Sunday, July 31, 2016


If an email surfaces purporting to be one of the 33,000 deleted emails Hillary Clinton says she deleted to escape investigatory examination and would anyone know if such proffered EMAIL were real or not...authentic or contrived...manufactured or actual? Unless there were a MASTER FILE against which one might compare...there wouldn't be any way to prove or disprove...making the EMAIL only as valuable as the publisher wished it to be.

Take for example the "pay-to-play" scheme during the years Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. It's obvious she used the Clinton Family Foundation as a straw party to collect for favors delivered. An EMAIL-CHAIN showing this scheme has surfaced and it links Hillary to a scheme to sell favors. What has James Comey...head puppet at FBI...worried is his team knew about this link...had this particular "supposedly deleted" EMAIL...and...yet...stooge-like...Comey refused to attack scumbag-Hillary.