Why did Obama and Merkel have an exchange of nasty-words after Edward Snowden left the National Security Agency(NSA) with top secret stuff?

According to James Clapper...Snowden took a great of amount of data enabling him to show people what Obama was doing...including being a perverted voyeur of elderly women.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel...for instance...was appalled to see herself naked in a shower stall. Yet...there she was in her birthday suit...washing herself and singing German songs about beer and sex.
Prime Minister Najib Razak was not only caught having sex with a female monkey but that perverted act was sketched by graphic designer Fahmi Reza and sent to the world as some proof of the beast afoot in Indonesia. Naturally...RAZAK was upset over the "outing"....but...took solace in the imprisonment of REZA for 24 months,(WSJ A-7;12-31-16).
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Obama...used his radio time on 12-31-16 to brag about what he claims he did for America. It was pathetic to see that dung-throwing monkey on TV telling the world he eliminated liberty and replaced it with freedom-to-obey as if such were an accomplishment and not an indictment. Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION...and...a Jew-hating Muslim...and...anyone saying different...hasn't been watching.
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An excavated stone weighing 2 million pounds would be almost impossible to move without employing incredible machinery. And...yet...around the world...in places such as Jerusalem and Baalbek...such stones or larger can be found arranged as one would arrange building blocks in a child's playroom.

Nowadays...Islamic State has attempted to erase as many pagan monuments as possible with the damage done in Palmyra indicative of their destructive stomp. And...while these marauders were able to destroy the Greek and Roman super structures...the huge stones from another time could not be dented and are still there...unscathed...even...by the mighty hand of Islamic State.

What if...long ago...the builders* who placed those enormous stones foresaw such effort to erase...and...used such size as a deterrent to any would-be eradicator?
* Carl Sagan...a Cornell astronomer...once asked, "Why was it so important to construct in such fashion as to perpetuate the site insulated from the petty efforts of all life forms on the 3rd planet from the Sun?"
U.S.Senator Amy Klobuchar...alias TANK GIRL...told a cub reporter she had been informed by 17 intelligence agencies and groups that Russia was behind the hacking which revealed the criminal misconduct of the Democrats during the 2016 election cycle. Naturally...these were the SAME scumbags who said SADDAM possessed weapons of mass destruction...and...Islamic State was a junior varsity team.

In contrast to the ignorant aspect embodied in Klobuchar...TRUMP concluded President Putin's decision to overlook the expulsion of 35 Russian operatives from America as another indication of GREATNESS! TRUMP called President Putin a "very smart guy"...something this BLOG has been saying for a very long time. VIVA TRUMP!
While few recall it...in Iran...in 2009...there was a chance to overthrow the Shiite Power Structure...and...Obama refused to lend a helping hand to the GREEN PARTY even though America had 100 divisions in Iraq available to crush any Iranian defense. The so-called WAR would have been over in a fortnight...with the Green Party in power...and...a freedom-loving democratic Iran as a bastion against all would-be conquerors.

Instead of using his forces wisely and completing the "snuff job" BUSH-CHENEY set in motion to put American allies in all seats of power deleting all foes without mercy...however...Obama ignored the GREEN PARTY thereby permitting the Revolutionary Guard to identify and eliminate until the entire GREEN PARTY was erased.

Obama has continued his effort* to put Iran into the driver's seat in the Middle East. With the so-called NUKE-DEAL...for example...he gave the rag heads in Tehran insulation so they might construct their nuclear arsenal free from the prying eyes of an inquisitive Republican congregation. And...to keep everyone's attention off this disastrous NUKE DEAL...Obama threw a fire-bomb into the Jew-Arab question.
*And by throwing Israel into the lion's den...using United Nations Resolution 2334...he's given IRAN even more power as its now-enabled Shiite puppets pepper the Jew with rocket and fear.
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Jericho fell to the Jew...an invader whose swarm came from Sinai to grab and slaughter. Such struggle between the Arab and Jew has been as much ever since...with peace only when both mutually respected the right to be left alone.

Nowadays...though...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...and...obvious Jew-hater...saw fit to stir angst and anger...to incite hatred and conjure Satanic envy. He dispatched Samantha Powers to the United Nations to perform her part of an already prepared script...its purpose to give the rag heads more reason to attack the Jew.

Many are asking "why" does Obama prefer rag head over Jew. Might it be his legacy is lost if not somehow sustained in the world of Islam as many wonks and wizards suspect?
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Instead of conducting "monkey see...monkey do"...President Putin stepped back and chuckled at the way Obama had evicted 35 Russians operatives from American soil. President Putin simply ignored the monkey's "spit and kick"...telling a cub reporter it was obvious Obama was trying to fashion some kind of legacy from a mountain of chicken manure.
Gary E. MacDougal...himself in his ways quite frugal...but when it came to other people's stuff...MacDougal simply couldn't get enough,(WSJ A-13;12-30-16).

Such the limerick when MacDougal comes around. Instead of declaring big foot government an opprobrium...he likes how it sounds.

Take for instance SECRETARY OF LABOR...an appellation MacDougal would change. He'd call the dude WORKFORCE SECRETARY...all other aspects of the GRIP AND GRAB arranged.
Ruth R. Wisse told a cub reporter she thought Obama had betrayed Israel last week in order to fulfill a long-given promise to send the Jew back into Sinai. Hearing her focus...the cub reacted and asked, "Do you not sense what Obama did isn't on its surface...but...beneath found with even greater purpose?"

Ruth Wisse...a Yiddish professor...stopped and listened. "It would seem Obama overtly betrayed the Jew...and...of course...he did. But there was more afoot. Notice that by opening Israel's gate...civil war can be imposed as rag head after rag head demands more land...and...the reluctant Jew attacked for such recalcitrance. It's classic "stab-in-back" stuff ."

"TRUMP CAN'T!" screamed the Democrat leadership when told TRUMP was about to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. "We erected too many hurdles...too many thickets...too many thorns...so much between what he wants and what we have...he'll never liberate the subjugated...and...will fail to deliver America from our clutches," drooled U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY).

The MASS MEDIA is 100% opposed to any effort to delete the grip and grab of big foot government. Hence...when TRUMP attempts to dismantle the NANNY STATE...it will fight back using LIE and more LIE to defeat any effort to remove the shackle from the producer. It's such assistance on which scumbags such as Schumer rely.
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Obama fancies himself some kind of warrior. Michelle Obama said he thinks himself a reincarnated MANDINKA WARRIOR...on the veldt with spear and charging lion. Others...though...heard rumors that in many ways Obama thought of himself as NINJA...stealthy...omnipotent...and...deadly. Mention is made of such framework...since...recently...Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats...and...gave the Palestinians the key to the gate of Israel...both acts in their respective moments...disastrous for America.
Sanaa Jawadia...a seer of sorts...escaped the death warrant of Islamic State whose mission statement includes beheading all witches and alternative medicine practitioners. Her reputation of seeing into the future was so great that when Islamic State entered Mosul...she had to hide lest she be caught and butchered.

Always the bargain-hunter...Sanaa Jawadi told a cub reporter that in exchange for asylum in America she would foretell the future for TRUMP. When TRUMP was told of such a bargain...he directed Mike Pence to get the ball rolling. After directing Pence...Trump turned to Kellyanne Conway and said, "Now...we'll know the future and be able to deal with each dip and turn."
After World War One...the Middle East was divided and separated creating new countries out of what was the Ottoman Empire. In their post-war haste to create a new world order...the would-be masters ignored tribal loyalties and sectarian preferences in favor of strict borders ruled by authoritarian parliaments...hence...guaranteeing perpetual civil war.

Nowadays...Iraq...is comprised of Shiites...Sunnis...and...Kurds...each one with their own rules and specifications...and...all dissent considered the noise of infidels. When Islamic State...a/k/a...the SUNNI ARMY...arrived in Mosul...for example...they told the mostly Sunni population they had come not as conquerors but as liberators from the grip of the Shiites in Baghdad. Their ploy worked well since a majority of Mosul residents had been stomped in some way by Baghdad Shiites.

Similarly...in Syria...where 74% of the population is SUNNI...any intrusion by a Shiite Army chasing Islamic State from Iraq would be considered an INVASION and be repulsed as fervently as one might imagine. Indeed...in Syria...each tribe has fielded its own militia and each has its own purpose some in tune with others...some not congruous but diametrically opposed...making the entire mess* almost unfathomable,(WSJ A-7;12-30-16).
*TRUMP must remain aloof from this sectarian violence...permitting the eye-for-eye to play itself out with the last Shiite slaughtering the last Sunni as they struggle to force everyone to pray their way. Allahu Akbar.
In Arizona...in a particular area...with the right refining equipment...anyone can mine mono-atomic gold...a white powder that can be ingested. The powder repairs all DNA in a fortnight...delivering thereby almost perpetual youth. It seems the stuff keeps the tips of the DNA strands from disappearing thereby enabling perpetual DNA division and hence "youth".

Because the substance seemed so wondrous...scientists tested the stuff on lab rats. And...of course...the DNA was protected and restored in a fortnight just as advertised. Such results meant the proverbial FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH was indeed true...that Ponce de Leon was actually looking for something "real"...and...it was as available to everyone as beach sand.

