February 2016
U.S.Rep. Peter King came out against Trump. Piling on as though fashionable...Rep. King noted he'd never support some con man such as TRUMP. When asked about that opprobrious moniker...King snarled and replied, "He didn't disavow Dukes. Sure...his ear piece wasn't working...an old TV trick...but...he was supposed to be trapped and he was. King thought Trump couldn't think fast enough on his feet to handle the top and toss of hard-knuckle politics.
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Arrayed against crusade to dismantle the CAGE that keeps America from being great again...are many so-called Republican cohorts...big shots...small shots...ammo dumps...scouts and more. They don't want to be thrown out. If Trump wins...they're all gone. The whole lot pitched and tossed...contempt for them rudely spawned. If Trump wins...the CAGE is lost. Americans will demand liberty...our jobs and power its cost.
Folks...the so-called G.O.P. fetched McCain and Romney...two classic losers...no message types...wishy-washy me-too stuff...delivered America in one swipe to TEAM OBAMA and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters of all types and sordid sorts.

And...into this morass...this mire and pyre...comes Don...trumpets...parade...and...beyond! Make America great again...who stands in the way? Together we'll dismantle this CAGE.

Preaching liberation over subjugation...offering KEY...instead of more whip and chain. Trump will prevail...MASS MEDIA'S effort to stop fatally inane.
"We won't permit Trump to dismantle the CAGE!" promised Mike Leavitt...a BUSH crony. "He'll never get past that 60 vote U.S.Senate rule," he chuckled pointing out BUSH was stymied many times because of that 60-vote rule. And...yet in that same dialogue...he admitted a determined politician who sought victory could undo that 60 vote rule...return the Senate to simple majority choice...have a Republican House of Representatives to delete the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...as if magical...the CAGE will be gone and EDEN will manifest.
Defending their father was Donald,Jr. and Eric. They rebuffed any insinuation their dad was racist. They pointed out THE ESTABLISHMENT was pulling out all stops and calling all markers in an attempt to derail a movement...a desire by the unwashed masses to breathe free again. What the MASS MEDIA and the NANNY STATE CAGE advocates don't exactly understand is that Trump is a leader of a movement...a crusade to dismantle this CAGE...and...liberate America. And...from what he says...TRUMP can achieve EDEN...an otherwise unhampered market paradigm in America...so attractive it sucks the capital and producers from every other place on the planet! VIVA TRUMP!
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If the MASS MEDIA were to dwell on Hillary Clinton's checkered past...Bernie Sanders in even South Carolina would have in victory cast. But they aren't about to sully a devoted tyrant...someone who can eliminate and perpetuate the NANNY STATE with them in front of all. To them...Trump represents their end in prominence...importance...and...walls.
As if moths to flame...so are the Trump haters attracted to TV and radio spots designed to besmirch Trump. Take for example, Michael O. Leavitt...a former HHS flunky during the Bush Administration. He took his 45 seconds of TV time and said Trump wasn't up for the job...more attitude than aptitude as if he were some fount of knowledge or inveterate guru.
The rupee is down 3.7% and is due to decline even further as speculators short it against the yuan and the Brazilian real. The loss of value of the rupee represents the great misery and squalor socialism always delivers. BHARTI AIRTEL,Ltd....for instance...had to come up with 16 billion more rupees to pay for what it had bought a few days before. Such burden dealt by the socialist government as it funds its socialist state can't be borne long before BHARTI and a million other companies find themselves going down the red ink tube.

Yet...you will read and hear so-called economists telling those same countries they advance their economy and its overall benefits by cheapening its own currency. Not only is that directive nonsense....but...it has impoverished every country that has fallen for that idiotic theory,(C-3;02-29-16;WSJ)
Trump has been harried by David Dukes even though Dukes never endorsed Trump. To be accommodating...trump permitted some NBC scumbag talking head to trap him with a DAVID DUKES ENDORSEMENT question. Yes...in 2000....Trump had repudiated Dukes pointing out Dukes was a problem for the Republican Party. But when asked about Dukes Sunday...Trump said he didn't know Dukes...and...didn't wish to comment on that topic.

Instantly...TRUMP was framed as a "racist"...and...excoriation hasn't yet stopped. Every freedom-hater is piling on...each one trying to be the nastiest on top.

Trump will defeat all comers. Clinton will fall as easily as Carter went down to Reagan. Afterward...the Republicans need only eliminate that 60 vote hurdle in the U.S.Senate and the entire 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE will be up for elimination! That prospect of liberation over subjugation has most ESTABLISHMENT advocates fearful and willing to append any scurrilous epithet to TRUMP...the freedom-fighter...the liberator...the one who marches to make salt.

Ren Zhiqiang had his website interdicted by the Chinese Communist Government because he refused to pledge loyalty. While his reasons are pronounced and determined...nevertheless...loyalty to one's country is something Ren should not have questioned. Yes...Mao and others did much wrong...but...nowadays...under President Xi's leadership...China is about to take its rightful place as one of the greatest countries on Earth along side America and Russia!(WSJ B-3;02-29-16).
3-D printing is gathering steam. An investor chancing a position therein will reap mightily. Equally appealing is ultra-fine bubble technology...making water bubbles smaller than the wavelength of light. Both ideas will fetch an investor great profit,(WSJ B-1 onward;02-29-16).

Already at Area 51...for example...military hardware is printed and then dispatched to the killing fields for testing. In Syria...for instance...a special ops team deployed a "printed robot tank" which not only met expectations but surpassed the "fear factor" mark exponentially!
Chinese business guys...picked Alabama for copper pipe and ply. They didn't realize UNIONS lurked so near...didn't know in America UNIONS something to fear,(WSJ B-1;02-29-16). Their bottom line has grown red....no black coming their way...find a sucker to buy them out...the last tragic part of that pathetic play.
Too stupid. Such was how RUBIO framed Jeffrey H. Anderson...a malicious scribbler...whose article in the Wall Street Journal(A-13;02-29-16) guaranteed him a place in the museum of stupidity. IN that article...Anderson said America needed more levels of taxation and more stifling red tape. He said RUBIO'S tax plan along with everyone else's plans didn't give government enough money. Instead of discussing how to delete and eliminate the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and its omnivorous maw and insatiable appetite...Anderson spent his precious space describing how he'd take from Bob and give to Bill...but do it so both Bill and Bob didn't see it.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Trump is merely an excrescence of this desire to breathe free once more. Yes...he's tapped into that angst...that need to feel free...and...to be free. Delete the grip and grab of big foot government, says Trump to a cheering crowd of deprived worker bees...while scumbags such as Anderson...a dude who can't rub two pennies together that he didn't steal or grab....write scurrilous articles in mullet-wrapper newspapers denouncing Trump for his desire to liberate the subjugated.
Chacula, Guatemala. It's a spot on planet Earth where international organizations put refugees from war. Nowadays...most of that town's young men and women are in America...working...and...sending back to their families real money...U.S.dollars...dollars for food, clothing, shelter and even some entertainment. What has many people in that town worried is the RUBIO PLAN that would tag their loved ones as "worker bees"...siphon off their wages...and...deprive them and their dependent families of a better life.

TRUMP...on the other hand...says....everyone is welcome...so long as they enter legally. He plans to make that "open door" as big as needed...giving papers to each worker bee as needed...and...helping them get their wages quickly and efficiently sent back home where needed to survive and perhaps even prosper,(WSJ A-11;02-29-16).
Recall Gina McCarthy sent one of her goon squads to the GOLD KING MINE to puncture and create. Nowadays...she has been asked to inspect the MOSUL DAM...a huge dam in Iraq which if it were to fail would drown 1.47 million Iraqis in a matter of hours. Of course...Gina...never wanting to pass up a chance to show her desire to force people to live "green"...sent the GOLD KING MINE crew with specific instructions to ignore any warning sings...overlook telltale cracks...and...give those rag heads a report of  "soundness of dam".
Rubio and Cruz published their respective income tax returns but didn't announce any remarkable alternative...a chance they both missed. Rubio didn't speak out since he likes the bash and crush of income tax...while Cruz couldn't say more since he's already closed that door. Trump...on the other hand...will reveal when it fits his plan. Maybe...in this way Trump is about to say: ELIMINATE THIS HORRIBLE TAX and delete its vermin horde that chases and attacks.
Inside a stadium packed with mothers and children sat al-Baghdadi...putative leader of Islamic State. One bomb dropped therein...and...caliphate would have to over begin. General Hayden told a crowd if Trump ordered that bomb dropped...refusal to follow that order long and loud,(WSJ A4;02-29-16). Perhaps...Hayden never knew Truman took out Japan and saved a million lives waving the Red, White and Blue.
Perhaps the investors were angry when the Environmental Protection Agency shut down the largest copper mine...but...with copper prices nowadays so depressed...they actually saved money. Yes...even though Gina McCarthy and her vermin green-horde were trying to kill off any way to create more electricity...they didn't succeed. The investors are still ready, willing and able once the price of copper begins its long climb.
Why is it the MASS MEDIA waited until after Clinton prevailed in South Carolina to generate a controversy about a DAVID DUKES endorsement of TRUMP...a trap sprung on TRUMP by the NBC freedom-haters? What strategic advantage gained by TEAM CLINTON?

