November 2015
Trying to satisfy western hunger for leadership...Hillary Clinton met with a crew of rodeo clowns and discussed their needs and preferences. As she was leaving she heard one of them call her name..."If you want to save your soul from hell a riding on our range...then Hillary change your ways today or with us you will ride...trying to catch the Devil's herd...across these endless skies."
While some endorsed Donald Trump...many more did not. Yes...he asked them to help him make America great again. But many felt Obama had done so much to reduce people to a state of abject dependency...they didn't want someone coming along and giving them a way out of the NANNY STATE CAGE. "We have more people on food stamps and rent allowance than ever before. We love Obama!" screamed Rev. Victor Couzens.
"What's going on over there?" asked a New Hampshire voter as she passed a small crowd huddled around Governor Chris Christie.

Hearing her of the fifteen attendees turned and replied, "Chris Christie was endorsed by the Union's Leader...a hate-rag whose mission statement to promote socialism and class warfare."

So shocked by the reply...the voter stopped to listen and sure enough...Chris Christie was against liberty and proposed imposing "freedom-to-obey" approach so anti-American* it had to be mentioned in this BLOG.
*Many at that endorsement session were shocked at how vicious and mean-spirited Chris Christie was. "He's a snarling dog...vicious...mean...and...not to be trusted," opined Senator Elizabeth Warren when asked why Christie and she were so much alike.
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While "low-information" people accepted the MASS MEDIA assertion that mankind met in Paris and decided what Mother Earth would do in the future...there were millions more who didn't. Angered by obvious reluctance to accept the idea that a virgin can be thrown into the bubbling maw of a volcano and it won't erupt...the climate-change ministers passed an international law forbidding not only tornadoes and hurricanes but also earthquakes and volcanoes on the land and under the sea. So powerful the wording...Obama told a fear-packed crowd of Democrats he had saved the planet from certain doom.
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The YUAN is about to become a "reserve currency" and this BLOG will herald that giant step for China by opening a clearinghouse for Chinese paper. The idea will be to buy and sell paper in such fashion thereby helping the Chinese break into the American marketplace. It's hoped that President Xi Jingping will use his considerable influence to assist American producers in deleting the "whip and chain" of big foot government...thereby permitting all producers to compete in an otherwise unhampered market setting wherein big foot government can't ever pick winners and losers,(WSJ C-3;11-30-15).
Democrat Robert Lewis Dear killed people at Planned Parenthood. Until that massacre...every Democrat in Colorado claimed "Bobbie" Dear not only a friend but a loyal comrade whose willingness to die for cause the one thing they recalled BEST about him. Even Senator Chuck Schumer said "Bobbie" Dear was one of his closest friends and when in Colorado he always visited with Robert Lewis Dear to hunt elk and grub root. Schumer went on to say he was saddened that his "Bobbie" Dear was now not only a loyal socialist...but also...a despicable murderer.
In Huck Finn...Huck counts rotten eggs and lead weights among the patrons in that last night presentation of the ROYAL NONE-SUCH. Somehow...the whole town was there...ready to throw what they had and thereafter tar and feather them.

At the PARIS CLIMATE CONFERENCE...ministers from 150 socialist nations...each one drowning in "red tape, tax and spend" program and policy presented their respective complaints and proposals each designed to give these mice something about which to roar. Indeed...most rational on-lookers winced at the ways these scumbags envision mankind eking out existence from an otherwise angry Mother Earth.

The Kenyan delegation...for example...said cars were unfair and Americans must return to a time of tent and mule...a romantic time...when people sat about camp fires and sang old negro spirituals.

 Naturally...Obama concurred in that aspiration and said he was about to kill KING COAL and reduce America's power grid to that of a 3rd world country...packed with brown outs and black much misery as he could deliver. And to that proclamation...French President Hollande broke into tears and licked Obama's absurd pomp with candied tongue.
Alexis McGill Johnson admitted Hillary's rhetoric probably caused Robert Lewis Dear to massacre those people at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. "Hillary Clinton...more so than Bernie or Martin...caused such anger...such was probably her rhetoric that forced that otherwise peaceful man to grab his cannon and shoot people," Ms Johnson confided as she examined the lengthy history of violence Dear had exhibited over the years as a card-carrying Democrat.
Kobe Bryant discussed his retirement with the SPORTS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. Should he continue and rack up more points thereby adding to his overall total or should he quit and leave that 36,470 number as an outstanding record and one not soon to be eclipsed?

After much dialogue...Kobe agreed that it was time to quit the game of professional basketball and become a politician.

As if dribbling for a lay-up...Kobe said he would preach socialism...and...promise to spend other people's money as recklessly as possible...a promise he heard Hillary Clinton make to an adoring...screaming crowd of parasites and servile supplicants. "I know I can spend other people's money as recklessly as Hillary or Bernie. I love taking other people's money and passing it around. It adds to my legend but paid for by other people's money. Man...I like the sound of that phrase: SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. It and dynamic," whispered an excited Kobe.
Scumbag-Chuck MSNBC talking head...told the world there was not any televised celebration in Jersey City wherein Muslims were cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center and that TRUMP was wrong. Yet...millions of Americans saw that TV clip and heard the "voice-over" say it was a scene from Jersey City. While the voice-over might have been mistaken and the scene was that of a group in Palestine who were cheering and dancing...nevertheless...the off-camera voice said it was a scene from Jersey City. Too many people saw that CLIP and heard that specific DESCRIPTION for it not to have occurred despite Chuck Todd's protestations to the contrary.
If Russia were to attack irrational fear based on sheer speculation...President Putin would use conventional means to achieve victory. But President Putin isn't foolish and would never attack. Indeed...he got a big laugh out of the "chicken little" scenario Gen. Robert H.Scales painted in the Wall Street Journal,(A-17;11-30-15) wherein Scales pointed out Russia could overrun European defenses in a few hours and take the entire continent in a fortnight. "We're the Russian bear...not the American fool," bellowed President Putin when asked about the exercise of Russian power.
According to the MASS MEDIA...the the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood massacre...was a Democrat and an Obama-campaign worker. Naturally...his affiliation with prominent Democrats...such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders...was being vehemently denied by both camps. As one Sanders campaign aide admitted, "Bernie can't say he had lunch with that guy lest he lose whatever support not only in Colorado but elsewhere."
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There are many trades that are losing more than are entering. Welders...for instance...are in short are electricians and air condition specialists. With retirement taking away a large portion of such worker bees...the shortage has made those jobs quite valuable. A welder can get $100.00 per hour nowadays because more likely than not there isn't another qualified welder within a 100 miles in all directions.

What has perplexed many economists is "why" the trades are losing so many and not replenishing their respective ranks. After much was concluded the reason is the "red tape and hassle" associated with the trades. Most of them are bottle-necked with exams...licenses...and...a mountain of other rules and many few wish to encounter them. Why struggle welding a railroad car when you can sit home...collect food stamps...get your rent and utilities paid...along with a monthly stipend to spend?
Degrees of anger? Well...there's mad...very mad...extremely mad...and...then...of mad ice caps melt...volcanoes erupt...and...everything else gets worse. That level of honor of India's Prime Minister Modi...was observed when people heard Obama say terrorism was caused by man-made climate change. Indeed...listening to Obama describe America's dedication to the eradication of fossil fuel...people and politicians alike were MODI-MAD. "How dare that dung-throwing monkey say terrorism caused by whether cows break wind or China's coal mines another ton from Mother Earth rend," barked Marco Rubio...a Republican presidential hopeful when asked about Obama's decision to eliminate cars and force people onto buses, trains and bicycles.
"He won't back down!" screamed Chuck Todd...a nasty MSNBC talking head* when asked about Trump's refusal to say he might have been mistaken about the TV SCENE wherein people were cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center. The voice-over in that publication said the scene presented was one from Jersey City. If there were was the error of the talking head off-camera reciting the scene as one from Jersey City. Even the Washington Post ran a story about that celebration. Hence...Trump was correct not to back down...not to cower...not to look for scapegoat...but...remain steadfast...resolute...and...vehemently ready to denounce anyone saying otherwise. Go get 'em, Donald!
*Chuck Todd is the same scumbag who refused to ask Hillary Clinton what she was doing during those 7 long hours during which Ambassador Stevens begged for her intervention...entreated her to unleash the Predator Drones hovering above that beleaguered embassy compound on 09-11-12.
In a mosque in the West African Republic...Pope Francis offered prayer and asked for world peace. While everyone agreed his vanilla message was acceptable to all...Islamic State operatives declared he was an apostle of Satan...a puppet of the West...and...deserving of little better than a head chop. Naturally...they were prevented from carrying out their threat by the billion United Nations troops who were stationed every 10 feet for 10 miles in all directions.
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Could it be possible that GOOGLE'S leaders are whining about their inability to compete against other big shots in the industry? Instead of fighting for a better position through skill and efficiency...GOOGLE prefers to ask FCC chairman Tom"scumbag"Wheeler for assistance. "We want that scumbag to hurt competitors...bottleneck them...hassle whatever required to help us, " fumed a disgruntled GOOGLE official,(WSJ A-15;11-30-15).
It's hard to believe...but...the Islamic State pirated the DRONE DESIGN authored by,Inc. While Amazon's drones will convey packages...the Islamic State drones will deliver destruction. Indeed...Jim Clapper...a spy of sorts...revealed how terrible a threat such DRONES could be if America were attacked in armada strength.

