirty deeds done dirt cheap. They arrived at 6:00 a.m...bashed down the door...and...entered with flash-bang grenades and machine guns blazing. They killed the poodle and slayed the cat...shot the bird...and...made car tires flat. They hustled two naked...very frightened teenagers outside where they stood for neighbors to see...yes...scumbag FBI...what comes where can't be found what many might label: liberty.
no image
The Bureau of Land Management(BLM) recently attempted to destroy 3 ranching businesses because they refused to support Obama in the 2012 election cycle. Unlike other ranchers who publicly supported Obama...these 3 ranchers refused: the Mariluchs, the Tomeras and the Filippinis,(WSJ A-7;08-22-15).

They refused to kneel and lick that boot and for their outright defiance the BLM attacked informing them they couldn't use federal land to graze their cattle...a proscription that certainly would doom all 3 ranches to bankruptcy. And...but for the legal assistance this BLOG delivered...those 3 ranches and their 15,922 employees would all be on food stamps and rent-subsidy. As it was...though...BLM backed off when they concluded their own jobs would be deleted once a new regime acquired power in Washington DC.
Kevin Downing...a 68 year old Democrat...went into a federal building in Manhattan and shot a security guard before killing himself. In a suicide note...Mr. Downing discussed his belief in Marxism and how great Obama had been in destroying freedom replacing it with freedom-to-obey. He wanted to keep on supporting Obama's fundamental transformation of America but felt it also important that he kill a random human being to show that socialists can crush anyone for any reason."
no image
Refugees and others are flocking to northern Europe to take advantage of all of their freebies and favors. Of course...the sheep and cattle already there...fear such newcomers...wondering if enough pie to share. Mobs stand on the border...turning away would-be takers...not enough room...cupboard almost bare...fighting and losing...demanding another portion...pointing out back home the food better...and...offered with care.
Naked teenagers. Scumbag FBI! They took those NAKED children outside. An early morning raid. Guns...door bash-down...and...naked teenage girls screaming in terror on public display. FBI scumbags! They need to be fired. They need to be marked so they might be slapped and spat upon in public as people show those scumbags their scorn and ire!
no image
Islamic State bulldozed a 5th-century Assyrian Christian Monastery in southeaster Syria as the jihadist group pressed on with efforts to wipe out traces of what it considers un-Islamic archaeological and cultural treasures,(WSJ A-4;08-22-15).

Could it be that erasing the past isn't new but an ancient tradition? Might such a primitive urge explain "why" there can't be found the inventions and innovations of the past? Indeed...according to historians...mankind didn't begin making tools until about 50 million years ago. What if there were a time long before that epoch wherein the human race was advanced...even father advanced than we think of ourselves today...but...also present were primitive urges and dark forces that fed on ignorance and envy consuming in some horrific omnivorous maw everything until what remained were brutes...tents...campfires...and...frightening noises in the night?

