April 2016
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Outside Clinton campaign rallies there are not any protesters. Somehow...she isn't worth the sign and sweat stuff. On the other hand...TRUMP is worth disrupting...harassing...hindering...and...hence...goon squads have been following TRUMP around and disrupting his campaign rallies. At one of them recently...for example...TRUMP was struck by a rotten egg...an egg thrown by a HILLARY-SUPPORTER!
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Trump thought the election system was above reproach. If you succeeded in garnering the most votes in the primaries, then the nomination assured. But Trump discovered that it wasn't about popular sentiment but about delegate picking and that aspect Trump hadn't considered. From what he has read...delegates could choose CRUZ despite TRUMP'S massive lead in primary votes...and...that prospect has Trump worried.
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Bobby Knight endorsed Trump while Governor Pence chose Cruz before the Indiana primary. John Boehner...golfing partner of Trump...piled on with labeling Cruz: "Lucifer" and Arron Blake...a Washington Post hack*...said TRUMP was a "loser".
*This scumbag earns about $1000 per week and he's going to challenge Trump as to business acumen?
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In California...a group pretended to be part Trump supporters and part anti-Trump protesters. Their mission: to cause anger and disrupt the anticipated Trump rally. They succeeded. The MASS MEDIA framed the confrontation as TRUMP supporters vs. protesters when they were part of the same enterprise. While the MASS MEDIA knew the "obvious" relationship...they...nonetheless...overlooked it so that they could besmirch TRUMP some more.
Maduro thought he inherited a socialist paradise when he took over for Chavez in Venezuela. But when OIL dropped to $30 per barrel...this socialist paradise evaporated...disappeared...and...in its place were blackouts...empty shelves...and...angry citizens sweating in 100 degree heat! And to think Hillary Clinton wants that kind of life for America. WOW!
Trump landed his jet...went by motorcade to a California forum to deliver another great speech...and...was struck by rotten eggs and tomatoes as he exited his limo. The police chuckled as they stood by and watched the drama unfold. One egg-thrower had in her pocketbook a money order from the Clinton campaign. Another egg thrower was a Bernie Sanders advocate sent there to mess with TRUMP. And...as planned...TRUMP departed the area...returned to his jet...and...left for his next venue.

While argument and noise are obviously permitted...throwing missiles...whether they be eggs or tomatoes...is a felony and those throwing eggs and tomatoes should have been arrested. Instead...the police laughed...chortled...and...thought the protest in keeping with California values. It was as if TRUMP had landed in Caracas with Maduro's goon squads dispatched to harass and stifle.
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As predicted...the Food and Drug Administration has been exposed for its attempt to MURDER children! The entire lot of them should be fired and prosecuted for MURDER. The FDA...as everyone knows...has declared they will stop children from receiving a life-saving drug because they don't like it. It's MURDER! But...not anyone is screaming out or demanding retribution for this MURDER. Could it be that big foot government can now openly MURDER and Americans sit back accepting and sheep-like?(WSJ A-12;04-29-16).
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Always the dung-throwing monkey...OBAMA dispatched another 250 special ops troops to Syria to assist in the re-taking of RAQQA...the present-day capital of the Islamic State caliphate. To assist in this effort...Obama asked Sunnis to join with him and his team to evict the SUNNI ARMY...a/k/a...ISLAMIC STATE...from RAQQA. And of the 500 billion Sunnis in the region...only 6,000 agreed to join the fight to oust the SUNNI ARMY from Syria and of those 6000 only 4 actually agreed to shoot a gun or fire a cannon.
Anti-U.S.cleric Moqtada al-Sadr directed his sniper teams to stand down and not take out Vice President Joe Biden. While Moqtada contemplated such a tactical move...he was discouraged b the cogent importuning of Timmy Titler...his U.S.adviser. Titler told Moqtada that if he were to permit scumbag-Joe to come and go without incident...Iraq could easily be overtaken in a fortnight!
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In a suburb of Aleppo, Syria...a missile struck al-Qud Hospital killing Dr. Mohammed Wassim Moadh...a Turk who came to help the sick and injured. Why Moadh was murdered by OBAMA was revealed when James Clapper...national security stooge...mentioned the power Obama had when he was known for slaughtering doctors and nurses. "OBAMA-CARE will never be eliminated because its author is willing to kill to advance its pernicious grip on the throat of liberty," whispered Clapper as he looked at photos of Moadh's dismembered body.
PRINCE died with an estate worth well over $500 million. That wealth represents all the "wonder and good" he bestowed on each customer as he traded his songs for their cash and patronage. If he hadn't been so good...his estate would be paltry...and...would show that while industrious...nevertheless...his songs were not well liked enough to be purchased by interested buyers. Hence...in an OBVIOUS WAY...that $500 million is a reflection of the "benefit" derived from buying his song and dance over the years. As one mourning fan said, "I bought $1000 worth of his records because I wanted them more than that $1000."

However...PRINCE might also serve as a banner for liberation since his estate has been targeted for an estate tax assessment designed to grab $250 million. Somehow...because PRINCE benefited so many people...he is to be punished by an estate tax levied at death and designed to destroy and ruin. There isn't any justification underlying such imposition of this DEATH TAX except that it satisfies the envy people have for such wealth...such skill...such talent...such drama. Indeed...Bernie Sanders salivated and drooled when he was told that the family of PRINCE was about to be attacked by the scumbags at the Internal Revenue Service.
Vice President Joe Biden...demonstrating presidential prowess...went to Baghdad to assist its socialist government somehow maintain control over pressure groups each vying for their season in power so they might loot the storeroom of the loser. While such institutionalized civil war hasn't yet come to America...it's on full parade in Iraq and Afghanistan...two places that could have been made peaceful and fabulously prosperous with the imposition of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where neither Sunni or Shiite could decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

BUSH-CHENEY chose to impose socialist-welfare state hokum and the results are what Biden is in Baghdad to sort out. It's not expected...however...that BIDEN propose liberation over subjugation since Biden is a rabid freedom-hater and likes to see people downtrodden and morose. No...folks...BIDEN went to Baghdad to tell the rag heads to quiet down so Obama can depart office with a decent legacy...not to assuage Shiite or Sunni misgivings about the reins of power falling to the other side to their great detriment.
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"Over my dead body...will Ted Cruz ever be President of the United States," whispered former Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives, John Boehner...adding that CRUZ was something akin to Lucifer...the devil depicted so graphically in the Bible, (JOB 1:7). So venomous...so acrid...so caustic...some saw paint peeling from Boehner's profaned righteousness.
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Sunni extremists hold much of Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. While they sport different names...different colors...nonetheless...eradication of the infidel their common theme. Nowadays...with TEAM OBAMA departing the area...the Sunnis sense another historical moment similar in scope and amplitude to that just after World War One. They know if they struggle and slaughter as many as possible...eventually...they will be granted recognition and delivered whatever boundaries demanded. Allahu Akbar!
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On TV...the news showed North Korean legislators voting. They all held up a "red card" at the same time...clapped at the same time...smiled the same way at the same time. It was eerie...almost machine-like...and...definitely not something you would wish as how your government operated. If the "little fella"...as he's been labeled by this BLOG...were to kill off a million or so of his fellow North Koreans...for instance...it might very well be the approval rating would be 100%...devoid of dissent...and...raised to the level of an act of divine dispensation through the likes of the "little fella".

Why Hillary Clinton would cite that scoundrel as her role model hasn't been fully explained. But many political scientists believe Clinton admires how easily he slaughters. She likes the way he deletes opposition and then LIES about it. The scoundrel aspect seems to feed some insatiable desire to consume what little liberty remains replacing it with "freedom-to-obey" and that excites Hillary...it's a scratch she has to itch.
Access to a federal food program resulted in improved high school graduation rates, better health outcomes in adulthood, and for women, greater economic self-sufficiency. "But for that federal food...those recipients would have perished,"confided Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach as she pointed out federal food had also stopped earthquakes and climate change.
There is such a thing as a disgusting person...someone so nasty...so reprehensible...that a visceral reaction forthcoming. Indeed...an entire crowd of college students simultaneously vomited when they heard RUBIN and SCHANZENBACH...in chorus fashion*...describe "why" enslavement better than liberty.
*To them...big foot government can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"(WSJ A-13;04-28-16).
Gerhard Schindler...former head of the German Secret Service...told a cub reporter he helped place hidden video cameras in bathrooms of prominent people throughout Europe to accommodate Obama...a well-known voyeur and sociopath. Chancellor Merkel said she was appalled when she saw herself on YouTube washing gingerly and wanted Schindler's list.
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The Syrian question can be answered by simply imposing a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market* and directing all parties to sort there differences through argument instead of bullet, knife, stick and stone. Remove from the would-be master with mob the ability to bash down storeroom door...and...peace and prosperity manifest instantly. Yes...the would-be master hates such a liberty-crammed paradigm...but...the recipients...the unwashed masses...they understand the difference and will fight to keep freedom afoot,(WSJ A-8;04-28-16).
*Islamic State knows it can't ever offer a 21st century otherwise unhampered market since few freedom-lovers ever support the 6th century version of Shariah Law.
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"Ah...turtle...thizzle...thazzle...thizzle throne...time for this one to come home." And with that turtle returned to the Wizard's lair and told be to satisfied with his frame shared. Such was the situation when David Trone realized he'd been defeated by Jamie Raskin in his bid to be the replacement for socialist-Chris van Hollen. "HELP ME...MR. WIZARD!" screamed Trone...as he wished he were back at home. He'd lost $12 million of his own scratch...and...there weren't any dummies waiting for him in the pumpkin patch. Total wine and more...dripped from Trone's seedless core,(WSJ A-5;04-28-16).
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Jeremy Atkinson won a close competition to become a delegate from Kansas favoring Hillary Clinton. What people didn't tell him...though...but...would have had he but asked...was...that his expenses incurred in traveling to/from Philadelphia and the 5 days of hotel were on his tab. He had to pay out of his own pocket...something Atkinson as a practicing socialist never did...and...as such...being aligned with Democratic party...alias SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL...he was expecting to spend other people's money...as any good socialist would demand.

