July 2016
Jennifer Granholm tried to stop a child from getting needed medical assistance. Her effort was uncovered by this BLOG and a legal team was dispatched to federal court to save this child from the clutches of DEATH ANGEL. Frustrated...and...angry...Granholm told her sexual consort that she was disappointed with the outcome since she relished the idea of killing another child.

The Little Sisters of the Poor...a religious organization...was rudely attacked by Obama under the guise of OBAMA-CARE. Instead of defending the Little Sisters...Hillary Clinton sided with Obama declaring big grab government could force them to kneel and worship whatever idol the would-be masters chose to forge, (EXODUS 32:24). To Clinton's way of seeing thing...the Little Sisters had to obey or suffer the jackboot stomp.
President Putin was asked to assist in revealing the criminal misconduct of Hillary Clinton so that Americans would know what a scoundrel she was before they erred and voted for her. Because President Putin wants to assist America...he instructed Edward Snowden...former employee of the National Security Agency...to send out Clinton's 33,000 missing emails thereby giving American prosecutors ammo to indict her right now. Why wait and have to impeach as the Brazilians are having to do with Dilma Rousseff...another crook caught?
After Trump defeats Hillary Clinton...as with all such victories...Trump will be approached by people claiming his success only because of their help. And while some of those people might have been helpful...most will be johnny-come-lately types...asking for some kind of government job or handout. Trump must be ready to tell America that he came to dismantle not augment...to delete not add...and...the best thing they could do for themselves and America was to go out and produce something someone else might want. VIVA TRUMP!
The mother of Captain Khan silently stood at the side of her husband, Khizr Khan as Khizr lambasted TRUMP for his son's death in 2004 when Captain Khan was blown to smithereens by an Iraqi improvised explosive device(IED). Trump hadn't anything to do with the death of that American soldier...yet...his angry father stood on stage at the Democrat convention at that podium...while the silent mother looked on...and...denounced Trump for his son's death.

Instead of merely saying Mr. Khan's son was a hero and he didn't have anything to do with the death of Captain Khan...Trump took a poke at the Muslim-mother who stood there silently as her husband denounced Trump for her son's death. He noted how silent the mother was and how the mother did not speak.

It was obvious the mother was the trap. And a great trap it turned out to be. The scouts reported Trump would likely tweet something scurrilous if the mother were left there silent...not speaking...unflinching...immobile...and...staid.

And as predicted...Trump tweeted about that STOIC FIGURE...never realizing...that his anticipated notation when done would draw the trap to a close as MASS MEDIA paraded that jerk-father around prompting him to denounce TRUMP for his son's death...a death in which Trump lacked any involvement.
If an email surfaces purporting to be one of the 33,000 deleted emails Hillary Clinton says she deleted to escape investigatory examination and analysis...how would anyone know if such proffered EMAIL were real or not...authentic or contrived...manufactured or actual? Unless there were a MASTER FILE against which one might compare...there wouldn't be any way to prove or disprove...making the EMAIL only as valuable as the publisher wished it to be.

Take for example the "pay-to-play" scheme during the years Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. It's obvious she used the Clinton Family Foundation as a straw party to collect for favors delivered. An EMAIL-CHAIN showing this scheme has surfaced and it links Hillary to a scheme to sell favors. What has James Comey...head puppet at FBI...worried is his team knew about this link...had this particular "supposedly deleted" EMAIL...and...yet...stooge-like...Comey refused to attack scumbag-Hillary.
Unless Hillary Clinton has hurt you personally...you probably don't care about the people who suffered from her hatred and anger. Take for instance the small business owner in Detroit...who was turned down when he asked Hillary for a loan and as a consequence of that refusal by Hillary to lend him some money...he lost his home and wife. This disgruntled debtor righteously blamed Hillary for the wreckage as he held aloft his unpaid mortgage screaming to the crowd, "Hillary has sacrificed nothing!"
Hillary Clinton has proposed a national infrastructure bank dedicated to rebuilding American roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads, airports and water pipes. Unlike Obama...Hillary said all her projects will be "shovel-ready" on Day-1 and employ 100 million people at $1000 per hour. She noted her trillion dollar spending spree would make every American rich and happy. WOW!
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Why does Islamic State leaders believe they can terrorize America and France and get away with it? Why not terrorize China...Japan...or...Russia? The answer is those countries have special operation teams notorious for eliminating anyone...anywhere...at any time they select. And...because few ever wish to be in constant fear and doubt...those countries are left alone. Trump wants to send that same message backed up by similar operational capacity. VIVA TRUMP!
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Alaska must declare itself independent of the grip of Uncle Sugar and mount a drilling effort to keep the existing pipeline filled and operational. If the North Slope stops producing as it's likely to do...the pipeline will quickly deteriorate...something the GREENIES want. The don't like fossil fuel and to stop cars and jets...they want to stop oil from flowing. One good way is to stop further drilling in Alaska. Could Americans permit such idiocy?
Patrician Smith accused Hillary Clinton of killing her son and attempting to cover it up using a VIDEO as explanation. When confronted with that accusation...Clinton refused to reveal her whereabouts during those awful hours when her son could have been saved.

Hillary sidestepped the accusation completely. She praised Ms. Smith for her ardor...but...refused to tell that mother where she was during the hours her son could have been saved. As facts have shown...when her son needed help...Clinton wasn't anywhere to be found...leaving both Leon Panetta...Secretary of Defense...to forge his own cover story...and...Patricia Smith with a dead son.
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Hillary Clinton wants to erect barriers so that incumbents are protected from eviction. If she can bottleneck funding...forcing fiscal support through government strictures...she has all but guaranteed insulation of the "ruling elite". Why anyone would support that kind of destruction of FREE SPEECH might very well be answered by examining the propaganda of the MASS MEDIA which tells the mush-minds they don't want to be free.
The trusting of Hillary Clinton? David Brooks...a Clinton apologist...said he supported Hillary but would never trust her to come and save him if he were in an embassy compound under attack. "I love Hillary...but...I'd never trust her to save me if I were hunkered down in Benghazi," whispered a worm-like David Brooks.
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Except for this BLOG...not anyone is asking Hillary Clinton important questions about her scandals. Take for instance her destruction of the email linkage between the "pay-to-play" scheme and the Clinton Family Foundation. She had to delete the link between her time as Secretary of State and the BILLIONS she and Bill received from "players". And...except for this BLOG...not anyone is asking Clinton. Why?
Inside the 33,000 "personal emails" Hillary deleted...were CODES. Indeed...one email chain about a wedding was really a discussion about offers and promises in return for payment. The likelihood such CODE would be broken if those 33,000 emails were not deleted* mandated their destruction.
*Yes...folks...Clinton is hiding her misdeeds...and...some of you really don't care. At least you don't yet. Maybe she hasn't done something to attack you...but...that doesn't mean she won't. And when she does get around to your door...your PROTEST will be stifled...and...stomped.
"HRC: The P.T.P good but $200M required." This email from Hillary to a Saudi official was recently published by an unknown Turk using a Moscow address. It's one of the 33,000 emails Clinton supposedly deleted.

Instantly...MASS MEDIA called it "fake"...and...told America to ignore it.

Yet...political sleuths are asking if P.T.P. isn't short for PAY-TO-PLAY...and...the price for the favor $200 million? Unlike the complicit MASS MEDIA...many of these gum-shoes are investigating its authenticity. They're comparing this FIRST SURFACED EMAIL...its date...and...its content...to known Clinton Family Foundation receipts from Saudi Arabian officials...and...have found pluperfect proof the email is not only real but obvious evidence of corruption.
Hate? Yes...people hate Hillary Clinton. Ask Patricia Smith...the bereaved mother of one of the 4 Americans Hillary Clinton left to die in Benghazi on 09-11-12. Hillary LIED to this mother. Hillary used LIE to cover-up her own recklessness. And...that mother...at the Republican convention...accused Hillary of KILLING her son.

To counter-punch...CAMP-CLINTON produced angry...spiteful Muslims...a man and wife who had lost their son in a war BUSH-CHENEY started and Obama-Clinton perpetuated. At the Democrat convention...as scripted...Khizr Khan accused Trump of KILLING his son even though TRUMP had nothing to do with his son's death. It was misplaced anger. Trump had not killed his son. His son had been killed by Obama-Clinton...but...such acknowledgment by Khan would have prevented him from that stage and kept him from denouncing Trump.
Democrat strategist, Simon Rosenberg avoided answering any question about those 33,000 emails Hillary supposedly destroyed but which the Russians might possess. Was he worried that any of those 33,000 emails might surface? Rosenberg's lips became venomous strip...his anger bubbled and burped. How dare a talking head...a paid-for talking head...ask such a question...and...bang the Clinton-campaign on its pointed little head.

But...even though Rosenberg didn't wish to discuss it...Americans were asking questions. And that talking head...in a patriotic moment...decided to open a door.