With all due respect to Trump...he stonewalled since he didn't see the vector...the attack well-disguised. He said he would listen to what was said...disavow if tenets despised. Yet...MASS MEDIA seized on waffle...dwelt on "if-then" mood...as if Trump carrion...they hungry vulture's brood.
In the movie, DUNE...there's a scene where the tribe meets the hero and the tribal leader tells the hero that he's entitled to a moniker...a BIG NAME...a PUBLIC PERSONA. The hero asks what do they call the shadow of mouse dung in the full moon? The tribal leader replies, "We call this "maw-deeb". Mention is made of this famous scene since recently...in February's full moon...Hillary asked where her rat turd was. "Where's maw-deeb?" To which Bill replied, "Right down here."
Two wood choppers...side by side...chopping all day...their work, cords high. But Sanders comes...master with mob...half each pile...redistribute with smile...though from each he robbed.

The next day...when Sanders comes...not any wood choppers...not any that dumb. Fearing rebellion...this socialist hellion...tells hungry mob...wood no good...deftly winter's fight. Even though before Bernie's show...wood plentiful...always there...always right.

But since Bernie and mob voted to rob...grab wood...if any found...leaving him to preach once more..."Hey...folks...let me be perfectly clear...another winter's misery near."
Bernie Sanders almost out-promised Clinton and defeated her where his passion for enslavement captured Democrat-desire to be cattle and sheep from cradle to grave directed and controlled by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. In New Hampshire...for example...Sanders blew Clinton away...but...everywhere else...his freedom-haters him betrayed. They chose Clinton since she had an edge...female...first lady president...quite a wedge.
Approaching the water fall...all 10,000 feet down...take the oar...pull you fool...so it was Jason Roe's sound.

Fear and fright framed his plight...his candidate Rubio wasn't there. Somehow his plane was late...call it fate...but parade and noise not shared.

The crowd turned instead to TRUMP...his jet emblazoned with stomp and thump...let's make America great again...leave behind the other kind...he preached from passion's stump...to all...foe and friend.
U.S.Rep.Tulsi Gabbard(D.Hawaii) stepped down from the Democratic National Committee 2nd chair so she could ENDORSE Bernie Sanders. She told a cub reporter she loved socialism. In Hawaii where socialism is practiced...she explained...there isn't anything big foot government doesn't provide. In describing the average Hawaiian in 2016...she whispered, "They eat manna from heaven so to speak...the Hawaiians reduced to cattle and sheep. I decide when they laugh...when they cry...when they live...and...when they die."
Richard Lowry? Some kind of wizard...conservative theory and thought...called Trump menace and clown...con man in bangle wrought. Lowry doesn't have an emblazoned jet...helicopter or empire of zeal. No...wizards don't need such stuff...their the onion about to peel. Yet...Trump...on his own dime...stepped forward from crowd...mighty and loud...America, great again...let's dismantle this whip and chain...let's lift the wrap and shroud.
RUBIO...biting dog. Trump..a con man...maker of smoke and fog. He'll never be the nominee. My cadres poised to punch and thump. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Mr. Donald J. Trump.

But what if Rubio is just poo...blee...oh...noise-maker...cheap seat show? Trump didn't go negative until attacked. He's fighting every possible freedom-hater...against him the MASS MEDIA stacked.
Has anyone noticed Clinton and Sanders are called the hope of the Millennials? As if enslavement were something a young person would ever support. Why would a young adult wish to have so many hurdles placed in their way by what Clinton and Sanders would erect? Imagine a $15.00 minimum wage and a would-be worker bee who can't produce that kind of value...and...you'll sense the WALL erected when federal government diktat gets between an employer and the labor pool.

As for healthcare...an otherwise unhampered market would fetch lowest prices with highest quality. The massive intrusion by big foot government into this otherwise unregulated healthcare industry has skewed the market so much special interests vie for their season in power in order that they might survive the next election cycle.

Yet...the MASS MEDIA heralds the coming of more big foot government intrusion as if it were something the young must have or die trying to get. Never pointing out almost every problem found in medical care delivery has its root in some government this or that!

James Clapper came to national prominence when he was found to be the instigator of the entire Iraq War from its beginning to its now ignominious end. While most people blame the Iraq war on Bush and then-Senator Hillary Clinton( she voted for it)...such is a testament to the power of the MASS MEDIA to hide and paint. It has been only recently that CLAPPER has become known as the author of the horror now afoot in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world. Even Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...revealed it was CLAPPER who directed him to withdraw precipitously from Afghanistan and Iraq thereby assuring Islamic State its caliphate.
Lenin told Russians: Bread not war...as where Hitler promised MORE LAND. Sanders nowadays offers a future to believe in while Hillary somewhere after Benghazi barked: "I'm fighting for you!" Might the slogan be label and frame? Might the slogan draw you into the crowd of blame?

 Everyone went along
Few who said nothing wrong
Requirement: 1236 delegates to be Republican presidential nominee. Rubio said Trump could never win and hence he'll never have to retract his calumny...calling Trump a con-man...a flimflam man...a fraud...and....worse. Rubio says Trump lacks plans to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...something the Republican Party wants most. Yet...maybe it's Rubio's promise to create more not less big foot government that has put him far behind Trump...and...not Trump's ability to tell Americans he'll make America great again.
An Iraqi war vet...and...an avid reader of this BLOG...took the occasion to call out Hillary Clinton's Benghazi cover-up...demanding to know her whereabouts during those crucial hours on 09-11-12 when 4 American lives were in jeopardy. Bill Clinton knew that question was the one that could derail his wife's hopes of becoming President. And...in typical big foot government fashion...ole "blue dress" told the vet to shut up and then had a Clinton goon squad escort the vet from the auditorium.
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If two black holes merge...is the resulting whatever bigger or smaller in size or gravitational aspect? Einstein said the resulting combination would be smaller since the gravitational aspect would be inexorable. Instead of a ping pong ball size mass...it might be the size of the pinhead. But not anyone will ever know since it can't be assessed without destruction of what is used to make those assessments...drawn in...consumed...gone.
"When you're President...the entire world listens to what you say," Hillary Clinton told a hand-picked crowd in South Carolina. Many heard more than that, however. They heard the sound of Russia taking Crimea...and...the Chinese grabbing South China Sea. They heard Putin laughing as he read Clinton's email about President Xi.
THE ESTABLISHMENT...alias "Da man"...awakened Saturday morning to discover Trump was about to stomp all contenders and become the putative nominee of the Republican National Party. So overwhelmed with fear...even the scumbags at Wall Street Journal felt they had to print nasty excoriation of this marvelous individual whose passion for freedom so attractive most voters will reject the MASS MEDIA'S assault and stand with Donald Trump and together dismantle this oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Join the crusade...and...march with us to "make salt".(WSJ A-11;02-27-16).
In Venezuela...inflation is 500% and its people are miserable: empty shelves...hollow eyes. And to think ERIC MORATH declares such inflation good for a country. Indeed...this idiot in the WSJ(A-2;02-27-16)said, "American consumers are facing the strongest inflation pressures in a year and a half, a sign of economic vitality..."

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM and Eric Morath is just another flunky who's been paid to generate drivel and tripe...nonsense stuff...but designed to kill off rational analysis. Imagine someone trying to figure out how the money in the saving account doesn't buy what it did the day before...and...you'll sense the horror of such a situation. Those who already have keep what they have and those who do not, never can. There isn't any way to get ahead because the currency is almost dead.

Americans are getting reduced to cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. Eric Morath is just another Judas Goat...leading the unwitting into enslavement. In Venezuela...Maduro...the socialist strongman...imposed price controls and within days shelves were empty and people were starving. His approach and that of Morath's: to print even more revolutionary Bolivars...flooding the country with even more worthless colored script-money.

And....Morath would visit this horror on America. Again...Eric Morath: idiot! Imagine you're on a fixed income. Every time you go to the store much of what you want costs so much more. To Eric...you're plight is "good and wondrous"...your lack of buying power almost too good to be true...and...the misery and squalor you're bound to find...something he adores.

