May 2016
While many politicians in America ignore the advice of this BLOG...Chinese President Xi Jingping does not. was made public how he had resurrected the "teapot" refining industry in China...and...the wondrous prosperity unfettered enterprise fetched,(WSJ C-3;05-31-16). When asked about the link...President Xi smiled and said, "The dragon always knows its own flame." VIVA XI!
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A-BITCOIN(tm) is the trademark of an exchange handling bitcoin transactions for 10% commission paid equally by buyer and seller. The A-BITCOIN(tm) system relies on the technology developed by JACK MA and his team at ANT-FINANCIAL,(WSJ C-3;05-31-16). It's fool-proof and assures users best results.

If a Chinese businessman...for instance...wants to buy an estate in Indian River County, Florida...for $20 million U.S....A-BITCOIN(tm) can be used to handle the entire transaction with buyer and seller receiving whatever contemplated. Afterward...if seller or buyer owes some applicable TAX or FEE...such can be handled with regular currency. It is the best way nowadays for foreign investors to access the lucrative real estate market along the so-called TREASURE COAST.
Trump called one reporter a "real beauty"...and...another one:"the sleazy guy" when discussing the $5.6 million he raised for vets some time back. Trump was angered by the MASS MEDIA focusing on the identity of those to whom he donated and a revelation of how much to each given. He didn't fire back...though...about the MASS MEDIAS'S failure to investigate CRIME FAMILY CLINTON and its "pay-to-play" tactics and the incredible windfall derived...preferring to leave that BOMB racked until a better time to drop appears.
Bernie Sanders was stunned when he discovered there were 741 super-delegates and they were virtually all pledged to Hillary Clinton. Even if Bernie Sanders were to prevail in California...a feat as likely as the one in Oregon where he blew Clinton's doors off...nonetheless...he could not become the Democrat's nominee for president in 2016.

As Sanders has since concluded...the Democrat-way is RIGGED and designed to prevent a Johnny-come-lately...with fancy boots...fancy tie...fancy talk...fancy ideas...and...fancy ambition...from ever reaching the pinnacle of power. And while Sanders might mean-mouth that Democrat-system on May 31,2016...he never spoke against it until it was used against him!
While TRUMP hasn't mentioned it yet...eventually...he'll be discussing Hillary Clinton's "pay-to-play" approach to the Secretary of State job. Using the Clinton Family Foundation as the "straw party"...Bill and Hillary gathered over $2 billion from clients some of whom were governments and state-owned enterprises. And it's such misdeeds along with other nasty aspects which will be the fund from which TRUMP will draw his acerbic commentary: Clinton...a foul and pestilent congregation of vapors.
TRUMP was confronted about the results of his VET GIFT RALLY in a manner and tone smacking of doubt and accusation. Angered by this obvious attack without anyone interjecting on his behalf that the MASS MEDIA was a bunch of goons and ghouls sent to sully and besmirch...TRUMP reacted and replied, "I raised big bucks for the vets...something not anyone else did. Yet...instead of discussing how wonderful the effort and outcome...the MASS MEDIA is asking who got what and why. It was a lousy thing to do."
U.S.Rep. Raul Grijalva...joined with those people who voted to kill the silver-back gorilla and allegedly save the 4 year old child who had fallen into its cage. When the gorilla was was standing there looking at the dude with gun...not touching the child...not hurting the child...just standing there. The shooter slaughtered that unwitting ape without mercy and RAUL...with his drool and spool...endorsed it. Sickening!
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Robby Mook lost his rook told a cub reporter his goose was cooked. Hillary Clinton had too much to hide...not enough doors...not enough paint...not any way to cover worldwide. Perhaps...TRUMP scared Mook into losing his rook...few have come forward to time goes on...24/7...from dusk til dawn...Hillary Clinton's most ambitious play.
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Alleged Vets demonstrated in front of TRUMP PLAZA and received instant national media attention. One bearded-dude...alleging to be a vet...said he was there because he didn't like TRUMP using him and other vets as political props. When asked on what commercial or in what advertising was he featured without his permission...this bearded loudmouth said he was never specifically featured...but...he heard TRUMP mention the word "vet" and because he was a "vet"...he resented TRUMP using that word. HUH?
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Hillary Clinton sent a goon squad to hold signs in front of TRUMP PLAZA declaring the veterans had not been paid as much as Trump had claimed. Trump reacted and said he had come close to the $6 million target missing it by $400,000...adding...he'd done more for the vets than anyone had done in years and asked for everyone to support him in his bid to make life better for the vet.VIVA TRUMP!
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Two former Republican governors...Gary Johnson and Weld...joined together to declare they were the Libertarian answer to Trump and Clinton. These two men are telling voters they can liberate America from the grip and grab of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
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Vologda butter is the best tasting butter in the world and is made in Vologda...a 300,000 person town 250 miles north of Moscow. Recently...the town petitioned President Putin not to sell the famous butter factory but leave it "state-owned". Examining the problem...President Putin devised another wondrous plan: SELL FACTORY TO TOWN'S INHABITANTS. Similar to what has become a well-known model in Green Bay, Wisconsin with its community-owned football team:GREEN BAY PACKERS...President Putin has dispatched a team to determine how to finalize that transfer. VIVA PUTIN!(WSJ A-7;05-31-16).
Romney? So fearful of TRUMP...both sides of the aisle asked ROMNEY to enter the fray and denounce TRUMP. Fortunately for reviled is ROMNEY his scurrilous diatribes serve to alert voters to choose TRUMP when the time comes to make a difference and deliver America from the clutches of the would-be masters of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.
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WAR-BOT and HOLD-BOT are but two robots designed to kill the enemy and hold territory. Because the machines are solar-powered and have 100 day batteries...they're almost impregnable. Imagine trying to hide footprint or presence while walking through a fire-ant mound and you'll instantly appreciate the power of the WAR-BOT system.

Take for instance...MOSUL...ancient Nineveh. It's the declared capital of the Islamic State caliphate. Taking Mosul back will cost $3 billion and anticipated casualties over 5000. On the other hand...for $890 million...WAR-BOT and HOLD-BOT could be deployed and in less than 48 hours all Islamic State combatants would be gone or have dropped their guns and grenades..opening MOSUL to reclamation...peaceful reclamation since HOLD-BOT does not discriminate between aggressors* deleting both if such required to reestablish peace.
*Ah...yes...Michael Rinnie was ill the day the Earth stood still...but...he told us where we stand.
What if Bill Clinton ever did get back into the White House? Such a question has been regularly asked recently by reporters as they ponder Clinton's victory over Trump. Hearing that question so often it began to disturb...Josh Ernest took the podium and declared, "While few MASS MEDIA outlets are publishing all the dirt on Hillary Clinton...many are offering some delicious anecdotes about how Bill Clinton gave several "ladies of the night" code names so secret service personnel would not hassle or hinder their to/from. One was called "tango-bravo"...while another was simply PUP. Secret Service agents would pretend they didn't see such "helpers"...thereby feeding Bill's insatiable sexual appetite."
Bubble-pop. Fubble flop. obvious...the other fool's crop. Discretion...imposition's tutor...broken glass...bucket and mop.
Okay...I'm familiar with bubble in all its metaphoric frame...but "fubble"...oddly put...mirror named. Fool with money...spending all blamed. Fool once rich now poor...might be called FUBBLE...the burst when wasn't any more.
Recently...Lady Elizabeth was asked to discuss her latest proposal to the PENTAGON...a proposal not only able to save lives and that would fetch her a billion bucks per day as her armadas were dispatched to stop war and impose peace. Looking out at a packed auditorium...Lady Elizabeth said,

"WAR BOT conquers...HOLD-BOT retains and perpetuates. Both work together so that once territory is's held against invasion or counter-attack. And...because it's only machines involved...the number of WAR-BOTS and HOLD-BOTS are as many as required. 

Why mention such a 21st Century system on Memorial Day? Because...America...can fight wars and never leave the living room! 

To take Fallujah from Islamic State warriors...for instance...the Allied Forces are anticipating suffering over 1000 casualties...and...spending $500 million...and...all done without any guarantee Islamic State won't return as soon as the firepower is withdrawn. 

On the other hand...10,000 WAR-BOTS...and...30,000 HOLD-BOTS later...and...Fallujah not only free of Islamic State scum...but also...safely protected by the firepower of HOLD-BOTS whose mission statement to slaughter any aggressor within a 500 foot radius. So effective the HOLD-BOTS that peace instantly restored with persuasion but not any violence permitted. 

PRICE TAG: $250 million...and...accomplished without one ALLIED casualty!"

The auditorium roared with praise and love. Here was a real leader. Not only bringing freedom to America but peace to the world and all done using machines and some brilliant ideas.
Timmy Titler arrived 4 hours early at the airport having heard about long lines and missed flights. As he walked from his car toward the airport's front door...he reached up and adjusted his turban. He had become HINDU a few weeks before...liked the turban with many colors...and...was wearing his most prized one that auspicious day.