Hearing of this amazing rejuvenation process...the ghouls at the Food and Drug Administration dispatched scouts to reconnoiter and report back. When they arrived...they found a prayer line stretching from Arizona to Hong Kong. When they inquired...they were told about a voice of one crying in the wilderness beyond Jordan...and...the rebirth encompassed therein,(JOHN 1:23).
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When a former government employee revealed his work on anti-gravitational devices...few believed him particularly when he was discussing an ELEMENT not found on the Atomic Table. Some years later...though...scientists announced they had just discovered that ELEMENT. Mention is made of this scenario since whistle-blowing has become a great American game of thrones with would-be masters doing all that can be done to suppress the power they actually possess.
As a cub reporter was crossing 45th Street in the Big Apple...she spotted Jahmani Swanon...a famous street-baller...bouncing his basketball towards her. Knowing the PRIZE of $100,000 for taking that ball away from Swanson...she dropped her briefcase...pulled up her heavy-sweater sleeves...kicked off her shoes...and...prepared. Everyone in that cross-walk stood back to watch. The cars stopped in all directions with occupants piling out to watch the battle-royal.

Within a moment...Jahmani and the cub reporter were facing each other...nose-to-nose...the cub slapping in every way possible with Swanon ducking and dribbling in ways beyond imagination. After about 45 seconds of this and that...Jahmani reached the other side his ball in hand bouncing as it did before. The cub reporter exhausted...took up her game gear...and...continued on toward her next appointment.
In New York City an 80 year old deli is going out of business. Carnegie Deli...a place where everyone has eaten...discovered the socialist grip on their business was too much. The owner found she could make 10 times as much profit in Florida and Nevada...have something when she retired...and...be free from the ubiquitous hassle and hinder of the Big Apple.
Inside Syria there are many rebel groups each sporting their own label...their own flag...and...their own way of doing things. Ahrar al Sham is one of these rebel groups. Its leaders are well-trained in the art of war and subterfuge...two qualities which have combined to propel this particular group into the forefront* of public notice,(WSJ A-6;12-30-16).
*The massacre with poison gas that was blamed on President Assad was deployed and released by this bunch of miscreants.
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An Italian deli has a wall mural with Eisenhower to Obama painted thereon. But the 80 year old owner said she disliked Trump and would not add him to her wall painting. When asked "why" the hatred...she pointed out that TRUMP planned on deleting the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...deliver freedom to America...a gesture and outcome she deplored. "I loved Hitler and Stalin and I wanted Hillary to take away all liberty in America. It made my left leg tingle just thinking about enslavement," dripped the elderly Italian deli owner.
Ah...yes...the endangered sage grouse. Somehow the sage grouse is important but the eagle and hawk are not. As Obama noted, "Wind power slaughters eagles and hawks...two birds I personally dislike...while the 5 million square mile habitat for the sage grouse might be disturbed by hydraulic fracturing...something I just can't permit," drooled Obama the dung-throwing monkey.
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Except for a few talking heads...the rest of them were given a script and didn't care about the falsehood embedded therein. They were paid to LIE and they did. However...once MASS MEDIA discovered voters were not fooled...they instantly tried to claim social media was "fake news"...and...what they were pushing was "truthful news"...another TOTAL LIE.
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...struck again today...splattering dung all over several Russian compounds in Maryland and elsewhere necessitating several "closed-for-cleaning" exercises. When asked about what Obama did...TRUMP replied, "You need to know how to duck and cover when the "in-coming" alarm is sounded."
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Trump knows that the hackers made it look like the Russians were hacking Democrat emails. He also knows Obama directed his stooges in the various security agencies to blame RUSSIA...and...to retain their contracts and government-jobs...they obliged. It's OBVIOUS to most Americans President Putin is being made to be the "fall guy" and they resent Obama for his indifference to their feelings.
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Venezuelans...those miserable souls stuck in that socialist paradise...suffer 1000% inflation such that the money they earn today is worth 1000% less tomorrow. So worthless the bolivar that most Venezuelans use their bolivars as a substitute for toilet-paper. When Obama was told of such horror...he chuckled since he envisioned Americans suffering the same fate. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?
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Qualcomm invested in a private research project which involved sending a probe to intersect with Nibiru...the errant 12th planet of our solar system. Due to the distance and the time involved to achieve such interface...Qualcomm created an organization whose mission statement to monitor the NIBIRU PROBE...code-named: PROMETHEUS...for the next 250 years...and...alert the world should collision or "near-miss" be imminent,(WSJ B-12;12-29-16).
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"Why choose yours and not theirs?" asked Timmy Titler as he looked at the signed contract for WAR-BOT(tm) delivery to the U.S.Army. His friend had shown him a contract for 100,000 WAR-BOTS(tm). When President TRUMP asked for cheaper-better-weapons*...WAR-BOT(tm) was offered to replace ground troops. In a way...WAR-BOT(tm) offers robots with firepower. With several battalions of WAR-BOT(tm)...for instance...10,000 square miles of territory can be effectively held and policed.
*For the price of one F-35 fighter jet...100,000 WAR-BOTS(tm) can be produced and deployed!
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To the staff of editors of this BLOG was added: THAE YONG HO...an asylum-seeking North Korean inner-circle big shot. When invited to become a contributing writer...Mr. Ho not only agreed...but...delivered some top secret data he grabbed as "currency" when seeking protection from the long arm of the "little fella"(Kim Jong Un).  Welcome aboard, Mr. Ho.
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Edward P. Lazear was found hiding in a hole at Stanford University. Fortunately...a herald was sent to dog his trail...to tell people what a scumbag lurks in their midst. Recall this jerk helped Obama destroy what little economic freedom Americans once enjoyed and replace it with socialist freedom-to-obey. He loved the idea of forcing people to buy health insurance and chuckled when coal miners were thrown out of work. Forcing people to kneel and lick boot made Ed's left leg tingle.
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"Temporal Jew" concluded the Rabbi as he listened to some New York Jews describe Israel with a viable Palestinian State in its midst...whispering to himself..."They do not sense the "time" aspect when they accept the demand of the Palestinian for land inside Israel. They do not know the Muslim looks at the situation in terms of centuries...not...months...days...or...moments. They know every time they grab some land inside Israel...it's another step to closing the door on the JEW."
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In order to give the Democrats cover...Obama had to make some "bad noise"...something these "still-in-power" Democrats could stand up and cry against. It was all scripted...planned...and...then...carried forth...undermining the JEW but giving the Democrats-still-in-power some cover for the 2018 election cycle when 10 of these Democrat-scumbags will be up for re-election.
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Obama presided over the destruction of the Democrat Party leaving only a disgruntled bunch of socialists, Eco-fascists, and other freedom-haters looking for a way to ascend once more to power. In the years to come...their only bastion of support will be the complicit MASS MEDIA...but...such might very well be enough to undermine TEAM-TRUMP and stop him from removing the shackle and delivering America from bondage...20th Century NANNY STATE bondage.
"Made-dependent". What a label to append to people...yet...Congressional Democrats cite such "made-dependent" voters as their constituents...bragging about how they prevented them from being self-sufficient and how they forced voters to kneel and lick their boot with candied tongue. "Using Obama-care...we reduced people to cattle and sheep...easily controlled and directed by our bureaucratic ghouls and creeps," chuckled U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh).
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Yes...folks...after 01-20-17...every time Obama attempts to speak in public he will be jeered and heckled by a dedicated well-funded team whose mission to tell anyone who does not know about the EVIL lurking in Obama's soul. When Obama goes to a public market...the heralds will be there to tell everyone what a scumbag Obama was and is. The flyers which will be passed out will detail every LIE...every murder...every evil misdeed this dung-throwing monkey committed.
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told the world he wasn't departing Washington D.C. but would be a permanent stain...a thorn in Trump's side...the dagger waiting for unsuspecting back...the menace in shadow...and...the worst possible noise. When TRUMP heard such threat...he giggled and said Obama would make the attempt but his baggage was too much...his notoriety too vivid...his abilities too lacking. "Oh...he might throw some dung...and...strike a few surprised-targets...but...most Americans know how much of a scumbag Obama was and is," added Jason Miller...a former Trump helper.
"Where's her Primatene Mist asthma inhaler?" asked the desperate mother as she held little Sally in her arms...sputtering and gasping. "Mom...the Food and Drug Administration forced Amphaster Pharmaceuticals...that inhaler's maker...to reconfigure the inhaler so that greenhouse gases would not be released and Mother Earth into flames would not burst," offered Billy...her 17 year old son...adding..."If we must sacrifice Sally so that the FDA can continue its fight against man-caused climate change...then...so be it."(WSJ B-3;12-29-16).
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...assured Israel of his fidelity going so far as to use the well-known phrase: "I've got your back!" implying determination to protect and defend. Of course...this BLOG warned the JEW not to trust such a dung-throwing monkey...but...the JEW...as always...knew more than others...and...now....are trying to remove from their bleeding-back Obama's dagger.
Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry declared the government of Israel to be so anti-Islam* there couldn't be peace unless Obama stepped in and forced the Jew to deliver Jewish-land to the Muslim. Even though the Muslim has declared DEATH TO THE JEW...nonetheless...Kerry-the-Idiot thought they'd forego such slaughter in exchange for another patch of land. Of course...the JEW knows different and has called what Obama did "betrayal".
*The JEW must retain the West Bank and take all of Jerusalem leaving the rag head only the expanse of Sinai...deleting any Palestinian autonomy in the Gaza Strip as well. Send the rag head back into the desert once more. Such a ONE STATE solution is best. Send the rag head back into the land of snake, spider, and sand.
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Secretary of State John Kerry told the JEW what Obama did was not betrayal...but...simply a reiteration of what has always been the "two state" solution. HUH?