So...Jeremy went to the INTERNET...and...asked for assistance from the universe. And...so far...he has gathered $400 of the $800 he needs for airfare. As for the hotel costs...he was approached by a shadowy figure sporting the name: RAUL and given cash with explicit directions to use a specific hotel and ask for Vinnie,(WSJ A-5;04-28-16).
PRINCE died and left an estate worth $235,773,991.34 according to the estate-tax lawyers hired by the decedent's family who also added that Uncle Sugar's estate-tax would grab $100,000,000.00 and leave the rest to be gobbled up by anyone else with an interest. The estate tax is a great evil and Americans should rise up and demand that such a TAX be eliminated. It is based on ENVY and as such is an EVIL LAW,(Exodus 20:17).
Yahoo,Inc. is basically going out of business and there are only a few companies capable of salvaging portions...but...the overall YAHOO model is about gone. What might have been the final bad decision...Yahoo bought Tumbir...a blogging site...which turned out to be a big loser in every way possible. Indeed...Yahoo was warned* to stay away from Tumbir since it lacked depth and vision but the leader of Yahoo was smarter and wiser and ignored not only the data presented but also the dramatic conclusions drawn.
*Lady Elizabeth contacted the leader of Yahoo and explicitly warned her to avoid Tumbir.
Jack Ma...head honcho at ALIBABA...some time back...asked this BLOG to assist him in forming a payment platform so that goods and services could move unhindered as easily as payment for the same would occur. Using the latest technology and thinking...ANT-FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP was created ALIPAY to handle the trillion dollar cash flow ALIBABA generates per day!
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To be convicted of federal influence-peddling...the defendant must be shown to have clearly received something in exchange for the favor bestowed or official act taken. A quid pro quo must be shown to have occurred...something for something...a this for that...and...anything less not criminal misconduct but lawful interface.

Hillary Clinton is worried since she grabbed $150 million from various governments and businesses in exchange for her assistance. Although that $150 million was paid to the Clinton Family Foundation...nevertheless...the people making those huge payments were seeking something from Hillary as Secretary of State not as private citizen Hillary. Whether or not she delivered her side of the bargain is a question whose answer has Hillary very worried.
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It's as likely as not TRUMP is just another big foot government hack...willing to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE instead of dismantling it and ushering in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is king or queen...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

If he is just "same old, same old, just different bag"...then...he'll lose to Clinton and America will go down the socialist toilet. On the other hand...if TRUMP preaches liberation of the subjugated...calling for the deleting and eliminating of all the grip and grab of the CAGE...he'll defeat Clinton and deliver America unto a 21st century EDEN.
Donald J. Trump swept 5 for 5 last night making him clearly the Republican front runner eclipsing Cruz and Kasich by double-digit margins. Yet...the MASS MEDIA calls TRUMP a poor choice if Clinton the alternative. Their theory is that voters want to be enslaved...directed from cradle to grave...by Clinton and her vermin Hun horde of ghouls and knaves.
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Trump took all 5 states by large margins...so large that few believe Cruz or Kasich can catch up and overcome Trump's obvious momentum. Somehow...though...the MASS MEDIA is twisting the 5 for 5 blow-out telling the mush-minds of America such support is evanescent...short-lived...and...will evaporate as soon as voters are given a choice between Clinton and Trump. Their theory is that in a general election...most voters will choose Clinton because she'll perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...something most Americans are taught in their public schools to want most.
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Referring to Trump's latest gaffe about her playing the "woman's card"...Clinton cleverly retorted: "Deal me in!" Hillary Clinton said she was fighting for equal pay...free health care...more government entitlements...so...if demanding equal treatment for women deemed playing the "woman card"...then...deal her in.
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George Soros...a billionaire and freedom-hater...was told by Chinese President Xi Jingping he and his 12,000 "front-organizations" were unwelcome in China. He could not peddle his filth and hatred of freedom in China. Perhaps Germany or France might wish such attack...but...China was closed to him and his vermin Hun horde,(WSJ A-12;04-27-16).
Scarborough Shoal...an outcropping of rock and sand near the Philippines...was claimed by China in 2012 and will be the site of a new Chinese harbor and airport facility. The work will take 2 years and will provide safety and security for commerce. Due to the horror of Abu Sayyaf...an Islamic terrorist organization...the need for that BASE is obvious. Thank you, President Xi for your foresightedness!
Jews are allowed to visit but not pray on Temple Mount, a hilltop plaza where two biblical-era Jewish temples once stood and that is Judaism's holiest site. It also is one of the holiest sites in Islam known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and home to the Al Aqsa mosque. Recently...Jewish college students took a gallon of pig's blood and tossed it into the Al Aqsa mosque. The uproar was instantaneous and dramatic with Muslims hacking off heads and arms throughout Jerusalem as they looked for those offending Jews.
Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell took gifts from Jonnie Williams,Jr. who was pushing Anatabloc...a dietary supplement and needed McDonnell to help get Anatabloc through the Food and Drug Administration labyrinth. Of course...McDonnell was prosecuted and convicted of "power-peddling".

What has so many social justice wonks upset...though...is how Hillary Clinton has so far escaped condemnation for doing the SAME THINGS. What power or influence does Clinton have that provides such insulation from suffering a "McDonnell-style" prosecution?
Catherine Greig...Whitey Bulger's girlfriend...was put in jail because she would not reveal the names of those people who helped Whitey Bulger remain free for so many years,(WSJ A-3;04-27-16). Had she revealed those names...she'd have been free but those people she would have identified would have been arrested and prosecuted. Instead of visiting such evil on them...she preferred to sit in jail.

