November 2016
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Winston Churchill needed America to enter WW I on the side of the British. He sent spies to tell Germans that the Lusitania was carrying ammo and cannon. The Germans warned Americans to stay off any boat carrying war munitions. When the Lusitania was sunk...CHURCHILL lied about the munitions he had secretly put aboard so that the ship would definitely sink and kill many people. The script for "pro-war" was already written and just needed that "push"...a "push"...Churchill and Woodrow Wilson provided.
Has anyone noticed the talking heads and their guests strictly stick to scripted ideas and usually parrot what some other commentator has declared?

And...before heeding whatever such commentators say...might one reflect on how "wrong" these same scumbags were about TRUMP'S chances for victory? assessing how wrong and bent such commentators were...and...still...are...even as of 11-07-16...MSNBC was declaring Clinton would defeat TRUMP in a landslide victory. Afterward...MSNBC scumbag talking heads and commentators would not admit they had been preaching propaganda and not news...and...that they had thrown out objectivity to support CAMP-CLINTON.
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The MASS MEDIA is attacking TRUMP...demanding that his worldwide empire be eliminated...that he become a pauper...a boy in a bubble...without any connection to the world...not any link to his somehow...hermetically that he can destroy America along with his huge empire and demonstrate a socialist idiot.

No...TRUMP ignore such "attacks" and eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He must call the MASS MEDIA as many nasty names as needed to alert the public just how EVIL the MASS MEDIA and the complicit* now-socialist Democrat Party has become.
*POLLSTERS WERE LYING! Folks...pollsters were lying to you in order to fit the CAMP-CLINTON narrative. It was OBVIOUS the POLLS were wrong...since they tracked the MASS MEDIA narrative almost as if they were its mimic or shadow. So lopsided was the TRUMP VICTORY that it was pluperfect proof the POLLSTERS were lying. AND...they still are...and...will continue to be a propaganda support-team for anti-TRUMP stuff.
Ronald Reagan did not have the majority in both houses of Congress and had to make deals that reduced what his PLAN was envisioned to deliver although what did get through generated huge economic gains across a broad spectrum. As Howard Ruff noted, "Any industry that was beleaguered by tax or red tape found benefit in Reagan's removal of the hinder and hassle theretofore imposed."

Similar to Reagan...TRUMP lacks the support the MASS MEDIA. However...he holds a majority in both houses and can circumvent any bottleneck U.S.Senate Minority Leader "scumbag" Schumer might attempt.

Yes...the MASS MEDIA will parade "needful people"...each one with a story of need and a demand that society fund that need...and...stomp any opposition to more big grab government. But...Congress does not have to heed such socialist drivel and can support TRUMP'S effort to delete the NANNY STATE CAGE. VIVA TRUMP!
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Alexander the Great took out his Sword of Conquest and sliced through the Gordian Knot. Might TRUMP surround himself with people whose mission statement to delete the NANNY matter how matter how impossible it might matter how well protected by this and that rule or matter what! VIVA TRUMP!
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Once Wisconsin opened the door for escape...8 out of 10 members departed thumbing their noses at the socialists who had grabbed control of what once was a powerful UNION dedicated solely to union members' welfare instead of perpetuating itself. When the UNION forgot why it was lost its appeal and its members. VIVA TRUMP!
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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau told pipeline companies that Canada was going "green"...and...people would have to return to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule...a time of shuddering near wood-burning stoves...and...drawing water from the nearby stream. As he described this "green" paradise...the room began to empty. And...while any rational person would wish to know why his audience was leaving...Trudeau continued onward describing the toilet in to which he proposed to push Canada.
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Uber Technologies,Inc. was in court in Europe trying to fight taxi companies that have lost huge portions of their otherwise captive customer base due to UBER'S excellent ability to connect would-be riders and drivers in a matter of seconds in such busy places as London...Barcelona...Madrid...Paris...and...almost every other socialist toilet in Europe and Asia.

The taxi companies...who have to pay both huge taxes and government-dictated wages...whine about unfair competition. "UBER does not have to pay as much as we they profit while taxi companies languish beneath such burdens," whimpered Ivan Sesma as he looked at how little profit he had made because of UBER and big grab government,(WSJ B-3;11-30-16).
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A 99% completed-pipeline was halted when the Standing Rock Sioux...all 23 of them...stood in the way of the bulldozers. The pipeline would not be built on their land. They were Indians...whose preference for a life of squalor and misery so ingrained they could not accept such prosperity as was represented by that pipeline.
Air Force Brig. Gen. Richard Coe told a cub reporter Obama was to blame for the death and destruction in Syria. He pointed out that his team told Obama that the people he had targeted were not Islamic State personnel...but...instead...were loyal Syrian forces. When asked "why" obliterate loyal-Syrian soldiers...Obama replied, "We can blame the Russians. I want some blood on the plate and I want it now. So fire those missiles and let's get a body count!" (WSJ A-9;11-30-16).
What if the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) created MAUTE and ABU SAYYAF...two terrorist organizations working in the Philippines? It would explain "why" those two organizations have attacked President Duterte. Recall Duterte called Obama a "dung-throwing monkey"...and...said he wasn't about to align himself with monkeys. Might Obama have sent his "harpies" to torment?
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What is the difference in how labor is handled between...say...Florida...and...mainland China? Chang Kai...a Chinese labor law buff...told a cub reporter that in an otherwise unhampered an element of as crucial to the overall effort as the machinery used. Hence...the worker bee has some clout and if joined by others can command as much wage as the market will bear. Similarly...the employer can gauge his costs and determine when he can't increase wages or add another worker bee to the payroll and remain profitable,(WSJ A-7;11-30-16).

In a right-to-work state...such as Florida...this concept is crucial to efficient production. The employers and employees negotiate a wage with either side having the option of ignoring objection or obstructing intrusion. The upshot is a well-running economy where employees get as much as they can and employers also get as much as they can with the middle somewhere each finds acceptable. VIVA TRUMP!
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POISON must be prohibited. It's a policing function. There are several opioids which KILL and the public must be warned about them...and...those dispensing such POISON must be told to cease. While there are a huge number of drugs which do not KILL...these opioids do and must not be permitted to be dispensed without a prescription from a competent medical service provider.
Wilbur* Ross,Jr. was appointed Commerce Secretary. His idea is to open America up and permit business to be conducted free of hinder and hassle. Yes...TEAM OBAMA did what it could to enslave and stifle...but...WILBUR knows Mr. Ed...and what needs to be done.
*Oh...a horse...unless...of course...the horse is Mr. Ed.
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The FORECAST DEPARTMENT of this BLOG warned the residents around Gatlinburg that a huge fire would come through their area and they needed to be ready. The date given for the anticipated conflagration was 11-28-16 and people needed to be ready to address this horror. Naturally...because this BLOG did not attach a man-caused climate change angle to the warning it went unheeded. OUCH!(WSJ A-3;11-30-16).
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How bizarre to think TRUMP would consider Mitt "the nit" Romney for the critical position of Secretary of State. Pulling a rattlesnake into your sleeping bag isn't recommended in any camping guide and TRUMP should not chance such an endeavor. What TRUMP can do to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE requires courage and a boldness "the nit" obviously lacks. Again...every time "the nit" gets in TRUMP'S'll be even more bizarre.
Brother Pele's in the back
Sweet Seena's in the front
Cruising down the freeway
In the hot, hot sun

