Sunday, January 31, 2016

"grasping at straws"

Hillary Clinton described the latest bevy of emails as over-classification run amok. Equally framed was her depiction of the Republican investigation as little more than "grasping for straws".


Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) was overheard saying that one of the Hillary Clinton emails addressed the lack of firepower at the embassy compound and obviously informed any hacker that an Ambassador could be easily killed. So reckless that endangering that's too sensitive to be published lest Bernie Sanders prevail.

We're so sorry, Uncle Albert

Email? Well...kettle's on the boil and we're so easily called away. Such the explanation of Hillary Clinton when asked to account that day. As Hillary put it, "Admiral Halsey notified me...if he didn't have a berth he couldn't go to I stepped back had a cup of tea and butter pie."

Bill Clinton's bong

When asked why he and Hillary as a couple not strong...Bill replied, "It's hard to kiss lips at night that chew your ass all day long."


Bernie Sanders with the assistance of some well-financed Democrats and fat cat corporations has demonstrated SOCIALISM SELLS. If he can achieve power...he can send America down the socialist toilet...something* he calls America's destiny.
*Most "low-information" voters don't know that in the America...socialism was tried on a massive scale in counties and towns throughout the northeast. Every time it was failed because only a few members of that bunch voluntarily produced...while the others relied on such production. When they ran out of others people money...socialism evaporated. Marching to the fields while people sat on their porches cheering them onward lost its attractiveness quickly with every socialist experiment disappearing as those producers wised up and concluded they were enslaved.


Hillary Clinton was expected to be anointed. But Bernie Sanders has so far undermined that coronation. By might very well be that Clinton is sidelined with New Hampshire putting the final nail in that political coffin. Democrat Jon Corzine pointed out, "Clinton can't survive that investigation."


Why is enslavement more likely than liberation? And why has Sanders escaped excoriation for his socialist views? Could the MASS MEDIA want America to be enslaved? Can the MASS MEDIA have so much power it can impose its evil bent on freedom-loving Americans?  Can the MASS MEDIA pick the slate of would-be leaders from which a winner is to be selected? And...if is America different from Iran where a GUARDIAN COUNCIL sorts out the "good and qualified" from "other"?


Senator Bernie Sanders grew visibly shaken with anger as he fumed about the attack on his honor and loyalty to socialism. He was a devout socialist...ready to kill to advance cause...and...resented any voiced-suspicion to the contrary.


At least Ohio Gov. John Kasich was honest when he told voters there were 3 ways to reach the pinnacle of power: (i) KEY (ii) CAGE or (iii) amalgam of (i) and (ii).


In the public schools...children are taught socialism. They're told to be cattle and sheep to be controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. And the Sanders' campaign polling numbers demonstrate how well the public school teachers have taught such enslavement.


The Washington Post was always courted by TEAM CLINTON...even from the earliest days in power. was obvious a marker had been called when the Washington Post ran a headline lambasting Sanders-the-socialist. They portrayed him as a LIAR...a person who promises what can't be given...a socialist with Swedish underpinnings...and...worse.


Buried deep inside Hillary's inner circle is a Sanders' mole...and...likewise a Clinton mole lurks close to Sander's strategy-team. Each knows what the other is about to do and plays for that event. Maybe Sanders already knows the "fix" is in as far as the email debacle goes...and...thus...isn't wasting time and money decrying such stuff.


Who told Hillary Clinton it was "proper" to use a private email system when handling ultra top secret data? Did she hear it from Obama? Did she hear it from U.S.Attorney General Eric the Holder? From whom did she receive such BAD ADVICE?


While it's presented as random and hence unscripted...recent voter interviews...on scene...are anything but "real". Indeed...most of these impromptu interviewees are actors or actresses vying for recognition and their portrayal as stylish and evocative as possible. One lady...for example...practiced crying for several weeks...her husband slapping her hard on the cheek and then watching if it made her pucker and seem more sincere. By the time she was on-camera on TV at a Sanders' campaign event...she was tearful...her voice cracking...her need for other people's money obvious.


Soothsayers...palm readers...whisperers of destiny...and...the rest all have proclaimed the winner of the 2016 Presidential race: MARTIN O'MALLEY. Yes...folks...that former mayor of Baltimore...MARTIN O'MALLEY...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater of the 1st order...was selected by the "ghost crowd" as the one who would eventually be elected president in 2016.

Are they correct? Or is Bernie Sanders the person they meant to name but didn't because it was too cryptic even for them to simply guessed it was O'MALLEY not Clinton, Trump or Cruz. In the forecasting's not the guessing the worst part proves.


If you suffered an increase in your healthcare insurance premiums...don't be surprised. As with all the other LIES the Democrats told...and...are...still...telling...OBAMA-CARE is a terrible law and must be repealed. Despite Hillary Clinton's proclamation to build on OBAMA-CARE...most voters* don't want such intrusion any more.
*Sanderistas want single-payor healthcare such as in SWEDEN and VENEZUELA.


What would cause a voter to drive 2 hours in terrible winter conditions? What attracts when the hazard of travel so dramatic should bad luck appear? Trump, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz are names which will motivate and draw forth from Iowa tomorrow night.


Interest in outcome and enthusiasm in bringing such about combine to add momentum in the Iowa caucus route. If Sanders defeats Clinton...and...Cruz beats Trump...the entire national political scene...determined by a speech on a stump.


Outrageous but true. Most of the foreign policy setbacks suffered by TEAM OBAMA can be traced to Hillary Clinton's private email server. Indeed...that email server was Grand Central Station for spies as they examined the most top secret data and then used it to advance their own agendas. Such is "why" President Putin took Crimea and "why" President Xi built his naval base on Fiery Reef in the Spratly Islands.


Medicaid is funded by taxpayers. In Florida...the annual Medicaid package costs each Floridian about $590.00. But...Governor Scott won't point to big foot government as the cause since he's part of it. Why not preach liberation, Governor Scott? Why not demand the Legislature repeal all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE in Florida? Why not, Rick?

Wallis and Frey

Rev. Jim Wallis was asked about GLENN FREY. In answering the question...Wallis asked if FREY died a Republican or Democrat. When told FREY was a freedom-fighting Republican...Wallis's face contorted...becoming a demon's page...he drooled venom and hatred...exposing himself as another knee-crooking knave.


Bernie Sanders wants America to be similar to Sweden or Venezuela when it comes to government-run healthcare. Yes...Sanders has never waited in line for medical care and has ignored veterans' calls to his U.S.Senate office demanding government get out of healthcare and permit them to seek better medical care from private providers. When asked about his avoiding such phone calls...Bernie Sanders declared, "I hate freedom. I will give Americans what I think best. They'd better accept it or I'll have my federal thought police shoot them!"


It's as likely as not Trump will run the table* so to speak and be the Republican nominee with socialist-Sanders on the other side. Yes...Hillary Clinton can't escape the same fate which befell General Petraeus.
*There is some room to consider RAND PAUL and TED CRUZ. Both are great Americans and would be great presidents. They want to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. As Mike Huckabee said, "It might very well be TRUMP is really a nasty, foul-mouthed mean and evil as Sanders."


Yes...Hillary Clinton answered questions for 11 hours before a U.S.House of Representative the time...she knew they didn't have the data needed. No...that information was not made available until last week.

Obviously...Hillary Clinton stalled the RELEASE of that information for as long as she could. But...nowadays...with so many sharks swimming about...there had to be something which didn't get swept under the proverbial rug and now America knows Hillary Clinton trampled on national security when she relied on her private email server. Sure...she avoided public scrutiny during her tenure as Secretary of State by such private email use...but...she also compromised national security.

Indeed...President Xi Jingping acknowledged he had a front row seat and knew what TEAM OBAMA was planning and not planning during Hillary's time as Secretary. "We built the military base on Fiery Reef because we knew Obama wasn't about to make noise over it," President Xi confided as he discussed how much China had advanced in its empire building since Hillary took office.


Another setback suffered by Theranos was the Capital BlueCross directive to stop taking blood at tits outlets. It might very well be THERANOS will survive this big foot government "stomp and chomp"...but...its competitors have so much invested in its demise...few officials in the Obama administration believe it can survive.

Pam Keith

Democrat Pam Keith says she loves socialism and would do all she could eliminate what little liberty remains and replace it with "freedom-to-obey'' something she found wondrous when she was regional legal counsel stationed in Bahrain.


Call it gambit...but...RAND PAUL might very well be able to gather enough support in Iowa and New Hampshire that he can ascend to the #1 spot in the field of Republican hopefuls. Even Trump conceded RAND PAUL was favored in large swaths of Iowa and New Hampshire.


Another indication of the the destruction unleashed on America is the closing of 150 Wal-Mart stores. TEAM OBAMA attacked mercilessly and as with all private sector businesses under such assault...eventually...Wal-Mart folded its tent and commenced to depart regions where an odd mix of socialism and fascism have become entrenched,(WSJ B-3;01-30-16).

