June 2016
Why would Hillary Clinton ever choose Elizabeth Warren to be her running mate in 2016?The answer is obvious. U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) is a dedicated freedom-hater. She would kill her own mother to advance the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. What better helper than someone who'd throw the gas pellets into the shower if it'd help advance the NANNY STATE.

Indeed...few people like Warren or Clinton. They seem to hold their noses and support them politically because they believe somehow they'll be given something...some freebie or favor...something useful...something needed. Hence...they vote for them when it's time to deliver their end of this unholy bargain. And...all that Warren and Clinton need do once in power is to deploy the MASS MEDIA to tell those duped voters it's not urine but gentle rain running down their backs.
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Why choose Hillary Clinton instead of Trump? What attracts that voter to pick her? Is it the fact she won't reveal what she was doing during those crucial hours when 4 Americans could have been saved in Benghazi? Is it the fact that the Russians and Chinese advanced their respective Geo-political power because they were reading Hillary's emails? Or could it be the $800 million the Clintons gathered using their Clinton Family Foundation as a "straw man" while Hillary was Secretary of State? Whatever it is...it surely has a powerful affect on the discriminating aspects of their psyches.
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In 1999...Bill Clinton appointed Loretta Lynch to a high post in the U.S.Justice Department. Now...that MARKER has been called. At what was otherwise to be a "secret meeting"...Loretta Lynch promised him that she wasn't about to attack his wife, Hillary.

The "secret" aspect was troubled...however...by the intrusion of a cub reporter from this BLOG who happened to be in that part of the airport shadowing Bill Clinton who was acting suspiciously all day. Due to this reporters persistence and ability to sense "news"...she was able to insinuate herself in such fashion as to tape record the entire dialogue between these two scoundrels,(click here).
While coincidence is possible...few ever have observed as much. Yet...Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch were observed by a cub reporter from this BLOG having a spirited discussion about loyalty and pay-backs. Might he have been discussing his wife's pending indictment with the U.S.Attorney General?  Perhaps few will ever know but it's suspect and has all the trappings of impropriety...something a disbarred lawyer such as Clinton knows all too well to avoid.
Pentagon officials have signed a contract for a transgender tank...a weapon platform wherein one's sexual orientation has been fully addressed. Inside that spacious vehicle...for instance...instead of none...there is a transgender bathroom and shower stall. ALSO...dressing areas for those too modest to consider something less. As one Marine put it, "Only Ash Carter could have made this big of a difference in so short a time."
Rush Limbaugh has taken a chapter from this BLOG and predicted massive rioting and tire-burning should TRUMP defeat Clinton in November. Without admitting as much...RUSH predicted such riots and will crow when they come forth as forecast. But...that crowing and bragging will be mere echo for what has already been framed and painted by this august BLOG.
A Judas goat leads the lambs to slaughter. Recently...ICANN President Mike Beckerman said he likened himself to a Judas goat referring to his decision to destroy the INTERNET by delivering it to an International organization whose mission statement both to tax and to control. "With my help...Americans will never again have a free-internet. They'll have to get permission from a world organization whose mission to guide and foster one-world beliefs," bragged Beckerman...a/k/a...JUDAS GOAT.
Xu Lin...a former propaganda chief...has been appointed as the new Internet regulator for China. His job is to make sure pro-government INTERNET 24/7, 365. And while the communists will prevail in this "painting" for a season...eventually...even the most "kept-ignorant"will discover what has been covered up...or...deleted altogether.

Sure...the INTERNET can be plug-pulled at any site...but...unless all electronics on the planet were eliminated...somewhere...TRUTH can be accessed. Maybe...Xu Lin will be able to stomp and chomp to advance whatever "buy-line" his masters decree...but...eventually...even he will have to be replaced since he'll know "too much".
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What if those 3 bombers the other day were Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) puppets? What advantage for TEAM OBAMA to terrorize Istanbul? And why would a Muslim from the Russian zone be involved? There's something afoot and it stinks. Unless this was just another isolated cell of terrorists...it was an attack with ulterior purpose. The question: What gained and by whom?
Another Obama apologist...D.L.Hughley tried in his novelette to frame Obama as a spirited tribal socialist whose mission to destroy what little liberty remains and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". As Hughley labels it...enslavement is good so long as there is a compassionate ruling elite with potentates such as Obama there to rule from cradle to grave...dispensing NANNY STATE spank and diaper check and commanding whatever...whenever...and...whomsoever.
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The "real spending money"...that portion of the paycheck that can be spent whimsically...that portion is taken by big foot government...leaving the worker bee with just enough to "get by"...to exist...but...never to "get ahead". At the end of the worker's productive life...what's left is a meager pension...and...a heap of mortgage, house insurance and real estate taxes so onerous as to worry even the most intrepid. VIVA TRUMP!
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Puerto Rico...that socialist paradise...a place where free food, shelter, clothing and transport available...is losing its population. So far...9% concluded it was the place to leave with most emigres ending up in Florida...one of the last bastions of liberty left in America. Those left behind are too dependent...too enslaved to their big foot government masters to leave. They're owned and directed without any surcease...yet...desire even more whip and lash. Real S&M stuff.
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SNAP...that big foot government food program with 48 million(+) patrons and a $100 billion budget...is directing businesses that accept SNAP cards to offer better food. Most 2,400 square foot stores won't be able to add those freezers and shelves to hold all that GOOD FOOD...FOOD that big foot government says SNAP users must eat. As a consequence...a large number of small stores will be put out of business. WOW!
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Erdogan and Netanyahu met and agreed to reopen trade and commerce.And just when they thought they were safe behind that alliance...al Baghdadi...the putative leader of Islamic State and an obvious CIA puppet decides to blow people in the crowded Ataturk airport during Ramadan. As senseless and cowardly as can be imagined yet they did scare the Turks. The big problem al-Baghdadi has...though...is he also in those horrific explosions...killed Gurkhas. By so doing...the Caliph signed his own death warrant.
During those hours when the 4 Americans could have been saved at that beleaguered Benghazi embassy compound...the Marines were told to change uniforms 4 times...from military to civilian and back again. As one Marine put it,"It was top brass stuff. They knew we could save them but it was understood Clinton and Obama had decided to leave them behind. To permit their destruction. It disgusted me. But...as a loyal Marine...I kept quiet and kept changing my clothes as ordered."
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Remember when advertising in the Yellow pages was mandatory if a lawyer or doctor wanted business. Nowadays...the phone books are gone. GOOGLE and FACEBOOK have supplanted that collection of names,addresses and numbers in alphabetical order. Not any longer can one let their fingers do the walking through the Yellow pages. Those days seem to be gone. HUH?
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Former CIA operative Jack Rice said he was surprised Hillary Clinton chose to leave 4 Americans to die in Benghazi on 09-11-12. "She left 'em behind. Left them to die. Chose instead to paint cover-up...and...never answer: why," whispered Jack Rice as he looked at a photo of Ambassador Chris Stevens...his sexual consort when he frequented that area of the world.
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Far from exoneration...the Republican report...condemned HILLARY CLINTON for her recklessness...and...her effort to cover-up her involvement in that assassination of Ambassador Stevens. And...even though the complicit MASS MEDIA is doing all it can to sweep BENGHAZI under the proverbial rug...nonetheless...most voters don't trust Clinton. As one Democrat for Trump said,"She'd leave you behind...screaming for help. That's who she is."
Who stopped rescue? Who prevented the personnel of the most powerful nation ever on planet Earth from saving 4 beleaguered Americans in Benghazi on 09-11-12? As with all big foot government complicity...not anyone can be blamed since not anyone knows* anything about that game.
*Clinton and her sexual consort, Huma Abedin were entwined so to speak...while 4 Americans screamed for her help somewhere near Mozambique.
If U.S.Attorney General Loretta Lynch won't reveal who directed the MASS MEDIA to delete 90% of what Omar Mateen had said before he, himself, was killed at the PULSE...why would anyone believe Obama's government would reveal where Hillary Clinton actually was physically located while 4 Americans screamed for her help in Benghazi on 09-11-12?
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Speculators who bet on BREXIT have made $3 trillion in the last few days. They bet stock and currency values would plummet in a sort-out...and...they succeeded. Yes...there were those politicians and their cronies who thought Brits were too stupid to exit the European Union...that there were sufficient numbers of parasites and other 'dependents' who would kneel and lick European boot and that they would "out-vote" the BREXIT crowd. How wrong they were measured in the $3 trillion market adjustment,(WSJ C-1;06-28-16).
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The Democrats published an exoneration of Hillary Clinton. According to this latest declaration...CLINTON...while Secretary of State...could not have done anything to protect those 4 Americans prior to the attack on the Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12...and...that during those 13 hours...those 4 Americans...though still alive...were unable to be saved...rescued...or...spared. Reacting to this LIE...those soldiers who knew what was afoot came forward to say: CLINTON KILLED THEM!
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How does one measure the power of propaganda? The answer is: HILLARY CLINTON. Whereas any other similar scoundrel would be labeled as much by most people...Hillary has escaped such condemnation due to MASS MEDIA insulation. Instead of discussing how Hillary Clinton's obvious incompetence and recklessness got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi...the MASS MEDIA preferred to highlight Clinton's few accomplishments including how she pushed for socialized medical care thereby destroying 1/6th of the American economy.
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An iceberg loomed large...and...Titanic tried to avoid it only to be sunk. Might the European Union be a similar obstacle...something the Brits will have to avoid? And...what about the socialist manacle the Brits have self-imposed over the years? Won't the Brits have to eliminate their own BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT if they're to enjoy the prosperity of an otherwise unhampered marketplace?(WSJ A-13;06-28-16).
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Pepsi changed* its diet drink formula and lost the crowd. Instead of pushing that nasty stuff...Pepsi elected to return to aspartame and deleted sucralose. Instantly...the "green lovers" screamed. How dare Pepsi return to a product its patrons prefer!
*In the marketplace...patrons determine what products will be sold...not some screwball government bureaucrat. Had OBAMA-CARE been market-based...for example...it would have been kicked to the curb long ago. VIVA TRUMP!
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Hire a pollster to deliver a specific result and that pollster will perform as expected. Few politicians ever want to know real numbers since those numbers can't be known until the final vote counted. GUESSING...disguised guessing...and...all the drivel and tripe crammed in between...such the currency of the pollster. Yes...they dress...threaded suit...question-lined...but...the supposed-pool from which they draw...whatever conclusion contemplated...profitably scrawled...and...published as if TRUTH DIVINE.
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In a "tell-all"...GARY BYRNE...a Secret Service agent during the Bill Clinton years...published a book about what happened. Instantly...the CLINTON COVER-UP MACHINE launched into action with other Secret Service agents declaring BYRNE was too "low-level" to have witnessed all he says he observed. But what if he had?
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Abenomics...that effort to use inflation of currency and government-induced spending...seems to be producing a STRONG YEN...delivering to the Japanese savers greater wealth...and...making imports so cheap many Japanese are refusing to buy home-made stuff. Why buy a Japanese BBQ grill...when that same grill from America costs much less? Indeed...a Jap tourist in America...for instance...can buy more with his YEN and he's happy.(WSJ C-3;06-27-16).