So the talking head continued to spread: What if those emails deleted by Clinton did show she was involved in a "pay-to-play" scheme using the Clinton Family Foundation as a straw party?

And...more importantly...how would Rosenberg know if a "surfaced email" about that SCHEME were something less than authentic? How would anyone know if the emails exposed were real or not?

It was obvious Rosenberg had to avoid the question. If the MASS MEDIA were to discuss that "surfaced" email...that thought-destroyed "smoking gun"...and...its authenticity...would not that discussion about content and authenticity completely eviscerate and otherwise undermine Clinton's entire effort to demonstrate she's not crooked...extremely careless...or...suffers with extremely poor judgment?
Geobacter and termite organizing aspect...were combined and are incorporated in the WAR-BOT(tm) system. Geobacter is a bacterium that makes filament which can carry electricity...act as a battery...and...repair itself when damaged. If WAR-BOT is attacked...and...a bullet...for instance...is able to penetrate its incredible armor...and...that bullet breaks wires and destroys transistors...the GEOBACTER aspect repairs the damage keeping WAR-BOT(tm) operational!(WSJ C-4;07-30-16).

Comparing WAR-BOT(tm) with traditional weapon platforms became obvious when an American airstrike slaughtered 10,000 civilians in a crowded marketplace. Central Command said the deaths were unfortunate but necessary since 3 Islamic State troopers were also found in the carnage. WAR-BOT(tm) accomplished the same eradication exercise* without such collateral damage.
*WAR-BOT(tm) system was dispatched to an Islamic State held village and there it executed 3 ISIS troopers for a price of $23,000. Pentagon officials admitted the cost of killing those 3 ISIS troopers in Ghandora was $1.3 million and that was not including all the civilian war-claims that were to be lodged.
Patricia Smith wanted to be on Meet the Press and accuse Hillary Clinton of KILLING her son in Benghazi on 09-11-12. But she was turned down.

Instead of permitting her to speak out...they had an angry Muslim...a Mr. Khizr Khan...appear and denounce Trump. Somehow...Trump had not sacrificed anything in the Middle Eastern war...and...for that lack of loss...Khan was condemning Trump.

That kind of misplaced anger was great stuff...and...needed to be presented to America. But...Patricia Smith's horrific loss due to Hillary's refusal to save her son was never mentioned...and...adroitly kept from public view.

Could Americans be that stupid? Could Americans be manipulated so easily? Are Americans so sheep-like they accept whatever they're told? It's obvious...Hillary Clinton and her vermin Hun-horde believe it to be that way.
Without doubt...2+2=4. And...yet...Keynesian economists believe it can be "5" if assumption are made about ceiling and floor. So flawed are the methods and models of these so-called economic gurus...they declared utter surprise* when the gross national product(GNP) figures bubbled forth. They had predicted strong economic growth...big numbers...good political numbers for Clinton...but...the GNP was 50% lower than expected. Their MATH was wrong. Somehow "5" wasn't appearing and according to their computer models...America should have been blooming and blossoming...not bound and bewildered,(WSJ B-1;07-30-16).
*Big grab government is consuming and that consumption is reflected in the low GDP. Very few people ever produce when the product of their labor is grabbed. And what has been proposed in America by Clinton has stifled the desire to invest or produce. Hence...GDP is down and will continue on its course until industry has ceased and big grab government has consumed whatever left.
In the movie, EDGE OF DARKNESS...there's a scene wherein the "cleaner" pulls his cannon and eliminates the source of the problem. Before dispatching the demons...Captain Jeppers points out, "It's my job to make it so when people look...they might conclude something happened...but...what that was they can't put together...they never see the entire picture...and...lose interest...their curiosity siphoned by enigma."

Referring to this movie...James Clapper ...National Security Agency leader...the other day said, "Hillary erased emails so people could not know what she did...and...how she did it. They'll know she hid something...but...never know what it was she was hiding."
Why wasn't James Comey invited to speak* at the Democrat convention? Answering that question...U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh)...in a rare moment of lucid candor...replied, "Hillary Clinton went along with Obama's lie when it came to discussing OBAMA-CARE. She knew people would be forced into medical networks they did not like...and...FORCED to pay premiums they could not afford. Yet...she went along with the deception...and...for that "go along to get along" approach...voters should refuse to vote for her." 
*If Schultz...the convention organizer...put Comey up there on that convention stage and permitted him to call Hillary "extremely careless"...she'd have been called a "bad script writer"...something Debbie-the-dud didn't wish appended.
Robby Mook...whined and shook...when answering "why" Hillary deleted 33,000 emails. Never did he answer that question. He could not answer that question since he knew the MISSING EMAILS were the HOLE in Hillary's campaign. She had destroyed 33,000 emails and the Russians might have them. And to that query about Russian revelation...MOOK shook and winced. He knew Hillary had obstructed justice...imperiled national security...and...that issue destructive if not fenced.
"You have sacrificed* nothing!" screamed Khizr Khan at the Democrat convention...a ridiculous accusation which brought that freedom-hating crowd to its feet cheering and hooting endorsing Khan's accusation that TRUMP had not lost anything in that lousy Middle Eastern war and should be condemned for such lack of loss. HUH?

Khan's argument was idiotic. It was contrived anger since Khan's premise was not logical. Trump had nothing to do with his son's death. His son was an American soldier put in harm's way by Obama and Hillary Clinton. But...if Khan were expressing such linkage...he'd never have been given his 15 minutes of fame...something a Muslim craves more than life itself.
*Sacrifice somehow authenticates and empowers? Only in a socialist world is "sacrifice" the pinnacle of dedication. In a free world...self-interest is the vaulted standard...with each person trying to be as great a person as each can possibly be...every day...in every way. In a socialist realm...the one Khan supports...there are not any individuals...just sacrificial lambs...and...beasts of burden...all in a miserable miasma of diktat and destruction.
Mr. Khan lost his Muslim son in the Middle Eastern War and blamed Trump on stage at the Democrat convention and subsequently on various MASS MEDIA talk shows. Never did the complicit talking heads ask the grieving father "how" could TRUMP be blamed for his son's death when the cause of that death was due to Hillary Clinton's inability to fashion peace in the Middle East. Never did they ask such question since the MASS MEDIA is supporting Clinton not Trump!
Central Command was informed one of its airstrikes* had killed civilians in a crowded marketplace. Sensing another public embarrassment...Obama directed his puppets to tell the families of the dead Obama could not be blamed...that their loss was due to a directive given by Donald J. Trump...and...informed those bereaved people they could ask Mr. K.Khan...a Democrat convention speaker...if they doubted Trump was involved,(WSJ A-8;07-30-16).
*In the village of Ghandora...in a crowded marketplace...a massacre unfolded. From the sky without warning bombs fell...and...when these BOMBS struck that crowded place...the death caused was horrific. One survivor said 100,000 Syrians disappeared in those explosions which rocked mountain and huddled valley.
Michael Bloomberg...former mayor of New York City...ascended the convention stage...walked to the podium...pulled the microphone down so his mouth could reach it...and...commenced to denounce TRUMP. He called trump as many bad names as he could manage and then added some more. Reacting to Bloomberg...TRUMP pointed out that Bloomberg was a disaster as mayor even though in times past Trump had complimented this JERK as being a "great mayor". The animosity was obvious but Bloomberg struck Trump when Trump wasn't looking. Back-stabbing kind of stuff...and...Trump retaliated as best he could on Twitter,(WSJ A-5;07-30-16).
The "open-computers" of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee(DCCC) were accessed by hackers whose mission to connect the nefarious "block-Bernie" plot masterminded by U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) to the DCCC and ultimately to Hillary Clinton. The BRIDGE is there...and...it had to be procured before the DCCC destroyed it. Naturally...the usual "Russian-trail" was left so that the real hackers might escape detection.
Turkey's spies didn't figure out a coup was afoot even though they had access to all communications and saw every clue. They simply lacked the brain-power to put all those pieces together so that a CONSPIRACY TO TAKE-OVER was revealed. When James Clapper heard Erdogan explaining "why" his spies didn't see that "failed" coup coming...he...instantly...and...spontaneously...forgetting he was in the presence of others...exclaimed,"Now...I see why Hillary had to erase those emails. She had to build a chasm so the plans and schemes could not be discovered. Wow. She's clever."(WSJ A-1;07-30-16)
CRUSADE. Might not Americans join such a great undertaking and finally permit EDEN to manifest? With social media connecting almost everyone instantly...a successful CRUSADE is possible if the mission clear and beneficial. Such is the march to "make salt"...a grand effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some scumbag-bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master* with mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
*Hillary Clinton wants America to become something similar to Venezuela...that socialist toilet where raw-power dictates and stomps.
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The script was rewritten when the Democrats discovered Patricia Smith would speak at the Republican convention and accuse Hillary Clinton of KILLING her son in BENGHAZI. Recall that 4 Americans died in the Benghazi embassy compound after screaming for Hillary's help for 7 long hours...hours in which they could have been saved...hours in which Hillary wasn't anywhere to be found. Hence...Debbie Wasserman Schultz...as nasty as she could be...found Mr. K.Khan...a man who had lost his Muslim son in the idiotic Middle Eastern war BUSH-CHENEY began and Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...perpetuated.