When he reached the front door...a well-armed guard began to stare at him. Titler fit the description of a demented bomb-thrower in Baghdad...and...when he unwittingly touched his turban to keep it on his head...that gesture was one made by Islamic State suicide bombers just before they detonate. It all combined to make Titler a person of interest and gave the TSA agents...hungry for action...something to do. As if stalking a great beast...the 1200 agents...each armed with a 5000 round machine gun...closed in on Titler.

Unaware of danger...Titler proceeded toward his departure gate since he'd bought his ticket on-line. As he walked down the concourse...he noted he was alone...except for stealthy shadows trying to stay hidden. As he approached the counter area...he observed the ticket station was unmanned...something as strange as the shadows which moved as he moved...and...stopped as he stopped.

Wondering what was happening...and...looking at his watch to see if he had somehow messed up...Timmy stopped put his bag down...reached into his jacket to get his cellphone and was struck center-mass by 200 well-aimed 9 mm bullets...blowing him into small little pieces...colored turban with brain and blood.

When asked about this obvious murder...James Comey...head honcho at the Federal Bureau of Investigations...declared,"Couldn't take the risk of detonation!"
General Schwartzkopf defeated Sadam Hussein and removed Sadam's grip from the throat of Kuwait. After that victory...Schwartzkopf wasn't featured any longer in the nightly news but was left alone to go from venue to venue telling his story about war and death to those crowds willing to pay $20.00 per seat to hear him speak for an hour.

Mention is made of this tactical genius since he was ignored when BUSH-CHENEY attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. He told those two idiots to eliminate the socialist state SADAM had managed to erect and impose a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market model...a place where never would Shiite and Sunnis have any reason to fight for power...a place where everyone could get rich...and...a place where all religions were accepted and acceptable.

Schwartzkopf was often heard denouncing BUSH-CHENEY for building into their conquest a lousy "end-game" noting BUSH-CHENEY left the welfare state intact thereby guaranteeing perpetual warfare between religious sects. "America had to depart leaving an otherwise unhampered market paradigm in place lest America be dragged back time and again to snuff out another bunch preparing to obliterate Uncle Sugar," Schwartzkopf told a cub reporter just a few days before he died.
In California...every "marker"...every favor...every "tab" getting called by Hillary Clinton demanding all of her so-called pals and advocates join with her and defeat Sanders whose footprint has grown so large it threatens to stomp her. As Gov. Jerry Brown pointed out, "Sanders attracts the young and dejected...the depraved and demented...the nasty and nerd-like with great victories to match."
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With a tactical electromagnetic pulse,(EMP), entire battlefields can be reduced to conventional rifle and bullet warfare...electronic this or that fried and out of operation. Jets...tanks...trucks...jeeps...ships...submarines...computers...cell-phones...everything inoperable...each fried by the EMP.

To insulate from EMP attack...most weaponry platforms have been "hardened" so that EMP won't interdict or disrupt. But there is a huge portion that has not been "hardened"...and...that will be useless once EMP deployed. Indeed...Gen. Patreaus...said almost every weapon system will be useless....except for American weaponry since that has been "hardened".
Keeping everyone's attention at the Rotary Club...U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer was asked to deliver his description of Hillary Clinton's economy after 2 years as president. Schumer...arose from his seat...swaggered haughtily to the microphone and began:

"Everyone aboard was dead. What killed them unknown. And...because at that time...1348 AD...quarantine wasn't a well known practice in the battle to stop spread of plague...that ship wasn't burned...its rat population wasn't completely destroyed...and...all bodies weren't buried using blankets so not any mortal remains touched.

Schumer stopped for a moment...paused for rhetorical measure...and...then...whispered almost in growling tone:

Maybe plague afoot in America! Maybe it's not as brutal as the one which took half of Europe...but...a plague...nonetheless. It's the plague of ignorance. It has infected so many people most of them Democrats...I'm sorry to admit."
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How does one tell the difference between an Islamic State trooper and a non-combatant...say...a resident of Fallujah? The answer is there is not any fool-proof way. People know to assist the Americans is to write their own death warrant as soon as Americans depart.

Going door-to-door...for example...asking people to snitch on their neighbor doesn't fetch good results. For instance...on times past...some town folk joined American eradication efforts only to be abandoned later by American protective cover exposing them to retribution of the most horrific kind: CRUCIFIXION. Hence...there isn't any way to pick out the "bad guy" where such selection process relies on local data input.

When Rommel attacked British interests in Africa...his team sported the emblem: AFRIKA CORP. with palm tree inscribed adjacent thereto. From the air...British pilots could pick out German targets readily reducing civilian casualties thereby. In towns and on desert battlefields...uniform color and flag denoted who was who eliminating "friendly fire" casualties. the Middle East...however...everyone is dressed the same...except...of course...the Americans and the Iraqi troops. No wonder American and Iraqi casualties are so high whenever close-in fighting afoot. They don't know who has that gun or bomb beneath their robe.
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The game of "GO" is complex and has attracted some of the brightest game-players with all being computer software designed to play "GO" based on every game of "GO" ever played on planet Earth. So good and masterful is this computer-player that the best "GO" players on Earth were defeated easily making the computer-player the best.

Why is this COMPUTER-STUFF important? The answer is that recently that software was installed in WAR-BOT...that almost autonomous system designed to stop aggression* wherever found. Recently...the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG was granted a license to deploy WAR-BOT around Fallujah so that it can be tested. If successful...every Islamic State combatant will be terminated with extreme prejudice without loss of civilian life.

*Indeed...Michael Rennie was ill the day the Earth stood still...but..he told us where we stand.
What frequent. Such information only available based on records. Nowadays those records can be augmented by geological data giving some idea of climate change...for example...on a scale of a billion years or more. While the MASS MEDIA and complicit public schools won't acknowledge the turns out that climate change is a natural phenomenon and mankind doesn't have a twit to do with it!
Flowing stream...its sandy bottom...its rocks and fish clearly observed. Such the laconic picture most people have. Nowadays...though...with the Environmental Destruction Agency poisoning such pristine steams(think Animus river system and Gold King mine disaster)...many people are flocking to public pools only to be attacked by predatory microbes.

One such public pool in a Democrat-Party controlled area...was so hazardous that when Mindy exited after a short swim she had a headache and blood dripping from her eyes and nose. And as most people know...MINDY died screaming in agony as microbes ate her alive. When asked about this menace...OBAMA erupted with a well-known Kenyan chuckle and declared, "I decide when you live...when you die...when you laugh...and...when you cry. Not some microbe."
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Throughout the Pacific "floaters" are found...ship-sinking floaters...things designed to sink ships...appearing when a ship nears...approaching and eliminating...then...disappearing again. So feared the "floater" that entire anti-floater flotillas have been dispatched. Indeed...the Chinese installation on FIERY CROSS REEF was initially designed to accommodate 10,000 boats each equipped to deal with "floaters".
*Floater technology uses sun light to power the electric engines of these autonomous stealth submarines...designed to fire torpedoes as well as surface to surface missiles. One floater has enough firepower and tactical software to take out the entire American 7th fleet!
Sandra Fluke told Congress she wanted the taxpayer to continue paying for her birth control pills. Reacting to that parasite's flagrant demand...RUSH LIMBAUGH called her a "slut"...and...lost $400 million in advertising. Reeling from such loss...LIMBAUGH called FLUKE and told her he'd buy her pills for the next 10 years...but...please go on national TV and make-up to him.
Sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with the yellow-colored word DISRUPTOR stood W. Kamau Bell among a crowd of rioters throwing dung-filled balloons and shouting socialist phrases at a Clinton rally. When later asked about his antics...Kamau replied, "I like to see the splatter of dung on Clinton supporters. They're not real authentic socialists and need some smear and stomp...something my troops delivered in Nevada and will do so again in Philadelphia."
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The column of air above a battlefield must be controlled. The opponent who understands that tenet of war prevails every time provided ground control as formidable. Enter the WAR BOT system. Absolutely fool-proof...WAR BOT can control land and air at little cost. So little the expense that the Pentagon has "inked" a contract with the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to provide the entire system.

Compare the two approaches. The conventional way has men...machines...and...body bags...whereas...WAR BOT has a million robots...remotely controlled...and...capable of mass destruction.

Take for example the battle for Fallujah...evicting Islamic State from that 50,000 person town and keeping them out. Iraqi and Kurdish troops are inching their way ever closer to the town's center...losing men and equipment along the way...while the town's residents used as human shields.