The Antikythera computer...for based on mathematics as complex as anything handled today. Yet...not anywhere is there any ancient culture where such a device might have been commonplace. As Arthur C. Clarke(2001 Space Odyssey) said, "That ancient computer sank on a boat 7500 years ago. It was likely made 10,000 or so years before that mishap befell its owner but the culture and science which could have produced such a marvelous instrument were erased."
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Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali...a/k/a..."Tommy"...was killed by a missile fired by a Predator Drone. After the explosion...Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi said he'd miss his SECOND IN COMMAND...but...there were a thousand others to take his place. "Yes...the caliphate lost a warrior...but...there are a million more martyrs to replace him," drooled Baghdadi. Of course...Obama gloated over the report but knew it wouldn't be long before ISIS launched an assault on event his lackluster administration sorely needs.
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Could the federal government really keep the preacher out of the locker room? If TEAM OBAMA has its way...that answer is" "YES". Indeed...the U.S.Injustice Department has been directed to hassle any college that permits a preacher in the locker room. First Lady, Michelle Obama, told a cub reporter from this BLOG the purpose was to eliminate GOD from competition.
Websites are infinite...but...ASHLEY MADISON was extraordinary. On that site you could post your indiscretions...real or imagined...tell about how you cheat...and...every way that can be fashioned. But whether that stuff was real...not anyone really cared...until...a bunch of scumbag hackers elected to closet-share. Instantly...Hillary Clinton...for example...discovered Abedin unfaithful...had done Liz Warren a year ago...saw where Bill had met with Monica...and...another blue dress confession greatly glowed.
no image
Recently...a humorous photo has surfaced. It shows the North Korean "little fella" seated at a table with his 30 generals each one wearing a huge hat...a hat designed to stop rain and wind...and...probably a holdover from times long past when they cooked with human dung and drank urine from polluted streams. These hats are huge and the heads of the generals in them appear so small...making the entire lot of those seated generals appear cartoon-like and impish.
Socialist Bernie Sanders told a cub reporter from this BLOG he had to order a bigger stadium to hold the audience. "The voters want to be enslaved. The more I tell them how I will destroy freedom...they cheer and hoot. I will take from others and redistribute to them and that makes them holler even louder. They come to hear how I will loot the storeroom and pass the plunder to them. It's great fun...and...if...I will be the basis for my destruction of liberty."
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With 2/3 vote of both the U.S.House of Representatives and the U.S.Senate and the approval of 38 states...the 16th amendment to the U.S.Constitution can be finally repealed and the era of the NANNY STATE CAGE finally granted its exit visa. Yes...folks..the income tax...that symbol of Marxism...can finally be erased and the 21st century otherwise unhampered market permitted to flourish thereby.
Ranger Shaye Haver was dropped behind enemy lines...her disguise: a pup tent Muslim women wear. Her mission: to locate and kill Baghdad Bob...putative leader of the Islamic State. Yes...folks...she is somewhere in Iraq. Her coordinates known only to the top brass in the Pentagon and to this BLOG thanks to the use of Edward Snowden "pass-key" technology.
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Machine gun fire erupted from a millions North Korean positions as balloons carrying TRUTHFUL NEWS were shot down before their payload could be read. Indeed...recently...this BLOG'S loudspeakers came under fire from well-guided rockets. The North Koreans must have been practicing since they struck the loudspeakers...all 12,866 of them...knocking out this BLOG'S ability...for reach the TRUTH-starved minds of beleaguered North Koreans.
Pretending to fight against Trumps' hatred of illegal immigrants...U.S.Rep. Joaquin Castro told a cub reporter from this BLOG that TEAM OBAMA was happy to hear Republicans denouncing the free flow of of the primal components of the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. "As a devoted socialist...I...too...want closed borders...where people must ask my permission to breathe. Using closed borders...I can use my power and thereby capture their supportive vote," Castro drooled.
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About 20% of Mobile, Alabama is expected to show up and hear TRUMP explain how he will eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Whether patrons believe his rhetoric will be observed at the ballot box as the Republican primary season gets underway. Jeb Bush is counting on Trump stumbling and admitting he's a closet socialist whose mission statement to enslave not liberate.
Joe Biden...on one occasion...told an audience how well he knew BOB SMITH. He and Bob were long time pals...salt of the earth this BOB SMITH. And with that herald...Joe Biden stopped and loudly asserted, "BOB...where are you...stand up...take a bow...let them see what a great person looks like."