On Stage...a tearful...angry Mr. K.Khan accused TRUMP of killing his son. It was dramatic...and...it was replayed 10,000(+) times by the MASS MEDIA...with talking heads discussing "how" TRUMP killed that American soldier. Never did the MASS MEDIA ask about the disconnect...the irrational link-up...since TRUMP had nothing to do with that Muslim-soldier's death. Not anything!

It was quite striking to see the difference between treatment of Smith and Kahn by the MASS MEDIA. Never did they replay the Patricia Smith indictment since that was DESTRUCTIVE OF HILLARY...while they have replayed many times Mr. K.Khan accusing TRUMP of KILLING his Muslim son...something so preposterous...so ridiculous...yet...offered by the Democrats and a complicit MASS MEDIA as a counter-punch.
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Islamic State leaders told a cub reporter from this BLOG that if the world recognized its caliphate...its borders respected...and...all trade-sanctions lifted...that the planned terror ready to be unleashed would remain in its bottle. Peace for land. It sounded so real...so good...Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry told Hillary Clinton she needed to support that idea and come out in favor ISIS...telling the world to forget the slaughter and mayhem al-Baghdadi and his scurvy crew inflicted. Instantly...to gain advantage on TRUMP...Clinton said she'd grant all the land ISIS wished in exchange for peace.
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Crooked Hillary Clinton looked into the camera last night and compared how she would handle a serious situation as opposed to a Tweeting-Trump. Many at the Democrat-socialist gathering in Philadelphia...however...who heard that comparison...violently grimaced. They recalled that Hillary Clinton could not be found during the critical hours when those 4 Americans could have been saved in Benghazi on 09-11-12. They recalled how she fashioned cover-up...and...how she deceived Patricia Smith...the bereaved mother of one of the Benghazi 4...with a VIDEO LIE. Yet...they loudly cheered last night since they were card-carrying Democrat-socialists ready to accept enslavement at the hands of hag-Hillary.
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The bias of the MASS MEDIA was obvious today as the talking heads bubbled with wonder and amazement when discussing Hillary Clinton. As the 1st female to get this far in politics drew awe and praise. It was as if the SCOUNDREL QUOTIENT of Clinton didn't matter...her misdeeds without consequence...her lying emblematic of genius and rhetorical skill...and...her refusal to help 4 Americans in Benghazi leaving them to die warranted and necessary. HUH?
In the movie, GANGS OF NEW YORK...there's a scene where people are hanged to satisfy the public downtown. Might the defendants...called the FLINT 6...be such sacrificial lambs? Indeed...how is it Gina McCarthy...the grand master of the calamity...escaped condemnation and prosecution? She had her hand in cover-up and should have been indicted too. But...she has too much power and dirt on Democrats to be attacked.
"Lock her up!" Trump told an excited crowd chanting as much that he was inclined to agree with them. The criminal misconduct of Hillary and Bill is obvious to anyone who wishes to look. Indeed...just examine the Clinton Family Foundation and what it collected during the time the Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State...and...you'll instantly conclude she was selling favors in a "pay-to-play" scheme...clearly illegal...but...done with impunity.
Mr. Khan and Ms Patricia Smith each lost a son in that idiotic Middle Eastern war. Mr. Khan's son died because Obama didn't give him enough firepower for the mission...while Ms Smith's son died in a Benghazi embassy compound screaming for Hillary Clinton to send help. Patrica Smith spoke at the Republican convention...while Mr. Khan was featured at the Democrat gathering in Philadelphia. And...though...few wish to compare tragedies...the one Smith suffered was far different than the one Mr. Khan's son experienced.
Inside the voting booth...before you pick Hillary Clinton why not imagine you're hunkered down in Benghazi inside a safe room inside the beleaguered embassy compound and you're screaming into a microphone for help. Maybe at that moment...even though Hillary is the 1st female to get his far in politics...you'll decide she's not trustworthy...fraught with reckless judgment...and...willing to use cover-story to hide misdeeds.
Security Adviser James Clapper said he would hesitate revealing national secrets to Hillary Clinton who was designated as "extremely careless" with the handling of top secret data by none other than James Comey...chief stooge at the FBI. He said her email server was obviously hacked although he didn't find proof of such entry. However...Comey also added the caveat that the computer data he examined was not "all" of the computer data...Hillary having intentionally destroyed much of the file thereby preventing and otherwise thwarting thorough review.
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Okay...let's see how silly the Democrats can be. Hillary Clinton exposed America's top secrets to foreign powers and was called "extremely careless" by James Comey...Director of the FBI. She recklessly exposed America to danger in order to hide her "pay-to-play" scheme and yet...the Democrats have collected 80,000 signatures on a petition to deny Trump national security briefings. HUH?
The complicit MASS MEDIA doesn't want Americans to hear about the squalor of socialism since it would undermine the platform of Clinton-Kaine. How could voters choose misery and privation if they knew? Hence...the MASS MEDIA is busy hiding VENEZUELAN SQUALOR AND MISERY. They don't wish to ruin the otherwise illustrious Kaine-Clinton parade.
Do you trust Hillary Clinton more since the Democrat convention? Such was the question posed to likely voters. Most of the voters polled said they trusted her even less but preferred her over TRUMP since TRUMP would eliminate their beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where people are enslaved and directed from cradle to grave...a place where the would-be master can decree: "Our tears...your purse!" And while they trusted Hillary even less than before...nevertheless...they supported Clinton since Trump would delete the CAGE environment...a prospect which terrified and frightened them.
Hillary Clinton told the 1st rally crowd that because of her now a mother could look at her son or daughter and say you too could be president. The crowd cheered nervously since most knew the son of Patricia Smith was left to die in Benghazi by Hillary. That son wasn't coming home. Hillary had killed him. And here she was crowing to a mush-mind audience how she represented opportunity. How evil!
At the 1st rally...Clinton told her mush-mind audience the 2016 election offered a stark difference in outcomes for America. If Trump prevailed...America would be liberated from the grip of big foot government...something that crowd didn't want. When she promised more not less government freebie and favor...those mush-minds screamed with adulation. Here was someone who'd forge idols and compel them to kneel and worship as directed...and...that promised intrusion made their left legs tingle....their flags to wave...and...their hearts to pound with love of manacle and whip.
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Because TRUMP made noise about the lack of American flags at Democrat functions...the first rally post-convention had a backdrop audience each one waving a small American flag...each one the same size flag...each one passed out before the rally to those backdrop attendees...each one instructed to wave their respective flags when directed. It was obvious this FIRST RALLY was orchestrated...scripted...and...its attendees hand-picked.
In Philadelphia...Clinton-Kaine held a post-convention rally. Attending were Sanders' people...many doubting her sincerity when she said she'd eliminate liberty. They wanted to hear her promise "whip and chain"...gulag stuff...and...how they'd benefit from their own enslavement. Mixed in with that vocal bunch were others who wanted to jeer and hiss...calling Clinton "crooked-Hillary"..."Hillary-the-hag...and...a host of other opprobrious epithets. And while Hillary ignored both of those teams...she declared herself the queen of the NANNY STATE CAGE...socialist-crammed with sheep found everywhere...a declaration which satisfied everyone.
Hillary Clinton promised to deliver the same paradise the Venezuelans enjoy. She promised to grab as much as she could from producers and redistribute as she saw fit. She told Bernie Sanders and his vermin horde she had adopted their beliefs and would implement the enslavement their ideas presumed. She told the world she was the socialist-hand...the powerful Nanny who'd use NANNY STATE CAGE "spank and diaper check" to compel compliance. And to that DRIVEL...her crowd cheered and worshiped. Here was a real scumbag willing to replace liberty with freedom-to-obey...and...deliver socialist paradise American-style.
Last night...Hillary Clinton denounced Trump in many ways juxtaposing herself as the better choice. Afterward...after hearing Clinton's speech...in a change -of-mind moment...Mr. Khan...the Muslim dad who had lost his Muslim soldier-son in the war Obama perpetuated...told a cub reporter he felt "used and deceived".

Before he delivered that excoriation about Trump at the Democrat convention...he'd been told TRUMP had sent his son to his death. Because Mr. Khan loves America...he believed this story about Trump's involvement. However..he had since learned Hillary Clinton had engineered the problem which culminated in the death of his son...that TRUMP lacked any complicity in his son's death...and...he was changing his vote to TRUMP!
Obama intentionally lied to America about OBAMA-CARE..."keep your doctor...keep your insurance". Hillary Clinton knew OBAMA was LYING...but...she kept quiet...kept silent...and...didn't alert America. She was complicit in that deception and found it unworthy of revelation to a gullible public. And...yet...not one talking head in the MASS MEDIA has mentioned Hillary's part in that DECEPTION. As Andrea Mitchell confided, "If I were to reveal all I know about that HAG...she'd have been in prison long ago."
A politician who preaches liberation always has the largest following if the MASS MEDIA is also aboard. On the other hand...if the MASS MEDIA wants tyranny...then...the liberator is never elected. The message is never delivered to the voters if the MASS MEDIA wants tyranny.