Chris Koopman

Chris Koopman...a writer for Mercatus Center...suggested that Virginia...for example...could have 10,000 more hospital beds and 40 more hospitals offering MRIs if the certificate of need(CON) restrictions did not exist. Take away big foot government stifle and hinder and American medical costs would plummet. But then the big shots who control the CON wouldn't have a source of power or corrupt income.


Girl or boy. Binary indicates a preference for the person to be as God made them to be. Ah...yes...binary,(WSJ A-9;01-30-16)..


Before any Syrian rebel reposes trust in anything Obama might say...he or she might want to review his track record. Once examined...anything Obama says will NEVER be trusted. Not ever! He's a dung-throwing monkey whose best gambit: betrayal and treachery.

"anchor baby"

Throwing mud...Trump tossed a big batch at Cruz when he chose to refer to Ted as an "anchor baby"...a pejorative term used to describe a baby born on American soil to an illegal immigrant mother thereby gaining instant status as a legal citizen. The mother is still illegally in America but her baby is an American citizen making deportation almost impossible.

Reacting to the demeaning reference...CRUZ pointed out that Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Russia while on a "paid-for-by-other-people" trip and that Hillary Clinton's email server was found to have such top secret stuff on it...not even the press will be shown* those emails!
*Senator Marco Rubio...who has read the offending emails...whispered that they're still too sensitive to be published.


We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. For those who are skeptical...or...blind...why not look around America and observe what is quickly becoming a 3rd world nation...huge deficits...rampant unemployment...and...production so sclerotic...almost moribund. Yes..big foot government is publishing statistics and other propaganda so voters don't know how bad their neighbor has it...but...many people are asking "how" do we make America great again. Are you?

Before you answer...why not consider an that liberates not subjugates. It's called the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. You know it must be EDEN when scumbags such as Bernie Sanders and Cornell West say it would take away their power to destroy,(think tax and spend).

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Symone Sanders

Symone Sanders does not know the evil she offers to others in the form of Bernie Sanders. While she might not care about the future....anyone voting for Sanders doesn't either.


Folks...we're in a WAR ON such...Americans must fight against this tsunami of grip and grab. Now...both sides of the aisle are discussing eliminating the federal income tax deduction for real estate taxes levied by states against voters' property. How idiotic to believe people will support more yoke and choke agenda stuff. Somehow...the politicians believe their better game is played when telling Americans they are to be even more enslaved.

We need to eliminate the income tax as it exists. Maybe a ONE PERCENT FLAT TAX...but never any more than ONE PERCENT...coupled with deductions for real estate taxes, charitable contributions and lifestyle costs...such a tax would be preferable. It would fund ONLY essential functions of government,(courts, police, national defense) with the rest left to the private sector to erect and maintain.

It can be done! Bernie Sanders is getting resistance from people who say his massive transformation of America into a socialist toilet bowl can't be accomplished...yet he had huge crowds screaming for such enslavement. Might those same kind of crowds be screaming for Trump because he will delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...resulting in the opposite of what Sanders wants?


Because big foot government created the should clean it up. Take for example the "homeless" issue. Most homeless people are homeless because somewhere big foot government erected some hurdle...some trap...some grip and worked its measured evil in such fashion as to produce homelessness. As Senator Rubio said, "Eliminate big government diktat...and...most of the homeless will find a way to get a home and a life."


Due to the criminal aspect of the email issue...the State Department declared it was going to perform its own investigation. The announcement from Secretary John "long jaw" Kerry came only a few days before the Iowa caucuses. Reacting to the announcement...Hillary said she didn't do anything WRONG. Yet...most voters suspect there is a great problem about to bubble forth and Clinton might not weather that STORM.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Obama is trying to undermine Hillary Clinton's campaign. Bernie was called to Obama's office and in a secret one-on-one interface Obama told him about the indictment Hillary was about to suffer. Obama was informing Sanders about this impending mess because when it happened...Obama expected Sanders to declare his intention to build on Obama's legacy with the same passion as Hillary was preaching.


One of the signs of a recession is the drop in orders for durable goods...things used to make other to speak. The December drop of over 5% was dramatic and signaled some tough times ahead. Most economists are blaming OBAMA-CARE and the Environmental Destruction Agency as culprits noting there had to be a reason and such was obviously involved.


Bernie Sanders tells crowds they can force their government to work for them. They can increase taxes...loot storerooms...and...receive the bounty of government thereby. Free medical public transport. Of course...only government people will have air conditioned cars and air conditioned houses...but...everyone else will be equally miserable. Ah...yes...socialist paradise come to America.


Reach across the aisle? If the Republican Senate would simply eliminate that 60 vote nonsense...they wouldn't have to speak to the Democrats and could proceed to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE over their obvious objection. The Republicans could delete the yoke and choke agenda and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market in spite of Democrat anger. So why not?

The answer is that most of the Republicans in the U.S.Senate want enslavement as much as the scumbag-Democrats but are too afraid to reveal their evil bent. However...the voters are demanding the filibuster-60 vote WALL be removed...and...with a Republican House and President...America can be made great eliminating* the CAGE and its victim-making entitlement system.
*The omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE or its entitlement system.


Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Trump appeared at Drake University together to raise money for the vets. The MASS MEDIA was livid that Trump was that strong he could ignore them...even berate on top.


A beleaguered Ambassador Stevens...hunkered down in his safe room in an embattled embassy...was told Hillary Clinton was fighting for him back in Washington D.C. Of course...later on...people found out Hillary Clinton had forsaken those Americans and left them to die in Benghazi. Indeed...many Democrats* find her campaign motto quite offensive and pathetic: FIGHTING FOR US! 
*Steve Kornaki...a MSNBC talking head...looked at her slogan and snorted, "She left 4 Americans to die...won't explain...won't tell why."

Brian Fallon talon

Talon...fang...and...claw. Brian Fallon while prowlin' consumed by Clinton's maw. Before today he supported Hillary all the way. But when he about her emails learned...instantly her character spurned.

over-classification run amok

When Hillary Clinton was asked about the 22 emails marked "top secret" but found on her private server...she grew loud and declared, "I did nothing wrong. This is over-classification run amok. Yes...enemies of America hacked my emails but never was there anything* there worth spying about."
*Unfortunately for Clinton...however...those 22 emails gave Russia the Crimea...Syrian President Assad assurances...and...the Spratly Islands to China.


The Republican hopefuls have been pounding away at Obama on his feckless foreign approach which seems as though it left town and gave away the farm. China established a strategic air base and naval station on Fiery Reef in the Spratly Islands...for instance...and...President Putin retook Crimea...two things that could not have occurred UNLESS both the Chinese and Russians knew* beforehand what TEAM OBAMA would do should such eventualities manifest.
*It's obvious the Chinese and Russians were reading Hillary Clinton's emails and gaining distinct advantage thereby.


Despite its designation as "ultra secret"...nevertheless...Hillary Clinton exposed such stuff to hackers. Nowadays...though...she's left having to declare she didn't do anything assertion many voters find DECEPTIVE.


Recently...Hillary Clinton* has been having to declare "I did nothing wrong" every time someone asks about her involvement in the Benghazi massacre. However...the movie, "13 hours" seems to accuse Clinton of reckless incompetence. Perhaps...the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders as a possible Democratic nomination front runner has its genesis in that debacle.
*Senator Elizabeth Warren told a cub reporter that surrounding Hillary Clinton are clouds of suspicion. Recall Senator Warren was caught LYING about her American Indian heritage in order to gain favor in government but avoided condemnation by offering to reveal dirt on 99% of Harvard's teaching corp.

$700 billion departs

Yes...Trump is having a beneficial affect already in America. Chinese investors are afoot in Florida and Texas buying up as much agricultural land as possible. The Chinese have $700 billion to spend. One Chinese businessman offered to buy St. Lucie County...all of it. He wants to bulldoze the entire county...erect a great wall and warehouse Syrian refugees at an annual rate of $10,000 per head.


Some Chinese are departing China with enough wealth to make their lives elsewhere as good as what they left in China. Travel guides are telling these emigrants to avoid Flint, Michigan due to POISONOUS WATER...and...San Bernardino due to dangers from terrorist.


As recently as November of 2015...economists and bankers expected OIL to be over $50 per barrel by February of 2016. Of course...they were absolutely wrong but when you're paid to GUESS...why not GUESS.


OIL is a commodity whose price reflects its abundance or scarcity. More OIL there is the lower its price per barrel. Bernie Sanders wants to commandeer this supply and demand phenomenon and direct who wins and who loses in that gamble. "I will make OIL cost $200 per expensive people won't be able to afford a car and will be forced to use public transport just the way they do in Sweden," fumed Sanders as he looked at the gasoline prices falling around the country undermining his man-caused climate change agenda.


Somehow...Cruz lost the debate last night? It's obvious the Clinton campaign officials know Cruz can defeat Hillary and directed their henchmen to put out this rumor.


Jane Mayer's ignorance so profound...she's dangerous. According to Jane...a person with a billion bucks can hurt people with impunity. How that billionaire achieves such results isn't explained since she belongs to the Cult of Envy and she doesn't have to cite examples...just spew venom. In America...the only person who can lawfully kill you is a police officer.