Jimmy-boy told a cub reporter that the ISIS DRONE was armed with a 25 mm Apex cannon and carried enough C-4 explosive to blow a hole 20 feet deep...4 city blocks wide. "If ISIS were to unleash...say...10,000 DRONES...armed as I've described...they could reek havoc on a scale never imagined possible. New York City would be a waste land...Chicago...smoking  rubble...Miami...just another big ugly hole," whispered Clapper as he reviewed the sketch of the ISIS DRONE.
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told TOM WHEELER...chairman of the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) destroy liberty on the INTERNET and reduce that dynamic innovation to the level of public utility dinosaur...where any activity must be sanctioned by the FCC. Imagine having to ask a scumbag such as TOM WHEELER if you can publish a web'll sense the EVIL afoot. We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM and that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office is leading the way,(WSJ B-1;11-30-15).
Mr. Donald J. Trump will delete 90% of all federal worker bees in the first 12 months in office. BY Executive Order he plans to clean house. For instance...he plans to delete as many workers as possible in the U.S.Injustice Department with a special task force to prosecute 99.99% of those INJUSTICE EMPLOYEES for malfeasance and misfeasance. As for the Environmental Destruction Agency...he plans to eliminate almost every rule and restriction leaving only clean water and clean air regulations. Yes...he will beef up DEFENSE...but...done smartly with an eye on savings and new technologies.

It's as likely as not that Carson, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz might deliver as much bang for the buck as Trump...but...recently...TRUMP has said he will attack foe and help friend with a passion for liberating the otherwise subjugated.
J.David Cox...the National President of the American Federation of Government Employees...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that big foot government was here to stay and his team was siphoning off as much as possible before Americans revolted and kicked the whole lot of them back into the cesspool from whence they came. "We, federal worker bees grab as much power and wealth as possible. We destroy liberty and we hate anyone trying to belittle us or our position,"drooled J.David Cox as he slapped his "bulging-with-other-people's-money" wallet.
In New Hampshire...the UNION LEADER endorsed N.J. Gov. Chris Christie. It was obvious that paper was backing a loser...but...their editorial staff liked the way Christie would destroy liberty faster than even Hillary Clinton. "Christie will attack pot smokers and hurt people just to hurt them and I like that kind of nasty bent," drooled Joe McQuaid when asked "why" his staff chose a pig such as Christie..
Trump said he wanted clean water and air but the Environmental Destruction Agency was imposing more restrictions than what was needed to bring about cleaner air and water. He said he would delete 90% of all federal departments and agencies sending home those 3.78 million federal worker bees with only thank you notes...fruit baskets...and...nothing else!

In wholehearted support for this down-sizing....U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) informed a cub reporter from this BLOG that when the deleting begins...the finale would be the exodus of "fired" people going to their plush homes in Maryland and Virginia and telling their butlers and gardeners they had best find other employment. Senator Brown went on to say federal worker bee pensions should be recycled and the funds given to the poor in Bangladesh.
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While millions of Americans recall observing on TV Muslims celebrating the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center...the MASS MEDIA of 2015 deny there ever was such a publication. They can deny it since they were told all video of that celebration were destroyed. Yet...Americans are wondering "why" the MASS MEDIA is denying the televising of that kind of ruckus. Could it be they're trying to discredit TRUMP?
Robert Lewis Dear...entered a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood building and commenced to massacre.

Stunned. Shocked.

Such were the terms used by his friends at the Democratic Party headquarters where many workers recalled how full of hope Dear he expressed his love of he wanted to enslave the unwashed masses. Indeed...a Hillary Clinton activist said, "I was surprised and shocked to hear Dear had murdered so many people. He often spoke eloquently about using bullets where punctuation required. I recall one time he said selling baby parts was not in keeping with dictated socialism and he would kill his own mother to advance the cause of the would-be master inside his "envisioned" 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. I guess he did what he threatened to do if socialism was not adopted completely."
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Russian President Putin called his jet-design team and asked how the so-called impregnable SU-24 was shot down by a 1/2 baked crew flying an antiquated F-16. In a return memo...the Russian leader was informed the SU-24 was based on old technology...and...the new jets wouldn't be ready until 2055. Until then...the SU-24 and its courageous pilots would have to flame out and fall to their doom if need there be to save Mother Russia.
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While not Iraq and Syria...DRONES of every variety are being tested. Similar to what was done in Spain prior to World War the Middle East...nations are field-testing their DRONE FLEETS. Take for instance the DRONE which Islamic State is producing sporting the moniker: ALLAH'S STOMP...a drone capable of extended flight...armed with a 25 mm Apex cannon...and...can remain a viable threat almost indefinitely using solar power to recharge its plasma engines.

Imagine in downtown New York City....several thousand of these DRONES. While they might eventually be cleared away...until then...any place where they could attack...those places would be as ghost town like as Brussels was several weeks ago.

How much a menace such DRONES represent isn't well understood since a ship carrying these DRONES would have to be in New York harbor prior to launch to achieve maximum surprise and fear. And that ship and its lethal cargo would be known long before arrival because news travels via the INTERNET spy-ring* or secreted film canister. _________________________
*No...the U.S.Navy would have sunk that ship in the mid-Atlantic long before it ever reached our blessed shores.
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Islamic State has brigade strength cadres in almost every country. What limits Islamic Sate...though...isn't its recruitment of new's 6th century message of enslavement and oblivion. Sure...desert-dwelling Arabs can be made to believe just about anything and such explains the allegiance found among Islamic State warriors...but...everyone else looks upon them with disdain and outright hatred.

Maybe al-Baghdadi can create caliphate but it won't last but a moment before itself fractured into warring factions seeking their season in power. And all his cadres around the world...might very well manifest and kill people...but...they won't succeed in taking control. Violence begets violence with the inner struggle for leadership eventually undermining the entire undertaking to erect a Sunni caliphate governed by Sharia Law and powerful enough to impose its imprimatur wherever desired.
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In Colorado Springs...the guard for the Planned Parenthood building quit. He'd been denied benefits and didn't like the hours. What the guard didn't know...though...was that across the woods...was an EVIL MAN...a person with a need to kill...a voting card scribbled "life-long" Democrat...and...papers proving he'd been an Obama campaign worker in 2012. Had that guard known this jerk was afoot...he would have stayed just so he could have obtained his 15 minutes of fame when he blew that scumbag away at the front door.
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Horse dung. Around 19th century streets...dung was found...its smell horrendous...the flies almost oppressive...and...attendant disease in every nook and corner. The car came along and the dung disappeared as did the memory of those squalid times. However...the GREEN TEAM wants to eliminate the car...and...force people back to foot, bike and mule...a time when tent and plow the things people saved to get...a time...when a city porch was the worst place to sit on a warm summer's evening.
Mr. Donald Trump was accused of making fun of a reporter whose physical disabilities profound. But in Trumps' defense...others have been just as insensitive. Bernie Sansers...for example...some years ago...asked Ms. Smith if Billy could come out and play baseball. Ms. Smith replied, "Bernie...that's so know Billy doesn't have any arms or legs." To which Bernie Sanders rejoined, "That's okay...we're going to use him as 3rd base."
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Obama was observed in Paris releasing a bag of snails and telling the crowd one day those snails would feed France. He predicted wheat, corn and cow would all be gone and the snail the staple and main. FRENCHIE listened to that dim future...found a road packed with bus and car...laid down...refused to move...and...blamed* Obama not their stars.
*"The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings."
Carly Fiorina should demand liberation over subjugation...but...she won't. She likes big foot government and envisions herself directing from cradle to grave. She's Democrat-lite...willing to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE...never challenging tyranny...just scratching head*and calling it fate.
*Miniver Cheevy
In a very moment...Yachime Alcindor admitted* the video tape of the murder of Laquan McDonald had been "doctored"...and...what had been excised was so's revelation would call for the resignation of Mayor Emmanuel and the Chief of Police. "Those two scumbags are going down," fumed Alcindor as she watched the unedited video...a video both the Mayor and Chief tried to suppress.
*Secrecy molts no feather.
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Right on schedule...the official man-caused climate change protesters with unmitigated temerity paraded into the streets of Paris...laid down...and...refused to move. One FRENCHIE got run over by a bus full of Muslims headed to the Bataclan to hear MUFTI MIMP...the Islamic rag head from Raqqa.