GOLD historically has always stopped such fools as he. Eventually...people come to know this jerk and his evil screed. They shun and rebuke...directing this scumbag to depart. They sense his design to restrict and confine...and...if they have the chance they'll never let him and his vermin Hun-horde ever start!
Rubio in a last ditch effort to remain viable unleashed a withering barrage of scathing remarks packed with acrimony and innuendo. He all but called Trump a scumbag. In reaction...Trump referred to Rubio as a low-life.

When asked about the diatribes...Gov. Chris Christie replied, "Boom...boom...boom...went opposing cannons...bang...bang...bang went their bells. It won't make any difference...Rubio crashes...Trump brand sells!"
RUBIO said at a break during last night's debate...back stage...Trump asked for a full length mirror even though the podium goes up to the chest area. Was he afraid the front of his pants were wet? The crowd laughed at the jibe. Perhaps...Trump was rattled last night by the barrages unleashed by Rubio and Cruz...yet...TRUMP is still the putative nominee...the front runner so to speak.
RUBIO said he was trying to unmask a con man. Trump wasn't what he was saying he was. While Rubio conceded Trump was way ahead of him...nonetheless...RUBIO was going to unmask him. Trump lacked any plan for more big foot government...something RUBIO wants most...and...that refusal to promise more whip and chain RUBIO felt was not the stuff Republicans want...hence a con man.

Maybe...RUBIO'S plans are what people don't want. His tax plan...for instance...is just more layers of government...some goodies peppered throughout...but...little real liberation found therein. As for healthcare...he isn't for the open market...but...would accept whatever big foot government might fashion as an alternative of hellish OBAMA-CARE. No...RUBIO will perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE not dismantle it. Rubio's speeches about liberty don't match up to his plans when asked to reveal them. Might not that be the fund of the con man?
Hillary Clinton was asked about the now-famous IMPLODING BOZO THEORY wherein advantage-seeking principals inside the federal government working in conjunction with private sector operatives orchestrated a credit-currency melt-down. Many will recall it was U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer who exited an absolutely top secret meeting and told the MASS MEDIA about the coming crash precipitating thereby the October of 2008 fiscal crisis and propelling Obama into the Oval Office.

She refused to accept big foot government was demanding banks give loans to anyone who wished to buy a house. She denied that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were directed to buy junk paper even though both suspected some kind of PLOT was afoot...a plan to create a seeming crisis at the latest date possible thereby giving the Democrats advantage and propelling Obama into the Oval Office. She even denied knowing about the IMPLODING BOZO THEORY.
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Bernie Sanders told a crowd of mush-mind millennials he would guarantee them "free healthcare"...never informing them they'll get the same sordid treatment the VETS receive. What Sanders relies upon is their lack of desire to analyze what he says. If they did...they'd be throwing pie into that scumbag's face every time he tried to ascend a stage.
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Bernie Sanders wants to add to the problems caused by government intrusion into the otherwise unhampered market. His solution is to double-down on government intrusion. He says he knows better than you how to cure your troubles. Student loans are massive because college costs rose so much due to government this and that. Healthcare is expensive because of government this and that. Even the obvious paucity of jobs due to government this and that. Yet...mush-mind millennials will vote for Sanders because he promises the next layer of "red tape, tax and spend" will deliver them into paradise.
Investigate and prosecute. Such was the directive given to U.S.Attorney General Loretta Lynch by Obama when she asked him about Hillary Clinton. Yet it's obvious this directive came with a wink of the eye. Recall that same Injustice Dept. was tasked with the prosecution of Lois Lerner and others but declared there wasn't any criminal wrong-doing...that Lois Lerner was acting properly when she attacked anti-Obama Republican organizations in 2011 and 2012...and her efforts were to be commended not condemned,(WSJ A-12;02-26-15).
Brian Reardon and Tom Nichols...alias TWO FOOLS...chose to reveal how far into the socialist toilet they've gone. Instead of demanding the deletion of the corporate tax and the progressive personal income tax and reducing big foot government to a small efficient limited government delivering only essential services of: courts, police and national defense...they want to trim about the edges of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE,(WSJ A-13;02-26-16).

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. These two fools aren't out to liberate. They merely wish to massage the surfaces against which rub the whip and chain of the CAGE. Why they wouldn't demand liberation instead of modifying the present subjugation can only be guessed. Suffice it to say...these two FOOLS wouldn't know liberty if it hit them with a bell. They love socialism and can't wait to suffer its misery and squalor. As Reardon was heard to declare: "Masochists unite!"
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Seasonal workers are permitted into America to work. Big foot government gives out what are known as H-2B and H-2A visas. Until recently those visas were never bottlenecked. Nowadays...though...issuance of those visas has become doubtful. Yes...employers reliant on those workers will lose mightily but when you're big foot government such harm is ignored and called "acceptable casualties",(WSJ A-3;02-26-16).
Brian Sandoval told Obama he wasn't interested in being nominated as Scalia's replacement on the U.S.Supreme Court. He said he had read a BLOG about his apparent involvement in that replacement process...thought about what was afoot...and...concluded he wasn't about to be a puppet for Obama. He'd rather sit back and watch someone else become the whipping boy for all that has been inflicted on America by TEAM OBAMA.
America can export oil and natural gas and flood the world in cheap energy. What has angered the "green" crowd is how such abundance undermines their argument that without a trillion dollar investment in their green-stuff mankind will be without lights, clothing and food.

"Green-energy" advocate, Obama was asked about man-caused climate change in light of the recent flood of cheap energy alternatives. "I want to be clear," Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...replied, "Cheap energy is evil. Americans need to return to a time of tent and mule...a time when campfires and dancing were the big attraction...and...government directed from cradle to grave. Cheap fossil fuel liberates...and...I want to enslave."
The San Bernardino terrorists selected iPhone so that what is happening right now would happen: APPLE,INC. destroyed by big foot government...destruction Islamic State could never otherwise visit on that company. Reacting to this attack by big foot government...this BLOG dispatched one its legal teams to assist in defeating this latest assault on liberty. What surprised everyone was how quickly RUBIO jumped on the band wagon to crush Apple,Inc. Indeed...almost everyone now concedes if Apple,Inc. is forced to unlock that iPhone...there isn't any communication device or data bank that will be safe from hacking or from government assault. And RUBIO wants that?
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One arrow or many? Take an arrow......bend steadily until it breaks. Yet...that same arrow when many added becomes a formidable thing...unable to be bent or broken. It's an old concept wherein herd survives...singled-out surely dies.

Apple,Inc. stood alone with this BLOG'S legal department and its almost limitless funds by its side. "You shall not pass!" Such our declaration...our fortress...our call. When GOOGLE and FACEBOOK saw its premiere BLOG standing against tyranny...it had to step up and join the fight and be another arrow. Will you not join in this fight to stop a police state from being imposed?
What if Sanders were sent into the 2016 Democrat race for president to be a firebrand...to say socialist...anti-liberty things...things Clinton wants as much as he but can't say for fear of losing the freedom-lovers in her own party...though fewer in number every year it seems. What if Sanders sent to declare enslavement...something Hillary wants as much as he but can't say for fear of losing even the mush-mind millennials?


Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. We must defend this last bastion of liberty. Our flag flew over Iwo Jima planted their by courage and bravery far beyond what most Americans can even imagine nowadays. Those men didn't fight and die for what has become of their blessed land. And we must acknowledge their commitment and last full measure of devotion and stand forth and stop this fundamental transformation of America into a socialist toilet...the very thing those men who died never wanted their families to suffer.


Unlike times past...the MASS MEDIA is controlled by the would-be master. Anyone trying to fight against enslavement is ignored or brutally attacked. So powerful propaganda that people can be made to believe just about anything no matter how idiotic or hurtful. Indeed...the political battlefield is littered with the bodies of those people who didn't go along to get along so to speak.

Take the case of Dr. Ben Carson. He stood up...and...said OBAMA-CARE was evil and anti-American. Within days of that declaration of liberation over subjugation...Dr. Carson was attacked by big foot government...mightily backed by the MASS MEDIA. Obama sent his Harpies from the Internal Revenue Service...the Lois Lerner crowd...the NAZIS...and...they examined everything possible since Ben was born and found he was in compliance with that billion page law...incredible as that was...nevertheless...Carson was as clean as a hound's tooth.