Suddenly red blue lights
Flash us from behind
Loud voice
"all will please step out onto the line"
Atop an extinct volcano American Marines planted Old Glory to wave over Iwo Jima as they fought the Japanese for ever inch of that tiny island. New York City...outside TRUMP TOWER...took Old Glory and set it ablaze. TRUMP'S reaction* was as quick as it was expected. "Flag burning is an opprobrium and transgressors should lose their citizenship or spend 12 months in the county jail," groaned TRUMP as he looked at the 15 million flags burning around the country.
*Free speech is abridged when flag burning is criminalized. Yes...flag burners are long as they don't ascend to power...these freedom-haters are harmless. On the other hand...those same flag burners...more often than not...are also book burners...and...death camp visionaries.
Before 11-08-16...Mitt "the nit" Romney would not have gone to TRUMP'S door asking for a job. Before 11-08-16..."the nit" denounced and defamed TRUMP...disparaging his hotels...his wine...his steaks...his towers...even his intelligence and deportment were dashed and stomped by "the nit". And such a jerk could never support TRUMP...someone "the nit" thought incompetent and reckless."the nit" is having a second meeting with TRUMP over whether he could be an effective Secretary of State. That TRUMP would receive him so pleasantly a second time indicates TRUMP wasn't angry over Romney's CYRANO "nose speech". (Cyrano(TRUMP) to Dandy(ROMNEY): "I dally with you awhile, Jackal!")
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Service workers elected to strike stranding 20 million travelers at various airports around the world. Yes...the ripple caused by that strike at O'Haire Airport has inflicted inconvenience...incited anger...and...made most people wonder how such a small group could hurt so many people. In America...though...UNIONS are protected and almost guaranteed perpetual existence through Labor laws; and...because they're protected...ever so flex muscle and demonstrate prowess...a UNION will strike and hurt as many people as possible so the UNION'S DEMAND is met and met quickly.
"We will simply go around* them," TRUMP declared when told Senate Democrats were poised to stop him from liberating the American banking industry from big grip government. Of course...TRUMP was revealing the tactic to implement his MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN program and policy. By removing bottleneck and hassle...America could once more become a producing Titan. VIVA TRUMP!
*It takes 60 U.S.Senators to pass legislation. However...the U.S.Senate could pass a rule with 51 votes in favor of CAGE deletion declaring only 51 votes required thereby eliminating that 60-vote bottleneck which U.S.Senator "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY) plans otherwise to use to protect the NANNY STATE CAGE from eradication.
Abdulrahman al-Rashed...a glib-speaking Arab...told a cub reporter TRUMP was correct to single out matter what religion or ethnic group to which those miscreants claimed allegiance. "We need to eradicate those who would kill us before we kill them," declared al-Rashed as he looked at photos of the destruction in Aleppo and Mosul,(WSJ A-15;11-29-16).
Aleppo...beleaguered...bombarded...reduced to rubble...such was the prose describing that Syrian city which in times past was a jewel of enterprise and enlightened industry. However...the Sunnis and Shiites began to envy each other's storeroom and civil war commenced. Nowadays...the ONLY SOLUTION is to insulate everyone's storeroom from the grip and grab of the other sects...making everyone the friend of everyone else. Yes...they might resent each other because of their worship preference...but...would do all possible to protect all storeroom since such provides a perpetual and mutual cloak of safety.
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Robert H. Scales told a cub reporter he endorsed WARBOT(tm)...that computerized robot system designed to augment the soldier's mission statement. "With robot doing all the heavy work...doing all the actual fighting...our soldiers will be protected and the days of bloody* battlefields will be gone," quipped Gen. Scales as he examined the WARBOT(tm) system in all its forms and formats,(WSJ A-15;11-29-16)
*In Flanders' field where poppies blow...whites crosses...row by row.
Canada elected Justin Trudeau as its Prime Minister. When he was elected...few Canadians thought he'd become such a jerk. But...alas...Justin disappointed almost everyone when he praised FIDEL CASTRO instead of cheering his death. How could a leader of a free country ever praise a scumbag such as Fidel? No...folks...Canadians are embarrassed by this idiotic eulogy for a murderer!
Abdul Razak Ali immigrant...and...a student at Ohio State University...prayed about the slaughter he was about to commit and heard THE PROPHET promise him 14 virgins along with buckets of wine in exchange for killing infidels. After folding up his payer rug...and...wrapping his head in traditional Somali rags...he grabbed his butcher knife...climbed into his car...and...headed toward the Buckeye campus to inflict as much harm as he could. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?
Hillary Clinton was told the same thing Jared Kushner was told: "No causal link" between government employee and any business. The idea behind such restriction is to insulate government work from private remuneration derived therefrom.

Hillary Clinton adroitly circumnavigated this using a straw party. In her case it was the so-called Clinton Family Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. These two organizations were deftly used to keep TEAM-CLINTON together and to grab as much money as possible in a "pay-to-play" scheme.

Jared Kushner might very well elect to forego government service so that he might continue with his various enterprises. It's probably not worth the hassle and hinder to become some "big-named" politician,(WSJ A-1;11-29-16). VIVA TRUMP!
U.S.Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) cast the 60th vote to impose OBAMA-CARE and he deserves to be defeated and sent back to whatever hole from whence he came. Recently...this scumbag said remittances from America were getting through to the Cuban people making their lives better. He was discussing U.S.dollars being sent to Cubans inside Cuba. What scumbag-Bill did not reveal was that the U.S.dollars when they are received must be turned into the POLICE in exchange for worthless Cuban pesos. What Obama did in his CUBAN THAW was find a way for the Cuban government to grab some hard currency to fund its communist operations.
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...expressed his sorrow over the passing of Fidel Castro. Not once did Obama label Fidel as a murdering-jerk even though Fidel killed thousands. Moreover, he said history would judge Castro. And although Obama should have called Castro what he was....Obama didn't frame Castro as a dictator as evil as any who ever existed...but...let it go as a "history would judge" kind of eulogy.
Cubans are not only pathetically poor but most of them are obviously ignorant and slothful. They're the product of a police state where everyone receives rations...and...licks boot with candied tongue. With respect to opening markets in Cuba...colored beads and whistles might be sold to them...but...big ticket items such as cars...planes...cellphones...computers...Televisions...those items are out of their reach and will remain out of reach for the Cubans since they lick their masters' boot and will never attempt to rise up and demand liberation.
TRUMP was angry when he heard Kellyanne Conway telling family secrets. He didn't want her to reveal inner workings and such statements about Mitt "the nit" Romney were too much. It gave too much away when secrecy and intrigue were otherwise afoot and useful to TRUMP'S transition. Whatever Romney's purpose when he met with TRUMP...until Kellyanne Conway erupted with NEVER-ROMNEY...not anyone could imagine what a loudmouthed foe as Romney was doing meeting privately one-on-one with the man he openly despised and excoriated during the 2016 campaign.
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A Somali driver...incensed by Hillary Clinton's defeat...decided to make a statement about his dislike. He grabbed a knife...climbed into his car...and...headed towards Ohio State campus. When he arrived...this Somali spotted a group of students and attacked colliding with them. His car careened and stopped. The Somali climbed from his car and began to slice people...stabbing...slicing...injuring...and...all the while singing socialist worker songs...peppering his lyrics with ALLAHU AKBAR...and...making references to the CLINTON DEFEAT.
Huawei Technologies...a tech giant...has found it harder to break into the American market due to technological hurdles some quite daunting. Yet...offering the MATE-9 at Christmas was a great idea and Richard Yu will profit mightily from the effort. Unlike all other smartphones...the MATE-9 does everything one might wish and then some. Indeed...a mountain climber in Tibet used her MATE-9 to call for helicopter rescue after her 34-member climbing team was swept away by a killer avalanche.
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When Washington state gave Boeing Company an $8 billion tax break...European jet makers reacted and demanded such benefit not be granted. "We are struggling beneath mountains of taxes and red tape...and...we expect every other jet-maker to suffer equally," sniffed Pierre...a socialist French scumbag and an apparent World Trade Organization spokesman.

Yes...folks...idiocy has become so fashionable that Americans are asked to kneel and worship whatever idol their would-be masters might forge. In this instance...the American consumer is asked to suffer beneath the same BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT stuff that the French and Germans suffer...something TRUMP isn't about to permit. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ B-3;11-28-16).
U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer knows his best bet is to side with TRUMP and deliver prosperity to America. If he align himself with the socialists and freedom-haters, (think Sanders and Warren), he'll find himself in the backwaters and left behind. Americans do not want socialism. Their refusal to kneel and worship whatever idol their would-be masters might forge...if ignored by Schumer...will result in his legacy being that of a scumbag from New York City who didn't know as much as he needed to know,(WSJ A-17;11-28-16).
To hear the MASS MEDIA...before 11-08-16...tell it...EVAN BAYH was wanted more than soap in Indiana...a great man who deserved to be returned to the U.S.Senate where he could impose more socialism and Eco-fascism. The MASS MEDIA pointed out that Todd Young was too weak to defeat Bayh...the man who had imposed OBAMA-CARE on Indiana. Indeed...MASS MEDIA wizards and wonks declared Hoosiers wanted to be enslaved and Bayh was the person capable of slapping on the shackles.
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Mokhtar Belmokhtar was obliterated in an air strike carried out by French forces operating inside Libya. In times past...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...attempted to snuff this one-eyed terrorist only to be told he missed. However...the French using carpet bombing measures laid waste to a 100 square miles of desert and declared that one-eyed terrorist eliminated. If Mokhtar did survive such destruction...though...his fame would be even greater than it has been. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?
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Taxes and union-spank caused Carrier Air Conditioners to look for another place to produce its products. "The union priced the worker too high and the employer bucked and threw the rider," quipped Cowboy-Tim...a trouble-shooter for the beleaguered company...adding..."TRUMP can solve the problem by lowering taxes...and...reducing red tape...until it's once again attractive to produce in America." VIVA TRUMP!
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Gator football coach at half time in the locker room paced back and forth...looking at the floor...and...then...looking at his beleaguered team...and...loudly began:
"We went out and got blue chip runners...All-American block and tackle guys...fastest athletes in the world...most skilled...most talented. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?" 