According to Senator Chuck Schumer...a rabid freedom-hater...Trump took a great risk when he boycotted the 01-28-16 debate preferring to spend his time raising $100 million for the vets. Of course...scumbag-Schumer was proven wrong. Trump eclipsed* the 7th Republican debate.
*Not only did he achieve the goal...but also...drew so much public attention that the debate across town was deemed "second tier". Nevertheless...voters are asking about his healthcare plan since one time...according to Schumer...told people he wanted socialized medicine so everyone was equally miserable and doomed.


In Des Moines, Roosevelt High School...Bernie Sanders stood before the student body and promised to enslave them and reduce their future to whatever he chose to paint. And to that declaration...the students screamed with adulation. Here was a real scumbag who would destroy what little liberty remained and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...something their public school teachers told them they should want most.


Folks...Mr. Cole and Mr.Ohanian finally read THE ECONOMICS OF THE PUBLIC WELFARE...a book written years ago...and...concluded as that writer did the GREAT DEPRESSION was caused by government and lingered longer than it should have because of government interference. They blamed Franklin Roosevelt for much of the misery that followed the 1929 stock market crash and pointed out recovery would have been measured in months instead of years. Naturally...this conclusion undermines Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Obama...but...most people won't ever heard because the MASS MEDIA is dedicated to hiding TRUTH.


Over 4800 cases of Zika virus related infant anomalies such as "bird beak"...and..."rat head" have bubbled up in socialist Brazil. Yes...folks...Brazil has Bernie Sanders like healthcare and the ZIKA VIRUS is stomping and chomping. Sure...they could have fought ZIKA using free market principles and have done away with it...but...socialists need infirmed and disabled people so they can continue helping them by looting the storeroom of others.

de Blasio's New York

Ask most New York City residents and they'll tell you the City has gone down hill quite a bit since socialist-Bill beame its mayor. Indeed...even his erstwhile supporters are having second thoughts about his ability to run the Big Apple.


Last night people threw their JEB BUSH signs down and walked away. He was timid...and...uncertain. When given the chance...JEB repeated his accomplishments as Governor of Florida...but...few listened. He was not the big noise any more...just another "has-been" trying to tell people he was still somehow relevant.

$10 million

This BLOG last night donated $10 million to the veteran effort Trump supported at Drake University.

Jap stealth fighter

The Japs have finally built their own stealth aircraft. It's taken them 20 years and they finally discovered how to accomplish that feat. When asked about the success...Prime Minister Abe exlcaimed, "With this jet...we can conquer the world once more!"


Speaking on condition of anonymity...Senator John McCain(R.Az) confided, "Senator Rand Paul might very well be a winner in Iowa. If he does well there and in New Hampshire...RAND PAUL could prevail.  And if he should win...he would definitely defeat Clinton and Sanders in a general election because he offers KEY...they offer more 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE."

Lt. Gen.John Nicholson

Fall-guy, Lt. Gen John Nicholson told a cub reporter from this BLOG that Afghanistan was lost should American troops be removed. He acknowledged the only way to keep Taliban from regaining control was to eliminate the socialist system of government BUSH-CHENEY imposed. "If BUSH-CHENEY had imposed a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market model...Afghanistan would not only be at peace but prosperous in ways unimaginable to pedants such as BUSH-CHENEY," Nicholson whispered as he reviewed his mission as leader of the American troops in that toilet bowl.


Yes...Susan Hedman...the Environmental Destruction Agency jerk in the Michigan area...was told she needed to put a device between the Flint River water and the public to decontaminate the water and make it less corrosive. She was also informed that if she did not put that device into the system...children would be poisoned...heart patients would suffer...and...the quality of life in that area would be terrible.

But...her team was implementing a WATER RULE and a disaster was needed to highlight the danger of "bad water". When Susan Hedman was told she would be the "fall-guy" she accepted the job. Yes...she'd be called names...but...the devastation and horror she could unleash was worth the infamy. _______________________
*In World War save the Zeppelin...crew members would jump to lighten the ship. She was so dedicated to the mission statement that she ignored the consequences of lead-poisoning and flooded the area with POISONED WATER...and...KEPT IT SECRET for 18 months! Gina McCarthy...head honcho...secretly thanked Susan for her "jump".

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What mom would?

Who supports Hillary Clinton? That question was answered recently by Carly Fiarino when she pointed out mothers would never support a woman who lied about how their sons died. Fiarino noted...Hillary knew how those 4 Americans died and yet she LIED in order to gain political advantage. It was despicable and disqualified her in the eyes of most mothers.


Folks...ISIS is a creation of the American Central Intelligence Agency,(CIA). It's purpose to be a BOOGY-MAN. President Eisenhower warned America about the military-industrial complex. Might ISIS be some stratagem of the ruling elite? Just listen to RUBIO...a member of the inner-council...tell America how dangerous that bunch of rag heads and you'll sense the puppet-like nature of the so-called Islamic State.


Despite Trump's absence...the Republican debate was lively and informative. Rand Paul said he would dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE while Ted Cruz said he'd erase big foot government's page.


Tad Devine...a devout socialist with evil shine...told a cub reporter Bernie's mission statement was to eliminate liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". When asked if that meant a bigger government...Devine acknowledged it would but people wanted to be directed from cradle to grave...forced to live as Devine felt best...and...whipped to worship at Sanders' behest.


Justice in America? It depends on who you are. Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion from clients and escaped condemnation. Hillary Clinton violated federal law and escaped prosecution. Lois Lerner...that scumbag at IRS...destroyed freedom on a mass scale and was given a pension and a commendation from Obama himself.


Silent...stoic...and...bewildered...JEB BUSH stood in the pilot house as his ship went down by the head. His campaign was built around a timid message...a "me-too" approach...offering stale platitude and unhinged commentary. In contrast...Trump, Cruz and Paul told their crowds they were there to liberate not subjugate...offering KEY over 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...with that message they're running ahead of the rest of the "same old, same old, just different bag" bunch.


Bernie Sanders was asked about his plan to grow government. Sensing trap...Sanders declared he'd help the poor...loot billionaire storerooms...and so much more. His refusal to answer that question about enslavement revealed the evil Sanders adores.

Whouley the ghoulie

Mike Whouley was spotted in the company of Bill Clinton which means Hillary Clinton's Iowa campaign foundered. He's the "trouble-shooter"...the pie-in-face dude...the one called when Lazarus must be resurrected. Might his shenanigans help...though...when most Democrats doubt her competence and trustworthiness?

Jeff Weaver

Jeff Weaver...campaign manager for Bernie Sanders...angrily pointed out that Martin O'Malley was put into the Democratic race to siphon off 3% to 5% of the voter pool thereby guaranteeing Clinton a victory in Iowa and New Hampshire. Mr. Weaver admitted Sanders was probably not nationally electable because he was a devout socialist...but...with the help of the MASS MEDIA...Sanders might very well eclipse Clinton.


Before motor-powered ships...sails were used. Hence...the captain who knew best the wind usually prevailed in battle. Indeed...if one had such favorable aspect...that captain was said to have the "wind gauge". Perhaps...Trump has mastered that necessity...and...commands the outcome. Some political pundits believe Trump will "run the table"...and...eclipse the rest of the field by July of 2016.

Why O'Malley?

Martin O'Malley was directed by Bill Clinton to enter the Democrat race for president so that Bernie Sanders would be deprived of that extra 3% to 5% which would deliver the nomination to Sanders. By siphoning off that 3% to 5% of the likely voters in the primary process...Hillary Clinton was assured the subsequent nomination by the Democratic National Committee.

On the Republican side...TEAM OBAMA along with Camp-Clinton looked at the roster and picked those who they thought were "losers" thereby assuring Clinton a complete victory in November of 2016. With those selected names...they dispatched their minions in the MASS MEDIA to push those candidates to the exclusion of the rest thereby guaranteeing Clinton would* face a "loser".
*What has so many people worried is that TRUMP might very well have been at the top of that now-infamous list. When asked about socialized medicine...for example...Trump said he liked enslavement and such would definitely make America great again. Was he kidding? Most people believe he was joking and thereby pointing out how much nonsense the Democrats are emitting to cloud and disrupt.


MSNBC talking head, Chuck Todd made some fairly nasty comments about Mr. Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz while extolling the virtues of Clinton and Sanders...his BIAS obvious...his hatred of freedom fang-like and dangerous.


Measuring stature and prowess? Well...there's tall...very tall...extremely tall...and...then...of course...RAND PAUL TALL!


"If I didn't feel right about it, and I'd be out there in the front yard splattering each other all over the place."(One-eyed Jacks). Perhaps such an understanding afoot presently between Trump and Cruz?

Trump and God

See you in heaven if you make the list, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey...Donald...did you hear about this one?


Demur and timid til confronted...most people prefer to be left alone. But when invaded...barbs traded...and...hatred in amity sown.