The distraught bus driver...MOOK-MOD...honked his horn 5 times...the same number the Turks used to tell that SU-24 pilot he was about to get shot down if he didn't change his flight path. "I honked my horn 5 times...the required number according to Turkish Law...and...still...FRENCHIE refused to move. Because I had a bus load of people...I had to choose the greater good. Do I kill these 200 Muslims I have aboard my bus as I attempt to avoid running over FRENCHIE or do I squash FRENCHIE?" murmured MOOK-MOD.
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What's the difference between a F-35 and an OMEGA-DRONE? About $40 billion bucks! OMEGA DRONE can destroy a F-35 fighter jet. The DRONE costs $1500.00(U.S.) while the F-35 costs $800 million per plane(USA has five F-35 jets operational).

What has the Pentagon so worried is that somewhere inside Syria and Iraq...a vast armada of solar-powered OMEGA DRONES are being built. Each one has enough C-4 explosive to blow a hole 20 feet deep...4 city blocks wide...and...a 25 mm Apex cannon(5 rounds per drone)capable of piercing 24 inches of titanium-steel.

According to James Clapper...a spy of paid $3 billion for the technology but he'd have paid twice that if he had been pressed since the OMEGA DRONE delivers air superiority to the Islamic State. The Apex cannon shell...for instance...was specifically designed to blow a F-35 from the sky. Imagine 100,000 25 mm rounds being fired all at once at an approaching F-35 and you'll sense why the Pentagon is so worried.
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Islamic State can't achieve Caliphate without also achieving "air superiority". If the Caliphate can be bombed at any time...that potential for catastrophe limits any ability to hold territory.

The recent back and forth between Sunni and Shiite for control of Raqqa provides an exquisite example of this obvious proposition of protracted warfare. Islamic State held Raqqa until the American gunships arrived. Once above Raqqa...Islamic State troopers were forced to flee.

As one Islamic State trooper recounted, "We were about 200 feet underground...inside a bunker built solid and sound...when...we heard a explosion brought the entire system down."

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In every war since the year 2000...the American battle tank has blown up Russian T-72 tanks before the T-72 tanks could get close enough to use their own cannon. To overcome the deficiency and put the T-72 on par with the Abrams M-1 Battle Tank...the Russians fitted the T-72 with a plasma-cannon...capable of blowing up opposing tanks from a 1000 miles away!
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"Comrade. Where is our new tank?"asked President Putin. "I'm sorry to report it broke down a few feet from the compound," replied his tank-making general.

"But...that tank was supposed to go 1000 miles on a tank of can't go 100 feet!"fumed the Russian leader. "Well...while I can't speak for the tank'd be cruel to conclude they didn't know what they were doing," demurred the general as he looked at the big gap in the overall parade.
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The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) nowadays has been turned into a DEATH MILL. The barriers erected to cures and palliatives by the FDA are so great millions of Americans are DYING. Yes...folks...the FDA* is slaughtering Americans and not anyone is saying anything about it. Some political scientists believe Americans would even accept DEATH CAMPS much as did the Germans during World War II. Indeed...Senator Chuck advocate of wholesale oft heard to say, "OBAMA-CARE created death panels and when those death angels are backed up by the FDA...the slaughter will be horrific but satisfying."
*Drug companies and others are able to charge big bucks for their pills and services due to the FDA. Remove the FDA bottleneck and the cost of medical care would plummet. Yes...there are big bucks at stake should the grip of the NANNY STATE be removed...but...lives are at at stake here too not just crony-pocketbooks,(WSJ B-1;11-28-15).
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Man-caused climate change is nonsense and the industry which has been erected around that idiocy thrives on propagating even greater tales of catastrophe and terror. U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders...a beneficiary of this MYTH...for instance...told an audience that the butchery perpetrated by the Islamic State was caused by man-made global warming. Yes...Jim Folely got his head chopped off because al-Baghdadi was too hot in his tent that day and chose Foley to make that heat go away. By slayings Folely...Baghdadi was eliminating a source* of CO2...a deadly greenhouse gas.
*Humans exhale CO2...carbon dioxide. Yes...humans exhale a deadly---dangerous dangerous...Bernie Sanders says al-Baghdadi lops off heads because he's too warm.
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An 8 year old girl told the school board their assertion that GOD IS MYTH was a terrible LIE and they had best not be teaching such filth. Naturally...a Chicago S.W.A.T team was called to shoot this freedom-fighter using the JASON VAN DYKE* technique of "shoot and ask questions later".
*Recall Jason Van of Chicago's most highly respected police officers...shot a child 16 times from 30 feet away claiming that child was a threat to him.
Ed Gerwin admitted he was not only a socialist...but also...a "low-information" one at that. He liked big foot government grip and grab...he loved would-be master diktat,(WSJ A-15;11-28-15). When Eddie was told how the so-called TRANSPACIFIC TRADE PARTNERSHIP(TTP) would strangle the INTERNET...he shouted with last "freedom-to-obey" was replacing liberty.
On TV...there was a scene where it was said by the voice-over that it was a scene of cheering Muslims over the 09-11-01 Trade Center attack. Of course...the MASS MEDIA is now claiming such celebrations not only...never occurred...but also...never televised...and yet...millions of Americans saw it. Whatever the case may be...nevertheless...the point was that there are Muslims* in America who would attack if provoked.

But factual assertion is always open to question. Take the declaration by Winston Groom in his book, THE GENERAL,that aboard the the end-of-war ceremony...Hap Arnold and George C. Marshal were present along with General MacArthur and the Japanese. Groom goes to great length to describe the inner workings of Hap's view of the defeated Samurai as he stood there watching the hapless Japs turn over their swords and honor. Yet...when investigating that assertion of FACT it turns out those two men were not at that ceremony. But when you're discussing something which happened a billion years to speak...who really cares?
*What led up to the attack on the Bataclan? It might be that FRENCHIE attacked a bar that was owned by the Syrians. When FRENCHIE attacked that bar and made angered the owners and they responded with their Muslim-style reply...eye-for-eye stuff.
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Dispatched to Brazil to inspect the rivers into which  ran mud and sand from a broken dam were two rapporteurs...JOHN KNOX and BASKUT TUNCAK. Recall they were the ones who declared America's rivers safe after the Environmental Destruction Agency recklessly dumped 30 billion tons of toxic sludge and waste. They even took a glass and drank the water...but...didn't dip too deep...since that water was so deadly it'd eat your feet,(WSJ A-11;11-28-15)
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Carbon footprint? Ever seen a map with big circles drawn demonstrating the respective country's carbon footprint?(WSJ A-11;11-27-15). Somehow...those footprints are supposed to combine into a warmer Earth and a less palatable place to live.

Yet...not anywhere are there any circles around volcanoes or fault lines or other manifestations where vast amounts of gas...even that trace gas: CARBON DIOXIDE...are released.

You mean CARBON DIOXIDE is emitted by something other than mankind? That so-called dangerous mean the one you exhale every time you emitted by other things?