In contrast...WAR BOT would cost $2 billion less...and...the only people killed would be the Islamic State troopers...with civilian casualties minimal. Imagine airplanes flying over Fallujah and out from them drop a million WAR BOTS...each one capable of blowing a hole 4 blocks wide...20 feet to spot an Islamic State troop concentration for elimination. Imagine as much and you'll sense "why" the PENTAGON selected WAR BOT to test its entire system in Fallujah.
Mitch Caesar...member of the executive board of the Democratic National Committee(DNC)...told a cub reporter he liked Sanders but was pledged to Clinton. "I like Bernie and his vision of a socialist America where everyone heading to the fields with shovel and rake...and...sharing in the harvest...dancing around campfires...singing old negro spirituals...but...I must look past such paradise and support Hillary," tearfully whispered Mitch as he looked at how dismal Hillary's chances in California were appearing.
Bernie Sanders concluded Hillary Clinton evinced a "tinge of arrogance" when she announced she would be the Democratic nominee for president on the eve of the California primary. Sanders was livid when asked on national TV about her declaration since he hoped to grab California delegates through undaunted campaigning...thereby depriving Clinton of that berth.
In the movie, POSEIDON ADVENTURE...Gene Hackman(think Trump) pleads with the leader to turn his team around and follow him to safety. Instead...they tell Hackman safety is in the direction they're headed. Hackman tells the leader he's headed into the bowels of a sinking ship and they would all surely die. Nevertheless...the leader presses on by Hackman as do the rest of his followers.

Mention is made of this dramatic scene since Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are leading their team into the bowels of a sinking ship: SOCIALISM. Venezuela has almost has every other country with socialism guiding governmental decision-making. How many will follow them to doom?
Captain Queeg measured sugar to determine strawberries were pilfered. He used geometric logic and skillful sleuthing and showed strawberries were missing. When told the mess boys ate them...Queeg refused to believe it...pointing out there were too many gallons consumed...that such amount had to have been eaten by a 1000 sailors in all directions.

Mention is made of this scene from the CAINE MUTINY since Hillary Clinton recently was told her delegates were missing and were believed to have been absorbed by BERNIE SANDERS. Instantly...Hillary called for Huma Abedin and from her pocket pulled BEN-WAH BALLS...special...metal balls...BEN WAH BALLS...began clapping them together...and...demanded privacy with Abedin.
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Fight to defend liberty? Of course...invasion would fetch almost every American...their cannons manned...their rifles walled. might very well be survivors decide to implement "liberty". Yes...they fought mightily for it...yet...due to big foot government...such little to be found...and...what of it...almost too constrained to be relevant. Nevertheless...patriots might very well decide to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE once and for all in America and invite the rest of the world to evict their own nasty batch of would-be masters.
According to a haughty Eva Marie Ayala...reporting about the transgender issue: "Their 15 minutes of fame graciously by the MASS MEDIA granted...THE DALLAS FIVE have received what they demanded: GENDER NEUTRAL BATHROOM accommodations throughout the 15 million person Dallas area and all adjacent regions as far as they eye can see...and...the ear can hear."

Long Shanks pointed out how critical it was to delete William Wallace. Without Wallace...Scotland was open for acquisition. Might TRUMP be as formidable? Might a metaphorical fashion...represent the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the elimination of the grip and grab of big foot government...a government that can impose OBAMA-CARE...and...destroy the liberty of the INTERNET? Might that be "why" Obama was overheard in his hotel room at the G-7 conference say that if TRUMP were to be derailed...Clinton's victory assured.
Jane Horton reminisced about her husband, Chris Horton who was killed in Afghanistan. She told a cub reporter she wanted America to fight to keep Afghanistan free of Taliban. "Chris Horton fought to liberate Afghanistan from tyranny. BUSH-CHENEY betrayed him and his fellow soldiers when they did not delete socialism and install a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm where the storeroom insulated from the grip and grab of the prevailing majority," declared JANE HORTON.
Sexual consort Huma Abedin was interrogated recently by James Comey...head honcho at the Federal Bureau of Investigations. After some pause...Huma was heard to reply: "Hillary Clinton..notified me...had to have a berth...or...she couldn't get to sea...I had another look...and...I had a cup of tea...and...a butter pie...butter wouldn't melt so I began to cry."
What if WAR-BOT were capable of using the logistics and stratagems of every battle ever recorded? What if WAR-BOT had sufficient firepower to down any aircraft...sink any ship...destroy every kind of tank...and...only deployed where victory instantly assured? The answer is quite disturbing. The WAR-BOTS could defeat any force as they're presently constituted.

Indeed...on a secret testing area in UTAH...WAR-BOT was demonstrated and proven. The Pentagon officials sent to assess and evaluate tweeted they had seen the future and it was American. one official concluded, "With a few of these WAR-BOT STATIONS...peppered through the Persian Gulf...for example...there could be an absolute guarantee of hassle-free commerce at a fraction of what it's costing Uncle Sugar right now to deliver the same bang for buck."
What female figure...notorious or not...might frame Hillary Clinton? That question haunted Lady Elizabeth ever since that question had been rhetorically asked by Huma Abedin.

Yet...while pondering answer...racking if epiphany...BARKING was heard next door. Indeed...Hillary Clinton was overheard delivering an incredible impersonation of a disturbed chihuahua.

Instantly...Lady Elizabeth turned to an otherwise arrogant Huma and said, "What female figure? I'd call her MA BARKER."
The Barker gang robbed banks and killed people. It was led by the mother of the family who sported the moniker: MA BARKER! She carried a Thompson machine gun...and...on occasion...deployed a Browning Automatic Rifle when cars needed to be shot through.
Whatever American leaders did during World War II was done to prevail. Sure...there were many needless battles...but...victory was never in doubt. Such an irony has angered many a survivor and grieving loved one. But as long as there is war...there will be senseless slaughter and Memorial Days festooned with wreaths and recollections.

So horrendous is war...that the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG created WAR-BOT...flying ones...floating ones...diving ones...all designed to deliver death to the enemy without any loss of American life! Take for example HOLD-BOTS. These platforms are used to hold territory once the WAR-BOTS have slaughtered the enemy.

Indeed...RAQQA...that Islamic State stronghold...will be the 1st Syrian city where this ROBOTIC WAR WAY will be unleashed. WAR-BOTS will enter the city...from all directions...and...terminate with extreme prejudice all hostile forces. If this "attack and hold" goes as planned...all Islamic State troops will be eliminated...and...the city secured by HOLD-BOTS...each capable of keeping 100,000 square feet safe and without enemy presence.
Huma Abedin...on 09-10-12...asked Hillary if she had beefed up the Benghazi embassy compound since Ambassador Stevens might suffer an assassination attempt the following day. "Small potatoes," Hillary Clinton replied. The possibility of Ambassador Stevens' assassination in Benghazi was too remote and if he were killed...his death wouldn't be any big deal. Hearing her dismissive regard...Huma nervously added, "I do hope you're right. It might very well doom your presidential prospects if Stevens is slaughtered at that compound as reports say he will be."
Seth Brundle unwittingly went through his machine accompanied by a fly. In that process...Seth died...and...what appeared was a FLY-GUY...part fly...part human...and...totally abhorrent. Might Bill Clinton on his nuptial night have been transformed from "nice guy"...into..."demented rapist"...dogging Juanita Broaddrick's trail...catching her at Tiffany's...crude breakfast...unveiled.
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There are some mobile cannons which can shoot and scoot to avoid detection/eradication. With camouflage done correctly...and...some stealth technology incorporated...most America artillery systems can shoot and scoot avoiding eradication. Indeed...General J. told a cub reporter with one such cannon America could control 10,000 square miles! But it hadn't been deployed since Obama didn't want Taliban or Islamic State to have access to weapons of mass destruction.
Emphasizing the importance of liberty...TRUMP told a cub reporter if there were one spot on planet Earth without big foot government* grip and grab...that spot would be the most valuable place imaginable. Trump went on to expatiate: "No red tape...just balls-to-the-wall business. In a fortnight...that place would eclipse Hong Kong...take the shine off Singapore...and...reduce Wall Street to simple-Simon status. Its government would deliver only essential services such as police, courts and border defense...the border guarded to stop bank robbers and other miscreants. It would be a beautiful place. It would be a veritable EDEN. As I ask my campaign crowds: why not that spot? Why not it be America...a place for wealth for all Americans?"
*The MASS MEDIA and the "in-power" Democrats hate TRUMP because they know if TRUMP eliminates taxes...deletes red tape...that...America will blossom and their JOBS will be observed as "hinder and hassle"...mandating they be "fired"...and...even...publicly shunned and ostracized. Scumbag Tom Wheeler...leader of the Federal Communications Commission(FCC)...for instance...knows that once he doesn't wear that hat...the Harpies will be upon him!
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STICKY JAM...the trade name of a comedian of great wit and humorous perception...said her company had "inked" a deal with Centerview Capital Holdings,LLC...a private-equity arm of mergers and acquisitions advisory firm CENTERVIEW PARTNERS. According to STICKY JAM...CENTERVIEW will offer her company a "blank-check" so that she might buy the world and resell it for greater reward.

