September 2016
Hillary Clinton has done much to protect Bill Clinton from prosecution for rape. According to several ladies...Bill Clinton not only raped them...but also...warned them that Hillary could be quite nasty should they ever divulge their tryst. One lady...for instance...who told her Garden Club about how BILL CLINTON had RAPED her...described how...after such graphic revelation...she'd been shadowed by men in black...stern-looking...mean-spirited...and...definitely there to intimidate and frighten.

Indeed...Andrea Mitchell...a Hillary apologist...when told about Hillary insulating BILL THE RAPIST from prosecution whispered, "While she should stand by her to speak...nonetheless...her insulating him from prosecution for rape might be going too far. On the other hand...the entire British government had a hand in suppressing the identity of Jack the Ripper to protect Queen Victoria. So...maybe...there is precedent for overlooking her "enabling" a well-known rapist." and Microsoft are fighting over LINKEDIN with claiming Microsoft's merger with LINKEDIN would subsume their superior market position; a direct would suffer the same fate as BlackBerry...inept at competing. Recall BlackBerry...similar to it had a superior position  and it complacently sat on that lead until it was overtaken and dispatched to the "yesterday's rice" column. Such will be the fate* of
* In December of 2017...huge profits will be made short-selling SALESFORCE.COM stock.
OBAMA...ever the sneaky snake...told employers he wanted them to classify their worker bees by race and gender and define the job description as to each with meticulous precision. Obama wanted to know if "whitey" were hiring as many Afro-Americans and Latinos as he thought proper. It might very well be that some companies are so fearful they'll do as directed by their master...but...most will tell OBAMA to crawl back under whatever rock from whence he slithered. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-2;09-30-16).
When Hillary Clinton was ahead in the popular polls in MASS MEDIA proclaimed the electoral map was such TRUMP could NEVER be president.

However...those same talking heads are declaring OHIO is unimportant now that TRUMP is so far ahead of Clinton in that former key battleground state.

Brian Fallon...a CAMP-CLINTON stooge...told a cub reporter OHIO was filled with "deplorables" and Hillary didn't need them to defeat TRUMP.
Astrologers have told the MASS MEDIA that Hillary Clinton's birth certificate must be revealed to verify she is or is not the ANTI-CHRIST. "We must see that document to confirm our worst fears. Amplifying this potential horror...Madam Chyanne...a world-class forecaster of future events...when asked about Clinton's potential for anti-Christ...replied, "Every astrologer on this planet has concluded she is the anti-Christ predicted in Revelations but as a group they wanted strict concrete proof and Hillary's birth certificate would serve that purpose,(WSJ A-1;09-30-16)
Fortunately for America...TRUMP and GARY JOHNSON concluded man-caused climate change is nonsense. Both of them point out the idea that with spoon and bucket man might dip the oceans dry is preposterous no matter how many scientists endorse and preach such myth. Indeed...every climate-change advocate readily admits there isn't any scientific proof* but it must be true because the MASS MEDIA and would-be masters proclaim as much. HUH?
*Same crew threw virgins into volcanoes to appease and quiet angry gods.
In the movie, VOLUNTEERS...the general asks: Men...where's your commanding officer? To which Bill Murray and the others in chorus-fashion reply: "Blown up, sir!"

The Obama administration and its socialist pals claimed another victory over the marketplace when Obama bragged about ITT Tech going bankrupt as a consequence of Obama's attack on for-profit colleges. Indeed...U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) crowed about how she had stranded 40,000 students with that attack. "I destroyed 40,000 careers in one attack," Warren snorted as she looked at the carnage from her orchestrated carpet bombing of ITT Tech,(WSJ A-13;09-30-16).
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TRUMP is fighting for the liberation of America from the grip and grab of the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

As if iron filings to a magnet...ESTABLISHMENT-advocates have joined together to hate TRUMP because he'd eliminate the POWER-SYSTEM which perpetuates THE ESTABLISHMENT...a place where criminals such as Hillary Clinton can escape prosecution because of their status and prominence...a place where a person's wealth is subject to whatever tax law big grab government might conjure...indeed...a place where the master decrees: "Our tears...your purse!"

Maybe you might believe Hillary will give you something "free"...deliver the "unearned"...and...for such favor you will vote for her and her vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-hating sects and crews. But...afterwards...after she has destroyed what little liberty remained...what will you do? What happens when big grab government comes for you?

To them...let the voters proclaim: VIVA TRUMP!
Degrees of mean? Well..there's mean...very mean...extremely mean...and...then...there's "Dean-mean". There isn't anything meaner than "Dena-mean".

Recall Howard Dean declared TRUMP was a cocaine addict despite LACKING any proof other than TRUMP sniffled during the 1st debate. When he was asked what basis for his diagnosis...Dean snarled....sneered...and...with venom dripping...said he didn't need any proof. He was sent to hurt TRUMP and he was doing his master's bidding.

Ouch! That's Dean-mean.
Dorothy Rabinowitz said she didn't care about where Hillary Clinton was when 4 Americans in an embassy compound in Benghazi were begging for help. She didn't care if Clinton...instead of helping those 4 desperate men...was busily preparing a "cover-story" for the 09-11-12 debacle. Moreover...ole Dorothy didn't much care about the obvious "pay-to-play" scheme Hillary conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State. No...Rabinowitz didn't care because Clinton was offering her kingdoms and glories in exchange for her allegiance,(MATTHEW 4:8).
Obama is responsible for the slaughter of children in Syria and Afghanistan. His missiles, bullets and bombs have massacred thousands of children and yet Samantha Powers...Ambassador to the United Nation...won't denounce him. She's another governmental stooge who will turn her eyes away from the horror Obama has unleashed in the Middle East,(WSJ A-12;09-30-16).
As chief of staff for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...CHERYL MILLS was aware that Hillary was using a private system whereupon top secret data was transmitted. Her emails to/from various people during Hillary's tenure clearly reveal the extent of Mills' knowledge. Yet...JAMES COMEY...the weasel-stooge-henchman...accepted MILLS' statement that she did not know about the private computer-server until after Clinton left the State Department. This LIE was accepted by this weasel because he was directed to accept it. What a weasel!
TRUMP has been tweeting about Machado for several days now. Instead of discussing CLINTON'S terrible "red tape, tax and spend" program and policy...and...offering to the voters an otherwise unhampered market as the solution...TRUMP has busily engaged in tweeting about the former Miss Universe who breached her contract not to gain weight by packing on 70 pounds.

TRUMP is too easily trapped. MACHADO affair was avoidable. But...TRUMP doesn't back down. He declared why he was correct...yet...since then...he's refused to add more topics many of which most voters wish to hear him discuss.

He could speak about Venezuela and how socialism destroyed that once vibrant country and how Clinton will continue to push America into that same toilet. He could speak about the CULT OF ENVY and "why" the estate tax is so evil and satanic thereby giving the voter two different futures: CLINTON-NANNY STATE CAGE...or...TRUMP-KEY-PROSPERITY. He could speak about deleting big grab government...firing its stooges and henchmen...and...liberating America from the grip of the vermin Hun horde of socialists and Eco-fascists.

TRUMP can speak out about enslavement...and...hopefully he will. VIVA TRUMP!
NXP Semiconductors NV revealed that it was supplying the hardware for WAR-BOT(tm) and expected profits from that relationship to be well over $234,899,000 in 2017. Guido NXP leader of extraordinary skill and acumen...refrained from saying too much but noted that WAR-BOT(tm) would make soldier-death something which almost never occurs. "The robots do all the fighting leaving the soldiers from afar to command their WAR-BOTS(tm)," Guido noted as he looked at the 100,000 WAR-BOTS(tm) headed for the Middle East.
Saleh al-Mutlaq...a leading Iraqi politician...told a cub reporter that PEACE AND PROSPERITY for both Shiite, Sunni and Kurd were instantly available if only the government permitted an otherwise unhampered market paradigm wherein each sect's storeroom insulated from the grip and grab of the others.

"If the government can't tax or regulate...there isn't any reason to fight over who'll serve in those strictly administrative positions. If courts(penal and civil)...police...and...national defense were the only things government delivered...then it would not matter if the law were English common law or Sharia law since never could those laws be used to plunder the storeroom of the losers," whispered Saleh as he examined a photo of 1200 dead children slaughtered by an OBAMA-BOMB...a bomb delivered by an Obama-guided drone.

When asked about funding administrative services...he laughed and replied, "In an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) the government...what there is of it...receives funds from rents, royalties, various fees, and Warren-Buffett like donations. Since most people are extremely wealthy in the OUM...funding is never a problem...not ever. But PEACE AND PROSPERITY* flood and nourish.
*Syrian civil war began in 2010 but really bubbled over in 2011 during the so-called Arab Spring.
Katie Tur...a nasty female reporter shadowing TRUMP for MSNBC for the last 9 months...came forward to describe t-shirts that TRUMP supporters supposedly wore. But when the videos were examined...those people with those derogatory t-shirts were CLINTON supporters at a TRUMP rally...and...were placed to be observed by MASS MEDIA cameras. It was obviously staged...and...designed for a "talking point"...a talking point TUR had been given before the 248,999 person Melbourne, Florida rally. It's obvious hateful-TUR is a part of this script. What an angry little lady TUR has become.
ICANN is about to get control of the entire INTERNET. The United Nations is salivating over the chance to grab this multi-trillion dollar business. U.S.Senator Coon(D.Del) likes this ICANN idea since it'll give big grab government control over content. It's horrific that COON is such a traitor. But he's a Democrat and will lick the boot of his master. It's horrific!
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We're in a war on freedom. If TRUMP loses this election...or...if the Republicans lose the U.S.Senate...the consequences would be as monumental as they would be catastrophic. America would become a miasma of misery and privation...similar to what is afoot in Venezuela. FREEDOM must be defended. Join our crusade to march* to "make salt".
*Gandhi made salt and the British Empire departed India.
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Most voters know Hillary Clinton is a scoundrel. They ask themselves if they could stomach 4 years of Clinton and her pay-to-play schemes...her lack of courage to fight America's many enemies...or...accept the whip and chain she'd apply.

