Sunday, July 31, 2016


Geobacter and termite organizing aspect...were combined and are incorporated in the WAR-BOT(tm) system. Geobacter is a bacterium that makes filament which can carry electricity...act as a itself when damaged. If WAR-BOT is attacked...and...a bullet...for able to penetrate its incredible armor...and...that bullet breaks wires and destroys transistors...the GEOBACTER aspect repairs the damage keeping WAR-BOT(tm) operational!(WSJ C-4;07-30-16).

Comparing WAR-BOT(tm) with traditional weapon platforms became obvious when an American airstrike slaughtered 10,000 civilians in a crowded marketplace. Central Command said the deaths were unfortunate but necessary since 3 Islamic State troopers were also found in the carnage. WAR-BOT(tm) accomplished the same eradication exercise* without such collateral damage.
*WAR-BOT(tm) system was dispatched to an Islamic State held village and there it executed 3 ISIS troopers for a price of $23,000. Pentagon officials admitted the cost of killing those 3 ISIS troopers in Ghandora was $1.3 million and that was not including all the civilian war-claims that were to be lodged.