But...the socialist state where Abe must make his attempt...has done all it can to thwart him. They know once the Japanese people see they don't need big foot government spank and diaper check...their jobs are over and they'll have to go out and find real employment producing a marketable product or service or starve! And that prospect makes them fight Abe 24/7
Beau Correll was told that if he were elected as a delegate he'd have to endorse TRUMP on the 1st ballot at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Mr. Correll sought the delegate niche knowing such requirement. Now that he's been elected...he doesn't wish to support TRUMP as he had previously agreed.

It's a nasty twist...an obvious renunciation of his prior pledge...and...a violation of Virginia fraud law. Beau is seeking some kind of lawsuit wherein he admits he betrayed his pledge but thinks he has the right to violate his oath of support.

And...because the WSJ hates TRUMP...it has called Correll's lawsuit a powerful legal argument. HUH? Not anywhere but in the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is fraud farmed as powerful legal argument, (WSJ A-12;06-27-16).
Because Hitler's Holocaust was so terrible...DAVID RIEFF says mankind should collectively agree to forget it happened. Forget Stalin's butchery...the millions of souls destroyed by Mao...and...the killing fields of Laos and Cambodia. To him the Pharaohs had it wrong when they engraved in granite their exploits and dreams. But...if lack of stored recollection best...then...why are we even discussing DAVID'S idiotic book at all?(WSJ A-11;06-27-16).
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Oaxaca...another Mexican toilet...erupted in violence when the TEACHERS UNION launched a 2000 man attack on unarmed police near the town of Nochixtlan. The police were busy removing barricades from the roadway enabling thereby delivery of medicine, food and other consumer goods...when...out of the sand came machete and gun...killing and maiming...with the surprised police without anywhere to run.

Maybe such power is afoot in America...around Detroit many pundits say...in Miami...and...in Dallas...the TEACHERS UNION has its way. Their roadblocks are the rules and laws passed to give them insulation...enabling them to do as they wish...they eat all of theirs...and then...grab whatever on your dish...yet...few are labeling it a nasty situation,(WSJ A-11;06-27-16).
When asked how the MASS MEDIA is used by Obama and Hillary Clinton...David Axelrod whispered, "In the movie, Silver Chalice...Simon the magician is bid by Caesar to fly...and...following such a command from a man-God...Simon launches himself from a 1000 foot tower...only to splatter a few moments later. Finding such performance unscripted...the man-God tells his angry audience the Christians sabotaged Simon's effort otherwise he surely would have succeeded in carrying out his Emperor's command. And hence follows a massacre of Christians...with Newman and his consort escaping to paradise."

Between the time the Orlando officers entered the PULSE...to the time Omar Mateen was finally killed...3 hours and 6 minutes elapsed and 3 more people were murdered. That 'time lapse'...that GAP...that CHASM...is the only argument gun-owners need to support their right to carry firepower for self-defense,(WSJ A-10;06-27-16).
*Put Hillary Clinton huddled with those other PULSE patrons in that bathroom with police waiting outside for 3 hours and 6 minutes...and...you'd hear Clinton demanding people must have the right to use a gun in self-defense.
Yes..folks...WAR-BOT(tm) was a proven success: 90% of Fallujah is intact...not blown to smithereens. The water and electricity will be up and available by 07-01-16. instead of blowing holes in buildings...WAR-BOT(tm) simply focused heat rays on them...making the people inside so miserable they had to depart leaving behind their glowing white-hot weapons with melting plastic stocks and handles,(WSJ A-9;06-27-16).

Yes...this test was conducted under the auspices of Chris Garver...a hot shot with Central Command...whose authorization wasn't through official channels since Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry had decreed Fallujah was to be leveled...blown up...so that Shiites could reenter and start fresh...having been cleansed of Sunni stain.

Already...Kerry has demanded to know "why" Fallujah was not obliterated as Obama wanted. "We wanted death...and...blood running in the streets...and...this WAR-BOT(tm) deprived us of such treat!" screamed "long jaw" when he heard Fallujah fell without obliteration.
Prime Minister Netanyahu might very well have undermined Israel's continued existence as it is presently constituted. The JEW will work with the TURK to build up GAZA STRIP...a place controlled by HAMAS...a bunch of cutthroats whose mission statement the total eradication of JEW. Once GAZA is rebuilt...Sunnis will flood across that porous border...slaughter unsuspecting JEW...so surprising the conquest...so quickly done...the JEW...once more...into Sinai run,(A-9;06-27-16).
"Everyone sit in a circle," Bernie commanded. After seated...he then directed everyone put their hands into the pockets of their neighbor. After everyone had their hand in everyone else's pocket...he then...began: "We will make college free for everyone. We will give everyone free medical care...and...we will guaranteed everyone an income...and...the food we eat...the clothes we wear...the buses we will share...will be for the greater glory of this circle." And to that declaration of tyranny...those seated screamed in adulation and wonder. Here was a real scumbag whose desire to stomp* even greater than their own.
*As for Hillary Clinton...she works all winter...bringing the needy blankets and dinner...a real Nobel Peace Prize winner.
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Ayn Rand predicted this BREXIT in ATLAS SHRUGGED. She knew that people eventually discover they don't have to kneel and lick big foot government jackboot...that they can delete the manacle...eliminate the would-be master from their private lives...and...find paradise in an otherwise unhampered marketplace...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!
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BREXIT has created uncertainty? The only thing uncertain is "how" government will attempt to keep its slaves from demanding it reduce its grip and grab. How will Britain ever stop people from producing as they wish? How will European socialists survive now that "other people's money"(think Brits) is gone? No...folks...the only uncertainty is how long the Brits will take before they begin to dismantle the socialist NANNY STATE CAGE that has oppressed them for so long.
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After William conquered England in 1066...he dispatched his team to travel throughout and list all he had gained. It was called the DOOMSDAY BOOK. Might the new British Prime Minister perform the same feat only this time listing all the government intrusions...government agencies...government departments...government bureaus...so that Britain can delete them...every last scumbag one of them...gone...eliminated...and...their worker bees sent forth to find real jobs?
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How far into your own personal affairs* would you permit Hillary Clinton to intrude? Could she...for instance...tell you to kneel and lick her boot? Would you kneel? While it might seem preposterous to ask any American such a question...yet...the MASS MEDIA assumes you would as they do now. But...would you? Is there some kingdoms or glories they could offer to persuade your knees to bend?(MATTHEW 6:24).
*TRUMP'S tax plan does not delete as much as requested by this BLOG but it does a good job of striking that first blow...though...against the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE door. In desperate contrast...Clinton's ideas are to stifle and smother Americans in a sea of red tape, tax and spend program and policy.
A Russian hacker...calling herself: FANCY BEAR...admitted she had a front row seat during Hillary Clinton's term as Secretary of State,(WSJ A-3;06-27-16). "When Mother Russia retook Crimea...we knew Obama would not react. And when China erected that military base on Fiery Cross Reef in the South China Sea...again...we knew Obama would not react with some kind of counter-measure. It was great to have such an inside track on America's foreign policy matters," whispered this gorgeous lady with a penchant for discovery.
Eric Metaxas told a cub reporter Hillary Clinton represented not only globalist overlords...but also...would-be masters in all forms and formats. "To Hillary...it's her way or the boot-stomp...and...America is about to get it "big time" should she be elected president in 2016," predicted Eric as he examined how cozy Clinton was getting to Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...a rabid freedom-hater of the 1st order.
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Ah...yes...the same scumbags who ignore the dastardly misdeeds of Hillary Clinton wish to "fact-check" Trump when he cites some statistic or point of order. It's so obvious their BIAS FOR CLINTON. It oozes and bubbles. And...while those who want to be enslaved love to hear how they will be cared for and pampered inside the NANNY STATE CAGE...freedom-lovers are appalled and can't wait for President Trump to cleanse the Temple,(Mark 11:14).
Katherine Mangu-Ward* admitted if she had known about death camps in Germany...she would have kept quiet since to make noise meant to be deleted by the Nazi regime. When asked "why" she is quiet about the destruction of America by TEAM OBAMA...she said she liked her income and to speak out for liberty against tribal socialism was to lose her job...something she could not afford to lose.
*The editor of REASON magazine would have kept quiet in face of tyranny? Maybe she is the right person to lead that rag-like publication.
There is a rule against 'sit-in" stuff on the floor of the U.S.House of Representatives. But...defiant Democrats...led by JOHN LEWIS...broke that rule and occupied the House floor...refusing to depart...and...demanding the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Constitution be eliminated and a POLICE STATE imposed. Republicans were aghast that Democrats would demand a POLICE STATE...a place where master with mob makes the rules for the wise man and the fool.
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...thought it best if Brits deleted their own UNION JACK and adopted as their own the European Union Flag...a symbol of tribal-socialist unity. Naturally...reviewing the BREXIT vote...the only ones who listened were the "stupid" Scots...with the Welsh and others declaring their realm more than whatever Obama was flinging that day.
While the Brits might not be as courageous as it appears they are right now...if they go all the way and eliminate socialism and Eco-fascism from their blessed realm...if they dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...erect a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...Britain would literally suck all the wealth out of Continental Europe in a fortnight or less.