Yes...that gas is a natural occurrence and not anything mankind can do can affect such equilibrium even if climate gurus say otherwise. preposterous as it might seem...CO2 was labeled by the scumbags on the U.S. Supreme Court as a DANGEROUS GAS.
If you haven't yet observed it...just turn on about any MASS MEDIA news station and you'll see 24/7 excoriation of Mr. Donald J. Trump. Not anyone else receives such acrimony and seething hatred. Yet...when observing such a reaction to a message of liberation over must ask just how close he must be to dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a feat he might not himself even understand or comprehend at the present.
When Hillary Clinton's black ops squad recently opened a table outside a Trump rally and invited TRUMP HATERS to grab some signs...and...whistles...their mission statement to disrupt and distract...only 3 people were observed getting their "game gear". When these 3 tried to get into the auditorium...though...they found the line so long and so slow there wasn't any way for them to carry out their task.
Like most freedom-fighters U.S.Rep. Bill Posey never rests until liberty unchained. Recently...he and others began their fight against Obama's "green agenda"...a plan that will destroy America's power grid and send us back to a time of "tent and mule''...a romantic time...when foot and horse were the means of travel and smoke signal an effective way to reach out and touch someone.
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told his scurvy crew he'd bury American beneath a mountain of nasty...Americans would be cursing his name for a 1000 years in all directions. And to that pronouncement...his team screamed with adulation. Here was a real scumbag worthy of their loyalty and admiration.
Rhode Island recently has become a cesspool of socialists, Eco-fascists and freedom-haters of every variety imaginable. Why they gravitated to that spot isn't completely understood. However...many sociologists believe it might very well be these parasites and servile supplicants find the climate of the area preferred. Take Sheldon Whitehouse for example. He's a scumbag of the 1st order. He hates freedom so much he told his staff he'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of man-made climate change. To him mankind is the problem and the only solution: enslave everyone with him and his scurvy crew in charge.
When Pootie Tang decided not to run for President...he sent his "belt" to Mr. Donald J. Trump. And...with that's likely he'll prevail. Imagine Trump "belting" Hillary when she says she plans to enslave America beneath mountains of socialist freebie and'll sense why he will MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN.
Richard Goodstein...a so-called Democrat-strategist...said he hated Donald J. Trump. When a cub reporter from this BLOG overheard that nasty declaration...she approached that bald-headed scumbag and said, "That's Mr. Trump to you, sir!" Goodstein fearing a slap...stepped back and meekly demurred, "Okay...Mr. Donald J. Trump, then."
In New York City...inside stores...Afro-Americans were fighting. It was as if they were sent there to cause a ruckus and generate fear. Following up on this theory...the names of the "fighters" were put into a National Security Agency database. It turns out...all of the participants belong to the same Mosque...and...all had changed their name so that there were 45 consonants and ONE VOWEL in keeping with the Qu'ran's injunction that people must know you by what you do not who you are.
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When Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was asked about his plan* to eliminate the Islamic State...he paused for a moment...adopted his famous pose...and...loudly declared,"FIRST...we KILL...MOOSE and SQUIRREL!"
*Boris Bannanoff would reveal to his side-kick-Natasha...what his plan was to conquer the world. She'd ask, "Boris...what's your plan?" and Boris would reply, "First...we must kill moose and squirrel."(ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE SHOW)
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So the order went out at the Trump-hater mills: NBC...CBS...and...CNN: "Find a female Muslim who is angry about the immigration policy and who loves Hillary and hates Trump." And...with money and temper...the scouts went out...and...found a lady whose Muslim past obvious and meaningful. She was given a script...told to cry where the script said (CRY)...laugh where the script said (LAUGH). And...with poignant pause...this ANGRY MUSLIM flared her nostrils...pursed her lips...dripped venom...and...drooled unbridled hatred.
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Folks...e-commerce is up again. Yes...brick and mortar businesses are being eclipsed by e-commerce. Indeed...with the only requirements: warehouse space...a good packing department...and...Fed Ex or UPS waiting to haul and e-commerce shop can do as much business per day in terms of profit as...say...Dillards or Walmart. This disparity...this difference...has been called an "unfair" advantage because the brick and mortar operations must pay huge taxes and observe idiotic strictures on how they advertise and promote.

Instead of demanding the "red tape, tax and spend" burden be lifted from brick and mortar businesses enabling them thereby to compete...big foot government...supposedly in an effort to make things even...wants to tax and regulate e-commerce putting the SAME BURDEN on them. It's as likely as not these "brick and mortar" businesses will go along with that kind of idiocy since they're being told by crushing e-commerce...big foot government will be giving them "freebie and favor" exchange for which they must perpetuate the riling elite who delivered such gift.
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When a widow announced she was opening her home to homeless Marines for Thanksgiving dinner...the City Council instantly sent police to stop it with orders to shoot to kill and ask questions later. The order was labeled the LAQUAN McDONALD ORDER in memory of Jason Van Dyke...that heroic police officer who shot Laquan 16 times before Laquan's lifeless body hit the pavement 37 feet away from Van Dyke. "I want to make the Marines know they can't come into Vero Beach and stomp all over our venerable ordinance against such things. I want that lady arrested...the Marines shot...and...only then...will I feel the LAW has been respected!" screamed a City Council person preferring to keep the name unreported.
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Cycles of nature. Winter...summer...spring...fall...all are cycles of nature. And...over 4 billion years...these cycles have been short and long depending on many factors including Solar-activity and orbital axis of the Earth, itself. Yes...folks...Mother Earth changes its relationship to the Sun ever so often. But in terms of Earth's aspect...though...such changes might be millions of years in the making...and...hence so small a daily change as not to be noticed. And...while the climate-change charlatans know as much...they never admit such things since it would instantly reveal these gurus to be LIARS and HACKS.
Many years ago...Alexander the Great attacked Tyre...a seemingly impregnable island. Before he commenced...though...he offered safety to anyone who would depart TYRE before the attack began. Of course...the threat appeared hollow since TYRE was defended heavily. Yet...Alexander sacked TYRE and slaughtered every person inside without mercy in the most ruthless fashion possible.

Thereafter...when Alexander came upon what was in that area said to be impregnable...those cities opened their gates and welcomed him. His reputation for wholesale slaughter proceeded him and made his overall conquest much easier.

Perhaps...the ever-expanding Islamic State finds wholesale slaughter useful and hence has engaged in such horror. Many top-secret Pentagon reports point to that kind of conquest yet Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...won't stop them. Why he won't hasn't yet been revealed but it's as likely as not al-Baghdadi and his scurvy crew of cutthroats and miscreants are somehow "directed and controlled"
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie comes across as a haughty...arrogant...snarling dog. When he said he'd restart the WAR ON DRUGS and attack pot smokers...he lost 99% of any Republican support. Why elect a scumbag whose mission statement to kill the party? Imagine that jerk at your next party and you'll sense "why" few want such a loudmouth at the helm.
Hooligans are everywhere and in the Syrian refugee's as likely as not you'll find them there. Mr. Donald J. Trump recently said as much and the MASS MEDIA attacked him saying he was heartless and off-base to demand any refugee be thoroughly vetted.

After hearing what Trump said...the Democrats delivered their reply. Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told the world to send to America its huddled masses...its poor...its needy...and...America would give free food, shelter, clothing, transport, and a large chunk of spending money.

Upon hearing how well the refugees were to be treated by big foot government...the Afro-Americans in Chicago rioted. Sure...the video of Laquan McDonald getting murdered by Officer Van Dyke was used to stir resentment even more...but...the core reason for the most recent rioting in Chicago was the revelation that 10,000 Syrians would be given the freebies denied to America's inner city dwellers. "Man...Obama is passing out goodies to a bunch of rag heads...while we eat fried chicken in the ghetto. It ain't right. We should be first in line and given the most. Where is my free car? Where is my free food and shelter? Hmmm? Where is mine? And...because Obama is giving stuff away...we need him to hear us say...come and get your portion," drooled an angry bottle-throwing rioter.
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What if...when there is a need for the public's attention to be distracted...there were professional noise-makers...people whose mission statement to disrupt and cause anger...hatred...acrimony...and...seething discontent? While most retired CIA officers can't bring themselves to accept it...they the officer...concluded there is such a cadre's so secret only the leaders, themselves, know...and...even then...that knowledge limited to what the noise-makers wish for them to know.

Why create ISLAMIC STATE? Could that bunch of miscreants be little more than puppets for the NOISE-MAKERS? Recall ISIS troops beheaded people on TV and the headsman was instantly identified even though behind a mask and using voice-maker-over stuff to hide even that aspect. By examining the "timing" of most of the more publicized attacks...the obvious telltale signs of NOISE-MAKER are manifest.
Mr. Donald J. Trump was correct when he called Karl Rove a loser. Rove doesn't want America liberated from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and hates Trump because Trump might very well do what he says he's going to do: MAKE AMERICA GREAT do that...Trump would have to delete the CAGE and usher in the 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a setting in which Rove would be irrelevant.
Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz traded petards...each firing barrage after barrage. Instead of saying nasty things about Hillary Clinton...they chose to undermine each other. What surprised many political scientists was how Ted Cruz didn't declare himself a freedom-fighter willing to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE juxtaposing himself and CAGE-lover-Rubio in a way that would have advanced his national stature greatly.
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Because big foot government was directed to stay out of the internet...keep hands off...the internet grew into something so dynamic that it would require a plug pull on every computer on the planet to stifle the power it delivered to anyone with a desire to use it for commerce. Take for example North Korea. The Little Fella is constantly murdering computer geeks hoping such slaughter will dissuade his fellow countrymen from looking into the internet. America...the last place you'd expect to find scoundrels trying to hinder and bottleneck the internet...Obama and his scumbag pal, Mr. Wheeler are beginning to tighten the grip proclaiming net neutrality requires NANNY STATE intervention.
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Chinese steel is 90% cheaper than American steel. Naturally...protectionists want to make Chinese steel sold in America as expensive as the American stuff depriving the consumer of this Chinese GIFT. Yes...folks...when the scumbags in Washington raise trade barriers...the consumer is hurt the most. Perhaps this GOVERNMENT-IMPOSED PRICE-HIKE explains "why" a car in China costs 80% less than that same car in America!
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In accord with the Treaty of Montreux, a 1936 convention governing access to the waterways, Russia has asked Turkey not to obstruct its warships passing to/from. Naturally...Erdogan...Turkey's head honcho...was told by Obama to hassle Russian shipping...something President Putin has told Erdogan is not acceptable and any ship or plane attempting to bottleneck would be blow to smithereens.
The killing of Laquan McDonald. In that many of Chicago's police team would have pulled their cannon and shot 16 times at a person standing 30 feet away holding a butter knife dripping with his mother's homemade jam? The frightening answer is 99.99% of them would before and will in the future. As Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel admitted when it comes to Afro-Americans, "If they're standing...they're loitering...if they're walking they're prowling...and...if they're running...they're everyone of those situations deserving of death!"
Not all places in Syria are inhabitable...with great stretches of nothing as far as they eye can see. Yet...huddled around water holes and trade routes...however...were 32,988,133 Syrians...Shiite...Sunni...Kurd...Yazidi...and..."other". But that was before March of 2011 when Obama sent black ops teams into Syria to foment unrest and mayhem...slaughtering Sunnis and leaving a trail to Shiites...killing Kurds and leaving evidence it was Sunni tribesmen who perpetrated the atrocities...and...doing it all so well that eventually President al-Assad began to fight back and such was when civil war erupted.