Many are electing to support TRUMP. They can't overlook Hillary's criminal misconduct...or...her flouting rules and exposing America to its enemies. How about you?
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Fascism and socialism...two complementary ideologies...combined once more to give 10.5 million Mexicans a "free 24 inch wide screen" TV for $1.3 billion. One TV supplier got $900 million for 6.5 million TV sets it had on hand coincidentally. The idea was to give every Mexican a way to watch socialists spend other people's money...and...thereby encourage them to get in line and beg for something from their masters. WOW! (WSJ A-7;09-29-16).
Insulin-dependent patients can now get a MiniMed 670-G and find peace when it comes to diabetes. The road to this point...however...has been fraught with Food and Drug Administration bottleneck.

The FDA harassed and stifled MEDTRONICS trying to keep this new device off the market since it will prolong life...something the FDA has been quite determined to make sure does not happen, (WSJ B-3;09-29-16).

As scumbag-Califf* admitted, "My mandate is to kill off people...keep them from burdening the system with chronic complaints. I kill over a million per year...but...Obama wanted it to be 2.5 million by the time he departed. I simply could not deliver those numbers and had to agree to permit MiniMed 670 to go forward lest I be exposed and lose my job,"
*Scumbag-Califf is the leader of the FDA.
Hillary Clinton was treated well by Lester Holt...the moderator of the 1st debate. Similar to what James Comey did...Holt surrendered his self-esteem and bowed to the diktat of TEAM-CLINTON that she be given only softball questions.

Recall JAMES COMEY ditched the investigation into Hillary's criminal misconduct and undermined any collateral attack on Clinton's cronies giving them "immunity" from prosecution. He could have forced underlings to rat out Clinton...but...Comey...the stooge-henchman-weasel...did as ordered. He insulated Hillary and her vermin horde from prosecution.

And in similar fashion...Holt never asked Clinton about her email scandal...her Benghazi cover-up...or...her pay-to-play scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State...questions that would have UNDERMINED her completely.
Alicia Machado and Bill Clinton were involved. COLIN an email...mentioned that BILL CLINTON was still doing bimbos at his house when Hillary was away on her travels. When BILL was asked about the Machado tryst...he laughed and said it was obviously a rumor spread by TRUMP. HUH?
Surrounded by guards...Donald Verrilli will open a law practice in Washington D.C. catering to political hacks. When asked why he had so many bodyguards...he demurred and replied, "I'm considered a scumbag. If' I'm in public by myself I'll be groin-kicked or spat upon. The public hates me. The know I'm EVIL and I hurt them. But I followed orders even if it meant destruction of liberty."(WSJ B-3;09-29-16).
At one time...BlackBerry Ltd...nowadays valued at $4.1 billion...was previously valued at $89 billion. As JOHN CHEN...its newest CEO lamented, "A decade ago...BlackBerry meant smartphone and smart people. Nowadays...BlackBerry means "yesterday's rice"...with iPhone and Samsung having grabbed 99% of the market BlackBerry once held."

JOHN CHEN unabashedly went on to recite "why" BlackBerry went down hill so fast: "BlackBerry was packed with socialist jerks who didn't believe they needed to keep abreast of technological advancement. They thought big grab government would stifle all others and permit BlackBerry to remain omnipotent. When government didn't deliver as envisioned...the company foundered."
Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte told a cub reporter he was concluding America's military involvement in his extended country. He didn't trust American politicians particularly the dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office,(WSJ A-7;09-29-16). What made Duterte change his mind about an American military presence was the sneaky way Obama was using it. "That monkey has used his military to hurt people," whispered Duterte as he looked at the wreckage of the ferry that was struck by an American Destroyer.
Bernie and Hillary and 1200 others gathered in New Hampshire to discuss implementing socialism in America and how those 1200 would profit mightily once Clinton was in power. "She will give free transport...everything will be free...and...other people's money will be used to pay for it," croaked Bernie as he described all the kingdom and glories granted in exchange for their vote,(MATTHEW 4:8).
EMME...came forward to say she supported TRUMP. EMME noted that Miss Universe Alicia Machado had signed a contract not to gain weight and in breach thereof had packed on 60 lbs. Emme...a plump gal with fire and pomp...said Machado was wrong and was even more wrong to attack TRUMP...the dude who gave her access to the PORN STAR category.
Dutch prosecutor, Fred Westerbeke said the missile that brought down Flight 17 was a Russian missile called a BUK. He said the missile launcher which fired that missile was taken back across the Russian border after the BUK was fired. When asked if he believed the Russians had fired the BUK...Fred hesitated and replied, "It was not an official Russian made to appear to be a Russian attack. It was in all likelihood an American Central Intelligence Agency operation...designed to cause ill-will between Ukraine and Russia." (WSJ A-9;09-29-16).
Brig.Gen.Charles Cleveland told a cub reporter that Obama had deliberately bombed a village killing 15 people...mostly children. Obama had been informed there were children at a house in Nangarhar province and he'd do well to kill them all to be sure he killed the ANTI-CHRIST who was among those children. Obama's bomb blew a hole 20 feet deep...4 blocks wide...and...obliterated all the children in that targeted house. "He had to make sure the ANTI-CHRIST was deleted," confided a gleeful Cleveland.(WSJ A-8;09-29-16).
*By a 97 to 1 vote...the U.S.Senate overrode Obama's veto of a terrorist-payment law enabling plaintiffs to sue governments for terrorist acts. Obama will be a named party in one of these suits since he participated in the murdering of children in Afghanistan!
"Glass house" Hillary Clinton...declared she doubted TRUMP had accepted Obama's birth certificate as genuine. Those who heard her declare such doubt screamed out: WHAT ABOUT BENGHAZI...or...your PAY TO PLAY scheme?

Might such doubt be held by others who suspect she did conduct a "pay-to-play" scheme while Secretary of State...or...that she had a hand in the death of those 4 Americans in Benghazi on 09-11-12?
President Putin has been dubbed "whipping boy" for every cyber-attack. Obama administration officials always blame the Russians believing there's still "hatred" for the BIG BEAR and hence the buy-line accepted without critical analysis. However...most Americans admire President him in his decision to retake Crimea and bring peace to that otherwise troubled region...and...know Obama is behind most of what has been called cyber-attack. VIVA PUTIN! (WSJ A-4;09-29-16).
In the 1st debate...Hillary Clinton agreed with TRUMP that she was at home preparing for the debate as well as preparing* to be president. TRUMP let it slide and didn't take issue with her self-assessment. On the other hand...the audience did INJECT something: WERE YOU AT HOME PREPARING TO BE PRESIDENT WHILE 4 AMERICANS WERE MURDERED IN BENGHAZI ON 09-11-12?
*For 7 (+) hours...4 Americans begged Hillary Clinton to save them!
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In Melbourne, Florida...250,000(+) people showed up to cheer for TRUMP. The crowd was so large it was considered historical and some local newspaper writers thought JESUS had returned. Of course...the MASS MEDIA refused to publish such crowd numbers because it would mean TRUMP was winning and they didn't want voters to conclude as much. VIVA TRUMP!
Carl Bernstein was asked why over the years he didn't fight socialism and why he allowed TEAM OBAMA to hurt America as it has reducing most Americans to cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. Carl looked at the cub correspondent and said, "Old man sleeps with his conscience at night...young man sleeps with his dreams...while the mentally ill...sit perfectly all of life's "in-betweens."(John Prine)
In 2008...Hillary Clinton directed Sidney Blumenthal...a dirty-tricks spread the KENYA BIRTH rumor undermining Obama's effort to become the Democrat choice for president. Sidney was smart enlist the help of trusted worker bees thereby making any linking of Hillary and Sidney to the spread of the BIRTHER NOTION almost impossible without the confession of underlings...people Sidney knew to be "keep-mouth-shut" types.

In 2016...MICHELLE OBAMA described the BIRTHER ISSUE as hurtful and blamed TRUMP for fanning that fire...and...keeping the public's attention on her husband's birthplace. Never did MICHELLE admit...though...that CLINTON had started that rumor.