Freedom-lovers everywhere would want to buy a piece of that WONDROUS LAND...a land where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a land where the consumer and not some officious...meddlesome...knavish...bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a realm where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!" VIVA BRITAIN!
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As king of exploitation...Obama should be the last person to chide TRUMP for addressing BREXIT as a victory against the grip and grab of tribal socialism. Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...said TRUMP should not be gloating over the socialist defeat and promised he'd take America down the socialist toilet despite TRUMP'S efforts to the contrary.
George Will...a closet socialist and rabid freedom-doubter...joined with U.S.Rep. Debbie Dingle(D.Mich) to denounce TRUMP. Reacting to the snub...TRUMP giggled and pointed out that GEORGE WILL lost his way many years ago when he was absorbed by the collectivist-goo. Maybe all of the closet socialists and other would-be freedom-doubters are throwing off their HIDE-IT gear in order to save their beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where GEORGE WILL and his hateful crowd are all-powerful.
*Debbie Dingle is a parasite. She sucks the life blood from Americans. But looking at the kind of people in Michigan nowadays...Dingle is quite commonplace.
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The Clinton Family Foundation was the straw party in the pay-to-play scheme Hillary Clinton ran while Secretary of State. While anyone else would be indicted for such skulduggery...the MASS MEDIA calls Clinton's scam wondrous and enlightened...and...Obama has already guaranteed that he won't dispatch his hounds to bark and bite. It's a Dilma Rousseff impeachment kind of thing if Clinton were to defeat Trump.
Chris Dickey...another socialist jerk...said he hated watching Britain depart from the socialist miasma of the European Union. "In that Union...Brits were forced to be beasts of burden for the common good. I liked watching the Brits toil while the slothful French sat around sipping tea and eating crumpets. Now...without British sweat and labor...we will have to find another FOOL to pull this FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system," dripped scumbag Dickey...adding he heard Hillary Clinton was a rabid socialist who would destroy America and for that prospect he would support her heartily.
Now that a majority of British have voted to delete the grip of socialist Europe on their purses...might America take some wisdom from such shrugging? Might there be enough freedom-lovers in America that they demand socialism and Eco-fascism be deleted in America? Against such escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...stands the complicit MASS MEDIA* which has aligned itself with the would-be masters doing all it can to stifle this yearning to breathe free.
*Joy Reid... a mean-spirited MSNBC freedom-hater...came forward to say the British didn't deserve liberation and needed to remain enslaved to socialist Europe.
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While they won't admit their forecasts were wrong since admission means loss of income...Keynesian economists are now proclaiming BREXIT is bad. HUH? The same clowns who predicted "peak oil" and $200 per barrel...that interest rates would be 20%...and...GROWTH was going to rebound and be 7.5%...are now proclaiming they know what is afoot in the British Isles? Maybe those charlatans should go look for a real job since the one they're doing is delivering such lousy results.
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Nigel Farage...some years ago...with the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...discussed a plan to bring liberation to the subjugated British. And...yesterday...the Brits finally decided to shrug and delete the "whip and chain" of the socialist European Union. Yes...Hillary Clinton was pushing for the British to kneel and lick socialist boot...but...the freedom-lovers of Britain saw their chance to escape the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and took the opportunity to depart and end the tyranny of socialism.
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Even in Venezuela...the ruling elite still controls. Yes...the people are stomped and chomped...but...the ruling elite still rules. In Britain...unlike the cowardly Venezuelans...the Brits voted to exit the socialist European Union to escape the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They were tired of getting stepped on...pushed around...and...treated as if they were little more than beasts of burden. They didn't like being considered the FOOLS who pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and..particularly miffed at the grip and grab of of slothful French.
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According to Michelle Obama...Doug Snodgras...a special needs student...whose file was perused by scumbag cops...was targeted for destruction. Here was an easy target. Someone the scumbag cops could manipulate. So they sent in their undercover SCUMBAG...some slime slug who'd kill his own mother to win the WAR ON DRUGS. This jerk peppered Doug daily until Doug for $2.00 gave that undercover cop a pill from his special needs supply. Instantly...Doug was arrested...taken to a police car where he was mercilessly beaten to death. Then...in Freddie Gray fashion...the scumbag cops covered it up...and...got a federal grant for their effort on the WAR ON DRUGS.

And...yet...America sits silent. When they come to KILL your CHILD who will be there to say STOP? Certainly you could not ask anyone to do for you what you yourself won't do for that poor child?

We must eliminate all anti-drug laws and delete 99% of all law enforcement personnel. Send them out to get real jobs. But they might find everyone has heard about SNODGRAS and will want to know if they had a hand in similar misdeeds.
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British Prime Minister Cameron was surprised a majority of British voters decided they did not wish to be beasts of burden any longer for the parasites of the European Union. He thought the socialist MASS MEDIA had sold enslavement so well...few Brits would ever wish to be free of the "spank and diaper check" of the EU. "I thought the voters had been enslaved so well...they would vote to keep manacle and whip,"dripped a tearful Cameron as he looked at how many voters chose KEY over CAGE.
Loretta Lynch...that unscrupulous U.S.Attorney General...refused to reveal the name of the person who told the MASS MEDIA and officialdom to SCRUB CLEAN that 911 call from Omar Mateen and delete any mention of Islamic State or al-Baghdadi...the putative leader of the Islamic State. But...there were too many who knew what Omar Mateen had said on that phone call. There were too many mouths to silence by assassination...so LYNCH had to reveal the entire phone dialogue.

Folks...we're getting played. Lynch thought she had the power to create "reality"...to cover-up...and...perpetuate deception. So good is she at that gambit...it's as likely as not she has been doing such whitewashing for years...and...finally reached the pinnacle of skulduggery*...a niche well fitting someone as evil as she.
*People were appalled that good Christian Germans could butcher Jews without any tweak of conscience. Yet...Lynch would kill her own mother to do her master's bidding.
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Recently...the shocking "way" the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) selects most of its employees was revealed. Similar to the psychological profile of death camp guards...most FDA employees would watch their own mother die to advance the cause of tyranny.

In one instance...a father discovered his son could not get life-saving medicine because some scumbag death camp type decided that child must be a proverbial sacrifice to the glory and power of big foot government,(WSJ A-11;06-24-16).

Folks...we need to dismantle this NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where death camp guard types can slaughter people indirectly...spilling innocent blood...all for the greater glory of the state. We're at WAR and we had best begin to fight back against such evil. DOWN WITH FDA!
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BRITAIN left the socialist European Union to escape the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. And...in America...the complicit MASS MEDIA is saying most young people wanted to remain in the socialist EU and be enslaved. Not only is that untrue...but...the BIAS of the American MASS MEDIA for enslavement is abominable. To think American MASS MEDIA loves enslavement and the CAGE. But when you look at the scumbag talking heads on TV...you sort of get the picture of how ghoulish and parasitic the MASS MEDIA has become.
When Brits were offered escape from the European NANNY STATE CAGE...they took the exit and are overjoyed at the prospect of not having to pull Europe's FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. As one Brit put it, "The slothful French and Belgians will have to find another FOOL to PULL their WAGON RIDE, now won't they?"
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Speculators will make fortunes off this EXIT by Britain from the European Union. Those buyers who borrowed stock and sold it yesterday...by...3:00 pm today will be able to buy that stock for "return to lender" at 50% less cost making the difference a tidy profit.