Congratulations to the Florida State Seminoles for an outstanding game.
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Messianic. Such was the word framing what this BLOG called the crusade to liberate the subjugated...inviting everyone to march to "make salt". Why remain beneath the boot of big stomp government this BLOG asked and offered a new way...a fresh way...a way to freedom...and...labeled such path the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

President-elect TRUMP heard of this BLOG...began to read it...and...sensed power and passion bubbling in such phrases and much was TRUMP impressed that he incorporated the ideas in his speeches and hence propelled himself thereby into the Oval Office. VIVA TRUMP!
PESHMERGA! As a fighting unit they haven't an equal. If they're given the weapons they need...they can overtake any position...root out any foe. However...Obama won't give these KURDS what they want since they might use those weapons on America and its allies. "If I were to arm them...they could use those weapons on us when I betray them," Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...mused as he looked at the body count of Peshmerga around Mosul.
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If the rag heads possessed atomic weaponry...they'd be threatening an attack whenever advantage gained thereby. Recently...the rag heads of Tehran...for example...promised swift retaliation should TRUMP attempt to thwart implementation of the so-called IRAN NUKE DEAL.

Without a "Nuke" to back up such a threat...though...TRUMP likely as not...ignore them and proceed to do whatever he wishes in the Middle East.

And it's this difference that TRUMP wishes to maintain...never giving the rag heads any chance of constructing their Sword of Allah...a nuclear doomsday weapon designed to snuff out all life on planet Earth enabling thereby the coming of the 12th IMAM. Allahu Akbar, eh Donald?
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Have people forgotten the Berlin Wall...a wall built by would-be masters to prevent escape from their gulag way of life...a wall that stood until people in 1989 finally had the courage to dismantle it? Nowadays...the fall of that wall represents the struggle of all people against all would-be masters whatever form or format they might take. VIVA TRUMP!
Lee Harvey Oswald was set up to take the fall for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Billy Ray was another patsy...a fall guy...for THE ESTABLISHMENT. Recall it was Billy Ray who supposedly shot Martin Luther King and then escaped only to be caught later while driving his mother to her doctor's appointment.

According to Billy Ray...he met a man named RAUL in an alley in New Orleans and they discussed topics such as assassination and patriotic effort...but...never did Billy Ray agree to participate in the shooting of Martin Luther King; and when he finally discovered he was the named suspect in that shooting...he knew he'd been set up by RAUL.
Raul Castro in 2008 took over for his brother, Fidel. According to Ladies in White...those women who wear white to protest their husbands' imprisonment...Raul is more cruel than Fidel. One Lady in White said she photographed Raul killing people and then burying them in mass graves.  Indeed...Raul's reign of mayhem and death has never stopped and Cuba is as much a GARRISONED POLICE STATE today as it was when Fidel was strutting the stage.
Fidel Castro finally died. While TRUMP cheered his demise...Obama overlooked Fidel's legacy of torture and murder...and...called him wondrous and enlightened...a leader who would be missed by a needful world. In Cuba...people were crying since they had lost their man-God...their dictator...their puppeteer. In Miami...on the other hand...there was instant celebration and discussion about a return to a liberated Cuba. VIVA TRUMP!
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MSNBC is attacking TRUMP as are all the other MASS MEDIA outlets. Everything he does is wrong...and...every person with whom he associates suspect. Take Steve Bannon for instance. A very bright guy who in times past associated with many causes and themes. Some better than others...but...all pro-America and pro-liberty...something the MASS MEDIA...though...finds despicable.
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MSNBC Joy Reid called TRUMP as many nasty names as her little dome contained. She drooled venom and spewed hate. As an Afro-American she resented RUMP having more than she and wished for a day when big grab government could take it all away. Not only is she envious...but...she wanted a socialist country where people such as she are the ruling elite and everyone else cattle and sheep.
Susan Rice...Obama's National Security Adviser*...told a cub reporter she liked TRUMP and thought he be a great president. She doubted he wanted to commence a trade war...but...concluded if he were to begin one...America would suffer in the same manner that Argentina and Brazil have over the years suffered with their ridiculous trade barriers.
*Susan Rice is a loyal soldier. She was sent to lie about how the 4 Americans in Benghazi died and she did just that...she lied and lied and lied some more. She's the bull dog guarding Obama's backdoor.
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"Send bots not soldiers," directed TRUMP as he examined the Mosul situation. The Shiites were never going to overcome the Sunnis. Sure...they might suppress them for a season but eventually another Islamic State army would muster and retake Mosul. There was going to be perpetual warfare and American blood needn't be spilled. Hence...Trump directed WARBOT(tm) be dispatched.
*WARBOT(tm) is an entire robot army and air force combined and linked together using termite organizational aspect. While not autonomous...WARBOT(tm) can defend itself if for some reason there is a break in the control cable. Imagine dropping 500,000 WARBOTS in Mosul and you've just sensed what TRUMP has in mind.
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Two riders were approaching and the wind began to howl. TRUMP TOWER is surrounded nowadays by concrete barricades and festooned with nasty-officials who direct everyone away from that spot. It's a's clogging New York City in ways that are making people angry. One Hillary-voter...for instance...had to walk an additional 15 feet to circumvent one of the she walked she cursed TRUMP with every step...conjuring phantasms and demons to haunt and hassle.
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Brazil and Argentina have the highest trade barriers* in the world and their economies are stagnant...their people miserable...and...their future as dismal as their currency. And TRUMP wishes to push America down such a toilet? might very well be that Americans can compete with Asian worker bees. But if they are to be competitive their wages and their perks must be competitive as well. That means the taxes taken from American workers must be reduced remarkably along with all other government this and that...things which increase prices needlessly...thereby making American workers overall less prosperous as they find most goods and services out of reach.
*Otherwise unhampered markets deliver the most for least and have always performed in such fashion giving everyone a chance to prosper. It's only when government skews and contorts the marketplace that people are doomed to misery and privation.
Another famous TRUMP TWEET: Fidel Castro is dead!  Instantly...the Trump-haters pounced. How dare he hurt Castro-lovers! Joy Reid...a MSNBC hack...upbraided TRUMP for his callous disregard for a great leader. Reacting to Reid's idiotic statement...TRUMP replied, "A million murdered souls cry out for wish to praise this demon!"
The Robin Hood of Cuba. Such was the moniker granted to FIDEL CASTRO by the New York Times the day he ascended to power. Robin Hood has died.

Yes...during his horrific reign...he slaughtered thousands of Cubans...destroyed lives...ruined futures...but...he was a communist and hence was called wondrous by the American MASS MEDIA. The more he slaughtered and maimed the greater their regard for this slime slug. freedom-lovers are cheering his demise...the grieving MASS MEDIA is extolling his virtues and describing him as some kind of be worshiped and eternally praised.
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Instead of trying to please everyone...TRUMP should please himself. Whatever his choices...they're his choices and he'll be framed as "loser"...or..."winner" depending on outcomes not on who he used to do as much. He has to deal with 8 years of scribble and tangle...8 years of implanted moles and spies...and...if he does it his way and only his'll be the best of the best from top to sides.
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Iran threatens to retaliate. Rag heads warn America. Two headlines featured by the complicit MASS MEDIA on this beautiful Saturday.

While such might quake a community organizer such as doesn't move a Titan such as TRUMP.

If Iran were ever to insult America again...TRUMP would sweep IRAN from the sky and seas leaving it little more than an isolated bunch of Shiites idiots...groveling on their knees. VIVA TRUMP!
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In a no-name village somewhere inside no where...villagers were terrorized by the Daesh...the Islamic State. They could not resist since the Daesh had modern weapons while they had little more than crude musket and simple reed-like bow. might have remained that way...but for the arrival of the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN...a mercenary team...packing enough firepower to defeat anyone it seemed.

The garrison in the village disappeared one night...the next day Daesh were told to avoid that village or risk a fight. Instead of heeding such warning...though...Islamic State dispatched an army...a mean...nasty...rag headed army...singing Islamic songs...about virgins and wine...and...paradise thronged.

When the Daesh arrived...they were slaughtered not any left alive. An entire Sunni army massacred...obliterated...destroyed. They'd been warned to go around that village...and...when they did not...they became doom's toy.
Fashion designers from all over the world are flocking to Washington D.C. to behold whatever clothing and adornments Melania Trump might choose. Victoria's Secret officials were on hand near TRUMP'S Pennsylvania hotel...for get that FIRST glimpse of fashion in the 21st Century...a glimpse which might spark their own imaginations. VIVA MELANIA!
Howard investment guru of the 70s'...lived to see his pal, TRUMP elected. Recall RUFF came forward from his sickbed to fire that last salvo...Jim Bowie kind of might very well be in the years to come historians will conclude it was RUFF'S endorsement which put TRUMP over the top in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. God speed, Howard.
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Some years ago...Alfred Hitchcock gave an interview to one of this BLOG'S editors. When asked about his secret...Alfred sniffed, "My way is the way in a world on display."

Somehow in that feature of noise sat his book of drawings. He would take out pieces of paper...and...draw scenes...simple...stick figures...arrows for camera angle...and...circles and squares for everything else.