Why MICHELLE refused to accuse Clinton isn't well might very well be Hillary promised Barack a position on the U.S.Supreme Court.
President Putin should not deal with a scumbag such as Obama. Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry is as much a scoundrel as Obama. They're both cut from the same nasty piece of liar's cloth. President Assad can retake Syria with President Putin's assistance. Both of these leaders would do well to distrust* anything Kerry or Obama said!
*Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...LIED to Dr. Afridi. Obama promised Dr. Afridi $25 million and extraction from Pakistan in exchange for the coordinates of Osama bin Laden. When Dr. Afridi insisted such promises be in writing...Obama replied, "My word is as strong as oak." Of course...Obama betrayed Afridi and Afridi is in a Pakistani prison serving a 40 year stretch for treason.
Trump is going to delete fiefdom and deliver paradise to America. He will delete big grab government...and...eliminate NANNY STATE CAGE "spank and diaper check"...and...THE ESTABLISHMENT is joining to prevent such outcome. Take John Warner for instance. He promised Hillary he'd deliver Virginia on November 08, 2016...provided she granted him estates and titles in exchange. When asked about "turncoat"...Warner chuckled and replied, "Hillary will give me stuff...whereas Trump plans to delete my fiefdom."
As the moderator at the 1st debate...Lester Holt asked TRUMP nasty...biting questions...and...threw Clinton softballs. When it came to backing Clinton's idiotic assertion about the constitutionality of "stop and frisk"...HOLD threw off any disguise and backed Clinton even though she was absolutely wrong. Holt...his job on the line...had to help Clinton and hurt Trump any way he could no matter what. Holt-the-scumbag, eh Lester?
Tastes just as your speed. Trouble ahead...trouble know...that notion...just crossed my mind. Might TRUMP be using cocaine? Or is that accusation made by Dr. Howard Dean...a Clinton-advocate...just another scurrilous assertion. Recall in 2008...Clinton disseminated the KENYA BIRTH story...and...this COCAINE STORY is the same kind of anodyne drivel.
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With capital costs and operating expenses being what they are in 2016...a container ship must charge $1400 per container or declare bankruptcy. Yet...the marketplace will only bear a $767 imposition with anything greater refused.

The difference between $1400 and $767 could be made up by big government subsidy...subsidizing these cargo companies so that the sellers of the world might continue to have access to customers.

Or...the shipping an unfettered setting...could reorganize to take into account this difference and thereby service both sellers and customers.

It's called the "shake-out" and it's as much a part of an otherwise unhampered market as the currency used therein.

If government interferes...and...skews this so-called SHAKE-OUT...however...the most inefficient are kept alive by umbilical cord like taken from producers who figured out how to escape such subsidy-format...delivered to those container companies who didn't see it coming.
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Keynesian economists declared shale oil production would disappear due to a down turn in oil prices. Their models predicted as much. Naturally...this BLOG bought every shale production site for sale and now is reaping enormous profits. The idiotic Keynesian economists delivered another ignorant forecast...and...this BLOG profited mightily by it. Keep it up, boys!(WSJ B-1;09-27-16)
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When brewing beer...HOPS is used. So competitive the micro-brewery market that science has stepped in to assist. "It takes hop developers about 10 years to cross-pollinate the beer-flavoring plants to create proprietary varieties with unique flavors and aromas," quipped Biff Buffington...a hops developer as he sniffed beer made with citra...a unique citrus flavoring hops.

Hearing about this bottleneck...the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG deployed Crispr-Cas9 technology and gene-spliced hop so that any kind of beer flavor could be produced! Testing out the technique...a new beer flavor was produced every 15 minutes including Blue Berry Moon Dust...a particular favorite with the NASA space shooting crew,(WSJ B-1;09-27-16).
John Stumpf and John Kosinen...are two chief executive officers(CEO) whose fates differ only because of the employer for whom they work. Stumpf works for Wells Fargo Bank while Koskinen is head of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Whereas Stumpf was castigated for what his underlings did at Wells Fargo bank outlets...Koskinen was awarded the MEDAL OF HONOR for his refusal to punish IRS agents for criminal misconduct. Maybe Stumpf should have been pissing in Koskinen's toilet, eh Obama?
Gun-hater, Erika Soto Lamb...was in the Big Apple...on a subway alone. Suddenly...three big dudes approach and started to harass her. They grabbed her purse...they tried to stab her as she fought over the purse...but...were stopped by a man with a pistol. He told them to get back to their seats and mind their own business. Ms. Lamb looked* at the gun-toting fella and said, "How dare you stop them with a gun. Maybe your words...but..never a gun. I was prepared to die."
*Erika was contacted by the Syrian bomb-removal squad and asked if she would assist them in finding hidden land mines and booby-traps.
Federal Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh conceded that somehow mankind was contributing to climate change on Mother Earth. How mankind was imposing itself in what otherwise a natural progression and recession...Brett didn't know...but...10,000 scientists could not be wrong. Underscoring his erudition on climate change...Brett turned to the packed courtroom and said, "I eat shit...a billion flies can't be wrong!" (WSJ A-3;09-27-16)
Fran Ulmer...declared mankind was destroying Mother Earth. She said she had measured temperatures in Alaska and found them warmer than in times past. When asked about her measuring and how far back she went in making her determination...she flared and erupted, "How dare you question man-caused global warming!"

Of times past...Mother Earth has warmed...sea levels have gone has disappeared...only to return once the Earth has cooled. The reasons for the heat and cold of Earth are due to a combination of natural forces including sun stuff and mankind lacks any way at the moment to alter that aspect of existence.

On the other hand...Fran Ulmer makes big bucks off this DECLARATION that mankind can change the climate of Mother Earth. In times past...the Fran Ulmers of the world were the rulers who told their underlings to stop the eruption...a virgin had to be tossed into the volcano. To convince a circumspect crowd...these Fran Ulmers would speak about a time when the Earth lacked volcanoes and life was secure. To return to that safety...a virgin had to be tossed."
James Obama scumbag-stooge-henchman...said the FBI had spoken to Mateen and Rahami before Mateen attacked that Orlando nightclub and Rahami had planted bombs around New York and New Jersey. He said FBI agents had examined these two men and concluded they were harmless. They seemed like normal Democrats...ready to kill for socialism...ready to do their master's bidding...and...hence...normal..everyday...Americans...ready to kneel and lick the master's boot,(WSJ A-3;09-27-16).
Eduardo Trujillo Lopez, an undocumented Mexican living in Walla Walla for nearly a decade, spent 6 months at a Tacoma detention facility after being arrested in March last year for driving with a suspended license...a suspension suffered for failure to pay traffic tickets. Hearing about Lopez...this BLOG paid the $8000.00 for his BOND and has dispatched an intercession-team to speak with to-be-President, DONALD J. TRUMP inviting President TRUMP to absolve Lopez and the 13 million other Lopez-like situations,(WSJ A-3;09-27-16).
Ben Wakana...a scumbag at Health and Human Services(HHS)...told a cub reporter he would kill to advance the cause of socialism. He fancied himself a despot who could make people do as he wished. "I will force young people to buy health insurance and if they don't I'll hassle them...stifle them...and...make their lives miserable. They will kneel and lick my boot when I'm done with them," scoffed Big Bad Ben as he's called around the shop.
In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten mercilessly until he admits his name is TOBY. When OBAMA saw his chance using OBAMA-CARE to force people to admit their name was TOBY...he took the opportunity and imposed the "whip and chain". Yet...while older Americans...sheep-like....and easily directed...folded and commenced their directed worship of this idol proclaiming themselves whatever their master wished...the millennials refused. They weren't about to kneel and lick jackboot with candied tongue,(WSJ A-2;09-27-16).
Most students have heard of the BIG BANG THEORY...the idea that the universe sprang from a point and expanded ever since. Of course...proving such a primordial beginning isn't possible...but...some have tried. One team claimed they had measured background radiation coming from everywhere and such a phenomenon had to be due to some mutual primordial event: THE BIG BANG.

However...that proof evaporated when it was discovered throughout the universe are super-massive black holes...most found embedded in the center of countless galaxies spread throughout. It was obvious the so-called background radiation was simply an excrescence of this GRAVITATIONAL ASPECT and had been misinterpreted since before the later holes were thought to be only theoretical and could not ever really exist.
The Tax Code can fetch some insulation from the merciless grip and grab of the income and estate tax. There are provisions one might use to dodge confiscatory aspects. Hillary Clinton accused TRUMP of lawfully using those provisions to avoid paying huge taxes.

"Had he paid exorbitant taxes...he'd never have the empire he has now...and...all those jobs he provides would not be there. And...all those jobless people would be dependent and worshiping whatever idol I might forge," crowed Hillary as she addressed her small mush-mind crowd.