One lady borrowed $1 million in stock...and...when that stock drops 40% in value today...due to BREXIT...she'll buy it...and...return those newly bought shares to that lender...keeping the difference as profit. On that $1 million...that lady will enjoy a $250,000 profit. WOW!
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The Republican House members have finally produced a tax bill that eliminates the ESTATE TAX one of the two pillars of Marxism and have done much to reduce the bite of the that other pillar: the progressive income tax. Of course...the freedom-hating Democrats will do what they can to derail this effort at liberation. With the help of a complicit MASS MEDIA...it's likely the Democrats will be able to perpetuate their beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.
Imran Khan, a former cricket star and staunch critic of U.S.'s role in the Middle East, told a cub reporter that Uncle Sugar was unwanted in Afghanistan and Iraq and civil war was surely to continue if America didn't depart. "Hillary Clinton is to blame for most of our problems nowadays. As Secretary of State she assisted Islamic State in its infancy...fed it...nursed it...and...gave it the power required to be what it is today," whispered Khan as he fiddled with a cricket bat and ball.
Bertrand Piccard noted that solar energy could be harnessed and deliver sufficient power to propel an aircraft. The power-to-weight ratios had to be perfected and tweaked...but...with enough solar power...a plane could conceivably fly across the Atlantic. Despite the scoffing and harassment from naysayers...Piccard set about constructing such a craft and yesterday...Piccard landed his craft after completing what most scientists* said was IMPOSSIBLE.
*These scientists are the same scumbags who are pushing the idiotic man-caused climate change theory.
U.S.Senator K. Gillibrand(D.NY) wants to out-law pain-killers. She will get pain-killers because she's in government...but...you won't. What a scumbag! When asked about back pain she laughed and said she didn't have any and those people who did, it was just too bad. They were going to live her way! Sure...the opiates would alleviate their suffering...but...as a socialist scumbag...she didn't care. What a scumbag!
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All 3 terror attacks were committed by people the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation had interviewed or of whom it had intimate knowledge prior to their dastardly massacres. As TRUMP put it, "If the FBI...in face-to-face interviews...can't determine future intent...why would another GUN LAW* be any help to those would-be future victims of massacre?
*All those scumbag Democrats seated on the U.S.House floor in that "sit-in" demanding more GUN LAWS have armed guards 24/7-365...along with bullet-proof cars and vests. Their communities are gated and guarded by hellish hounds...and...bull-like officers packing 50 caliber sniper rifles and 30 mm cannon. They want mayhem and slaughter since that gives them even more power to take away even more liberty reducing Americans in the end to that of a herd of cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL)...off-camera...proclaimed he'd be re-elected and Clinton would defeat Trump. "The immigration issue will be pivotal," chided Nelson as he wiped away tears for those would-be illegal immigrants who would now be deported due to the latest federal court ruling....adding..."The Democratic Party needs those voters and this federal judge hurt that gambit's element of success."
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Justice Kennedy upheld the racial-based admissions policies identifying a "compelling state interest" in guaranteeing diversity in a population...whether it be in a college...a region...or...a country. Imagine Uncle Sugar claiming Afro-Americans must be deposited into Beverly Hills at taxpayer expense...for instance...because that area lacks diversity...and...you'll sense the horrific consequences of this Supreme Court ruling.
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...reacted to the 4-4 decision of SCOTUS upholding the Texas federal court's "stay" with respect to Obama's deportation rules. Replying to that ruling...Obama said he wasn't about to commence a deportation of 18 million illegals...they were Hillary's voting bloc and he wasn't about to undermine her chances of victory by eliminating those 18 million voters. Feeling vindicated somewhat...TRUMP told his audience would-be immigrants must be vetted so that the Islamic State 5th Column troops can be identified and prevented from coming into America and attacking.
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The slothful French are concerned that their "laborers'' will be gone should Britain choose to depart the socialist goo that is the so-called European Union. Why should Brits work their whole lives just so scumbag French can relax and enjoy their day knowing their slaves in Britain are busy producing what these French worms consume? That question has not been answered by Cameron and it's likely the Brits are tired of working for the scumbag French.
Baltimore police officer Goodson...a/k/a...Smitty...was acquitted in the death of Freddie Gray who was tossed into the back of Goodson's van and who died somewhere between where he was inserted and the point were his corpse was extracted. Freddie Gray was killed by those cops but proof of that killing isn't available. Who killed that man and "why" won't ever be known. It was massive cover-up. The judge who acquitted that officer...on similar data...found another person guilty. Same data...but...different outcomes. The Afro-American population in Baltimore is getting played hard and U.S.Rep. Elijah Cummings...that cover-up artist extraordinaire...is painting as hard as he can.
When the Islamic shooter arrived and began to slaughter...Timmy Titler...although in violation of the NO GUN law...pulled his BOOT GUN...and...killed that scumbag before he could unleash horror. Instead of commending Titler for this heroic act of self-defense...however...he was arrested and imprisoned for 30 years. Yes...he had stopped a massacre...but...in this IDIOTIC HILLARY CLINTON KIND OF WORLD...he was the menace not the rag head shooter.
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Trump must have cannon* as well as troops. Hillary has almost the entire MASS MEDIA arrayed against this businessman...barrages dealt 24/7...their goal...to disrupt and maim Trump's presidential campaign.Standing by Trump is necessary since it's the 1st time a citizen has stood forth against THE ESTABLISHMENT and demanded liberation not more subjugation.

In contrast...Hillary Clinton has promised more mediocre economic growth...more taxes...more red tape...more enslavement. If she does defeat TRUMP...as unlikely as that might seem...America will continue on its way into the socialist toilet,(think Venezuela). Why would Americans want to become dependent on whatever Clinton decides is fitting and proper? Why would Americans want to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves?

We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. And while TRUMP isn't the most eloquent advocate of liberty ever fashioned...he's smart enough to know what to do and how to do it. But...he needs firepower. He needs cannon...as well as...troops. Yes...message of liberty over subjugation will carry him to victory...yet...to guarantee success...he needs cannon as well as troops.
*"Cannon" is political gumshoe for big investors...people willing to put $100 million on the table. They are the ones TRUMP needs since they have enough push and pull to carry large segments of the "upper crust" nobility...the CLINTONS of the world so to speak. So far...the WALL STREET JOURNAL has recited the names of people who are backing Clinton instead of Trump. Might Trump preach liberty and get them back?
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Carbon dioxide(CO2) and METHANE are emitted in vast quantities by volcanoes. How much emitted can't be quantified precisely hence any assertion about climate change due to volcanoes is speculation and sheer guess. Similarly...the man-made climate change theory falls apart as soon as one asks how such precision when any conclusions are necessarily based on GUESS.

But...the man-caused global warming myth...is lucrative because it is based on GUESS. It can't be proved or disproved...making it susceptible of manipulation by unscrupulos charlatans. Man-caused climate change is as preposterous as with spoon and bucket dipping the ocean dry. Indeed...although man-made global warming mythologists hate to admit it...CO2 and METHANE are so-called trace gases...so small in amount as to be negligible. Yet...that is the wonder of the myth since people are told to believe such nonsense or else face an Earth in flames.

Tesla Motors mentioned its intention to buy another money-losing venture: SolarCity. Elon Musk...a big shot at TESLA...has adroitly used investor-funds and government energy credits to keep his otherwise money-losing Tesla Motors afloat.
*According to U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mas)...a so-called consumer's advocate...the vehicle TESLA makes is prone to mechanical failure with owners having to call BIG MIKE'S towing service more often than not.
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India...a socialist hodgepodge...is too risky for most businesses. Investing in India is a fool's errand. The way to make money is to avoid INDIA. It's a morass of red tape and corruption which only the most intrepid of investors might wish to encounter. As time goes on...India might very well move toward an unhampered market paradigm...but...for now...India is just another filthy socialist toilet.
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Gary Anderson contacted the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and asked about WAR-BOT(tm). While in the Marine Corp...Col. Anderson saw how valuable a non-lethal weapon system could be. He pointed out that microwave energy...for instance...could be used to render everyone in a specific area so uncomfortable that they'd flee instead of fight. Imagine feeling as if you're about to BURN UP and you'll sense the power of that microwave system. So unpleasant...so disruptive...that departure is the ONLY option,(WSJ A-11;06-23-16).

Anderson was intrigued by the WAR-BOT(tm) platform since it offered what was needed to conduct effective urban warfare with minimal casualties. Instead of blowing up the 15 story building snipers were using...WAR-BOT(tm) simply bathes that building in "heat-ray"...and...the snipers depart forthwith. They simply can't remain in a building flooded with microwaves. The building is spared...the civilians are unharmed...and...Islamic State troops are dispatched.