As U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) was overheard saying, "It isn't man-caused climate change that has unseated 12,899,366 Syrians so far...but...Obama's plan to deliver caliphate to the Sunnis in exchange for Arab support on Southeast Asian trade negotiations."
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Turkey said it warned the SU-24 to depart Turkey's air space and when the warning went ignored...the F-16 team...all 12,000 of them fired their Hellfire missiles...blowing that Russian jet from the sky. Yes...folks...Russian jets can't be downed by just a few F-16s. take out a SU-24...the Turks had to put 12,000 of them into the air and have all of them at once fire their missiles and cannons. Erdogan...Turkey's head honcho...likened the attack to the clapping of the audience to get Tinker Bell to come back to life after drinking the poison that was meant for Peter Pan.
Ohio Governor, JOHN KASICH published a scathing attack-ad featuring Mr. Donald J. Trump. When asked why not attack Hillary Clinton...Kasich laughed and replied, "I want a socialist in the Oval Office...not some capitalist whose mission statement to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. I know I can't win. I'm too lackluster...too much a big foot government advocate myself to prevail even in socialist New Hampshire or feudal Iowa. Trump will delete the CAGE...and...I can't stand to see liberty replace "freedom-to-obey". I've spent my entire political career destroying freedom and I just can't allow Trump to erase the grip and grab I helped forge."
Could Mr. Donald J. Trump be so powerful he could dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? The complicit MASS MEDIA believes as much. So fearful are they that they've dispatched nasty, vile-thinking reporters* to stalk watch for those "gotcha moments" and then report them as if Armageddon were afoot.
*Katy Tur told a cub reporter from this BLOG that NBC had sent her to follow Trump around because she was considered the most unprincipled...and...vilest wretch imaginable.

Jack Ma...founder of ALIBABA GROUP HOLDINGS Ltd...revealed his intention to BUY a newspaper in Hong Kong. Likening himself* to Howard Hughes...Jack Ma said he was buying the South China Morning so he could fire Wang Xiagwei...a snotty jerk with a passion for LYING.
*When Hughes' request to turn off lights was rebuffed...he bought the offending building...fired everyone...and...bulldozed the building.
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Comcast was informed the U.S.Injustice Dept. was investigating it for anti-competition activity. "They said we delivered service at the lowest cost and the highest quality and that was not right. Comcast had best be as bumbling as every other government-directed company lest the Injustice Dept. attack," whispered a Comcast official preferring not to be identified,(WSJ B-1;11-25-15)
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In the Arctic...GOLIAT has an oil rig which will daily pump oil at the rate of 100,000 barrels. While profitable when oil was $100 per $40 per barrel...the oil pumped will be at a loss. Fortunately...the Italian government said it would cover all losses. The arrangement is fascism at its best...but...when spending other people's money...who's asking...who's griping?
Jeff Bezos called the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to report the rocket designed by it for Bezos was a successful relaunch vehicle...reusable...and...innovative in every respect. The rocket went 333,000 feet into Earth's outer reaches...and...then...returned...and...landed at a speed of 4.4 miles per hour and situated itself upright on its "legs" 4 feet from its original launch position,(WSJ B-8;11-25-15).
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When the Peshmerga retook Sinjar from the Daesh...Kurds went from store to store looting and pillaging. When asked "why"...they replied they were doing what the Sunnis did to them. Unlike America where people hurt each other and turn the other the Middle's "eye-for-eye"...and...payback is a "bitch".
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Fortunately for America...many in Congress patronize this BLOG and have used it to bolster their opposition to the propagation of the MYTH of man-caused climate change. Take John Barrasso for instance. Recently...he came forward and told America the MYTH was too expensive and he wasn't about to destroy liberty so that it can be replaced with "freedom-to-obey"(WSJ A-19.11-25-15). What JOHN didn't do, though, was reveal "why" this MYTH is being used by power-hungry politicians. Had he revealed as much...the rioting in America would erupted everywhere as people sought out "green-advocates" to excoriate and rebuke.
The video of a Chicago police officer shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times was as graphic as it was revealing. Standing next to that murdering bastard was another officer who didn't do anything to stop it. It was as if that kind of interaction with Afro-Americans was S.O.P.(standard operating procedure)...nothing to get hung if Strawberry Fields were forever. Laquan was 30(+) feet away from the shooter and yet the shooter considered Laquan armed and dangerous because in Laquan's hand was a butter knife dripping with his mother's homemade butter.
Maybe it's unlikely...but...what if Islamic State operatives are already in America and have gained the trust of so many around them that the death toll will be in the millions? As Hillary Clinton said, "One ISIS trooper with a vial of deadly Anthrax could take out Chicago and New York City in a fortnight." Yet...Hillary Clinton declared she wanted 500,000 Arabs brought into America...and...said she trusted the vetting effort of American security personnel...the same employees who stamped "approved" on the Boston Marathon bombers.
Yazidi women are highly prized as booty by Islamic State troopers. They've been known to destroy entire cities just to kidnap a few Yazidi women. The allure of the Yazidi has been said to be in their approach to incredible imaginative sex...something Sunni women can't even understand. Maqmoud ISIS Emir....told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he and his 10,000 men regularly rape their kidnapped Yazidi women.
Fan Jingjui was warned to stay out of Syria. Yet...despite such WARNING...Fan Jingjui arrived in Syria and found himself the target of angry Sunni rag heads whose mission statement seemed to be to KILL him. While Fan succeeded in avoiding death for several months...his luck finally ran out. He was beheaded by Islamic State scumbags on YouTube. Of course...President Jingping instantly dispatched the OMEGA team to ferret out the perpetrators and delete them.
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In Iceland...sulphur mixed with water in the atmosphere to create a red fog which began at the maw of a volcano and spread around the world causing temperatures to drop. Naturally...climate-gurus avoid this FACT since it proves mankind does not cause climate change but that whatever happens on this planet is due to natural forces including the effects* of the SUN.
*Because climate change gurus know their LIE can be easily exposed...they avoid topics such as the causal relationship between sun light and temperature. They never admit the deserts are barren due to the sun and its affect. If they admit as much...they're admitting mankind does not cause climate change and their world...their income...their that admission would be dashed.
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Charged now with the 1st degree murder of Laquan McDonald...the officer who did the killing erupted in anger. In Iraq...he killed dozens of rag heads under the same circumstances...standing 30 feet away holding a butter knife and refusing to drop the knife and lie down in the rubble and mud. "I shot them by the hundreds when they looked like they wanted to hurt me or my team. I mowed down 398 of those rag heads in Baghdad one day just because they seemed suspicious. I was given a BRONZE STAR for that effort and here I am in Chicago...of all places...and...charged with 1st degree murder of some punk kid. It's no right, I tell you!" fumed this angry vet.
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"Hey...they're shooting at us!" screamed the utterly surprised Russian MIG pilot. "They have missile-lock!" shouted his back-seat radar officer...adding..."We're locked on...we can't shake it...we're gonna die!" With those last words...the MIG was blown from the sky.

The TURKS were cheering the feat. They had shot down a MIG. Yes...the two men aboard the MIG thought Turkey was helping RUSSIA fight the Islamic State and didn't expect to be shot down...but...the Turks are a cowardly people...they attack from behind...they use deception and treachery...and...they succeeded in killing two unsuspecting Russians.
Mike Flynn told a cub reporter into the deserts of the Middle East soldiers were back again. Some were American troopers...special forces whose mission to track down and kill Islamic State generals and lieutenants. His idea was to flood the Middle East with American mercenaries...whose use of helicopter gunship and strategic bomber would surely delete virtually all Islamic State personnel in a fortnight. "We can sweep the area clean and keep it clean provided the government that is imposed is a government dedicated to providing an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can Sunni or Shiite loot the storeroom of the loser," Flynn whispered as he examined HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises...a tome on how to deliver peace and prosperity among obvious enemies.
U.S.Senator Ted Cruz might become the Republican nominee...but...he'll have to declare he'll dismantle the CAGE and usher in liberty. Mr. Trump tells his crowd he'll defeat enemy and deliver peace and prosperity. Republicans want a liberator not a who will not stop until the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE dismantled and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market ushered in.
President Putin was asked* about Obama's treachery. His reply was that of a world-class leader...a Peter the Great kind of Titan. He said Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...had deceived him and the men in that MIG were as surprised as he was that Obama would betray to gain illusory advantage.

