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The Republicans must tell voters they wish to cut taxes even more. They wish to identify those people who are still beleaguered by taxes and address their burdens...delivering respite...and...promising even more liberation...more shackles removed...but...the voters must support their effort at the ballot box. That message will defeat about any Democrat who promises voters more not less socialist grip and grab. They'll attempt to energize their base which is mostly government employees, some unions, and all those aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...telling them they had best support the Democrats because they might have to find a real job...or...rely on charity...the traditional way people were helped.
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Tomorrow will be just as much a mystery as today was yesterday...with one exception...this BLOG is going to launch a video segment that discusses what is about to happen. Take for instance the North Korean dictator. He's a noise-maker.

When the industrial-military complex requires funding...a BIG THREAT must appear. In the most recent instance...the "little fella" suddenly and surprisingly had intercontinental ballistic missiles...and...nukes to deploy from space. He could not announce as much but had to appear as if he were slowly progressing when he had the BIG STUFFF all along.

Nowadays...however...he isn't afraid to collapse a mountain and flood the air with poisonous gas. He nuked that mountain to make it unstable so that if he's attacked...or...in some fashion invaded...he merely detonates the hydrogen nukes buried there and the world is flooded with poisonous radiation..."ON THE BEACH" kind of horror.
The dictator told opposition leaders and their armies to meet him at a specific place to parlay and negotiate a peaceful settlement of grievances. Naturally...because they were tired of the butchery and destruction...all agreed and into that place they went to meet and discuss. When they arrived...the door was closed...and...everyone therein slaughtered.

Might the Iranian leadership sense opposition has grown in the 8 years OBAMA was in office and that now America is led by a real leader...a freedom-fighter...WHO might very well ignite opposition and such Opposition could unseat them...drive them out of their palaces and perches?

And to identify that kind of opposition what better way than to create riots...using their own shills...their own operatives...and...the real opposition members...not knowing they are being pulled out of hiding and thereby susceptible of identification and eradication...not knowing such ulterior motive afoot...they go out into the streets...they write stuff on social media...and...by such efforts these dissenters identified and eradicated.

U.S. Rep. John Garamendi...a Democrat who backed OBAMA'S policy in 2009...when asked about IRAN declared, "No...if revolution is to occur in IRAN..in 2018...America must invade and invite opposition to participate. Those who rally to the mission spared...those who aligned with the mullahs slaughtered. I'm told the KURDS would be all too pleased to assist in eradicating the mullahs and their henchmen. Indeed...one running KURD with knife can slash a thousand throats in a night."
Some time back in 2009...this BLOG began to finance opposition movements in Iran. The funding took labyrinth ways...avoiding hurdle and hassle...always sponsoring anyone willing to speak out against tyranny. Yes...the rag heads tried to block the message of liberation...but...their efforts only helped fuel interest in this BLOG.

Nowadays...in 2017...the funding has begun to pay off. That $27.93 million well-spent. Into the streets flood Iranians tired of theocracy...annoyed by the wealth of the Revolutionary Guard and the impunity enjoyed by the militias that roam the alleys looking for victims. They see the GUARD driving around in free cars using free gasoline...wearing the best clothes...living in the best houses...and...always above everyone else in prominence and stature. They see two hundred piano keys for teeth smiling at them from the thrones of the mullahs...dictating their every move...painting the future as they see fit...and...anyone objecting or defying identified and deleted.

Yes...with the well-paid assistance of insurgents...the streets are once more packed with rock-throwing patriots demanding theocracy be gone...and...freedom restored. Many know they did not remove the SHAH just to get another "master"...yet...such is exactly what they got. The mullahs are organized into a revolutionary army intent on imposing their idea of heaven on Earth. Of course...their heaven always put them in palaces surrounded by slaves and henchmen...but...when you're a mullah...you don't much care. You got your power...and...you grab your share.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the 2018 Democrat message of socialism and big grab government. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she quietly replied, "To catch a monkey in the jungle...the hunter prepares a hollowed out gourd with an opening big enough to permit a monkey's hand to enter and then tethers that gourd to the tree. The hunter then places a BIG PIECE OF FRUIT inside the gourd and departs. After a few days...the hunter returns...and...grabs the monkey whose hand is stuck in that gourd. Unlike the human...the monkey won't release that piece of fruit so the monkey can extricate itself from that predicament."