Local questions

On 01-27-16 at 7:00 pm at the Sebastian River High School...State Representative candidates will be there to answer questions and greet well-wishers. Fortunately for the Treasure Coast...the candidates are freedom-lovers and won't betray the good folks who sent them forth to protect their liberty.


What if Trump were to raise a billion bucks tonight for the vets of America? Would the MASS MEDIA congratulate him? Most political scientists say "no" since their mission statement to derail his campaign. It's as likely as not Trump...however...will remain steadfast and give his audience at Drake University a wonderful evening of entertainment and edification.


When Chernobyl blew up and radiation flooded Europe...the Soviet Union was doomed. People saw big foot government as the problem...its elimination the solution. So it is with the POISONING OF CHILDREN in FLINT, MICHIGAN by big foot government scumbags. Will Americans throw off the chains as the Soviets did?


Trump at Drake University. Will it be well-attended? Will it get national coverage? Will the import of his message be framed favorably by the MAS MEDIA? These questions and more swirl around Trump and his decision to BOYCOTT the debate tonight.


Obama told America the Iran-nuke deal would fetch peace and give the reformers in Tehran a chance to push the hardliners into further peaceful endeavors and away from world domination. Of course...such vision was nonsense. Just the other day...the GUARDIAN COUNCIL eliminated 7000 potential politicians because they weren't loyal to Islam and would refuse to nuke Manhattan when the time came to destroy the Great Satan.


In Iran...the GUARDIAN COUNCIL chooses the candidates for the election. Those selected are chosen for their ideological purity and their determination to eliminate what little liberty remains and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"(think ISLAM). If the candidate is willing to stone his own sister to death for impropriety...for example...that person is well on his way to being selected by the GUARDIAN COUNCIL.

In America...there isn't any so-called GUARDIAN COUNCIL only a bunch of laws designed to stifle competition in the political arena. Take Trump for instance. If it were anyone else...their candidacy would have been sidelined long ago. But his own wealth and notoriety were able to counter the acrimonious MASS MEDIA and he stands presently as front runner for the Republican nomination. In contrast...U.S.Senator Rand Paul...lacking the "prior billboards" recognition...and...pocketbook was quickly reduced to single digits in the polls...and...hence "side-lined".


If you're looking for local talent and exquisite skill in your financial planning effort...consider the technicians who are vertically integrated...and...can give "holistic" advice...the full to speak. Take for instance, Danny Howes(772-774-7970). He offers the entire package with so much imaginative aspect there is always a solution to your problem, confusion or worse.


The PROTECTION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG dispatched a special ops team to Caracas, Venezuela to protect Henry Ramos...leader of Parliament. Recall it was Henry Ramos who said socialism hurt Venezuela and it was his mission to restore a market-based economy. So determined is Mr. Ramos that his life will be in danger 24/7 as more and more socialists realize their time as would-be masters is over.


Hillary Clinton bragged about how she had eliminated the Libyan dictator and erected a stable democratic government...a place where the winner can loot the storeroom of the loser and kill any opposition thereto. It was a socialist paradise she designed...authored...and...imposed.
Nowadays...however...Libya is a boiling cauldron* of Shiite and Sunni antipathy as each vies for control of the socialist government.
*Because Hillary Clinton is a devoted freedom-hater...she didn't see anything wrong in erecting a socialist Democracy in Libya.


At Drake University...Trump will hold a town hall meeting with an expected standing-room-only crowd while across town the other Republicans will be debating on TV. FOX NEWS is angry at Trump since they'll lose 90% of their ratings and income stream due to his absence.


Prime Minister Najib Razak received a $700 million gift from King Salman. Somehow...that sum was wrongful and should not have been taken by the Prime Minister even if it were a private gift. While big foot government jerks are pushing that pejorative interpretation...everyone else doesn't seem to care. Indeed...Mohamed Apandi Ali...Malaysia's Attorney General...pointed out that people should mind their own business and leave freedom alone.


Two Christian football teams from two Christian high schools met for the final game but were not allowed to pray over the loudspeaker. The prohibition didn't extend to the field where the two teams met and together said the Lord's Prayer. Of course...freedom-haters were livid that even that prayer was permitted pointing out that big foot government* nowadays can intrude on private religious prayer and dictate its content.
*Jeremy Dys told Jacob of the players he would sue the State of Florida for this violation of the 1st amendment of the U.S.Constitution and Florida Law.


U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) has been given a chance to shine. When Trump refused to attend tonight's debate if Megyn Kelly were a gave RAND PAUL the opportunity he needed. His message must be one of liberation...offering liberty...and...prosperity. If he takes that position...every other Republican will have to tell the world "why" they aren't marching with him to "make salt". It'll be wondrous and a fulfillment of destiny if he chooses this message.

How juries stop tyranny

In London...6 speculators were charged and prosecuted with trying to fix interest rates. After hearing the facts...however...the jury acquitted all 6 defendants. Indeed...the leader of that jury said they were determined to fight tyranny and this verdict was their first salvo. They went on to describe the horror and evil inherent in the 20th Century NANNY STATE their VERDICT was the first step in the long road* to liberation.
*In Czarist Russia...juries acquitted Bolsheviks giving them free reign in Moscow and elsewhere thereafter.


In Flint, Michigan...a socialist paradise...the public water supply is quite poisonous and mustn't be consumed. Yet...big foot government didn't fix the problem but attempted to hide it even though CHILDREN were being POISONED. Typical socialist stuff...but...the MASS MEDIA won't blame big foot government* since to do so would subsume Bernie and Hillary instantly.
*They wish to bring the paradise of Flint to your home town.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ziggy Balloon

Hillary Clinton was asked about the FBI investigation by a gal sporting the label: ZIGGY BALLOON. Instead of answering the question...Clinton began to discuss her healthcare plan wherein everyone would get free medical care. After Clinton finished...ZIGGY BALLOON asked Hillary "why" she was avoiding answering that question about her which Clinton began to reveal her plan to tackle the problems in the Middle East.

Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel...former Secretary of Defense...said Trump and Cruz were not as good a choice as Bush or Rubio. Hagel pointed out that Trump and Cruz would dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE...something he found horrific...while BUSH and RUBIO would perpetuate the CAGE...making it even more stifling and burdensome.


Tomorrow as much mystery as today was yesterday. And those people who dislike big foot government might very well return to that Wildlife Refuge in Oregon...and...regain possession. Yes...that spot is one of those places where defiance tested...courage forged...and...desperation written in blood.

Rev. Jim Wallis

Rev. Jim Wallis is better known as a Trump-hater. He wants America enslaved with him and his team running the show. Yes...he's what Jesus called a "false prophet",(Mark 13:6).


Three Mexicans escaped a Maximum Security Prison in Orange County, California. Efforts to recapture them have proven so enforcement officials concluded these 3 Latinos had faded into the populace...never to be seen again...unless...they make a mistake and call SEAN PENN* for an INTERVIEW.
*Sean Penn betrayed El Chapo!


Typical Democrats. Such was the conclusion of the investigators as they examined the LEAD-LACED water of Flint.Michigan...water so'll corrode stainless trough concrete...and...definitely hurt children. "They knew it was POISON but remained silent,"screamed one mother whose child suffered dementia.

What has so many political scientists shocked is how assiduously the complicit MASS MEDIA has avoided telling America it was Democrats who POISONED CHILDREN.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing a private meeting...told Bernie Sanders if he were elected...he could count on the complicit MASS MEDIA to augment and bolster. He also showed Sanders how the INTERNET could be interdicted..its plug-pulled so to speak..if ever Americans tried to revolt.

8 arrested, 1 killed

Obama directed his GOON SQUAD to kill the protesters in Oregon. Acting on "shoot-to-kill" orders from that dung-throwing monkey...his GOON SQUAD opened up and killed one of the protesters who had decided to give up. That old man...weaponless and scared...was shot 249 times as he walked toward the GOON SQUAD with his hands above his head asking them not to shoot.

Scumbag Greg Bretzing...the leader of the GOON SQUAD...later bragged about the "kill" saying he was sure there wasn't enough left to bury. He laughed about the butchery and said as a special FBI agent he loved the smell of blood and fear. It made him feel more alive. What a scumbag!


Bernie Sanders...a devout socialist...met with Obama...a devout Marxist...and...conferred on the situation facing America in the Middle East. Moreover...because both are freedom-haters they shared ideas on how to delete what little liberty remains in America and agreed to work with each other to enslave America. It was considered by most senior officials to have been a very productive meeting.


Unlike most of the northeast...Florida is basically limestone and sand. However...OIL and GAS has been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. Knowledgeable officials at Florida Power and Light were asked about this bonanza...and...replied, "There's so much gas and oil within 3 miles of Tampa that Floridians could very well enjoy cheap power for a million years."


A selfless, drooling, servile supplicant...such was the common denominator and descriptive frame of those voters who like OBAMA-CARE.


Once again taxi drivers in Paris are conducting a "strike"...blocking roadways...burning tires...and...disparaging French politicians. These disgruntled taxi drivers hate UBER because UBER is taking their customers. Yes...UBER drivers aren't burdened with FRENCHIE TAXI STUFF...and...that makes them more attractive to customers. Indeed...UBER is better because its more dependable and not as costly.