When asked what kind of deals might STICKY JAM find attractive...the answer was as imaginative as the trade name she chose. Indeed...laughing at such inquisition...STICKY JAM replied, "Lend all your ear...but...few your voice."(WSJ B-2;05-28-16).
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Somali pirates gone? What discouraged such profitable enterprise? Freighters began to carry certified snipers whose mission statement: delete threat. That goal easily achieved since most kills occur at more than 5280 feet away. On one occasion...for example...the pirate boat was found drifting empty...out of gas...blood and brains splattered everywhere. Taped to the helm was a JACK OF DIAMONDS...the calling card of the deadliest sniper of all: "DON'T BRO!"
The gregarious CEO of QUALCOMM told a cub reporter his company was proceeding to produce computer chips in China. Derek Aberle revealed...though...such Chinese chips contained a "backdoor" so that Chinese bureaucrats could watch people using bathroom and bed...satisfying their voyeuristic tendencies."I know they probably didn't watch such things before hearing about Obama watching Dilma Rousseff and Angela Merkel in their respective keep the Chinese happy...I'm installing that backdoor."
Jamal Simmons admitted he was instrumental in fostering the riots which have erupted at TRUMP Rallies. Although quite uncharacteristic of a Clinton operative to be so open...JAMAL proudly told a cub reporter he had instructed rioters on how to make and throw dung-filled balloons. "I showed them from jump street how to make those nasty balloons. I squatted...grunted...and...then...with spoon and bucket made the balloons...all to their surprise and bafflement as to how easy it was to create horror," whispered Jamal as he looked at the splatter patterns in Albuquerque.
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Party divided? Nonsense! The Democratic Party was overtaken by socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters...and...both Clinton and Sanders represent such hatred for liberty. Sure...traditional Democrats don't want to be as miserable as modern-day Venezuelans...but...their voice has been drowned out by socialist-loudmouths such as U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren, Crooked-Clinton and socialist-Sanders.
"Take her down!" and with that Captain Gilmore closed the hatch and his sub disappeared beneath his feet. His boat had been surprised by Japanese aircraft...and...his decision saved his team.


Out of the sun...
bullets rained on steel...
clear the deck...
submerging only shield.
Lacked time...
grab wounded sound...
closed the hatch...

" your oar."

Adam Pilarski of Avitas consultancy...thinking himself off-camera...was overheard telling a colleague that he was a member of the FORECAST DEPARTMENT of While that revelation might not have meant much back in carries great weight...almost an incidence of reverence. Indeed...homage instantly paid since Pilarski predicted in 2010 that OIL would be less than $40.00 per barrel in 2016...a prediction every other soothsayer mocked and ridiculed,(WSJ A-11;05-28-16).
Local school boards must balance the public school need for more not less funds and charter schools' deserved portion. Naturally...the Teachers' Union wants bigger funds dedicated since their pensions and power structure depend on such burgeoning tax base. They don't care if public schools can't produce results since their only goal to aggrandize the power of teachers in the community through salary and pension increases.

Unlike every other school board in Florida...Indian River County is different. Its charter schools are granted as much as they need when needed. And that distinction has remained with that county until recently when power-hungry bureaucrats refused to give CHARTER SCHOOLS the funds required to carry on their dramatic mission.

After inspection at the behest of CHARTER SCHOOL LOVERS...a shadowy organization with off-shore revealed FUNDS were being pigeon-holed for pensions for administrators and that what did trickle down to the student-teacher level paltry and stingily granted.
U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman,(D.NJ) said "Hillary has more votes than him. She has more delegates than him. She better." While the cub reporter didn't interrupt...afterward...Bonnie was given an English primer and told that it was improper to say "him" instead of  "he" when referring to Bernie Sanders...and...the other required an apostrophe  between the She and "s" She's better. 

After such elucidation...Rep. Coleman* declared she didn't much mind Clinton's scandal-magnet...since scandal followed Clinton. "Ever since 1980 when she deliberately left out the 1979 $100,000 suspicious windfall in cattle futures...which was called CATTLE-GATE...Hillary Clinton has been dogged by rumor and scurrilous innuendo," retorted Rep. Coleman when pressed about Hillary's negative numbers with most females.
*So loyal Coleman that when asked about her allegiance...Bonnie replied, "As if removing suckling cub from she-bear."
Colonel Jack Ripper...commander of Burbleson Air Force Base and center of Strategic Air Command...told his underling Wing Captain Lionel Mandrake, "A bullet traveling at 2200 feet per second might penetrate an inch or so of steel plating. Similarly...that same bullet traveling at 6000 feet per second would penetrate 5 feet of that same steel plating. Hence...a rail gun firing projectiles at 15,000 feet per second could obliterate not only the steel plate 200 feet thick but also evaporate the building wherein such test occurred." To which Lionel replied, "No...Jack...I didn't know that."
no image
Bataan Death March...the Rape of Nankin...the destruction of entire island populations...combined with...the maniacal defense of Okinawa...forced President Truman to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 2016...Obama went to Hiroshima and hugged a 79 year old of the many who joined together to eliminate nuclear weapons from the battlefield. Might you also assist?
no image
When Kirk buried Spock...he didn't know Spock could return. This ignorance promoted the sequel. It's such aspect that keeps some movie genre' alive. Star trek and Star Wars are such movie schemata. Following along with this the recent STAR WARS movie...LUKE is found at last by RAE...the heroine...and...given back his LIGHT SABER...the symbol of the JEDI.

Might this be the opening of the next Star Wars movie? Might this be the one where LUKE takes the light saber...and...drives away injustice and tyranny...only to be slain at the end by another betrayal...this time by his 3rd cousin from ABSELON...a planet in the BINGO SYSTEM.
Imagine having a rifle that could blow a hole 10 feet wide in a steel door 5 feet thick and you'll sense the power of the newest weapon on the battlefield. Yes...folks...rail gun technology has been "reduced" from building size capacitors to hand held guns firing hardened projectiles at speeds of over 5 miles per second. As James Clapper...head of National Security Agency...told a cub reporter, "With a tactical squad armed with such entire city could be reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds!"
no image
Free and open trade prevents war. Not even maniacal Muslims kill their banker or baker. The G-7 conference last week should have highlighted that OBVIOUS TENET...but...instead...Obama promised more WAR...more big foot government grip and grab. And to think Hillary Clinton has promised to continue that approach to world domination.
no image
Some Texans know that central Texas is a bowl...low-lying...and...quite susceptible to flash-flooding. While most recent residents don't know about its topography...the Indians did and stayed away from most of Central Texas for that very reason: FLASH FLOOD. Imagine a rain storm several miles away...and...about midnight you're awakened by a wall of muddy water 15 feet high coming right at you. Imagine as much and you'll sense why the Indians refused to reside in those areas.
no image
Every day...125 children climb up and down a 2,650 foot ladder to get to/from school. While the village could have its own schoolhouse and teachers...big foot government declared the school would be in the valley below where a greater number of children resided. In America...children are put through similar hardship just to please some scumbag government this or that. Oh...when will they ever learn?
no image
U.S.Senator Ed Markey(D.Mass) told Obama, "You can't preach nuclear temperance from a bar stool."(WSJ A-5;05-28-16). Markey* was referring to Obama's latest comment about America's eradication of nuclear weapons of others while at the same time telling the planet he will spend $1 trillion upgrading Uncle Sugar's own nuke-sack.
*Markey must be defeated in the next election cycle. He hates freedom and would feel just as good sitting in North Korea dictating as he does in Massachusetts stomping out what little liberty remains.

no image
RAIL GUN. Using electromagnetic rails...a hardened projectile can be launched and travel to target at better than ONE MILE per second. It's revolutionary since such a cannon would render all surface ships instantly obsolete. Even the vaunted U.S.S.Ronald Reagan...that incredible nuclear-powered aircraft carrier...would be vulnerable.

Mention is made of this newest breed of cannon since the Chinese have long been researching its capabilities culminating in their construction of such a cannon on FIERY CROSS REEF thereby controlling from that one spot the entire South China Sea. The specifics aren't published...but...President Xi told a cub reporter his plan was to use that cannon to police the region and stop piracy and pillaging. VIVA XI!(WSJ A-1;05-28-16).
Mitt 'the nit' Romney...that pusillanimous scumbag...recently told a cub reporter he was brutally attacked by almost everyone after he delivered his public diatribe on TRUMP. "I had to tell the world that TRUMP would dismantle my beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...I don't want enslavement deleted. I happen to like the idea of big foot government directing from cradle to grave...and...TRUMP is about to eliminate that kind of strangle hold and I hate him for it," whispered "the nit" as he looked at how well TRUMP was received by Latinos in California yesterday.
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Climate science is mostly guess work and is based on computer models projecting consequences should this or that change occur. Historically...Mother Earth has been experiencing climate change since its inception. And...mankind can't any more alter the climate than it could with spoon and bucket dip the ocean dry. It's preposterous.

However, such man-caused climate change dogma has been used to enslave and oppress people. In America...for example...coal miners have been rendered destitute by "green-energy" enthusiasts...while in Germany where the "greens" gained power...people pay 1000% more than needed for whatever electricity they're able to get.