The cub reporter appeared puzzled and perplexed by the answer. "Are you saying the voters are similar to monkeys. They have grabbed on to socialism...even though that stuff leads to misery and squalor...and...won't let go no matter the tragic end awaiting such choice?'
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Even though socialists and Eco-fascists gathered to stop construction of the DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE...their effort didn't stop installation. Nowadays with oil flowing...and...by-product natural gas in abundance...the American economy is beginning to ignite. Yes...BUSH and OBAMA stifled America...but...with the guidance of TEAM-TRUMP...America is finding its way back to prosperity. VIVA TRUMP!
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Had Hillary-the-hag been elected in 2016...America would be headed into the socialist toilet with many Americans asking their neighbors "why" they supported such horror. Even Keynesian economists are proclaiming they were wrong about TRUMP and his free enterprise theories declaring their socialist drivel had finally been eclipsed by the performance of the economy since Big Don arrived and began removing hurdle and hassle imposed by TEAM OBAMA and TEAM-BUSH.
Alan Dershowitz told a cub reporter he had not observed any criminal misconduct on the part of Donald J. Trump and that eventually Big Don would be exonerated from any accusation of wrongdoing. Dershowitz acknowledged this BLOG was correct in assessing Mueller's team as partisan and unduly biased. Whether Trump received a fair effort...however...was doubtful...but...Alan wasn't willing to forecast a favorable outcome pointing out he had chosen Hillary for president and hated President Trump for his effort to dismantle Dershowitz's beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE...a place wherein OBAMA-CARE was imposed as if it were some idol to be worshiped,(EXODUS 32:24).
Nicolas Tesla* somehow figured out "why" pyramids were found everywhere and why there were so many of them. In times long past...by harnessing the Earth's magnetic aspect...free energy was available. The obelisks were merely transmitters permitting the electrical charge from the pyramids to propagate even farther. All one needed was a receiver and an electric motor for power and off one would go flying or traveling across ground or water. Tesla discovered as much but his offer to mankind for such free energy in the 20th century was refused.
*Why Telsa's work has been largely ignored hasn't been explained.
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Lady Elizabeth told a jubilant crowd she intended to cut taxes even more...dramatically reducing the grip of big grab government. Of course...among the cheers and clapping could be discerned the hissing and booing of the parasites whose future depended on taking from producers and redistributing the plunder to wretches such as they. If their umbilical cord cut...their entitlement* stopped...what would they do? How would they replace that GIFT delivered by the would-be master in exchange for their loyalty at the ballot box?
*Unlike the OBAMA give-away entitlement approach...Social Security...as it was originally designed and intended...was not an entitlement per se but rather a pact between the worker and the government. From the income of the worker bee...a portion was taken...and...placed into a TRUST FUND...a LOCKBOX...its trustee using that precious money to buy gold and platinum...stockpiling the treasure so that when any worker bee-contributor retired...that worker bee would receive a stipend based on what had been contributed. The bet for the worker bee was that he or she would live long enough to recoup that precious money taken over the years...money that when earned could actually buy something.