Of course...the global aid organizations are opposed to such a weapon system since it leaves buildings intact...and...the civilian population for the most part unharmed...something the aid organizations find disconcerting. "We want death and destruction...lest our mission statement be subsumed and we're forced to get real jobs," lamented Hugo Vatiliki...a well-known human rights advocate.

Due to an attack by Obama and scumbag-Warren*...many for-profit colleges are disappearing. The idea behind this abominable Obama-Warren effort is to eliminate all colleges that are not totally dependent on public funds. "We can direct what will be taught if we can just eliminate for-profit schools. I want socialism taught and I want students to learn that 2+2 can equal whatever I say it does," dripped scumbag-Warren.
*Elizabeth Warren is a socialist and a rabid freedom-hater. She is the kind of slime slug people think of when they want to describe "disgusting filth".
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Jack Ma...creator of Alibaba...the world's largest internet shopping mall...with 10 million sellers...selling anything and everything. Recently...Jack Ma took the advice of this BLOG and told the world it rejected counterfeit goods and had erected firewalls to prevent such sales. But...as with all such efforts...there will always be thieves looking for ways to grab wealth,(WSJ A-11;06-23-16).
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If you were to take away the Secretary of State label from Clinton...there would not have been any reason for foreign governments to give any money to the Clinton Family Foundation. The "pay-to-play" aspect wouldn't be there...hence...that $200 million would never have been given. It's so obvious what HILLARY AND BILL did. They demanded money in exchange for favors. It's disgusting but the MASS MEDIA has done a great job in covering up such skulduggery.
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Remove the guns from the U.S.House of Representatives...and...permit shooters to enter and slaughter and those Democrats seated on that House floor..in that anti-gun sit-in...would have been wishing for firepower. Until they are chased and shot the Democrats won't understand the need for guns for protection. It seems the COPS always arrive "after" the slaughter...not ever before. Let those scumbag Democrats feel that fear...know that horror...and...in that instant...they'll wish they had a gun,(WSJ A-3;06-23-16).
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Lena Moffitt...a Sierra Club spokeswoman...said she and her team were going to force people into tents...eliminating their cars and air conditioners. "We want people to return to a romantic era...a time of tent and mule...a time where around campfires people would sing old negro spirituals and dance til dawn," Lena tearfully sputtered,(WSJ A-1;06-23-16). Fortunately for America...a federal judge* in Wyoming disagreed and stopped Lena and her scurvy crew from imposing such horror.
*Scott Scavdahl...an Obama appointee...even though he tried as hard as he could...simply could not find any statutory language that gave the DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR such power.
Folks...RUBIO should be re-elected to the U.S.Senate and his opponent...that scumbag Murphy...needs to crawl back into what hole from whence he came. He wants big taxes...big government...and...he'll kill his own mother to advance the cause of socialism. He deserved to be denounced and publicly spat up[on when people come close enough to serve up a big one.
Bob Shrum...a Democrat strategist...confided he thought TRUMP could defeat CLINTON if he were to promise enslavement in the same way Hillary was framing that horror. "If he will tell Americans he will raise taxes...and...give people the wealth of others...promising to plunder and redistribute...such promises will fetch him victory," declared Shrum as he looked at how close TRUMP and CLINTON were in terms of "negatives".
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In Fallujah...a test market for WAR-BOT(tm)...amazing results were achieved. The Islamic State warriors were targeted by WAR-BOT(tm) and then deleted. So effective was this process that the Pentagon asked Obama for permission to buy 100,000 WAR-BOTS(tm). Obama....ever the dung-throwing monkey...had counted on Islamic State troops prevailing and was miffed that a robot horde could do what his million man army could not.
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People laugh at the ancient Egyptians for believing their Pharaoh was a God...a divine being. How preposterous...most are heard to conclude. Yet...these same people believe mankind can...somehow like God...change the climate of Earth. Again...as preposterous as that Egyptian belief...but...pushed as hard as what Pharaoh had his MASS MEDIA push so long ago.
Hillary Clinton was forced into preaching enslavement when TRUMP called for the elimination of the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a nasty place packed with "spank and diaper check". If she were to admit the CAGE was "bad"...and...that it needed to be deleted...she would be pushing TRUMP'S message of liberation. On the other hand...to describe her socialist paradise would be to guarantee her defeat since a majority of Americans are still freedom-lovers. Just by demanding liberty...TRUMP can put Clinton into the proverbial painted corner.
By replacing Corey Lawendowski with Paul Manafort as campaign manager...TRUMP pivoted into the general election phase...his message that of liberation over subjugation...his purpose to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Such pivoting caught Hillary Clinton off-guard...not only surprising her...but also...perplexing her advisers who had assured her TRUMP would stick with Lawendowski.
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Vice President Joe Biden attacked TRUMP'S foreign policy calling it "empty bluster" and pointing out the socialists of the world would not listen to a liberator preferring another socialist...a mean-spirited wench*...instead.
*Joe Biden thought it funny to call Hillary Clinton a "wench"...a strumpet of sorts. In the movie, TOM JONES...when the butler is asked where TOM might be...TOM'S father is told, "Tom's with a saucy wench!"
Loretta Lynch...that boot-licking U.S.Attorney General...agreed to delete part of the dialogue Omar Mateen had with the police during his murder-escapade in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub. It was done because Obama did not want Americans to hear Mateen pledge allegiance to the Islamic State.

A similar deletion occurred when 4 American were slaughtered in Benghazi. To protect Hillary Clinton from denunciation...Obama along with Clinton created a VIDEO-MYTH...claiming it was a VIDEO that incited the spontaneous riot which led to the death of those 4 Americans. And while most Americans would demand Obama and Clinton be evicted for their deception...the complicit MASS MEDIA assisted mightily in the cover-up...guaranteeing Obama and Clinton the insulation required to avoid ouster!
Reacting to the latest attack on liberty...many people are screaming about loss of liberty. Yes...folks...the U.S.Supreme Court has authorized "shake-down"...that abominable act of police officers when they approach a citizen and grab that citizen and stomp that citizen when that citizen refuses to reveal who they are. "How dare you!"

Civil war has arrived in America! Its' the POLICE vs CITIZEN...and...it's going to get nasty as officious...meddlesome...cops...nasty...hateful cops...attack citizens...demanding to see identification...to see "their papers"...to demand their obedience...or...get stomped by jackbooted scumbags sporting a badge! It's war!

In the city...cops will be shot by snipers as these uniformed-thugs march around trying to identify people and those refusing to reveal their identity attacked and beaten mercilessly. It won't be long before cops are shot by snipers in the city before they can "shake-down" another citizen...another random person the cops want to hurt. It's WAR!(WSJ A-1;06-21-16).
Corey Lewandowski...was "fired" by TRUMP or so the MASS MEDIA vibrantly reported. When asked about the discharge...COREY said he was not "fired"...but...stepped down. He was escorted from the building by security guards armed with machine guns and bazookas...but...he departed peacefully and respectfully. Replacing him is PAUL MANAFORT...a guru who has been inside politics longer and knows where mud found...and...land mines hidden.
Mitt 'the nit' Romney...the 2012 presidential loser...shed tears as he disparaged Trump's CRITIQUE of Federal Judge G. Curiel. His passion was obvious. His hatred of Trump on display. And his pusillanimous acceptance of big foot government in every step along the way. So loudly did he denounce TRUMP...it will echo for centuries to come as another example of MASTER over SLAVE.
UNCLE SUGAR is a thief! In 1977...a bottle of Perrier was 69 cents. That same bottle in 2016 costs $2.79. The government's INFLATION OF CURRENCY is the culprit. The bottle is the same...its contents the same...even...the marketing is the same. The difference is that it takes more paper money to buy it,(WSJ A-11;06-20-16).

This difference is the THEFT which has been committed by big foot government against those savers...those who saved their U.S.Currency...believing the HARD WORK they expended to acquire would be protected in the currency they saved. Nowadays...as these elderly worker bees look back...though...they see higher prices...and...their savings dwindling precipitously...but...lack any political voice...until now...to shout out: STOP! VIVA TRUMP.
ATTACK THE POOR AND NEEDY! Such was the mission statement when payday loans were targeted for deletion. Yes...U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...led the way...taking no prisoners...beheading foe...and...dooming the poor and needy to a life where their future painted by her.

Before Warren and her Hun-horde arrived...those in need* of cash could find a ready and willing lender. Nowadays...though...if cash needed...the sources are so limited...so regulated...that access almost nil. Chuckling about the burden placed on the poor and needy...U.S.Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) added that he and Warren had done more to enslave America than any other duo in the history of the U.S.Senate!
*SARAKIN is Japanese for lender
As sick and demented as it appeared...Obama's exploitation of the PULSE MASSACRE in Orlando, Florida went unchallenged. If not for the outrage expressed by this BLOG...the MASS MEDIA would have blithely accepted Obama's crude imposition. However...due to the NOISE made by this BLOG...other OBAMA critics are boldly stepping forward. VIVA TRUMP!
WOOD MacKENZIE predicted 70 million tons of liquid natural gas(LNG) glut in 2021. Of course...they were wrong before...and...this forecast isn't any better. Sure...there will be investors who will use that conclusion...but...most will dismiss it as "filler"...the stuff economists generate when they haven't anything better to do,(WSJ C-3;06-20-16).
If British voters choose to exit the European Union, (the so-called BREXIT)...the speculators will profit mightily as they gamble on the obvious drop all currencies will experience when and if Britain departs the socialist goo of the European Union. Without the slaves of Britain...Europe...especially the lackluster French...will suffer a drop in their standard of living as they experience British withdrawal* symptoms.
*The value of the so-called Euro will plummet.
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Shiite and Sunni have struggled against each other as mightily as the sea and wind in violent storm both contend which is the mightier. With Ate at their side come hot from Hell...each brand claiming superior niche...they strive to delete the other. And...yet...both sects never kill their banker or baker...choosing to spare them in exchange for benefits derived therefrom.