On the evil unleashed by OBAMA...President Putin eulogized  He said Obama was a rattlesnake in the sleeping bag...the turd in passion's punch bowl...and...Russia would never again be surprised.
*Obama gave the order to shoot down the MIG. Then...he hid...hid behind the podium with his consort Hollande the socialist Frenchie.
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A tear drop in the corner of the eye...such was all it seemed to take to imprison LUIS VARGAS for rape and murder some years ago. Recently...however...with the assistance of this was used to examine the information available and Vargas was found not to be the perpetrator. His story was true. His alibi was true. The 123,543 witnesses who said he was a 1000 miles away were all confirmed to be telling the truth...and...the single,sole prosecution witness admitted she could have been mistaken but had been told by the victim's advocate, the prosecutor and the chief of police she had to say it was LUIS VARGAS because it would help law enforcement in the area.
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An emir is a war leader...a field general of sorts...and...usually during conquest takes many women as concubines...rapes them them whenever protest might manifest. The Yazidi women are highly prized by these Muslim field generals. Unlike Sunni women...the Yazidi know every exotic sexual flavor...and...if coaxed...deliver things most Muslim men can't imagine.

But the Yazidi women don't go willingly. They're taken in chains back to the Emir's bunker or tent where these ladies are raped and raped some more...until Emir's appetite quenched.

Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...knows about this horror but won't stop it. Even the First Lady has done all she can to ignore this terrible situation preferring to hassle school children in America over apple and pear instead. And...Hillary Clinton...that butt-shaking hag...said she didn't much care...their suffering wasn't her bag...and...her presidential effort she wasn't about that spotlight share.
Justin Bieber sold more records than ONE DIRECTION. Yes...folks...that balloon-throwing youngster beat an upstart youth-band by a 122,000 album sales. PURPOSE outsold MADE IN THE A.M. Most patrons bought Beib's album because they liked the way he plastered his neighbor's house with indelible ink causing over a billion bucks worth of damage. Somehow...they thought Bieb was headed in the right direction.
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As the price of crude dips below $40 per barrel...oil production in America will react and slow down. Eventually the glut will disappear but in the meantime...the consumer will enjoy lower prices on about all products and services...a benefit they won't easily surrender. Indeed...a Republican President could very well eliminate the Department of Energy and the Environmental Destruction Agency when that anger boils forth and perhaps continue that "delete and eliminate" until the foot print of the federal government is once more limited and well-defined.
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When the Turks shot down a Russian MIG...the stakes in the Middle East escalated. Naturally...Obama attempted to distance himself from the mess asserting he was not aware of the circumstances and offered it might have been a tragic mistake. Whatever the's likely President Putin will tell his MIG pilots to address any hostile effort anyway they choose expedient to defend the craft and Russia's prestige.
The families of the two Russians killed by Obama have sought legal representation in their wrongful death lawsuit against Obama and his vermin Hun-horde who conspired to kill them as they flew their MIG over Turkey. Yes...folks...Obama gave the orders that were used to shoot down that unsuspecting MIG killing those two Russians aboard.

From Pentagon sources...the MIG was traveling along the Syrian-Turkey border when it was spotted by a Turk-flown F-16. The MIG pilot hailed the F-16...waving and cheering their ally in the war against Islamic State. So happy to see friendly assistance in their mutual fight...neither the Russian pilot nor his weapons officer seated in the rear observed the obvious sign of missile-lock. They were utterly surprised and shocked by the betrayal.

But...the Russians must know by now Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...can't ever be trusted...not ever. Had they but examined how Obama betrayed Dr. Afridi...the dude who gave Obama Osama bin Laden's coordinates...they'd have concluded to trust Obama was to sleep with cobra.
no image
No way to connect...yet...Obama...KILLED two Russians. Yes...folks...he told Erdogan...the ghoulish leader of shoot down a Russian MIG so that President Putin might understand how powerful and treacherous Obama could be. Operating on orders from America F-16...flown by Turks...targeted an unsuspecting MIG...and...blew it from the sky. The Russians never knew they were doomed and were utterly surprised when their MIG exploded.
no image
President Putin was warned NEVER TRUST matter what smile he matter what promise he makes...NEVER trust Obama. Yet...President Putin ignored the WARNING since there wasn't any way for Obama to betray him. Russian Jet was shot down over Turkey by an American F-16 flown guessed it...a Turk flying on orders given by Obama!
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When Islamic State troopers in August of 2014 overran the Yazidi stronghold of Sinjar...slaves* were taken as booty. And...while Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...doesn't much care...those Yazidi girls were not only taken as concubines but have been mistreated ever since. But you never hear Obama mention their plight. No...he'd rather discuss BLACK LIVES MATTER and how to destroy America's health care service industry.
*If devout Sunni...Islamic State won't attack. But if you're Yazidi or're on their death list. Islamic State troopers look upon Yazidi and Shiite as "not human but something akin to a cobra or scorpion."
At the Paris climate conference...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey... will propose eliminating liberty altogether and replacing it with "freedom-to-obey". He told a cub reporter from this BLOG he hated freedom so much he'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of man-caused climate change since through such MYTH he planned on enslaving the world.
Mauricio Marci...Mayor of Buenos Aires...defeated a socialist scumbag to become the President of Argentina. In order to overcome the horror and desperation experienced by most Argentinians...however...he must dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE Argentina up as a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...and...if he should be so brave and do as much...not ever in Argentina will there be found an able-bodied pauper!

Yes...arrayed against Marci and his team of freedom-lovers will be the vested interests whose profits derived from the umbilical cord attached to the public coffers. They'll burn and kill for a season as they terrorize in order to regain power...but...most Argentinians...tired of freedom-hating intrusion and misery...won't permit such attack for long.
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Hollande and a joint news conference...were asked how they would solve the Syrian crisis. Both said they would destroy what little liberty remained and impose "freedom-to-obey"...a socialist tenet they both preach. But...when asked why they'd try something that doesn't work...they both looked at each other and gave each other a knowing socialist-smirk. They weren't interested in peace and prosperity...but only in...more enslavement and diktat.
As hard as it might be to believe KENNETH P. COHEN...Exxon's a coward...he proved as much when he admitted man-made climate change was afoot. Although ole Ken knows such conclusions are LIES...he can't say it...lest his company suffer attack from the GREEN BUNCH...a hooligan-styled crowd whose mission statement to destroy fossil fuel and return Americans to a romantic time of tent and mule.

Instead of simply saying man-made global warming was nonsense and amounted to a belief that with spoon and bucket one might dip an ocean dry...Kenneth P. Cohen knelt and kissed the ring of the would-be master. Rather than fight for liberty...he's chosen "whip and chain"...a coward...a knee-crooking the eyes of the GREEN BUNCH...his job he saved.
Jack economist at economic research firm...refused to stack LIE upon LIE in order to deliver whatever forecast or declaration some would-be master needed to quiet the unwashed masses. Take Frenchie for instance. President Hollande wanted Kennedy and his team to fudge figures and paint France as vibrant instead of moribund. "I want you to LIE...tell them everything is fine and dandy...that the world loves Paris...and...their socialist way of life won't get worse."
As incredible as it might seem...the people who predicted the Earth would be much hotter by now are the same ones predicting a 3 degree rise in world temperatures by 2100. they won't be around to see if they're right...but...when you're getting paid for "chicken little" nonsense...such LYING is without penalty. Sure...they plan to enslave using this nonsense but when you're enslaving people the last thing you want is to allow TRUTH to supplant the FALSEHOOD you're using to impose "whip and chain",(WSJ A-8;11-24-15).
Although a mere mouthpiece for the Ayatollah Khamenei...Iranian President Rouhani told Russian President Putin that he would assist the Russians in propping up Syrian President Assad. Both Rhouani and President Putin agreed that Obama was little more than a dung-throwing monkey...and...needed to be ignored when discussing the future of the Middle East.
no image
The most clever of the most clever is how many people describe Russian President Putin. And rightly so. Vladimir Putin is the reincarnation of Peter the Great. He has the skill and wisdom rarely found nowadays and might very well be the one person on planet Earth who can stop Armageddon. Yes...he's attacked daily by the American MASS MEDIA...but...they're directed by Obama...a scumbag whose IMAGE in Russia is that of a dung-throwing monkey.
Escaping the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE isn't easy and it's getting harder. Take for example PFIZER,INC.'S effort to escape the CAGE. In reaction to its inversion with an Irish company...Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) is demanding the entire board of directors be shot. "I want them shot. How dare they try and escape the grip of the nanny state. We want to enslave and loot their storerooms and we can't do such disgusting things to them if they flee. Yes...I know it sounds socialistic but we're all socialists since Obama took over, didn't you know?"
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Machine guns...barbed wire...soldiers grim and stern...Yet Lex Walsea broke from his heart liberty burned...and to that fence courage rammed and plowed...defiance bubbled and churned...STOP yelled the master...fearfully loud...expecting a sheep-like response in socialist public school adroitly learned.