If it were just polishing the polish...the JEW would not be screaming about "betrayal". Yet...John "Long Jaw" Kerry told the JEW nothing was new...no new ground broken...same old...same old...just different bag. In response...the JEW declared: "ISRAEL BETRAYED!"
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The MASS MEDIA published cellphone videos of mall-brawls. While scuffling in public isn't new...the unusual size of the melee drew national attention. In one mall...for instance...128,566 Afro-Americans, 5 Jews and 3 Arabs were detained for their involvement. Speaking on condition of anonymity...one of the Jews said she was lured into the fight when an Arab giggled about losing Jerusalem.
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The LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG sent data to a judge in Argentina who digested and then indicted Cristina Kirchner on corruption charges revealing in his 794-page ruling how this lady conducted a "pay-to-play" scheme which fetched her $640 million. Mention is made of Kirchner's travail since similar incriminating data was sent to FBI Director James Comey framing "how" Hillary-the-hag siphoned off $1.3 billion while Secretary of State.
Israel was slapped by Obama and the JEW still can't explain "why". Obama hurt the Jew in a way that might be fatal. While the complicit MASS MEDIA is doing all it can to insulate Obama from the acrimonious reaction to his betrayal of the JEW...most Americans are being fooled . Even the Democrats in Congress know they were wrong to support this horrific act of disloyalty...but...are ONLY NOW...beginning to voice opposition to what has already occurred. What scumbags!
Folks...there are 10 Democrat U.S.Senators who must be defeated in 2018. If those 10 can be evicted...and...freedom-loving Republicans to replace them found...America will shine as if a blessed city on the hill...liberated from the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein a scumbag such as Obama can force people to lick boot with candied tongue.
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In 1967...the JEW...when attacked...slaughtered the Muslim and took Jerusalem and the West Bank. Over the years...though...the JEW released some of the ground conquered only to be attacked for such leniency.

Nevertheless...the JEW gave some back just to appease the rag heads and enable peace to continue. But...the JEW never thought Americans would ever stab them. They even thought Obama would not betray them. Naturally...they were wrong.
Obama not only orchestrated the anti-Israeli vote on Resolution 2334...he wrote the script including Ambassador Samantha Power's now-infamous speech. While Obama has denied such involvement...Jewish publications are revealing how involved this dung-throwing monkey was in this historical rebuke of the Jew.

Obama...always suspected of being a closet Muslim on some kind of demented jihad...wanted to leave a legacy and his betrayal of the JEW guaranteed such stature.

Indeed...as TRUMP noted...Obama might very well have started World War III with that horrible act of disloyalty.

"The JEW trusted Obama and U.S.Senate Democrats only to be slapped down," quipped TRUMP when he saw Samantha Powers abstain from the vote to pass Resolution 2334.
While the JEW refused to believe Obama would betray Israel...this BLOG...on many occasions...eloquently warned them never to trust Obama...not ever...that he was a dung-throwing monkey...a slime slug who would sell out the Jew for 30 pieces of silver. And...of course...the Jew ignored this WARNING...and...supported OBAMA in the 2012 presidential election...support they exchanged for his loyalty.

Now that it's OBVIOUS the JEW was betrayed...many are asking "why" would the JEW ever trust a dung-throwing monkey? What is it about the JEW which enables others to deceive them so easily?
The demons at the Food and Drug Administration were forced to permit dying children to receive a life-saving drug. Sure they tried to stop the medication but they were pushed away by parents who threatened to kill them all if their sons died due to a lack of medicine they could have had but for the intrusion of the FDA. "If you stop my sons from receiving this medication...I will hunt everyone of you down...and...slaughter you," screamed a defiant dad when he heard the FDA was trying to KILL his children.

Instantly...at that dad's door were 10,000 S.W.A.T. troopers each one ready to KILL this dad...ready to do their masters' bidding...ready to be NAZIS. The neighbors only had this BLOG to back them up as they all stood between that door and those cannons. "We stand by this defiant dad," shouted the 15 neighbors...each one with a shovel and metal rake lifted high in the air.

Because this was federal work...the MASS MEDIA was told only to publish the bravery of the S.W.A.T. troopers as they shot those 15 neighbors and that defiant dad. "We cleaned out a nest of patriots," bragged the leader of the S.W.A.T. squad as he strutted before the MASS MEDIA cameras holding the bloody remains of that defiant dad.
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Because the Republicans hold both houses of Congress...and...the Oval Office come 1-21-17...whatever "noise" the Democrats make will be just that: "noise". Despite a contrary MASS MEDIA...the same scumbags who predicted TRUMP could never defeat Clinton...TEAM-TRUMP will commence to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein such slime slugs as LOIS LERNER can attack taxpayers using her position at IRS...a place where a demagogue with MASS MEDIA help can LIE about keeping doctor and insurance...indeed...a place where politicians and their cronies decide who lives and who dies.
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"Please...no onion, Poonam" answered the customer when asked if onions and tomatoes were wanted on that burger. Yes...even though women of India are forbidden to work outside the home...nonetheless...there are some ladies who do not heed such cultural strictures and can be found selling burgers and fries at the local fast food joints located throughout most of India's cities.
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Taking advice from this BLOG...Royal Dutch Shell PLC commenced an off-shore wind project in Europe. The project could be used to siphon off a trillion Euros from unsuspecting and gullible Europeans who have been convinced Mother Earth into flames is about to burst unless mankind returns to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule,(WSJ B-3;12-27-16).
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Man-caused climate change computer models predicted the Mid-west would be free of snow this winter due to man-caused global warming. Underscoring this prediction...10,000 scientists said they'd stake their reputations on that prediction since it was derived from computer models.

Of course...not anyone thought it necessary to inform Mother Nature of this scientific consensus. And...as always...feeling snubbed...perhaps...angered by arrogance...Mother Nature delivered the worst winter storm ever recorded smothering those "predicted-to-be-free-of-snow" regions with blizzard of ice and snow,(WSJ A-2;12-27-16).
The 99-seat theater production companies produce shows on shoe-strings...each actor and actress exchanging their sweat for a chance to be seen on stage. And that Mickey Rooney..."let's put on a show" attitude was in full swing until MARY McCOLL decided to drop the curtain.

As Director of the Actors' Equity Association...she issued an edict: $10 per hour minimum wage. While she was warned such intrusion would fetch bad results...nonetheless...McColl proceeded to issue the DIRECTIVE.

Nowadays...the number of 99-seat production companies has dwindled and will continue to implode as more and more companies fold due to the outrageous costs McColl imposed. As for all those aspiring actors and actresses...they'll have to look for ways to publish themselves since the door they had by nasty-Mary has been closed,(WSJ A-2;12-27-16).
When this BLOG...this internationally acclaimed BLOG...this island of information in a sea of fake-news...TOLD the JEW that Obama would betray them...they IGNORED the WARNING. Of course...after the betrayal and the incredible "bad press" it was receiving...complicit-Jews...Judas-goat Jews...the Chuck Schumer kind* of Jews...they all cried out, "Bad deal...wish Obama had not done it."
*When the Jew could have been saved...the Schumer kind of Jew remained silent...waiting to see which way public opinion drifted before surfacing either as "in favor of"...or..."was-against-all-along". Schumer...for example...only came forward and said he was against the West Bank Resolution 2334 after "bad press" erupted. Summing up Schumer...TRUMP whispered, "Again...Schumer would kill his own mother to advance himself."
U.S.Rep. Ed Royce told a cub reporter he was mystified by Obama's effort to clean out Guantanamo security prison...noting that idiotic release program had enabled al-Baghdadi to return to the Middle East and erect the Islamic State. "Had Obama not released al-Baghdadi...Islamic State would not exist," whispered Eddie "quiet" Royce insisting the reporter not link him to that disastrous decision,(WSJ A-17;12-27-16).
Twitter post: BRITNEY SPEARS DEAD. Naturally...the news spread quickly until it reached the publicist for Spears who killed the RUMOR instantly. Somehow...the "fake news" crowd had scored another viral-episode. Sure...they could have used their connections to "out" Obama before he betrayed the Jew at the United Nations the other day...but...they chose to raise up Britney for some "frame-game".
*The tweet was metaphorical and designed to frame Spears loss of skill and talent. It was in reaction to the lackluster...boring...glittering...debacle...Spears suffered recently when her concert was considered "too little...too late".
U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D. NY) has been deceiving and tricking the New York Jew for years. He chuckles about their ignorance and stupidity. "They'll believe anything I tell them. I could kick them in the teeth and they'd smile. I can destroy their future...plunder their storeroom...and...still...they'd lick my boot with candied tongue," quipped Schumer as he looked at the plan to delete Israel.
Niloofar Rahmani was threatened with death not only by the Taliban but by her own relatives. Her offense:fixed-wing fighter pilot. Yes...folks...the 1st lady-pilot ever in Afghanistan...using the call sign: "MAVERICK"...yet...her extended family wants her dead. How dare she embarrass them by learning how to fly the F-35...the most complicated weapon-platform ever built!

Fearing for her life...Lieutenant Rahmani asked Obama for asylum. Knowing Obama is a closet Muslim...this BLOG contacted TRUMP and entreated him to grant such insulation.