BUSH-CHENEY were told to erect an otherwise unhampered market* paradigm in Iraq...thereby guaranteeing both Shiite, Sunni and Kurd that their respective storerooms would be insulated from the envy of others. Had BUSH-CHENEY erected such a marketplace and its accompanying Socio-economic aspect...with everyone respecting the peace and safety of everyone else..IRAQ would be the richest place on Earth!
*In HUMAN ACTION...Ludwig von Mises sets forth the wonders of the otherwise unhampered market. In ATLAS SHRUGGED...Ayn Rand told America what to expect once the tyrant with mob arrives.
Hillary Clinton never signed the front of a paycheck. She's the proverbial big foot government parasite...always grabbing...always spending other people's money...and...acting as if she's some kind of queen...with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal female. In contrast...TRUMP has fought a great battle against the BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT crowd...paying for this and that to keep his enterprises operational..occasionally greasing some government potentate with campaign contributions...but....always finding a way to persevere in the face of almost insurmountable odds. VIVA TRUMP!
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In 1996...The Telecommunications Act declared the internet would be unfettered by federal and state regulation opening that new market to unhampered enterprise. As a result...great innovation and investment manifested as people struggled to compete for that whimsical consumer dollar. Nowadays...however...due to Obama's attack and conquest...the zeal and enthusiasm is waning as investors foresee even more horror as big foot government stomps and chomps,(WSJ A-11;06-20-16).

Amazing to see Americans accepting this ENSLAVEMENT...silently...willingly...never considering the HORROR. There should have been rebellion and demand for Obama's impeachment and the public shunning of those scumbag puppets at the Federal Communications Commission. Yet...there wasn't any FIGHT...not any NOISE...just quiet sheep-like acceptance of the "manacle"...compliments of a complicit* MASS MEDIA.
*This BLOG was the ONLY major international organization to object to this "conquest" and to demand rebellion and deletion of all conspirators! The PUBLIC UTILITY designation must be eliminated!

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"The victor is judge...the vanquished the accused." Such wrote Goering when asked to frame whatever historical aspect he felt deserved.To Goering...the horror and destruction his team unleashed so monstrous as to be discussed for a 1000 years in all directions. Not once apologetic...and...defiant to the end...Goering demonstrated Prussian valor...and...started a nasty trend.
DIGITAL AUTONOMOUS ORGANIZATION(DAO) was hacked and $51 million worth of its ETHEREUM COINS were stolen. Because the theft was not of "actual" gold but a theft of digital code stuff...a "fork" was stuck into those COINS...rendering them unusable.

DAO was dumbfounded by the attack. Yes...the thief was clever in how hacking was conducted...yet...such enterprise seemed so senseless. Not only was the loot "forked"...but...the anti-hacking software to prevent another occurrence created and installed.

Unfortunately for DAO...however...in the electronic universe...its days are over. It was a wonderful attempt at circumventing BITCOIN...but...those who protect BITCOIN know just how to undermine and eliminate....now, don't you?(WSJ B-1;06-18-16).
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Hillary Clinton asked her befuddled campaign committee if her slip were showing. What was it that kept Sanders in the race? What might Clinton say to grab those votes...to inspire those helpers Bernie had to apply as much vigor and zeal as they did when Bernie was mastering the feel? Such questions combined to cause Hillary to slap Bill up side of the head and disparagingly say, "What are you laughing about!"
Before it was made public...few accepted the declaration that Hillary Clinton was using a private email server to hide her activities involving her "pay-to-play" scheme. Nowadays...however...in a dramatic turnaround...even with MASS MEDIA assistance...most voters wonder about how evil and untrustworthy Hillary has become over the years...culminating in the DEATH of 4 Americans in Benghazi and its cover-up.
*The Clinton Family Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative have been connected to benefits donors received from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
The atmosphere of Mars would be great for plants. Mars' atmosphere is 98% carbon dioxide(CO2)...a greenhouse gas. One scientist said plant life thrives on CO2. The more CO2...the better the plant thrives. And OXYGEN is the by-product of photosynthesis...the making of simple sugar using sunlight and CO2. Hence...the more the plants thrive...the more Oxygen is emitted into the atmosphere. Over several millions years...MARS would have the same atmosphere as Earth as it reached equilibrium.

But...plant life on Earth has access to water...something Mars apparently lacks. On the other hand...if there were huge oceans of underground water...then...of course...farming on Mars would be wondrous as plants attempted to gorge themselves on the CO2 and sunlight. Imagine strawberries the size of apples...and...watermelon the size of cars...and...you'll sense the scope of a farming operation on the red planet.

Yes...Martian farmers would be imperiled...confronted by stuff mankind can't imagine...but...the epic aspect of the enterprise might very well counter-balance such unknowns. Elon Musk...an intrepid explorer...for instance...is doing what he can to reach the lunar surface so he can commence building the hydrogen-impulse engine necessary to make Mars commercially accessible.
Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi told a cub reporter he wanted Clinton to win since her victory over TRUMP would cement his power and guarantee caliphate. "If we calm down...tone down...step down...and...let peace prevail until December of 2016...Clinton will defeat TRUMP and then we can accelerate and grab the rest," confided al-Baghdadi as he watched a YouTube video of the massacre in Orlando, Florida at the PULSE nightclub.
Twenty five thousand Syrians will be placed on federal land in Florida just outside a small town sporting the label: INDIAN TOWN. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) betrayed Floridians and was instrumental in the decision to create such a Muslim enclave thereby giving federal authorities the power to enter and direct all facets of life and life style. As U.S.Senator Marco Rubio said, "Bill Nelson betrayed Floridians."
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...declared Islamic State was headed downward...and...contained until then. In contrast...John Brennan...the seasonal leader of the Central Intelligence Agency...said ISIS had not been defeated and was quite able to continue its jihad against the infidel. So much difference is there between the conclusions of Obama and Brennan that many Americans are scratching their heads: "Are we under attack or are we not?"
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Bernie Sanders told his helpers Hillary had defeated him in the primaries...and their help wasn't any longer needed. He directed them to go back to their respective states...and...demand socialism...demand enslavement...and...kill all opposition to such "whip and chain". And with that invective...his slime slug helpers slithered away to impose tyranny.
Doug Hattaway...a Clinton operative...declared Hillary was going to defeat TRUMP as easily as walking through a park. "Clinton will lead America into socialist paradise...and...I can't wait for that moment when she directs everyone to kneel and lick her boot. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about enslavement," confided this passionate parasite.
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Recently...51 State Department officials signed a public declaration that Syrian President Assad must be dethroned...and...demanded Obama commence bombardment forthwith,(WSJ A-6;06-18-16). Instantly...TRUMP asked if these same 51 stalwarts were involved in the decision to leave the Benghazi embassy compound defenseless. "Did Hillary and those 51 hot shots make noise about the danger and need for protection in Benghazi?" TRUMP blasted.
Umrah...a religious pilgrimage taken by a billion Muslims...was part of Omar Mateen's overall commitment to eradicate infidels. Emphasizing how important eradication to the core idea of the Qu'ran...IMAM KHALID LATIF...noted Mateen did very well reaping a good harvest of infidels in Orlando. "In many ways...Mateen demonstrated the power and wisdom of Islam," sniffed Latif as he examined the last days of Pompey,(WSJ A-5;06-18-16).
People can avoid getting killed by bullets using body armor designed to insulate therefrom. Reacting to this newest twist on self-protection...in typical Democrat-fashion...however...U.S.Rep. Mike Honda,(D.Ca) proposed a law that would prohibit civilians from acquiring such a protective shield. "I don't want people to be protected from bullets. When government comes to remove what little liberty remains...I certainly don't want citizens to have body armor. It would give them an edge...a good start at stopping our tyranny. And...that kind of stuff...we, Democrats can't permit," dripped the venomous Honda.
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Bernie Sanders never could catch up to Clinton during the Democratic primaries because she had the support of so-called super-delegates...potentates and regal swine...even though he defeated Clinton 22 times...never could his delegate count rival hers. That disparity delivered an air of inevitability...something CLINTON desperately required to off-set her "negative aspect".