Over time...though...both sides of the aisle tapped that LOCKBOX...replacing the treasure with I.O.U. paper...worthless I.O.U. paper...not the promised GOLD...but...worthless I.O.U. paper. So much paper that nowadays...the LOCKBOX is stuffed with paper and not any GOLD anywhere therein to be found. The THEFT by both sides of the aisle is tragic. However...the entire system could be deleted and everyone paid off...unfortunately...the pay-off will have to be with colored-paper script...but...that's all that's left after 70 years of socialist grip and grab.
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Cutting off North Korea from energy imports might very well bring the "little fella" to the bargaining table whereat his nuclear weaponry exchanged for open trade. That the "little fella" would cheat and hold back his most powerful weapons is without doubt. But President Trump has already foreseen that gambit and has his INVASION FORCE prepared to enter and stop "little rocket man" from blowing up the world. VIVA TRUMP!
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Recently...Kellyanne Conway was asked about the precautions and safety features deployed in and around Time Square. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she declared, "What was that Islam jihadist laughing about? On a building top...situated beneath camouflage...a rag head sat...guiding a fleet of drones...each carrying 5 pounds of C-4 explosive...enough concussion-blast to kill anyone in a 100 foot radius. Arrayed against this terrorist were 1500 K-9 officers with explosive-sniffing dogs...searching the ground and people for explosives."
There must be a cleansing of the Temple. The federal work force must be reduced 99%...reduced until all that's left are menial worker bees doing mundane tasks...at base pay...not any more than $5.00 per hour...and...not any pension or any other kind of benefit. The job is only for the selfless and drooling public servants types...and...as such it won't attract anyone whose ambition to be some power-monger, (think James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Bruce Ohr).
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For 8 months...camp fires...bad-back bedding...ticks...fleas...bears...wolves...hostiles of all varieties...until...finally...gave up...and...went to work selling newspapers. On the last day...the final day...that day when hope was gone...the mule wouldn't move. Tug...push...shove...nothing worked...mule just sat there and looked. Sometime later...when news of gold was heard...that former prospector went to where the gold was being mined...nuggets as big as ostrich eggs....and...turned away and said to his friend when asked "Why turn away from this magnificent scene?" replied that he was standing in the same place another jackass had stood.
U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee...a loudmouthed Democrat...boarded a jet and discovered the airlines had sold her a tourist class and not a 1st class seat. She demanded 1st class seating and the airlines accommodated directing "whitey" to get up and go back to that seat in the back...the seat Jackson had bought. Naturally..."whitey" did as told...but...the demand for "whitey" to give up his seat for Sheila Jackson Lee prompted many in that cabin to chant: "THERE...THERE".
MS-13...a drug-dealing...assassination bunch...were targeted for deletion by President Trump. He called upon all the snitches of the world to give coordinates and stand back. In one instance...12 MS-13 members were found in a cabin. They died of drug-overdose. Somehow...they decided to kill themselves rather than face the torment of Big Don...tracking them...hounding them...always keeping them uncertain...anxious...and...off-balance. As Dr. Darrin Porcher pointed out, "MS-13 is running scared. It was a pity those thugs in that cabin just didn't burn their scarfs...rub off the fake MS-13 tattoos and go home."
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the expected Democrat-invasion of 2018...and...what were the chances of the Republicans retaining their majority in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...Kellyanne replied, "As the Hun-horde approached...instead of bounty...there was only scorched earth and poisoned wells...everything that could be used for shelter...food...or...water...was gone leaving the horde with only what it had brought from home. Sensing the resolve of the inhabitants greater than theirs to overtake and plunder...the Hun-horde turned around and went back from whence they came."
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In Time Square...several suicide bombers will be found. That their explosives didn't detonate will no doubt be the explanation for "why" they didn't succeed. But the real explanation will be that the GOODNESS OF AMERICA created a hedge...an impenetrable barrier which defied the demons masquerading as Islam's finest.
If you can imagine it...you can do it on the INTERNET. It's wide-open...the flood of ideas burgeoning...and...it'll remain the greatest "open market" if government is kept out of it. Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...attempted to stifle the INTERNET...putting his scumbag-bureaucrats in charge.

Recall TOM WHEELER...the chairman* of the Federal Communications Commission...imposed NET NEUTRALITY which in a few years would have all but destroyed the open market idea...something Obama dreamed he could achieve as his "lasting legacy".

Fortunately for America...Donald J. Trump was elected president in 2016...and...his helper: AJIT PAI went to work eliminating Obama's GRIP.
*Nowadays...Tom Wheeler can't shop at the local grocery store without someone spitting on him. His car has been "keyed" 3 times...and...his house regularly "toilet-papered". The last paper-laying was done by drones since Wheeler's 25 perimeter guards were too many to outwit.
Into Kabul came Islamic State bombers...disguised as merchants from the East. They entered the Tibayan Cultural Center and detonated their explosives packed on their back, side and stomach. The blast killed at least 41 people and injured several thousand others. One of the survivors heard a bomber singing a socialist worker song...the one Bernie Sanders would direct his audience to sing as his team marched through the crowd collection money and other gifts. Why that ISIS agent was singing Bernie Sanders' favorite song has not yet been explained although Bernie has been asked.
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From DESTRUCTO...the consumer can buy many kinds of kits...each one packed with destruction. If you wish to remove a tree...for example...you get TREE DESTRUCTO. You take that bag of powder...throw in at the base of the target tree...stand back...hose it down...and...within 120 seconds...the tree is gone...a hole found where once stood a 500 foot tall tree with a 50 foot base.