Of course...TEAM OBAMA wishing to show how merciless it can be told the New York Times and Nate Silver that the Afghan-lady-pilot was going to be returned to Afghanistan to be destroyed. Fortunately...TEAM TRUMP not only said she could remain in America but would assist her in finding a job flying a C-130 transport. VIVA TRUMP!
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Inside the socialist paradise of VENEZUELA...squalor and misery everywhere. But...they deserve such horror. When they could have fought against the scumbag socialists...they stayed home. They were told "freebie and favor" would be lavished on everyone by the socialists. The producers were to be enslaved for the common good. All one had to do to receive such bounty was to support the socialist system...and...hence...most Venezuelans did.
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A rich person can't hurt a poor person...but...a poor person with government power can destroy both the rich and poor. TRUMP sensed the need to have people with the most to lose(think rich) running the federal government with the intention of dismantling almost every aspect. Their mission statement is to delete and eliminate until the"grip and grab" of the NANNY STATE CAGE is gone. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-1;12-27-16).
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Keith Ellison went to a garden party...everyone was there...Obama brought his beast...felt magic in the air. Ellison promised more socialist grip and grab...Ray Buckley described bondage and chain. Jaime Harrison told the audience he wanted power...they all demanded kingship in vain. Their crowd knew the ideas they preached were old...stale...and...unworthy of print. Yet...there they were...promising enslavement...such the message sent.
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Suddenly...charitable enterprises are to be examined when politicians are founders. When Hillary was conducting her illegal "pay-to-play" using her so-called foundation as a straw party...the MASS MEDIA framed it as "good and wholesome". However...since it's TRUMP they question...every scumbag talking heads is trying to slap and kick.

To counter this 24/7 assault...TRUMP must push favorable BLOGS and favorable TV and RADIO personalities. It's been wondrous that TRUMP chose this BLOG...for instance...as a basis for his speeches from September through November of 2016. If he were to reveal this connection...it would propel this BLOG into perpetual prominence...a light delivering guidance to the blind.
U.S.Rep. Maxine Waters(D.Ca) told a cub reporter she would not pretend to like TRUMP and would do what she could to obstruct and stifle. When asked if she'd oppose liberating the subjugated...Maxine smirked and declared her Party sought socialist enslavement of everyone...all as miserable and pathetic as their neighbor...envious of anyone with talent...and...ready to support any law that forced producers to deliver up the product of their labor for the good of the hive.
Circumstantial evidence is indirect proof of an ultimate fact. Robinson Crusoe...for instance...concluded he was alone on his island until he discovered a footprint in the sand...a print he did not make. At that very moment...Crusoe knew he wasn't alone. That fact was concrete and absolute.

When Obama refused to support Israel on the question of West Bank settlements, such refusal was circumstantial evidence of the disdain Obama has for the Jew. Sure...Obama smiled and glad-handed the Jew...but...when it came time to defend and protect...Obama stabbed as did all the other Muslims.

Indeed...Israeli Prime Minister Netayahu...when he felt the most unkindest cut of all...whispered, "Et Tu, Brute?"
U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) was SILENT before the United Nations' vote on West Bank settlements. After Obama had betrayed* the Jew...though...Schumer came forward to declare Obama's approach improvident. Yes...folks...when Schumer could have stopped Obama...he didn't.

Most New York City Jews are asking themselves why did Schumer keep quiet when his voice could have insulated Israel from the coming storm. "Chuck could have saved Israel from attack had he spoken up...but...he kept silence because he likes power," whispered Michelle Obama when asked about Schumer's treachery.
*Before Samantha Powers abstained from voting and thereby hurting Israel...the JEW thought Schumer a loyal friend...only by Powers' vote to be disenchanted.
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Ah...yes...affordable housing. When there was not any so-called building code...and...zoning ordinances prescribing this and that did not exist...housing was not only cheap but innovative. The mobile home...for example...that ubiquitous square metal box on wheels was such innovation delivering shelter cheaply and efficiently. So attractive the mobile home to the retiree...Florida blossomed with the "wobbly box".

Nowadays...people are just as "broke"...and...just as eager to buy cheap but have quality surroundings. However...with the burgeoning* and blossoming of restriction and diktat...housing has become expensive.

Recently...this BLOG demonstrated a $1500 2500 square foot house built using a 3-D printer. While made of sturdy plastic...it does not conform to existing building codes and hence can't be used.
*The homeless of Florida yearn for that time when they could gather about them a few hundred dollars and have themselves shelter
Jonah cried against the Walls of Nineveh,(Book of Jonah). Nowadays...TRUMP is preparing a ROBOT ARMY to descend on Mosul...and...drive the Islamic State from its borders. Whereas BUSH-CHENEY expended precious American blood needlessly...TRUMP plans on using WAR-BOT(tm) to delete that bunch of miscreants.
Gillian Turner...a socialist loudmouth...declared most Israelis wanted Obama to give back the West Bank. Even though such a move dramatically imperiled Israel's national security...Turner felt it was the "right thing" to do.

"Most Israelis want the West Bank returned to Jordan...or...declared an independent Palestinian State," asserted Ms. Turner as she reviewed U.N.Ambassador Samantha Power's vote to deliver such region to the Muslim.

When Israelis...however...heard what Turner was saying...the social media exploded with "SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!" Many contributors noted Turner could say such things since she lived in America and didn't have to fear her throat being cut as she slept; with one Israeli patron writing about how protected Turner was and how different her opinion if she had buried her family after a rocket attack.
"What makes you think anyone will step up to help TRUMP delete the NANNY STATE CAGE?" asked U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown,(D.Oh) as he listened to the MASS MEDIA pound away on TRUMP'S determination to dismantle the CAGE.

In reply to Brown's rhetorical question...a cub reporter declared, "John Glover was told to stay away from George Washington and permit the British to finish off the uprising. Unfortunately...Glover liked the idea of less big government "grip and grab"...and...Washington represented a great effort to accomplish such an improbable feat. Hence...when Washington needed to ferry his team across the East River...Glover provided the barges." 
Before George Michael died...he told a cub reporter he was glad to see LIBERTY replaced with socialistic freedom-to-obey. As a hip-hop music star...GEORGE made his way through Hollywood and London carousing with noteworthy big shots and dark-alley hooligans...finding things to sing about on every occasion. He left his world...as he wished it to be...in a socialist toilet. God speed, George.
The JEW was betrayed by Obama. The JEW was promised allegiance and loyalty only to find Obama exactly what this BLOG has called him: DUNG-THROWING MONKEY! The monkey betrayed the JEW. The monkey sent Samantha Powers to the United Nations to assist the Palestinians in their effort to drive the Jew back into Sinai. In many ways...Obama...as part of his notorious legacy...is delivering on his promise to the ARAB: delete the Jew.
no image
Yes...stain-build-up requires scrubbing power. The entrenched in Washington D.C. remain in power because of "protection laws"...armor...job-security measures...stuff designed to thwart any attempt to delete. The MASS MEDIA has been giggling about how powerful federal employees have become because of these laws...and..."why" TRUMP won't be able to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

TRUMP needs to eliminate 98% of the federal work force in all departments...firing them and sending them home with ONLY fruit baskets and thank you notes in recognition of their selfless, drooling public service.

Maybe some people want this "smother and stifle"...but...those who chose TRUMP want to breathe free once more. They know TRUMP will have to delete mountains of laws and rules...but...when you're dismantling a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...such things must be done...and...those who were part of the CAGE apparatus sent home. VIVA TRUMP!
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The Jew was told America would remain steadfast...loyal...its word as strong as oak. As soon as the Jew heard the phrase "strong as oak"...they had to have suspected betrayal,,,yet...could not bring themselves to conclude OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...would turn* on them. After Ambassador Samantha Powers cast her vote to stomp Israel...the Jew knew,(WSJ A-1;12-24-16).
*This monkey had made deals with Arabs and Israel was the price paid for their allegiance.
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The Jew called TRUMP and asked him to intercede and stop that monkey from hurting Israel. In turn...TRUMP called the dung-throwing monkey and told him to nix the United Nations vote on Israel. Obama...not wishing to lose what little foreign policy legacy he might still have...told the Palestinians he could not deliver what he had promised. One Palestinian when he heard about this betrayal told his kinsmen that Obama had done the very same* thing to Dr. Afridi...the dude who gave up Osama bin Laden.
*Dr. Afridi wanted the promises($25 million + extraction) in writing or else he would not reveal the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Obama...in a one-on-one telephonic Skype discussion...told Dr. Afridi that Obama did not have to put stuff into writing...that Obama's word was as strong as oak. Naturally...Dr. Afridi could not possibly bark about such candor and honor and gave up bin Laden. As SEAL TEAM #6 was departing the area after executing bin Laden...they observed Dr. Afridi standing on a roof top waiting for extraction.
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Anyone doing business in India must be prepared to lose investment and whatever future envisioned. Recently...underscoring this proposition...President Modi declared the $500 rupee and the $1000 rupee illegal instantly eliminating 86% of all cash in India and stomping the poor into more squalor and misery. Yes...folks...India is headed deeper into the socialist toilet. It's obvious Modi sees himself as some kind of would-be master...and...his people...cattle and sheep...to be culled as he sees fit,(WSJ B-10;12-23-16).
In China...everyone has a HUKOU...identification papers. For a hailing-app driver to be hired in China...the driver must be a resident of the city wherein that driver lives. UBER departed China due to this requirement. DIDI CHUXING has been damaged by this residency requirement since it's the biggest and best ride-app in the world. The RULE is archaic and President Xi is considering its removal to assist the entrepreneurial spirit. VIVA PRESIDENT XI!
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Has anyone noticed the terrorist who perpetrated the Berlin marketplace truck attack was on a "no-fly" list...a "terrorist list"...and...a host of other lists and yet he was able to kill a truck driver...steal the truck...and...ram that truck into a people-packed marketplace?

How could such a KNOWN SCUMBAG have such leeway? Who failed to stop Anis Amri?