When you hear someone claim man-caused global warming is proven climate science...know the declarant is either a fool or a scumbag with agenda....either way...someone who is willing to follow and hurt in the name of myth.
EMAIL VIOLATIONS? "Hogwash!"screamed Hillary Clinton...admitting her use of private email error...but...not unlawful. When TRUMP heard that ridiculous reference to the Inspector General's Report...he replied,"Listen...Hillary Clinton erased 38,766 emails. And...she wasn't wiping clean...unless...she knew whatever there destructive to her effort to be the 1st female president."
no image
An observed fly on Trump's hair as Trump delivered a speech was published on the MASS MEDIA and presented to demean and belittle. Yet...once again...the MASS MEDIA gave TRUMP another one-liner: "The MASS MEDIA...folks...they make fun of a fly lost in hair...but...ignore the 4 dead Americans who screamed for Hillary help in grave despair." VIVA TRUMP!
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Hillary Clinton must be president or else the socialist Democratic Party is finished. So high are the's as likely as not the complicit MASS MEDIA will be fed riots and mayhem in Cleveland. Yes...the Cleveland Police are ready to stop disruption...but...they might very well stand back and permit mayhem...a turn-coat aspect TRUMP must anticipate.
While rape-on-campus at BAYLOR has been in the news...many social scientists are asking "why" not expose HARVARD while such focus afoot? U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren,(D.Ma)...for instance...recently demanded there be a complete investigation of HARVARD offering a personal anecdote about an occasion at the venerable institution where she was attacked by 20 hairy-guys with big hands.
no image
Trump has been reading this BLOG. His diatribe on declaration that she was not a native American absolutely on target. Of course...the MASS MEDIA squirreled away from that one since they knew U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) had been caught LYING about her American Indian heritage. They left the denunciation to certified Indian-Nicole Robertson who came forward to denounce TRUMP for referring to Warren as "Pocahantas". HUH?
Because China isn't an otherwise unhampered market...many basic industries were over-built...with more capacity than needed. Steel-making was one such industry where state-owned companies produced trillions of tons of much steel that every dirt road in the world could be paved in concrete and steel and still there would be steel left over. So abundant this steel that CHINA'S steel stockpile can be seen from the International Space Station.

What has so many builders in America excited is how cheaply they can build things using this cheap steel. The boon to America so obvious that American builders are discussing Chinese steel with Chinese steel-makers. But...they had best hurry since OBAMA heard of this windfall for consumers and has directed his vermin horde at the Commerce Department to raise taxes on Chinese steel and deprive America of this bounty. VIVA PRESIDENT JINGPING!
no image
Undersecretary of Commerce Stefan M. Selig told a cub reporter that steel-buyers should not benefit from cheap Chinese steel but should be forced to buy expensive American-steel instead. To compel such purchase...SELIG...the scumbag...raised the tax on Chinese steel to 515%. By protecting American steel makers...he was also shielding 13,000 jobs from that would continue in America.

When asked if he were applying that same logic equally to every industry...SELIG smiled and said "no" couldn't be applied to everything since such application would send America into the STONE AGE.
Former ambassador Ryan Crocker said he liked TRUMP'S demeanor and rhetoric but wanted Clinton in the White House. When U.S.Rep. Paul Ryan...House Speaker...heard this expressed preference....he retorted, "Crocker's loyalty to Clinton...his former boss...while commendable..his choice  for president borders on the ridiculous."
Some years ago...Hicham Chaib...a Belgium Muslim...ran into an unaccompanied Hillary Clinton in a little cafe outside Antwerp where they shared tea and stories. Mention is made of this relationship since recently Hillary Clinton was in email contact with that has fetched long prison sentences for those caught. And here Hillary is emailing that murderer. What's up with that, Huma?(WSJ A-7;05-27-16)
Hicham Chaib is wanted in Belgium for orchestrating terrorist strikes. When asked in RAQQA about this "WANTED" issue...Chaib chuckled and replied, "Look...the Belgium police know where I am. If they're brave enough...let them come and attempt my arrest. They will disappear and I will continue here in Syria with my mission to slaughter the infidel. Allahu Akbar!"
Ken Starr attacked Bill Clinton years ago and acquired fame from such assault. Baylor University under fire for ignoring sexual assault on campus. According to Pepper Hamilton...a law firm engaged to expose and reveal...KEN STARR knew about sexual assaults but refused to intercede because they weren't as bad as what he caught Bill Clinton doing. As PEPPER pointed out...KEN STARR'S lack of caring could be traced to his effort to expose Bill Clinton as a rapist,(WSJ A-3;05-27-16)
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told a cub reporter the 41 Security agents who worked on hurting U.S.Rep. Jason Chaffetz,(R.Utah) had been disciplined. When asked why not "fired"...Jeh sheepishly replied, "They bite!" Instantly observing quixotic aspect...Secretary Johnson added,"If I had fired them...all their secrets...all the dirt they have on TEAM OBAMA would have likely been spilled. Retaliation sort of stuff. It might have cost Hillary Clinton her chance at becoming the first female president since a few of them have complete copies of her email hard drives including those so-called "deleted ones".
Nicole Robertson denounced TRUMP for referring to U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) as "Pocahontas" claiming such reference was demeaning to all American Indians. HUH? Trump was referring to Warren's fraudulent portrayal of herself as an American Indian when she lacked any connection to such heritage. While Nicole knew Trump was referencing that OUTRIGHT LIE...that DECEPTION...that wrong-doing...nevertheless...she chose to scribble and demur. But when you're trying to defend a scumbag such as Warren...dissembling...obfuscating...such is about all that's left to hide the stain.
As expected...when Hillary Clinton was presented some proposal...she always asked, "What risk?"..."What cover-story?"...two questions for a part mission...the other smoke screen and escape route. Nowadays...though...with Sanders and Trump excluding her in a debate prior to California primary...her helpers are scrambling to explain her decision* to steer clear of TRUMP...particularly when this BLOG is leading those asking "why" decline that battlefield?
*Inspector General concluded Hillary Clinton violated federal law. Even so...Obama won't indict since Clinton knows what really went down in Benghazi...her insurance to speak. Bite her...she bites back. Indeed...she barked like a wolf on one occasion just to show Obama her fangs. Why slaughter each other in the front yard...though...when together they might defeat TRUMP...but...if...fighting...assuredly not! Hence...Hillary will be insulated from prosecution!
no image
Obama said world leaders didn't know how seriously they should take Trump...pointing out Trump had "rattled" them. Coming from a dung-throwing monkey such as Obama...however...made most political scientists chuckle. On Obama's watch...America has devolved into something akin to a mixture of Germany and Greece...tribal...funky...and...miserable.
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"Leave Clinton out? Positively brilliant." Trump declared when he heard Sanders was amenable to a debate between himself and Bernie. A socialist debating a capitalist...a destroyer of liberty challenging a patriot speaking for the unwashed masses who want to get somewhere but are held back by some big foot government grip or grab? What could be better? What bigger difference could there be? Trump offering "KEY"...while SANDERS...preaching the wonders of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.

TRUMP must tell America he leads the army of liberation...marching to "make salt"...ushering in thereby EDEN. Why not offer EDEN? In such debate...TRUMP must offer liberation...while Sanders is already locked into telling voters he'll apply "whip and chain"...reducing people to sheep...easily his ghouls and bureaucratic creeps.

Should TRUMP tell America he will delete what is keeping America from being great again...he'll defeat Sanders or criminal-Clinton by a landslide. assure victory...this contemplated debate is a good thing for Donald.
no image
Two flags...two to enslave...the other to liberate and delete government-bondage in whatever form or format found. The would-be master with mob...the NANNY STATE CAGE crowd...they cried for Hillary Clinton...her mission's veil...turned a ghostly color...and...faded into a whiter shade of pale.
"What difference does it make now!" screamed which her generals replied, "Difference. Madam President...that's a mushroom cloud over Manhattan!"
*Recall Clinton declared those 4 dead Americans were dead and it didn't make any difference how they were killed...telling that inquiring Republican Congressman to back off...that it was an assassination...and...the cover-story could be anything the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) wanted it to be.
no image
"Pay to play" was Hillary Clinton's formula for generating enormous amounts of cash in a shell company staffed by her most trusted lieutenants and erstwhile cronies and called the CLINTON FAMILY FOUNDATION. While few are asking...those investigators who are...have been inquiring about the connection between those deleted emails...all 38, 966 of them...and...her PAY TO PLAY paradigm. Might the bridges...the substance...perhaps...even raw data* recaptured?
*President Putin has the ENTIRE DATA BASE as has President Xi Jingping...each given a solid copy by the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG.
The pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA,(PCMM) heard TRUMP had finally clinched the Republican presidential berth and began their attack. Take for instance MSNBC Chris Matthews...a swarthy scumbag if ever there were one. He said he'd dedicate the rest of his career in bashing TRUMP...slapping TRUMP...ball-kicking TRUMP and doing whatever he could to hurt him.
no image
Some time back...JEB BUSH was framed as the anointed one...until...TRUMP arrived. The complicit MASS MEDIA reacted and commenced a 24/7 attack on TRUMP...calling him every nasty name possible...attempting thereby to BOLSTER the dwindling support for BUSH...thereby derailing TRUMP. Yet...despite their orchestrated effort...TRUMP prevailed and clinched the Republican nomination for president. VIVA TRUMP!
After Mullah Mansour...putative leader of the Taliban...was killed by its missile...the REAPER DRONE hovered above the scene inspecting the results making sure the target had been terminated with extreme prejudice. Some witnesses to the attack...said the REAPER remained on-site for 5 minutes...watching for any sign of life...and...ready to bombard the wreckage should Mansour have survived the initial onslaught.