Recently...Homeland Security received a tip that Islamic State liked the idea so much...they are selling their own brand of destruction-kit. The patron receives a bag filled with detonators...50 pounds of C-4 explosive...and...a highlighted Qu'ran...so that the bomber might brush up on his scriptures before he slaughters infidels and apostates in Time Square on 12-31-17. Allahu Akbar!
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After the Kurds drove the Daesh from Iraq and Syria...they were pushed aside. The towns they'd taken from Islamic State...for instance...were grabbed by the cowardly Iraqi forces once the zone was safe to occupy. Even when the Kurds demanded the Iraqis stay away from these towns which had been liberated by the Kurds...their demand was ignored...their interest in expanding Kurdistan sidestepped...and...their desire to be free from the grip of Baghdad socialists unquenched and unrequited.


Instead of hearing about the plight of the Kurds...the American MASS MEDIA prefers to dwell on the Russian involvement in the Ukraine...a region long under Russian hegemony and a security zone all Asians know to be critical if peace is to be maintained.



Instead of commending President Putin for his brilliant foreign policy and congratulating the people for their ability to produce and prosper...the American MASS MEDIA fills its spaces with "hate-speech"...nasty...idiotic hate-speech....calling for Russia to step out of the on-going civil war in the Ukraine...a fight between the would-be master and envious mob in Kiev...and...the freedom-lovers of the eastern region whose loyalty to President Putin unquestioned. VIVA PUTIN!
How idiotic has the MASS MEDIA become over castigating and denouncing President Trump? Answer: About as far as can be had without manifesting their inner core: ridiculous and petty. Take for instance the issue of asking underlings for loyalty in the performance of their duties. Because President Trump asked James Comey for his pledge of loyalty...somehow...that request was an obstruction of justice...not an ordinary request made when leadership changes.
The North Korean dictator is a puppet manipulated by Chinese President Xi Jinping. When China needs some noise made for its own ulterior motives...North Korea detonates an atomic bomb or launches another ballistic missile. Recently...Big Don became angry when he observed oil being delivered to North Korea when he had declared such delivery had to stop. Why President Xi delivered the oil isn't explained...but...whatever reason President Xi had...it was a good reason and Trump should keep his nose out of that aspect.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has asked to see Republican National Committee(RNC) computer data while ignoring the computer-data of the Democrat National Committee...a place where real criminal misconduct could be easily found. This wrongful* refusal to look at "open and obvious" criminal misconduct on the part of the Democrats demonstrates the "political" nature of the so-called "impartial examination".
*If President Trump had a friendly MASS MEDIA...Robert Mueller would already have been fired and groin kicked all the way to the exit. As it is...Mueller can defecate all over the Republicans and not one MASS MEDIA talking head will defend the Republicans.
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Yes...the scumbags and would-be masters...a/k/a...TEAM OBAMA...did all they could to destroy the INTERNET and reduce it to some kind of  idiotic public utility governed by bureaucratic knaves and ghouls. Fortunately...Donald Trump was elected and he has since deleted the grip of those scumbags. Yes...there are those vested interests who were going to profit from government intrusion...but...they gambled and lost. Freedom won that round. But...the wolves and demons are still out there waiting for their chance to attack liberty once more and grab control of the INTERNET,(WSJ B-4;12-28-17).
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Alan Blinder said he dreamed of a day when would-be masters with whip and chain directed producers to tote and deliver...to produce his daily bread at his command. "It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about forcing people to worship whatever idol I might forge," drooled Blinder as he reflected on the 2018 Democrat mantras he and his kind* were preparing,(MATTHEW 6:24).
*Worship Mammon or the Lord...not both.
"Where's Blinder?" asked a colleague as he passed a crowd spitting and slapping someone wearing a coat much like the one Blinder used to hide his face as he shopped in Princeton, Another passerby replied, "Why that Blinder getting stomped by patriots angered by his socialist drivel."(WSJ A-15;12-28-17).