If you want more stations at a cheaper the elimination of the cable-vision monopolies. Yes...COMCAST will have to lower its prices and add better programming lest they lose their customer base to better outlets.


The POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG told Trump to skip the 7th debate if Megyn Kelly were a moderator. It wasn't tactically wise and could work a detriment should Kelly...once again...try and ambush him. Indeed...Michael infamous socialist snob...admitted he had written the script for AMBUSH and was waiting for Trump to make a mistake and appear on that stage.

Bernie Sanders' health plan

Maybe voters need to ask vets about the healthcare they receive from the infamous Veterans Administration. If they were to ask...they'd soon know the horror scumbag-Sanders proposes. Yet...there are "low-information" voters who will support Sanders until they...too...experience what the vets experience. It's only then that they'll scream in outrage at how they were duped by scumbag-Sanders.

Rand Paul excluded

Because Trump won't attend the debate...FOX gave Rand Paul his spot. If RAND PAUL preaches liberating the subjugated...he'll recover and become the Republican nominee.


Folks...if a huge storm hits every 500 years...and...people don't know about its frequency...they might conclude the storm they just suffered was "extreme weather"...something unusual...instead of...something to be expected every 500 years. The man-caused climate change gurus know this about people so they exploit such ignorance.


BlackRock,Inc. cut its fees by 50% to keep customers and attract others. The rumor about the 50% reduction sent ripples through the investment community. Reacting to that HOLE...Charles Schwab Corp. matched that reduction as did almost every other Mutual Fund operation. In distinct a socialist miasma such as the mess Hillary and Bernie envision...government dictates prices and controls activity.


Trump told FOX he wasn't about to debate and wasn't planning on attending. He noted in passing that unless he were part of the debate...few people would care to watch. He might be right. What a slap if FOX doesn't have Trump and Rand Paul...the two big attraction that so-called debate. What's left will be two Cubans arguing over "why" Carly Fiarino destroyed Hewlett-Packard.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Katrina Van Heuval

Katrina Van Heuval...a rabid freedom hater of the 1st order...has endorsed BERNIE SANDERS. She loves the way he'll enslave America. "Bernie will destroy liberty faster than anyone...and...I can't wait," drooled Katrina as her venom bubbled from her snake-like lips.


Asked to describe Hillary Clinton...Huma Abedin...a long time consort...replied, "Hateful and treacherous."


Ask anyone in the military and they'll tell you the poster child for UNTRUSTWORTHY is Hillary Clinton. When she could have demanded those 4 Americans in Benghazi be saved...she wasn't anywhere to be found. Later cover-up her recklessness...she and Huma Abedin conjured a story about a VIDEO INCITING RIOT and the consequential death of those 4 Americans.

David Plouffe

David Plouffe...the architect for Obama's extraordinary 2012 victory...admitted Clinton might be indicted but the odds were greatly against it. "If she escapes condemnation...her political machine...will deliver the Oval Office unto the Democrats," whispered David as he inspected the latest polling data.


Like Velcro...Jeb Bush is sticking to his game plan...suspecting his latest inversion: JEB CAN FIX IT might right his capsized ship. Few have the heart to tell Jeb it was his timid message...his "me-too" aspect which embittered otherwise would-be supporters.


In the Old West...gunslingers...who drew the quickest...were said to have "grease blue lightning" for pistols. Might Trump have such a hand?


And to think the NATIONAL REVIEW...a so-called conservative magazine...chose to demean Mr. Donald J. Trump. Might it be that they fear Trump's power to delete the entire 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE merely by having the Republican majority in the U.S.Senate eliminate the 60-vote rule thereby giving the Republican majority in both the U.S.House of Representatives and the U.S.Senate the power to ignore the socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters and deliver to Trump what has been called the OMNIBUS REPEAL BILL(a/k/a: THE ORB) wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive...economy-stifling...20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" entitlement system...and...ushering in thereby a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper,(HUMAN ACTION. Ludwig von Mises).


In an unguarded moment...Obama was overheard saying, "Eventually...the primaries go from proportional to a "winner-take-all" round and therein Trump, Cruz and Paul will be neck-in-neck. By then BUSH, RUBIO, KASICH and CHRISTIE will be gone. Unlike the others, though, RAND PAUL has a fierce and loyal support base and can defeat all comers."


Jeb Bush called his team together...told them there was not any way to keep the ship afloat...that it was a mathematical certainty the ship would founder...and...that anyone wishing to take to the life boats were granted permission without any repercussions. Expecting everyone to remain steadfast...Jeb was astonished when they all ran for safety*leaving him with a dance band.
*Dance Band on the Titanic...playing nearer my God to thee...Ice Berg on the starboard bow...come and dance with me.


A webcam is a device which can send videos over the Internet. No big deal there. was revealed that Obama has been spying on foreign leaders* while they showered. What a scumbag! And to think there's a voyeur in the Oval Office.
*Dilma Rousseff and Merkel...the former a Brazilian model...the latter...a German frau of the night.


Sanders didn't send them...yet...2000 Sanderistas camped out so they might get the front row seats at the Trump event which was billed as the largest event in the state's history. These troopers had their horns...their dung-filled balloons...their pepper spray dispensers strapped to their sides...and...were waiting patiently to enter...take their seats...and...on cue...rise up...and...blast Trump.


Canadians are quicker than Americans when it comes to grabbing the brass ring as it comes around. Yes...folks...the Canadians are signing deals with Iranians as fast as they can get to Tehran and ink the bottom line. Sure...they're risking a 100% loss...but...Canadians are known for their reckless disregard of precipice. Indeed...from what is observed on TV...the Iranians are smiling all the way to the bank!


Anticipation. Waiting to hear how voters in New Hampshire and Iowa feel about Republican and Democrat candidates. Yes...there have been multiple polls showing Trump and Cruz leading with Paul and Rubio close behind. Jeb Bush is about as far back as Martin O'Malley. So far back are JEB and MARTIN they share hotel rooms more often than not.


A dishdasha is a long white robe worn by Arabs. It denotes regal aspect...and...those who sport the dishdasha...expect people to show respect. At the Bataclan in Paris...for instance...white robes were not used since they were going to shed blood and they didn't wish to sully their dishdashas.


Trump called Cruz a LIAR...doubtful citizen...and...scoundrel...interchanging labels as he fashioned diatribe. Might Cruz and Trump destroy each other in a mutual destruction scenario?


Yes...Carly Fiarino will soon depart the presidential race. Her support is lacking. She was eclipsed by Trump, Cruz and Paul. What little support she had was pocketed and sparse leaving her little room to maneuver and swing. Unlike Trump whose crowds are huge...her gatherings small...quaint...and...unreported by the MASS MEDIA.


Planned Parenthood can survive off donations and the sale of baby-parts...but...demands taxpayers also pitch in. Planned Parenthood must never receive taxpayer money but must be told to survive...if it the largess of the people through charitable donations and its profoundly lucrative* sale of baby-parts.
*A video was made of Planned Parenthood big shots discussing the billion dollar baby-part business


At Princeton...Alan Blinder is paid to teach economics. In assessing his academic aspect...Donald J. Trump said, "He's a scumbag and doesn't know much about the subject, except he likes socialism and fascism and has endeavored over the years to teach both as good ideas to his absorbing students."


Bernie Sanders...a devoted socialist...told a crippled child he only spends other people's money...never his own. And...with that instinctively stated injunction...Sanders swaggered onward with his retinue following closely behind and keeping other crippled children away from another embarrassing video-op.


Every day...more people join the crusade to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They march to "make salt" delete and eliminate the grip and grab of big foot government ushering in thereby a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Might you join?


JEB BUSH had a billion bucks and still lost while Trump using little of his own money remains top of the heap. The difference is: MESSAGE. Whereas BUSH...tepid...timid...and...boring...Trump dashed, dubbed and dotted...fascinating the crowds and attracting 24/7 MASS MEDIA attention. It might very well be that Trump is a big foot government scumbag...but...maybe he isn't. Maybe he will dismantle the stifling 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and make America great again. At least he says he will.


Even though Egyptians starve...nevertheless...the Egyptian government won't open its wheat markets. Indeed...millions of tons of wheat sit off-shore waiting to be off-loaded once payment in U.S.dollars is made. Naturally...the socialist government of Egypt lacks enough U.S.dollars to pay for all that is wanted leaving a few million Egyptians to starve.


Melissa Click...a University of Missouri assistant professor...was asked about Iowa and New Hampshire. She said, "Rand Paul could defeat Trump and Cruz in Iowa and New Hampshire and go on to defeat any socialist-Democrat hands down." As she was telling a cub reporter about her preference...a Missouri campus news hound tried to stick his nose into the dialogue. Melissa...not missing a beat...slapped him to the ground adding a sharp kick to the groin as he fell.