Answer those questions...and...you might find big foot government on the other end directing such horror.
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Maria Antonia Marturet...a Venezuelan freedom-fighter...told a cub reporter she advocated the demise of socialism and for that utterance she was declared an enemy of the state. When she tried to travel to Florida...for instance...her visa was denied since she advocated the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...something Obama is trying to make escape-proof,(WSJ A-13;12-23-16).
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Anis Amri was on German watch-lists as a suspected terrorist. Somehow...though...the watchers stopped watching and Anis took that opportunity to attack. He spotted a Polish truck driver. He walked over to the cab and shot him. Then...Anis climbed into the driver's seat and rammed that truck into a people-packed marketplace. Who gave the order to stop watching this scumbag? And who decided this jerk could even be in Germany?
In 1967...Middle Eastern rag heads decided to attack Israel. Of course...the Jew stomped the rag heads and took land that had once belonged to Jordan: WEST BANK. This BLOG supports constructing Jewish settlements in the West Bank area. While the Jew has the West Bank for now...vigilance and cunning must be perpetual lest the rag heads retake it.
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Delta Airlines is one of the best airlines one can use. However...recently...a scumbag-Muslim elected to make a scene on a plane...a scripted scene...a scene he knew would unfold...and...he...then...used his cellphone to record the incident...never showing exactly "why" he was being evicted from the jet before take-off. He was disturbing other people...screaming...yelling...and...when he was asked to depart the plane...he refused and commenced his video-taping exercise. It was deliberate and done by someone who goes around creating FAKE SITUATIONS.
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MSNBC seems to have fielded the largest number of Trump-haters. The talking heads drip venom taking every moment to frame Trump as some kind of jerk. The envy...the jealousy...the petty nature of their spirit seems to gush forth. So obvious is their hatred...so venomous their bite...their viewing audience has dwindled until it's just their families who tune into their boring diatribe.
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The day after TRUMP took office ...he dispatched hunters to track down and eliminate all enemies of America beginning with the control structure of Islamic State. These people and their drones and robots were offered bounties for every Islamic State leader deleted.

One hunter...sporting the moniker: OMEGA...said she had an array of weaponry to be deployed once she was inside Islamic State bunkers. What has so many Islamic State warriors worried is that Islam requires women to wear pup-tents with a screen out of which they peer while ambulating.

Hence...OMEGA can infiltrate an Islamic State control room and slaughter reaping the bounties with each salvo. The warriors see only a moving pup-tent...never suspecting that beneath such cloth lurks doom...never understanding the hunter's moon. VIVA TRUMP!
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In a desert stop-over for soldiers on their way to/from battle...Las Vegas was built. Instead of imposing...the government of Nevada left the gamblers alone...and...from that free market paradigm...sprang grandeur from sand and rock. Nowadays...however...Las Vegas is losing its glitter due to TEAM OBAMA'S interference.

Similarly...in Guangdong province...a sleepy back-water town, Shenzhen was left alone and an empire of electronics sprang forth. Now this mega-city is losing producers because the government entered and began to compel them to spend their profits in ways government thought best,(WSJ B-1;12-22-16).
Clower and Piven postulated that if enough people could be forced onto welfare rolls...eventually...the nation would have to change and give everyone an assured income and a guaranteed place to live, clothing to wear, things to eat, and activities to perform. It was a remodeling of ENSLAVEMENT but enslavement, nonetheless. TRUMP saw this future for America and promised to dismantle the NANNY STATE. VIVA TRUMP!
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In 1934 wheat farmers sold a bushel for 45 cents. In 2016 dollars...that 45 cents computes to $8.13 per bushel. Yet...most wheat farmers sold their wheat this year for $3.12 per bushel. American farmers have great wealth in their land but their crops are not producing the funds needed to support the farm and farmer,(WSJ A-18;12-22-16).

Government interference has basically culled farmers until those farmers still wishing to produce food and fiber are few and those who do exist are about to go bankrupt. Yet...TEAM OBAMA has done all it could to destroy farming and forcing Americans to depend on BIG GIFT GOVERNMENT.

As Obama said to Oprah Winfrey, "I will make farmers dependent and then I'll tell them what to do. They'll do as directed or face my wrath!'
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An Afro-American not only burned down an Afro-American church...but...spray-painted VOTE TRUMP on the church's outside wall. Of course...the MASS MEDIA is declaring the CHURCH ARSON was not politically-motivated even though that same "fake news" MASS MEDIA was ascribing nasty motives to TEAM-TRUMP and insinuating TRUMP was behind that church burning. It's OBVIOUS the MASS MEDIA is engaged in "fake news" while accusing everyone else of such deception.
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Obama's legacy has many blemishes and stains. One of his legacy's biggest shortcomings is that 40% of all young people reside with their parents...a figure not seen since 1940. The reason: socialism and Eco-fascism has destroyed any incentive to acquire alternative housing. Most rents and house sale prices are too high with such mega-costs due to zoning and other government restrictions and interference in the marketplace,(WSJ A-3;12-22-16).
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People seeking to grab as much "freebie" as possible before TRUMP takes office are signing up for OBAMA-CARE...and...demanding subsidy. They know their free-ride is over once TRUMP repeals OBAMA-CARE,(WSJ A-3;12 -23-16). After TRUMP repeals OBAMA-CARE...they won't be able to force taxpayers to cover their medical expenses...something these parasites want most. hence...they're flooding the OBAMA-CARE websites seeking their FREEBIE.
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Social Security and Medicare were sold on the proposition that the MONEY TAKEN during the worker bee's lifetime would be put into a lock box and gold and platinum bought therewith so that a huge corpus would exist from which all those paying in would receive after retirement a stipend to make old age more affordable.

Nowadays...however...most people know they have been deceived. They know the so-called LOCK BOX is filled not with GOLD but with paper I.O.U. stuff...the same stuff found in that briefcase in the movie, DUMB and DUMBER. Their stipend as promised is not backed by GOLD but by paper I.O.U.s.

Perhaps...TRUMP will make those paper I.O.U.s valuable...but...right now...with inflation eating into what little stipend retirees receive...most "fixed-income" Americans are struggling. VIVA TRUMP!
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Because TRUMP owns hotels...he knows how to clean rooms. He plans on sweeping the place clean of scumbags, jerks, parasites and "yes" men...replacing them with "freedom-lovers" whose job to find ways to delete and downsize. Anyone not up for that effort need not apply...and...those already with jobs due to TEAM OBAMA will have to swallow their hatred of liberty and assist in their department's demise.

TRUMP knows Obama plans on leaving behind as many embedded freedom-haters as possible hoping TRUMP isn't as thorough as he needs to be...counting on TRUMP failing to spot the MOLES...to identify these critters for eradication. VIVA TRUMP!
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Into Germany from Tunisia came a scumbag whose mission statement: to kill infidels. Of course...the Germans never thought there could be such horrific people and hence dropped their guard leaving themselves open to heinous attack. And...in Berlin...in an open market...a place packed with tourists and drunk Germans...this terrorist slammed an 18-wheeler...slaughtering and maiming...and...all the while reciting applicable verses from the Qu'ran. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?
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TEAM-TRUMP will have only 60 days to repeal the nasty freedom-killing rules OBAMA has imposed. Indeed...this dung-throwing monkey plans to issue a RULE destroying COAL-MINING...leaving 80% of America's coal reserves in the ground never to be accessed by an energy-starved nation. What is so bad about Obama's last-minute shackle and whip is that the CAGE has a 60 day window...a 60 day escape route...a path that closes after 60 days leaving Americans further enslaved.

How could Americans ever have permitted themselves to be placed not only inside a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE but also permit their would-be masters to fashion ways to prevent their escape?

No...folks...despite the Democrats and the complicit MASS MEDIA...TEAM TRUMP will dismantle this CAGE...delete every socialist wizard and Eco-fascist wonk embedded in the government and liberate us from the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE. VIVA TRUMP!
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Below the TV was a sign: THEY LIE. It was supposed to alert viewers of the falsehoods the MASS MEDIA is prone to publishing. "If their lips are moving...they're lying," noted Eric Trump as he listened to talking heads denounce and demean his father, president-elect Trump. In reaction...Eric asked everyone to place that sign on their TV so they can sense the LIE as it's being told. VIVA TRUMP!
Michelle Obama laughed when she heard her husband was imposing more coal-mining restrictions thereby destroying more jobs. "I want people to know the wonders of socialism and Eco-fascism and the best way is to force them to worship whatever idol forged," dripped Michelle as she looked at her husband's newest coal-killing rule.
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"There has to be some way to connect Gina McCarthy* to the Flint-Michigan water-poisoning incident," Michigan Attorney General Bill Shuette quipped as he examined the latest indictment of Darnell Earley...an emergency manager. Recall McCarthy was involved through her agents and should be indicted along with the rest of that bunch of miscreants.
*Darnell Earley should tell the world that the head honcho at the Environmental Destruction Agency was behind the child-poisoning aspect.
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This BLOG some years ago speculated on what would happen if some hateful bunch were to cause so much havoc that millions of rag heads would flee towards Israel...overrunning the Jew...and...causing so much misery that Israel would be smothered and ruined. What was not foreseen was the route and destination aspect. Instead of flooding Israeli regions...these displaced people went to socialist Europe where everything is free!
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Islamic State claimed responsibility for the horror it unleashed in that Berlin marketplace. Of course...the driver of that truck escaped. The police do not know who did it and they probably never will. Naturally...there will be many rag heads claiming to be the driver...each shown on video describing how he inflicted such death and destruction on infidels. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...on 10-31-16...used the RED PHONE to call President Putin and direct that Russian to cease efforts to influence the American election. According to official sources...Obama declared a "red line" to which President Putin chuckled and told the monkey to do whatever he wished but Russia was not involved.
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Degrees of mean? Well...there's mean...very mean...extremely mean...and...then...SHEEN-MEAN...named after Martin Sheen...a freedom-hating actor. Recall Martin Sheen published a video wherein himself and his fellow comrades directed the electoral college voters to choose someone other than TRUMP. So hated is TRUMP...the MASS MEDIA pushed Sheen's directive 24/7 praising him and his cohorts for their courage to ask others to violate their oaths to vote as their state's election-outcome determined.