Mention is made of this lady's epic refusal since Lois Lerner also clammed up and would not reveal who directed her to violate federal law and use Internal Revenue Service as her own attack-dog. However...as where a federal judge is forcing Greig to reveal stuff...not anyone has arrested Lois Lerner and forced her to speak against the authors of that despicable misuse of power: Democrat Senators.
Florida Rep. Cary Pigman has been welcomed by the Army of Liberation as its newest member. Recall he's the one who is trying to eliminate the licensing requirements for nurses and doctors so that tele-medicine might flourish in the Sunshine State. He's a freedom-fighter and deserves support. Indeed...the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG sent his campaign a huge donation so that he might carry this fight for liberation throughout the Southeast!
Why would Trump invite the advisers of the losers into his inner circle seeking benefit therefrom? Had he not considered that the losers suffered due to "bad advice"? Recently...Trump ignored the wisdom of this BLOG...and...chose to incorporate some of these so-called wizards into his camp. The result were hurtful "leaks" about Trump changing his "mood and message"...going wishy-washy...tepid...meek...and...willing to support the NANNY STATE CAGE in all its horrendous forms and formats.
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How many delegates will Trump have after today? It's as likely as not...he'll probably break the 1000 mark leaving only 237 delegates out there to corral in order to procure a 1st round nomination in Cleveland. Speculating about the outcome of this important Tuesday primary...talking heads are already declaring Trump a "loser"...and...the Cruz-Kasich alliance worked its magic.
Hillary Clinton told a cub reporter she was shovel-ready. When she ascended to the presidency...she would instantly transform America and reduce its people to cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. "I will send federal police to force people to do my bidding...to obey my diktats...and...kneel and worship whatever idol I might forge," screamed Hillary to an adoring crowd of mush-minds in lower Pennsylvania...a spot near Frankenstein's fireplace!
Category polling was used today to explain "why" Trump and Hillary Clinton defeated their rivals. For instance, Afro-American women between the ages of 18 and 35 wanted Bernie Sanders while gay Muslims* wanted Clinton by a 3 to 1 margin. As for Trump...he received the blue-collar, poor white trash vote. Surprising to almost everyone...Trump also received the vote of most Afro-American male voters of all ages and backgrounds.
*Putative leader of the Islamic State told a cub reporter he would make Hillary one of his consorts when he and his camel had a falling out.
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TRUMP would be foolish to have other camp personnel in his "inner-circle"...yet...he permitted such intrusion only to find acrimony and dissension afoot. It was as if some were purposefully causing trouble. One jerk told the MASS MEDIA that TRUMP was only presenting an "image" and that the "real Trump" was wishy-washy and would not dismantle any part of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Of course...Trump sensed treachery and instantly distanced himself from this loudmouthed idiot.
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told a cub reporter America could not "nuke" North Korea since the radiation would also destroy South Korea. He admitted North Korea could blow away Los Angeles and America could not retaliate in kind but would be left with the dismal option of conventional warfare including land invasion...something the North Koreans say would result in a slaughtering of American troops on a scale not seen since Custer met his Little Big Horn.
Gov.John Kasich was asked about Carly Fiorina as a vice presidential choice if he ever were to receive the Republican nomination. In response...he paused and refused to answer saying it wasn't time to make such choices. However...the crowd before he was speaking at the time such a question was asked went dead silent when Fiorina was mentioned and Kasich pointed out the lack of enthusiasm for that lady.
Ed Rendell...a Clinton advocate...openly referred to Bernie Sanders as a lackluster socialist with parlor-trick ideas and little else. When asked about "why" Hillary lied to a mother of one of the 4 Americans killed in Benghazi...however...Rendell became defensive declaring Clinton had to kill those 4 Americans to show she had the will to watch people die. "She had to lie to that bereaved mother or else lose the 2016 election. So she lied," defended Rendell as he looked at that video of Clinton LYING to that mother.
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U.S.Rep. Chris Van Hollen found himself in a tough re-election race with Donna Edwards...an Afro-American lady whose hatred of liberty as nasty as his own. While he appeals to "whitey"...Edwards attracts the downtrodden...the poor...the helpless...and...everyone else who needs governmental assistance and benefits. So appealing her message of "freebie and favor" that Van Hollen has discovered he must "out-promise" this lady...or...face a landslide loss.
U.S.Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx)...erred recently when he agreed to assist John Kasich in somehow preventing Trump from procuring the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. When called on it...though...Cruz attempted to duck and dodge the conclusion that "How charged with punishments the scroll, he was not the master of his fate...or...the captain of his soul." (Invictus)
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In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...producers attempt to avoid over-production and over-building...tempering desire with reality check. In a government-directed place...though...such throttle-back isn't ever found with state-run...or...state-financed businesses producing product despite a lack of customers resulting in enormous gluts. In South Korea...for instance...HANJIN SHIPPING CO...grabbed as much government subsidy and patronage as possible...over-built...over-produced...and...now lacks customers to support that inventory and its sources,(WSJ B-3;04-26-16).
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Unlike big foot government...when a business becomes fiscally troubled...deleting marginal and losing aspects can be solution waiting to happen. Take for instance BOB EVANS RESTAURANTS. The owner saw a way to remain afloat and took that route by closing 27 under-performing shops and relocating those now unemployed 1.5 million worker bees. "We had to save the business but we relocated those million plus worker bees," crowed Timmy Titler...spokesperson for BOB EVANS,(WSJ B-3;04-26-16).
Using 3-D printing technology...Islamic State scientists and structural engineers have found ways to mass produce WARBOT(tm)* drones and other machines. Instead of it taking 5 hours to construct one DRONE...with 3-D printing...in that same 5 hours...10,000 DRONES can be produced! "I will flood the world of the infidel with WARBOT(tm) drones and other machines," boasted al-Baghdadi...putative leader of the Islamic State as he pointed to New York City as a prime target for this attack,(WSJ B-1;04-26-16).
*WARBOT(tm) was designed by this BLOG as a way for every nation to protect itself easily and cheaply. If an aggressor were to attack...WARBOT instantly defends and to that attacking nation a billion drones are instantly sent..each one configured to destroy and decimate.
"We're giving Hillary Clinton and the Democrats the White House and the U.S.Senate should Trump be the 2016 presidential candidate," fumed U.S.Senator Ted Cruz as he looked at the latest polling data which showed TRUMP defeating all comers. "If my gambit with Kasich doesn't work out...Trump will be the 2016 presidential candidate and he'll never defeat Clinton in a general election," mused Cruz.
At Harvard...at a final club...4 out of every 10 ladies brought there were sexually attacked...and...brutalized. According to Jeff Neal...Chief University Spokesperson...over 12,000 female Harvard students were raped at final club events. "We discovered rape was a Harvard ritual practiced since the late 1800s by final club members. We uncovered pluperfect proof these rapes were part of rituals passed down from monks in ancient England who ran out of prey at Oxford and who came to Harvard and set up final clubs to perpetuate this horrific practice,"quipped Neal as he pointed to ancient manuscripts depicting sexual attack on unsuspecting females.
Hillary Clinton has been called many things...but...the one label she can't seem to hide is the one appended to her soul by the Little Sisters of the Poor...that not-for-profit organization determined to assist the helpless and impoverished. Recall it was Clinton who told a cheering crowd she would see to it the Little Sisters of the Poor became a part of big foot government,(MATTHEW 6:24). Reacting to this attack on their mission statement...the Little Sisters of the Poor labeled Clinton: "God-hater".
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John Kasich and Ted Cruz joined forces...creating an alliance of sorts. Their purpose to stop Trump. What necessitated such confluence was the fact that Donald J. Trump is charted to prevail in the remaining Republican primaries assuring him the 1237 delegates he needs to be the 1st round pick at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Somehow stopping TRUMP such great purpose it forced CRUZ to hold his nose and join with KASICH in an all out gambit to derail what appears to be a TRUMP JUGGERNAUT.
Curt Schilling...a former ESPN dude...was fired when he said people should use public toilets in accord with their gender. Of course...Schilling was referring to the North Carolina law that directed ladies to use the female facilities and men to do likewise.

Had Curt kept his nose out of this imbroglio...he'd still have his lucrative job. But...Curt felt he had to tell the world that as far as he was concerned...a man should use a man's toilet even if that man identified himself as a "girl".

As William McGurn said, "Ole Curt stepped in a big pile...and...decided to track that mess into his office instead of wiping it off."(WSJ A-11;04-26-18).
When the JEW took Palestine...the Palestinians were driven from their homes and shops and confined to refugee camps...many of which can be found nowadays along the Gaza Strip. Will the Palestinian ever evict the JEW? Or...has the JEW come to stay? As Hillary Clinton told a crowd of Muslims, "Intifada(holy war)...won't end until the JEW once more is driven into Sinai to wander for another 1000 years."
Marion King Hubbert died leaving a legacy of trouble and turmoil. Recall it was Hubbert who claimed America would not have any oil by 2015 due to production and pumping. He called it "peak oil" and that concept became a BANNER...a PURPOSE...a way to control almost every facet of human existence. Of course...Hubbert was incorrect...but...that small feature won't be mentioned as Hubbert is eulogized and elevated to mythical status as a harbinger of doom.
Students for Justice in Palestine(SJP) has many campus chapters each one dedicated to attacking Israel. One SJP cadre was dispatched to harass Hillary Clinton...a Jew-lover. They follow her around and appear at her rallies waving signs depicting her as a NAZI GOON...a TYRANT IN DRAG...and...sometimes even worse. Speaking on condition of anonymity...Husam El-Quolaq said his team was hurting Clinton among the Muslim voting bloc and felt TRUMP was on his way to the Oval Office.
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People come away from a Clinton rally with a feeling they've just been in the presence of a very mean woman who would kill her own mother to advance the cause of socialism. "Her words were biting and troubling," said one attendee when asked why the grimace on her face as she listened to Clinton describe how she would replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey".
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In one Star Trek episode...LANDRU...a supercomputer...has reduced the world to cattle and sheep ruled over by hooded forms with long rods from which the WILL OF LANDRU is emitted. What has so many people startled is how similar the visage of LANDRU and that of Bernie Sanders. They not only appear twin-like...but...just as dastardly.
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There are 50 states with 50 presidential primaries. Concomitantly...there are 50 different state requirements and protocols each one designed to be a formidable hurdle thereby gleaning the contenders eliminating any who can't muster to the line and address each aspect...each pitfall...each "gotcha" moment.