Hillary Clinton told a mush-mind audience that people needed to connect with each other and she was going to impose a socialist system where everyone would have their hands in each other's pocket...declaring themselves richer. Her crowd cheered and screamed with adulation. Here was a scoundrel willing to destroy liberty and replace it with NANNY STATE "freedom-to-obey'''packed with "spank and diaper check" that declaration of tyranny...her mush-mind crowd clapped thunderously.
In Raleigh, North Carolina...Hillary Clinton had reserved a 60,000 seat stadium...but...changed it to a small meeting hall after last night's deplorable debate. Her dodging and ducking questions about her 33,000 missing emails was emblematic of "how" this scoundrel would administer governmental power. And her debate-performance last night killed her attendance numbers dramatically. So significant...a small meeting hall was required to avoid showing the nation the OBVIOUS DISLIKE for Clinton after last night's despicable display of socialist vigor.
During last night's one point...Hillary...reacting to TRUMP'S rhetorical assault...looked into the camera and went: oooo---eewww...shaking her shoulders as if terror had just passed. Might that have been the same reaction she had when 4 beleaguered Americans in Benghazi were begging for her help? Might she have been at her house preparing to be president while those 4 Americans entreated her to save them?
Hillary Clinton asked if TRUMP were hiding something by not publishing his tax returns. TRUMP replied that he'd release his tax returns when she revealed those 33,000 emails she deleted. Quid pro quo. You give this...I'll give that. You refuse to reveal those 33,000 turn...I reciprocate. Such a face-off...such a cold rebuke...angered pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA hacks who were salivating over chewing on TRUMP using his form 1040 returns. Trump was smart to say he'll give his tax returns when she gives up those 33,000 emails.
Wang Jianlin...a billionaire...joined this BLOG thereby enabling this BLOG to present feature films about freedom-fighters defending liberty through Wang's DALIAN WANDA GROUP CO. With this newest way to reach's the hope of the editorial staff that this BLOG will finally be able to apprise all 5 billion Earthlings of another way...a 21st century approach...sporting the label: the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
April Ryan...a public radio pro-Clinton advocate...declared CLINTON the winner in last night's debate. She couldn't say enough about how brilliant dull Trump. To her Hillary was god-like...far beyond mortal female...and...ready to be a benevolent despot.
It's obvious...the MASS MEDIA is pro-Clinton. Since last night's debate...MASS MEDIA has been declaring Hillary Clinton not only last night's obvious debate winner...but also...describing her as god-like...divinity on Earth...and...we...the cattle and sheep...should be honored to have such a tyrant imposing her will with NANNY STATE CAGE "spank and diaper check".
TRUMP relied on the MASS MEDIA to enumerate and describe all the topics TRUMP didn't mention in last night's debate including: the BENGHAZI DEBACLE...the CLINTON FAMILY FOUNDATION scandal...the email-pay-to-play scheme and destruction of evidence imbroglio and Hillary's desire to enslave and replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey". TRUMP left those aspects of Clinton for others to identify and specify. VIVA TRUMP!
"We want to know how much income tax TRUMP paid," dripped the envious U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff...adding..."America is a socialist miasma and I want to know about TRUMP'S income. I want to know "how" he's escaping the omnivorous maw of big grab government."
U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff,(D.NY) told* a cub reporter he didn't care if Hillary Clinton killed 4 Americans in Benghazi...opened the vault of secrets...or...would crash the economy with her "red tape, tax and spend" program and policy. He wanted socialist-Hillary to be president and he simply didn't care how much of a scoundrel she was in times past. HUH?
*Last night Hillary Clinton denied she had called the TTP the "gold standard"...when...she in fact...had done just that. However...not any talking head in the MASS MEDIA is focusing on this latest LIE. They're all in the pocket of Clinton.
Riyad Abdullah...a hooligan from the other side of town...waited outside a courthouse in Amman, Jordan to kill Nahed Hattar. Riyad was angry that Nehad had posted a cartoon of Allah helping Mohammed have sex with camel and woman...teaching The prophet the differences. Riyad felt such depiction of Allah and his prophet, Mohammed were blasphemous...idolatrous...and...downright raunchy. And for that sinful stuff...Hattar had to die. Allahu Akbar!(WSJ A-9;09-27-16).
Hillary Clinton on TV described the Trans-Pacific Trade deal as the "gold standard". When she was challenged about her "gold standard" label...she denied it. Yet...everyone can Google that issue and will observe Hillary saying of the TTP: "It's the gold standard." Hence...Hillary Clinton was once again caught in another lie...indeed...caught living her own reality.
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem told a cub reporter that Syria was not going to be handed over to a bunch of hooligans and preferred that American forces stay out of Syrian power struggles. Dmitry Peskov...a Kremlin spokesman...added that Obama had caused what was afoot in the Middle East and he was looking forward to a President Trump stopping the hoodlums from destroying what little remained of commerce and prosperity,(WSJ A-9;09-27-16).
*The pan-Arab news channel Al-Mayadeen has joined this BLOG to provide both pro-Islamic and anti-Islamic commentary.
Gary Johnson was dispatched by CAMP-CLINTON a while back to take away that margin of victory Reagan enjoyed. Recall that Bush...his successor...suffered an electoral defeat with Ross Perot siphoning off the voters who represented that margin of victory. Ross Perot took enough votes from BUSH to guarantee a CLINTON victory.

Repeating this tactic...Gary Johnson was picked and dispatched to siphon off enough votes to give Clinton that margin of victory similar to what happened in the BUSH-CLINTON face-off years ago. Yes...TRUMP knows of that stratagem but can't do much about it since the MASS MEDIA is pushing Gary Johnson as a spoiler...a person capable of delivering the Oval Office to the Democrats.

There are two worlds here. The one I propose...and...the one...she'll impose. I offer liberation while she prescribes more OBAMA stifle and hinder...increasing the cost of energy...making the life of the poor harder and more dependent on her beneficence...while I offer liberty and the elimination of the hinder and hassle which has become such a part of the business world that profitability is fleeting...

My opponent proposes more BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...higher gasoline costs...higher energy costs...and...poverty on a scale similar to what has befallen Venezuela...that bankrupt socialist paradise turned miasma.

no image
Fools who pull the 20th Century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system won't pick Clinton. The parasites and cronies who control the MASS MEDIA like Hillary and with such power they keep the FOOLS in bondage...enslaved...tethered...and...reduced to beast of burden status. Clinton tells the FOOLS that she'll forge new shackle...impose more burden...and...whip until obedient. And to that declaration of tyranny...the MASS MEDIA shows the TV audience cheering for such voice-over technique tell the viewers the producers must be chained...and...forced to deliver more for the common good.
Unlike the baby boomers who groveled and worshiped whatever idol their would-be masters forged...the millennials aren't so accepting and want a different approach. Most wish a 21st century otherwise unhampered market paradigm since therein not ever can an able-bodied pauper be found. They hate bondage and prefer to be left alone...not taxed...not to do as they please. Such desire is best served by "concierge" TRUMP...not "diktat" Clinton.
Pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA talking heads have already prepared their hate-TRUMP script. They need only have his actual words spoken during the debate to PLUG into their diatribe template. Some have been practicing their venom-drooling so they might fit into the hate-TRUMP format which will embark after the debate if not during it. Mark Cuban...a expected to rise up...with all cameras on him...scream LIAR towards TRUMP...and...stomp if..."fed-up" if...somehow...rubbed raw.
Roger Simon...chief political columnist for POLITICO...told a cub reporter he hated TRUMP because TRUMP would dismantle his beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where scumbags such as he could find a job working for socialist causes. "TRUMP will delete most of the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE and that makes me angry," drooled Simon as he looked at polling data showing TRUMP ahead of CROOKED HILLARY.
Unlike America where freedom-haters China...there are small refineries. They're called "teapot" refineries. Most of them began as small distillation businesses selling cheap gasoline along the side of roadways when the Chinese Communist Party finally relented and permitted entrepreneurial wealth to manifest. Indeed...most...if not all...present-day "teapots" began* as bucket-gasoline businesses. Had it not been for the incredible foresight of the Communist Leadership such prosperity would still not be found. VIVA President Xi!(WSJ C-1;09-26-16).
*In America...teapots won't be found since energy production has been suffocated by big chomp government.
Ever since this BLOG endorsed TRUMP he has moved steadily to become the Republican Party nominee. Now...he's poised to claim the Oval Office. Unlike Hillary yesterday's rice...TRUMP offers a bright future for everyone...a future wherein the individual makes the wealth and does not have to fear the grip and grab of big stomp government. VIVA TRUMP!
Bandy...the injury-riddled rodeo clown...borrowed 10,000 shares of Carnival Cruise Lines...and...sold them. On Monday coming if Carnival Corp. has bigger earnings than before...Bandy will make a billion bucks...and...maybe a way to escape some more,(WSJ C-1;09-26-16).
Bandy refused to speculate on Yeti stuff...found the $400 cooler more than he could buy...and Carnival was risk enough.
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Unless they win...the Tennessee Volunteers are forbidden to sing ROCKY TOP as they walk from the stadium. On the other hand...if they prevail...they're invited to sing that song from tree to trail. And sing they did on Saturday night ...they stomped Gator...eleven times before silence...but ROCKY TOP framed their victory fight. GO VOLS!
TRUMP held 2 events in the last few days and his audiences were "standing-room-only" while Hillary Clinton's crowd was sedate and demur...bristling with excuses for every shortcoming and act of deceit.

In many ways...Hillary's continued viability as a candidate is a testament to the power of the complicit MASS MEDIA. U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) pointed out, "If you ask 100 people if they distrust Hillary...89 of them will say "yes" so-called unbiased polls...Hillary leads Trump by 10 points ? How could that be if not but for the power of the MASS MEDIA?"
Abu Sukar had a statue erected in both Gaza and Jerusalem...both statues pharaoh-like...impressive to inspiration to all Palestinian boys. Recall it was Abu Sukar who wrote a manual on how to have sex with camel citing the Qu'ran for supporting detail and concept. According to Sultan Abu adviser to President Abbas...SUKAR was a pathfinder...the kind of guy he'd want in his tent at night. Allahu Akbar!
Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu told a cub reporter the Jew was imperiled by the idiotic foreign policy of Obama-Clinton. He wanted TRUMP for president but feared Obama reprisal if it were ever published. "I fear Obama. He is a nasty...two-faced dung-throwing monkey...and...he'd deliver what's left of Israel into the hands of the Palestinians.
The nation's chief regulatory review court, the U.S.Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, is packed with freedom-haters and one-world government fact...Obama is confident his CLEAN POWER PLAN will be permitted to be imposed thereby making energy big grab government unlimited power to decide who sweats and freezes...who will be granted subsidy...and...who will be forced to pay the exorbitant energy rates the CLEAN POWER PLAN will deliver,(WSJ A-15;09-26-16).