Unfortunately...more Hillary Clinton electors refused to vote for her than Trump electors. It was another FACE-SLAP to Hillary-the-hag. Somehow...those electors could not bring themselves to choose such a scoundrel even if their refusal was otherwise meaningless.
The LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG crafted legal arguments for APPLE,Inc. to use in its fight with the so-called European Union over alleged tax avoidance. It seems the EU wants Ireland to attack Apple,Inc. and grab $1.2 billion...hurting Apple,Inc...and...making the EU feel better about itself. Ireland and Apple...reacting to this obvious "grip and grab"...though...have refused to kneel and lick EU boot despite the threatened penalties the EU thinks it can impose.
Vincent Viola was tapped by TRUMP to be Secretary of the Army. "Vinnie" will bring the American Army into the 21st century. Unlike his predecessors...Vinnie plans to incorporate WAR-BOT(tm) into his plans. "We will avoid losing soldiers. We'll flood the battlefield with robots designed to inflict as much horror and death on the enemy as imaginable...and...save our soldiers as clean-up batters," quipped Vinnie as he examined WAR-BOT(tm) models presented by the war department of this BLOG.
Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov was warned not to travel to Ankara without his protective body suit...clothing designed to stop bullets and shrapnel. Despite such alert...however...Andrey chose not to wear the armor. He was shot in the back in Ankara by a policeman shouting: "Allahu Akbar." 

Why Karlov refused to wear his tailored armor yesterday isn't well explained. It might be Obama's assurances that Karlov was SAFE IN ANKARA played a much larger role than many federal officials are willing to admit. "Karlov heard he needed to wear body armor...but...chose not to don the protective gear since Obama promised him he was safe in Turkey," whispered U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh).
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In the Muslim side of Jerusalem...sits the historical house of Joseph...the father of Jesus. Tourists find the place to be too stinky to visit. The local Muslim population use the house as a urinal...pissing on its walls and floors any time they feel the urge to make a public statement for Allah. Indeed...most Muslims..as they're urinating...recite Qu'ran verses and always end with ALLAHU AKBAR.
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As shocking as it might seem to the socialist ruling elite of America...people don't choose enslavement when given the chance to escape its smutty grip. In Kentucky...a state Obama declared a model of state-imposed socialism...for example...Republicans acquired a governmental-majority...the voters rebuking TEAM OBAMA in a proverbial "smack-down". VIVA TRUMP!
People know when Gerald F. Seib...a rabid freedom-hater...enters the room. The stultifying stench so overwhelming...people depart gasping for fresh air,(WSJ A-11;12-20-16). Indeed...Gina McCarthy...head-goon at the so-called Environmental Destruction Agency...declared a SMOG ALERT when she heard Seib was going to be in Washington D.C.
Ali Kain...a used car-dealer...sold 10,000 used cars to a dude in Benin, Africa who in turn sold those 10,000 cars to Hezbollah who then used* those cars to transport troops to the front in Syria and Iraq to fight Islamic State. Because Islamic State is a puppet for the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)...that stream of cash had to be stopped.
*Hence...Obama directed his goons at the Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) to leak a rumor that DRUG CARTELS were behind the car-sale gambit. Instantly...mullet-wrappers such as the Wall Street Journal picked up the rumor and published it,(WSJ A-10-12-20-16).
In the socialist paradise of Venezuela...a place Hillary Clinton called wondrous...Maduro declared the $100 bolivar bank note would become worthless on 01-02-17 even though on the date of his proclamation the $100 bolivar was worth about 3 CENTS (U.S.). In a free market economy...such a proclamation would never be issued since anyone who tried as much would be instantly flogged and banished. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-9;12-20-16).

Imagine you worked your whole life scrimping...saving...foregoing pleasures...all toward saving a nest egg when old age finally stopped production...only to discover the SAVED MONEY had become worthless. Imagine as much and you'll sense the horror afoot in that socialist paradise of Venezuela.
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Instead of locating their coal-fired power plants atop mountains...the Chinese communists constructed them in valleys. Hence...when an inversion layer arrives(cold air over hot air)...a common occurrence in China...a veritable cork in bottle effect manifests trapping the coal-plant and car emissions much* more dangerous,(WSJ A-8;12-20-16).
*In some parts of Beijing...government data showed levels of tiny, lung-damaging pollution particles known as PM 2.5 near 400 micro-grams per square meter...375 micro-grams more than is considered safe. In Shijiazhaung...the PM2.5 levels rose to 1.105 micro-grams. So thick was the smog...people were using sticks to tap about to avoid tripping.
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Did you know your cell-phone was examined by the police? If you are curious you might ask your local sheriff if he's involved in that illegal activity. If he's involved...he needs to be evicted* from office and anyone working for him who participated should also be fired and marked for public derision.
*Investigators were caught recently in Vero Beach,Florida scanning innocent people's cellphones without search warrants to try to find criminals.
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Coal and natural gas. Which of the two produces the most bang for the buck? It has been decided that COAL is KING! Unlike gas which requires huge containment facilities...COAL can be stored just about anywhere and requires little maintenance. The coal-fired boilers which run the turbines that produce the electricity are easier to repair and maintain making the overall COAL-to-JUICE process cheap and simple. HENCE...OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...passed a RULE to eliminate COAL,(WSJ A-4;12-20-16).
no image
Russell Moore...leader of the Southern Baptist Convention...came forward during the 2016 presidential campaign to denounce TRUMP. Nowadays...though...many in that organization are wondering when Moore will leave his perch. They discovered Moore was not a freedom-lover but a BIG GOVERNMENT advocate who liked watching people get crushed by it,(WSJ A-3;12-20-16).

 Commenting on Moore's obvious failure...Albert Mohler...another parasite...told a cub reporter Russell Moore was promised kingdoms and glories in exchange for his fealty to CAMP-CLINTON,(Matthew 4:8).
Yes...folks...you know you're in a Democrat-controlled area when there is a 15 cent per ounce tax on colas and sport drinks with an expected cost of $19 million to such consumers. Naturally...that $19 million will be used to pay for government employee salaries and extravagant pensions...but...when you're inside a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE where such taxes are possible...you must expect to kneel and worship their idols,(WSJ A-2;12-20-16).
Muslims struck European open-markets including one in Berlin. Using a truck to run down shoppers...a rag head...singing Islamic prayers...drove a vehicle into a surprised and horrified crowd killing at least 9 people and hurting many others. Yes...folks...that same kind of Islamic mayhem could come to America if we're not vigilant. VIVA TRUMP!
If Scott Pruitt has his way at the euphemistically called Environmental Protection Agency(think Gold King Mine-Animus River fiasco)...most of the worker bees at that hellish department will be deleted...sent home without anything more than thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their selfless, drooling public service. In his Congressional confirmation hearings...he should tell the scumbag-Democrats he plans on exquisitely deleting the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...along with...identifying every LIAR who opposes liberation of the subjugated. VIVA PRUITT!
FALSE POLL? Yes...folks...even the POLITICO publishes "false polls" to support whatever narrative its malcious scribblers choose. Recently...a POLL was supposedly taken wherein TRUMP has the lowest approval numbers of any president-elect. Of course...if that POLL had said otherwise...it would not have been published and the pollsters would have remained unpaid.

As U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D. Oh) pointed out, "As a political magazine...the POLITICO has lost most of its patrons. The reason for the mass exodus can be traced to the editors' preference for the strictures of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein big stomp government directs from cradle to grave."
"But they all agreed!" U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) screamed when he was told 2+2 does not equal "5" even though the scientific consensus was that 2+2 = 5 not "4"...adding rhetorically..."If people won't believe that scientific consensus...how could they believe mankind is causing Mother Earth into flames to burst?"
The Russian ambassador to Turkey was in Ankara attending government functions. This BLOG warned him to wear bullet-proof clothing...but...naturally...because he was a Cossack...he didn't fear some scrawny frog-like Turk. Hence...when the coward-Turk shot him 7 times in the back...though...in his final moments...he wished he had taken that WARNING seriously instead of believing it to be "fake news".
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Atop the mountain...the air was crisp and clean while in the valley due to an inversion layer( cold air over hot air) the air...clogged and thick with airborne goo and grime. People did not know when they built their homes in the valley the area was prone to inversion. However...when they discovered their oversight...they pulled up stakes and left of cleaner climes.