But Lex Walsea didn't stop. He proceeded to the fence...and...began forbidden climb. In the past...he'd have already been shot...but..something was different...different this time. People wanted him to succeed...yes...they cowered and watched...they were this new socialist breed. But Lex Walsea wasn't about to kneel...he wanted liberation over subjugation...and...wasn't afraid his blood to spill.

He heard machine guns he climbed about to die...yet...he climbed on...never asking "why". When the order to shoot was given...not one soldier fired their guns...they knew something was different...they knew freedom had finally its chains undone.

"Who climbs with me?" Screamed Lex Walsea to the 100,000 wannabes...and...with that invitation...Poland was free. Never gain to kneel and worship whatever idol some master might forge and to it demand servility.
U.S.Attorney General Loretta Lynch attacked Mahamed Abukar Said because he tweeted that she should be "whacked" for indicting innocent Muslims for expressing the desire to go to Syria and pray in a real Mosque. When asked about her attack...she drooled venom and revealed how nasty and vile her soul: "I wanted to send a message to Muslims that Americans don't permit FREE SPEECH. Yes...I'm as disgusting a scumbag as anyone might imagine...but...I do as I'm told. You might call me a good soldier...a good to speak. But...I showed Abukar who was didn't I?"
When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State...did she know the Pentagon was "dressing up" security threat data to make it appear less threatening? If the Pentagon were hiding fact and factor when she was Secretary of State it necessarily means she knew about the "LYING" but kept mum about it. And...if she chose to be a good soldier and not make noise then...what might she do when she is commander-in-chief?
Even though Pentagon INTEL revealed the Islamic State was not a Junior Varsity outfit...OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...nevertheless...directed them to "tone it down" "cut it out" when it came to issuing alerts and alarms.

When Americans heard their own commander-in-chief chose to downplay a serious national security threat...they wondered if there were other things about which Obama lied. They reflected on his LIE about OBAMA-CARE..."you can keep your doctor...your insurance"...LIES he used to dupe them...LIES he used to lure the "low-information" voters into his web of evil and avarice...and...reflecting on such LIES...told with passion and bravado...they were at once both disgusted and disillusioned.
Instead of preaching liberation of the subjugated...Marco Rubio is telling his dwindling audiences how he plans to add even more burdens. Yes...he plans to trim around the edges of the TAX CODE but he isn't about to delete this yoke and choke. He likes big foot government. He's comfortable with having bureaucratic scumbags stifling and hindering. He is not a freedom-lover in the truest sense but a knee-crooking knave unwilling to fight against the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE! In many ways...he's Obama-lite.
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Laquan was shot 16 times while he was across the street holding a butter knife dripping with his mother's homemade butter. The cops reloaded and continued to fire into Laquan's lifeless body...each time a bullet would rip through his dead flesh...he'd twitch and that movement incited these unrequited officers to bring up a 50 caliber machine gun and open up ripping Laquan to pieces.
MASS MEDIA PUSHES HILLARY DESPITE HOW LACKLUSTER AND FLAWED. According to the MASS MEDIA...for instance...Clinton is said to be the most trusted to handle terrorism? And...that a BIG LIE! Hillary Clinton is the last person an American can trust to fight terrorism. She lied about Benghazi. She lied about her Family Foundation. She lied about her trips and trust...she's a scoundrel...a reprobate...some hellish idiot kerfuffle bust.
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U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer was asked about the recent Democrat victory in Louisiana. After some reflection...Schumer said, "Folks...because JOHN BEL EDWARDS won in Louisiana...anyone who can had best sell and depart lest they lose it all as it goes down the socialist toilet. Edwards is a socialist. He will destroy what little liberty remains and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". While the Afro-Americans will trade their liberty for master's freebie and favor...most everyone else will flee the grip of the NANNY STATE CAGE." matter how the MASS MEDIA wants to paint it...on TV...there was a showing of people cheering destruction of the World Trade Center and the news voices said it was a demonstration in Jersey City. Trump saw that TV session as did many others. Indeed...even the Washington Post ran a story on the event. But the MASS MEDIA is attacking Trump viciously but never did they get as visceral with Hillary's multiple LIES and DECEPTIONS. Why won't anyone ask about this difference in treatment?
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While this BLOG was telling America that TEAM OBAMA was lying about the threat embodied in the Islamic State...behind the scenes at the Pentagon...analysts were fudging the facts...hedging the factors...all for the purpose of painting* a FALSE LIGHT. Many Americans were stunned to learn that Obama wanted less than all the facts but also concluded as a dung throwing monkey little more could be expected.
*CENTCOM was told to "cut it out" with its warnings about ISIS attack on America.
In a mud hut near Aleppo...Abaaoud told al-Baghdadi he could make so much noise in Paris...Brussels would be shut down...its vibrant commerce little more than ghost streets...soldiers festooning every inch of the place...and...the people cowering with fear and anger. While hard to envision a "field general" having so much gave his blessings and so began the horror which commenced in Paris.
NBC sent their nastiest...vilest...most despicable employee...a hag named KATY TUR to stalk Mr. Donald J. Trump...reporting anything prejudicial and ignoring whatever great. Recently...this venom-drooling winch said she never saw anyone laughing about 911 on TV and called Trump a liar. Yet...on TV...there was a bunch in Palestine dancing and laughing about the tragedy the day it happened. Even the Washington Post ran a story about Muslims in America dancing about the World Trade Center being destroyed. Yet...nasty KATY TUR wanted to call Mr. Donald J. Trump a she attacked...her venom dripping...her idiocy showing...and...her allegiance to the perpetuation of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE boiling over.
Hillary Clinton is a known scoundrel. She lies...cheats...perhaps...even...steals. Yet...the complicit MASS MEDIA has insulated her from condemnation and public derision. Their reason is simple. She's a freedom-hater and will destroy what little liberty is left and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...something the MASS MEDIA wants more than life itself.
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On an island in the South drugs are made. Some of them prolong life for a 100 years or more. Sure...they're expensive...but...they are available. Yes...big foot government wants to destroy such access since the NANNY STATE CAGE never wants any KEY ever available...not ever! But because there are so many freedom-lovers left on planet Earth...this island will remain the sole producer of drugs. Let freedom ring!
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The Independent Payment Advisory Board can declare specific life-saving procedures not any longer available and thereby kill millions of Americans. Yes...folks...that decision would be final without any recourse. It's so it had to have been created by Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and other freedom-haters.
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The University of Ottawa concluded YOGA was a vulgar expression of colonial racism and should never be practiced. One Ottawa professor said he was telling his students it was permissible to slap YOGA teachers...and...spit on their YOGA-students. "By spitting and slapping...offended minorities can reveal their hatred for racism," this Ottawa professor declared.
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Tommy...young and healthy*...was told 35% of his pay was going to be taken and given away...given to those more needy than he...given to those selected for big foot government charity. Expanded medicaid...expanded to cover almost anyone...expanded until it does so can't pay for what is done,(WSJ  A-16;11-23-15).
*Time meant nothing and never would again.
Hank Greenberg...former CEO of still being attacked by New York Attorney General, Eric "scumbag" Schneiderman. Hank Greenberg is a highly decorated WW II hero as where scumbag Schneiderman never saw combat and is what many people call a COWARD. Yet...because "scumbag" still has power...he is attacking Greenberg. What is so awful is that except for this BLOG...not any IMPORTANT PUBLICATION is defending Greenberg.
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Home to NATO and a myriad of other world organizations...BRUSSELS was said to be the safest place on planet Earth. reaction to a well-planned plot to close down Brussels by causing Terror in Paris...Brussels is closed down...with tanks on every corner...helicopter gunships cris-crossing...and...soldiers stationed every 10 feet with orders to shoot first and ask questions later.

Perhaps...that "emir of war...that "field general"...really was a big noise in the room after all...and...not Junior Varsity as Obama seemed to think. Maybe...Abaaoud was what he said he was: a jihadist ready to slaughter the infidel to advance caliphate. And...Obama soft-pedaled that kind of threat because he couldn't grasp that there are people in the world whose evil unbounded...their desire to kill unbridled...and...if not stopped...if not killed...will continue to slaughter.
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The World Health Organization bungled the response to EBOLA. Indeed...almost every health care specialist in the world has signed a petition to disband that organization and use its funding to pay for EBOLA RESEARCH. "The next time...the virus won't be EBOLA...but..will be something more deadly...and...the death toll will be far greater if the W.H.O. is still around. We can't take that chance. We must delete the W.H.O.," whispered an analyst at the Harvard Global Health Institute.
Mr. Donald J.Trump needs help but hasn't found the time to ask. Perhaps Trump is a closet socialist...a far...he has offered liberation to the subjugated and has professed a willingness to delete the grip and grab of big foot government...something only he, Carson and RAND PAUL have openly discussed.