Confronting this incredible power-grab are freedom-fighters who will fight against such tyranny by litigating and protesting in the streets. They know the big grip government crowd will have air conditioning while the unwashed masses won't be able to afford it. They know big foot government tyrants will sport about in expensive armored cars...while the rest of humanity ride bikes or buses. And they know big grab government will take whatever possible so that everyone else is miserable and unable to fight back.
OBAMA-CARE was based on tribal socialism...the notion the tribe is all-powerful...while...the individuals therein...labeled secondary and expendable. Millennials suspected as much and have categorically refused to kneel and worship this idol declaring they won't be enslaved! VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-13;09-26-16).
Arcan Cetin...the scumbag who shot people at the Cascades Mall...according to his psychiatrist...was having nightmares involving the prophet Mohammed and naked alluring camels.

He could not reconcile the notion of sexual contact with camels in heaven as recited in the Qu'ran...and...the 9 to 5 job he held bagging groceries at the local Fresh Food store.

Unable to cope with such dissonance...Arcan Cetin took a .22 caliber pistol he'd stolen from his uncle's house...went to the local mall...and...slaughtered mall-goers....screaming "Allahu Akbar!"
Alan Blinder...a scumbag from Princeton...said he wanted more laws to make sure workers get their fair share and Mother Earth isn't ruined. Maybe in a Neo-feudal world Blinder's ideas seem a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market context...his proposals are remarkably ignorant. He wants to use 20th Century NANNY STATE "spank and diaper check" to compel obedience and conformity where his ideas are paramount and any dissent stomped with Blinder-excitement. Opposing Donald J. Trump. "VIVA TRUMP!"
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Karate teaches a person how to defend against knife attack. Ever since the mad-mall slasher massacre...though...karate teachers are telling their students to announce loudly they are Muslim. This utterance will stop most Islamic warriors from stabbing. It's a great idea and one most people should use if ever attacked by a rag head yelling "Allahu Akbar!"
Nahed Hattar was arrested for publishing a cartoon showing a white bearded God asking an Islamic warrior if he needed anything else. The naked warrior with 2 nubile babes asks for more wine and some cashews. Such cartoon was an affront to Islam and as such he was arrested under Jordanian law prohibiting the caricature of God or Mohammed.

However...while waiting outside for the Court to open so Hattar could defend himself against this charge of blasphemy...he was shot to death. His assailant screamed "Allahu Akbar" as he shot Hattar. A "death warrant" had been issued by a mullah...and...his assailant followed that diktat and slaughtered Hattar. America...Hattar would have been accepted...perhaps...even labeled WONDROUS. However...Hattar wasn't in America but in primitive Jordan...and...he paid with his life for daring to find humor in Islam.
How does one spell coward? Many children are spelling it: A-R-C-A-N C-E-T-I-N referring to the scumbag who shot people in the Cascade Mall with a .22 caliber pistol he had stolen from his uncle's house.

Instead of going to Florida to slaughter...he chose Washington State...since...there...he could slaughter without fear of someone returning fire. In Florida...he'd probably be gunned down before he ever racked a round.

"Had he tried that at a Macy' Beach...for instance...he'd have been shot 1000 times by a 1000 by-standers each packing their own firepower," confided Indian River County Sheriff D. Loar,(WSJ A-3;09-26-16)
One F-35 fighter jet costs about $100 million. So expensive the product...many scientists asked if there were not a cheaper alternative. Hearing the query...the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG contacted the Pentagon and offered another way to achieve the same...if not better results...for much less. Instead of being welcomed...though...Pentagon officials snidely said they had a procurement process and this kind of "direct-sell" wasn't wanted.

TRUMP was informed of this rebuke and told a cub reporter he would see to it that alternatives were examined. "I want America to be first and such desire mandates better stuff," quipped a confident TRUMP as he looked over speaking points for the upcoming debate...adding off-the-cuff that the Pentagon was top heavy and a gleaning would be done so that new ways sought not shunned.
In order to force people to return to a time of "tent and mule"...the would-be masters are going to impose CARBON EMISSION STRICTURES on jet travel making such so expensive few will be able to travel who are not related in some way to big grab government. climate change is afoot and jets are the leading cause for Mother Earth's heat stroke.

Take away jets...take away cars...take away coal...take away oil...and...what will remain will be a "tent and mule" society where tribal witch doctors discuss how the camp fire might also be causing storm and flood,(WSJ A-8;09-26-16).
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) was asked about the way pollsters are hired to deliver specific results. He thought about the issue for a moment...and...sensing he was about to be put on YouTube replied, "In a national poll taken among Asians...TRUMP was the clear winner when it came to a choice between him and Hillary Clinton. Hearing about this CREDIBLE NATIONAL POLL...the pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA instantly delivered a CONTRARY POLL showing Asians liked Clinton more than they liked TRUMP. When the Asians were asked "why" they changed their minds...they claimed they had not."
When Keith Scott was told by a palm reader he'd be killed in the parking lot of his apartment complex by a police officer...Scott laughed and told the palm reader he'd already seen the movie, GHOST and wasn't about to play with molding clay. Tragically...however...that palm reader was earning her fee when she predicted Scott's mortality,(WSJ A-3;09-26-16).
Hillary Clinton called Mark Cuban and invited him not only to sit in a front row seat at the upcoming TRUMP-CLINTON debate...but also...ask a terrible...embarrassing...nasty...snide question...and...then...posture and sneer as he does on SHARK TANK when TRUMP discovers he's been trapped...placed in front of a snippy...opinionated Hillary-lover...and...asked to SPEAK OUT.

TRUMP must be ready for Mark Cuban who will ask some silly I LOVE THE PLANET question and force TRUMP to call man-caused climate change hokum...thereby exploding the mush-minds...Mark Cuban included...who accept man-made global warming as FACT instead of OBVIOUS fiction.

 TRUMP will be pitted against a well-known SHARK...who will insist there is such a thing as MAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE...and...TRUMP will be left telling Cuban and everyone else the entire theory of man-caused global warming is ridiculous....a position contrary to what Pope Francis teaches...and...contrary to the Peter Rabbit version of carbon dioxide and Farmer Brown.

It's as  likely as not TRUMP will be deferential to Mark Cuban. But TRUMP must not take bait but counter with his own well-aimed petard. TRUMP when cornered about LOVE PLANET EARTH stuff could reply by asking Mark Cuban why he supported Hillary whose estate tax is based on envy. The Bible says: THOU SHALT NOT COVET(Exo.20:17). The estate tax is based on coveting what others have. Hillary supports such sinful ways since it's through the estate tax such ENVY is unleashed.
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In the bowels of a slave ship...chained to the beam...100 Afro-American slaves...bound for the American bondage scene. Every night one of these wretches pulled and tugged at the nail which held him storm-tossed night...God arrived at last. The nail came loose...and...that slave was free. And with that nail unlocked all the other chains giving those would-be slaves freedom. Of course...they attacked the ship's company...threw them all overboard...and...piloted their new-found way towards America...towards liberation. TRUMP is the LOOSE NAIL this time around. VIVA TRUMP!
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang asked Lady Elizabeth how he could circumvent the bottleneck of big grab government and open China up to modern cancer cures. She handed him a template entitled: OTHERWISE UNHAMPERED MARKET...and...invited him to attempt such feat. She pointed out that in ancient times...China was the world's leader...a place China needed to take back. "With the MEDICAL'll launch a new era in cancer research and cures," quipped Lady Elizabeth as she looked at the proposed hospital the Premier was proposing.(WSJ B-3;09-24-16)
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Hong one time...the jewel of the world. As close to an otherwise unhampered market was permitted to exist...and...therein...on that little patch of earth and rock...great fortunes and fabulous wealth was produced. time went by...socialists and fascists came to power and began to whittle away at liberty replacing such with freedom-to-obey. And...while Hong Kong has much of the old still struggling to survive and prosper...the "new strangle and stomp" grows more powerful and intrusive by the day.

On the other hand...President Xi knows that security and safety for the entire region requires Hong Kong to be on China's side in any dispute over international barrier whatever form such might take. This BLOG supports President Xi and urges Hong Kong to permit mainland China to control the issues of national security in exchange for leaving Hong Kong's treasured way of life untouched. VIVA PRESIDENT XI!(WSJ A-1;09-24-16).
Facebook over-estimated the time people spent watching video ads by an 80% margin. Out of 100 people...4 watched the ad while FACEBOOK'S estimate was 32 people and advertisers had paid for the 32 figure not the actual 4 that might have watched some if not all. So dramatic the problem that many companies are considering pulling their share of ads from the internet.  Mark Zuckerberg said it best, "People simply don't want to watch an ad about peanut butter while trying to connect with the universe!"(WSJ A-1;09-24-16).
Why won't 89 of 100 CEOs of the biggest companies endorse TRUMP? And "why" are 11 publicly pushing Clinton? While explaining their aversion to TRUMP somewhat easy...the allegiance of those 11 to a scoundrel such as Hillary is not. Her idea is to take away what those 11 CEOs have managed to save through an estate tax. She plans to impose greater income taxes and more red tape to strangle whatever still dynamic. Yet...they want Clinton over TRUMP? Again..."why" would anyone...who wished to breathe free...ever choose Clinton?(WSJ A-1;09-24-16).
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MASS MEDIA POWER? They could sell refrigerators to Eskimos. Is it any wonder their "pick" is doing so well? If they ever turned on Hillary Clinton she could be deleted in less than a fortnight. But...the MASS MEDIA wants to bring about socialism in America. Somehow the MASS MEDIA believes it can survive longer if it joins Hillary and her vision of tyranny.
WAR-BOT(tm) had a dramatic improvement made to its power-pack. It's DHX Falcon 80 hp Electric motor with Samsung lithium batteries was replaced with a 200 hp version utilizing off-the-shelf technology and same battery pack. With this increase in horsepower...WAR-BOT can now operate 300 hours between recharges at full battle speed. Such is 'why" TRUMP is able to tell America that ISIS will be deleted quickly. He plans on sending WAR-BOT(tm) to clean out Islamic State troops and their minions. VIVA TRUMP!
After conferring with the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...U.S.Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) elected to endorse endorsement this BLOG said had to be done before October of 2016.