It was spectacular to watch Hitchcock decipher what would to others be tangle and scribble ensnared.
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Instead of making the whole enslaved...why not permit one place where an otherwise unhampered market allowed? In America...for example...why not allow Florida to be open to world commerce? If it were permitted...Florida would explode and become the most valuable real estate on the planet eclipsing even Tokyo or Berlin. Remove all hinder and hassle with respect to currency, goods and services...and...Florida would blossom and bloom. Yes...we can have EDEN in Florida...and...if TRUMP does what he says he'll do...that kind of paradise will manifest quite soon.
The leaders of Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holdings(EPH) are buying coal-fired power plants and setting them up in coal-abundant areas of India. Somehow...these Czechs are able to handle the OBVIOUS RISK in dealing with socialist-India...and...foresee great profit in lighting up an otherwise darkened sub-continent. While their gamble admirable in so many's riskier than most investors are willing to suffer. As one investor said, "Those Czechs have steel balls!"(WSJ B-1;11-26-16)
Myron Ebell told a cub reporter the man-caused climate change theory was hokum but quite profitable. In making his general point Myron noted, "Off the coast of India are huge cities...civilizations erased by Mother Nature. times past...sea levels have gone up and down...and...will continue such ebb and flow long after mankind has disappeared. climate change advocates reap huge profit from fear-mongering about what is an otherwise natural occurrence...but...when MASS MEDIA also pushes this hoax...most people don't realize they're being deceived."
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Even if the federal grip and grab of Uncle Sugar were dismantled...nonetheless...most of the 50 states are burdened with socialist this and much hinder and hassle on the books...that without a similar elimination...the producers in those states while relieved of the federal diktat would still suffer beneath the jackboot of the state government. However..such "snoot and stifle" can be quickly deleted since voters inside states can remove whomever quite quickly and expeditiously eradicate whatever shackle those scumbags forged.
President Xi Jingping can't put the genie back into the bottle. China has erupted in freedom and President Xi sits atop an empire of burgeoning wealth. Sure...he can try and keep Chinese from investing around the effort to appease his socialist-brethren...but...such effort will fail. Perhaps...President Xi was correct when he said the DRAGON is gold. VIVA XI!(WSJ A-6;11-26-16).
In 1993...Scott Cooper Dayton signed aboard the U.S.Navy and on 11-24-16 in Ayn Issa...a desert town somewhere inside Syria...he was obliterated by an improvised explosive device(IED) he'd been dispatched to defuse. Because he was a specialist in bomb disposal...Obama sent him to disarm an IED. Yes...they could have used an extended stick to detonate it...but...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...needed a tragedy on Thanksgiving Day...a sound-bite for his he sent Dayton to his doom.
no image
Aaron Zitner demonstrated "why" he was hired by the WSJ,(A-4;11-26-16). He was told to write junk and he complied. "We want you to write junk and make it sound good," he was told by his nasty boss. Aaron wishing to remain employed complied. He scribbled about how women chose Clinton and men picked Trump. was secret ballot and not any way to know...but...when you're directed to write junk...such is what in that rag will show.
TRUMP would be prudent to put MYRON EBELL in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and direct him to downsize* and delete...eliminating as many worker bees as possible until there were only a few underlings and he. VIVA TRUMP!
*The whole idea is to repeal the National Environmental Protection Act(NEPA) and deliver America from the clutches of tyranny! Before its's better to eliminate personnel over a 6 month or so period giving these worker bees time to find whatever hole and crawl into it.
no image
Man-caused climate change models predicted Tokyo would be snow-free once more in a continual 54 year no-snow hiatus. Indeed...all 10,000 scientists who initially signed the man-caused climate change declaration staked their reputations and theories on this prediction for Tokyo. Unfortunately...once again...Mother Nature refused to go along and dumped snow all over Tokyo,(WSJ A-7;11-25-16).
Keywan Karimi was asked by this BLOG to create a movie about Shiite use of camel dung...tracing its historical roots...and...graphically portraying Islam in all its filthy fashion.

Of course...for his part in making WRITING ON THE CITY...KEYWAN was arrested and sentenced to ONE YEAR PRISON and 223 lashes from a cat-of-nine-tails spiked with pieces of rusted iron and fish hooks.

Despite every effort to suppress the publication...however...this movie has gone viral. Sunni theaters are packed with Sunnis enjoying watching Shiites use camel dung for almost every purpose including toothpaste. Allahu Akbar, eh Keywan?
no image
The Kurds of Kurdistan have huge oil revenues but Baghdad has grabbed the income therefrom and begrudgingly passes it back with all sorts of strings attached.The Kurds need to assert themselves and declare Kurdistan an independent nation thereby eliminating the power of big grab government to dictate their future,(WSJ A-6;11-25-16).
David Brock...a nasty freedom-hater...invited 400 Democrat donors to Palm Spring, Florida to discuss financing a socialist take-over of the Democrat National Party. At that meeting...Brock will try and convince them that 2+2 can equal "5". "Sure...I know socialism doesn't sell when people are told what they're idea is to sell it in candy-format...voters won't ever taste the evil," Brock outlined as he looked at his list of suckers,(WSJ A-4;11-25-16).
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The pilot and his crew weren't told more than they needed to know. Hence...when an air strike killed 3 Turks in Syria...the Americans who committed the atrocity didn't know their bombing run caused such mayhem. The Central Intelligence Agency needed the Turkish Army to invade Syria thereby drawing Russia deeper into the conflict enabling NATO to enter and retake Crimea.'s ridiculous and an obvious idiotic plan...but...nowadays...that is all CIA plays,(WSJ A-5;11-25-16).
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In Bavaria...competitors grab hammers and beat down huge nails. The one whose nail is driven completely prevails. It's called HAMMERSCHLAGEN. Might TRUMP be involved in a metaphoric game of Hammerschlagen? This BLOG understands that ROMNEY has some good qualities but he's disloyal and will betray when advantageous. TRUMP'S pick should be someone such as KELLYANNE CONWAY. Send her into foreign policy meetings abroad and America would always come out first. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-1;11-25-16).
no image
The rabid socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters lost their bid for power when Hillary failed to defeat TRUMP. However...these nasty people never go away...but...remain steadfast in their mission to enslave America. They'll use their MASS MEDIA cannon laying down barrage after TRUMP has already demonstrated...such firepower lacks any dramatic effect...and...resembles the gnat on the butt of an elephant.
To delete the grip and grab of socialism isn't easily accomplished since it's protected by layer upon layer of law and rule...entangled...and...populated by advocates and warriors each obliged to fight to enslave not liberate.

In order to dismantle this leviathan and usher in EDEN...Trump must erect a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...a place wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper. TRUMP must place people at the top whose mission statement to downsize and eliminate until all that is left is the Secretary and a few underlings for each department of which there should only be the ones explicitly recited in the U.S. Constitution.

By shrinking the federal workforce...TRUMP will over time reduce the size of the federal footprint enabling Americans once more to prosper. VIVA TRUMP!
Ron Brownstein...a loudmouth TRUMP-HATER looking for TV time...told a cub reporter TRUMP was wrong in trying to remove the hassle and hinder Uncle Sugar over the years has erected to retard and stifle American industry. Brownstein resented TRUMP'S promise to dismantle the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE since in such hell-hole Brownstein has prominence.
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Climate-change enthusiasts hate anyone who doubts their myth about mankind changing the planet's climate. They hate it when people discuss carbon dioxide(CO2) as a trace gas whose abundance is a naturally occurring phenomenon with plant life chowing down on any excess such that the greenhouse gas effect is nonsensical. Similarly despised are the scientists who describe ancient climate change...times when there was more CO2 and times when there was more Oxygen(O2)...because these experts undermine the idea that with spoon and bucket mankind might dip the ocean dry.
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Iranian rag heads issued* a dire warning: If TRUMP attempted to hurt IRAN...IRAN would deliver "pay-back". After considering the Obama-given power IRAN possesses in the region...that threat could mean something...and...TRUMP must be prepared to obliterate IRAN...reducing it to rubble...and...deleting Old Testament kind of cleansing operation, (think Joshua's sword).
*Attacking IRAN is a moral imperative. If the rag heads succeed in developing a "nuke" they would not hesitate to deploy and detonate. They're not above planting bombs in some kind of huge doomsday machine and then triggering the mega-bomb to split the planet into little pieces.
no image
TRUMP plans on using sectarian hatred to America's distinct military advantage. He plans on pitting Shiite and Sunni in a conflagration wherein each side slaughters until there isn't any more of either sect. Imagine the last two... one Sunni...they're facing each other...and...boom...each shoots the other between the eyes. Allahu Akbar, eh Donald?
Symone Sanders* Afro-American tribal socialist...wants to inspect Donald Trump's tax returns as well as every aspect of every business and business deal in which TRUMP has any interest no matter how remote. When asked who is she to be demanding such information...the scumbag MASS MEDIA replied that she was a freedom-hater and deserved to be heard...especially when TRUMP is so wealthy and she is so poor.
*TRUMP must keep the MASS MEDIA at arm's length and do not grant them anything. Give them a small window and force them all to look through it or not look at all!
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In times good...we ate beef. In times lean we ate fowl. If there were no fowl we ate crawdad...if no crawdad...we ate sand. Such the dialogue between the Indian and the Pilgrim whose bountiful harvest dwarfed anything the American Indian had seen. Maybe...there was a TRUMP aboard the Mayflower operating under another name. VIVA TRUMP!
In California...there are still 1.8 million votes left to count. Yes...Clinton defeated TRUMP on the left coast along with the Soviet states of Oregon and Washington...but...almost everywhere else...TRUMP defeated her in landslide numbers. Sure...Hillary got more votes...but...TRUMP won more states. Hence...the Electoral College granted him the title of President.
*According to John Podesta...Clinton's campaign manager...there were 3 million(+) illegal aliens who voted in the 2016 election.
Mitt 'the nit' Romney did all he could to hurt TRUMP in the 2016 presidential race. He denounced TRUMP on a regular basis...speaking to anyone who'd listen to his claptrap. The MASS MEDIA found his excoriations to be useful and hence televised his rants whenever their pro-Clinton narrative called for some NASTY-TIME.