Hillary Clinton might very well be in the midst of a big criminal investigation over her email use. David Petraeus was indicted for far less than what Clinton did...yet...she hasn't yet suffered what befell him. Her position, prominence and power are keeping the hell-hounds from her long will that continue, few pundits wish to say.


Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee. Yes...Sanders excited fellow socialists and freedom-haters...but...such momentum will dissipate. He might do well in Iowa and New Hampshire since those two states are packed with freedom-haters, servile supplicants and parasites...but...down South and in the mid-west...Sanders will fail miserably.


Ah...yes...consensus by agreement...the stuff used when OBVIOUS idiocy needs bolstering. Take for instance the letter signed by 10,000 so-called scientists who declared in orchestra-fashion that with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry. Indeed...with enough virgins...they could also stop volcanoes from erupting pointing out the Hawaiians swore by it.


Bernie Sanders' campaign helpers asked if there were anyone with a tale of woe...a tear-jerking travail. From the 4,000 person crowd stepped 3,466 ladies each one with a harrowing story about how big foot government and their stupidity combined in a miasma of fear, anxiety and need. One lady...for instance...tearfully said she was waiting on a "disability" determination and until then she was staying with her parents and it was hard. She wanted Bernie to give her FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING, TRANSPORT and which..Bernie Sanders...ever the socialist...told the rest of the crowd...they...too...will get big foot government hand-outs...freebie and favor...provided they knelt and worshiped the idols he forged,(MATTHEW 6:24).


Trump and petards...barrages...and...more...each calling the other bad names...portraying...and...splaying...behind closed doors.


BUSH-CHENEY along with DONALD RUMSFELD attacked Iraq and Afghanistan destabilizing the entire Middle East. Not only did they leave a vacuum of power but also left in place the socialist straight-jacket guaranteeing civil war as soon as America's troops left that toilet bowl. Had BUSH-CHENEY imposed a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market model...a model wherein the winner can't loot the storeroom of the loser...IRAQ not only would be the wealthiest country in the Middle's most peaceful.

grass-roots excitement

MSNBC Chris Matthews summed up Bernie Sanders rise in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire: "People are excited about Bernie Sanders. His promises to destroy what little liberty remains in America and replace it with "freedom-to-obey" has excited the grass-roots."

Monday, January 25, 2016


America can't be great if it's saddled with SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. Could Trump be so callous as to promise to dismantle the NANNY STATE when he secretly harbors a desire to enslave and eliminate what little liberty remains in America?


Bloomberg...former mayor* New York City...told a cub reporter from this BLOG his mission statement was to confuse and confound...siphoning off any support a Republican might garner in the Big Apple. "I want to draw off enough votes that Clinton wins in November," whispered Bloomberg as he smacked his lips on bean curd and raw onion.
*So irascible...he was called ICE BERG. His aides would teasingly sing the TITANIC theme song when he left the room.


While man-caused climate change theories ignore natural law such as conservation of energy...Mother Nature has not. Indeed...after El Nino...the warm water aspect...comes La Nina...the cold water portion of the whole. Yes...folks...2+2=4 and 10,000 climate-change scientists signing a letter declaring it can equal "5" can't ever alter outcome.


Federal money was given to New Jersey to build a wall to prevent flooding due to ocean-related storms. Naturally...some of the money built some wall but most was used to pay officials and crony enterprises...leaving most of the Jersey Shore unprotected. Indeed...people are asking Gov. Christie to explain "why" a COMPLETE-WALL was not built.

Hari Sevugan

Almost unable to contain his anger...HARI SEVUGAN told a cub reporter about how he couldn't stand hearing about the shortcomings of Bill Clinton. "I know Bill is a scoundrel...but...Hillary did what she had to do and should not be blamed for stomping those ladies who accused her husband."


Obama plans to turn off the lights in Florida. The Big Bend Power Station and the Crystal River Plant are to be closed down. Yes...the loss of such power generation will create havoc...cost consumers more...and...generally make Floridians know they have been attacked...but...when the cause is the saving of the entire Earth from destruction...30 million Floridians will just have to suffer!

Where are the freedom fighters? Where are the armed protesters such as found in Oregon? Can Floridians be pushed around so easily? Isn't there someone in Florida willing to fight for liberty? Where is that bald-headed governor? Where is Senator Negron? Where is the federal delegation from the Sunshine State? Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM...and...Obama...ever the dung-throwing going to make sure Floridians sweat in the summer and shiver in the winter. What a scumbag!


Ah...yes...NOAA decided there was another way to get data to support the otherwise idiotic theory of man-caused climate change...a theory which declares: with spoon and bucket a committed scientists can dip the ocean dry. Instead of taking measurements from all over the world...measurements that show Mother Earth isn't permanently "warming"...NOAA is using in-take pipes from cruise ships...never counting the warming effect generated by the cruise ship's metallic aspect...since to add that item would eviscerate their argument that the world is heating up,(WSJ A-13;01-25-16).


Patrick J. Michaels told a cub reporter he concluded the man-caused climate change lobby was pushing falsehood with a goal of destroying fossil fuel usage and forcing people back to a time of tent and mule...a time when around campfires people would sing old negro spirituals and dance til dawn. So nasty that GREEN BUNCH...Patrick felt he had to come forward and stop the nonsense, (WSJ A-13;01-25-16), lest his car be taken and a bus or bike given as replacement.


Rick Santorum...looking out over an empty auditorium...told a cub reporter he was going to quit. "I expected 100,000 people at this campaign event and we didn't get 10,"whined Santorum. He pointed out the Des Moines Register endorsed Rubio and Clinton even though it was Santorum who won the 2012 Iowa caucuses. "I won then and can win again...but...that newspaper is a socialist rag and couldn't endorse a freedom-fighter,"


Trump was asked about Obama. Reflecting on this dung-throwing monkey...Trump said, "When Obama walks the street after 01-21-17...people will spit on him. He's a scumbag and deserves public derision. Because he's reviled...his security team will be busy making sure not anyone encroaches on that protective 500 foot bubble. Except for his closest allies and pals...Obama will know he is hated and despised!"


Hillary Clinton is telling her crowds she should be the one in charge when trouble arrives. While some people applaud that assertion...most of her audience cringes and wilts since they know Hillary was not anywhere to be found during the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy attack. Her whereabouts have never been revealed and what little is know demonstrates reckless disregard for human life.


Senator Chuck Schumer said, "Sanders, Clinton and Trump are probably monsters who will destroy what little liberty remains in America. Trump is included since he has mentioned several times he will delete freedom and impose a more intrusive NANNY STATE CAGE...a declaration similar in tone and concept to the Democrats."


Michael Bloomberg...told a cub reporter he was planning on running for president pointing out how much people wanted to be enslaved and he was just the scumbag to do it. "I'll eliminate liberty and replace it with freedom to obey. I want to kick and stomp until people are slaves and my team the would-be masters," drooled scumbag Bloomberg.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Folks...has anyone heard the MASS MEDIA declaring the January of 2016 blizzard as "record-breaking" without attaching any qualifier to that assertion? If've heard from the man-caused climate change MASS MEDIA...not...the truth-telling outlet(think this BLOG). Indeed...the North American continent has suffered cold and hot...greater in degree than Americans know...but...if such were revealed...Americans would ask why the nonsense about "greenhouse-gases"...a question...the would-be masters and vested interests don't wish to answer.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was overheard discussing the Democrat race:

"An unrepentant scumbag socialist is leading the Democrat race for the White House. How can Bernie Sanders be ahead of the anointed one? What does he say to his audience that Hillary won't say? What makes him so attractive as a presidential contender when compared to Clinton? Whatever the answer...there is a Sanders' Surge."


Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) and Mr. Trump are so close in Iowa and New Hampshire...few wish to guess the winner. But the MASS MEDIA is pushing Trump and Clinton...not Cruz and Paul. Cruz suspects MASS MEDIA bias...but that hasn't his campaign stalled. "We're going around the bottleneck...and...passing our comments to the right hand side," whispered Ted.


MESSAGE IMPORTANT? If not...people won't listen. Trump has been able to draw crowds with unique political positions. He might very well succeed in eliminating the grip and grab of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chen and Capretta

Instead of OBAMA-CARE...Chen and Capretta want to refine it...make it more intrusive...more burdensome...and...grant more power to big foot government. Their solution envisions offering the cattle and sheep more choice in the midst of bureaucratic creeps. Never do they...however...preach liberation of the subjugated. But when you examine who pays their know "why" they must push MORE WHIP AND CHAIN!(WSJ A-13;01-23-16).

700,000 per year

There are over 700,000 deaths each year attributable to infection from drug-resistant bacteria and fungi. combat carbapenem-resistant Enterobateriaceae(CRE)...phages are being used. Phages are viruses which attack and kill bacteria. nature...there are things that kill other things and bacteria are no less susceptible of attack than any other organisms on Earth. Indeed...phages can be injected and the patient thereby granted "life"...instead of "horrific" death.

Recently...the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG produced a new class of bacteria-fighting drugs. Yes...the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) declared them "untested"...and...hence...those people who could have used them will die...but...big foot government directs and controls far and wide. When asked about the decision to KILL...for instance...the head of the FDA laughed and replied, "We're here to KILL not SAVE. What do you expect from big foot government? We decide who lives and who dies. I don't care about one person...I'm tasked with slaughtering millions."