Sanders' freebies? What are they? Well...it's stuff forcefully taken from others...and...then...delivered to you. WOW! I just sit back...vote for Bernie...and...wait for the FREEBIES? Yes...that's about it. You never have to do anything to receive it...totally unearned...but...well-deserved and eventually will be something that will come to be integral* and expected. WOW! Where do I lick first...ring or boot?
*Matthew 4:8 wherein Jesus was offered kingdoms and glories in exchange for his fealty and obedience.
In that debate last night...Trump was attacked from both* sides as Rubio pounded and Cruz bashed. Trump defended as best he could...answering questions...fighting off accusation...and...nasty petard. Trump told America the NANNY STATE was about to be swept away for good. He was deleting entire departments...eliminating agencies and outlets...and...returning governance to the states and to the people of America...and...ripping it away from the would-be master whose vision to forge as many idols as needed to enslave,(Exodus 32:24).
*Trump laughed when a cub reporter came upon him loudly singing the refrain "Here I am...stuck in the middle with you." Trump said he appreciated the shout-outs in the FREEUSFLORIDA.COM BLOG. He was informed he did A+ work in the debate and had revealed what a liberty-lover looks like nowadays. While his vision fertile field...Rubio's sterile promontory.
Bernie Sanders was put into the 2016 Democratic Nomination race so Hillary Clinton could strut her stuff...and...become too big to fail. As of 02-25-16...numerically speaking...Sanders is done. The delegate count is 503 to 71...with Clinton about to trounce him in every other venue. The date Sanders drops out isn't exactly predictable since he wants to be as much a socialist firebrand as possible thereby assuring himself a place in American history along side Eugene Debbs...the jocular socialist of yesteryear.
In a crowd...how would the socialists be identified? How would one tell a freedom-hater from a liberty-lover? One way is to put someone on stage who preaches socialism and watch which attendees seem most interested...or...which cheer and show adulation. At a Clinton campaign rally recently...the haters and lovers arrived about the same time and there was so much acrimony it was almost palpable.

At first...there wasn't much confrontation. The person holding the FREEUSFLORIDA.COM sign was ignored. But as soon as it was GOOGLED...and...SEARCH RESULTS passed around...growling could be heard...it was a frightening sound.

"Why are you here if you're a liberty-lover?" asked a pro-Hillary stooge with brass knuckles on his hand. Backing him up were his cohorts...positioning and surrounding the beleaguered LIBERTY-LOVER...whose choice: flee or stand.
Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were warned to stay out of West Virginia and Kentucky. Unlike other parts of the country where people accept their fate and worship whatever idol their would-be master might forge(MATTHEW 6:24)...in West Virginia...and...Kentucky...coal miners and the businesses that relied on coal mining are angry and ready to denounce any Democrat they find nearby.

In contrast...TRUMP and CRUZ want to assist coal by opening every market possible thereby restoring those 20,000 jobs lost due to TEAM OBAMA'S ATTACK. Unlike the Republicans...Democrats are comfortable with imposing rules that destroy jobs. As they see it...they are interested in the HIVE not individual worker bees. Hence...if their policies and programs hurt people...that is to be expected...and...through sheer might rammed down their victims' throats.

What has piqued the interest of many political scientists is the question of Joe Manchin...that freedom-hating Democrat Senator who stood by quietly and permitted 10,000 West Virginia coal miners to lose their lucrative employment. When asked...scumbag Joe as he's now called replied, "I want to close down all coal. The miners who lose out...I'll put on welfare...and...care for them as one would care for old cows. I love socialism and this job loss gives me power to reduce miners to crawling parasites begging me for a handout. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about how powerful I've become since we killed KING COAL."
BUSH-CHENEY caused what's afoot nowadays in the Middle East. Even worse...BUSH-CHENEY deficit-financed that needless war in Afghanistan and Iraq. But...it's spilled milk to complain about it in 2016. What has to be done is: (i) delete the grip and grab of big foot government and its policy of "red tape, tax and spend"...(ii) dismantle the NANNY STATE...and...(iii) usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. TRUMP or CRUZ can achieve this liberation but their effort will be fought by the complicit MASS MEDIA and all freedom-haters in America.
Why has 'the nit' commenced bombardment of Trump? Did Bernard Whitman direct Romney to begin the assault? Was it Hillary Clinton who caused Romney to hurt another businessman? What motivated Mitt 'the nit' to bombard Trump? Maybe 'the nit' is so much of a freedom-hater he wants to do all he can to stop liberation of the subjugated. Whatever the purpose...it's anti-American and definitely designed to give the Democrats more power. Perhaps such is why Romney is labeled 'the nit'.
Hillary Clinton promised the Afro-American community she planned to build on Obama's legacy. Most of the crowd winced and grimaced. They had suffered under Obama...and...here was this known scoundrel telling them she would continue that approach? They reluctantly clapped at her applause lines...unlike the cheering they deliver for socialist-Sanders...a pied piper who promised* them kingdoms and glories in exchange for their vote,(MATTHEW 4:8).
*Obama promised Afro-Americans a bigger piece of the pie...but after 7 years of Obama...most Afro-Americans are worse off. And...Hillary has promised them more of the same? How many knowledgeable Afro-Americans are going to fall for that trick again? U.S.Rep. James Clyburn(D.S.C.) says virtually all of them would fall for the trick again.
Ben Carson last night at a town hall meeting moderated by Megyn Kelly was wonderful. He told America it was time to delete the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!" Thank you, Dr. Carson.
Never done anything but work for big foot government and its cronies. Such was the denunciation of Robert Reich...the Labor Dept. stooge during the Clinton years...by Donald Trump when asked about Reich's latest idiotic declaration that SOCIALISM FETCHES PARADISE. "He couldn't find his butt with a bell" responded TRUMP when he heard Reich declare wealth outside of government was immoral.
Chesapeake Energy Corp. lost its gamble and suffered a $14 billion loss in 2015. Instantly...Obama called its CEO and congratulated him on the loss and said if the company continued to lose money it would be wonderful. So joyful was Obama about this loss he called on Gina McCarthy...his stooge at EPA...to erect a monument to the CEO and give him a fruit basket in recognition of his effort to kill off oil and natural gas.
Russian President Putin has out-sailed Obama at every turn and juncture. What gives President Putin his edge is his ability to outwit his opponent. Unlike that checkers-playing dung-throwing monkey situated in the so-called Oval Office...President Putin is a grand master chess champion. It becomes obvious every time President Putin unleashes another salvo of ingenuity.
U.S.Senate Republicans...all 54 of them...have sufficient votes to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" entitlement system. But they're stymied by the 45 Democrats who refuse to go along knowing there is a 60 vote hurdle* that prevents any legislation from making it to the President's desk. Yes...the Republicans could eliminate that idiotic 60 vote rule and proceed to liberate America. Why Mitch McConnell...Senate Majority Leader...won't delete such 60 vote rule hasn't been well-explained. Suffice it to say...he's a big foot government scumbag and apparently as much a freedom-hater as Sanders or Reid ever were. He's keeping the CAGE intact. Why?
*It would be much better for America if every RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE were paid off. For instance...every social security recipient would be paid off in exchange for a release of any further liability. Every Medicare recipient would be paid off also in exchange for a release. The food stamp people would turn in their food stamps for a payment knowing there would not be any more such food stamp socialism. The amount of MONEY required isn't any big deal since Uncle Sugar can print as much script-paper as it wishes to fund this DISMANTLING PROJECT. Equally useful and helpful is the fact the U.S.dollar is the world's reserve currency and such flood of script won't hurt anything but only help delete the grip and grab of big foot government...a government that nowadays can stomp with impunity...picking political targets and mustering the U.S.Injustice Dept. to attack. 
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...attacked the coal production industry and 20,000 jobs were lost. Hillary Clinton sees those 20,000 unemployed worker bees as fertile ground for government hand-outs and the dependency that follows such freebie and favor. "We have 20,000 people I could reduce to cattle and sheep who will be willing to be directed by my bureaucratic ghouls and creeps," Hillary bubbled as she looked at the voting rolls in West Virginia and Kentucky.
no image
Since THE PROPHET died and didn’t leave a successor…Shiite and Sunni have been slaughtering each other attempting thereby to achieve hegemony over the unwashed masses. And while Obama…ever the dung-throwing monkey…wants them to stop fighting and join with him to impose tyranny worldwide. Might they see wisdom in this evil proposal and conform their conduct to this purpose?(WSJ A-9;02-25-16).