When someone pulled Biden's coat and got his ear...he was told Bob was an invalid and had been wheel chair bound since birth. Oops!
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In 2010...about 200 governments agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ensure that global temperatures didn't rise above 2 degrees Celsius. Of course...not anyone disputed the consensus that Mother Earth into flames was about to appease such forces...a virgin needed to be thrown into an angry volcano, (WSJ A-11;08-21-15).
*It does not matter that the Sun has been cooling and heating the Earth for eons....or...that an equilibrium exists on this planet such that the more CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere...the more the plants eat and the more oxygen is produced. There isn't any way for mankind to "interfere" with this process. can dam up rivers...block oceans and even detonate huge nuclear the end...Earth will be Earth as Earth will be and mankind can't really affect much in the terms of time and space measured in billions of years.
Jean-Marie Le Pen was ousted from the National Front. He had become too much of a noise-maker. Instead of attracting new followers...his proclamations about things long gone were causing people to turn their noses up and refrain from donating or attending rallies. his daughter pointed out, "Power was getting siphoned due to his manic declarations about Jews and the him a minor point in a great history about the struggle of people to take from others. We want to enslave and destroy liberty in France and to accomplish this feat...we can't have blabber-mouth Jean running around drooling his venom."
Mr. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen were convicted of doing favors for a wealthy businessman in exchange for more than $165,000 in gifts and loans. McDonnell was Governor of Virginia at the time and a good socialist. But he crossed Obama...and...was attacked by the scumbags in the U.S.Injustice Department. Mention is made of this pathetic soul and the assault he suffered...since...his misdeeds...were venial when compared to the activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Indeed...Hillary Clinton steered big bucks into her so-called charitable family foundation...a non-profit bunch whose expense account gobbled 98% of all donations...and...yet...not anything has been done. WHY NOT?
Mansour Ballbey was shot and killed during a raid on a suspected drug house. Of course...the address was wrong and the house to be searched was next St. Louis...home of U.S.Senator Claire McCaskill...cops can slaughter with impunity. Even an Afro-American...inside his own house...can be snuffed.

As Claire proudly recounted when asked by a cub reporter from this BLOG about the alleged stolen gun* found near Ballbey's body, "As the SWAT team was bashing down the wrong door...Mansour stepped from the shadows of his stairwell and seemed to have something in his hand. Because SWAT couldn't take the risk...they fired their machine guns blowing 100 holes in a very surprised Ballbey. The blood and guts in his hallway festooned the gory scene mightily. Yes...they were mistaken. But they thought he had a gun and they protected themselves. I don't care how many they long as it makes me look good."
* That stolen gun was traced to Miami, Florida. Ballbey had never been to Miami...but...several in that SWAT TEAM had. Coincidence...or...a "dropped gun to avoid prosecution for murder"?
Reflecting on Florida and voter preferences...Jeb Bush told a cub reporter from this BLOG, "Ben Carson would be better than Trump as President if the choice were between them. Obviously...Carson wants to eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...whereas...Trump seems to consider improving stranglehold and intrusion.
Has Donald Trump peaked? Is his support waning? What evidence that he can continue to increase his voter bloc making him a formidable 2016 presidential contender? Such questions easily answered if his message examined. Should he promise to delete the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate its burdensome taxes and stifling regulation...and...stay away from social media flash-points...he'll defeat any Democrat opponent handily.
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In an 8th grade class room...a new teacher stood. She seemed meek and timid...not hard as hickory wood. Her blue eyes scanned the crowd...eyes and ears and all in between...some were ready to cause her grief...others were silent but mightily mean. But when she showed them what she did as a RANGER jumping and shooting to kill...they knew before stood a warrior...and...from that well they wanted filled.
Big foot government has seen to it refineries are so burdened...they can't produce gasoline fast enough creating a shortage and hence higher prices. Even with OIL headed south of $40 per barrel...nevertheless...TEAM OBAMA has seen to it the consumer doesn't benefit. "If we were to permit gasoline prices to plummet to a buck a gallon or less...we'd ruin our socialist system and such can't be permitted because we live off such things," whispered Gina McCarthy...a freedom-hater of the 1st order and head honcho of the Environmental Destruction Agency.
no image
At $44.00...Canadian oil sand production breaks even. Because oil is at $41 per barrel...those Canadian oil producers are in big trouble. On the other hand...if their oil production were wouldn't matter what price oil was per barrel since big foot government and its enslaved taxpayers cover the shortfall. In a similar predicament...wind and solar are too expensive and would never be used or constructed...yet...due to subsidy...these boondoggles continue to siphon and grab.
no image
"Dispatch SEAL TEAM #6!" screamed Donald Trump...he'd been President for about an hour and already was ordering his team to hunt down and delete BAGHDAD BOB...leader of the so-called ISLAMIC STATE. less than a fortnight...President Trump paid enough people to snitch on that head-lopping Baghdad Bob and his lieutenants...delivering SEAL TEAM #6 erased.
"Cut his head off!" screamed Cubby...the leader of Palmyra' pack...they'd pledged their hand to Islamic State's battle rack. Khalid Assad cried in terror...he'd been picked for doom...yes...he was Shiite and a scholar...but...for both such things...there wasn't any room. Sure...he had appeared on an ANCIENT ALIENS episode and discussed why ancient Assyrians were visited by beings from outer space. Unfortunately for him it turns out...on that show...he revealed his data that THE PROPHET was a pedophile...had sex with both camels and goats after riding a horse with no name...and...had sired a mongrel race said in terms loud and plain.
In January of 2014...this BLOG wrote about sabotage in Charleston, West Virginia. It was claimed that the leak* in that storage tank was man-made but cleverly hidden so that it appeared to be due to wear and tear and the leak the product of reckless disregard. Indeed...several Freedom Industry big shots pleaded guilty to carelessness with President Gary Southern awaiting his sentencing.