MSNBC Chris Matthews...for instance...was overheard discussing how low of an opinion voters had for Hillary. "If she didn't have those super-delegates...Bernie would have defeated her everywhere except New York," whispered Matthews.
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Russian track stars barred from the summer Olympics? The fastest and best kept from competition? And...all because someone thinks taking steroids and other body-enhancing substances gives the user an edge the other competitors don't have. And while that might be true at some level of sports...in the Olympics...the contestants are so honed...so determined...so powerful...they simply avoid that avenue altogether. So it is with those Russian track stars.

No...folks...those Russians are kept from competition not because of some nuance of rule but by a deep harbored hatred for President Putin...a raw...dastardly hatred...quite unfitting for an Olympic committee.
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Big foot government inflates its currency so that it can pass around more "paper money". In Venezuela...for instance...inflation is at 100% such that today's gasoline costs much more tomorrow. The poor and those on fixed-incomes...most of them elderly...are hit hardest by inflation. Yet...the Democrats in Congress want to see America's currency inflating at at a rate of 2% per year although most of the people most hurt by inflation don't have any way to keep abreast of such increases. Hence...the inflation steals the value of what little they have forcing them ever further into the privation of poverty.
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In an otherwise unhampered market...not anyone is homeless unless by choice. In the economic situation...nowadays...though...with so much zoning and inflation...the housing units available for rent are less that demand causing rents to be higher. If a landowner could rent without fear of having to pay real estate taxes and all the other fees attendant thereto...that landlord would be in competition with every other landowner making rents lower as they compete for tenants. But...in the present day context...landlords are pushed to increase rents to cover these "added costs".
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Folks...the FEDERAL RESERVE must be deleted and America returned to a traditional GOLD STANDARD. Such a move would eliminate 90% of big foot government's funding...and...put the consumer back in charge of the future and not some knee-crooking politician given to base spaniel fawning. Keep in mind...the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD is directed by LAW to inflate the supply of money thereby reducing the value of the dollar and thereby stealing and depriving the worker bee of the value of the labor expended.

Take for instance Venezuela...another socialist paradise and one Obama loves to reference. Yes...in that socialist toilet...inflation is 100% per day...so that a $1.00 sandwich tomorrow costs $2.00. Makes you want the FED to go to work, doesn't it?
Jo Cox...a Labour Party member...was killed by a man screaming about Britain's place in the world and how Jo Cox was hurting the realm. As he was dragged away by police...from his pocket fell a photo of OBAMA. At the shooter's apartment...the police found his walls festooned with photos of Obama along with lovingly written tracts on how Obama was destroying America.
Carbon Dioxide(CO2) is a "trace gas" in Earth's atmosphere. The phrase "trace gas" is meant to depict a very small amount. Hence...CO2 hasn't any way to affect the overall climate of the planet,(WSJ A-15;06-16-16). Yes...there are computer models that say otherwise...but...the programmers were well-paid for the RUSE.  It' a lie...a big LIE...but...a very lucrative one. As Penn State's Mike Mann admitted, "I lie but I'm paid well to lie and so I lie."
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Has anyone noticed TEAM OBAMA won't look around to see if socialism and Eco-fascism are delivering more benefit than harm? In Venezuela...for example...that socialist paradise...people are dying in food-lines. Even Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry admonished Maduro. He said Maduro needed to do more to help his country but never did "long jaw" declare socialism the "cause" of Venezuelan misery. He didn't make that connection since it would undermine OBAMA'S efforts to destroy America and reduce it to a toilet bowl similar to what Venezuela has become.
Judge Tatel and Judge Srinivasan joined to uphold the Federal Communications Commission rule that reduces the INTERNET to that of a highly regulated format...with everyone needing permission to do this and that. Whatever innovations were in the works...those are probably dead-on-arrival. Some day...Chairman Tom Wheeler will be out of power and at that time he'll be tracked down...and...publicly humiliated and shunned. He's a scumbag of the 1st order!
Farrokh Sekaleshfar...a Shiite cleric educated in London...declared of homosexuality in 2013: "Death is the sentence." Anjem Choudary...following a similar buy-line...told his followers he wanted to see blood running. Their hatred of homosexuality so profound they've asked their followers to kill when they see "gay" exhibitions. But...in a twist of irony...the scumbag who massacred all those people in Orlando at the PULSE was himself a practicing homosexual. What's up with that?
In the Philippines...around Mindanao...ABU SAYYAF welds power. They beheaded Robert Hall the other day just to keep themselves on the front page of local newspapers. As most people now know...Robert was kidnapped while he and his native wife were playing on the beach and held for ransom until it was discovered Hall was not "theeeee" Robert Hall...and...ransom was the last thing their captive could generate.

According to Valerie Jarrett...a close associate of Obama...ABU SAYYAF is a puppet of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). She noted that Robert Hall was a rogue CIA operative who was about to go public and reveal data on "how" Obama's birth certificate read "Hawaii"...and...not tribal Kenya. With great candor...Jarrett declared, "Robert had to be silenced before he started another fire about Obama's birth site. If he had delivered those parchments on which were found Obama's baby footprints...Obama would lose his office and I would lose my power and position. That dude* had to be deleted."
*As she looked at the photos of Hall's severed head lying on the steps of the JOLO cathedral.
At the entrance of PULSE stood an armed police officer. But that officer was overwhelmed by the firepower OMAR MATEEN unleashed as he proceeded to enter that "gay" nightclub and massacre unarmed patrons. Those inside relied on the owner of the nightclub to provide security and that was done. Not anyone expected...though...a one-man wrecking crew to arrive and begin spraying the world with bullets.

And while those who went to that club knew such a monster could come and slaughter...nevertheless...they entered that place and began to "party-down". In some ways...the patrons assumed too much...yet...took that risk...however slight to them such might have seemed.The armed guard gave them solace and helped to bolster their confidence that this site would be terrorist-free.

TRUMP pointed out that the solution to such mayhem is more not less guns. While he didn't condemn the club's owner for not having sufficient firepower on-site when OMAR MATEEN arrived with his cannon...he did emphasize...nonetheless...how important self-protection could be in such "tight spots". Clinton...on the other hand...said only police should have guns. Her version would guarantee many more horrific massacres as victims waited* for the police to arrive.
*In San Bernardino...the police arrived 4 minutes after the slaughter was done. They arrived "too late" and such delay could mean the difference as those victims at that office Christmas Party discovered to their ultimate horror. The party was held in a CLINTON-approved GUN-FREE ZONE.
According to an official in the Debbie Wasserman Schultz campaign...Debbie's using every tactic to hurt Grayson in a "payback" kind of way, Indeed...according to this official...Bryan Pagliano...the wizard of wipe...the star behind Hillary's email imbroglio...was contacted by U.S.Rep. Alan Grayson(D.FL) and asked if Bryan could come and delete any data linking Grayson to Omar Mateen...the destroyer of lives.
Changing the story? Yes...Federal Bureau of Investigation agents told people who knew Omar Mateen...the Orlando nightclub shooter...not to tell MASS MEDIA that Omar was "gay"...that he was a practicing homosexual...and...had often been at PULSE trolling for Mr. Right. Thinking he was far enough away not to be overheard...JAMES COMEY...head stooge at FBI...told one of his underlings to be sure and tell them they must not mention Omar was "gay".
Omar Mateen...the son of an Afhgan refugee residing in Ft. Pierce, Florida...asked a co-worker if the PULSE...a gay dance club in Orlando...was a gun-free zone...no guns allowed. They said they didn't know but if Omar would simply GOOGLE the topic...he'd find out. Obviously...Mateen did just that. He went to PULSE knowing the patrons thereof would be defenseless...gun-less...and...hence...lambs for slaughter.
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A S.W.A.T. team was outside PULSE...while inside...Omar Mateen was methodically shooting people...taking his time...calling 911 to discuss his allegiance to Islamic State...and...punctuating his dialogue with shots into the cowering defenseless crowd of homosexuals. Why SWAT waited 2 hours and 41 minutes before entering PULSE isn't known...but...some officials are pointing to the laughter heard coming from SWAT troops every time a rifle discharge inside PULSE was heard.
Uber Technologies, Inc. and Didi Chuxing Technology Co. are in a competitive confrontation in China each having received huge cash infusions from their backers. Some mandarins are betting DIDI can out-sell UBER each vying for that whimsical market where the traditional taxi service still holds major aspects. WHo will prevail is anyone's guess...but...DIDI seems to have the inside track with its connections to almost every government on the planet...except France and the outer reaches of Mongolia,(WSJ B-3;06-13-16).
Not wanting to be stepped over...U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.Fl)...came forward to denounce* another Democrat...exploiting thereby the furor over the massacre in Orlando. Speaking on condition of anonymity...she whispered, "U.S.Rep. Alan Grayson(D.Fl) was in contact with Omar Mateen...the PULSE nightclub hooligan...according to FBI reports. On Mateen's computer located in his Ft. Pierce abode...was found texting dialogue between Grayson and Mateen. While Alan might deny his involvement in the slaughter at PULSE...his "hate-speech" can't be overlooked. In one text...Mateen complimented Grayson on his power to make people hate each other."
*Debbie heard Alan was backing her opponent in the Democratic Primary and she wanted to deliver some "pay-back".
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...called Omar Mateen's one-man massacre at the PULSE nightclub in Orlando, Florida an "act of terror". He was pushed into that declaration because MATEEN called 911 and explained "why" he was slaughtering homosexuals at the PULSE. He was loyal to Islamic State whose directive to slaughter the infidel* had not gone unnoticed.
*Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani said he was glad Mateen had helped the caliphate by deleting undesirables.
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Automated burger shop? Yes...the 1st one was snubbed by most consumers...but...those buyers bold enough to eat a robot-cooked burger patronized the sites. After awhile...though...as patrons bragged about highest quality lowest price...others elected to try it. Soon...all other burger joints were closed as robot-burger became popular. Yes...BOT-BURGER(tm)...became more famous* than the BIG MAC and WHOPPER. WOW!
*Most BOT-BURGER franchisees said they chose BOT-BURGER due to the costs of doing business including new minimum wage aspects.
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...didn't hesitate to exploit the massacre at the PULSE nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He mentioned Omar Mateen several times but never did he ascribe to him any pejorative label...never calling him an Islamic jihadist...never once blaming the Qu'ran for such bloodshed...even though Omar Mateen...a HILLARY CAMPAIGN helper from Port St. Lucie, Florida...was heard singing socialist worker songs and praising Hillary Clinton for her effort to keep guns out of the hands of such people as he was in the process of slaughtering.
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Even though OMAR MATEEN was an obvious maniac...LAW ENFORCEMENT in 2013 didn't believe him capable of slaughtering and hence they left him alone. Yes...on FACEBOOK...Mateen described himself as an avenger...imposing ISLAM at gunpoint...yet...JAMES COMEY...Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...concluded MATEEN wasn't any potential threat. Sure...COMEY read the MINORITY REPORT...but...that stuff was fiction and he didn't trust soothsayers floating in a vat of petroleum jelly.