Mankind can’t stop Mother Nature from doing what she wishes to do. Climate Change* is a natural occurrence and mankind can’t stop or delay it. If mankind could stop it…virgins would still be thrown into angry volcanoes. Nowadays…the threat of man-caused climate change is nonsense but it gives big foot government the power to dictate without any constraints. It’s the predicate for outright tyranny…something communists prefer but freedom-lovers fear most,(WSJ A-9;02-25-16).
*Oceans rise and fall naturally. In Vietnam…rice farmers discovered ocean rise was hurting their ocean edge rice farms. Instead of using spoon and bucket to dip the ocean dry…the Vietnamese elected to stop rice production and commence fish production…a lucrative enterprise and one most Vietnamese understand well.

no image
When Teresa got her job at YELP she was so excited she went out and signed a lease for an apartment...bought a car...dresses...and...make-up. However...YELP began to fail as a business and its CEO elected to cut back and delete "new-hires" which unfortunately included Teresa.

Without that pay-check she was unable to pay her rent and suffered eviction. On the street and forlorn...Teresa grabbed a BLACK PEN...a PIECE OF PAPER...and...began to support BERNIE SANDERS...a pied piper who promised kingdoms and glories if she only would kneel and lick his boot,(MATTHEW 4:8). Not fearing the consequences of such intrusion into her life...she began to push for Sanders expecting a BIG ENTITLEMENT PAYMENT...a payment Sanders promised would be forthcoming once he was president.

"I want Bernie to plunder the storeroom of YELP and anyone else in order to give me what I expect," Teresa confided as she held her sign toward drivers as they rushed to their own tenuous jobs. "Bernie will destroy producers and give me the product of their labor. I won't have to do anything but vote for Sanders and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists and in exchange I'll get what I expect," Teresa added as another worker bee flew by her position on that San Francisco street corner.
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When did GOOGLE begin monitoring BLOG activity? The anti-Democrat aspect of this BLOG has attracted attention of some scumbags at GOOGLE it seems. Has GOOGLE gone socialist? Ironically this BLOG has promoted GOOGLE throughout its long history and now GOOGLE is attacking this BLOG? What Democrat has such power to make GOOGLE kneel and lick boot? What kingdoms and glories has GOOGLE been promised?(MATTHEW 4:8).
The complicit MASS MEDIA is attacking TRUMP mercilessly. They realize Trump might win and if he does their beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE will be dismantled and America will become great again...diminishing their power over people immeasurably. They hate thinking their days are numbered as to their overall importance or standing. "We must unite against Trump," declared MSNBC Chris Matthews* when he met Chris Hayes...another MSNBC scumbag...in Starbucks in New York City. "Yes...he could very well destroy the grip we have on America...liberating the oppressed...and...I am with you on the need to derail Trump," replied Hayes as he sipped from his steaming cup of java.
*Go to the BLOG entry: "show me a sign" to see how powerful this BLOG.
MSNBC advertised for scumbags to be on TV and demean Trump and Cruz...the only two politicians capable of dismantling this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Chris Hayes and Heidi PrzyByla answered the call. They hate liberty most of all. Hayes called Trump an idiot and Heidi joined with a Cruz bruise. Their dream of enslavement...whip and chain most amuse.
General Mike Hayden...former CIA Director...said he feared Trump. "If Trump is elected president...we'll lose the grip on the throat of liberty...and...America will be great again. I...for one...am against Trump. My idea is to support Clinton and complete the enslavement of America. Sure...in times past...I'd be called a traitor. Nowadays...with Obama having smothered America in a virtual police state...my revelation of my desire to enslave can be expressed without fear," drooled this scumbag.
Answering Obama's call for scumbags to unite...COLIN POWELL came forward and said the Guantanamo holding facility should be closed and the 92 terrorists still in custody transferred to federal prisons around America. He admitted he lived in an area far way from any such prison yet refused to acknowledge the DANGER his idea would visit on those hamlets and villages where such prisons were located. "If terrorists unleash poison gas and kill off an entire village to effect an escape...it'll be tragic but acceptable," Powell said when asked by a cub reporter about obvious dangers inherent in such an idiotic plan.
In the story...the pied piper takes away the Children when he's betrayed. He leads the children away with his flute...piping a song about freebie and favor just over the hill. Wanting freebie and favor...the children flock and flood away...leaving the parents dejected and frayed.