Trump...so far...has led the field with only 2 competitors still growling and groaning. But...those who remain aren't stupid and have developed a rapport between them since their mutual nemesis has them both charted as losers in the coming primaries. Will this tenuous collaboration result in Trump's political demise is the question swallowing up the MASS MEDIA with many speculating somehow delegates will be wrongfully grabbed thereby depriving Trump the 1237 delegates required for a 1st round nomination.
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CLINTON-HILLARY...the newest label appended by DONALD TRUMP to that Democrat-pug: Hillary. Trump said he was itching for a head-to-head with CLINTON-HILLARY. And in keeping with her prowess...he wanted a Russian steel cage match...door locked...no quarter...no surrender...just all out fang and claw...nose-to-nose combat. Of course...the MASS MEDIA instantly called such frame Machismo...and...anti-female...pointing out Clinton would never engage in mud-slinging and name-calling despite Trump's offering to do battle in such fashion.
ACORNS GROW,INC. hopes small investors will enable it to become a big boy...a player...a honcho,(WSJ C-1;04-25-16). The Irvine, California company's mobile app allows users to make regular deposits from their bank accounts into an ACORNS account that automatically invests the money in a basket of exchange-traded funds. Recently...ACORN bought a stake in this BLOG and has since resold it for a $1.9 billion profit making this BLOG the most valuable INTERNET NEWS SERVICE!
*When asked why Noah Kerner was selected to spearhead this latest effort to become an international player...John Avion...a contributing editor said, "Got kicked off Noah's Ark...turned my cheek at his remark...there was two of everything and one of me. So I held my breath...stood my ground...as rain came tumbling down and that ship went sailing out to sea."
Visiting a diner in Pennsylvania...Ohio Gov. John Kasich shook hands...kissed and hugged and selfie-photo mugged. After Kasich departed...a cub reporter went back to that diner and asked patrons about their preference for president with most of them saying they wouldn't support Kasich since he was too timid...too meek...too willing to go along to get along; all they'd get from Kasich is more of the same collective goo that has smothered America for the last 7 years.
Hajjaj Fahd al-Ajmi...a Kuwait-based financier...told a cub reporter he was buying UBER and LYFT...just to see which one the better choice. He felt he needed to gamble a little if he wanted to make big bucks and he picked two losers to see which one fetched him the most money. Some say Ajmi is counting on more class-action lawsuits to hobble and then destroy UBER and LYFT.
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Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin...alias TRIPLE G...stomped Dominic Wade...a powerful fighter who had whipped and slapped his way into that boxing ring to face TRIPLE-G. By the end of the 2nd round...however...Wade gave up nursing a broken jaw and 5 broken ribs. Some people say TRIPLE G has NINJA MOVES...oriental knowledge. As one wizard put it...TRIPLE G is magical and might very well be an alien visiting Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal man. It's recommended that the next contestant arm himself with Kryptonite!
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This BLOG has issued an ALERT to the KURDS. Do not trust Obama. When the time comes for that dung-throwing monkey to betray the KURDS...he'll do with with panache and aplomb. While accepting ammo and cannon a good thing...the KURDS must also know Obama will drop bombs on their loved ones when the times comes to betray.
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Cruz and Kasich joined forces declaring together they could stop TRUMP. Their plan is to ask voters to consider them conjoined at the hip...Siamese twins so to speak. Why CRUZ would want an anchorite such as "golly-gee" Kasich hasn't been revealed but it's as likely as not it's because Kasich is about as "wishy-washy" as one could ever want as a side-kick.
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El Salvador was overtaken by socialists and the results have been as terrible as what befell Venezuela when they succumbed to the grip and grab of big foot government. People are departing El Salvador as fast as they can to avoid the misery which accompanies tyranny. What has so many political scientists perplexed is how happy Obama has been since El Salvador began going down the socialist toilet,(WSJ A-11;04-25-16).
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Syria is now ground-zero for American combat troops. Not only are American troops in Afghanistan, Iraq but now they're in Syria...another inhospitable meat grinder. Why put American troops into that morass isn't well understood but many military analysts believe Obama thinks the world is nearing Armageddon and he wants a front row seat.
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"I've looked into the eyes of mothers who lost loved ones to gun violence and promised them I'd make sure only big foot government had guns," dripped Clinton as a crowd cheered her declaration of enslavement and misery. From the back of the auditorium...however...someone asked loudly," WHY DID YOU LIE TO THE MOTHERS OF THOSE LOST IN BENGHAZI?"
To facilitate a nuclear reaction...heavy water is used. IRAN has more than a billion metric tons of heavy water...enough stuff to construct a nuclear weapon so powerful it could split the world in half. Naturally...Obama wants to depart the Oval Office without a mushroom cloud dancing over Manhattan so he sent Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry to buy some heavy water to make it appear Obama did all he could to stop IRAN'S nuclear weapon program.
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Odd as it might seem in America to hear people cheer for their own enslavement...nevertheless...Bernie Sanders has attracted adulating crowds who scream and rejoice at the prospect of their own enslavement and the bondage into which they place their heirs. And while Hillary Clinton's audiences are demur and placid...nonetheless...they yearn for a place wherein master tells them when to live....when to die...when to laugh...and...when to cry.
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In death gulch people and animals die. From Mother Earth is emitted pure CO2(carbon dioxide). A person entering the gulch quickly succumbs to a lack of oxygen(O2) since CO2 is heavier than O2. "So much CO2 is emitted from the gulch that Mother Earth into flames is about to burst," cautioned Michael Mann...a Penn State climate change guru...adding..."We need to take cement and plug that hole lest we all perish."
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Why won't someone ask Hillary Clinton "why" she found it necessary to scrub her hard drive before she revealed what was left? Perhaps the reason is MASS MEDIA bias...but...even social media hasn't attacked. Could Clinton be so loved that Americans don't care if she slaughtered 4 Americans in Benghazi, lost Libya and wants to reduce this blessed land to that of a socialist toilet?
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"Serious mud, there, Bernie!" loudly exclaimed a bewildered Hillary Clinton as she watched a TV news show wherein Sanders was shown bashing Clinton about her lack of truthfulness and her scoundrel-like sneer. Deep down inside...Bernie's scratch and slap struck hard and long. Political influence for remuneration was her standard way of doing business and for him to reveal such skulduggery was not only discordant but also disquieting.
U.S.Rep. Paul Ryan took over as Speaker promising to deliver liberation over subjugation. Nowadays...Ryan has expressed interest in dismantling the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and deleting its victim-making entitlement system...paying off each RIDER aboard with U.S.dollars...and...then proceeding onward as a limited government servicing a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. What has RYAN worried is his suspicion that TRUMP isn't a freedom-fighter...but ...more or less...a "me-too" guy...timid...meek...and...unwilling to eliminate the grip and grab of big foot government.
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British Prime Minister Cameron and Obama held a joint news conference. Cameron told the world he liked Obama and Obama reciprocated with the same niceties and accolades. However...seated in the back was Valerie Jarrett...Obama's most trusted aide...who was grinding her teeth since she hated Cameron and his bag of English tricks.
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How are Food and Drug Administration employees selected? Disturbing as it might be...they're picked because they lack conscience and would kill their own mother to advance the cause of big foot government. They relish suffering and do what they can to enhance horror and fear. Some might call them the Neo-Nazi contingent of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...they are the most despicable and reprehensible critters one might imagine,(WSJ A-10;04-22-16).
U.S.Senator Charles Grassley...outlined "why" Hillary Clinton's email scandal was quite important. He also took time to admonish Obama for Obama's refusal to investigate the obvious breach of national security. He concluded Clinton's recklessness was reprehensible. He declared it was obvious Obama intended to assist Hillary defeat the Republican contender by insulating her from prosecution.
Bernie Sanders went through a worm hole...and...came out on the other side of the socialist universe. Some claimed his passion interstellar...while others noted how well he planned to spend other people's money...something a slime slug does with aplomb. "Give every man thy ear but few your voice," his plain-Jane wife admonished him as he told his crowd in plundering storeroom rejoice.
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Sometimes even though idiotic...nevertheless...whatever so drawn imposed on mankind. Take for example the concept of "negative interest" rates...a situation wherein bankers...government bankers...require depositors to pay the bank for parking their funds. Idiotic? Of course. But when you're...say...the Central Bank of Japan...the only ballgame in town...negative interest rates can be imposed without regard to how ridiculous or preposterous.

The idea behind this bit of idiocy was that by punishing depositors...those same depositors would weigh the "bite" of "negative interest" against investing in riskier ventures and vestments...and...flood the marketplace with "new funds"..."new capital"...new avenues for innovation and invention as depositors chose to drive(read invest) rather than "park"their erstwhile wealth.