Despite such anger and venom...though...magnanimous TRUMP called "the nit" to his New Jersey golf club to discuss a position with TEAM-TRUMP. Whether TRUMP wishes to  pull a rattlesnake into his sleeping bag just to feel the anxiety such creates...isn't well understood. might very well be that TRUMP might pick ROMNEY if ROMNEY does promise to be loyal and to conduct affairs as TRUMP directs. Would ROMNEY keep his promise...or...would he be some "leak"...such is the big issue, eh Donald?
U.N.Ambassador Nikki Haley. Such was TRUMP'S pick. if some "green light" went off...most Democrats said they hated her and would oppose her appointment in every way possible. And though their MASS MEDIA puppets portray their threatened opposition as isn't. They're a minority and they can't stop America from escaping the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They had their chance to elect a gatekeeper evil enough to continue tyranny...but...they failed...and...despite their best efforts to the contrary...America will be great again. VIVA TRUMP!

Randi Weingarten...a pro-Clinton socialist...came forward to denounce BETSY DEVOS. "How dare TRUMP appoint someone who is not a big government scumbag such as myself," screamed Randi as she listened to Betsy Devos describe how she was going to drain the swamp and eliminate the parasites and unionists.

Had TRUMP sought out Weingarten for his Secretary of Education...though...the MASS MEDIA would be laughing at how easily TRUMP adopted the common core of socialism and threw away his team's chance of escape from the clutches of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
The National EDUCATION Association(NEA) declared Betsy Devos a pariah...somebody identified as wishing to delete public schools and their hideous unions so that children once more might become relevant. "If it weren't for the extraordinary effort of Betsy Devos there would be 29, 999,998 children without high school diplomas," noted Michelle Rhee when asked if Betsy were worthy of the position of SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.
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Politico...a periodical...went "all-in" for Clinton doing all it could to push that scoundrel. Politico declared Clinton the victor before the election results manifested. They even went to far as to discuss Clinton's possible cabinet appointments since she was surely to prevail. Indeed...Politico was so on board for Clinton its knavish staff ignored obvious problems in favor of pushing CLINTON. It might very well be Politico managers are so dishonorable...they didn't sense they were off-base and totally idiotic in their allegiance to such a jerk as Hillary.
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"Take down that flag!" commanded the chief administrator when she saw an American flag raised over her college. "How dare you show such an offensive thing to students!" she growled as she watched several janitors react to her edict to commence lowering that offensive thing. Students...wearing one-world socialism buttons...gathered about her...and...cheered wildly as the STARS AND STRIPES were removed
Deleting the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE would insulate TRUMP-BUSINESS from TRUMP-PRESIDENT. Removing the diktat and intrusive burden embedded in the 20th Century NANNY STATE model would instantly resolve the "conflict of interest" concerns the Democrats have about TRUMP-BUSINESS ...concerns they never had when Hillary was running her "pay-to-play" scheme while Secretary of State.
The last Standing Rock Sioux warrior would not stop trying to puncture the pipeline and spill oil into the sacred burial ground contaminating it for a thousand years in all directions. When Running Tree was asked "why" he was trying to stain his beloved Indian land...he replied, "I want the world to know how dangerous oil can be and the only way to tell them is to destroy my own patch of revered earth."
Julian Epstein...a CAMP-CLINTON helper...told the world he was angry that voters chose TRUMP over socialist-Hillary. "I wanted America to be pushed into the socialist toilet," shouted Epstein when he saw the election results. Yes...Clinton gathered more votes but in fewer areas and lost in a landslide loss...something scumbags such as Epstein declared could never occur.
What GiGi Hadid unleashed at the music wards ceremony was silly and showed an anti-immigrant aspect most people suspected the Hollywood elite possessed. Instead of castigating GiGi...though...the MASS MEDIA found it exhilarating to hear celebrities take jabs at some defenseless female from Slabovia whose grasp of English as tenuous as Sir Hillary's hammer on Everest.
Joel Benenson...a CAMP-CLINTON wonk...winced when he heard TEAM-TRUMP was probably proceeding to indict Hillary and her entire scurvy crew if there is any proof left. To include those already exonerated by James "stooge" Comey in any conspiracy-charge involving Hillary and her family foundation would be problematical. indictment of Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Comey, Dick Durbin, and Chuck Schumer would go far in delivering what most Americans expect: Equal justice.
Minnie Pearl remembering Hank Williams recalled once when Hank turned to her and said, "Minnie there ain't no light."

You...see...he was singing he'd seen the light...but...there wasn't any light...there weren't no wasn't there. Yes...he was singing he'd seen the light...but...there weren't nary no light. No...not any at all. But he was singing he'd seen the light.
Zeynep Tufekci...a socialist fear-monger...criticized GOOGLE for some of GOOGLE'S practices and customs. Hearing of such criticism...Tufekci was told that if he didn't like it...why not create his own search it his way instead of demanding GOOGLE conform to some paradigm Tufekci preferred. Naturally...Zeynep couldn't do such a thing since he is little more than some snotty college teacher hunkered down at the University of North Carolina...a real hub of activity,(WSJ B-3;11-22-16).
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Because India is such a backward place...socialist-stymied...and...Eco-fascist stifled...there isn't any way natural gas can be profitably deployed.

On the other hand...coal-fired energy production can be done easily and in such a backward socialist-toilet...the coal-fired power plants would be the best approach to lighting up an otherwise pitch-black night.

Unlike natural gas which requires complex storage systems...coal can be piled up just about anywhere...and...can sit there without incident until needed. It's the best way to go in such a backward squalid place as India.
Josh Kushner and his team formed Oscar Insurance Company to reap profits from OBAMA-CARE. The insurance company got off to a great start with investors putting in $2 billion. However...the mandate to buy insurance...although sold to JOSH as a "never-lose" paradigm...did not fetch as many slaves as contemplated leaving OSCAR with huge losses in 2015 and 2016. "We paid out more than we took in and that stream of red ink will be a torrent come next year," whispered JOSH to himself as he met his brother Jared and his wife Ivanka Trump at the 21 Club for dinner.(WSJ B-1;11-22-16)
Instead of demanding government be removed from the energy business...CARL ICAHN wants more diktat and control. Instead of demanding elimination of the so-called Renewable Fuel Law...for instance...he wants to massage and make less burdensome...but...not once does he rise up from his worm-position and demand liberation. No...Carl would prefer to WHINE in the WSJ, (A-17;11-22-16).