Sanders tells beleaguered college students that a vote for him is a vote for freebie and favor. Never does anyone...however...stand up in that JOHN GALT moment and declare such proposal the very heart of evil. They don't because they want freebie and favor and will follow* such a pied piper into oblivion.
*Hitler promised German youth freebie and favor and Germany was destroyed.
Chuck Todd...a MSNBC scumbag...asked Mike Duhaime...campaign director for Gov. Chris Christie...his opinion about Trump's rise to the top of the Republican pack. As if anyone wished to hear from a loser...Duhaime said Trump was clever and had out-sailed Christie. Whereas Christie offered "same old, same old, just different bag"...TRUMP offered liberation over subjugation and promised to delete what was keeping America from being great again! In a phrase...Duhaime framed...Trump's message: novel...exciting...and completely destructive to Christie tepid presentation. "In many ways...TRUMP guessed correctly...Christie did not," Duhaime lamented.
Bill Clinton portraying himself to the crowd as open and honest told them that last night he had a dream. He was walking down memory lane and saw Hillary working it. He went to a bar in upstate New York and asked about local action only to be shown nude photos of his wife. Yeah...Hillary likes to have discussion after sex...so she calls Bill from her hotel room.
Anthony Scaramucci...a significant Jeb Bush backer...said he was for liberation not more subjugation. But he didn't like the way Trump would dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...an environment in which Scaramucci was quite comfortable. "I want someone to trim and tuck...not eradicate,"whispered Scaramucci as he looked at himself in the mirror.
*Scaramucci went to see his doctor. Doc...I looked in the mirror this morning and I looked horrible. The doctor replied, "Well...I can tell you one thing for sure...your eye-sight is perfect."
Mr. Donald J. Trump has so far refused to give the Democrats or his Republican rivals any data thereby depriving them of their "envy" argument...a screed that calls upon the listener to hate the target because that person has been successful. "He's a billionaire and deserves your derision not support," the argument goes...followed by..."we need to pass laws that delete this ability to produce such wealth."
TED OLSON is courageous. This BLOG has donated $25 million toward defending Apple,Inc. Apple must not fall! Ted has been given the ammo he needs to fight for liberty and preserve the privacy of all iPhone users. If Tim Cook folds on this one...America will be a police state with every scumbag cop using that backdoor key to eavesdrop and harass. It's horrific and Ted Olson is to be commended for his boldness to speak out against enslavement!
Did Apple,Inc. capitulate and give big foot government access to everyone's data and private affairs? Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Those terrorists in San Bernardino chose iPhone because they knew it would result in more entrenchment of liberty in America...one of the goals of the Islamic State. And...James Comey...scumbag of the 1st order...is demanding Tim Cook kneel and lick boot. This unwitting actor...this FBI jerk...is demanding Tim Cook give big foot government the backdoor key to everyone's communications. Apple must not fall!
Former Gov. Rick Perry was exonerated today. Indicted but now released...Perry said the charges were politically motivated. And what precipitated this wrongful assault became obvious. He vetoed a spending bill that was pushed by a drunkard-Democrat who masqueraded as a county prosecutor. He did it even though threatened with indictment because he wasn't about to fund some more idiots. But...in retaliation...Texas Democrats...led by that drunkard...attacked Perry and today they were openly rebuked.
A beleaguered Winston Churchill put ammo aboard the Lusitania knowing such cargo would result in that packed ocean liner being attacked. The MASS MEDIA was already primed and printed to push America into World War I. It needed...though...a big event... a horror story...and...Churchill gave it to them. He needed America to come into the war against Germany lest Germany prevail. Sure...he slaughtered people...but...to win...he had to do it and he did.
Former South Carolina Gov. James Hodges has endorsed Hillary Clinton. He didn't care how big a scoundrel she was. She promised to enslave America and he loved that effort. "I want America enslaved and forced to do my bidding and Hillary said she'd help. I support her policies and programs and will work to kill of liberty," asserted Hodges as tobacco drip made its way down his chin.
no image
Examining Hillary Clinton's chances to be president and thereby continue his destruction of liberty replacing it with "freedom-to-obey"...OBAMA told a cub reporter that at a propitious moment...he'll push buttons...pull levers....and...some kind of horrific event will unfold. "It'll be so horrible...voters will flock to Clinton who'll be portrayed as the ONLY ONE who can save America," mused that dung-throwing monkey as he smiled about Clinton destroying liberty and enslaving "whitey".
no image
Obliterating the so-called establishment from both sides of the aisle seems to be what voters want. Taking credit for this revolution is easy when one considers how hard this BLOG has fought to find courageous people willing to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Okay...call it Trump-like greedy...but...when victory is at hand...why not take the winner's circle?
After Super Tuesday...RUBIO and KASICH will be gone. People don't want RUBIO. He will perpetuate this NANNY STATE CAGE and they simply can't envision another 4 years of big foot government stomp and chomp. They want America to be great again and RUBIO is promising otherwise. Cruz and Trump are going to be the last two standing.
What killed all those people in that town near the federal prison where GITMO prisoners were now kept wasn't known until scientists concluded POISON GAS was unleashed by terrorists whose mission to create so much havoc they could effect escape. When Obama heard of this horror...he smiled. Such was what he was waiting for...and...moved to demand marshal law nationally imposed with him as dictator. What a scumbag!
Devon Energy is laying off 700 employees due to a downturn in gasoline prices. What isn't revealed...however...is the boon to the consumer such lower gasoline prices materially represent. In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...the price of gasoline is determined by supply and demand and isn't skewed by some big foot government intrusion. However...in socialist Oklahoma...lower gasoline prices mean less big foot government power and that has the would-be master angry and ready to delete liberty completely!
*Devon Energy...a fascist organization wants big foot government to enter the market and make consumers pay more. Will such scumbags win or will the consumer prevail?
Socialism is alive and well in Oklahoma. Unlike most freedom-loving Americans...Oklahoma people love to be told what to do. They almost orgasm every time they hear Hillary Clinton declare she will impose "diaper check". Indeed...Sarah Baker...the Democrat Party's Oklahoma leader...said she loved how Hillary and Bernie both want to direct from cradle to grave. "It's almost orgasmic every time I hear how they plan to delete liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey", whispered Ms Baker as she examined Bernie's latest proposal to delete liberty.
U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D. NY) some years ago espoused a POLICY wherein a sitting president in his last year of office shouldn't be permitted to replace a Justice on the U.S.Supreme Court. Nowadays...that same scumbag is demanding the U.S.Senate rubber-stamp the scoundrel Obama has selected demanding the Senate ignore his idiotic remarks made in 2007 addressing BUSH'S desire to appoint a Justice. Why Schumer wants tyranny imposed in America isn't well understood but suffice it say he loves the whip and chain of big foot government. What a scumbag!
Passport free travel among the 26 nations of Europe is under attack by its socialist governments. They sense their welfare state will be bankrupted if refugees are not stopped from flooding the region. "We want to enslave the people here...and...can't do it if refugees flood our region," declared Jan Jambon...the Belgium Interior Minister when asked about the demand* for a WALL.
*Pope Francis said WALLS are not Christian and directed that refugees be permitted to flood Europe. Of course...Pope Francis didn't offer Italy or his Papal State as a refuge. He'd preferred others suffer that burden!
Big bucks backed Bush...Super PAC funding...and...yet...with all that MONEY...Bush had to quit the 2016 Presidential race. Why? He lacked a message of liberty. He promised to perpetuate this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He said he liked big foot government intrusion and whimsical diktat. Of course...freedom-loving voters are tired of "same old, same old, just different bag" and BUSH had to drop out. People looked upon him as despicable and wishy-washy.
Atypical? Such was the conclusion of RUBIO as he reflected on his defeat in Nevada. Trump stomped him and Cruz. Yes...the MASS MEDIA wants RUBIO because he would perpetuate their beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...most Republicans and some Democrats want liberation not more subjugation. Trump offers a plan to dismantle this CAGE and usher in the prosperity-creating 21st Century otherwise unhampered market and voters sense he means what he says and says what he means. Hmmm. Now that's atypical, eh Marco?
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Saudi Arabia is producing OIL despite OIL'S price falling. Such is the obvious product of competition. To stop such price fall...big foot government wants to intrude and restrict thereby making consumers pay more and depriving them of this beneficial decline! Indeed...Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of Eco-fascists, socialists and other freedom-haters are doing all they can to force OIL PRICES higher and destroy this benefit to the consumer whom they hate and despise.
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In China...the science and construction of nuclear reactors has advanced mightily to the point where Chinese technology is competitive worldwide. A Chinese reactor...for example...using 21st century science...can be expected to produce safe power for a billion years in all directions. Thank you, President Xi for your effort to liberate your country from the vagaries and vicissitudes surrounding big foot government intrusion into the otherwise unhampered market place.
Opening a business in Alabama is so difficult many just pass by that toilet bowl and head to still-business-friendly Florida. When asked "why" Alabama was to be avoided...one businessman said "red tape and taxes" were too burdensome. "I avoid that toilet bowl since it's packed with socialists...Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters...so many....it isn't worth the effort to break those walls down," whispered Donald J. Trump.
To kill off more Americans...Hillary Clinton...Bernie Sanders...and...maybe even Trump...want to impose price controls on the drug-making industry. It's obvious these politicians don't understand that when government intrudes...people die! The drug-makers will stop innovating and inventing because they're smothered in "red tape and tax"...so onerous...so nasty...what could have been won't ever be. And as a consequence...people who could have been saved will die.
* In Venezuela...people die because big foot government did what Sanders and Clinton...and...maybe...Trump have proposed in America. Why not look at the misery and squalor of toilet bowl Venezuela before such intrusion is promoted and imposed?
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Bernie Sanders...that devout socialist...will be gone after Super Tuesday leaving only Hillary to accept the Democratic nomination. His message of more government grip and grab drew great support from millennials who want to be enslaved and told what to do. However...these same mush-minds are also attracted by Clinton's obvious EVIL. "She'll eliminate freedom and make us lick boot...and...I love that idea," drooled a millennial as she listened to Hillary deny another allegation of malfeasance and recklessness.
Why the Wall Street Journal permits William A. Galston to vomit all over freedom in its otherwise august newspaper isn't well understood. What is plain to see...however...is how hated Trump is by the editorial staff of that daily publication. They don't want liberation of the subjugated. They like the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and are dedicated to stopping Trump from dismantling it.
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A government that cheapens its money...devalues its currency...is hurting its citizens. Yet...ironically...there are so-called economists who claim "cheap money" gives advantage to exports since they're thereby made cheaper in the world's marketplace.

In Brazil...as in Venezuela...such an idiotic idea has worked its destructive aspect well. Take for example Eder Leoni. He supported socialism and its destructive grip because he was promised kingdoms and glories if he bowed and licked boot with candied tongue,(MATTHEW 4:8). Nowadays...with prices soaring and people not buying...his business is going down the tubes. The socialists...though...nevertheless...want their TAX MONEY every day and if he can't pay...he can't stay. An outcome he never imagined possible,(WSJ A-7;02-24-16).
no image
Brazil is smothered in a vicious cycle of "red tape, tax and spend"...and...it;s finally having the deleterious affect it always has: misery and squalor. Eder Leoni...a supermarket owner...went along with the socialists since he was promised BIG BUCKS from socialism. Nowadays...he's kicking himself for having been so blind...so ignorant...so fooled. Yet...he wants more big foot government intrusion. "I want government price controls and government diktat," confided Eder as he looked at his dwindling "bottom line".
Socialist Brazil is experiencing the same economic horror that other socialist countries in South America are experiencing. However...the complicit MASS MEDIA isn't condemning socialism but demanding even more big foot government as a panacea. Most Brazilians...however...aren't accepting more whip and chain but demanding liberation! Viva Liberte!(WSJ A-7;02-24-16).
Donald J. Trump* will be President. America will be great again. Yes...he'll dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and unleash the productive power of this blessed land. He'll delete the grip and grab of big foot government and that prospect has every would-be master and their cronies fearful and frightened. Could their grip on the throat of liberty actually be about to end? Even the prospect of such liberation of the subjugated causes these would-be masters and their complicit MASS MEDIA allies sleepless nights nowadays.
*Trump 46%...Rubio 24%....Cruz 21%...making Trump the leader!
The KOCH BROTHERS...those two freedom-fighters...told Marc Short he wasn't doing what he should to fight subjugation in America. Because Short wasn't any longer welcomed...he departed and took up residence in the RUBIO CAMPAIGN. "Rubio will perpetuate the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. He likes smothering people in red tape and tax...and that kind of horror is what I like most about him," whispered Marc as he reviewed RUBIO'S Wall Street Journal expose' promising to crush America under even more taxes and red tape.
Cokie Roberts hates Trump. She asked him for a job in times past and he told her she was a "loser" and would never amount to much. Nowadays...she is a freedom-hater featured on MSNBC and drools venom every time Trump's name is mentioned. Her thin witch-like lips become tight...her eyes glare...and...the venom drips. It's disgusting to watch and perhaps such is "why" Trump declined to hire her so many years ago.
Melania Trump...wife of Donald J. Trump...granted an interview with MSNBC. In that interview...she was asked nasty questions designed to hurt and demean. Instead of slapping that scumbag MSNBC employee...she sat there and replied in ways that told the listening public she and Donald were destined to become President and First lady. Her response to the attack was admirable but expected. Congratulations to Melania for her effort to help Donald become President.
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This BLOG gave Judicial Watch the money and the idea to sue the U.S.State Department to compel revelation of the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton during her years as Secretary of State. Recently...an avid reader of this BLOG, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan...granted Judicial Watch's request to depose the probable co-conspirators who...along with Hillary Clinton...conducted a massive campaign to grab a billion bucks in "influence-money".