TRUMP CARD LLC...a scurvy crew if ever there were one...has openly declared WAR on TRUMP claiming he would dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...something ESTABLISHMENT Republicans don't want since they make as much money off the CAGE as they would having to compete in an otherwise unhampered market wherein big foot government can't pick winners and losers.

As Liz Mair...leader of TRUMP CARD LLC...whispered, "I hate Trump. He'll delete big taxes...remove bottleneck...and...generally open America to the world for business thereby eliminating the need for big foot government...and...that prospect of losing power over people isn't going to be allowed. We will undermine Trump. We will pay people to throw "shit-bombs" at his wife if she appears with him. As I said it's total war. We can't permit a freedom-fighter to win and destroy the whip and chain both sides of the aisle have forged."
How socialists grabbed control of the Kaiser Family Foundation isn't well known but suffice it to say it is controlled by freedom-haters whose mission statement to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". Take for example its praising of Gov. John Bel Edwards proposal to add 192,000 more parasites to the public dole. Instead of demanding big foot government delete what is creating the so-called "poor and needy"...Kaiser cheered Edward's pledge to take from the producer and redistribute that booty to that "to-be-enslaved" voting bloc.
Democrat John Bel Edwards defeated "timid" David Vitter and is now Louisiana's Governor. He loves socialism and plans to enslave Louisiana. "We'll begin slowly...but...we'll remove liberty and replace it with "freedom to obey" and the people will grovel at my feet begging for freebie and favor...wanting the jackboot removed from their throat...and...when they squeal...I'll press harder. We will be in a socialist paradise...everyone miserable...everyone equally poor...everyone envious of each other...and...everyone under my control."
In Kentucky...Dan Giler makes smoked sausage. However...federal tax law is about to put him and his 500 employees out of business. U.S.Senator Ron Oregon slime slug...said he didn't care if Giler was stifled by tax law. "I want people to grovel at my feet...beg me for favor and freebie...and...when I deny their entreaty they pray to me as a man-God," dripped Wyden as he drooled his venom of evil.
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Socialist public education...and...propaganda from the complicit MASS MEDIA has turned Americans into cattle and sheep easily controlled and directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. And it'll continue UNLESS there is a rebellion wherein the socialists, the Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters are evicted from their Congressional niches...marked for identification...and...thereafter shunned and ostracized as vermin and filth.
"Can one frame Hillary Clinton the day after her loss to whomever the Republicans pick?" mused Huma Abedin...Clinton's best friend forever. And with that introduction...Huma began in whispered tone:

"Were you ever in the Great Alone when the moon was awful clear...and...the icy mountains hemmed you in with silence you most could hear...with only the howl of a TIMBER WOLF...clean mad for the muck of gold....while high overhead, green, yellow and red...the North Lights swept in bar?'ve a hunch what the music meant...hunger...night...and...stars."
U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders told a cub reporter from this BLOG the attack on the Bataclan in Paris was caused by man-made climate change. "Had we thrown 100 virgins into the belching maw of a volcano...we'd never have suffered such looses as we did in Paris," Bernie mused as he looked at graphic photos of drowning polar bears and slain concert goers.
Hearing his message...a pastor of a Church of God...approached U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders and said, "You come telling people your magic is strong and you can rob Peter and give to Paul...all without consequence...all done peacefully. But what happens...Bernie...when the sheep refuse slaughter and rise up declaring liberation over subjugation? What then, Bernie? Do you shoot them as Maduro does in Venezuela...or...delete them as they do in North Korea? How do you handle dissent...especially good...righteous dissent...viral opposition kind of dissent? Hmmm? How do you handle it, Bernie?

After a few moments in his dome...Bernie smugly retorted, "I'm a socialist. I promise to spend other people's it so well...the unwashed masses scream my name as if I were a man-God."
When asked about registration in MOSUL once the Islamic State has been routed therefrom...Mr. Donald J. Trump replied, "We must identify enemy and friend. Good management can produce that result. But we must also eliminate the cause of discord and that is we must eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...delete the "red tape, tax and spend' program and policy which hinders and stifles Iraq presently. Indeed...remove the ability of the winner to loot the storeroom of the loser and Shiite and Sunni would dwell side by side in perpetual peace...thereby depriving* the hooligan of troops.
*Who wants to shoot his banker or baker?
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Dispatch a battalion of Marines to Mosul and within a few hours...that city would be cleared of all ISIS troops. But...when the Marines depart...ISIS will return...just as nasty...just as powerful...and...just as ready to flee...hide...and...wait.

No...folks...the ONLY WAY to stop ISIS is to guarantee every person no matter what faith or style is treated with respect, dignity and permitted to go about their business free of big foot government grip and grab. As Ludwig von Mises* was fond of saying, "Remove the ability of the winner to loot the storeroom of the loser...and...peace and prosperity fill in the difference every time."
*When discussing von Mises...many people usually begin their discourse with "Si monumentum  requere circumspice"( If you seek his monument...look around).
no image ancient times...was called NINEVEH. It's presently held by Islamic State troopers and has been designated its capital by Islamic State. To demonstrate prowess...ISIS troopers came within a few miles of Baghdad but withdrew provided the Baghdad bunch stay away and respect borders. Hence...the call for American troops to re-take Mosul...has stirred the Islamic State and has made America a target for attack...attack similar in scope to that which occurred in Paris.
U.S.Rep. Devin Nunes told a cub reporter from this BLOG he had been misled by TEAM OBAMA when it came to national security. He had bought the OBAMA-LIE sinker, line and hook...but...when PARIS was attacked...he took another look. Islamic State will itself perpetuate if it's not stomped and accomplish such feat...the U.S Marines would have to romp.
U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma)...informed a cub reporter from this BLOG that she directed the refugee placement center to put the rag heads in Florida and Texas...two states which were hopelessly Republican. "We'll flood them with refugees...siphon off wealth to care for them...and...then...excoriate Floridians and Texans for being heartless," she fumed and venom-dripped.
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Unusual for the New York Times(NYT) recently revealed TEAM OBAMA had tampered with "intelligence data" so that it would seem Islamic State was dwindling in its significance. While the condemnation in that fish-warp was tepid and meek...nevertheless...NYT did say Obama was lacking the skill and fortitude to defend America from terrorist attack.
George Takei...Star Trek's Mr. SULU...was one of the 120,000 Japanese that the Democrats imprisoned in World War II. George Takei came forward to warn America Hillary Clinton represents this horrific approach to life. "Hillary Clinton is the NAZI equivalent of a death camp guard, " George whispered as he discussed Clinton's proclivity for recklessness and incompetence.
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Obama LIED to America about OBAMA-CARE. And he's LYING to America right now about the lack of an Islamic threat to national security. He could have stopped those jerks years ago...but...didn't. Now...he wants to depart leaving this horrific CRITTER out there consuming people and property.

Off-camera...though...Obama...explained "why" he liked ISIS and hadn't done much to thwart their activities. "Those guys are devoted socialists. They are doing what I want to do in America. I'd love to kill capitalists and leave only sheep-like socialists. Yes...the socialist public schools in America preach slavery and obedience...but...I like the way ISIS cuts off heads and hands if opposition uncovered," drooled Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey.
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A vigilante crew sporting the moniker: GHOST SECURITY...acknowledged its connection to the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. Their purpose is to assist those who would otherwise be killed. They're dispatched to hot spots to save people from what would otherwise be certain doom. They were part of a small rescue team who saved beleaguered Christians on the side of a mountain...for instance...even though...TEAM OBAMA had already written off those 124,993 souls as casualties of the Islamic State. Moreover...just recently...the GHOST SECURITY SQUAD stopped the 7th and 8th attacks in Paris although their interdiction was said to be part of the French Police's overall effort.
Freedom to speak is a "right" as is freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. But to declare health care a "right" is to create something quite different. If Sanders has his way...such a "right" will be created by law thereby giving to every person the right to demand health care with those opposed arrested...prosecuted...and...killed.

When U.S.Senator Bernie "socialist" Sanders was asked about this so-called RIGHT...he paused and said he would back that RIGHT up with a GUN. "I'll shoot any doctor who opposes this RIGHT. They'll work for us. We'll dictate what they earn...when they work...and...where they live. I'll enslave the medial practitioner." And to that answer...the throng of people screamed with adulation. Here was a real scumbag willing to enslave!