Instead of the expected reaction to the "negative interest" rate gambit...most depositors have rushed to find more "parking space"...refusing to invest...refusing to gamble...indeed...refusing to act in accord with what those idiotic bankers thought would unfold,(WSJ C-3;04-21-16).
Blake Shelton was surprised to see his name plastered on the front page of a national tabloid framing his heroin addiction and his struggle with family and rehab. When his friends told him they were distancing themselves from a child rapist such as he...BLAKE became concerned. That tabloid and all its parasites were saying stuff not only untrue...but...intended to besmirch and belittle. And to assist BLAKE SHELTON...a judge said his defamation suit could proceed to trial. Congratulations, Blake.
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Scanning the federalsafetynet.com website...one can find just about any FREE RIDE one might imagine. Free food...clothing...shelter...transport...and...spending money...all found at that website and available to anyone wishing such a FREE RIDE aboard the 20th Century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...an entitlement system wherein the FOOLS WHO PULL never granted surcease or succor.
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In 1516...in Venice...a law was passed forcing the Jew into a specific area to live and work. It was called a Getto. That concept was taken to new heights during the Nazi era with the Warsaw ghetto its most pernicious instance. What has so many Democrats perplexed is the $100 trillion spent so far on the War on Poverty and yet...even in America...ghettos are found. Unlike the 1516 Jew of Venice...however...the inhabitants of American misery can depart their ghettos at any time but choose such squalor because it's a cheap way to live. Ah...yes...rich Corinthian leather.
Jeff Tittel...head honcho at the so-called Sierra Club...said he envied TRUMP and wanted to hurt him by forcing him to close his golf courses. When Tittel was told such an attack would hurt patrons who loved those golf courses...Tittel sneered. "I don't want people playing golf unless I permit it. Trump dared to step over my power and I hate him for it. I want the world to be "green" and enjoyed the way I want it enjoyed," drooled Tittel as he looked at the New Jersey golf courses that were escaping the heavy stomp of big foot government.
Democrat Jon Corzine was never prosecuted even though he stole $2 billion from his own clients. He wasn't attacked because he said he'd bite back. He had so much dirty laundry he would sink the Democrat Party. Naturally...they left him alone.

The lawyers for BUSCH, PRYSBY and GLASGOW...the 3 scapegoats of the Flint, Michigan POISONING EVENT...told a cub reporter they planned on deploying the CORZINE DEFENSE. "We will scorch the earth with our story," whispered Glasgow's lawyer pointing out an incriminating email he had from Gina McCarthy...head honcho at the Environmental Destruction Agency. "I will ruin the Democrat Party if they proceed and not dismiss this inane prosecution of my client," chanted this erstwhile defense lawyer.
"Foreign countries use expansive monetary policy to depreciate their currencies relative to the U.S.dollar hoping to gain a trade advantage by exporting unemployment,"whispered Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) when asked "why" America was losing the trade battle. Listening to that idiotic explanation...a cub reporter asked Schumer...if such were true...then...why wasn't Zimbabwe successful when it printed $100 trillion dollar paper money notes...festooned with colorful ostrich and beleaguered Rino. Of course...Schumer was stuck since Zimbabwe was the epitome of "printing paper money until worthless".
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Lewis E. Lehrman portrayed modern currency problems as little more than countries trying to outsmart their neighbors only to find their playground riddled with bomb crater and dead fall. He could have saved himself and his loyal readers much time by simply declaring PRECIOUS METAL to be the basis of sound currency and to the extent such not observed trade wars and currency-antics will be commonplace.
With respect to the integrity of the INTERNET...Stephen D. Crocker is a traitor and has joined the would-be master to replace liberty with freedom-to-obey. This jerk...wants to turn over control of the INTERNET to an INTERNATIONAL BODY OF WIZARDS...so that this INTERNATIONAL BODY OF WIZARDS has their grip on what has been annually valued at $8 trillion(+). While few understand the significance of his treachery...most sense preservation requires America not surrender its "on-site" repository entitled The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers,(ICANN),(WSJ A-13;04-20-16).
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Have but don't need always better than don't have but need. With a gun that aphoristic aspect underscored when the gunman goes from seat to seat in the train car shooting unarmed passengers. Had any of them had a gun...at least they would have had a chance at survival. Such is the obvious difference between TRUMP and CLINTON. Trump says...always have a gun ready just in case...while Clinton promises the police will be there to guarantee accurate body count and proper identification.
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette indicted 3 of the hundreds involved in the Flint, Michigan POISONING incident. While some rubbed their hands at the prospect of a good lynching...many more suspected scapegoating afoot. Indeed...Schuette would not answer "why" he did not also indict Gina McCarthy...head honcho at the Environmental Destruction Agency...one of the principal authors of that POISONING incident...and...one of the first to direct "cover-up".
MODEL X...Tesla Motors' pinnacle achievement in electric luxury vehicles...has so many trouble spots few owners dare attempt operation. One lady...for example...was stuck inside her MODEL X for 39 hours because her doors would not open...her windows would not roll down...and...the motor would not start. She was told MODEL X was temperamental...and...had she simply waited another 36 hours her car would have automatically reset itself and the doors would have opened by themselves instead of requiring a laser-saw and 5 workmen to rip off that MODEL X door, (WSJ B-1;04-20-16).
Yahoo,Inc. has fiscal woes and few wish to buy what is a losing venture given the ascendancy of GOOGLE. Yet...Yahoo's physical plant and contracts are worthy of some kind of bid. Hence...to expand its prowess and prominence...this BLOG has made a substantial offer. People close to Marissa Mayer...CEO of Yahoo...say she's seriously entertaining the offer since she was told she'd be retained as helmsman.
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The socialists at UNITEDHEALTH were flummoxed by the decision of the board to depart OBAMA-CARE before the company went bankrupt pointing to the $650 million it will lose in 2016 from the healthcare exchanges it inhabits. One UNITEDHEALTH official said Obama ruined medical care and its insurance aspect and it would take decades to fix what he broke,(WSJA-1;04-20-16).
U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) summed up New York politics: "Scoundrel Rangel has been chased for misdeed and miscreant behavior for years and yet he's still re-elected time and again. What has the Big Apple chuckling...though...is how supportive he's been of a fellow scoundrel: HILLARY CLINTON."
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BUSH-CHENEY dispatched American troops into Afghanistan to evict the Taliban and impose American diktat and command. That was years ago...and...still...Taliban is just around the corner waiting for Obama to withdraw leaving that toilet once more for them to rule. Naturally...Obama will pull out America's remaining forces before he departs thereby surrendering Afghanistan to Taliban and proving how wasteful and idiotic BUSH-CHENEY were.

Had BUSH-CHENEY imposed an otherwise unhampered market paradigm in Afghanistan instead of the socialist welfare-state...however...Taliban would have been told never to return to such a prosperous place...to take their 6th century idiocy and practice it elsewhere. But...alas...BUSH-CHENEY were socialists and their preference has created the slaughterhouse that will be Afghanistan come June of 2017.
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Cruz wasn't miffed by Trump's spectacular New York victory pointing out that he trounced Trump in Texas. One official source noted that there was an obvious similarity in hometown advantage-taking. Between the two candidates...though...CRUZ had the better tax plan but failed when it came to granting a woman the right to choose full term or abortion free of incident or condemnation.
Clinton was overheard proclaiming Trump and Cruz were "over their heads"...and...couldn't possibly run America as well as she. Reacting to such caustic belch...Trump said there were 4 dead Americans in Benghazi who wished over their heads had been those Predator Drones firing and protecting. Pressed on the topic even further...TRUMP said Clinton's whereabouts during those crucial hours when those 4 Americans could have been saved hadn't ever been revealed. He added...in passing...that she wasn't anywhere to be found and must have surely been in a place where she could not be alerted her help was needed.
Hulk Hogan...always ready with civic duty...loudly warned Houston of the coming flood. Relying on weather forecasts published by this BLOG...Hulk called every politician and preacher from Dallas to Houston...warning them to demand climate change legislation...forcing mankind to worship this golden calf,(Exodus 32:24). If  mankind does not pass a law against flooding...Houston will drown come April 19,2016 declared Hulk Hogan on January 01,2001.
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A "right" is the freedom to act or not to act in the Socio-economic context free of the initiation of force or fraud. Hence...whatever doesn't impinge on someone else, fair ground for endeavor. If...a food producer puts tainted product into the stream of commerce...for instance...the damage done determined and the culprit subjected to collection of that debt. Likewise...a robber taking bank money would be called thief and punished accordingly.

However...Bernie Sanders offered a different definition of "right". He declared there was a "right" to medical care. The very fact the person is suffering some ailment an instant call on all the wealth and effort of the world. Just as people defend property against the thief...so...under Bernie's way...people would be called upon to force medical service providers to deliver whatever medical care that patient felt warranted. Why? Because it's that patient's right...the right to free medical care in portions the patient desires.
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Bernie Sanders says healthcare is a right not a privilege such that everyone can demand medical care and everyone must provide whatever sought. While in a small commune setting this kind of nonsense is tolerated...even revered...in a general Socio-economic context...though...such ideas can't be imposed any other way except at the point of a gun.
Pleasant Bernie Sanders has become nasty and acrimonious when it comes to his interface with Hillary Clinton. When asked the source for this newly-manifested animosity...Sanders revealed JEFF WEAVER as its author. "Until Jeff said you need to be mean...I wasn't approaching Clinton with anger but with paternal pity and passionate remorse," Sanders whispered...adding..."Huma Abedin should be more careful when having sex with Clinton...I can tell you that much."
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Hillary Clinton is expecting New York to deliver so many delegates in her favor that Sanders would have to concede and depart permitting her to focus on the general election. Yet...Sanders when told of this pivot point...replied, "If I go there will be trouble...if...I stay...it will be double...but...if you wish to know...will I stay...or...will I go...the answer if you always glow...I don't really really really really really know."
Busy-nose Michelle Fields attempted to invade the security circle around Trump only to be pulled away by a fearful Corey Lewandowski...Trump's ardent campaign manager. Until a video was produced by Trump...though...Michelle Fields felt free to describe that momentary interface as a harrowing incident...one wherein she was thrown to the ground...her face bloodied by steel-toed boots. Later on...Michelle used the Rachel Dolezal* gambit...and...declared she thought such an attack had occurred and continued to believe as much even though TRUMP'S VIDEO showed different.
*Dolezal deceived the NAACP when she told them she was Afro-American. Her deception was complete until her mom and dad came forward to blow the top off.
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Bernie Sanders told the world he was in ROME to speak against income inequality and propose massive redistribution of wealth. His idea to force open storeroom doors and pass contents about as he deemed fitting was cheered by those at that PAPAL* CONFERENCE. Here was a real scumbag whose mission to bring wretchedness to every place and person.
*Pope Francis distanced himself from Bernie Sanders. The Pope didn't wish to be identified with Sanders in any way whatsoever.