Reacting to this BLOG'S effort to expose Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Family Foundation...Nick Merrill...a Clinton stooge...said the effort would fail. "We built firewalls as good as what iPhone has and there isn't any way to decipher our communications. We're as safe as can be expected," sniffed Nick as he reviewed the latest BLOG entry on the project,(WSJ A-6;02-24-16).
Typhoid Mary was a lady without symptoms but as a food service worker she handled the food for others who became sick and died after consuming their Mary-made meal. Mention is made of this lady since there is a new Typhoid Mary afoot. Her name is U.S.Senator Claire McCaskill(D.Mo). She wants socialism imposed so that America will be as squalid and miserable as Venezuela...a socialist paradise with empty shelves and hollow eyes. She is handling laws that will destroy liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey"...something she dreams about forcing on America. Her touch kills!

The freedom-hating MASS MEDIA is going all out* to stop TRUMP. They have recently realized TRUMP might very well win the Republican nomination...get elected President...and...dismantle their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where would-be masters can impose such things as a progressive income tax, a horrific estate tax and OBAMA-CARE...indeed...a place where the would-be master can decree: "Our tears...your purse!".
*RUBIO will perpetuate the CAGE. Cruz would dismantle it...but...not as much as TRUMP. Hence...the MASS MEDIA is pushing RUBIO.
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Did you know 70% of the world is under age of 30? And did you know the socialists and other freedom-haters are trying to enlist them so that the horror of big foot government will continue to have voter support? Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. It's worldwide and Obama and his vermin Hun horde in America are doing all they can to eliminate liberty and impose "freedom to obey". We must fight or become slaves! There isn't any in-between. Not now!
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told a cub reporter that he was going to close GITMO and put all those terrorists in federal facilities in America. Hillary Clinton joined Obama in this effort telling her crowds she was pleased to know Obama was going to impose such danger on people. "I love the idea of people waking up and finding their village under attack by terrorists whose mission to facilitate an escape from the local federal prison," drooled Hillary as she examined statistics on how many Americans would be killed in such escape raids.
no image
State governments strapped with socialist rules and laws are going bankrupt. Their brick and mortar businesses smothered in tax and red tape are also declining. Instead of deleting what is hurting those businesses...however...state legislators are trying to impose taxes on WEB BUSINESSES thereby destroying them equally well. The WAR ON FREEDOM has come to the INTERNET and its defenders had best stand up and fight or become as sclerotic and minimal as the brick and mortars,(WSJ A-3;02-24-16).
no image
Fascism is as destructive as socialism. Germany discovered the horrors of fascism only after having their entire country laid waste by the Allies in World War II. Yet...in America...there are people who want government to intrude and direct. Take for example, AMAZON.COM. That company believes that it can gain advantage by supporting fascism in America just as German industrialists in the 1930s concluded big foot government could assist them.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The MASS MEDIA and many businesses are dedicated...ironically...to killing off liberty and replacing it with freedom-to-obey. Somehow...by imposing taxes and red tape on the INTERNET...the brick and mortar businesses of America have been told they can prosper....a similar promise made by Hitler and his NAZI scum.
no image
Why are the people of Alabama willing to permit their state government to subjugate and keep them poor? Why not delete the grip and grab of their socialistic government and finally enjoy the fruit of liberation? What is it about the psyche of Alabamians that prevents them from seeking liberty? Could it be they simply are cattle and sheep willing to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps?

no image
In this WAR ON FREEDOM...one bastion of liberty still remains: THE INTERNET. However...if not protected vigilantly...the would-be masters with mob will destroy the INTERNET as it has the brick and mortar businesses of America. Indeed...the U.S.Supreme Court...wants to overturn QUILL CORP. v. NORTH DAKOTA...the pivotal case that prevents TAXATION of internet business. Indeed...one Supreme Court Justice drooled when he was speaking about more "whip and chain" as if he were experiencing an orgasm. "I want to subjugate and destroy liberty not advance freedom," dripped Justice Kennedy...himself a rabid freedom-hater of the 1st order.
no image
Brick and mortar businesses...businesses with a physical presence in a state...usually are burdened with enormous taxes...so many taxes many businesses simply are smothered and eliminated. Instead of deleting the taxes and red tape that KILL OFF business...both sides of the aisle want to impose the same massive tax burden on the fledgling internet business. Of course...AMAZON.COM* wants to destroy as many internet businesses as it can and is supporting this intrusion and destructive new aspect.
* Recall during the time Americans were fighting to stop OBAMA-CARE...many health insurance companies joined Obama and his vermin Hun horde to ram this terrible idea into law. Nowadays...those same idiots are complaining because OBAMA-CARE is destroying them. In NAZI Germany...Hitler was backed by businesses that thought such horror would advance their own interests. Hence the aphorism: Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.
Never invest in India. IKEA...a furniture manufacturer...ignored this injunction and the cost has been heavy. The Swedish company...itself steeped in socialism and idiocy...is now getting stomped and chomped in that toilet bowl. IKEA found out that 1/3 of their product's content must be made in India of all places...a requirement that IKEA simply can't afford to permit. Imagine a table with 2 legs 3 feet and two legs 2 feet...a tilt table so to speak...and...you'll sense the reason IKEA is headed out of India as fast as it can extract whatever capital they can manage to retrieve.
Lech Walesa...the shipyard worker who climbed a fence and brought down communism...has been revealed recently to have been a highly paid snitch using the code name: BOLEK. Of course...Walesa has denied the hand-written agreement which bears a signature purporting to be Lech's scribble. So dramatic this revelation...that this BLOG dispatched its world-famous hand-writing expert to examine the document. So far...it appears to be a well-done forgery. Equally powerful is the historical fact that NEVER was a SNITCH exposed in any document...hand-written or otherwise...during the occupation of Poland by the Soviets.