However...those who could not move or who liked the valley...joined together and passed a law that declared all fossil fuel use in the valley was prohibited. Indeed...when little Timmy tried to light his campfire at his cub scout camp...he was arrested and imprisoned for a thousand years!
Excuse-makers wanted. CAMP-CLINTON issued that alert when TRUMP thumped Hillary-the-hag. Many excuse-makers concluded Russian-hackers were the best explanation...while...others said James Comey's 2nd letter about criminal misconduct pushed the hag from the winner's circle. So many excuses flooded CAMP-CLINTON they simply were unable to pick the best of the best and settled for a MASS MEDIA coordinated assault on President Putin and a white-supremacist voting bloc. HUH?
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Escaping the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...seemed improbable. Yet...Travis Kalanick took the advice of this BLOG and ignored the "can't"...and..."don't" aspects of the CAGE...and...began UBER TECHNOLOGIES using the business model provided by this BLOG. Nowadays...Travis has been told he can't use "driver-less" cars....robotic vehicles. Yet...based on what this BLOG has foreseen...Travis can achieve this vector.
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The Environmental Destruction Agency recently elected to change the scientific conclusion FRACKING does not harm the water supply to the conclusion that hydraulic fracturing was harmful...a complete and opposite conclusion. Naturally...the MASS MEDIA won't herald the "truth"...but...will publish the LIE since the MASS MEDIA wants America to return to a time of tent and mule...a time when people looked to government to tell them how to live,(WSJ A-20;12-19-16)
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While CAMP-CLINTON relied on the "dependent-nature" of voters...TRUMP asked them to look for another way to prosperity. The voting trends* were revealing as to such voter-preference. Those voters receiving socialist-benefits chose CAMP-CLINTON...while those voters who wanted to remove the shackle chose Trump. VIVA TRUMP!
*Hillary-the-hag defeated Trump in every venue where the voters are dependent on government. In California...for example...where slaves are everywhere...Clinton won.
"We can't cut taxes because government won't have enough money to continue its enslavement of America," shouted U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...a rabid freedom-hater and a despicable spirit. Of course...scumbag-Schumer was speaking about TRUMP'S proposed dismantling of this horrific 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein demons such as Gina McCarthy and Sally Jewell use their power to hurt people.
David Schoenbrod doesn't understand "why" America must eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE. He simply can't grasp the idea that people can be free and don't need scumbags such as he trying to tell them how to live. He's the sort of person who comes up to you and tells you you can't drink 16 ounce cokes or eat a Twinkie. He's the jerk you spit on when you see him walking down the street just to let him know you know, eh Dave?
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Despite warnings to consider Obama little more than a dung-throwing monkey...many Syrian rebels ignored the alert and are now dead. TRUMP knows how distrusted Americans have become due to Obama. He'll have to demonstrate an IRON FIST if he is to command respect from the rag heads. With respect to the horror that has become Syria...TRUMP will need to work with President Putin and President Assad on rebuilding that war-torn land. VIVA TRUMP!
Why did Rexnord Corp. choose to leave the United States? Answer: It struggled under federal, state and local grip and grab combined with union overreach lead by Tom Perez...Obama's Labor Secretary. The future of Rexnord was bleak if it did not escape CAGE-STOMP. Hence...Rexnord chose to leave. Why stay and become some big government meal-plan?
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Human sacrifice and horrific regulations made the Mayan culture too much to suffer...so its people left. The laws were too embedded....too protected by the MASS MEDIA and its vested interests...and...hence...the only solution was to flee such a nasty NANNY STATE CAGE...escaping thereby the grip and grab of the would-be masters. Indeed...so many Mayans left...that...the few who remained couldn't find anyone to slaughter so they fell upon each other...consuming...and..finishing off whatever culture into which the remaining Mayans had devolved.
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Delete the laws which created these bureaucratic leviathans...and...America would breathe free again. Yet...it won't happen since the ESTABLISHMENT is protected by a complicit MASS MEDIA which knows all too well as America dismantles its NANNY STATE CAGE...the MASS MEDIA so attached to that "grip and grab" will also suffer and perhaps disappear due to a lack of continued patronage.
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A tick embeds itself into the flesh of its victim and sucks out blood...only dropping off when too bloated to hold on any longer. Such is the description of most of the federal bureaucracy. Eliminate the laws which created these parasites...and...everyone can go about their business free from such assault. VIVA TRUMP!
When Jason Miller...a spokesman for TEAM-TRUMP...was asked about the strength of the loudmouthed opposition to TRUMP...opposition to his effort to liberate America from the clutches of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...Jason laughed...and...replied, "Ew-ee-goo-ee" was a worm...and...a mighty worm was he. One day...he climbed on to a railroad track...and...ew-ee-goo-ee!
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While the complicit MASS MEDIA won't reveal OBAMA has slaughtered thousands of children in the Middle East...other social media outlets have. Many of his air strikes...for example...were indiscriminate in their targeting more often than not obliterating hospitals and schools packed with children. Sure...an accurate body count hasn't been certified...but...almost every military pundit knows the horror OBAMA delivered and what a war criminal he really is. VIVA TRUMP!
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TV show host Jerry Springer told a cub reporter he could increase his TV ratings and escape getting cut from the TV roster in 2017 if he simply endorsed OBAMA and demanded an investigation into Russian hacking. He also wanted to know if TRUMP'S properties were being blown up in other countries would he send military personnel to protect his property as he would do for anyone else in that same position. "Would he protect his property as much as any other American's property?" snidely asked Springer.
U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) was asked about immigration law in America and replied, "Germans are frightened by the recent attacks by Muslims. They know Islam requires Muslims to kill infidels and Germans are...of course...considered as much. "Every German has a target on his or her back," whispered Chancellor Merkel as she looked at the latest reports of bombing and killings."
When you Chevy...you Chevy with everyone else...but...when you Rolls...you rolls alone," quipped Lois Lerner* when asked about the 23 IRS employees...her comrades...who were caught spending $1.4 million on lavish hotels and entertainment. "They even had the Dalai Lama come to their hotel suite and play his sitar while naked Hawaiian ladies swayed and swooned," noted a federal official involved with the investigation.
*Lois Lerner was caught and refused to speak injecting her 5th amendment right against self-incrimination.
In the South China Sea...a U.S.Navy underwater drone was captured by the nimble Chinese Navy who: (i) spotted this underwater spying apparatus on its sophisticated G-putty sonar...(ii) threw out a drag-net...and...(iii) caught the 1200 foot long monster. VIVA XI DADA!

Angry about the interception...Obama...ever the dung-slinging monkey...demanded its return. "We want our drone back!" shouted Obama through a megaphone as he looked out on a crowd of admiring patrons who came to observe this monkey throw dung.

In response...a Chinese official told Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry...they were not only keeping the drone...but...were going to build a billion just like it and flood the oceans and rivers with them. "We will use underwater drones...designed by the Americans...to spy on the Americans," quipped Lin Wang-Lee...a tight-lipped dude dressed in military garb.
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Not only is Obama a dung-throwing monkey but he's an inveterate LIAR...a true scumbag...the kind of slime slug you squish. This monkey told the world if you like your doctor or your health insurance plan...under OBAMA-CARE...you can keep both. Period. Of course...he was LYING. Now...this same MONKEY is grabbing TV time to tell the world President Putin wrongfully injected himself into the 2016 election cycle. Again...another LIE. But when you're a dung-throwing monkey...playing the role of LIAR is quite fitting.
Hillary Clinton was the one who directed the destruction of 33,000 emails in an effort to hide her "pay-to-play" scheme she conducted while Secretary of State. When Clinton's adversaries discovered her effort to HIDE...they capitalized on her misdeed...and...its serial publication...reminding voters what a scoundrel Hillary had become.
*Katy Tur...a nasty lady with an obvious hate for Trump...agreed Clinton had been caught committing criminal acts and most people in most states simply could not choose such a scoundrel as she.