Yet...on 09-11-12...above that beleaguered Benghazi embassy compound...REAPER DRONES hovered...yet...didn't kill the attackers. Even though those REAPERS could have saved those 4 Americans in Benghazi...the REAPERS were not used and those Americans died.

Yes...just as those REAPERS slaughtered Mansour the other day...years ago...they could have also SAVED those 4 Americans. Why the REAPERS weren't deployed isn't known but Ambassador Stevens had to be silenced since he was threatening to reveal election-changing information.
no image
Whether you're a gun-owner or not...nevertheless...the Founding Fathers guaranteed to every citizen the right to bear arms knowing that such an armed population the best defense in the event invasion occurred. They also knew an armed citizenry was the hardest bunch to subjugate and control. soon as the tyrant ascends to ultimate power...disarming the population the first thing done.
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While MASS MEDIA must announce TRUMP'S victory and clinching of the GOP nomination for president...Hillary must suffer 24/7 discussion of  "why" the INSPECTOR GENERAL'S accusations against her won't derail her candidacy. It's an inescapable morass and one Clinton can't survive unless Obama and Loretta Lynch, his stooge at the Injustice Department, insulate her from what would otherwise be an obvious prosecution.
*Hillary Clinton wiped her hard drives and erased 38,000 emails. As U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders declared, "She's hiding a BOMB SHELL...but...Obama isn't about to force her to reveal her criminal misconduct."
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In head count...Hillary has more votes...but...if zeal and enthusiasm for cause somehow measured...Bernie Sanders far ahead giving him and his mob a good chance of defeating Clinton in California...a defeat which might very well end the coronation parade and replace her with a devout socialist with a passion for destruction of liberty.
Jack Ma...genius...entrepreneur...and...benefactor to the world...recently...was accused of having too much power over his empire. HUH? Yes...Mary Jo White...that ugly witch of the Securities and Exchange Commission told a cub reporter she hated Jack Ma because he was so successful. "I want to hurt Jack Ma," scumbag White dripped as she looked at what wonderful things Jack Ma had done. "I want to make him crawl," Mary Jo's venomous lips snarled,(WSJ C-8;05-26-16).
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When MICROSOFT was considering buying NOKIA...the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG gratuitously warned Bill Gates that within 36 months he would lose the $7 billion he was exchanging for that business. Of course...Bill Gates ignored this warning.  And...recently...Microsoft announced the lay-off of 1,850 worker bees effectively eliminating that $7 billion prize and confirming the power of the HELP DEPARTMENT,(WSJ C-8;05-26-16).
Reflecting on the latest salvo about Hillary Clinton scandals...U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) told a cub reporter, "The EMAIL VIOLATION along with  FOUR DEAD AMERICANS...seem to combine to render Hillary Clinton too stained...too tainted...too tarnished to be the Democratic National Committee nominee for president in 2016."
no image
HILLARY'S EMAIL HACKED! If that had been the lead story headline...her chances of defeating Sanders in California would have been entrenched beyond repair. To ameliorate and lessen the sting of the Inspector General's conclusion that CLINTON VIOLATED THE LAW...the complicit MASS MEDIA has all but downplayed the emails from staffers..from Clinton to speak...who observed and reported HACKING.

Russian President Putin recently said he read Clinton's emails daily and knew Crimea was up for grabs. Adding to this revelation...Chinese President Xi Jingping told a cub reporter that he...too...enjoyed a front row seat on all top secret issues and his decision to construct a military base on Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands was soundly made using Clinton's data.

no image
By tactic...sometimes...the identity of the goon squad can be determined. The riot in Albuquerque at a TRUMP RALLY...for instance...had all the markings of an "OCCUPY WALL STREET" crowd. The same fire bombs...the same kind of dung-filled balloons...the same graffiti...the same rock-throwing episode...all matched what the OCCUPY WALL STREET crew previously was caught doing. Indeed...Brian Fallon...a Clinton stooge...was overheard telling Johnny-Bob the leader of that New Mexico melee to make it as bloody as possible.
no image
Pioneers who settled in Kansas were dumbfounded to find few Indians resided in the area. Nowadays...looking back..."why" the paucity of people..however...quite easily explained. Tornadoes were prevalent and were as likely as not to strike at night...when their form unseen...their fury merciless...and...the death toll unbearable.

Last night when a tornado struck Kansas...most of the victims were surprised and couldn't escape. Yes...they'd been warned about "bad Indian ground"...but...they ignored the alert just as the pioneers had done. OUCH!
no image
Another rag head has been appointed as the leader of Taliban. Naturally...once selected...his life expectancy can be numbered in months. Recall Mullah Mansour was: (i) told his life was short once he accepted the regal scepter of Taliban...(ii) ignored the admonition and (iii) was obliterated by a REAPER DRONE missile just the other day. OUCH!(WSJ A-6;05-26-16).
no image
"Someone tried to hack the email server again," a staffer wrote Hillary Clinton whose response was less than stellar: "So what!"

The staffer concluded disinformation was planted in the email server to thwart whatever scheme the hackers had. The staffer didn't alert Clinton thereafter and was witness to 12,358 email hack-jobs...some gleaning the entire server's data base,(WSJ A-5;05-26-16).
Terry McAuliffe...governor of Virginia...was given $120,000 by Wang Wenliang...a Chinese businessman with connections to the Clinton Global Initiative...a shell-company for money laundering. Of course...scumbag-McAuliffe denied such wrong-doing claiming he never did anything to assist Mr. Wenliang and he's telling the truth in part since Bill Clinton was the one who went out and made a path for Wang to bang!
no image
Michael Riecker survived his army days but recently discovered he'd been declared dead by TEAM OBAMA."I was the only survivor that day...everyone else find I was killed by OBAMA," lamented Mr. Riecker as he looked at the Veteran Administration's formal declaration of his death,(A-3;05-26-16).
Jack Ma was warned that the scumbags at the American Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) would attack because ALIBABA was way too successful and needed to be stomped."Mary Jo White* and her scurvy crew will attack in an attempt to hurt ALIBABA," Lady Elizabeth told Jack Ma in a top secret email interface,(WSJ A-1;05-26-16).
*Ms White was picked because she would kill her own mother to advance the cause of socialism.
no image
TRUMP wanted the housing bubble to burst...a bubble the Democrats and a complicit-BUSH made he could buy low...sell high. His desire not only proper...but...the one most entrepreneurs rely upon to carry them over the bad bets.