Hearing Icahn's lament...TRUMP  told a cub reporter, "Carl's wrong again. Americans don't need more massage and modify. America needs to eliminate as many laws as possible and this one forcing producers to buy some Renewable Identification Numbers(RIN) should be first. Instead of whining...Carl should use some of his money to demand this 2005 law be deleted? Most people would instantly call him a liberator since man-caused climate change is NONSENSE!"
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The New York Times(NYT) people were told not to come to visit TRUMP in TRUMP TOWER. The meeting was to be "off-the-record"...but...the NYT moguls wouldn't agree to such insulation. If TRUMP wanted to speak to them...then...TRUMP would have to expose himself to their whimsy. Of course...TRUMP is on top...they aren't...and...their dictating terms of engagement didn't fetch the result they thought it would. VIVA TRUMP!
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If only Tom Candy were here to save Canada from the man-caused climate change idiots...but...alas...he's gone. far...there hasn't been anyone standing up to those man-caused climate change scumbags. Consequently...Canadians are suffering under higher energy costs. Instead of using COAL...a cheap and abundant fuel...they want to use expensive solar and wind...two forms of energy that are intermittent and unreliable unless huge banks of batteries are used. One scientist told a cub reporter he envisions 1/2 of Canada's land mass covered by solar panels and wind mills and the other half covered in batteries supplying Canadians with power: "It would be wondrous to behold...miles...upon...miles of batteries, panels and propellers."(WSJ A-7;11-22-16).
TRUMP invited MASS MEDIA hot shots to TRUMP TOWER to discuss their differences. Naturally...everyone was there...Oko brought her Walrus...magic in the air. Over in the corner much to TRUMP'S surprise...sat Mr. Hughes in Dylan's shoes...wondering about the size. Yes...there was a request for peace...and...perhaps...TRUMP might get some pause...but...advertising must be sold...and...hate peppered with anger always sells the cause.
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Wrong again? The man-caused climate change gurus predicted that Grafton, New York would be free of snow this winter due to man-caused global warming. So sure were they...they staked their reputations and theories on that outcome. However...Mother Nature didn't play along with their ruse and dumped snow all over Grafton. So angry was Pamela Bentley...the Graton postal clerk...that she wrote hate-words in the snow calling those so-called climate-scientists jerks and rascals,(WSJ A-1;11-22-16).
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A quarterback and her 3 receivers...they worked all Summer on plays designed for big yards and bugle-like victories. Yes...the QB was female...but...her team protected her from any assault. Yet...because opposing forces strive for cunning and honed-up skill...practicing on new ways to defeat them...always on front-burner and never spilled.
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TRUMP turned to his lieutenants and directed them to: (i)identify what is bottleneck...hinder...or...hassle, (ii) prepare a list of all names associated with each imbroglio, and (iii) include that person in the number of thank you notes and fruit baskets to be handed out as they depart government with nothing else...not any pension...not any string...not anything except that note and basket memorializing and in recognition of their selfless, drooling public service. VIVA TRUMP!
TRUMP hasn't yet taken office and already the anti-TRUMP MASS MEDIA (99.9999%) is discussing "conflict of interest" problems. Scumbag Eric Schneiderman...the New York Attorney General...said he would indict TRUMP within 48 hours of him taking office. When asked "on what basis"such an indictment would issue...scumbag-Schniederman replied, "I have the MASS MEDIA on my side. I don't need proof. I don't need anything...but...hate and anger on my side and that stuff there is plenty in my basket," drooled Eric the scumbag Schniederman.
Melania Trump...a sweet and generous person...told the world she did not know and had never personally met GiGi Hadid...a lackluster model who took time on stage the other night at an awards ceremony to berate and belittle Melania. It was so "yesterday"...yet...the MASS MEDIA has been replaying the excoriation as if GiGi were some kind of guru.
Tohru Sasaki told a cub reporter, "Since the U.S.yield has started going up significantly, if you invest in U.S. 10-year yield with a foreign-exchange hedge, the RETURN is larger than a JGB 30-year investment." With such data in mind...TRUMP might very well forge a deal with Japanese government officials opening Japan to all of America's plethora of goods and services. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ B-8;11-22-16).
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Michelle Obama took up the school lunch challenge and agreed to place her proposed school lunch in competition with the lunch which TRUMP would offer. The children and teachers were not told about the "test". After the test was was determined 398 children chose TRUMP'S fare over Obama's "tree bark and roots" while 14 out of 15 politically-correct teachers elected to suffer through Michelle's treat and chew on 1/2 baked onion and potato skin.
Mark Zuckerberg knows FACEBOOK is on its way to the grave yard due to his decision to monitor and sift all data on FACEBOOK...a gleaning process so anti-consumer...that it would render FACEBOOK just another appendage of THE ESTABLISHMENT. And while Zuckerberg has been absorbed into the socialist goo and isn't any longer a free-thinker...his patrons remain liberated and they will flock to a new web site that does not intentionally impose its ideas,(WSJ B-4;11-22-16).
Herman Khan believes nuclear combat toe-to-toe with the Russians is somehow a survivable undertaking. After Chernobyl was obvious to the world nuclear holocaust wasn't something anyone could ever wish. And this sentiment hasn't changed even though Herman Khan thinks it has. The best thing that could happen is ALL NUKES get eliminated. But the rag heads won't stop until they not only possess...but...deploy...and...detonate. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?
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Maybe Islamic State had to be 6th Century in terms of how it treated order to attract the kind of scumbags needed to overtake territory...but...most ladies resented the intrusion. As more and more ladies are liberated from Islamic State strongholds around Mosul...their stories of mistreatment have become commonplace. They were required to wear pup-tents when walking in public...and...could be sold as chattel at any time...with public-stoning and lashing as penalty for dissent.

As most people know...such mistreatment of women had been pushed back in the Middle East since it represented ignorance and depravity. Yet...Islamic State...attempting to be pure in heart...arrived in 2013 and imposed 6th century strictures on their females...reducing them to the status of cattle. Somehow...the Qu'ran requires women to be slaves...a requirement most ladies find repulsive no matter what idiot heralds as much.
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If a majority of Americans want to delete environmental regulations...they should be able to perform such feat instantly. If Congress must delete the National Environmental Protection Act(NEPA) and the CLEAN WATER ACT in order to eliminate the "grip and grab" presently exercised by the Environmental Destruction Agency(think Gold King Mine disaster)...then...such must be done. It's time for such a monster to die," quipped TRUMP as he looked at how horrific EPA had become,(WSJ A-19;11-22-16).
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When someone declares an otherwise unhampered market can't provide the services and goods consumers want...the response should always be one of disbelief and rebuke. In such an open market...everything one might imagine is available. might be more expensive than you might available. In the BIG GOVERNMENT model...the opposite is true: ONLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE IS AVAILABLE.
Assistant Attorney General Preet Bharara needs to be fired and publicly identified so people can spit on him as he walks by. He's an unprincipled...nasty...big foot government scumbag and TRUMP needs to fire him and to make his life miserable for a thousand years in all directions.

However...Preet recently heard about what could happen if he were fired and people were told who he was. In a feat of self-protection...this worm came forward and announced his office was going to chase drug-dealers who sell tainted product...a noble enterprise and one for which everyone would thank him,(WSJ A-7;11-22-16).

But...will it be enough to assuage the anger and hatred people have for this despicable jerk?
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When asked "why" not use taxpayer money to fund PLANNED PARENTHOOD...a private company with billions of dollars spread out into almost every voting district to protect itself from losing its umbilical cord...the answer is always the same: BECAUSE IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY!

Taxes...if collected at all...should be used to pay for essential government services* and not for any other purpose. If PLANNED PARENTHOOD is so essential...there should not be any trouble in financing operations and administration through donations. On the other hand...if PLANNED PARENTHOOD is similar to all the other organizations receiving taxpayer funds...once the umbilical cord is'll wither and disappear.
*Essential government services deserving of funding are: police, courts, and national defense. Maybe interstate roads, harbors and airports might be included depending on circumstances if done without government diktat as to wage, etc.
Gustavo Diaz teamed up with this BLOG to assist Venezuelans in their daily lives by informing them of the value of their money. The site selected is called: and it has helped Venezuelans understand just how nasty and backward the Maduro regime has become. Unlike all other publications...DOLARTODAY offers a moment-by-moment assessment of the Venezuelan currency...a currency which is subjected to the most rigid currency controls in the world...even more strict than North Korea,(WSJ A-1;11-22-16).
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If the Shiite possesses a "nuke"...the Sunnis will also grab one. The idea is to be equal in power lest the other obliterate the infidel which to them is the other sect. Such balance of power would be good so long as rational leaders...both Shiite and Sunni...held back...each respecting mutual obliteration's finale: BOTH LOSE! Yet...because both sects...however...believe in the coming of the 12th IMAM...both are predisposed to blow holes and kill everyone...thereby enabling the 12th IMAM'S manifestation. Allahu Akbar, eh Obama?
"Hey...Murray...the Democrat post-election narrative is that half the country isn't happy TRUMP prevailed. We need to get into the street...burn a few tires...throw some it so MASS MEDIA cameras get the violence and signage," quipped U.S.Rep. Tim Ryan(D.Oh) as he looked at Murray Jacobs his cohort in pandemonium.
CAMP-CLINTON enlisted the aid of the MASS MEDIA along with a huge cast of well-wishers including Michelle and Barack. Even Lady GaGa pushed for Hillary as did Barbara Streisand. Their template was traditional. Their rhetoric scripted and focus-group tested. Yet...with all that firepower...all that push and shove...CLINTON...still lost.

Similar to Trafalgar...TRUMP dispatched his team straight ahead...not following traditional "lick media boot"...but...demanding the MASS MEDIA frame whatever TRUMP was proposing and daring them to ignore. VIVA TRUMP!
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Recently...TRUMP was spray-painted on the hood of an Afro-American owned car...while an Afro-American school bus was followed by a car with TRUMP signs on it. The MASS MEDIA featured seemingly frightened Afro-American ladies who got their 15 seconds of fame by crying and screaming about their fear of TRUMP.

The entire matter seemed "so staged" that investigators were by this BLOG deployed. After rudimentary was discovered Robert Creamer...the same scumbag who paid people to provoke violence at TRUMP rallies...had dispatched goon squads to pretend they were TRUMP-people. One team spray-painted cars...for instance...while other teams harassed minorities by following or shouting.
TRUMP was told he needed to send some troops into harm's way and thereafter drum for retaliation and perpetual war. TRUMP listened and then said, "That's not my way." 

Of course...TRUMP was referring to Poncho Villa who sent his team against fortified walls losing 85% of them. Once those were slain...he ordered his cannon to fire and obliterated the enemy.

