Sunday, July 31, 2016


The mother of Captain Khan silently stood at the side of her husband, Khizr Khan as Khizr lambasted TRUMP for his son's death in 2004 when Captain Khan was blown to smithereens by an Iraqi improvised explosive device(IED). Trump hadn't anything to do with the death of that American soldier...yet...his angry father stood on stage at the Democrat convention at that podium...while the silent mother looked on...and...denounced Trump for his son's death.

Instead of merely saying Mr. Khan's son was a hero and he didn't have anything to do with the death of Captain Khan...Trump took a poke at the Muslim-mother who stood there silently as her husband denounced Trump for her son's death. He noted how silent the mother was and how the mother did not speak.

It was obvious the mother was the trap. And a great trap it turned out to be. The scouts reported Trump would likely tweet something scurrilous if the mother were left there silent...not speaking...unflinching...immobile...and...staid.

And as predicted...Trump tweeted about that STOIC FIGURE...never realizing...that his anticipated notation when done would draw the trap to a close as MASS MEDIA paraded that jerk-father around prompting him to denounce TRUMP for his son's death...a death in which Trump lacked any involvement.