Intrigued by the reaction to Blinder-in-public...another associate Princeton professor...took the time to examine what had motivated that crowd to identify and demonstrate. When she read how Blinder wanted OBAMA-CARE to be imposed on unwilling producers...she grabbed a stick and proceeded to the wad to deliver her disapproval-vote across his busy-nose.
Bob Dinneen...CEO of Renewable Fuels Association...rides a bicycle to work. He does not own a boat or car. Hence...he does not care if BIO-FUELS destroy motors. When he saw a stranded family 1/2 way out of the bay last week....he laughed and said they'll be forced to use sail and oar when he gets done destroying the fuel supply with alcohol-additives. "I want Americans to return to a time of tent and mule...a time of campfires and dancing till dawn. Sure...it'll be hard...but...I will have imposed myself. It made my left leg tingle just watching that family float out to sea unable to start the motor my alcohol-additives ruined," smacked Dinneen as he reflected on the screams of horror and shouts for help.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the buy-line being told by all the MASS MEDIA...that in 2018...the Democrats would retake control of Congress and finally enslave America sending it into the socialist toilet. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied:

"In 2016...the MASS MEDIA all but assured the world that Hillary Clinton was to be the 45th president. It used FALSE POLLS...false stories...exaggeration and innuendo...designed to hurt and undermine...and...from all sources available it was foretold that HILLARY-THE-HAG would ascend to the Oval Office to continue OBAMA'S tribal socialism and the nasty economic malaise it imposes.

Of course...the myopic MASS MEDIA could not sense the voters had had enough socialism and Eco-fascism. In the region surrounding the Animus River basin...for example...99.9% of all inhabitants voted for Trump. Their pristine Animus River had been intentionally POISONED by one of Obama's stooges: Gina McCarthy...the hag* over at the so-called Environmental Destruction Agency. In West Virginia...Union coal miners told Senator JOE "traitor" MANCHIN he had best retire or find himself in some stripper pit pushing daisies. Naturally...JOE was assured by his colleagues and the complicit MASS MEDIA that the 1500 guards required 24/7 would always be there and that he needed to continue to betray West Virginia."
* Recall she sent a goon squad to dynamite the Gold King Mine and release a trillion tons of TOXINS into that pristine river basin. But...the goon squad was caught in the act and escaped condemnation because the MASS MEDIA told America it was good that Gina McCarthy dumped toxins into their water supply.
When the Democrats were asked to support greater tax cuts, they refused. U.S. Senator Menendez,(D.NJ)...for instance...was told to ask for and he would get 100% deduction for state and local taxes but...if ole Bob remained quiet...his constituents would get a groin kick with a cap of $10,000 in the face of an average New Jersey tax bill of $21,000. Instead of demanding 100% deduction...Menendez chose to support the Democrat idea of "scorched earth"...high body count...and...stories of grandeur yet to come bubbling from every politician's mouth.

Menendez already told the folks back home their tax bills were going up...and...he could not stop it. Never will he tell them he could have delivered a 100% deduction but chose to remain quiet and permit the Republicans to stomp Democrat New Jersey...a state which thrives on socialist siphons.
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The ESTABLISHMENT...both sides of the proverbial aisle...created rules and hurdles designed to prevent precipitous escape from the grip of big grab government. It's walls and pitfalls each worked their magic recently...for example...when the Republicans...with a majority vote power in their hand...were timid...and...refused to tear down those barriers...dismantle the NANNY STATE in one big omnibus repeal bill, (ORB)...chasing away thereby the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. No...instead of such grandiose effort to liberate...the easily-spooked Republicans...chose to pass a SMALL TAX CUT...symbolic at best.

In order to get a 60 vote majority...the Republicans must declare their intention to dismantle this CAGE...to liberate the producer from the grip of the parasite and the would-be master...and...finally permit America to be great again. As President Trump pointed out many times, "America can be great again if we can eliminate the NANNY STATE."

Unlike his recent predecessors...however...Big Don knows entrenched interests inside and outside of bigfoot government will do all they can to prevent their beloved CAGE from being deleted. VIVA TRUMP!

When BITCOIN began...this BLOG produced "witboin"...and...sold 38 billion of them at $1.00 (U.S.)each. These block-chains are now worth $10,000.00 each. As Elon Musk acknowledged when asked about his "witboin"...I had 20,000 of those "wit-bings"...and...I seemed to have misplaced them among my other things,(WSJ B-4;12-27-17).
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Has anyone noticed that the predictions of the so-called economists are NEVER even close. When OBAMA was taking America into the socialist toilet...the economists said America was growing at 3.9% or greater...but...had to admit...later on...growth was really barely .08% per year...reflecting the attitude of the unwilling producer in the face of OBAMA'S tyranny.