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Mr. M. Nance told a cub reporter Russia was not the hacker. It was made to appear as if Russia were hacking...but...it was not the Russians. Yes...scumbags at FBI and CIA to keep the narrative going declared Russian officials were behind the hacking even though clearly untrue. The reason for this latest accusation isn't well understood but it might very well be Obama's parting way of leaving some monkey-dung to be cleaned up.
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The MASS MEDIA has been decimated by news outlets featured in social media. To shut down such news access...Mark Zuckerberg...FACEBOOK dude...told his worker bees to sift and glean and make sure only pro-socialist and pro-Eco-fascist news is revealed on FACEBOOK. Reacting to his betrayal...FACEBOOK users are departing by the millions. They don't want to be told what to do by the likes of Zuckerberg or any other scumbag.
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Joseph and Mary hunkered down in east Aleppo...waiting for their bus ride out of that beleaguered city. Their destination a United Nations' refugee camp where water, food, clothing, shelter and spending money awaited them. Naturally...Joseph was suspect* since he was of a fighting age and had a few scars across his cheeks. But he and Mary were promised he would be able to board the bus without hinder or hassle...even if...previously...he'd been a jihadist trying to overthrow President Assad.
*Of course...among the refugees are Islamic State troops who could not escape before the Russians and Syrian teams surrounded Aleppo and commenced a door-to-door eradication process. Anyone left in the area once evacuation completed...deemed combatant...and...deleted.
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...publicly threatened President Putin with "retaliation". When President Putin was informed what Obama was throwing...he laughed and replied, "The American people come January 20, 2017 will have a real leader in the Oval Office...a gentleman with whom my country will do much business. In many ways...Trump represents "Peace on Earth".
John Podesta foolishly clicked on an email and that email wasn't a legitimate email but a disguised siphon grabbing all his data. Then...Julian Assange...who was betrayed by Hillary Clinton...published Podesta's emails...and...revealed how nasty and mean CAMP-CLINTON behind the scene. Assange told America Hillary was "bad seed"...too evil...too filthy...ever to lead.
"Stop discussing taste...and...show us the pudding," quipped President Putin when he was told Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...declared the Russians were behind revelations of Democratic Party wrong-doing. Of course...Obama can't show such proof since he lacks any. His purpose is to undermine Trump's victory and to sully Trump's relationship with President Putin. Naturally...the complicit MASS MEDIA is all too ready to assist in this FALSE ACCUSATION PROCESS! VIVA TRUMP!
Folks...Tom Wheeler...that scumbag who pushed NET-NEUTRALITY...will not be in government after 01-20-17. He's resigning from the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) after infringing on the Internet. People will be able to identify him and spit on him since this BLOG plans on having a retinue of harbingers surrounding him and telling people he's a scumbag and responsible for most of their misfortune.
Due to the intercession of this BLOG...Denver's mayor, Mike Hancock...suspended the ordinance which empowers police to remove campers from public areas. When the Denver police took away tents and blankets from people in 20 degree below zero weather...making the perils of homelessness even more perilous...this BLOG sprang into action...and...funded a homeless shelter for anyone who needed a place to stay,(WSJ A-3;12-16-16).
Chinese President Xi Jingping...in China...is called: XI DADA...an affectionate reference to his prowess and grandeur. Around the world...nowadays...XI DADA is not only well-known but well-liked. In America...people consider him one of the great leaders of the early days of the 21st century and hope he and Trump can merge interests so everyone is better off. XI DADA!
Mark Zuckerberg violated his own creed* when he agreed to sift and glean FACEBOOK content. Indeed...FACEBOOK is going out of business. People don't want Zuckerberg or anyone else trying to tell them they can't read or hear what they wish to observe. "Fake news" is "fake news"...and...anyone with GOOGLE access can discover the falsehood in a nanosecond.
*Take for example the rabid beaver story which went viral. Hillary Clinton was said to have insulted beavers and in anger they chewed threw her wooden-campaign. Zuckerberg...showing his incredible lack of intelligence...was so fooled he paid beaver trappers $100,000 to apprehend the wayward critters.
The Russians are being blamed* for hacking Democrat email and computer systems. Federal officials conceded the nefarious activities of the Democrats drew worldwide curiosity. Almost every Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist wanted to know "how" CAMP-CLINTON could escape prosecution when their misconduct was so widely known throughout the civilized world,(WSJ A-1;12-16-16).
*James Clapper...a National Security Adviser...told a cub reporter...for those who wished to know...the hostile-hacking was done by non-Russians!
Strivr Labs,Inc. collaborated with the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG in the construction of WAR-BOT(tm). Using virtual reality software...WAR-BOT(tm) is an impregnable battle system,(WSJ B-4;12-15-16). Secretary of Defense James "mad dog" Mattis has agreed to buy WAR-BOT(tm) so that American soldiers don't have to be in harm's way...the bots are sent instead. VIVA TRUMP!
Russian President Putin was not involved in any material way with any hacking of American political computers. While federal officials say otherwise...few Americans believe them. Americans know most federal officials are ghouls and goons...dedicated to the destruction of liberty. "As soon as I heard federal officials were saying Putin was involved...I knew Putin didn't have any involvement whatsoever," quipped U.S.Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky).
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Women and children are departing Aleppo while the men are not. They know the Assad-team will slaughter them since they were considered rebels whether they were or not. "They'll shoot us all...then...thrown some quick-lime...and...cover up our bodies in some mass grave," whispered Tim al-Rahem Wassi-boo...a young male adult with MOTHER tattooed on his chest.
U.S.Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee told a cub reporter she didn't believe President Putin was involved in the hacking of Democrat political computers...but...because his involvement was part of the Democrat-explanation for why Democrats lost so much in 2016...she had to say whatever she was told to say. Hearing what Rep. S.J.Lee said...Russian President Putin laughed and called the American witch-hunt the kind of idiocy for which America has become known.
TRUMP needs to ignore the hateful MASS MEDIA. They're not reporting news...they're pushing whatever anti-liberty narrative their handlers direct. They're the proverbial propaganda-artists. Take Sara Murray for instance. Her credentials lackluster...but...because she vehemently hates Trump...she has been put on the Communist News Network(CNN) to denounce and undermine whatever TRUMP wants.
Robbing a bank nowadays is almost impossible. However...robbing Uncle Sugar is quite easily accomplished. Take Solyndra and Fisker Motors for example. They grabbed big bucks and then proceeded to go bankrupt.

Since only a complicit bankruptcy judge and trustee would know about the "grabbing"...the people behind Solyndra and Fisker Motors grabbed the money...and...folded their companies. They got rich fleecing the American people and they got away with it since they washed their sins in bankruptcy.

 As U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer said when asked about the Department of Energy's $30 billion budget, "It's the best way to steal since it's taken from taxpayers...the most ignorant and sheep-like bunch ever imagined."
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Unlike state court judges who must defend their niche every election cycle...federal judges are granted their post for life. TRUMP understands the difference and expects federal judges during his time in office to be fair and reasonable along with supporting his effort to dismantle their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein they can dictate with impunity.
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An army nowadays can't hide its heat signature...particularly in a desert scenario since at night the infra red signature is not only observable...but...can be used as a homing signal for anti-personnel bombs and missiles. So...how did 4000 Islamic State troops and equipment sneak up on the 100,000 Russian and Syrian troops stationed around Palmyra...and...surprise them in such a dramatic fashion?
"Brexit" is a new word that was forged by one of the editors of this BLOG in 2011. After the word was created...it was published so that the world could learn a new word: BREXIT. A dude named Peter Wilding heard about this BLOG'S new word...and...adopted it for his own uses. As Fiona McPherson...an Oxford Dictionary aficionado...put it, "BREXIT is about the best word ever created."
"It can't happen!" screamed President Putin when he heard Islamic State retook Palmyra. "How did 4000 Islamic State terrorists marshal their forces and drive Russian and Syrian troops from that Syrian city?" asked President Putin as he looked at satellite photos showing Islamic State troops gesticulating toward the sky thumbing their noses,(WSJ A-10-12-15-16).
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Michael Bloomberg knows man-caused climate change is nonsense. But...he makes big bucks off the myth and as such he is one if its most ardent advocates declaring Mother Earth into flames is about to burst and mankind must throw away fossil-fuel stuff...and...return to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule...a time where people such as Mike would sit about the campfire...singing and dancing til dawn.

"What gets measured better...gets managed better," scumbag-Bloomberg quipped as he looked at another power plant closed and its customers having to use candles and bucket for toilet,(WSJ A-9;12-15-16).
Historians will recount how TRUMP in the early days of the 21st Century took power and used it to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. The story will be about how he was told "you can't"...and...to anyone* who said as much...Trump would reply, "Get behind me, Satan!" (Matthew 4:8). Yes...folks...TRUMP plans to slice through the metaphorical Gordian Knot and liberate America from the clutches of this CAGE and its would-be masters. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-4;12-15-16).
*Eliminating rules and strictures on the American economy will be easy and quickly done. Anyone obstructing will be "fired"...or...IGNORED. But...everyone in government will be directed to delete any vestiges of "grip and grab".
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Democrats laughed when TRUMP promised to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. "We have protected our CAGE and it can't be dismantled. We are protected from the American voter. We can tell them what to do...and...they must obey...or...we stomp," declared U.S.Senator Joe Manchin(D.W.Va.) as he read an article declaring the NANNY STATE could not be eradicated. It was permanent and everyone had to kneel and worship its purpose,(WSJ A-4;12-15-16).
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With the massive interference in farming by big grab government...more and more farms are disappearing. Now...TEAM OBAMA has passed a rule that will finish the destruction. The farmer can now ask the Dept. of Agriculture to step into contract negotiations and force the packing companies to pay more. This FAIRNESS-RULE will force meat packers and other processors to become vertically integrated and not deal any longer with small farms and their needs,(WSJ A-3;12-15-16).
When Hillary Clinton was conducting her illegal "pay-to-play" scheme while Secretary of State...U.S.Rep. Elijah Cummings turned his head and ignored it. Yet...when there is an issue about TRUMP and his lease on that Post Office on Pennsylvania Ave...Cummings came forward indignant...angry...and...ready to hurt TRUMP any way he can.
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Mitt 'the nit' Romney was described by Exxon-Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson as KING OF THE ZOMBIES...a reference to a Dick Purcell thriller about Zombies who try and disturb the enjoyment of life.

"Why can't every American enjoy the fruits of liberty?" asked TRUMP of Mitt. Instead of telling TRUMP how to delete the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...that omnivorous maw of freedom...Mitt promised to do TRUMP'S bidding if it meant elimination of freedom.

Of course...TRUMP told this OBVIOUS freedom-hater he'd get back to him and then appointed Exxon Mobile Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State and Rick "eliminate them" Perry...a Texas Tech graduate...as Secretary of Energy. WOW!
When people view the Great Wall of China...a human edifice observable from the space station...they conclude the Chinese were successful in preventing their socialist empire from being overrun by immigrants looking for a full storeroom. They promised their inhabitants...if they erected such an obstacle...that there would be few ways left for parasites to enter and drain the public coffers leaving plenty for those seeking government benefit and favor.

The WALL represented the intention to subjugate those imprisoned by such a WALL and keep out any enterprising entrepreneur who had an idea totally foreign to the closed-minded.

What if TRUMP were to inform Mexico...for instance...that free trade means no taxes...no regulation...no interference with the otherwise free and unhampered market? Such a communique would transform America instantly. People would ask Mexican and Canadians what they needed...and..within seconds...that "satisfaction of an express need" would be dispatched...sent through people who know how to convey things. VIVA TRUMP!