When asked why lose so many instead of just deleting the fort...Poncho laughed and replied, "If they had not been killed...I would not now have their families and fortunes committed to revenge."
Snipers, people, and Mosul...horrifically combine...opposing the firepower of America and its allies refined. Unless a tank proceeds...not any soldier dare advance. The snipers are everywhere...they shoot and scoot the entire battle expanse. Night time infra red can't be used...since Islamic State dresses up civilians...they sit back and watch Americans slaughter them...all mighty and confused. During the day...snipers shoot and flee...leaving behind dastardly positioned mines...too scaring even to see.

Yet...into that theater of war...stepped General James "mad dog" Mattis. He threw open the window...pushed out the lattice. He decided WAR-BOT(tm) could eradicate Islamic State. "Why lose any personnel when WAR-BOT(tm) can delete such rag heads so well?" Mattis told MASS MEDIA wonks as he described what might be labeled a blistering Hell.
no image
If the insurance industry is permitted to pool its resources any way it pleases...the consumer will receive highest quality...lowest service.

But...there wouldn't be any need for BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT and its millions of nasty-snot-nosed-bureaucrats in such an unhampered market.

Hence...the would-be masters and their complicit MASS MEDIA are fighting to stop opening the health services market to unbridled competition and its respective risk pools...unfettered...untrammeled...and...insulated from the avarice of would-be masters with angry mobs.
Brandon V. Dixon...Aaron Burr in the Broadway play "Hamilton"...after the Mike Pence was departing the auditorium...stood forth and told PENCE he expected TRUMP to be a president for all people. Pence politely accepted the admonition and left the area. Thereafter...TRUMP tweeted: Dixon should apologize to Pence since it was an OBVIOUS breach of etiquette to address someone in the audience. It's simply NOT done. Not ever!

The larger DIXON was demanding that TRUMP enslave the producer and siphon off wealth so it might be redistributed in socialist fashion...something Dixon said made his left leg tingle. "I wanted Pence to know the socialists...the worms...the parasites...all are waiting for TRUMP to give them more not less big gift government...government for all people especially we, thespians," sniveled Dixon as he looked avariciously upon TRUMP'S empire.
"Wake-eee...wake-eee...eggs and bake-eee," whispered Senator Chuck Schumer when he heard Clinton had lost. "Had she openly preached enslavement...openly demanded socialism...taxing wealth...reducing people to cattle and sheep...had she declared and proclaimed as'd be steak and caviar instead of poor-man cheap."
When asked how would TRUMP get around the obstructions the Democrats plan to erect to stop him from dismantling the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...Kellyanne Conway replied, "When the mountain won't go to Mohammed...Mohammed must go to the mountain. We will simply go around such barrier. We're the majority and we plan on making sure Democrats can't prevent escape from this CAGE...this place where some would-be master can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
no image
Most of the federal laws could be deleted and America would consequently be a much better place. Indeed...10,000 social scientists signed a letter declaring as much. And because such support eclipses any opposition must be the best way to proceed. Hence...the Omnibus Repeal Bill, (THE ORB) was fashioned...constructed from the bolts and trusses of liberty...and...intended to chase away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism...and...usher in thereby a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!
no image
Sauce for goose...sauce for gander. Equal strokes for different folks. Same outcome when similarly situated. Such concepts frame the way MASS MEDIA should be addressing TRUMP'S transition from businessman to politician.

In contrast to how TRUMP is being treated...these same nasty MASS MEDIA talking heads applauded HILLARY for how deftly she used her political power to enhance her own personal fortune.

Now that virtue of just getting elected...must separate himself from his empire...that same accepting MASS MEDIA is demanding TRUMP insulate himself from what bears his imprimatur...and...are already casting aspersions and making snide comments about self-dealing.
Marine Le Pen...the French nationalist...was observed wearing an Ivanka Bracelet replica. Envious of the instant notoriety such a bauble fetched...Marine Le Pen demanded she have one. Nowadays...when she shows that bracelet...people know she's a member of the ruling elite and deserving of their attention and fealty.
The Hilton gal called Ivanka and asked for a batch of similar bracelets so she could hand them out to her best friends forever.
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Most MASS MEDIA wizards and wonks were predicting a Clinton landslide. Obama did all he could to denounce TRUMP...calling him dishonest...and...plastic. However, TRUMP prevailed. Why he won isn't framed although many architects are struggling to put cement and block around their "guess" almost impossible feat...but...they'll build one...nonetheless.

After TRUMP takes office...MASS MEDIA foes will be as great as before. Even Obama...the dung-throwing monkey...will be splattering Donald's front door.
America was deemed an intruder and became unwanted more often than not whenever its troops were garrisoned. In Beirut...for example...Reagan stationed troops...and...their dorm was obliterated. In Kabul...American troops were playing baseball when they were machine gunned by Taliban disguised as Afghani police. Mitt Romney put it best when he said, "Rag heads will stay where they are...and...we need to stay where we are...and...stop being some kind of busy-nosed neighbor."
When asked why TRUMP was insulating his decision-making from the MASS MEDIA...STEVE BANNON retorted, "Piranha. A small South American fish with razor sharp teeth. Drop a pig carcass into a pool of piranha and within seconds it's little more than gnawed bone. Such frame...indeed...describes the so-called White House Correspondents Association...a snotty elitist group of press people who think they have a monopoly on access to administration personnel. Why should TRUMP ever wish to subject himself to piranha?"
U.S.Senator Jeff Sessions(R.Al) will be U.S.Attorney General and he will find out what happened during the Clinton era. The "pay-to-play" scheme reached into the very halls of Congress ensnaring many Democrats including Chuck Schumer, Mark Warner, Dick "little" Durbin and Elizabeth Warren.
Sebelius...a witch of a woman...a lady who tried to kill sick people by denying them health services...came forward to declare she wants TRUMP to perpetuate socialized medicine so more will die.

Yes...Sebelius doesn't frame her evil in such obvious terms since such graphic display of her hatred for mankind would instantly propel her to super star status....a level of intrigue she doesn't merit. her pitch of potions...wants to stand over people and decide who lives and who dies. She sees herself as choosing* who goes to the right and who goes to the left.
*At Auschwitz those sent into the left line were doomed to gas chamber extermination.
U.S.Senator Dick Durbin...a freedom-hating Democrat...was given the title of MINORITY WHIP. When asked about his role in stopping TRUMP from dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...he began to cry and whimper. After a few moments...he pushed back the tsunami of fear...and...said, "TRUMP will liberate the subjugated. He'll reduce dependency and hence our grip on people. He will unshackle them...something I fear most since once free from our socialist-clutches...they might sense how evil we are and evict us. I'd hate to have to go and look for a job with my name. I'd be spat upon...groin tires slashed."
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Instead of remaining impartial...the MASS MEDIA went all-in for CAMP-CLINTON and lost miserably. Every Democrat who could not hide his or her socialist bent was evicted. The CRUSADE this BLOG began on January 21,2009 has been a march to "make salt" effort to liberate the subjugated and deliver America from the clutches of the would-be master with envious mob. And...while it has taken some time for the message of EDEN to be heard...a majority of voters did and they chose a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market-KEY over the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a preference this BLOG predicted would generally hold true.
The MASS MEDIA has changed its tactic. Now...the narrative is TRUMP is a "racist" and that it's good to disrespect TRUMP and his chosen helpers.

Yes...the talking heads are just that: talking heads...and...are talking heads because that's what they do and are paid well for so doing.