Somehow his profit from other people's greed or misfortune wrongful. When asked how could it be wrongful...there isn't any answer since the people who lost their homes more often than not were unable to carry the mortgages their Democrat-mortgage brokers had them execute...on property their Democrat property appraisers falsely raised in value to meet whatever lending floor at the time afoot.
Minorities love Trump. After hearing how Hillary Clinton would enslave and make more dependent not only themselves but their heirs for a 1000 years in all directions...Latinos, Asians, Afro-Americans, Indians, and others are flocking to TRUMP. Sure...a $100 million and 66,000 negative ads have been used...yet...TRUMP...nevertheless...remains widely respected, honored and loved by almost everyone who has ever tried to get ahead and was stomped by some snotty Liz Warren or Witch-like Clinton.
no image
TRUMP has been asking people-packed places...where was Hillary during those long hours...hours when those 4 Americans could have been saved...hours when REAPER DRONES could have come and over that embassy compound stayed. Her absence during those crucial hours...those desperate minutes...those horrific seconds...scream to every American: when needed...she wasn't there.
"Engage Romulan cloaking device!" screamed Clinton to crew. She and her dastardly craft had to disappear before EMAIL VIOLATIONS proved. "Aye...aye...skipper," retorted Fallon, 1st mate...armed with fang and talon. Instantly...State Department stooges and knee-crooking knaves began to cover-up and adroitly downplay...white paint here...brush stroke hard...ENGAGE CLOAKING the "woman card".
U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) was chastised by TRUMP for her idiotic statements framing her as "goofy". As Trump asked a gleeful crowd: "Who doesn't buy low, sell high?" For Warren to admonish TRUMP for doing what Americans do best was to reveal how "goofy" she was and what a detriment to the Democratic Party she'd become. "She's a dinosaur...a goofy one at that," chuckled Trump as he looked at a photo of Warren drooling brown stuff down her chin from witch-like lip.
no image
In the 1960s...American troops were slaughtering Vietnamese. But...nowadays...Obama is selling them weaponry so they might wage war against China in the South China Sea. And while the Vietnamese who survived that genocide aren't very bright...they know how to buy enough weaponry they can at least defend what's left. For example...they bought 200 small attack with huge motors and powerful payloads of torpedoes and missiles. As one Vietnamese admiral bragged, "The Chinese might have bigger ships...but...they're made of steel and will founder when the hole made big enough."
NY Att. Gen. Eric Schneiderman attacked Domino's Pizza claiming 10 of its NYC franchisees failed to pay $565,000 in wages. payroll glitches shorted some worker bees and their anger...their animosity...their New York to speak...drove them into the omnivorous maw of Schneiderman...a scumbag who will use anything to destroy liberty,(WSJ B-5;05-25-16).
According to a "tell-all" by U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma)...the 2008 recession was engineered by a consortium of clever Democrats in Congress, their cronies at several rating agencies and...FREDDIE MAC and FANNIE MAE. It was code-named: IMPLODING BOZO. It's trigger man...the one who detonated the bomb...was Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) who exited a secret senatorial meeting and told the world Lehman Brothers was headed into bankruptcy causing a domino effect throughout the currency-credit markets in October of 2008.
Kristen Welker told the world Ko-Ko, the English speaking gorilla, declared Mother Nature was about to make Earth hotter and to stop that catastrophe...there had to be an elimination of all circus acts along with cars and trucks. So profound and erudite this statement...that Kristen felt MASS MEDIA needed to break in on a scheduled Hillary Clinton campaign documentary to bring America such news. WOW!
no image
Talk about conquest. Should Hillary Clinton get her way...and...pack the 4-to-4 U.S.Supreme Court with a gun-hater...she could effectively disarm America opening the way for some conqueror with horde. Until then...though...America is safe from such intrusion since the would-be invader stopped almost at the border and slaughtered by gun-toting...God-fearing...patriots. VIVA TRUMP, (WSJ A-12;05-25-16).
Ken Dilanian has been revealed to be a "leak"...telling top secrets in exchange for acclaim and notoriety. Recently...he told a cub reporter the Inspector General was about to conclude HILLARY CLINTON MISUSED HER EMAIL. While all other news organizations refused to publish that TIP...this BLOG did. And...on 05-25-16...the Inspector General...indeed...did come forward with that very same announcement.
no image
"Sixty one percent of Americans think Hillary Clinton has the better temperament to serve effectively as president."(WSJ A-11;05-25-16). This poll is false and obviously concocted to support the MASS MEDIA'S hatred of TRUMP. To prove it false...simply ask yourself or friends: "Where was Hillary Clinton during those 7 long hours on 09-11-12 when 4 Americans in Benghazi begged for her help...entreated her to intercede with Reaper drones and save them?"
no image
On a jungle-crammed island...marooned...sat Edson Assuncao de Almeida beneath a coconut palm scanning the horizon for friendly sail. He'd worked his whole life and battered...sat he scribbling survivor's tale. day...some curious traveler might onto that beach step and look...maybe discovering what he wrote...and...all the drama such took,(WSJ A-9;05-25-16).
"Many Brazilians would be happy to see a crackdown on public servants who can draw pensions equal to their final salaries for life. Monthly salaries for the highest-paid officials can reach 34,000 reals or more than $95,00 U.S. per month,"(WSJ A-9;05-25-16). And in America...Hillary Clinton was heard promising government workers that same kind of benefit at the expense of the private sector worker bees whose pensions and social security combined are but 15% of what they were earning prior to retirement!
Another window into the travail and misery of socialism and state-directed economic whatever? Yes...Brazil is one such focal point. Dilma Rousseff...a drama queen with socialist bent...was evicted from her power-perch...Michel Temer heaven-sent...was installed to serve while impeachment proceedings forward went. As if bolstered by others who hate big foot government grip and grab...temp-President Temer has into socialist heart mightily stabbed,(WSJ A-9;05-25-16).
New Mexico Governor Martinez wisely stayed away from an Albuquerque TRUMP RALLY...having been warned Clinton-directed goon squads would be afoot groin done while toting Mexican flags. When asked about her decision...Gov. Martinez laughed heartily and replied,"TRUMP can take care of himself...and...didn't need my army of security agents...each armed with cannon and deadly nerve gas."
Lei Yang...a Beijing resident...left his house to go pick up relatives at the airport. The next day...the family discovered Lei Yang had been arrested* by local police...interrogated about his allegiance to ELVIS...and...beaten to death when he couldn't recall the refrain to Sukiyaki.(WSJ A-8;05-25-16)
*Freddie Gray was walking...saw police...ran the other way...only to be chased down and caught by angry Baltimore cops. As reports have it...FREDDIE GRAY died somehow inside a police van as he was being transported to the county jail.
Somehow...Netanyahu is getting the same kind of acrimonious attack by the MASS MEDIA on him in Israel as TRUMP is getting in America. Unlike TRUMP...though...whose panache and swagger more than enough to transcend such calumny...Netanyahu doesn't enjoy such regal aspect and likely might be brought down by a bunch of nasty Palestinian-loving scumbags,(WSJ A-7;05-26-16).
U.S.Senator Elizabeth "scumbag" Warren(D.Ma) took to the stage to denounce* TRUMP. It was peculiar to see this LIAR...this SOCIALIST...this PARASITE...calling TRUMP nasty names and making nasty comments about his male attributes. It seemed as if her "ugly" couldn't be restrained any longer. Here was a scumbag who would step over anyone to gain more power. She needs to be evicted from office and publicly shunned as if painted in plague.
*"A small and insecure man"
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While the U.S.Injustice Department ignores the concerted attacks on TRUMP RALLIES...the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has not. Using state-of-the-art eavesdropping technology and some home-cooked hacking...proof has been found HILLARY CLINTON is behind it. In one dialogue...for example...Brian of her many stooges...told Clinton the goon squads had arrived in New Mexico and would riot as planned.
Mullah Mansour was warned not to trust Obama. But...of course...because he was Mullah Mansour...he ignored the warning and was slaughtered by a REAPER drone strike inside Pakistan. Mullah Mansour was headed to meet one of his most trusted lieutenants who insisted Mansour come to his bunker to discuss the upcoming Afghan assault. Mansour didn't know his so-called friend and helper was a Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) deep-cover operative who had been directed to invite Mansour and coax him until he agreed to depart his safe house in Iran and travel to Pakistan.
Pakistan's Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told a cub reporter American missile strikes inside his country were abominable and in violation of international law. "Obama...that dung-throwing monkey...didn't ask if he could cross into Pakistani air space in order to slaughter a Muslim...a well-known Muslim...and...such act is an act of aggression and an obvious invitation for Pakistani operators to transgress and conduct operations in America," fumed Ali Khan as he examined the photos of what was once the leader of the Taliban.
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"Fix" and "finish" are but two of the many slang terms used by REAPER drone operators to describe their activities and progress. It's the argot of death by to speak. Recently...a white Toyota Corolla and its occupants discovered ARGOT when their vehicle exploded struck by a missile fired from a hovering drone. The target had been found("fix)...and...the target* had been destroyed,("finish").
*Mullah Mansour...the putative leader of Taliban...was obliterated in that missile strike inside Pakistan.
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At this Syria...unhampered market aspects are afoot. At one Kurdish checkpoint near Al-MABROKEH...oil tankers are permitted to pass into Islamic State territory. Reciprocating in kind...consumer goods such as refrigerators and widescreens are permitted to pass into Kurdish regions. Sure...both sides could interdict the conveyance. However...both would lose as much as they gain by not attacking...making peaceful border transit so obvious both sides are engaged.
Brian Fallon...Hillary Clinton's press secretary...said people don't care if Hillary attacked ladies who claimed to have been raped by Bill Clinton. According to Fallon...voters don't care if Hillary left 4 Americans to die or if her emails explain Crimea's loss...even if such explains "why".
"No thank you," Hillary said when asked if she would debate Bernie on TV. Following up on this assertion...she told a cub reporter she didn't see any advantage is debating when she had the Democratic nomination all ready in her pocket. "Why should I stick my hand in his vomit? I'd sooner touch carrion," confided Clinton as she listened to the MASS MEDIA tell the world how great and wonderful she could be as president.
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Why are so many millennials residing with their parents in their parents home? The answer is that in a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE environment...most young people are at home because they're prevented from making big bucks and hence able to fund departure and new homestead.

The environment...metaphoric wall. Always some form of big foot government this or that. The MINIMUM WAGE...for example...creates institutionalized unemployed people...people unable to produce sufficient value to warrant payment of the minimum wage. The Democrats love to see such unemployed people since these are people who will BELIEVE any promise of riches and will vote as directed,(MATTHEW 6:24). Perhaps that is "why" so many unemployed or underemployed millennials are still at home essentially "down to seeds and stems again too".