It came at a crucial time. Hillary Clinton just announced how she'd destroy America using a progressive income tax and an estate tax...the two pillars Karl Marx described as the foundations of Marxism.

Whereas Hillary wishes to enslave...and...aggrandize the power of the state viz. the liberty of the individual...TRUMP wants to delete the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. And for such a future...CRUZ endorsed TRUMP. VIVA TRUMP!
Keith Scott grabbed a pair of black gloves. The officers thought he had a gun not gloves...and...they shot KEITH SCOTT. He was shot 4 times in the head by a fearful officer who mistook Scott's grabbing of gloves as grabbing for gun. His wife had informed that officer before the officer slaughtered Scott that he had a traumatic brain injury and had to be treated calmly and kindly. The officers were trained to scream "get on ground" slaughter those who refuse...shooting them with impunity....and...always called hero for the slaying.
Jennifer Granholm was caught trying to stop a child from receiving a life-saving surgical procedure. Granhold was often heard telling reporters when asked that it would cost too much and this child didn't deserve such government pay-out. Before she was directed to resign as HHS Secretary she was being called: "DEATH ANGEL"
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Hong Kong decided it was time to give the marketplace an unfettered place to handle transactions INSULATED from the grip and grab of big foot government. Always merging words for humor and edification...the Hong Kong ministers called it: THE SANDBOX...a place where the only rule not to initiate force or fraud...and...where the only recourse is to courts where all civil and penal matters handled. By providing an otherwise unhampered market...Hong Kong will ascend to the pinnacle of power and prestige.

In America...because there isn't as much a commitment to liberty as there is in Hong Kong...unfortunately....nowadays...the proposed competing SAND BOX in America will be tape and strictures designed to impede and inveigle...intended to retard and grant only benefit to well-feasting cronies and henchmen,(WSJ C-3;09-23-16).

U.S.Rep.Patrick McHenry(R.N.C.) has proposed such an AMERICAN SAND BOX...filled with quicksand...and...not a place where any entrepreneur wants to be.
In the game of Bacarrat...player or bank. In the game of stock market buy-sell...the odds are better or some wonks and wizards think. Just before a company announces it quarterly earnings...the stock usually goes up or down...whichever way in times past that company moved...such forecast great profits redound.

Ivo Jansen and Andrei Nikiforov used that theory to great benefit recently. They scored 55% in terms of winning rendering their prediction algorithm spectacularly valuable,(WSJ C-1;09-23-16).

While many might find APPLE,INC. unappealing for profit-making...for instance...those two dudes didn't. Apple, Inc. stock fell in the days leading up to its July 26,2016 earnings announcement. Then its results beat expectations and shares rose 6% in value, their largest gain since 2014!

Ivo and Andi got rich when they bought low and sold outcome their algorithm predicted!
Breaking with tradition...the Cincinnati Enquirer heard Hillary Clinton wanted to destroy liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey" that declaration they added their unqualified endorsement. Here was a real scumbag...someone who would enslave and stomp and they couldn't wait for the whip and chain to be affixed." HEIL HILLARY, eh boys?
Crispr-Cas9 is a software program which enables cheap gene-splicing. Imagine taking the gene which grows the lizard a new tail...and...when you're pancreas or liver gives out...that gene replaces the "deficient aspects"...thereby enabling the recipient to continue on with a quality of life not diminished by infirmity. Imagine as much and you'll sense "why" this BLOG has invested $233,456,777 in that technology offering to all customers the proverbial FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH,(click here).(WSJ B-1;09-23-16).
How would President TRUMP benefit most Americans instantly? U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) when asked that question replied, "By repealing the Food and Drug Act eliminating thereby the Food and Drug Administration and stopping once and for all the needless slaughtering of the sick and terminally-ill. Deleting that bunch of murdering bastards would be instant relief."
A 95% completed DAKOTA ACCESS pipeline was shut down by Obama. The idea was to destroy the $8 billion private investment and deliver thereby a STERN WARNING that any project not directed completely by big foot government would suffer a similar fate. Sure...Obama stranded 8,000 pipeline workers and idled a $100 million in equipment with his "STOP ORDER" make the point that he was not going to permit Mother Earth into flames burst due to carbon-release...he was prepared to impose such hardship. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?
Racism is the most primitive form of collectivism...where color of skin becomes qualifier. Take for example the Caucasian blind guy who believes he's Afro-American. When informed he can't attend an all-black church...he goes and sits down and awaits commencement only to find ushers escorting him outside once more. He's "white"...and...unwanted...inside those doors.
Guido Mantega...Dilma Rousseff's finance minister...was arrested for soliciting brides amounting to $2.35 million. As Brazil's corruption is will be the criminal activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The same unwinding will occur if TRUMP is elected. On the other hand...if Clinton prevails...she might very well escape condemnation since she controls the MASS MEDIA...something Rousseff didn't possess,(WSJ A-11;09-23-16).
Ramzan Kadyrov called TRUMP to congratulate him on his incredible come-from-behind victory* over Clinton. He promised to help TRUMP get business and prosperity flowing once more throughout the world. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-9;09-23-16).
*To assist Kadyrov in his own election in Chechnya...this BLOG sent a team of experts and $300 million. The money was not in U.S.dollars but in a mix of currencies in keeping with the IRAN RANSOM PROTOCOLS.
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As I was listening to MASS MEDIA talking heads discuss the latest proposal of Hillary Clinton wherein she declared the ESTATE TAX would be used to destroy the future...I heard someone...outside my spot...singing the national anthem.

The metaphor was overwhelming.

The MASS MEDIA was pushing the ESTATE TAX...knowing it would destroy the future and deliver only misery and privation for everyone...while outside...surrounding an American flag...stood people singing about liberty...and...the freedom to paint their own future as they see fit without fear of some would-be master with an ESTATE TAX declaring: "Our tears...your purse!"
Laura Meckler said Hispanics will choose Clinton over TRUMP even though they know their future will be bleak and miserable because of her. "Hispanics like to be directed from cradle to grave...kept in line with NANNY STATE "spank and diaper check"...and...don't care if America devolves into another socialist toilet similar to what they left behind," declared Meckler,(WSJ A-4;09-23-16).
Yahoo's 500 million accounts were hacked by the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) working in conjunction with the National Security Agency(NSA). Their purpose to give Obama more reason to impose more government this and that on the INTERNET,(WSJ A-1;09-23-16). When asked about the breach...YAHOO'S spokeswoman replied, "We know it was an inside job. It's purpose not yet determined. But it definitely was CIA and NSA stuff. It was obvious. They always use the same route...a route Edward Snowden told us to guard but we ignored his alert, unfortunately."
Betty Shelby was summoned to a domestic violence situation. On her way there...she spotted a car stopped in the roadway. She stopped her own patrol car...called for backup...and...exited to inspect and investigate. She pulled her cannon from its holster...racked a round...and...walked toward the vehicle. Other officers arrived and joined her...each one with cannon drawn...each one ready to slaughter...and...perform "cover-up"...if required.

Terence Crutcher was the driver of the other vehicle. He had stopped there to listen to the birds sing and to consider Jerusalem. He couldn't figure out why he had stopped where he had stopped or why he was so interested in bird song and Jesus. His reflection and musing was suddenly what had put him where he was. His ticket was about to be punched and this was the scenario in which he would meet his doom.
THOU SHALT NOT COVET(Exodus 20:17). The ESTATE TAX is based on coveting what others have* and the intention to attack and take. It's evil.

And for Hillary Clinton to declare she wants to impose such evil whereas TRUMP...on the other blessed hand...demands such EVIL be gone.

Clinton epitomizes the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE where what other people have is taken by the would-be master and redistributed so that everyone can be equally miserable...impoverished...and...without any access to capital to dig out.