But...for any of them to declare themselves somehow "better than"...somehow..."more knowledgeable" is a stretch and most people will sense "fake news" afoot* again.
*You know..."fake news"...the stuff Obama is so much against. You know LIAR OBAMA...the dung-throwing monkey who said KEEP YOUR DOCTOR KEEP YOUR INSURANCE. PERIOD. That scumbag...and...he's decrying"fake news" in social media? He needs to crawl back into whatever community organizing hole from when he came.
Bakari Sellers is a rabid freedom-hater and Trump-bashing loudmouth...hence...someone the MASS MEDIA wishes to feature on its Sunday talk shows. He drips venom and spews anger for TRUMP in the most dramatic way. Before one show on MSNBC...for instance...he was observed in his dressing area being slapped by his agent with a white glove. With each harsh swat...his agent was heard declaring, "That's it...get mean...get that war-face...get that poison throbbing."
FACEBOOK is about to begin it's slow decline. When Zuckerberg announced he would stop "fake news" and permit only news reports on FACEBOOK that were sanctioned by the MASS MEDIA...he was telling his customers FACEBOOK was not a one of the slaves...would do his master's bidding. How they got to Zuckerberg isn't yet known...but...somehow...BIG STOMP GOVERNMENT scumbags compelled Mark to kneel and lick their boot.
U.S.Rep. Keith Ellison(D.Il) is an Afro-American Muslim socialist who wants to delete the 2nd amendment's right to bear arms. Competing with him for the position of CHIEF-IDIOT...U.S.Rep. Tim Ryan(D. Oh) has said he wants to regulate the firearms industry in such a fashion that any gun anyone has will be only possessed with permission from him and his goon squad. Both Democrats are spewing nonsense...but...such is what the Democrat Party has become: a cesspool of nonsense.
Mika Brzezinski...a hateful snot on MSNBC...said she'd never wear an IVANKA bracelet. "I'd never wear something a capitalist made. I wear only stuff made by socialists...people who don't want to be paid for their effort but find remuneration in giving me such baubles," Mika sneered as she looked enviously at that $10,000 glittering thing adorning Ivanka's wrist.
Obama.....ever the dung-throwing he stood at the podium in a socialist European toilet...let fly some nasty stuff. He condemned social media for permitting "false news" to be published. How dare they attempt to intrude on the propaganda machine the MASS MEDIA controls! When Zuckerberg was told as much he replied that FACEBOOK was not a censor or a monitor. If people wished to publish their ideas...they could always find room on FACEBOOK without fear of having to duck "in-coming" from such a monkey as he. VIVA TRUMP!
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Maneuver. One of the principal skills of any mobile army unit is that of maneuver...positioning assets in such fashion as to gain maximum advantage and surprise. Might TRUMP be conducting maneuvers? Wouldn't that explain* why the MASS MEDIA has essentially been omitted from the historical events taking place behind closed doors?
*Most people soon forget the MASS MEDIA circled TRUMP waiting for him to reveal his tax returns so they could pick and peck...stomp and chomp. And...when TRUMP refused to release them based on advice from this BLOG...that refusal angered the MASS MEDIA and in reaction they fired all their guns...even dredging up a 2005 "dialogue between TRUMP and Billy Bush while in some 1/2 baked NEXT scenario....the dating scene on a bus where guys go meet hip chicks.
Gray flannel suit, powder blue tie, white shirt, and wing-tipped shoes, his hair perfect, his lips tense...his eyes glaring and unconcerned. Such was the description of Mitt 'the nit' Romney as he entered the place where his nemesis awaited...a man whom "the nit" had maligned...and...belittled...was inside waiting to meet* with him and perhaps give "the nit" some place in his administration. VIVA TRUMP.
*Trump must beware of Romney since he will betray.
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As our Sun consumes its grows into a Red Giant. As it becomes such a Giant...the Earth will be absorbed. Until it's absorbed...though...the planet will react and undergo dramatic changes as the solar heat bakes and bakes some more. How mankind would stop such a phenomenon has been answered in a letter signed* by 10,000 scientists. WOW!
*The same 10,000 who declared mankind could stop climate change are sure to muster the courage to make such an assertion that the Sun could be prevented from becoming a Red Giant.
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In Marrakesh...climate-gurus met to discuss* how mankind might stop Mother Earth from proceeding through its hot-cold cycle. They could with spoon and bucket dip the ocean dry thereby forcing the Good Earth to react and become sterile without any life at all...something almost heavenly to the gurus way of thinking. To stop volcanoes...they could use massive corks...or...pass a law requiring "virgin-toss" which in times past 10,000 Hawaiian scientists said would stop the emission of carbon dioxide.(WSJ A-6;11-19-16).
*Perhaps when TRUMP referred to man-caused global warming as nonsense he might have had Marrakesh in mind.
Iraq was controlled by a Sunni-murderer who would snuff a Shiite without hesitation. When BUSH-CHENEY invaded Iraq...BUSH-CHENEY deleted Saddam's ruling elite and stacked the government with unwanted Shiites whose allegiance to IRAN(Shiite) was obvious. Had BUSH-CHENEY simply insulated the storeroom of the Shiite and the Sunni from the other's avarice and hate by imposing a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...Iraq would not only today be at peace but the most prosperous since its days as Babylon.
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As the Shiites close in on the heart of Mosul...the population of males left behind are put into a long line and then their identities are checked. The same lines the Islamic State forced them to Shiites were doing the same thing. It's as likely as not as soon as American firepower departs the area...the Sunnis will "pay-back" the Shiite dogs for their intrusion.
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The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has decreed: Everything Trump does not good enough. Everyone Trump picks somehow flawed and tarnished. Even the MASS MEDIA favorite for awhile, Mitt "the nit" Romney has been called a lesser choice when such stalwarts as ESTABLISHMENT BOB AND SUE are available. And while the shrinking audience for these pro-socialist MASS MEDIA outlets is still drawn to their drivel and tripe...most patrons have gone to this BLOG for the most fresh-factual-news..
" you're not," declared TRUMP when he heard U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose"Warren(D.Mass) tell the world she would go toe-to-toe...nose-to-nose with TRUMP...something TRUMP found most unappealing. 

"I heard she's in a minority status...and...a Republican majority could fashion rules which permit my team to circumvent these freedom-haters...and...dismantle their beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein the would-be master with envious mob can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"exclaimed Trump when he heard how nasty and venomous Warren had already become.
Not only did someone leak Romney's name for Secretary of State but for Secretary of Defense KUNG FU PANDA was said to be in the list of top finalists along with the notorious "naked cowboy". Might TRUMP be leaking disinformation as "pay-back" for how nasty the MASS MEDIA was during the 2016 presidential campaign?
U.S.Rep. Tim Ryan(D.Oh) said he wanted the Democrat Party to move further into socialism...and...Eco-fascism...delivering a new vision...a romantic world of tent and mule...dancing about campfires til dawn...and...worshiping whatever idol the tribal elders might forge.

To Tim's way of thinking...there can never be enough big government diktat and control.

"I want to see cradle to grave control...where I choose what future each American will have. It's the new way...a fresh way...and...Americans will flock to this socialist banner," Tim drooled as he looked at the landslide TRUMP received.
U.S.Senator Mazi Hirono(D.Ha) told a cub reporter that many years ago...her ancestors had refined the concept of man-made climate change to the point where to stop eruptions...into the volcano virgins would be tossed. "It might take 15 or so before Mother Volcano would stop climate change meant we had such power," mused Hirono as she looked at ancient paintings of such sacrifices.
Ivanka and her dad met with Japan's Prime Minister Abe. Somehow...that joint meeting angered the envious MASS MEDIA particularly ugly women such as Elise Labott...a scarecrow who found the young lady's presence unusual and disturbing. Maybe...Labott hates TRUMP because TRUMP defeated's as likely as not...from the looks of her venom...she hates Trump because she's envious...she can't ever be as glamorous or as popular and she hates Ivanka and Donald because of her own shortcomings.
American ambassador to Germany, JOHN EMERSON told a cub reporter the Germans had been overrun by refugees and it was Obama's plan to place 5 million rag heads throughout the South thereby guaranteeing a voting bloc for years to come. By placing these dependent-puppets in marginally Democrat strongholds political power would be assured.
How does U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff remain in power? He's a rabid freedom-hater who would prefer a socialist state wherein a ruling elite...himself the lives of the unwashed masses. How does he remain the choice of the majority in his district? What hold does he have on those voters? Is it just a favorable MASS MEDIA which keeps him it his message of socialism..a message that promises to spend other people's money on beneficial program and policy?"
Mitt 'the nit' Romney was observed eating steak and drinking wine while speaking to someone on his cellphone. He complimented the person on the other end of the phone for such wonderful...delicious fare. Many assumed it was the hotel manager with whom he was every guessed who was there. It turned out to be TRUMP...inviting "the nit" to be Secretary of State.
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Daesh...the slang label given to Islamic State troopers...departed Mosul leaving behind sleeper cells which will spring to life as a spearhead for the retaking of that ancient city once America has left. Indeed...the Daesh know they can outwit and outfight the Shiite so long as there isn't any American help and military might.
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Farmers are familiar with "hoe,shovel, rake" and resent anyone who makes fun of such matter what form such humor takes. Fiercely independent...patriotic...and...more...the farmer must be protected...from his barn to his beleaguered front door. Remove the taxes...remove the regulations...remove the hinder and hassle big grab government confers...and...American farmers will feed the world and into history their passion stirred.
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When a surfer falls from a 30 foot scraped along the rocky bottom...his plight is called "yard sale". On election night...the throng of MASS MEDIA was expectant and cheerful. They were riding a tsunami created by them...guided by them...nurtured by them...protected by them...and...their efforts...all the lying and deceiving...all was coming together in a splendid symphony with Hillary Clinton at its pinnacle...and...the unwashed masses crying for more. And...then...YARD SALE!
Socialist Democracy: "Our tears...your purse!" But how do you achieve such dependency....such enslavement...such tyranny? The answer is simple. You create dependent people who won't bite the feeding hand. In America...for instance...Medicaid was expanded in many states to include almost anyone who sought such health service coverage.

Yes...the health clinic scenario was envisioned with people waiting for Mother Teresa...but...what happened was something a bit different. The Medicaid programs ballooned until they represent a significant portion of the states' budgets without any end in sight.

Consequently...the dependent people on the other end of that budget stick defend their entitlement by bloc voting for their would-be master. creating more dependency...the ruling elite retain their power...they...and...they alone...know what is best...and...the masses before their prowess must worship and cower,(WSJ A-16;11-18-16).