Not hogwash...but PUGWASH. Such was the expected meeting between Afghan and Taliban governments to be held in a secret spot wherein representatives from both sides would discuss their needs and desires...each from a position of strength and trust. The announced meeting demonstrates how weak America has become," sniffed Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) adding he didn't put much confidence in an outfit sporting the label: PUGWASH CONFERENCE.

KISH ISLAND free...KISH ISLAND...located in the Persian bubbling with commerce once more now that Iran has been given breathing room by Obama. Unlike America where business is stomped and chomped mercilessly...on KISH ISLAND...entrepreneurs can produce never having to fear the envy of their neighbors translating into taxes or stifling regulation. Might KISH be the model Trump has in mind?

Tunisia bubbling

Even though Tunisia threw off its dictatorship and erected a Democracy...the leaders did not insulate the Socio-economic sphere from the political one thereby guaranteeing unrest and civil war as each side fights to loot the storeroom of the loser.


Methane is a trace-gas. Yet...big foot government scientists say "methane is a greenhouse-gas" and anyone producing or emitting methane gas must be stopped lest Mother Earth into flames instantly burst. When these idiots were asked about volcanic emissions...they all replied in the form of a 10,000 scientist-signed epistle declaring volcanoes obvious offenders. The letter went on to demand the Environmental Protection Agency and Obama through Executive Order direct all volcanoes to cease instantly! What power, eh Obama?(WSJ A-3;01-23-16)

Rail woes

Railroads were profitable in times past. But with big foot government stomp and chomp at every bend...only a few RR companies exist and recently they were once more pounded by the big foot government diktat that KILLED of the RR biggest customers. Of course...the MASS MEDIA won't report such "government-inflicted" economic harm since it would incite a revolt against the NANNY STATE CAGE.


The kind of recklessness and incompetence behind the Flint, Michigan POISONING is ubiquitous. At every level of big foot government such disregard is obvious. Yes...big foot government POISONED people...knew they were hurting them...yet...continued. They were big foot government and they could stomp and hurt anyone they pleased. They were big foot government!

Instead of demanding big foot government get out of their lives...the sheep and cattle of Flint, Michigan continued to drink the brown...lead-tainted water. They were sheep. They were enslaved. They would do as their master directed.

Nowadays...with the POISONING revealed...though...officials at all levels are trying to find cover-up...job-preserving explanations shifting blame to underlings and others. Will they succeed? Many political scientists say "yes"...the people of Flint, Michigan are sheep and cattle. They will do their master's bidding. Sure...a few might rise up and scream for liberation...but...for the most part,....the people of Flint, Michigan are sheep...quiet...meek...timid...fearful sheep.

Susan Hedman: scapegoat

Because the Environmental Destruction Agency( f/k/a Environmental Protection Agency) recently was finally exposed as a bunch of scumbags...its head honcho, GINA McCARTHY...had to throw someone under the bus. She chose Susan Hedman...the regional big shot in the Michigan area. Instead of admitting the EDA was at fault...Hedman and McCarthy elected to allow the lead to be consumed and for people to die.


One big foot government employee in Flint, Michigan asked about corrosion in pipes and the lead poisoning effect if Flint River were used without installing corrosion-control devices. She was told to mind her own business. If people what! If children's brains were what!

Friday, January 22, 2016


Flint, Michigan got a taste of big foot government. What has so many people that the MASS MEDIA isn't calling for the socialist government employees of Michigan who had any involvement in the POISONING to be prosecuted and marked for public shunning! Even nasty Rachael Maddow...a MSNBC talking head...admitted the NANNY STATE CAGE was to blame for the POISONING...but...refused to demand the CAGE be dismantled.

DAVID BROCK: Crocodile

David Brock...Super PAC croc...swimming...attacking...and...dirty-trick playing. He sent 5 Afro-American ladies to interrupt Bernie Sanders every time he tried to speak in Iowa or New Hampshire. These ladies were bused in...flown in...and...driven in...but...always there to disrupt and disturb.

Mook the kook

Robby Mook...part knave...part Kook...admitted Bernie Sanders could defeat Clinton if she got spooked.

Robby Mook in Iowa

Robby Mook...didn't look spooked...when polls showed Bernie ahead. He might seem to be leading but we're in those places pleading...and...expect Democrats to remain loyal instead.

Snow ball

Football in the snow. Snow ball. Cold. Miserable. Any blow amplified...every fall scraping blood. Snow ball. It isn't's just stone cold thud!


Trump says he'll dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and make America thereby great again. By deleting tape...and...all stifling government program and policy....Trump says America will be great again. Naturally...he might be less of a freedom-fighter than his rhetoric portrays and such doubt has many voters concerned. Indeed...wasn't it he and not Bernie Sanders who said socialized healthcare was best? And hasn't Trump also said he'd raise trade barriers and stifle trade? Such questions remain unanswered with Iowa and New Hampshire just around the corner.


Patriots v. Broncos...Brady v. Manning. History will be made when one of the ascends to the victory circle finally laying to rest the dispute as to which the better quarterback.


Iowa caucuses around the corner...candidates begging votes...2016 a water shed game...a time packed with pithy quotes. Trump shouts, "Make American great again!"...Hillary says "Fighting for us"...Bernie's slogan: A future to believe whom...can anyone repose such trust?

Unlike prior elections...inside that voting booth...alone...and...power-packed...the voter will choose between KEY or CAGE. If Cruz, Paul or Trump their pick...they know they won't become enslaved. On the other hand...if Clinton or Sanders their choice...whip and chain will be imposed...their SILENCE...their only voice...their future by would-be masters disposed.


Put Bernie Sanders in the Oval Office...and...big foot government will stomp and stomp some more. Dave Currier and Erik Olsen...two craft brewers...suspect as much and are trying to sell their beer companies before he reaches the White house,(A-12;01-22-16;WSJ)


At the local power plant...people were expected to come and defend. There was a rumor that the Environmental Destruction Agency was headed there to close down the coal-fired power plant even though it would deprive 150,000 people of cheap electricity and force them to buy more expensive stuff from down-line...a down-line that was already peaked and obviously unable to handle the additional load.

Locals were expected to come and defend...even if firepower were needed to discourage these scumbags from shutting down their local energy production. But...except for Lady Elizabeth...and a few well-wishers...not anyone showed up to stop those jerks. with all places where people don't fight for liberty...the local power plant was closed...people were deprived of their air conditioning, lights and refrigeration...but...the world was safer because of it!


Folks...cancer can be cured. But between the cure and you...though...stands big foot government...designed and operated by people whose mission statement to Indeed...Genomics...the newest way to attack cancer...requires instant data sharing...yet...a substantial wall has been erected to prevent that very thing. The goal is to kill off cancer-victims...not prolong their lives and consequently drain the general coffers thereby. "We need to make some Soylent Green," Obama whispered as he studied the human-gene map and how many he could kill.

Rocky Raccoon

Rocky Raccoon...fell back into his room just so he could read Gideon's Bible. But Gideon checked out...and...he left it no doubt...for Rocky's revival,(Beatles).

Could there be any organization whose mission statement to remove Gideon's Bible from hotel rooms worldwide? Unfortunately...the answer is "yes"...and...they've been successful in removing 99.99% of all Bibles from hotel rooms. Sure...Rocky had only a scratch...and...he'd be better by tomorrow...but...he'd not have spiritual sustenance. How cruel!


High Court Judge Robert Owen is a first class scumbag. Taking direction from those who pay his salary...he declared President Putin was "likely" involved in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. Of course...Owen arrived at his conclusion only after receiving a substantial sum from a shadowy figure sporting the name: LUGUVOI...which roughly translates: MAN WITH POLONIUM.


Regional honcho, Susan Hedman was told to resign from the Environmental Destruction Agency due to her reckless disregard for the safety of the people of Flint, Michigan. Hedman might not be so easily dislodged...however...since she has "dirt" on Gina McCarthy. Unless Hedman is granted titles and treasure as she's likely scumbag-Hedman will snitch on Gina McCarthy...the true author of the Flint, Michigan POISONING.
*Gina McCarthy...leader of the EPA...said a VIDEO had incited the lead to leach into the water supply...taking a cover-story from Hillary's Benghazi debacle.


Beleaguered Flint, Michigan is an example of socialist government...the kind of government Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton envision for Americans everywhere. Sure...people were poisoned...some killed...but...when government does the's hidden...overlooked...and...never are the scumbags who did the ill-deed prosecuted. When big foot government intrudes on your life and life style as it did in Flint, Michigan...maybe...then...when you're vomiting and bleeding from the ears and'll join the crusade to dismantle this horrific NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE wherein Afro-Americans were deliberately poisoned!