Don't touch that fence
To touch was to die
Yet Lech Walesa defied
He approached the fence
And began to climb
heard machine guns cocked
doom in mechanical rhyme.
Yet on he climbed.
Who climbs with me?
And with that 100,000 dashed to the fence
Communism was gone...history's black mark hence.
Every Republican candidate opposes putting GITMO prisoners in America. However...Hillary Clinton said she liked the idea and would support the effort. Blending in...Bernie Sanders also endorsed this idiotic idea. Why put that kind of danger so close to Americans? Note Clinton and Sanders will live so far away from that PRISON...they'll sniff when people complain. It's typical socialist bravado and Americans must oppose this relocation process Obama has mentioned.
OBAMA-CARE deleted liberty and the U.S.Supreme Court sanctioned that freedom-killing law. Even though there to protect what little freedom remained in America...the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision upheld OBAMA-CARE and said Congress could enslave Americans if it wished. To escape the whip and chain Obama and the Democrats have imposed...Scalia's replacement must be a freedom-lover...a person rarely found anywhere in the federal judicial system.
If APPLE, INC. gives big foot government the KEY to the iPhone...APPLE will lose 98% of its patrons. Tim Cook must be courageous and fight against tyranny. Unlike scumbag Bill Gates... the Microsoft billionaire who long ago became a supporter of tyranny...TIM COOK is fighting for liberty. This BLOG endorses Mr. Cook and has offered to donate $25 million toward legal fees if he should run short. Go get 'em, Tim!
Gitmo...that place in Cuba where terrorists are kept imprisoned...will be closed. The prisoners will be sent to Miami where they'll be housed in federal facilities. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) was instrumental in the selection of the site. Floridians feel betrayed by Nelson. But he's a scumbag Democrat who pushed OBAMA-CARE and other disasters...so this one isn't an anomaly but in keeping with his evil ways.
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The anti-drug laws destroy people. If left alone...drug users keep to themselves. As proof just examine the crack-cocaine stomp-down. Until cocaine was made illegal there was not any cocaine-related crime. People who wished to use cocaine were told it was harmful but otherwise they were left alone to kill themselves. Nowadays...though...murder and mayhem accompany cocaine use and distribution due to these idiotic drug-laws.
When Jennifer Granholm had her chance as HHS director...she tried to kill a little girl using her government power and position. Of course...a Judge interceded and that little girl's life was saved. Yes...it cost a huge sum to save her...but she lived. Granholm tried to stop the effort saying what does one life matter! Nowadays...when she walks down the street people stop and jeer. "There's that scumbag Granholm," they declare calling her name out loudly enough so others might join in and assist in taunting and demeaning. She deserves every word...every angry stare...every thought of retribution!
Gina McCarthy...head honcho at the Environmental Destruction Agency...told a cub reporter she feared Donald J. Trump: "He'll dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE...a cage I helped build. I want to direct and control from cradle to grave and Trump is thwarting my desire to stomp out liberty. Most Americans...through public school teaching...are cattle and sheep...ready to be directed by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. And Trump is about to upset that scenario. He must be stopped lest the CAGE be deleted!"
Similar to Gandhi approaching the ocean's edge...so is Trump's victorious march to the White House. His intention is to "make salt"...to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and release the entrepreneurial spirit that symbolizes America. So worried are the big foot government advocates and their cronies in the MASS MEDIA that even the Wall Street Journal has jumped aboard the anti-Trump wagon.
In Chicago...at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association...Scott Serota*...its CEO...told his crew they were headed into the proverbial toilet if OBAMA-CARE weren't repealed. He noted that BLUE CROSS was unable to meet its obligations unless big foot government stepped in and forced people at the point of a gun to buy BLUE CROSS products. "We need to ask Uncle Sugar to kill people if they won't buy our product. It's the better way to keep our otherwise bankrupt business in business," drooled scumbag Serota.
*Scumbag Serota was one of the people who pushed OBAMA-CARE. He thought it would help his struggling company. Now he has discovered he needs government to kill people if they don't buy his product. He's a scumbag of the 1st order.
Federal employees...all 4.5 million of them united yesterday against Trump. They know he plans on deleting their federal positions and forcing them into the private sector to find employment. They hate the idea their power...their position...their status will be deleted and they'll have to find work elsewhere. Many know most employers will look upon their time working for Uncle Sugar as a "negative"...and...probably be shunned...if not outright hated.
The MASS MEDIA has discovered Trump's underlying plan is to dismantle their beloved NANNY STATE CAGE wherein they're leaders. "How dare this upstart attempt to liberate the subjugated," screamed Gerald F. Seib...a scumbag of the 1st order. To counter Trump's march to make salt...the MASS MEDIA and TEAM OBAMA are offering voters "freebie and favor"...and...claiming Trump will take away their benefits...their entitlements...their umbilical cord and force them to earn their way through life without being able to rob* others to do it.
*The income tax is theft...legal theft...but theft. In an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the government is funded by lotteries, rents and royalties...never taxes! Yes...the government with that size purse must be efficient and deliver only essential services such as courts, police and national defense with little else on the plate.
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A great number of ships are idle at anchor all over the world. The commodities those ships would carry are so cheap it isn't worth hauling. Even COAL has suffered not only from Obama's domestic attack but also from a general downturn in every place where socialism is afoot. In Europe...for example...where socialism has been stomping and chomping for years...the recessionary pressures are in fill swing. And European ship owners are getting trounced by the downturn.
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Make no mistake about it...gun safety legislation is designed to render the American people defenseless. A gunman never chooses a target that is armed. As in San Bernardino...for instance...those Muslims chose that target because it was a GUN-FREE ZONE. They didn't have to worry about instant defense from gun-toting patrons at that Christmas Party. They killed people who were defenseless. Yes...the police arrived 4 minutes too late and the carnage was horrific because the victims lacked firepower.

Anyone wishing to disarm you...ask that idiot if they ever were on a train with gunmen passing from car to car shooting unarmed people. Instantly...the response will be they don't care if they die. They want "no guns" and if gunmen kill unarmed people, it's a blessing from God.
China wants all INTERNET traffic inside China to be routed through mainland servers so the government can monitor its people...stomping and chomping as it sees fit. Of course...restriction simply creates another marketplace whose mission statement to avoid such draconian measures. President Xi must know something most people don't about national security for him to insist on that intrusion.
Jeb Bush had a billion bucks from every source imaginable but lacked a message worth following. He promised "same old, same old, just different bag"...and...voters refused to go along. In contrast...TRUMP said he didn't like the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and would delete most if not all of it ushering in thereby a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
Ben Carson and John Kasich will drop out next as they see their support waning. As for Carson, he had his chance and didn't preach liberation of the subjugated. He could have trounced all comers with a message of liberty. He was told...however...not to speak about freedom but only offer tepid panaceas...designed to be wishy-washy..."me-too" stuff.

So far that kind of pusillanimous presentation hasn't delivered the massive voter support the wonks and wizards predicted. Similarly, John Kasich also lost his opportunity when he promised to keep burden and oppression intact. He said he'd modify...not dismantle...and...the reaction has been observed in his lack of voter support.
Why stop Trump? What is there about Trump that establishment-Republicans don't like? Is it his willingness to disrupt and dismantle? Are they so protective of the status quo they would stop Trump from dismantling this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?

Maybe Trump isn't a liberator. But so far he seems to be saying he will delete the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE CAGE. Yes...JEB BUSH dropped out because he didn't have support for his tepid response to the entrenchment of freedom which TEAM OBAMA successfully imposed...whereas Trump gathered his strength from promising to eradicate the CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
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The MASS MEDIA...some time back...took a poll that pitted Trump against Clinton and Clinton prevailed every time despite her scoundrel-like stature. Based on that poll...the MASS MEDIA was directed to push Trump. So far that choice has come full circle with Trump ahead in all states. "But what the voters don't know is that Trump is a remorseless socialist whose mission statement to send America down the socialist toilet with him leading the way," droned Ted Cruz when asked why he came in 3rd in South Carolina.
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Democrats attacked Trump in Las Vegas. At the Trump hotel and casino...the UNION rose up and demanded WAGE INCREASE...an increase that would hobble if not bankrupt that operation. Of course...the UNION officials involved don't care since they'll still have their UNION JOB. One casino worker at the TRUMP CASINO said she liked Trump but wanted him to give her all the profit so she could have what Trump had. "I want the socialists to take over so they can loot Trump's storeroom and give it to me. Clinton has promised as much and I believe her," drooled Jane Smith."
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Mr. Donald J. Trump will delete the grip of big foot government and return healthcare to the marketplace where innovation and invention are legendary. It wasn't Obama who discovered how to treat cancer...it was dogged doctors and scientists who refused to be pushed around by malignant cell growth. Yet...Obama recently took credit for this advance in cancer-cure...saying he wanted even more government funds so he can make sure only those he chooses get that cure.

Trump must dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" entitlement system. Take for example the so-called minimum wage. He knows that the minimum wage has created a pool of unemployable people...people who can't produce enough to warrant even the imposed minimum wage. Remove that hurdle and employment would skyrocket once more. The Democrats don't want that to happen since they rely on "dependent sheep" to perpetuate their power.
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The MASS MEDIA claims young people want socialism? Is it the embedded proposition that everything is owned by the people and what is left is granted by permission only? Is it the fact that socialists do well until they run out of other people's money? Or is it as mundane as getting promised some generalized "freebie and favor"? The answer is a mixture of these things and others such as "free medical care and free college". They're promised the storeroom of others and they like the idea of "freebie and favor" dished out by the likes of Bernie Sanders.
In Iraq...in Fallujah...Sunni tribesmen confronted Islamic State troops. They fought valiantly even though the "promised weapons and ammo" never arrived. "That dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office promised us military support if we stood up against the Daesh. Of course...we relied on that promise but now know Obama is a LIAR...and...probably the author and director of ISLAMIC STATE!" exclaimed Majeed al-Juraisi...a Sunni leader who didn't heed the warning of this BLOG: DON'T TRUST OBAMA!

Yes...folks...Obama might very well be the puppet-master behind ISLAMIC STATE. Why else would he refuse to help anti-ISIS troops in Fallujah? Recall American troops took Fallujah...but...lost many lives in so doing.

Obama ignored that blood-price and gave Fallujah to Islamic State so it would have a better defense should the caliphate be invaded. Hence...Obama wasn't about to dislodge the scumbags he installed. Yes...he promised weapons and ammo...but...promised so the Sunnis would rise up and get slaughtered...leaving the Shiites in control once Islamic State was directed by Obama to depart.