"Ain't no tired here!" exclaimed a vernacular Clinton as she exploited the crowd in that South Carolina church. Afterward...Hillary was overheard denigrating those same people pointing out how ignorant and gullible. Her nasty diatribe was captured on a SPY SYSTEM and uploaded so that anyone wishing enlightenment might partake.
Bernie Sanders' attack on Hillary Clinton is too little too late. He didn't foresee how difficult...once Clinton got that initial foothold...to dislodge her and deprive her once again of the Democratic nomination. When he said he didn't care about her email scandal...or...her relationship with big money folks...he almost guaranteed Clinton the cat bird seat.

Nowadays...though...sensing defeat afoot...Bernie is bashing Hillary at every campaign stop describing stark differences between his socialist-paradise and her austere top-down approach. Whereas, under a Sanders regime...millennials...for instance...would receive free college tuition, free medical care, free clothing, free shelter and free public transport...in CLINTON LAND...they'd be forced to accept less and be obliged to pay more...a combination few would ever choose.
How long did it take Lemi Berhanu Hayle to run 26 miles to prevail at the Boston Marathon? The answer is: 2 hours...12 minutes...and...45 seconds. Almost an impossible feat*...yet...one accomplished with aplomb by Mr. Hayle. Congratulations.
*Mr. Hayle attributed his speed and skill to a VIDEO published by Lady Elizabeth wherein she teaches "how" to defeat all comers.

The idea of "peer-to-peer"(P2P) lending was so exciting that many Chinese sought such access to funding for their myriad of projects and products. Nowadays...with some of the more popular P2P companies struggling to pay investors in accord with promises made...President Xi Jingping has directed his team to stop permitting such P2P companies until the "kinks and ripples" can be addressed. While his intrusion* is admirable...he mustn't undermine what has been for most Chinese a great way to advance their own personal prosperity without reliance on big foot government,(WSJ C-3;04-19-16).
*Whatever President Xi finally concludes is best for China will be viewed as another wondrous outcome delivered by a great leader. VIVA XI!
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During the Vietnam War...American soldiers fought their way out of a death trap near a place called Dai Do. Their plight was made worse when the South Vietnamese Army left the battlefield thereby almost guaranteeing a massacre. If it weren't for American firepower...Custer's Last Stand would have been a cake walk compared to the loss America would have suffered at Dai Do.

But...in the Middle East...American troops must rely on Iraqi military personnel and that reliance is just as shaky as what America suffered in South Vietnam. There are 4087 American troops on the ground near Mosul...and...they might get slaughtered if the Iraqis betray them...something as likely as not to occur.
Turned down again. The WARBOT and its strategic aspect called far-fetched by Pentagon officials laughing at the prospect of taking and holding territory with WARBOTS. Yet...Islamic State apparently got the memo because al-Baghdadi directed his scientists to commence construction of a DRONE ARMADA...similar to the WARBOT schematics...and...designed to hold territory and impose whatever fear factor deemed appropriate.

In combat...the WARBOTS are formidable. An Abrams tank is almost impregnable yet a WARBOT can task that tank until it finally runs out of ammo or gas either one of which renders the Abrams just a glorified hunk of reinforced steel. Imagine a million WARBOTS each one designed to harass an Abrams and you'll have sensed what's afoot in the Middle East.

Instead of building billion dollar jets...America should invest in WARBOT...in all forms and formats...eliminating the blood and gore of America's troops in combat...substituting WARBOTS...and...the mayhem such can cause. In Baghdad...for instance...the PENTAGON was shown how that entire city could be held with 100,000 WARBOTS...each stationed around the city...organized into defense and offense...and...dedicated to react not initiate.

However...so cheap and effective the WARBOT that the Pentagon simply laughed and turned down the $100 billion offer. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) put it, "The Pentagon wasn't about to forego receiving $500 billion. To have accepted that WARBOT concept...would have ruined the industrial-military complex...something he wasn't about to do."
Never trust a "grinner"...someone who comes on to you grinning. No reason for it...just grinning. What's up with the grinning a question often asked...never addressed...by the grinner...that answer not passed. Left with perhaps a hand-shake but also memory of GRIN...never met before or since...but...that's behind whatever hazard smile has end.
Kristina Schake...a well-known pole-dancer in Georgetown...told a cub reporter she liked Clinton because Hillary would take away liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...something about which Schake had dreamed but was always afraid to impose. "Clinton hates freedom...and...that kind of hatred is so rare...it makes my left leg tingle," whispered Schake as she dripped down her pole.
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Hillary Clinton...asked about her upbringing...replied, "Born in the back of a traveling show...Momma she'd dance for the money they'd throw...Daddy-oh...he was twenty-one...momma would have shot him if he knew what she'd done."

Hearing her explanation...Bernie Sanders withdrew a one dollar bill from his pocket and threw it in front of Clinton's motorcade as it streamed by his Brooklyn sidewalk position. Black limos...darkly tinted windows...and...swiftly traveling to the next campaign stop...that one dollar bill...although symbolic when thrown in her pole-dancing path...wasn't about to stop Hillary's push to victory.
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Inside a human cell are many things...some inconsequential...others...so important their lack means death. Human cancer cells are a throwback to an ancient time...a time of spectacular growth and troubled existence...a time when the cell had to fight for survival...pitting its formidable self against all comers. Hence...cancer cells when attacked mutate and fight off any assault. However...using a special chemical preparation...the brake(CTLA-4) can be applied to such defense permitting the immune system to attack and destroy the otherwise impregnable cancer cell,(WSJ B-3;04-18-16).
A Shanghai wealth-tracking firm recently listed this BLOG as having the world's largest endowment. Hurun Report revealed how mighty this BLOG has become since its inception in January of 2009. Indeed...Hurun's editorial staff marveled at the prowess and leviathan-like grip this BLOG commands over not only American politics but also Russian and Chinese as well.
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The WARBOT was designed some years ago by scientist-engineers whose mission statement to create a war machine...a weapon-platform...so formidable...it would be an epochal game changer. Much as the machine gun turned warfare into wholesale slaughter...so would the WARBOT make the battlefield a confrontation between robots with few humans in between.

However...Islamic State went further with their WARBOTS. They combined termite-organizational software with solar-power and produced self-organizing...self-directing WARBOTS...not only capable of flight...but...also ground-travel. As one survivor of an encounter with those BAGHDAD BAD-BOYS whispered, "They acted as if they had their own minds...and...were almost too clever for almost anything we had."
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A British Airways jet was struck by a drone but landed safely. While the collision caused minor damage...the monumental threat to air traffic obvious. Islamic State could bring to a standstill air-related commerce. So real this threat...the Pentagon met with the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to discuss the technology developed to defeat such assault. Yes...folks...expecting that kind of warfare...motivated patriots to do the ole "what if" game and their solutions so advanced that this potential drone threat isn't much of one and if any threat at all only temporary...hours instead of days...to re-open airport facilities.

It would be a mighty feat for Islamic State to dispatch a million drone armada to close down New York City or London...but...they're not beyond attempting it anyway in their pursuit of the infidel. If al-Baghdadi...head honcho of Islamic State...for instance...stopped airplanes from flying...say...for 30 days...would he not be...for that 30 days...undisputed* emperor of the world?
*It's this maniacal aspect which prompted the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT to produce "solution".
Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry told* President Xi that China's effort to establish a military presence in the Spratly Islands wouldn't be tolerated. Naturally President Xi and General Fan chuckled at such pompous squat since Fiery Cross Reef was already the home to an advanced military complex so technologically ahead of its time that some call it STAR WARS STUFF.
*This is the same scumbag who both apologized to the Iranians for the intrusion of American gunboats...and...begged them to return the crews.
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While Keynesian economists are stupefied by the concept...others find the idea of supply and demand too obvious to discuss. Take for example the production of OIL. If there were only one person producing OIL...that person could regulate supply so that it met demand but never over-supplied...hence avoiding GLUT (too much)...or...SCARCITY(too little).