Maybe...Hillary Clinton will defeat Trump in November...but...if such were to happen...it would be solely because the MASS MEDIA wanted America to go down the socialist toilet and knew Clinton capable of such an abomination. As MSNBC Chris Mathews said, "If she'll kill 4 Americans in Benghazi...there isn't much she won't do."
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Even though Patricia Smith lost her son in Benghazi and blamed Hillary for his death at the Republican convention...the MASS MEDIA never showed that accusatory speech to the public. On the other hand...Mr. Khan...at the Democrat convention...wrongfully attacked Trump for the death of his son...an American soldier killed during the Obama years. Unlike Patricia Smith's accusation that was properly lodged...Mr. Khan's anger was totally misplaced. He should have been denouncing Obama-Clinton since it was during their term that Mr. Khan's son was killed.

Yet...the MASS MEDIA is showing the acrimony of Mr. Khan all day on TV and not the accusation of Patricia Smith. It's obvious the MASS MEDIA is in the pocket of Clinton and will do all it can to push her banner even though she's despicable.
In Michigan...6 government employees were charged in the Flint, Michigan water-poisoning incident. Of course...the 6 defendants picked lack any "dirt" on Gina McCarthy...at least not yet. When they need "dirt" on that scumbag at the Environmental Destruction Agency to escape prosecution...they'll get it. This BLOG has "dirt" on McCarthy and will reveal it when it helps those 6 people most. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S.Rep. Joe Crowley(D.NY) said he despised Trump and hated Trump's effort to delete the grip and grab of big foot government. "I love the NANNY STATE CAGE...it's directive from cradle to grave something I crave. How dare Trump attempt to liberate the subjugated over whom I rule with iron fist," dripped Crowley as he examined Trump's Republican convention speech.
After hearing Hillary in her acceptance speech last night discuss money in politics...Angie Holan...a sleuth of sorts...said she was going to follow the "money-trail" of the Clinton Family Foundation and see where it leads. She didn't believe people paid Hillary for favors during her years as Secretary of State although everything pointed to such a "pay-to-play" scheme. If I find such proof...I'll tell the world," whispered Angie as she counted the $100 bills CAMP-CLINTON had paid her to find ZERO!
Two San Diego cops saw a car with two Afro-Americans and decided to harass and intrude. After directing the car to pull over without any basis for the stop...the two cops with cannons drawn approached the car...intending to shoot and escape condemnation by claiming "self-defense"...or...some other "Freddie Gray" theory as such is nowadays labeled.

Their plan didn't work out too well. The Afro-Americans were armed and shot the cops before the cops could carry out their own PLAN TO KILL. Referring to the shooting...Hillary Clinton noted the cops were killed  because black lives matter.
Humayon Khan was killed while serving as an American soldier. Last night...at the Democrat convention...his dad accused Trump of his son's death. HUH? Humayon Khan  died because Obama refused to deploy as much force as required to defeat the enemy and left Khan and the rest of his team without the firepower they needed. His dad was blaming the wrong person. But...at a Democrat convention...what more could be expected?
At the Democrat convention...a Muslim dad and mom stood on the stage and denounced Trump. Their Muslim son had been killed in the America war in the Middle East. He was an American soldier needlessly killed in a silly war BUSH-CHENEY started and Obama perpetuated. Somehow...they were blaming TRUMP for his death. It was preposterous...but...the Democrats had to fire back at the Republicans who presented on their stage Patricia Smith...mother of one of the 4 Americans butchered in Benghazi...and...the one to whom Hillary Clinton lied about some VIDEO.
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OBVIOUS HATRED OF LIBERTY. The MASS MEDIA revealed such dislike for freedom when it championed CAMP-CLINTON. They want America to be enslaved. Somehow their own jobs...their own fiefdoms...somehow seem to depend on "liberty-loss". How that concept comports with free speech and free press isn't ever discussed since such dialogue would reveal how EVIL the Democrat-Party has become and how much of a lap-dog the MASS MEDIA appears to be.
Two cops decided to harass some Afro-Americans using a phony traffic stop as pretext...and...got shot. The shooter saw one of the cops drawing his gun to kill...saw the other cop preparing his cover-story...and...concluded they were about to be slaughtered by cops. Instead of them getting killed...they shot the cops. As Jesse Jackson said when told about this latest San Diego mishap, "Once again...the cops got what they deserved."
Hillary Clinton last night demonstrated why she and her team...if given power...would replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey". Their vision is a socialist toilet with empty shelves and hollow eyes. And...an audience packed with freedom-haters...last night...cheered for their own enslavement. It was weird to observe both acceptance of the "whip and chain"..and...the desire to be forced to make brick* from mud and straw.
*Pharaoh enslaved the Jew and had them creating brick from mud and straw.
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How does one cheer for a lady who killed 4 Americans in Benghazi through her reckless disregard for danger? Yet...Democrats...last night...screamed with adulation for Hillary Clinton. They didn't care if she spent her time creating a cover-story instead of saving those 4 beleaguered Americans at that embassy compound on 09-11-12. It seemed as if those people in that Philadelphia convention hall wanted to be enslaved and ruled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves.
In the desert...a place not anyone wanted...a magnificent city was built. It was called Las Vegas. Nowadays...it's one of the hubs of western commerce. It only took water, electricity and imagination. As David Plouffe...a rabid freedom-hater...recently said, "Big grab government will eventually consume all that was good about Vegas and I can't wait to see that place go down the socialist toilet."
Had Afro-Americans killed a cop the same way those cops killed Freddie gray...those involved in the murder would be in jail. But...since cops killed an Afro-American...they not only escaped condemnation...but....recently were called heroes by Hillary Clinton. While a Republican...such as TRUMP...would be excoriated and denounced for such a statement...Afro-Americans applauded Clinton for her straight talk.
Hitler had crowds cheering him even though dastardly and demented. Hillary Clinton has crowds cheering her despite her background of criminal misconduct and deception. Why people want to be enslaved in America hasn't been fully explained. But it might very well be the Democrats who support Clinton-Kaine believe those two scumbags will plunder and redistribute some of the loot to them. Envy and hatred of liberty bubbled forth in Hillary's speech last night and the audience screamed with adulation. Here was a real jerk who'd finally eliminate freedom and impose socialist diktat.
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Hillary Clinton...last night...offered a vision of horror and desperation. She wants to enslave America more than Obama achieved. She has the complicit MASS MEDIA backing her effort and an army of envious-hateful people who wish to live in squalor and socialist filth...and...force everyone else into that toilet. YUK!
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Should Trump prevail...and...he has a majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate...then...he can dismantle this entire 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "our tears...your purse!"