It's evil and Hillary's desire to impose ESTATE TAX is satanic.
*BOB...during his lifetime...sold widgets. He was the most successful of the widget sellers. His customers were so many he was able to gain great wealth...wealth that represented those many times he had pleased his buyer...and...also...represented his decision to forego pleasure and that it so BOB could pass it to whomever he felt deserving of his beneficence. The ESTATE TAX attacks BOB when BOB is dead and can't defend his storeroom. It's perpetrated by those envious of BOB and of what BOB was able to accomplish. These takers want what BOB had and they don't care what they must to to get it. And the ESTATE TAX method employed is as EVIL as they who create and use it,(WSJ A-1;09-23-16).
Brilliant. Outstanding. Such words describe TRUMP'S decision to hold a rally instead of stopping his effort so that he might spend a few hours reviewing what he might be asked by the moderator at the upcoming debate. TRUMP doesn't that much care if he has what's been called the "ALEPPO MOMENT"...that moment when an obvious fact escapes Trump's attention such as happened to Gary Johnson when asked about Aleppo on a MSNBC show.
Mark Cuban...a wealthy dude...told a cub reporter his vote for Hillary Clinton a dramatic crony interlude. With her in power...he might very well get more than he could with TRUMP. He likes the way she runs her "pay-to-play"...and...for that reason on her drum he'll thump.
One climate-change guru...speaking on condition of anonymity...said, "Planet Earth is around 4.5 billion years old as is our sun. The known universe is around 14 billion years old. Mankind has only been examining the universe for 5000 years of that 4.5 billion. As for what Earth was like in times past in terms of climate change is never discussed since to admit climate change is a natural phenomenon would be to delete about 400,000 climate-change science jobs. Hence...because the MYTH is too lucrative...such perspective is NEVER mentioned. NOT EVER!"
Has any noticed how odd it is for Hillary Clinton to accuse TRUMP of hiding data from the public? The lady who scrubbed hard drives to escape condemnation and prosecution is accusing TRUMP of hiding data? Commenting on this oddity..U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown,(D.Oh) said, "Only in an environment where the MASS MEDIA is controlled by Clinton could such a scoundrel as Clinton even be in a position where she could ever accuse TRUMP."
Most voters...even die-hard Democrats...are beginning to assess and weigh. What is there good and beneficial in supporting more OBAMA-NOTHINGNESS? Is America better off pursuing the NOTHINGNESS of Obama? Why want more of the same NOTHINGNESS? Ending with: If I support Hillary Clinton...then...I want more NOTHINGNESS. HUH?
Why did BUSH-CHENEY attack Iraq? Was it to assist crony oil companies such as SHELL and BP? Certainly there wasn't any strategic reason to conquer IRAQ...and...since that misadventure...into that vacuum BUSH-CHENEY created...multiple would-be tyrants have been drawn, (think al-Baghdadi...putative leader of Islamic State).
*Oil Minister of Iraq Jabar al-Luaibi admitted the oil industry was fascist...privately owned...government controlled...and...hence...prone to losses and trepidation.
Choi Eun-young, Hanjin Shipping Co's leader sold her 967,927 shares for $2.7 million thereby avoiding a loss of $1.0 million had she held onto it when the company entered bankruptcy. She saw tragedy about to unfold and she didn't wish to be caught in the wrinkle. Although she knew "nasty was coming"...she chose not to alert all shareholders thereby assuring her portfolio maximum profits.
This BLOG stands with HEATHER BRESCH...side by side...against big foot government and all its minions(MATTHEW 6:24). If it weren't for the bottleneck in the form of the Food and Drug Administration...the EPIPEN would cost around $15.00 per packet. But with the FDA as a bottleneck...the price of the EPIPEN skyrocketed. Eliminate FDA and all drug prices would plummet!
An American missile-carrying drone was spotted above a humanitarian convoy seconds before several targeted trucks exploded. Remnants of the missiles were saved since the Syrians and Russians anticipated Obama blaming someone other than the United States military. It was obvious to the Russians that Obama was trying to embroil President Putin in another war of narratives...something President Putin never does. VIVA PUTIN!(WSJ A-1;09-22-16).
John Koskinen for the rest of his life must always have body guards. U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) commenting on Koskinen's LYING and DECEIVING while acting as the head of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) said, "He's a marked man for shunning and slapping. He'll need body guards around him forever. When people see him on the street or in a store...they'll loudly call him SCUMBAG...and...alert everyone he's nearby so they might join in the ostracizing."
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Cease fire? When Obama bragged about brokering a cease fire in Syria...few international experts thought it would last. And...of course...the cease-fire did not last very long with fighting erupting within hours of that dramatic signing of the cease-fire document.

When TRUMP was asked about this latest attempt at peace in the Middle East...he replied, "Israel and America are allies. We will do what needs to be done to protect the Jew from the Muslim."
Internal Revenue Service chief, JOHN KOSKINEN was accused of lying to Congress. In a Congressional hearing Koskinen was asked "why" he ordered data to be destroyed before Congress could examine it. When he denied he'd given such orders...he was shown memos bearing his signature directing data destruction to deprive access to Congress. Koskinen was speechless. He'd been promised by Hillary that all such memos had been scrubbed.
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Pollsters are providing whatever numbers Clinton needs for her controlled MASS MEDIA. This conclusion is supported mightily by the obvious. Every time more scoundrel-aspect is revealed...the POLLING NUMBERS for Hillary never go down...but...always...stay the same...or...somehow increase. It's so obvious that these POLLS are phony ponies.
Hillary Clinton told Afro-Americans they'd be given more if they support her and less if Trump won. Obama told that same crowd he would be insulted if the Afro-American community didn't elect Clinton so that his legacy of tribal socialism might continue. Bewildered by such promises of paradise from people who didn't deliver for 7.9 years...most Afro-Americans said they'd pick TRUMP. "We have less to lose with TRUMP than with Clinton," confided Jehmu Greene...a former Clinton advocate.
When TRUMP was asked about his chances in defeating Hillary Clinton in Florida...he smiled and began to sing, "Coming in on a wing and a prayer. Oh what a fight. We really hit our target for tonight. As we sing our way through the air...hey...there's our field over there...Well...there's one more dawn...we can surely carry on...coming in on a wing and a prayer."
At a rec center in enterprising helper decided to sell cold cokes for 50 cents. This helper also took Sweet Tarts and on the back of that 25 cent pack was a coupon. The coupon read: With $1.00 plus this can get a FREE COKE.

After several thousand cokes were sold in this of the children...a boy named Eddie...piped up one day and said...If I don't use the coupon...I get that cold coke for 50 cents...but...if I use the coupon and give you $1.00 I get that coke for free. Why would I ever use the coupon?

In response...Eddie was told, "But the coke is free!"
Jason L. Riley...a think-tank wonk...predicted Hillary would get most of the minority vote,(WSJ A-13;09-21-16). But...many Afro-Americans in particular might not vote for her  leaving Clinton short in key battleground states where she is relying upon Hispanic and Afro-American support. Take for example Al Sharpton. Even though pushing Clinton hard because he wants a job in her camera...he pointed out that unemployment in his community went from 11.5% in 2008 to 16.7% in 2015...and those numbers can't be hidden no matter how hard he tries.
When 30,000 coal miners lost their jobs due to Obama's attack on their industry...their loss...their economic plight was ignored. In a socialist system...the common good and not the individual is the imperative. Such is "why" Obama chuckled as he did when confronted with the accusation that he killed off 30,000 jobs with another 345,000 more jobs to be lost by March of 2017. "As I told the world...the state is all-powerful. Those coal miners will be cared for. We'll give them free food, shelter, clothing and stipend in recognition of their days down below. But...they'll be absorbed into the collective goo and worship whatever idol for them I might forge," quipped Obama,(WSJ A-12;09-21-16).
Police Chief Kerr Putney said the KILLING of another Afro-American would be investigated by his department. The 500 cops who pulled their weapons and obliterated the suspect had been invited by Putney to tell their side of the story. When asked "why" need there be some story from the officers when there was video of what went down...Putney smiled and said all videos had been scrubbed by Hillary Clinton "scubbers"...and...there was not any incriminating data.
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On the Greek isle of Lesbos...the housing for 4,000 refugees was burned down. The arsonists said they wanted the Greeks to know how displeased these refugees were that they had not been given better housing...better food...better accommodations. "We want to receive whatever we desire. We're socialists from a socialist toilet and we want it the same way we had it there," screamed a protester as he burned down another building.
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Records as to Earth's overall climate and ambient temperature only show what has been measured. most scientists now's nonsense for anyone to claim climate change is caused by mankind. It's just not possible for mankind short of obliterating the planet to change the climate. Maybe the ocean currents can change and affect climate...perhaps...huge Earthquakes and volcanoes might alter climate for a season...but...overall...mankind simply lacks the power to achieve such alteration on any significant basis.
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Peace and prosperity would blossom and bloom where before misery and privation if the socialist aspect deleted and an otherwise unhampered market permitted to manifest. If Shiite and Sunni storerooms were off limits to the grip and grab of the other...insulated from government diktat...there wouldn't be nay reason to fight. Sure...they might kill each other over who is best to speak for Islam...but...that kind of slaughter would be eschewed by every sect.
While the complicit MASS MEDIA won't show the small size of Hillary's crowd at her rallies...nevertheless...most voters sense she lacks support in almost every venue. Voters simply don't want a scoundrel in the White House and are flocking in ever greater numbers to TRUMP'S banner. Indeed...his rallies are "standing-room-only" events...raucous and fun-filled. VIVA TRUMP!
How could BUSH...any BUSH...ever vote for a scumbag such as Hillary Clinton? Is she so much a freedom-hater that they feel her a kindred spirit? Indeed...BUSH never followed Reagan's game plan but...perverted it...and...enabled the socialist to gain a foothold. 41 says he will support more enslavement of America? Might the BUSH family have always been dedicated to enslavement but never had the stomach to impose it; And admire Hillary for her willingness to replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey"?
Suddenly...TRUMP'S charitable foundations are under attack. Hillary Clinton needed such an attack to distract from her own scandalous activities while Secretary of State. "TRUMP'S activities were criminal in nature," confided U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass).
Ellis Unger...a FDA scumbag...said he wanted those children...suffering from Duchenne muscular die. "Their deaths will make me even more powerful," drooled Unger when asked "why" he opposed permitting children to be given eteplirsen, a life-saving drug. The cost would be $300,000 per child and Unger felt that money would be better used funding pension plans and other governmental perks,(WSJ B-1;09-20-16).
German Chancellor Merkel admitted she erred when she allowed 2.6 million(+) refugees into Germany. She didn't understand how hard the German language would be to learn for Middle Eastern people. And...she didn't suspect these refugees would instantly demand enclave...isolating themselves from the Germans thereby creating min-Islamic caliphates within German borders...a fate Merkel acknowledges will bring civil unrest to the greater parts of the German realm. listen to Hillary Clinton,,,she'd bring 50 million Muslims into America thereby delivering the same miserable situation from which the Germans are suffering. What American...other than CAMP-CLINTON...would want that?
When the American government inflates its money supply...the value of each dollar falls. The idea is to impoverish as many people as possible. By imposing hardship on savers...and...those on fixed incomes...Democrats believe they can gain total control over everyone. think...America has a Federal Reserve bunch whose mission is to reduce as many people to poverty as possible thereby delivering hardship and misery to most Americans. It's EVIL...but...CLINTON wants more!(WSJ A-11;09-20-16).
Has anyone noticed how differently Governor Christie was treated during the bridge scandal? Whereas Hillary Clinton was coddled and pampered even though she killed 4 Americans in Benghazi...Chris Christie has been castigated over a bridge snarl. Had Christie been a Democrat he would be called MARVELOUS. But since he's a Republican...the New Jersey Democrats are attacking him any way possible,(WSJ A-7;09-20-16).
The latest bombing in the Big Apple...TRUMP said was an act of terrorism. Naturally...the MASS MEDIA scolded him for his brash assessment although his conclusion was spot-on! While Hillary said she'd wait to see what was uncovered before making any assessment...TRUMP called it what it was and his call was correct. Yet...the MASS MEDIA is condemning him for his forthrightness and clarity choosing the "muddle and mumble" of Clinton.
OBAMA told Europe that America would take 500,000 Syrians and "others"...and...has been funneling human cargo to America ever since. Maybe your neighborhood might receive several hundred of them...their houses paid for by taxpayer money...their food and clothing bought with taxpayer money...their transport given to them using taxpayer money. And you'll be able to converse with them using South African sign-language or some other form of communication...asking them when they plan to leave...and...when will they decide to refuse taxpayer funding.
Evan Bayh is a socialist and an advocate for OBAMA-CARE. He supported OBAMA-CARE and lost his bid for re-election. Now...this scumbag is back and believes Hoosiers want "red tape, tax and spend"...and...want scumbag-Bayh to huddle even more burdens on their backs. Despite MASS MEDIA declarations of divinity...most voters don't want another would-be master directing from cradle to grave.
TRUMP laughed heartily when told Hillary Clinton claimed she was best for the job because she knew how to conduct domestic and foreign policy. "She ruined whatever reputation America had in the Middle East. Nowadays...we're embroiled in civil war almost in every venue on Earth,"reported TRUMP when asked about Libya.
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When the 27 contributing editors of this BLOG were asked "why" spend so much time writing/publishing...they replied that if they didn't fight socialism...socialism would swallow up America. They wanted their America to be liberated from the grip and grab of big stomp government and were willing to spend the time writing about "how" to stop socialism and "delete" its hellish chomp.
According to Mayor Bill de Blasio...New York City...on any given day...has as many as 2 million would-be bombers...people who would build...deploy...and...detonate...their bombs. So frightening this statistic...Mayor de Blasio said he was hiring 15 million more cops...equipping them each with a bomb-sniffing dog...and...sending them through every alley and basement of the Big Apple...looking for bombs.