Recently...big shot GINA McCARTHY...dispatched her goon squad to inflict environmental damage in Colorado...a state Obama had targeted for disaster. When her involvement was discovered...she instantly apologized...and...the MASS MEDIA came to her aid and comfort. Instead of excoriating and demanding resignation...the MASS MEDIA held her up as a great heroine of the environment...pointing out that on her watch at the Environmental Destruction Agency(EPA)...her wind farms and solar baking spots have slaughtered 126,983 eagles and other raptors. Quite a tribute to such a scumbag, eh OBAMA?
*For 10 days...300,000 people had to drink bottled water.



eight hundred thousand more
encamped outside your hovel door
mix and seed...
Purity of racial what
mongrel spread...blighted dot
intended stain
Jew domain
Le Pen denied 6 million shot.
(WSJ A-5;08-20-15)
no image
With the advent of the shale oil boom...many states and their towns blossomed. Take for example Pennsylvania. There businesses flourished. The owners paid crushing taxes...but...what was left over was sufficient to warrant continued effort. However...with IRANIAN CRUDE about to come oil with the same incredible properties as SHALE OIL( ultra-light)...and...with China's big foot government pausing to remove a stone...SHALE OIL production has tapered off so much that those "reliant" businesses are struggling.

Khalid Assad* was taken to a public square...pushed to his knees...and...beheaded by cubs of the caliphate...teenagers trying to claim their 15 minutes of fame on YouTube. As most people know...Khalid was featured many times in this BLOG as an authority on ancient alien technology in Assyria. He was the one...for example...who noted even the Qu'ran was based on alien intervention. It was he who proved to the world that THE PROPHET was a pedophile who ate pork sandwiches and conducted tent parties with 13 year old boys from neighboring tribes.

As a prominent antiquities scholar..Mr. Assad went on record...for example...claiming virtually every discovery and invention in the last 5000 years could be traced to Palmyra...a claim that angered the cubs who felt Mohammed was the source of such things and not some egg-heads situated in a dung-heap like Palmyra. But when he went so far as to frame Islam as little more than worship of idols and critters...he was doomed.
*In the movie, SHIP OF FOOLS...there's a scene where the German Jew asks aloud, "There are six million Jews. What...he's going to kill us all?" And at that moment...the BLUE DANUBE WALTZ stops for a pregnant pause. It's in that pause the SHIP OF FOOLS sails mightily.
no image
Located in public parks clearly observed by secret police...Wi-Fi access can be had. Into the early morning hours...the parks are packed with Internet users...each trying to see what's on the other side of their fish bowl. Indeed...11 million(+) Cubans might soon discover they're inside a prison and their captors are cutthroats and scumbags.
Yesterday..."anchor baby" was mentioned by Donald Trump to describe infants born on American soil by illegal immigrant mothers who have been told by Obama that such birthing gives the mother and child along with the rest of the family an anchor in this blessed land. Trump wants to gather everyone up...pack them away...and...return them to the south side of the border...diapers...formula...and...whatnot.