Nowadays...though...COMEY has sought the wisdom of those FORECASTERS...asking where the next villain will strike. Answering questions of such import aren't easily conjured...yet...the need so great attempts will be made. Take for example the shooting at the concert the night before the PULSE nightclub was blasted. That shooting has also been predicted and equally ignored as the ruminations of whacko-doodles.

Now that two predictions from the HELP DEAPRTMENT have been proven quite accurate...these forecasters are getting inundated with requests for lotto numbers and magical incantations
U.S.Rep. Alan Grayson...a dude who looks like the GRINCH...has been connected to the shooter in Orlando. It turns out...Grayson delivered a "hate speech" and one of his listeners took that speech as a directive to slaughter 'homosexuals'. While Grayson is trying to deny the link...most people who heard him discuss his hatred know he was the instigator of that massacre.
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The Jews concluded Jericho had to be eliminated if they wanted to possess all of what is now modern day Israel. The Bible depicts how the Jew surrounded and slaughtered people whose only transgression their refusal to give up their land to the Jew. Might Palestinians nowadays be simply expressing the same anger the residents of Jericho evinced?(Book of Joshua)
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A "gay" nightclub was the site of a massacre. The shooter knew the club was "gun-free". The shooter arrived to slaughter the homosexuals. The killer was heard shouting "I love Clinton" as he blasted away with his cannon in that Orlando, Florida club. While it might have been an act of terrorism...it certainly was a CAMPAIGN SPEECH for Hillary. WOW!
The software which gives the termite its formidable aspect was incorporated into the WAR-BOT(tm) SYSTEM...giving this latest robotic warrior self-operational parameters. Imagine 10,000 WAR-BOTS(TM) operating as a unified weapon...each part organized and tactically placed for maximum firepower...and...you've just envisioned what's afoot in Fallujah...a test-market for the system. As Gen. Dunford said, "What better place to test WAR-BOT(tm) than in clearing Fallujah of Islamic State combatants."
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Line Corp...an app messaging operator...has declared it would expand its business into places other than around Tokyo...thereby competing with giants such as Whats-App and WeChat. Hoping LINE will grow...the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG bought $19 million worth of its stock. VIVA LINE!(WSJ B-2;06-11-16).
What's life? A cereal. How much does it cost? 35 cents. But...I only have a dime. Well...that's life.

U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) was asked by a cub reporter why she liked socialism so much. After assessing any downside to reply...Warren said she liked enslavement and diktat. It made her know she could take from life what she wanted.
Hockey legend, Gordie Howe took his last victory lap about the rink. Before he died...though...he told a crowd of loved ones and MASS MEDIA types...he wanted* TRUMP to win and dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Even at this death...Gordie was trying to score one more goal. God speed, Gordie!
*When Joe Biden heard about Gordie's last request...he screamed, "I was the one who came up with that one...and...Gordie took that puck from me and scored his own goal. I hate Gordie."
Joseph Epstein...hates TRUMP. So envious*...is Epstein of TRUMP'S panache and plume...he told a cub reporter he lay awake at night thinking of scurrilous things to write about him. "I want people to know how envious I am and how much I hate TRUMP for his success. I want people to be treated like cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps...and...TRUMP's about to spoil all of that,"whimpered Epstein as he look at how close the polls had TRUMP to HILLARY.(WSJ A-13;06-11-16).
*It's as likely as not Epstein lives in a modest house...owes half the town...and...has children in private school because his mom's paying for it.
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Bernie Sanders and Obama met at the White House...their dialogue kept between them by agreement. However...with the use of micro-drone technology...the entire interface was captured and uploaded to the INTERNET!

While quaint topics were briefly mentioned in that short meeting...most of the conversation concerned Hillary Clinton and her many scandals and imbroglios.

Sanders wanted to know if Obama had derailed the indictment process and Obama said he had done as much because Clinton promised to perpetuate the NANNY STATE CAGE Obama and his vermin Hun horde had managed to impose. That promise to continue to enslave was worth more than giving the country to the Republicans who would dismantle their beloved CAGE...something he...as a devout MARXIST ON MISSION...would rather die than see happen.
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If there were one place in America where an otherwise unhampered market was permitted...that spot would be the most valuable real estate on the planet. But it would dramatically serve...though...to demonstrate how "unnecessary" most government departments and agencies are and would usher in a demand for their deletion...a prospect most would-be masters fear most. Hence...once freedom* is lost...it's almost never regained since the would-be masters who imposed such "whip and chain" know to release grip is eventually to be told: "you're fired".
*AYN RAND...Capitalism...unknown ideal
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A 9 year old...wearing a red hat emblazoned with "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"...was kicked out of school for wearing a "nasty thing" to school. His mother took umbrage with the school's expulsion decision pointing out that a child wearing a blue hat sporting the words: FIGHTING FOR US was praised as "intelligent and caring". While the difference in treatment is striking...the underlying preference of that school for socialism is equally disturbing.
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"Do not fear. I am here!" declared TRUMP. Unlike Hillary Clinton...TRUMP told his audience...he'd dismantle this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE ushering in thereby a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

"America can compete with anyone...anywhere...any time," crowed TRUMP and invited everyone to join him and the rest of America in producing a better world...not a world rule-crammed...but...an open...unfettered place...a place where the individual and not the "common good" was exalted...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) finally admitted she loves the idea of a master directing unwashed masses. She is a devout tribal-advocate. To her...people are cattle and sheep to be directed by and her ghoulish bureaucratic creeps. Indeed...according to this ruthless...evil...tribal-advocate...Thomas Edison didn't produce the light bulb...he merely collected whatever was known...mixed it together...and...coincidentally came across "light".

Keep in mind...Warren has never created anything or produced anything. She is a parasite and preaches how wonderful it is to finance her and her evil ways. Oddly enough...in Massachusetts...most voters like the way she makes them kneel and lick her boot. As one Connecticut voter pointed out, "You can tell a person from Massachusetts...they're the ones with candied tongues."
(AYN RAND, Capitalism the unknown ideal.)
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Hillary Clinton will promise freebie and favor far beyond whatever TRUMP might find tolerable. Historically...the one who promises the most to the most always wins the most votes. To slaves in chains...for instance...an offer of KEY more attractive than more balm for whip wound...and...hence a liberator would receive 100% of the slaves' vote. Yes...some slaves would choose CAGE over KEY concluding CAGE the better environment...but...most in bondage would surely yearn to breathe free.

TRUMP must present himself as KEY...and...force...Clinton to extol the virtue of CAGE...a losing message in America...despite its depiction as blessed and wondrous. The MASS MEDIA...24/7...will tell voters:(i) they don't need to consider the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi...and...(ii) inside the CAGE...they'll be happier...more secure...and...taken care of...just as well as the Vets. WOW!
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Obama...ever the dung throwing monkey...told the world he was enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton. Coming from him...though...instead of beneficial endorsement...it was a smearing of stench and stir. One Democrat said she was for Clinton until she heard Obama endorse her. It made her retch...a visceral response to the idea of Clinton with that kind of power. It was too scary to consider.
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Trump must stay away from the issue of abortion. Already he's given Hillary Clinton this one by default. It's indefensible to impose on that solemn decision to proceed full term or abort. That TRUMP would somehow stick himself in that loop makes him anathema to most ladies...a bad spot in which to be going into a tight election where Clinton is telling ladies she won't infringe on their right to abort.