While the Keynesian economists can't understand the idea...most people know OIL is a commodity and reacts to abundance and dearth when left to flood and ebb as the marketplace determines. In an unfettered and otherwise unhampered market...buyers and sellers negotiate price point 24/7 as they vie for perpetuity. Some guess better than others making the entire marketplace a booming affair...with deals and more deals burgeoning and blossoming...with winners and losers appearing and disappearing...riches and poverty coming and going. And always a place for opportunity peppered with persistence and tenacity.

Mention is made of such principles since recently the Keynesian scumbags were force-fed another dish of enlightenment. IRAN(Shiite)...refused to stop pumping OIL...thereby entrenching the profit of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia(Sunni). In reaction to this IRANIAN REFUSAL...the Saudis opened their taps and the world is awash in cheap oil...so much oil that the price for a gallon of gasoline might be as low as FIFTEEN CENTS!
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China and Russia are obviously two players whose time has come to step up and swing for the fence...China policing the South China Sea corridors...Russia taking on the miasma of the Middle East. Both countries have sufficient ability to bring peace and security to those regions...and...should be commended for their effort and assisted materially therein. VIVA President Putin and President Xi!
What's a CLOONEY TUNE? It's the hottest social media issue afoot. Some define a CLOONEY TUNE as a gala event with a $353,000 per plate price tag designed to raise $15 million for cause or person. In fact...one CLOONEY TUNE recently played well fetching Hillary Clinton $15 million in one night. So dissonant that noise...it made Bernie Sanders belch with rage and tormented anger, "How dare this lady grab $15 million in one night when it takes me a month or so to do the same!"
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Has anyone sensed the buy-line when talking heads of the MASS MEDIA declare TRUMP isn't liked by most people. Yet...when you ask someone what they dislike about TRUMP...they spew venom concocted by the MASS MEDIA. In fact...most anti-TRUMP snorts and snips are formulaic and obviously something someone else said. There isn't much out there that is truly caustic anti-TRUMP gibberish.
John Kasich is a fool who would be trounced by Clinton despite the collusive MASS MEDIA'S portrayal of a different outcome. When given the choice between "golly-gee" Kasich and the First Woman President...voters will pick Hillary because the MASS MEDIA will make it happen. And...it's as likely as not Kasich knows he was put there to make sure Clinton prevailed in November.
Ohio governor John Kasich said he didn't like big business. When pressed...he said he was always suspicious when something became too big. And...he...for one...hated such size and would do what he could to force "break-up"...and...dissonance in the marketplace when such didn't fit his paradigm. Whatever he meant...it wasn't about liberating the subjugated but adding even more layers...JOHN KASICH LAYERS to the already quite over-burdened and government-oppressed.
Michelle Fields told a cub reporter she didn't have anywhere to go. She was not any longer wanted as a news reporter and her fame was almost gone. When the Jupiter office of the State Attorney elected not to prosecute Corey Lewandowski for misdemeanor battery against the person of Michelle Fields...a crime punishable by up -to a year in county jail and a $1000 fine or both...her days as a celebrity began to evaporate. Trump's campaign moved on to New York...and...Mr. Lewandowski was on every TV network declaring his innocence to Michelle's great prejudice.

As Rachel Dolezal noted, "Michelle Fields might get a job with the NAACP if she can convince them she's an Afro-American. But her days as a reporter are gone. Not anyone would ever want to be near her out of a righteous fear she might claim battery, defamation or worse."
George Clooney...a/k/a...Clooney Tune...hosted a $353,000 per plate dinner in honor of Hillary Clinton...the lady who killed 4 Americans in Benghazi and declared she'd enslave America sending it down the socialist-toilet. The place was packed with people wanting to be seen with Clinton holding that proverbial whip and chain...symbols by which her bent known...such label by her name.
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TEN COMMANDMENTS. Each one designed to assist people in organizing their Socio-economic aspect. Envy...avarice...coveting...were eschewed as was theft and murder...such would govern the Jew. Never did Moses impose his wants on others but directed each to work and produce for their own...and...in free exchange...prosperity shown.

Nowadays...though...the cult of envy rules the land. Its minions stomp and chomp at will...there are now a million laws...each designed to thwart and kill,(MATTHEW 6:24).
"There can never be "too much" regulation of business. If a person wants to work...that person must be directed and controlled...and...paid only what government decides such effort is worth. If a person stands up...he's deleted...since the collective requires worker bees not opposition," whispered Bernie Sanders as he looked out across that sea of mush-minds waiting to hear him declare their enslavement.
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An inspired Jew left the Big Apple and went to Israel to help build that fledgling nation. He didn't realize...however...the Jew who came to power wasn't new...but...old hat socialist and planned collective goo. Ignoring what trouble in such ways brewed...he went to a commune and tried their way approved. The doctor was paid as much as the ditch-digger...to both...same food, clothing and care. Not any difference...classless stuff...socialist mediocre fare.

Fed up with "me too" grip and grab...this disillusioned Jew...returned to New York City...where merit and work...the don't and do. In America...whatever future painted by his own hand. So glad he was not to be in Israel where people crawl...and...rarely stand.

But...nowadays...this aging Jew...sees the Big Apple in socialist stew. Burdened with "red tape, tax and spend"...smothered and stifled...from end to end. And...as in Israel...in the Big Apple too...he struggles in the collective goo.
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America has gone down quite a bit since public schools began teaching socialism. The crowds Bernie and Hillary attract prove as much. These people cheer when they're told how enslaved and dependent they'll be. They scream with adulation as their world is shoved into whatever fish bowl their would-be master might choose. It's not a ship of fools...but...one packed with abject drool.
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"I win...you lose." Such the vision of TRUMP? Not hardly. He's a negotiator and knows advantage and pitfall well. He understands the dynamic of trade. For instance...if Bob wishes to sell his horse...and...Tom wants a horse...then...exchange fetches benefit for both as both respectively perceive such to be. Tom wanted money less than the horse...and...Bob wanted money more than his horse. When the horse for money exchange between Bob and Tom occurs...both walked away with MORE than they had BEFORE!

Trade...however...can be skewed by the introduction of a 3rd party. Say that Bob and Tom were about to make that exchange of horse for money when VICTOR VENOM approached and INJECTED a requirement...a diktat...that Bob's horse have papers...and...Tom would be arrested if he bought that paperless horse. With that new stuff...the horse for money has been grabbed...twisted...and...overall commandeered. It makes Bob and Tom find who's in charge and beg that master away from their deal steer.
Timothy Finley and Walter Paulissen should be publicly reprimanded and then raised up for shunning. While they're still working at the U.S.Injustice Department...nevertheless...they were caught concocting evidence and tampering with witnesses. SO egregious their misconduct that Federal Judge Lamberth ignored it. "Had they been less nasty...I might have called them on it. But they're the epitome of evil. And that kind of hatred and dementia is so hard to find...they must be worshiped and idolized not condemned!" drooled Lambert himself a government-stooge.(WSJ A-10;04-16-16).
U.S.Senator Dianne Feinstein(D.Ca) hates freedom and relishes how much power she has. Indeed...she has deprived California of potable water for 10 years or more using her position to interdict any water replenishment proposal which somehow gives California more potable water. Take the CADIZ WATER PROJECT for instance. Scumbag-Feninstein has stopped that project because she claims it will irreparably hurt the Mojave Desert...a tract of sand and waste as far as the eye can see. "I want sand to live forever and people can jolly well thirst. I am able to tell who wins...and...who loses and I will say when people drink and when they can't," scream Feinstein when cornered about her troubled environmental outlook.
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Bernie Sanders...a socialist Jew...went to ROME to meet Pope Francis and disparage America. He failed at gaining an audience with the Pope but was quite successful in telling the world how America led the globalization of indifference. To his nasty remarks the socialists cheered and hooted. Here was a fellow scumbag whose eloquence framed their evil mightily.
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"Bernie Sanders slaps hard,"fumed Christina Reynolds...a Clinton campaign spokeswoman as she rubbed her reddened cheek. He called her scoundrel and jerk...names one mustn't ever speak. "Sure...she killed 4 Americans in Benghazi...and...made a billion bucks selling influence...but...she doesn't deserve to be maligned by the likes of "scumbag" Sanders," Reynolds dripped as she thought about Sanders' last blow...the one where he asked Clinton her Wall Street speeches show.
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When union and non-union workers join in a project...it's called an "open shop". It's a preferred model in the construction industry since the contractor derives more benefit when unions aren't given exclusivity. And...the results are spectacular. In New York City...for example...buildings constructed with "open shop" are cheaper and more expeditiously erected.