When challenged about his use of "anchor baby" classic fashion...returned the jab by asking the reporter what phrase or term would he use. When the reporter said, "I'd call them infants born to mothers who lack proper papers"...Trump listened...and...then replied curtly, "I'll use my description: ANCHOR BABY" and went on to address his overflow* crowd of 112,633.
*BUSH held a similar affair down the street and was able to fill his 128 chairs but there was not any enthusiasm...not any excitement...not any horsepower.
no image
Ross Perot and Donald Trump are as different as night and day. Whereas Perot was intending on increasing the power of big foot government...Donald Trump knows it's the grip and grab of it which has hindered and retarded economic prosperity from bubbling forth. Unlike Perot...Trump might very well cut taxes...delete red America to the world for business.It's this prospect of liberation which is motivating many "fence-sitters".
Making his case for deportation...Donald Trump included children born in America as part of the pool of people he'd round up...and...send back from whence they came. Instead of declaring the borders open...he proclaimed the era of the WALL upon the world once more. He'd bash down gates to sanctuary off your neighbor's door.

In contrast...RAND PAUL says the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market presupposes free movement of capital and labor without hinder or hassle with Trump's wall the classic symbol of big foot government intrusion retarding what otherwise would be a vibrant border whose importance little more than a geographic construct.
*U.S.Constitution 14th amendment: All person America..." Apparently...Trump lacks such knowledge when he says "anchor babies" will be deported.
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In a bathroom...was found the email server for Hillary Clinton. It had been wiped clean by 3 expert wiper-firms...each guaranteeing their proficiency in eradication of data. When confronted...Hillary Clinton admitted to the extreme effort to eliminate any trail of incompetence or misconduct...but...also added...she didn't commit any crime by deleting and ducking.
no image
Big foot government freebie and favor jealously protected by recipient and administrator alike. Both have a vested in perpetuating receipt...the a salaried niche. When the borders bubbled with more would-be takers...those already aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE grew angry as they were asked to move over and make room.
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U.S.Senator RAND PAUL(R.Ky) had( and still does) a message of liberation over subjugation but he didn't frame it quite as succinctly which put him behind Donald Trump whose loudmouthed declarations while absurd caught everyone by surprise propelling him instantly into the front-runner position. Not even lackluster Jeb Bush can out-stir Trump on the stump nowadays as people flock to hear him lambaste and excoriate
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Taxpayers shouldn't be required to finance PLANNED PARENTHOOD. If that organization is to survive...let it continue its mission...if at all...funded by donation and sale of baby-parts. The socialists are opposed to forcing the organization to exist by pleasing the public...however...since that bunch would soon find itself once more a small group assisting needy women instead of some horror-riddled behemoth defended by its salaried personnel.
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THE BOT(tm). It's a mechanized robot system which is an office and person wrapped into one but without need for desk, bathroom, water cooler and the like. In Beijing...for instance...this BLOG deployed THE BOT and it was an instant success. Using Google technology and linkage...THE BOT is capable of interfacing with people...selling...buying...delivering...and...discoursing. Using Remitsy...and...other money-transfer structures...THE BOT can transact a billion bucks worth of business in a nano-second...takes up less space than a desk...and...uses mostly solar power for its operation systems,(WSJ C-8;08-19-15).
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Michael Khodarkovsky is snide and envious. He hates talent and success so much he picked President Putin to be his whipping boy. Unlike Western leaders of modern vintage...however...President Putin has distinguished himself as one of the finest leaders of the 21st Century. His vision for Mother Russia is something to behold and assist* in bringing about. hear Mike saying such bad things about this marvelous man smacks of envy and hatred of success...primal sins eschewed in the TEN COMMANDMENTS, (Exodus 20:17).
*This BLOG...for example...sent $4.9 billion to President Putin to help open more markets to American goods and services.(WSJ A-11;08-19-15)
In grade school he was teased because he lacked enough letters in his name to be an important person. However...this dude persevered and fought his way into a salaried-niche where he can hurt people as they at one time hurt him. His name is: Narayana Kocherlakota...and...he's a big shot on the Federal Reserve Board. He wants to inflate the U.S.currency so people who save money in savings accounts are hurt. "I want them to be ruined. I want them to know my able to spell my name...and...know was I...and I alone...who hurt them and their pocketbooks," crowed N.K...the name most people preferred when speaking to this jackal.
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"The Soviet Union fell apart for subjective reasons induced by the feeling that it had lost its way, and its internal justification, not just because of the objective difficulties that it faced."  This statement is too idiotic to be left alone. It must be kicked...slapped...and...ripped...until...anyone daring to say as much obviously an unfettered fool.