PRETENSE: liberty

Americans are enslaved but don't realize their dire circumstance. Such ignorance might be blamed on the public schools and a complicit MASS MEDIA...but...deciding who's to blame won't stop the whip and chain. Take for instance...the intrusion the Environmental Destruction Agency has recently visited on your local coal-burning* power plant...the one you depend on for lights and refrigeration. If that coal-fired plant does not reduce its carbon dioxide footprint it must close down...leaving you in the dark and sweating at night in August,(WSJ A-3;01-22-16).
*Carbon dioxide(CO2) is consumed by the plant life of Mother Earth. The more CO2 in the atmosphere...the more the plants consume...reducing the CO2( itself a trace gas) until there is equilibrium once more. Mankind can't change the climate by emitting CO2. It's a fallacy...a well-designed MYTH. Indeed...the congruous analogue is with spoon and bucket dip the ocean dry. So silly the theory that CO2 has been designated a DANGEROUS GAS...similar designation is given for Mustard Gas, Cyanide gas, and deadly nerve gas even though humans exhale CO2. Every human every time they exhale is killing someone somewhere on the planet. It's a great theory...without any proof...but..when its "whip and chain" why not force feed it through MASS MEDIA and public education?

Alexander Litvinenko

In a hotel bar in London...Alexander Litvinenko was sharing drinks with a lady he'd met the night before at London bridge. A few hours later...Alex died in his hotel room bleeding and screaming as his body decomposed. He'd been poisoned by that lady in the blue dress. Instead of blaming Bill Clinton...concerned people accused President Putin. "Why would BILL CLINTON want to murder Alex L.?" Mario Draghi queried as he looked at his balance sheet for Europe's Central Bank.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Sauce for goose...sauce for gander. Why should Hillary Clinton escape prosecution when others doing far less suffered prosecution? What "dirt" does she have on Obama that keeps him at bay? What could she do to undermine Obama's so-called legacy? The answer to that question also explains "why" Obama is keeping his distance. Huma Abedin summed it up best when she screamed, "They bite Hillary...Hillary bites back!"

Rubio same-eee-ooo

Marco Rubio offers little difference and less hope for a better future. Why put Rubio in the Oval Office if he isn't going to delete the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE? At least* with Trump, Cruz and Paul...the voters are guaranteed less grip and grab...less yoke and more big foot government.
*Trump might very well be a socialist with megalomaniac tendencies.

$60 million spent?

Wasting money. Such was the conclusion when the BUSH SUPER PAC announced it had spent $60 million on TV advertising. Had he not spent one dime...his poll numbers would be the same. Ouch!


Without balloon on wrist...Jeb Bush...lost in the crowd.

Who's to blame

Hillary Clinton when asked about her opinion of Sander's soul...she replied, "Who's to blame...for this child of clay?"

Amir Hekmati

Trump was asked about the release of Amir Hekmati from Iranian captivity. Trump paused for a moment and then stiffly asked if Hekmati were Muslim. If he were didn't matter if he were a former Marine and held captive in an Iranian jail for 12,000 years...Trump was against permitting him to enter the United States. "I want to know if he's been vetted," sneered an irate Trump when told about Hekmati's triumphant return.


Might Senator Cruz defeat Trump and become the 2016 presidential nominee? Most political wonks say "yes" despite detractors such as BOB DOLE...a Republican In Name Only(RINO). Cruz will delete the grip and grab of big foot government more quickly than Trump and that expeditious action seems to be drawing interest.

Sanders more despicable

Bernie Sanders is more despicable than Hillary Clinton. Hence...Sanders leads Clinton in Iowa among Democrats. One Democrat caucus captain said she liked Sanders because he would delete liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey"...something about which she has dreamed ever since being taught to be a selfless soul in public school.

Sugarless cookie

Diabetic son and a father with ways to handle and help. Nowadays...they sell 12 million sugarless cookies around the world. It's great to hear about entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to risk it all to paint their own future.


As the American stock market plummets...rises...and...plummets...those investors who appreciate trends can reap huge profits.'s gambling in the truest sense...but...the rewards are much glitter and gleam that dream...some investors risk everything for that instant of glory. Sure...the battlefield littered with bad bets...and...yet...the glamour...the gain...combines almost magically...pleasure and pain.

Trump the socialist

Trump. Is he a freedom-hater? Does he wish to impose socialism? Or...are these canards peppering the political landscape?


Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Robert McDonald told a cub reporter he never waited when he needed medical care. "While vets wait for months...I get mine instantly," confided Robert "Bobby" McDonald. As the head honcho he deserved better treatment. What a guy!

Fallacy of small number

If the whole is examined...what seems to be record-breaking...not unusual...but...simply a blip in the overall aspect. Yet...if one focuses only on that one spot...there seems to be an alarming aberration when in fact...if placed into the "whole"...there isn't anything remarkable. It's deceptive to declare "record-breaking"...when in fact it isn't record-breaking if the whole is examined,(WSJ A-7;01-21-16).

However...if you're trying to fool people...the fallacy of the small number can be used to create a "chicken little" effect. And while most people would not suspect such EVIL...such mercenary bent...a few are beginning to suspect LIE...asking themselves with spoon and bucket might one dip the ocean dry.

Marci foolhardy

President Maurico Marci directed the Argentine Air Force to shoot down drug-planes. Why he would do something as foolish isn't well understood. Apparently...his team is making big bucks off the interdiction effort and finds it best to continue blowing planes out of the air.

St. Elijah's Monastery

For 1,400 years...St. Elijah's Monastery stood as a symbol of love and peace. However...Islamic State angered by its endurance...took to bulldozing the buildings reducing the Holy site to rubble. "We're here to impose Islam and that Monastery intruded," whispered al-Baghdadi...putative leader of Islamic State.


Taliban murderers attacked a TOLO TV bus in an attempt to hurt TOLO TV...a TV station which denounces the Taliban 24/7. A Taliban leader said the staff of TOLO TV had best take heed.

Samwise Gamgee

Lord of the Rings. Samwise Gamgee tried to tell the hobbit there was something strange about that little Gollum dude but Frodo wouldn't listen. Might people be telling America about the menace of Trump should he ever become President? Rand Paul seems to be saying as much.


Several centuries ago...Maryland experienced exactly the same weather it recently suffered. Yet...the man-caused climate change gurus won't ever acknowledge as much since it would undermine their lucrative MYTH about greenhouse gases and consequential global warming.


Trump wants socialized medicine? "I doubt Trump that foolhardy...but...then...again...he's possesses "New York" values," rejoined Senator Cruz when asked about Trump's poll plummet.


What do you make of that? It sounded like a growl. did...didn't it. And so it was voters discussed the battleground between Trump and Cruz. Which one would dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE...which one would...and...which one would lose.


Puerto Rico is a socialist toilet bowl. Investors were warned not to buy Puerto Rico's BONDS...they were worthless and any return would not cover the losses sustained when BOND PREMIUMS weren't paid as promised. Now...scumbag Jacob Lew...U.S.Treasure Secretary...asked big companies to help out and take a "haircut" on their BONDS so the socialist way of life in Puerto Rico might continue unabated,(WSJ A-2;01-21-16).


How is it the Wall Street Journal permits idiots to write in their paper? One jerk proclaimed it was crucial that there be INFLATION lest the economy wither and disappear. If it weren't abominable...this assertion would not be's a LIE and must be stomped anytime it's tried,(WSJ A-1;01-21-16). Imagine...for a worked for $100 per day and chose to save that $100. According to this scumbag in the's best if big foot government prints more money and makes that $100 only worth $1.00. While such activity is THEFT...this so-called economist thinks it's "good...proper...and...crucial".

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"crony capitalists"

"Crony fascist" is better than "crony capitalist" when describing someone who uses big foot government connections to gain advantage. And while Sarah Palin used the phrase: "crony capitalists"...she really meant: "crony fascists". The difference is profound and her loose usage might very well come to haunt her future presentations.
A capitalist in an otherwise unhampered market excels by giving the consumer what is wanted. A fascist uses government to gain advantage and secure power...insulating the effort from the vagaries of the market. A socialist is similar to the fascist but uses other people's money until that exhausted...then...shoots people who refuse to surrender what was hoarded.


Even though Chavez is dead...and...Maduro struggles to perpetuate socialism...nevertheless...Venezuelans know enslavement fetches only misery and more poverty. They know socialism is responsible for empty shelves and 200% inflation...but...are prevented from evicting their masters due to their refusal to unite and vote out the entire bunch replacing them in that voting booth with freedom-lovers whose mission statement to delete the NANNY STATE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market.

Come out...come out

Come out...come out...wherever you are...come out...come out...and...see what fell from the stars. And with that exhortation...MUNCHKINS came out...and..looked upon Dorothy. Could it be...Sanders to see? Socialists coming together to discuss redistribution of the booty?


More socialists than capitalists in America? Could there be that many Americans willing to be enslaved...reduced to cattle and sheep...and...directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps?


FIRST BRIGADES around America are coming out to support Trump. When they saw Palin endorse Trump...they knew he wasn't "same old, same old, just different bag"...but...a leader whose mission statement to dismantle this oppressive economic-growth retarding NANNY STATE CAGE.