The Democrats will attempt to block liberation in the Senate if the 60 vote rule is perpetuated. On the other hand...if the matters might proceed on a 51% vote margin...then...the socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters won't be able to protect their beloved CAGE. Yes...folks...if you support TRUMP...there is a way to escape this CAGE.
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Dowager with Pomeranian...magenta and turquoise...stern lip*...and...glaring eyes. Such the description of Hillary Clinton...yet...many ladies will vote for her despite how much of a scoundrel she has been. On the other hand...people are already discussing her indictment of having opened America's vault of secrets to hostile forces...and...don't care how powerful she at one time seemed to be.
*Ask Dilma Rousseff about getting pegged with Pomeranian.
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When American steel costs $10.00 and Chinese steel costs $1.00...the steel-user...that particular consumer...chooses Chinese steel. So long as quality similar...the consumer benefits by $9.00...a benefit delivered to the consumer should that consumer choose Chinese over American. Whether that particular consumer* picks Chinese over American depends on many things some of which aren't quantifiable.
*Unlike the controlled economy where government dictates pricing....in the otherwise unhampered market...the consumer takes care of glut and scarcity using the pricing mechanism. The more there is of something...the less the consumer need pay. Nowadays...gasoline...for another example...is in glut format...and...hence...prices are coming down benefiting the consumer mightily. And further to benefit the American consumer...the Chinese are selling cut-rate gasoline in America that is better and cheaper than American made stuff. VIVA PRESIDENT XI!
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"Do not care!" screamed Democrats when asked about Hillary Clinton leaving 4 American behind to die in Benghazi. Moreover...they chanted: "Do not care!" when told about her "pay-to-play" scheme using the Clinton Family Foundation as a straw party. They replied "do not care" when told about how Hillary Clinton would replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey". Maybe they don't care...but...when the HANGMAN* comes for them...few will be there to defend...a fate they seem not to comprehend.
*Hangman by Maurice Ogden-
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Katherine from Boston didn't like Hillary Clinton destroying her emails and thwarting an investigation into her alleged wrongdoing...but...she didn't care. She wanted to be enslaved...to have her wealth redistributed...and...her life directed from cradle to grave by the likes of scumbag-Hillary. She hated Trump because he would delete the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE environment wherein Katherine was another cog in the big grab government machine. It made Katherine's left leg tingle.
Jane Sanders...wife of Bernie...said she cried as did a billion other people who were suffering the "BERN". She noted he would have enslaved America...flushed it down the socialist toilet...and...she and a billion others shed tears...seven times salt...that her Bernie didn't get that opportunity. As one loving BERN said, "To us...it's our tears...your purse!"
Except for die-hard Democrats...few people are watching the Democrat convention. They already know that big grab government the theme song...NANNY STATE spank and diaper check the latest dance...and...Hillary-the-hag can't be trusted in advance. One independent-voter labeled it correctly when she said, "What's there to watch?
Gen Mike Hayden told a cub reporter he considered himself a devious thug. Of course...he was referring to how he twisted* Trump's meaning at the press conference today when Trump discussed Clinton's DELETED EMAILS. Trump was asking whomever it was in possession of those DELETED EMAILS to come forward and give them to the hungry press.
*According to a reactive U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh)...Gen. Mike Hayden would kill his own mother if told by his master to commit such crime: "When you say Mike Hayden don't stop there! He's a scumbag...a slithering worm...crud in slime...a puppet...a clown in drag...do whatever told to do...even by Hillary-the-hag."
Abject drool. Such is the frame to describe David Gergen. When asked about Trump's comment on the Russians having those 33,000 emails...Gergen became animated and said Trump was wrong for inviting foreign governments to hack. HUH? Trump was discussing Clinton's criminal destruction of evidence...not whether it was correct to hack. Gergen knew as much...but...as a loyal Clinton-soldier...Gergen had to avoid such discussion. Hence the feigned anger...and...perturbed scowl.

Gergen didn't want to discuss Clinton's DELETION OF EMAILS...and...the LIKELIHOOD...that if someone hacked the computers at the Democratic National Committee...they also hacked Clinton's computers and LIKELY POSSESSED an "entire file"...even the deleted emails...and...Gergen did not want to dwell on Clinton's criminality. And that refusal to discuss on the part of Gergen enhanced the MYSTERY...and...framed the ISSUE for social media to ping pong.
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Until Trump made noise about it...the Democrats weren't going to festoon their stage with American flags. They wanted everyone to see the Democrats as "one-world"...and...flying the Stars and Stripes would have been counter to that symbolism. Yet...they flooded their stage with flags once TRUMP pointed out the HOLE such a lack represented.
no image
Trump...focusing on defeating Hillary Clinton...cautiously asked the Russians to send those 33,000 DELETED EMAILS to the American Press for publication. Of course...TRUMP was telling America that Hillary's email computer system was open for all to hack and hack they did. And...somewhere in those 33,000 emails Clinton deleted...there are smoking guns...incriminating data...and...Trump invited the possessor(s) thereof to come forth and reveal how EVIL and DASTARDLY Hillary was in times past.
Vomit. Such was the way the reaction by the MASS MEDIA was described by U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh)...himself a prior Hillary Clinton advocate. After he heard Clinton had destroyed EMAILS that could incriminate her...Brown angrily described her as a loser. "If she can't hide her graft as easily as I...she doesn't deserve to be president," drooled scumbag Brown.
The Florida Attorney General told a cub reporter she liked Trump and she wished him the best of luck in the coming election. Like almost everyone who watched...she was impressed that Trump held a press conference...unscripted...no notes...no beforehand coaching...and...that impromptu kind of approach impressed her as it did many others. VIVA TRUMP!
Hillary Clinton is boring. She isn't colorful...dynamic...or...interesting. And...her choice for vice president, Tim Kaine is as much a yawn as she...at the party...he's the dude everyone passes silently by. And...together...they're BORING...and...MORE BORING.

Yet...despite such ho-hum...they're pushed by the MASS MEDIA...and...called wondrous and enlightened...their socialist drivel called inspired and gratifying. As Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) whispered off-camera, "Clinton-Kaine is little more than two losers trying to win what can't be had."
In Philadelphia...a burning trash can was thrown in front of police. So angry were the minions of Bernie Sanders they finally grabbed a trash can...filled it with Bill Clinton memoirs on how he met Hillary Clinton...added some lighter fluid...struck a match...and...sent that burning symbol toward the phalanx* of police.

Reacting to this act of defiance...the police marched over that burning trash can...and...advanced on the Sanders crowd. As they cautiously proceeded...shields interlocked...they heard these disgruntled campaign enthusiasts call them nasty names. Vigilantly...they watched for the next "flying trash can". While few MASS MEDIA outlets showed the mayhem and rioting...what was gathered was put on this BLOG(click here).
*...each one with Spartan-like shield...batons drawn...and...a war face from Hades
News conference savvy! Trump let America know he was ready to defeat Hillary Clinton. He mentioned so much about Hillary...that even the most strict of Democrats couldn't support such SLEAZINESS. He stirred pro-Hillary MASS MEDIA talking heads into frenzy mode when he told the world: whoever has those DELETED EMAILS...please send them forth so America can see "how" dastardly and evil Hillary Clinton has been. VIVA TRUMP!
Why Republicans got saddled with pro-life nonsense hasn't been well explained. If the Republican Party wishes to grab power for the next 1000 years...it must become pro-choice...telling all the pro-life busy-noses they need to keep their busy noses out of that solemn decision. Yes...concerned folks might wish to assist the would-be mother to full term*...with persuasion always available...but...never must "full-term" be compelled.
*ROE v. WADE set the limits of this issue and the Republican Party should declare the matter not any longer an issue and avoid the topic. If by the Republicans that were done...the Democrats would lose their SOLE SELLING POINT.
It's obvious President Putin did not direct the Democratic National Committee(DNC) computers be hacked. Had the Russians been officially involved...not anyone would have been able to "find" the interface. Hence...the organization which accessed the DNC data base wanted the trail to lead into Russia.

So "why" reveal such a HACK...if it wouldn't deliver megatons of "nasty"?

According to U.S.Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL)...himself a rabid freedom-hater and Obama-lover...when asked about this newest EMAIL SCANDAL replied, "Sophisticated and clever...the DNC hackers wanted Hillary Clinton to know her DELETED EMAILS are "available". 

As Nelson put it, "The mission was to alert Clinton that her future has EMAILS in it...lots of them...many of them so revealing...so terrible...so criminal...revelation would mean instant impeachment."
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Florida has always been a bastion of liberty. Unlike the socialist northeast...Florida refused to become a toilet similar to what can be found in New York...New Jersey,,,or Massachusetts. But...there are voters and politicians in 2016 who want to see Florida become another socialist toilet...another miasma of "red tape, tax and spend"...where politicians tell people what to do in every facet of life.VIVA TRUMP!
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Man-caused global warming enthusiasts are claiming natural gas will destroy Mother Earth and hence mustn't ever be used again. When asked what would replace it...the enthusiasts replied, "Good old fashioned wood and native grass." When asked if that were enough to make industry run...they laughed and added, "What industry. When we're done...people will be in tents...use mules to plow...and...sit about campfires singing negro spirituals and dancing til dawn."
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Why would TRUMP waffle on the theory of man-caused climate change? Why didn't he declare it preposterous and leave it that way? Many political scientists concluded Trump waffled on the subject in order to attract Bernie Sanders' climate-fear crowd...the people who wish to return to a romantic era...a time of tent and mule...a time when around campfires...people would sing old negro spirituals and dance til dawn.
If Hillary Clinton were such a fascinating character as described by her husband, Bill Clinton...then..."why" did he seek out other women for sex? Was Hillary so "frigid"...so much a man-hater...that she refused Bill's advances? Might she be so cold and dangerous that Bill had to find pleasure elsewhere? Answering this question...U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...herself a bed-partner to Bill...said Hillary didn't give Bill what Bill needed."
no image
Last night...Bill Clinton tried to tell the world that Hillary Clinton had good character and could deliver a socialist way of life...filled with empty shelves and hollow eyes. And to that vision of misery and privation...the Democrats in that hall in Philadelphia cheered. They were going to get enslaved and they loved the idea of NANNY STATE CAGE "spank and diaper check" imposed by the likes of a "hag" like Hillary.
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Zoning laws in San Francisco created scarcity of dwellings. Recently...unlike other socialist venues...San Francisco has discovered an unfettered market is best and delivers the most. As one would-be master put it, "If we did not loosen the zoning laws and allow for basement and garage apartments...I'd have surely lost my government position and be in the same "bad spot" as they," drooled a public servant from the Bay area,(WSJ A-3;07-27-16).
Is Hillary Clinton so politically powerful she can escape publication of her misdeeds? So far...the answer has been "yes"..."yes" she can duck and dodge...even leaving 4 Americans in Benghazi to die didn't undermine her prowess...her curb-appeal...or...her chance to become president. Even her wholesale promise to enslave hasn't been quicksand but has delivered impetus...jet-fuel to her idea of socialist bondage heaped on America. But....why choose a scoundrel? Why not wait until ESTHER manifests? HMMM? Why not?
When 4 Americans screamed for her help in Benghazi...on 09-11-12...Hillary Clinton wasn't ready. She left 'em there to die. But U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi after Clinton's nomination decreed, "Hillary is now ready." Many vets who heard that declaration vomited since they knew many troops would be left behind many times...each time "cover-up" the final chapter.
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In Venezuela...living was easy. Food was cheap...gasoline was cheap...and...government paid for everything. But...as soon as the socialists ran out of other people's money...however...the paradise went down the toilet. And...the same screwy ideas espoused in that paradise are heard from the podium of the Democrat National Convention. As one Venezuelan asked when she saw such adulation, "What could these people be cheering?"
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Syllogism...or...argument...can be fashioned easily enough. If A then B...If B then C...hence...If A then C. If Clinton's emails were hacked, then the Russians or others might have copies; and...if these people have copies...then...they might reveal them when advantage theirs. Hence...if her emails were hacked...they most assuredly will appear when benefit afoot.
People who bought...might not buy again. Those voters...for instance...who supported OBAMA-CARE...are so miffed...so disillusioned...so angered by practiced deception...they're looking for alternative designed to deliver as promised. And providing this "other way" is a liberator sporting the moniker: TRUMP. Indeed...Trump knows the best route: a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king.