The Soviet Union was based on the premise of universal enslavement* with a ruling elite to direct and control from cradle to grave. But even the would-be masters couldn't kill fast enough. As Western ways and technology drifted through the Soviet Union,,,its various tribes and people began to ask questions. Why must there be such laws restricting ownership of property? Why must there be an income tax? Why can't government exist on donation and rents? These issues and so many others bubbled 1989...the ruling elite could not stop all the blow-outs. Eventually...most Russians concluded their emperor was naked after all.
*When warehouses became packed with black derby hats and the government-made copiers and cars were always broken down...such was when the Communists lost their credibility. They could not deliver everything everyone desired 24/7 making their production and delivery system haphazard and ill-timed. But for the movement and structures of American enterprise...the Soviets would have collapsed in the early 1960s instead of surviving until 1989.
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Gina McCarthy and her goon squads are immune from liability* and hence can use their position and power to create environmental disasters with impunity. Recently...this power was remarkably demonstrated when Gina McCarthy...head scumbag at the EPA...sent her goon squad out to cause a disaster in Colorado. Not only did her goon squad deliver mightily....but...Gina was able to do a "concerned public official" photo op packed with grimace and alligator tears, as well. Sure...she destroyed businesses all along that polluted river for years to come...but...she didn't care since she is one of the masters inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE!
*The Animus River and other tributaries recently were infected with heavy-metal pollution caused by the intentional misconduct of EPA idiots whose mission statement included piercing mine-waste barriers permitting the innards to spill onto Navajo water sheds thereby destroying Navajo farm land for thousands of miles.
Jack Gerard...president and chief executive of the American Petroleum Institute, an industry trade group, told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he was appalled at how much power the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) had over oil and gas production. "Those good squads can close down entire regions and cause massive price hikes and shortages," he noted as he listed the reasons why the EPA must be eliminated.
Timmy Titler asked his mother if he might start a FUND to save the EAGLE. His mother thought it a wonderful idea since the number of eagles and other raptors had fallen remarkably since the 54,000 square mile wind-farm was erected. "Mommy...just school mates and I picked up 3000 carcasses and buried them in a mass grave along with the other mass graves we discovered the wind-farmers had dug."(WSJ A-9;08-19-15)