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If I'm the Democratic nominee for president in 2016...I can confidently say, "Trump is toast." On the other hand...Bernie Sanders went on to declare, "Hillary Clinton can't defeat TRUMP because voters don't trust her...and...aren't sure where she'll be when that 3:00 a.m. phone call comes, (think Benghazi and 4 Americans screaming for help for 7(+) long hours)."
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Faye Dunaway tried to get Steve McQueen to admit he had engineered the extraordinary robbery of McQueen's own bank in the movie, THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. At the end of the movie...Faye is observed by Steve leading a take-down team to arrest him since she concluded he was the culprit despite his efforts at throwing her off his trail. As he flies away at 30,000 feet...Dunaway realizes she sacrificed her love affair for her lousy job...something she'd regret forever.

Mention is made of this scene and movie since Robert Bandfield revealed too much to his sexual consort and was arrested in Belize City for criminal activity. He was prosecuted for his misconduct and told a cub reporter he should have done what McQueen did. But he was too greedy...and...too in need of that lady's love and affection,(WSJ C-3;05-24-16).
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Remaining in GITMO...are 80 of the worst terrorists known. Keeping them locked up in Cuba can't be perpetual but where to send them hasn't been defined. If sent to the Middle East...they will be raised up as living martyrs...and...granted leadership roles. If sent to China...they'll disappear in a few weeks with a trail so complex few would ever consider investigating the deletion.
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The MASS MEDIA is already declaring a Sanders' victory in California won't make much difference since the Democratic National Committee led by U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) has already decided HILLARY CLINTON will be their 2016 presidential nominee and there isn't anything Bernie can do to change that outcome. Reacting to such impenetrable wall stuff...Sanders said he'd fight all the way to the convention adopting as his theme song: YOU FOUGHT ALL THE WAY BERNIE REB...BERNIE fought all the way BERNIE RB.
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VietJet...a low-cost alternative to Vietnam Airlines...received a $1.3 billion donation from the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to assist in its purchase of 200 Boeing 737 MAX-200 jetliners...jets so safe...that even a terrorist bomb can't bring it economical that a ticket costs only $10.00 (U.S.)...or...$3000 in VIETNAMESE MONEY.(WSJ B-3;05-24-16).
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SAMSUNG GROUP is a "buy" as is Samsung BioLogics Co. Both are bound to be great stock-buys over the long run. SAMSUNG has finally elected to use the paradigm for bio-similars...drugs similar to generic versions of chemically synthesized drugs offering similar treatments at lower prices. With the advent of the "learning chip" and 3-D printing...SAMSUNG is destined to become a TITAN in the field of life-extension. Imagine printing a new liver in an hour...or...creating an ant-cancer drug in minutes designed specifically to be the patient's own immune system's helpers,(WSJ B-3;05-24-16).
NewZoo BV listed this BLOG as one of the biggest benefactors of competitive video-gaming. In one game...the contestants are given only their wits and are set upon an island where everything they need for weapon-making available but not obvious. The contestants...for example...hunt for stick to sharpen...twine for bow...twig for arrow...while others find solace in sling and smooth river rock,(WSJ B-1;05-24-16).
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Concocted. Contrived. False. Such describe the way POLLSTERS are using polls to mold and foster political position and issue. Pollsters...for instance...claim voters like Hillary Clinton more than they like Trump. Such can't be true. When people meet Hillary Clinton they walk away displeased and very dissatisfied. She killed 4 Americans in Benghazi and escaped condemnation. She breached national security and lost Crimea, Fiery Cross Reef and Libya and again escaped condemnation. Can voters be duped until November? Hillary and her complicit MASS MEDIA think so. How abut you?
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Type casting TRUMP supporters has been a favorite past time for the anti-TRUMP MASS MEDIA. According to the talking heads...TRUMP supporters are bigots, gun-totters, and religious zealots ready to burn where the voters picking Hillary Clinton are well-informed patriots righteously seeking to give big government even more power.
Taliban chieftain, MANSOUR was obliterated by a missile fired by a hovering drone. "He never heard it...saw it...or...knew it was coming," chuckled James Clapper...head of the National Security Agency. Clapper went on to describe how other Taliban leaders had been marked for termination with extreme prejudice and were "dead men walking"...adding..."I suspect the body count will be in the hundreds before we're finished eliminating Taliban leaders. It might take as long as 10,000 years to kill them all...but...who's counting?"
Nixon discovered underlings involved in criminal activity and went about assisting in its cover-up culminating in his resignation and opening the way for Jimmy Carter and his socialist state. Might Hillary Clinton...if elected...have to resign when her criminal misconduct exposed? Might there be so much doubt about her chances of surviving rigorous scrutiny that many Democrats are choosing Bernie Sanders?
When TRUMP was asked "why" dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...he reflected for a moment...smiled...and...replied, "Because government employees are parasites...the fewer the better for everyone. an otherwise unhampered market...government delivers only essential services( courts, police and national defense)....hence...its funding simple and easily achieved through rents, royalties and Warren Buffett like donations. Concomitantly...because government so limited...the employees needed also few in number and hence their salaries easily covered. And because national defense be efficient and state-of-the-art in preparedness...without waste or wanton commitment."
Mark Cuban said he'd be vice president for Hillary pointing out he liked her views on abortion and foreign policy although he thought her dangerous when it came to economic issues. "She wants to loot storerooms...redistribute...and...reign as a tyrant," whispered Mark as he looked at how she had bitten his hand in the shark tank.
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Unless Hillary Clinton succeeds in disarming's mathematically impossible for any rag head army to conquer. While beachhead might be achieved momentarily...for instance...some invasion of Normandy stuff...that surprise attack would be quickly handled by the people of that area with the entire invasion team slaughtered. Should they mistakenly land in South Carolina...for example...they'd be massacred no questions asked.
In all 50 states...GARY JOHNSON will appear as an alternative to TRUMP and CLINTON. He offers liberation over subjugation...something the other two birds don't. He could defeat them if he has enough advertising. He can attack TRUMP using ROMNEY-stuff...while he can undermine CLINTON with her emails and the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi. But...he needs big bucks to win.
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Crude but effective. Such was the description of the robots Islamic State deployed around Fallujah to defend against Iraqi "take-back" efforts. Using remote control technology...500 Islamic State gamers...are defending Fallujah against a combined army of almost 10 million armed rag heads. General Petraeus...former American honcho in the region...for instance...admitted Islamic State was way ahead of America's robot warrior program and was concerned for American troops dispatched by Obama to assist in the re-taking of Fallujah. "The casualty rate will be almost 100% with most of the reserves refusing to continue the assault," quipped Petraeus as he examined the specifications of the Islamic State WAR-BOT system.
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If the master permits subjects freedom to produce and keep product of soon becomes apparent the would-be master is too expensive...the troupe of bureaucrats too intrusive...and...essential government services deliverable at 1/1000th the cost. So obvious the lack of need for big foot government that never will big foot government permit freedom...but...continually eliminate liberty until only "freedom-to-obey" left.
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Assume TRUMP chooses a lady for his vice presidential running mate...what kind of person should it be? Some say JOAN OF ARC type...or...a MOLLY PITCHER sort...while some say "lackluster" better...and...almost unknown "best".
Joan of Arc led the cowardly French and defeated the better-armed British. Whereas...Molly Pitcher...hauled water to her husband during battle and when he fell took up his position and continued to fire ball and shot into the oncoming British horde.
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Power-storage and autonomy...the two hurdles preventing drones from becoming commercially viable. The software and hardware required per drone is too expensive presently but small companies are working on these two hurdles using CHINESE SOLAR TECHNOLOGY. This BLOG'S DRONE DEPARTMENT...for instance...discovered a new formatting design which increased power-storage 10,000 times making drone flight almost perpetual...along with software based on termite organizational aspect rendering the drones virtually autonomous and "on-task"(WSJ R-1;05-23-16).
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Gold...the lure of GOLD...the muck of GOLD...and...all the passion and anger around it fold. 2016...BITCOIN has once more surfaced as "digitized gold"...something recognized by most entrepreneurs as valuable...its value set by simple commodity-like supply and demand. The less BITCOINS...the more valuable.

In some ways...BITCOIN much better than GOLD since GOLD is heavy...not easily transported or safely stored. A BITCOIN user could travel from Syria...for example....leave north into Germany*...without any need to carry GOLD...or...even currency since all smugglers use BITCOIN as their currency-in-trade.
* was announced that most German businesses accept BITCOIN as readily as they do U.S.dollars or Euros.
Because of the vastness of this BLOG...spin-offs were inevitable. NOWCAST,INC. is one such derivative. This company takes data from 800 supermarkets using bar-code entries as data determine if the value of the YEN...for going up or down...or...whether socialist intrusion is hurting more than contemplated. Confirming its importance...Masamichi Adachi...a hot shot with J.P. Morgan...said he read NOWCAST editorials daily to find out where the Japanese consumer was headed next,(WSJ C-3;05-23-16)..
Paul H. Kupiec enlisted recently in the army of liberation. He finally read this BLOG and understood the importance of fighting against the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Making good on his involvement...he wrote about "zero-interest" devastation inflicted on America by TEAM OBAMA including a call for Americans to join in the crusade to dismantle this CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where the consumer and not some scumbag-bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"(WSJ A-13;05-23-16).