Sunday, July 31, 2016


Democrat strategist, Simon Rosenberg avoided answering any question about those 33,000 emails Hillary supposedly destroyed but which the Russians might possess. Was he worried that any of those 33,000 emails might surface? Rosenberg's lips became venomous strip...his anger bubbled and burped. How dare a talking head...a paid-for talking head...ask such a question...and...bang the Clinton-campaign on its pointed little head.

But...even though Rosenberg didn't wish to discuss it...Americans were asking questions. And that talking a patriotic moment...decided to open a door.

So the talking head continued to spread: What if those emails deleted by Clinton did show she was involved in a "pay-to-play" scheme using the Clinton Family Foundation as a straw party?

And...more would Rosenberg know if a "surfaced email" about that SCHEME were something less than authentic? How would anyone know if the emails exposed were real or not?

It was obvious Rosenberg had to avoid the question. If the MASS MEDIA were to discuss that "surfaced" email...that thought-destroyed "smoking gun"...and...its authenticity...would not that discussion about content and authenticity completely eviscerate and otherwise undermine Clinton's entire effort to demonstrate she's not crooked...extremely careless...or...suffers with extremely poor judgment?