Trump knows insurance works best when risk pools are left unfettered...and...the best way to form such pools is to eliminate all "red tape and tax" associated therewith.The patrons determine premium and payout in accord with contract and such relationship benefits everyone involved...so long as...big grab government doesn't step in and begin to direct some facet* of the overall insurance format and purpose.
*Preexisting injury or condition threshold was eliminated by OBAMA-CARE making insurance pools farcical in the health insurance industry. It was silly to believe "healthy" people would flock to buy something they didn't need. Big grab government along with their big shot cronies colluded to impose a tax on everyone...an inescapable tax...a MANACLE...a burden imposed at birth,(REVELATIONS 13:17: mark of beast).
Drive-by Truckers...looking for someway to push their lackluster...banal...music...happened upon Hillary Clinton at a roadside diner...she and Huma Abedin had stopped in to get some coffee. The two songsters spotted them in a corner booth and went over to speak...to interface...after having shown their IDENTIFICATION PAPERS to the secret service goon squad standing guard. After exchanging names and greetings...the truckers asked Hillary if they could get some of that Clinton Family Foundation money noting they'd heard she would give out money in exchange for silence or support.
The husband of Gabby Gifford hates guns. If it were up to Mark Kelly...he'd get rid of all guns leaving guns only in the hands of government...his kind of government...a government of ghouls and creeps...dedicated both to enslavement...and...to imposing more 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE stuff...transforming America into a land of cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by such scumbags as he.
Almost too funny to imagine...the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) is examining the alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee's computers. What is James Comey going to find that anyone would believe? He undermined his credibility and that of the so-called FBI when he refused to accuse Clinton of anything more than extreme carelessness.
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Trump received huge applause when he said he'd stop big foot government stomping on Vets. Many political scientists were astonished at how much hatred there was in that room for Clinton...and...the NANNY STATE CAGE she represented. The vets didn't fight to impose socialism on their beloved land. When TRUMP said he understood the mission...they gave him their helpful hand.
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Oil through pipeline is cheaper oil than oil moved by rail. Indeed...railroads are losing their patrons due to pipelines. To stop such loss...Railroad owners asked Democrats* to kill pipelines...asking them to connect pipeline-technology to man-made climate change,(WSJ B-1;07-26-16).
*Even though preposterous...Railroad owners knew freedom-hating Democrats and their cronies in the MASS MEDIA would champion their fight against the offensive pipeline because inefficiency and misery sustain bot the Democrats and its complicit MASS MEDIA.
If the Russians had actually hacked American computers...either Hillary Clinton's computers or those of the Democratic National Committee...not anyone would have known. The Russians are experts at examining in ways not anyone can tell such occurring. Hence...the perpetrators are not official-Russian operatives. According to Gen. Jack Keane...the culprit is the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) looking for ways to "pay-back" Clinton for leaving those 4 Americans in Benghazi to die and then telling the world: WHAT DIFFERENCE DID IT MAKE!
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"Cattle and sheep inside our beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...let's hear your voice," screamed would-be master Elizabeth "papoose" Warren after her speech at the convention. "You need to praise enslavement and big grab government!" Warren snorted and sneered. And to that directive...the Democrats cheered and hooted. Here was a real scumbag who was willing to make them lick her boot and that kind of power made their left legs tingle.
Some time back...this BLOG told the world Bernie Sanders would never be the Democrat nominee for president in 2016 since that niche had been given to Hillary and not anything was going to change such decision. Except for the inner circle of this BLOG...everyone else thought the proposition preposterous...there wasn't any way such a "fix" could happen. Yet...recently...emails and other computer data of the Democratic National Committee(DNC) confirmed what this BLOG had already concluded.
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Bernie Sanders spends other people's money...never his own. He has lived off other people his whole life finding his bent for socialism and enslavement quite profitable. Even though he's anathema to liberty...nonetheless...the complicit MASS MEDIA has pushed this scumbag until he's considered a prominent spokesman for "whip and chain" government.
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Obama was told too many people were surviving heart attacks. He instantly demanded all hospitals meet a DEATH QUOTA. If a hospital hasn't killed enough people...then...they're to refuse heart attack patients the care they need so the QUOTA can be met. Once more...Obama reveals his EVIL bent,(WSJ A-2;07-26-16).
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Whether you want to believe it or not...plant life eats carbon dioxide(CO2) as food. Yes...it's called photosynthesis. Most climate-change gurus never learned as much and think CO2 can smother Earth in a doomsday shroud. Folks...before you let those scumbags at the Environmental Destruction Agency make jet-travel too expensive...why not support TRUMP and get rid of them and the other freedom-haters in government? Why not demand liberation and eschew subjugation?(WSJ A-2;07-26-16).
Trump heard Sanders dripping about man-caused climate change and rebuked that socialist-scumbag declaring: "Climate-changing emissions? Like what? Carbon dioxide(CO2)...for instance...is said to be a climate-changing gas. But how? It's a trace gas and any abundance quickly consumed by plant life. It's...perhaps...theoretically possible...but...the amount of CO 2 would have to be a quadrillion times greater...something plant life would never permit. It's far-fetched. It's preposterous. It's like claiming with spoon and bucket one might dip an ocean dry. It's ludicrous."
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Bernie Sanders finally had to believe what this BLOG had been saying all along: SYSTEM RIGGED AGAINST HIM. Tonight...though...Sanders will whimper...and...grovel at Clinton's feet...obsequious...and...sheep-like. Instead of declaring America a socialist state...he'll direct his minions to back Clinton's climb to power promising upon them all benefit showered,(MATTHEW 6:24).
Enter any village in tribal Africa...places where socialism meticulously practiced...and...you'll only find hovel and little else. Not anyone has more since such wealth long ago plundered leaving only bare cupboard and hungry eye. Those who wish* to have more...depart tribal Africa...looking for the NANNY STATE CAGE door.
*Rampant envy and suspicion...might they be hiding...or...hoarding...question heard in angry mob as they bash down walls intending to rob.
"Hey...Bernie...you were correct. The entire affair was scripted from Jump Street...from the git-go...from the very beginning...totally scripted. Debbie Wasserman Schultz...as leader of the Democratic National Committee(DNC)...and...Clinton-people worked hand-in-hand to derail your conspicuous effort. Indeed...from all measures...you never had a chance. It was all fake...smoke and mirrors stuff."
When someone asked U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she were stepping down...she laughed...giggled...and...described Donald J. Trump as colorful clown. And then...with some reflection...and...noting how merciless she was to Bernie Sanders...she whispered: 

I set her on my pacing steed,
And nothing else saw all day long,
For sidelong would she bend, and sing
A faery’s song.