However...public-projects still use UNION LABOR ONLY. And hence the projects are slow and expensive. Take the BIG DIG in Boston for instance. That so-called tunnel was almost never to be finished and was only completed once it had cost 5 times the original estimate. As one Bostonian fumed,"The BIG DIG was not so much the tunnel as it was an intrusion into our wallets."
OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed his stooges at the Environmental Destruction Agency to craft a mercury rule that would put coal-fired electric companies out of business and ruin the overall coal industry. And...so far...Obama's plan has worked. Even Mr. Peabody's coal train* has finally gone away,(WSJ A-3;04-16-16).
*John Prine lamented about those coal trains but nowadays wishes they'd return.
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While Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are clueless about how a free market works...most people have a fundamental sense of it. Take for example the OIL GLUT presently afoot on this planet. There is so much oil there are fewer and fewer places to store it. And...in reaction to this abundance...the producers cut back...way back...since their product fungible and easily susceptible of micro-price changes. Hence...the consumer and producer work hand in hand in a free market each deriving benefit and fair advantage.

Where production is state-directed...however...the same principles of supply and demand are present...but...suppressed and skewed in so many ways few can predict outcome from day to day. Such is "why" in China...for instance...state-owned companies produced huge quantities of steel...never having to pull back due to lack of need. Indeed...China has so much steel it could build a bridge around the planet and still have enough to erect a billion 1000 foot high skyscrapers.

Unlike Clinton and others...though...China's President, Xi Jingping,figured out what was amiss and has opened China to free marketers from everywhere. And...it's having a synergistic effect...benefiting everyone and making China more prosperous. As one Harvard economist had to admit,"If China keeps opening its markets...it will become the greatest power this planet has ever known." VIVA PRESIDENT XI!
There is a battle ongoing wherein big foot government is trying to stomp out liberty and impose "freedom-to -obey". Recall that APPLE was attacked by the scumbags at the U.S.Injustice Department when Tim Cook...courageously defended his product and said he wasn't about to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue. The Injustice jerks found their cannon empty...though...when a skilled citizen using off-the-shelf technology broke into that iPhone making Tim Cook's assistance unnecessary.

However...since then...the iPhone encryption paradigm has changed such that even a skilled citizen can't breach what has been framed as an impregnable wall...offering complete secrecy and ultimate privacy. Reacting to APPLE'S newest twist...the slime slugs at the Injustice Department asked a judge to force Tim Cook to kneel and lick. Of course...that federal judge sensing the significance and great importance of the demand...refused...pointing out...that in America...unlike North Korea...people are protected from such intrusion.
Beleaguered Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and Hillary Clinton have one thing in common. They're both under investigation for criminal misconduct. In Rousseff's case...she might very well be connected to the oil corruption scandal...as where Clinton has so many closets few can imagine what might be found. And while Bernie Sanders won't exploit Clinton's moral mess...it's obvious she has a big one and it can't be cleaned up as easily as the MASS MEDIA is proposing!
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In Madagascar...bull-riding is a great sport and has many competitors. The ride...however short...atop the raging bull...is called SAVIKA. Recently...Bill Clinton described his sexual act with Hillary as SAVIKA. Few caught the reference...but...a cub reporter from this BLOG not only grabbed the meaning but asked Bill if he wore spurs.
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Japan-eeza in your theme song? Such the question asked of Clinton as she discussed socialist ideas...mighty and strong. Japan tried such nonsense and their economy is moribund...few new businesses arriving...and...those that are still there burned and over-done. "Red tape, tax and spend"program and policy have only bad ways to end!
Because of Democrat economic theory...New York has lost much of its wealth. In the Big Apple...Mayor de Blasio said he would see to it all that remained were government-run stores...with government-approved food and clothing...and...little else. He noted the empty shelves of Venezuela as pluperfect evidence of the paradise socialism brings. "People don't need anything other than what government dictates," fumed de Blasio as he discussed Venezuela's bankruptcy.
Hillary Clinton is scared of Bernie Sanders. Last night in New York...Sanders...in a rare moment...attacked Clinton over her refusal to publish the speeches she gave to Wall Street in exchange for $150 million. "Why won't she show us?" he quipped as he pointed his finger at a lady whose anger was boiling over...adding..."Maybe she can't lest she expose herself...reveal herself...and...hence lose voters."
Bernie Sanders uses politics to survive. He lacks any marketable skill but has found success in LYING TO PEOPLE. In Vermont...his lies are treasured...by some...even worshiped...and...never is he called out for such evil. Protected by the impenetrable mantle of love heaped by the complicit MASS MEDIA...Sanders has lived off other people's money for 60 years. He's a scumbag and deserves instant condemnation not commendation.
Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry said America was not going to be intimidated on the high seas. He was referencing the latest Russian jet intrusion near a U.S.destroyer. Kerry said that jet could have been shot down...but...the captain refrained since it was obvious a rookie pilot was having trouble handling his incredible weapon platform.

When President Putin was asked...he laughed. "Ah...yes...the same monkeys who allowed their boat to be boarded and their crew captured in the Persian Gulf can't be intimidated. The Americans need to mind their own store and leave the rest of the world alone."
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TRUMP is America's biggest question. Will he liberate or continue to subjugate? Will he dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE or perpetuate its oppression? Will he demand socialist Europe and socialist India and socialist South America and communist China and Vietnam to open their respective otherwise controlled-markets to American goods and services? Such questions bubble and boil with many declaring: "A drum...a drum...TRUMP this way comes."(WSJ A-11;04-15-16).
U.S.Senator Dianne Feinstein(D.Ca) was caught pushing for more government-water diktat...hurting farmers and their employees by the hundreds of thousands! Publicly she said she was fighting for those people against government overreach...but...privately...she chuckled at how many farms and worker bees were deleted. "I love to see people dependent on government since they will lick my boot to get freebie and favor," scumbag-Feinstein was heard to say when asked about the poor of the Central Valley.
Jerry Sandusky was imprisoned for sexual attack on football players at Penn State. According to court records...he sexually assaulted over 1000 Penn State football players...having sex with them before game-day. Bernie Sanders thought the idea so powerful...he asked the warden at Sandusky's prison to permit Sandusky to have his way with Bernie's male staffers. Sanders said he thought it a good pregame warm-up.
When the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG heard about the frivolous charges against Corey Lewandowski...TRUMP'S campaign manager...it dispatched a legal team to defend and derail. Yesterday...the effort paid off and the charge of battery on Michelle Fields was dropped. It took some time to get the Secret Service to cooperate since most are Clinton-lovers and they wanted to hurt not help TRUMP. Yet...when their own dirty laundry was about to be exposed...these scumbags relented and revealed that at the moment Fields charged toward TRUMP...the Secret Service was attempting to insulate and isolate TRUMP from such intrusion.
Frumkin and Patz. Two scumbags whose pay is proportional to the LIE they tell. Scumbag Frumkin...for example...received $100,000 to tell mush-minds at the University of Washington that with a spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry...while scumbag Patz told his "empty-cups" that climate change was man-caused and that Mother Nature had little to do with it. He told them the Sun provided heat and caused some things to happen...but...mankind was the culprit. "We must remove fossil fuel use and return to a time of tent and mule...a time when around campfires...people danced and sang old negro spirituals," fumed Patz as he looked out across that crowd of absorbing sponges.
Hillary Clinton said she would create a national Office of Immigrant Affairs. This staff of 100,000 new federal employees would go about helping immigrants. The budget would be $1 trillion. When asked "why" so much...Clinton retorted that America has many storerooms and she would plunder them in order to give others what she deems fitting and proper. "I will loot storeroom and pass it around as I see fit. I will create a dependent immigrant population who will kneel and lick my boot," Clinton opined as she examined how many Latinos were supporting Sanders(WSJ A-5;04-14-16).
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Clinton and Sanders need to have violent protesters stationed at their rallies to disrupt and aggravate. When asked why such intrusion...the answer given: sauce for goose...sauce for gander. In other words...you terrorize my event...I'll see to it your event is as troubled. Tit for tat so to speak. Indeed...Clinton's henchman...scumbag-Fallon as he's called his pals...said he would see to it TRUMP'S rallies were plagued with terror and trouble.
EVIL AND NASTY. Such were the words used to frame Merrick Garland...a scumbag judge who'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of socialism and enslavement of America. He's what people describe when they discuss what the neighbor's dog left in their front yard. Yet...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has picked this slime slug as his choice to replace Judge Scalia. America deserves better!
Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh was shocked at the power vested in the head honcho at the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau(CFPB). "It's evil incarnate but Democrats like to create horror and this bureau is the epitome of nastiness. It's quite anti-American...but...Democrats like imposing horror and misery," opined Judge K. as he examined the nonsense embodied in that idiotic law.
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"LYING IS PROFITABLE," quipped Michael Mann...a Penn State climate guru. He went on to admit climate-change is a naturally-occurring phenomenon. However...it became a profitable screed when 10,000 scientists were highly-paid to sign a letter declaring with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry...or...change the climate of planet Earth.
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Scumbag Schneiderman...attorney general for New York...contacted employers about "on-call" scheduling...that practice where employers call employees to come into work when there is work to be done. Scumbag Schneiderman*...however...wants to force employers to practice his way and have set schedules even if that approach isn't profitable.
*This jerk needs to be taken out...tied to a pole...and whipped. He's the kind of scum which is destroying New York. Why New York residents tolerate such evil isn't well understood.