Steve expert on terrorism...listened to the mayor's solution and chuckled. "That idiot won't find any bombs that way. The bombers will see these new bomb-squad teams coming...and...depart until the search has been completed. No...what we need are vigilant neighbors who report suspicious activity. Short of such link to the community...these bombers will continue to proliferate and devastate," quipped Rogers.
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A bomb-maker intends to make that bomb...and...if that maker detonates that bomb...that detonation can be said to have been intentional and the maker's intent obvious. On the other hand...a bomb sitting in a closet might represent some contemplation of's location implies a lack of intent to deploy and detonate. While there are more permutations of this scenario...the idea is simple: BOMB = INTENT.
Bill banging bimbos yet not anyone except COLIN POWELL is discussing such philandering. Could it be Powell came across this damaging information by chance...or...does he have VIDEOS...HULK HOGAN kind of VIDEOS...just in case Bill Clinton tries to lie his way out of this one? Many suspect Powell does have such confirming videos and is just waiting for Bill Clinton to once again declare: "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky."
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Bill Clinton was asked about Hillary's physical collapse in New York City on 09-11-16. He admitted she fell frequently from such collapsing episodes. Yet...when the MASS MEDIA presented Bill's lacked that statement about frequency. Indeed...most viewers concluded Bill was declaring Hillary NEVER fell...and...if she was due to dehydration.
To get Bill Clinton's attention...Hillary would groin-kick...dropping ole Bill to the ground in pain and surprise. She'd pretend not to be angry...draw close...and...strike. Huma Abedin said she's seen Bill crawl across the rug many times screaming in agony from one of Hillary's better boot-slaps. "I've seen Bill Clinton go down like a bag of dropped potatoes," chuckled Huma as she listened to how Bill was framing Hillary's 09-11-16 physical collapse in New York City.
In late 2007...Sid Blumenthal started a rumor that OBAMA was born in Kenya and not qualified to run for president. Hillary was the author of that idea...but...used scumbag-Sid to publish it. Even JOE TRIPPI...a Clinton surrogate...admitted the BIRTHPLACE issue was started by the Clinton campaign...but...denied Hillary was connected. "There isn't any proof she scribbled that idea and gave Sid the directive to spread it around," sniffed Trippi as he looked at the photo of the pile of burned cellphones and computer hard drives in Clinton's basement.
What is she? Such question was asked about Hillary Clinton. After some reflection...the audience began to discuss the issue. One lady said Hillary is a scoundrel who would push anyone aside to gain power and prominence pointing to the pay-to-play scheme she conducted while Secretary of State. Another member of that august crowd injected that Clinton left 4 Americans behind in Benghazi...and...then...tried to cover up her recklessness using a VIDEO* cover-story.
*A video was said to have incited the riot and murder of those 4 Americans...and...because it was spontaneous...and...not contemplated...there was not any way to save those 4 Americans.
Nearby an Obama and Hillary event in New York City a bomb exploded. Instantly...the campaign event was stopped and the second bomb found. However...before that bomb exploded...Obama was able to tell Afro-Americans their march was not over. They had to vote for Clinton so the socialist transformation of America could continue delivering an America framed in tribalism and would-be master diktat...the stuff Afro-Americans crave. HUH?
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Even though the MASS MEDIA has been pounding TRUMP 24/7 for the last year or so about women not liking him...nonetheless...according to the TITLER POLL...the most prestigious and considered by most wonks to be the most accurate poll on planet Earth...TRUMP is liked by ladies at a rate of 5 to 1 such that for every 100 TRUMP-lovers...there are 20 who don't. VIVA TRUMP!
Why would Afro-Americans choose enslavement over liberation? Yet...their preference for Hillary Clinton is exactly that choice. She proposes to make sure not any Afro-American ever rises far enough to challenge her hegemony. Her tax and spend program and policy are not designed to insulate the Afro-American but to include their labor and production in redistribution plans and plots.

While most Afro-Americans will vote as they're directed by their Democrat-masters...some are beginning to ask questions. Where are the benefits Obama promised?

There are more Afro-Americans out of work in September of 2016 than at any other time in American history...their avenues for success blocked by big government red tape and hassle...the likes of which Clinton proposes to double. Yet...according to POLLS...Afro-Americans will choose enslavement.
Trump acknowledged that Obama was probably born in Hawaii. Period. Yet...the MASS MEDIA is reporting the acknowledgement as some kind of 1/2 baked admission instead of the acknowledgement it was.

Either made Obama rest easy since he knew any hound dog could have found he was actually born in Kenya by way of Hawaii.

Indeed...the tribal witch doctor who birthed Obama showed CHRIS MATTHEWS...MSNBC Hardball dude...the tree wherein Obama's name was etched along with a spot of Obama's blood. As Matthews opined, "The blood on that tree sealed it for me. I saw where Obama was taken from Kenya by a special jet to Hawaii where his mother was surreptitiously admitted into the hospital so a faux-birth could be accomplished."
The MASS MEDIA was livid that TRUMP would acknowledge Obama was probably born in Hawaii. Yes...there were Kenyans who signed affidavits claiming to have observed not only the birth but also his father holding the just-born up to the moon...the full Obama the Universe. Moreover...the tree where tribal names are inscribed as to newly born had Barack Hussein Obama etched therein. As Wa-Bo-Lu...the tribal witch doctor said, "That boy was born in Kenya and they took him to Hawaii using the International Date Line to fool people."
The Congressional Black Caucus said they didn't care if TRUMP finally acknowledged Obama was probably born in Hawaii and not in Kenya. Yes...Hillary Clinton was the 1st to bring the birthplace issue into national politics back in late 2007 even though trying to distance herself from that initial revelation and query. The complicit MASS MEDIA knows Clinton started the birthplace issue but are helping her HIDE her tracks.
Michelle Obama grabbed a microphone and told America they had best choose Hillary. "I want moms to know the school lunches will be worse with Hillary but children must learn to eat raw root and vegetable-meat," quipped Michelle as she chomped on a piece of tree bark...a delicacy she added to every school lunch tray in America in 2014.
The hatred for Trump in the MASS MEDIA is so obvious. TRUMP...for example...told a crowd that OBAMA was born in America. Period. TRUMP said he wanted to discuss America's future and the BIRTH ISSUE was a red herring that needed to be discarded. Yet...the MASS MEDIA is playing up his prior claim that Obama was obviously Kenyan...and...not born in Hawaii.VIVA TRUMP!