Before being deleted...the entire data base of Hillary Clinton's email system was downloaded by the Russians* using Edward Snowden "pass key" technology he pirated when he worked for the National Security Agency(NSA). They have it all...all Clinton-data grabbed...every one of them...every smoking gun one of them...the ones connecting Hillary to a "pay-to-play" scheme using the Clinton Family Foundation as the straw party...the ones discussing the assassination of Ambassador Stevens using a riot and video as cover-story...the ones discussing Clinton's selling top secrets....as well all many others...each one more horrific than the last. Yes...folks...President Putin has them all.
*President Putin opened his hand somewhat when he exposed the emails between Debbie W. Schultz and her operatives in the field. If President Putin had those sensitive highly protected DNC emails...it was likely he also had 100% of all Clinton-data...the entire batch...even the ones Clinton erased.
Suspicious. Such the label appended when Trump was told polling data had him well ahead of Clinton. Instead of accepting it...Trump pointed out the pollsters behind that latest assessment were the same ones who had been hired to undermine him in times past. "We'll wait until election night to see if Americans wanted TRUMP-KEY or CLINTON-CAGE," declared a confident Trump.
U.S.Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) worked closely with U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schutlz(D.FL) to undermine Bernie Sanders and get Hillary nominated as the Democrat's choice for president in 2016. The emails between Nelson and Schultz are classic "plot-stuff"...nefarious collusion...and...depriving voters of any real choice. As Jeff Weaver angrily put it, "Both Clinton and Nelson profited mightily from Schultz's connivance and scheme."
no image
What could Corey Booker promise that hasn't been many times promised before? How does Booker sell the CAGE? How does he hide Trump's "open door"? Does he offer better food stamps? Does he offer free medical care? Does he offer free rides to and from...tickets to the county fair? Might he declare America as socialist as Venezuela...and...promise the same empty shelf and hollow eye kind of EDEN? And have complicit MASS MEDIA talking heads discuss how similar it'll be to Sweden?
* Senator Schumer described Corey Booker as follows: "Why not tell these hungry ears he'll lead the plunder-mob...stepping over walls...crushing defense...and...looting even the Christ child's stall? Why not tell them when people die...he'll come and take whatever wanted...ignoring wails and widow cries? Whatever Booker drips...painted euphemism...ponderous pit...and...escaped slave forever hunted.
If the Russians could hack the computers of the Democratic National Committee...the most protected computers on planet Earth...then...might not these same curiosity-buffs along with others have accessed Hillary Clinton's private server...a computer system James Comey admitted had been invaded? And...if Clinton were to continue to be as extremely careless as Comey implied...would not America's own national security be imperiled?
U.S.Senator Tim Kaine(D.Va) almost for his entire adult life has been a parasite...a public employee...living off other people's hard work and labor. Hence...he was the perfect selection for Hillary Clinton...herself a parasite of the 1st order...a sycophant who used "pay-to-play" schemes to enrich herself.
no image
What face of American socialism, nowadays? Well...Boston Mayor Marty Walsh seems a likely poster child. He brags about how he stomps liberty in Boston...and...how America can expect a socialist paradise once Clinton-Kaine eliminate freedom's last vestiges. Somehow...Walsh finds it wondrous to spend other people's money...crowing how he ruined businesses and destroyed people as he imposed more and more big grip government.
no image
Into Mosul has been sent WAR-BOT(tm) machines...robots equipped to take and hold ground against all comers using micro-wave and bullet(think last resort). So powerful and cost-effective the WAR-BOT(tm)...it's estimated the Pentagon will save $32,877,344,722.92. WOW. And to think WAR-BOT(tm) was created to save lives, buildings and money. A win-win-win outcome, eh Obama?
no image
Hillary Clinton told a cub reporter she was a victim of unfair treatment...as if there were two standards...one for her...and...one for everyone else. Exoneration by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and an announced-decision not to indict would have been enough for anyone else...but...not for her. Instead of moving ahead and not looking back...Hillary has been subjected to acrimony and perpetual accusation.

While that is an interesting spin on her obvious misconduct...most voters when they heard her victim-assessment stopped what they were doing...looked wide-eyed...gulped...and...declared: HUH?
Of the photos depicting American despondency...and...weakness...the one best framing such is the photo of those beleaguered sailors captured by Iranian gunboats and forced to kneel with their hands behind their heads. It represented whatever America has become and made most Americans angry and looking for someone to "set it right". VIVA TRUMP!
Robby Mook was spooked when emails bubbled forth revealing how Debbie Wasserman Schultz had colluded with Clinton to derail Bernie Sanders's campaign. He denied connection...even though...such link showed. Once more "damn emails" were befuddling the Clinton campaign...and...Robby Mook lacked a better umbrella for rain.
Victims come in all forms and formats. The latest casualty is car-sharing. In this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...the one TRUMP is about to dismantle...government can pick winners and losers.

While the anecdotes about such evil are countless one seems to fit the "tell-it-all" requirement: the ride-sharing and care-sharing industries. Uber...a ride-sharing operation doesn't pay tax while the car-sharing industry...ZIPCAR...for instance...does pay tax...sometimes as much as 30%...and...it's this difference that is causing car-sharing services to disappear and ride-sharing companies to prosper,(WSJ B-3;07-25-16).

Remove taxes...and...permit unfettered competition...and...most industries would prosper. Indeed...delete what makes companies prefer another venue and those companies will remain in America because the profit is more and the safety factor better here addressed.

Trump understands this idea and will put America First...remove bottleneck...delete grip and grab...and...unleash the power of America. VIVA TRUMP!
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Rarely is there a "live-feed"...a real-time interview...but...when it occurs*...and...they do...the POWER OF THE SPEAKER is enhanced a trillion fold. In a diner in Philadelphia...a reporter on a "live-feed"...unfiltered and reaching 100 billion people...engaged an elderly man seated there...asking him about his preference in 2016. This colorful reporter leaned in and offered him her microphone expecting him to preach socialism...and...love for big foot government. Instead of following along with script...this gentleman said Hillary Clinton was crooked and a big liar and he wanted her in jail not in the Oval Office. Oops!
*Go to blog entry: show me a sign and watch MSNBC Chris Matthews get his butt stomped.
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Insurance is the way people share risk through contractual networking. The larger the patron-pool...the greater the coverage and the less cost to each. Hence...patronage is sought by the terms offered. In an unfettered marketplace...the kind Trump wants to create...for instance...the patron-pools can be almost infinite in coverage options and vast in membership since each participant knows the others have similar needs and similar interest in keeping their coverage viable.

In today's controlled health services industry...however...there isn't an otherwise unhampered market...but...only a skewed environment wherein insurance companies have been prevented purposefully from creating large patron-pools since the goal was to destroy the insurance vector and force people into accepting government-healthcare giving every American what the vets enjoy as they die waiting for appointments,(WSJ A-10;07-25-16).
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KEY or CAGE? The Republicans want to dismantle the NANNY STATE...as where the Democrats want to enhance the grip and grab of big foot government. The Republicans offer KEY...the Democrats offer more CAGE.

Few people willingly accept bondage but will permit others to be enslaved if such whip and chain fetches benefit.

Perhaps it's this theory on which the Democrats will build their PROMISED UTOPIA...a place where everyone the same...same clothes...same ideas...same need to kneel and lick boot. Certainly...Sanders supporters envision as much.

How about you? CAGE or KEY?
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Over the next few days...Americans will hear Democrats selling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...describing the wonders and miracles inside the CAGE...the benefit of having cradle to grave NANNY STATE directive...and...the blessed nature of Hillary Clinton and her side-kick Kaine. In many ways...virtue itself of vice will pardon beg...asking voters to choose enslavement...and...tap the keg.
In the lackluster movie, WATERWORLD...there is a scene where Dennis Hopper tells his crew land is over the horizon and with enough work they can reach it. Reacting to such promise...oars are dispatched and the floating community presses onward in the direction Hopper pointed. Off-camera...Hopper tells his inner circle such labor will keep the crew occupied admitting he was guessing but such guessing kept him in power.