Timmy mother listened to her son's description of the mass slaughter and how many birds were getting smashed each day in those propellers. She recalled how Gina McCarthy..head scumbag at the so-called Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)....had laughed when informed of those bird-kills...pointing out that wind-farms were socialist boondoggles and if a few birds were what. The idea was to destroy industry...not assist Mother Nature."
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told a cub-reporter from this BLOG his purpose in life was to reveal the mythology of man-made global warming pointing out that the "greenies" had all but destroyed industry in his country. "They want to stop coal mining and other things so that we must return the days of tent and mule. And...I...for with most other Australians...don't want that kind of misery."(WSJ A-7;08-19-15)
Why did President Putin want Crimea? Recently...that question was answered. It was observed that President Putin climbed into a small submarine and went to examine a Byzantine ship recently discovered in 50 feet of water. The cargo of that ship is what the re-taking of Crimea was all about because that ship was carrying a device that was capable of destroying the world. Sure...the Antikythera mechanism was a feat of engineering...but...what was found in that sunken ship by Putin's team was a doomsday weapon.
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...doesn't see any difference between an Iranian gunboat attacking an American ship and an Iranian gunboat attacking that same ship but with an Iranian government in possession of a "nuke". In the first instance...the gunboat is blown out of the water. In the latter...Americans would think twice since to sink that gunboat might very well provoke the maniacs in Tehran to unleash their "nuke". An OBVIOUS Obama doesn't see.
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Alibaba and are fighting on the e-commerce battleground. While they compete mightily with each other both turned down big foot government offers to help hurt the other side. Indeed...Jack Ma told TOM WHEELER he wasn't interested in NAZISM and told Wheeler to depart and not let the door hit him on the way out. people did the same. "I don't need the Federal Communication Commission friendship."
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Oil glut? According to computer models addressing "peak oil" there could never be such a thing. But...unfortunately for those erstwhile software writers and programmers...the marketplace didn't get that memo. The price of gasoline because of big foot government hinder and hassle is slowest to respond to this obvious growing glut but GASOLINE PRICES are 79 cents below what they were this time last year. Yes...Obama is doing all he can to force prices to rise once more...but...until he is able to shovel dung against the tide...American consumers will continue to enjoy this bounty and price reduction.
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What the big foot government boondoggle team envision: Unlike the stable ground through which the French-English tunnel runs...the spot chosen for the American-Russian tunnel is quite otherwise...shifting and rumbling...making a tunnel almost impossible. On the other hand...a bridge...a massive bridge could achieve the same result. a free market...both tunnel and bridge wouldn't be built since it's much cheaper and safer to use ships. Hence...TEAM OBAMA has demanded Congress set aside $500 billion to build both tunnel and bridge.
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"I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN: Monica Lewinsky!" Who forged that declaration? From what we're observing with "how" Hillary is handling the latest development in her's obvious Bill didn't craft that historical LIE. It was Hillary. She built it...she assessed it...and...she dispatched Bill to carry out the deception...a feat he did willingly for his otherwise estranged wife.
Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker told Iowa farmers he was going to take away OBAMA-CARE and replace it with more big government solution. Some clapped...many...though...heard "same old, same old, just different bag"...and...walked off to another part of the State Fair where Trump was giving Helicopter rides and telling about the smell of victory wafting in the air.
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Let us eliminate the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Had it been deleted...334,977 more taxpayers would not have lost their most personal data to hackers. Why must Americans be saddled with a 20th Century system? Why not advance to a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer is queen or king and not some knee-crooking bureaucrat...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"? Hmmm? Why not?
Underground manufacturing(UM) has been detected. Yes...folks...the Islamic State took this BLOG seriously and began to construct a DRONE ARMADA...cheaply built drones...capable of flight...packing enough C-4 explosive to wipe out 100 city blocks in all directions...and...guided by remote pilots and admirals as they descend on whatever target might be acquired.'re sitting in your tent in a SAFE hear someone screaming: "IN-COMING!" You look out and the sky is black with a million drones...each one firing a 20 mm cannon and dropping bombs as they pass by. Imagine as much and you'll sense what Baghdad Bob meant when he said, "With drones...we can hold territory."
Green Beret Captain, BEN COLLINS...expressed his doubt about America's commitment to ground troops in Iraq again. Even though the Islamic State will eventually attack America in America...most Americans are reluctant to commit armed forces once more. Their refusal to commit again is based on the obvious conclusion that UNLESS Iraq's 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm is changed...all that Americans will be doing is delaying the inevitable.

BUSH-CHENEY had the chance to erect a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market in Iraq...making peace there a consequence of  everyone getting along. What they did...instead...was impose a mixed-economy welfare state which opened the "losers" storerooms to the greedy hand of the victor. Hence...Shiite and Sunni instantly became enemies as each struggled for their season in power so they might loot the losers' storerooms.

The singular way to fashion peace in the Middle East is to demand big foot government be eradicated and otherwise unhampered market economies economies where the Socio-economic aspect is placed beyond the grip of the master with mob...protected from taxation and crony-directed regulation...and...permitted to deliver EDEN.
In the B-movie, WATER WORLD...there's a scene wherein Dennis Hopper tells his crew: "LAND IS THAT WAY!" And with that directive...the crew begins to row that massive ship in the direction pointed. When asked off-camera about that DIRECTION...Hopper laughs and replies, "It keeps them busy." Perhaps...Hillary and Bernie have such crews as their supporters.
Nick Miller...a high level Clinton campaign aide...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that Hillary couldn't survive an in depth Benghazi embassy inquiry. "The MASS MEDIA has agreed never to ask where she was during those critical 7 hours. Virtually every radio talk show host has also been instructed never to ask Hillary about what she was doing during those horrific 7 hours...7 long hours when Ambassador Stevens...hunkered down in his so-called safe-room...cried out for Clinton and Panetta to save release the Predator Drones hovering about the compound and save him. So long as Clinton isn't asked about that 3:00 a.m phone call scenario...she'll survive and be the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT."
Why not simply open the borders and permit anyone to come and go as they please? It would be the best approach and in keeping with the concept of an "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Of the OUM...there isn't any big foot government grip and grab...not any yoke and choke agenda...and...private charity the sole source of sustenance for those pathetic souls incapable of caring for themselves.

Instead of open borders...however...some politicians want to erect walls and transportation hubs. Donald Trump and Scott Walker...for example...want to organize trains traveling from America carrying "gathered illegals" carting them back across the border...and...delivering them to Mexico...a place few would ever wish to live or work. Their idea is nonsense and shouldn't be considered anything more than another big foot government attempt to correct a problem big foot government created.
In Iowa...Hillary Clinton told a crowd she had opened a SNAP-CHAT account and opined, "It's amazing how those messages disappear." Afterwards...she was approached by a cub-reporter from this BLOG who managed to evade the Secret Service goon squad deployed to prevent precipitous questioning and asked, "Madam Secretary...for 7 hours...Ambassador Stevens...from a so-called safe-room inside the Benghazi embassy compound...cried out for help. He begged you to release the PREDATOR DRONES hovering above and deliver him from otherwise certain death...and...your whereabouts...your dialogues...your interface...during that critical 7 hours is still unknown. Is it possible it was all SNAP CHAT and whatever you did or did not do...whatever you said or did not say...whomever you asked to cover and duck for you...all gone?
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Near Jordan...a team from this BLOG'S investigative crew unearthed several tons of relics and devices which make the Antikythera computer looks like child's play. One mechanism...for example...uses the pyramid to deliver limitless power. Theoretically...using this to might be orbiting PLUTO in days instead of decades.
After the rivers were polluted with yellow-curry looking stuff...big foot government people claim the water is safe to drink. To prove it...Gina McCarthy...head honcho at the EPA...will drink only from a water bucket filled with that water for the next 300 days just to prove it's safe. Naturally...she was guaranteed the water would be filtrated until it lacked arsenic...cadmium...lead...and...other heavy metals.
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What if there were a "bad-law" delete button. If enough voters pushed the button...the law...its rules...its million employees eliminated instantly. Imagine Gina McCarthy having to find a real job and you'll sense the power of that "app". Indeed...this BLOG is piloting this "button-app" so that voters can vote simply by putting in their fingerprint and then choosing "delete" or "keep". If the voters...for example...chose to delete then the technocrats employed for that service would go about deleting...alerting federal worker bees they need to clean their desk and depart the building...and...thereafter...scouring in order to make suitable for whatever to come afterward.
Tom Wheeler has demanded 24/7 protection from eradication. Yes...folks...Federal Communications Commission chairman, TOM WHEELER has asked for Secret Service protection. He was told a contract had been issued for his eradication and he didn't want to die spitting and snapping blood in some alley. As he confided...he never thought joining Obama in the destruction of the Internet would fetch such hatred for him. "I can't even go shopping without 100 guards stationed at every exit and at every overpass. I fear the bullet and bomb and know somewhere an assassin lurks."
President Putin is a great leader. times to come...he'll be revered as one of the real guiding lights in the early days of the 21st Century. Unlike that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office...President Putin is slowly eliminating the special interest grip and grab that plagued Russia for centuries ushering in thereby an otherwise unhampered market paradigm. Unlike that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office...President Putin knows socialism is a dead-end street fraught with misery and mayhem...and...that the 21st Century requires a marketplace unfettered and allowed to deliver the bounty such entails.