At the Democrat's convention in Philadelphia...a similar PROMISE will be issued by Hillary and her minions. The American people will be promised abundance and prosperity if they row in the direction demanded. Might there be that many Americans willing to suspend their own minds in order to receive what has been promised?
U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) declared she'd resign as leader of the Democratic National Committee after the convention to appease the Sanders people. Once again..."damn emails" bubbled forth...this time emails to/from Schultz wherein she plotted to derail Sander's campaign. Backing this decision to resign was Pa.Gov. Tom Wolf...a rabid freedom-hater...and...a Sanders-socialist. He wanted Schultz to be publicly whipped...but...accepted this lesser penalty after this BLOG begged for mercy.
Over the next few days...the MASS MEDIA along with the Democrats in Philadelphia will sell the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and promise more entitlements...more freebies...more favors...more intrusion into every aspect of life...all in exchange for obedience and loyalty. Hillary and her vermin Hun-horde will tell America how good it will be inside this CAGE...how free....free food...free shelter...free clothing...free transport...and...whatever else the would-be master might decree.
When asked if he endorsed Clinton...Bernie Sanders replied that she was 100 times better than Trump...adding he wanted to be the presidential candidate but was satisfied with Clinton. "While perhaps not as fast as I would have done...Hillary Clinton will destroy liberty and replace it with NANNY STATE "freedom-to-obey".
Meghan Kelly was sexually harassed by Roger Ailes. He grabbed...and...fondled lustfully. Afterward...Kelly got mad when Ailes acted as if  it never occurred. Almost on cue...72,359 other ladies came forward to tell "how" Roger had attacked them...some claiming bathroom interlude...while others said in the closet...Ailes got crude.
Edward Snowden...former employee of the National Security Agency(NSA)...sent America what he called a "snotty-gram". He revealed all the emails of Debbie Wasserman Schultz wherein Schultz and Clinton plotted to stop Bernie Sander's effort. So terrible and hurtful were those "damn emails" that Schultz was removed from the convention speaker list.
Tim Kaine described his missionary work in Honduras but hesitated when asked to imagine himself in an embattled compound in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton on the other end of that line. Would he be smiling and clapping for her...or....cursing her one last time? When someone yelled "how about Benghazi" when Kaine crowed about how well Hillary listens...Tim ignored the insinuation and flowed on about gold and how it glistens.
If offered a choice between EDEN* and "other"...which would be your choice? Might not that be what's involved when considering Clinton or Trump? Clinton promises NANNY STATE "spank and diaper check"...while TRUMP offers only the place unfettered by the grip and grab of big foot government. While some might wish CAGE-like directive from cradle to grave...many more appreciate what liberty provides if insulated from the officious knave.
*EDEN has been described as an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can an able-bodied pauper be found...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
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Hillary Clinton picked Tim Kaine because Kaine was so much like her...as nasty...as corrupt...and...as willing to eliminate what little liberty remains and replace it with 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE "freedom-to-obey". On the other hand...TRUMP seems to offer KEY...liberation of the subjugated...deletion of the grip and grab of big foot government...removing the jackboot from the throat of freedom. And...given such choice: CAGE or KEY. Which one will you choose?
When asked "why" he'd join scoundrel-Clinton in the 2016 presidential race...U.S.Senator Tim Kaine replied, "I pushed my soul into a deep dark hole then I followed it in...I saw myself crawling out...as I was crawling in...I got up so tight...I couldn't unwind...I saw so much I broke my mind. I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in."
To a cub reporter Tim Kaine revealed his 1st encounter with Hillary Clinton: "I was working part time at a five-and-dime...my boss was Mr. McGee. He told me several times he didn't like my kind...I worked too leisurely. Seems that I was busy doing something close to nothing...but...different than the day before....that's WHEN I saw her...ooh...I saw her...she walked in through the "out-door".
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America check-mated? America conquered? Freedom inside a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE? How could a freedom-loving people be reduced to cattle and sheep to be directed and controlled by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps?

Unfortunately...it's easily done once the MASS MEDIA has been overtaken and by the would-be master run. Most people watch TV when looking for the news...and...clarity. But...when MASS MEDIA is controlled...what is published whatever would-be master wants told.

Just look at how accepted Hillary Clinton remains among the Democrats despite her scoundrel quotient and deceiver's mint. Had she been Republican...she'd have been discarded long ago...and...a more tyrannical sort sent. But...because she's a rabid freedom-hater...the MASS MEDIA ignored her past and gave her the power to become president...a female ruler at last.
In the New Testament...there is a list of divine gifts...one of them being the SPEAKING IN TONGUES. Somehow...God descends into the human mind...and...expression of that experience is captured in a flow of utterances from the worshiper's mouth...sounds...syllables...some harsh...some melodic...but...far from understandable by even the most schooled of clerics.

Yesterday...in Miami...U.S.Senator Tim Kaine(D.Va)...peppered his vice president pick speech with Spanish and English...switching back and forth as he saw fit. Those in the audience who knew Spanish and English caught the message coming and going...but...many in that crowd didn't know Spanish and to them TIM KAINE...was SPEAKING IN TONGUES...delivering some Biblical dispensation...maybe even telling* the world HILLARY is the MESSIAH!
*In the movie, EASY RIDER...there is a jail scene where Dennis Hopper tells the guard, "Hey man...you can't do this. Do you know who he is? He's Captain America and I'm his side-kick Billy."
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What if there were a place where cure produced? A place unfettered by scumbag regulators...and...would-be masters? A place where anything imagined...constructed...and...deployed? Yes...folks...EDEN...could be America but it's only if you make that choice!

Did you know the Food and Drug Administration keeps cures off the shelf? Life-prolongation not the mission statement of those goons and ghouls? Just examine what the FDA has done...and...you'll conclude they are butchers...cannibals...devouring life...and...thwarting future.

No...folks...maybe some island somewhere...some place research unbounded. And in that place cure surely found...or...at least...that's the way the rumor sounded.
Cross-over voting? This time around...few official forecasters really know which way voters will go. The pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA...for example...is directing the Afro-American and Latino voters to choose enslavement...to pick socialism...to support the imposition of the same stuff which drove them to America. Despite this directive...though...some want freedom not whip and chain and are pushing their neighbors to go with TRUMP.
Meghan Malloy...a Republican In Name Only...declared she favored Clinton since TRUMP would intrude on a lady's right to choose full term or abortion, Meghan didn't care if Clinton wanted to plunder storeroom and redistribute the loot. She didn't care about Clinton destroying industry or replacing what little left of liberty with freedom to obey. No...Meghan didn't care how dastardly Clinton could be...so long as as Clinton protected the woman's right to choose.
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The people who cheered Hillary today in Miami could not possibly have thought about what Clinton represents and what she in times past has done...done...to insulate herself from public accusation...done to make sure unblemished her presidential run.

But...before cheering again...why not put yourself in the place of Patricia Smith for a moment...walk in her shoes for a step...and...feel the loss of child and the anger when the VIDEO-LIE was finally revealed? Imagining such loss of child knowing the Benghazi Four could have been saved...might choke off cheer...might make you conclude Clinton a dastardly knave.
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Jesuits are practicing socialists. The misery and privation suffered from such dedication accepted by them as some kind of penance for Original Sin. Democrat-Kaine...a closet Jesuit...told a bunch of Miami mush-minds he intended to impose such social justice on them and received standing ovations each time whip and chain promised.
Trump told Sanders the Democratic nomination process was rigged and he was wasting his time. Bernie Sanders REFUSED to believe it. Not the Democratic National Committee,(DNC). Not Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She hated freedom as much as he did. That bunch couldn't possibly want Clinton when he was so much better and would destroy freedom so much quicker. He could not bring himself to accept Schultz had merged with Clinton long before Sanders ever commenced his rise to power.

Yet...there for examination were 19,000 DNC emails many of which discussed Sanders and how to derail him so that Clinton's path to power unfettered. So damaging are the emails that Sanders feels as if he were "cheated"...and...many political scientists agree with him that he was deceived and improperly undermined.

Moreover...Sanders told a cub reporter that he now believes Trump and what Trump told him was true. Hurts to know, eh Bern?
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Florida International University was the site of a Clinton-Kaine rally. Inside a huge auditorium stood 347 students along with news reporters and camera crews. Clinton said she would give more than Trump and to that promise of freebie and favor...the crowd screamed with adulation. Here was a real scumbag who was willing to enslave them and they loved the idea. When she said "free tuition"...they replied with a 3 minute long "HILLARY" chant. When she promised to impose greater burdens and taxes...they once more chanted: HILLARY. Ironic that these young people were cheering their own bondage.
Tim Kaine told people "social justice" was something he planned to impose. When asked what "social justice" meant...Kaine sneered and replied, "As the would-be master...I will decide!" He pointed to the producer working 24/7 to make money and live better tomorrow than today...and...said he'd take as much as he wanted from that worker bee...and...what left...only he could say.
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How could Florida International University students cheer for their own enslavement? Yet...there they were...all socialist-crammed...all wanting to be put into chains...everyone of them wanting to be directed by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves...there they were...cheering Hillary Clinton...and...her message of "spank and diaper check" inside a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.

It's obvious once socialism is taught in public schools...the country where such taught will eventually devolve into a toilet...similar to what afoot in Venezuela...and...filthy-France. America is headed in that direction...down the socialist...Eco-fascist...toilet with Hillary* doing the flushing and claiming grandeur for the enslavement she finally imposed.
*And there at F.I.U. were several hundred students screaming that they wanted her to plunder and redistribute...and...in exchange...they'd accept her yoke.
Recently...it was discovered the Iranians are not only constructing a HUGE NUCLEAR WEAPON...but also...studying how to create a tidal wave to drown all of America...all at once everyone under 1000 feet of water...all dead...all the world finally cleansed of the Great Satan. While Obama scoffed at the data preferring the scenario of  "sun shining and birds chirping"...others...such as TRUMP...patriotically began preparing to stop this DESTRUCTION.
Ah...waiting for gumball? Waiting to get that flavored chew. Waiting for such a thing...all red, white and blue. All those people...became impatient in that "hot" Miami auditorium. Where was Clinton and Kaine? Why so late when they were there on time? What great matters were forcing Clinton to be so late? Might her plane have had to do a cork screw landing...so that she could rush from the plane under sniper fire?