Nowadays...these same wizards and wonks are proclaiming President Trump's effort for 2018 won't fetch the kingdoms and glories forecast by Big Don. And...while these jerks will be given front stage on TV to drool their dismal predictions...this BLOG will be trumpeting the successes and demanding voters chose even better leaders whose mission to continue to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where scumbags such as Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) can tell farmers he is doing all he can to destroy their heritage and laugh about the tears he sees.
When it was discovered top echelon personnel at the Federal Bureau of Investigation were engaged in using government this and that to RIG the 2016 election...many people instantly condemned all worker bees associated with the FBI...concluding if the top is that nasty...the underlings...those quiet agents who'd kill their own mothers to please their bosses...must be just as bad and should also be purged. Indeed...Stalin...would erase entire regions making sure not even the dog lived. Might President Trump metaphorically delete 99.99% of all federal employees claiming they're unfit for duty?

By eliminating 3.78 million federal worker bees...America will be able to breathe free again. Of course...those 3.78 million are so qualified...the owners of laundries and burger joints will have a good inventory of workers from which to choose. Take LOIS LERNER for instance. She left the IRS in disgrace having been caught attempting to RIG the 2012 election. Her job opportunities after IRS have been such things as: slaughter-girl at the local meat packing plant...and...toilet attendant at the HARD ROCK CAFE in Vegas.
Infested...filthy....despicable...all frame the Internal Revenue Service,(think Lois Lerner) Dept. of Injustice(think Bruce Ohr and McCabe) and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation,(think Peter Strzok). Cleansing the temple...eradicating vermin...flushing critters...all accomplished easily by firing anyone hired during the CLINTON or OBAMA era,(MARK 11:15).

Eliminate...and...delete shouted the crowd who had come to hear a Republican speak out against tyranny. And...Rep. Rooney was ready to deliver. "Run them off...no pension...no letter of recommendation...no nothing...not anything...never...ever...no-none...no-how!" exclaimed U.S.Rep. Rooney(R.FL)...as the crowd of 30 million Floridians cheered and clapped with approbation.
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There isn't any alternative. Either victory or death. Choice gone. The Hill must be taken...the bunker secured...the enemy vanquished. Such the words of Winston Churchill and any other leader cornered with only one way out.

Might the Democrats be facing such a choice? If they support President Trump and make America great again...they lose their niche since they proclaimed only through slavery and big grab government can the unwashed masses prosper. On the other hand...if...they obstruct and America devolves into a miasma of misery and privation...then...they can declare: WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: TYRANNY!
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In 2016...OBAMA directed a goon squad at the so-called Environmental Destruction Agency(think Animus River poisoning)...to prepare a WILDFIRE HORROR story to be told to gullible children and their fanatic-parents. The idea was to blame mankind for the fires Mother Nature saw fit to start...and...demand mankind return to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule... a time when around campfires people would dance and sing till dawn,(WSJ A-3;12-27-17).

Yes...according to Governor Jerry Brown...mankind is to blame for the wildfires consuming California. Sure...had the residents been permitted to cut down trees and clean out thickets...wildfire would never happen...but...such prudence* was not considered.

What people are not told...however...is that planet Earth scourges itself with fire and flood...and...from what geologists are discovering...that purge occurs about every 15,000 years or so. Mankind is like the ant on the butt of an elephant. While it might appear with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry....nonetheless...it can't happen...just as mankind could not change climate or the tilt of the world.
*Those people who chose to reside in such forests...in such scrublands...knowing what might occur...deserve what Mother Nature unleashes from time to time...whether it be fire or flood...they chose their home...so they should bear any loss for their impudence.
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Although temples and treasure awaited those successful in finding...getting there another story, indeed. In the thicket of socialism...found a paradigm for 21st century approach to life...a way to get from there to here...arrival at any speed.

The would-be master with envious mob must always promise more to keep interest bubbling and frosty...adding to ranks easily done...by reducing once self-starters to dependent-knaves...the step-and-fetch-it crowd....legions of enslaved. You hear the masters calling them...U.S. Senator Schumer tells his sheep their entitlement about to end...they'll be living in the streets...they'd best riot and tire-burn...lest they lose their handout...with...hands 'round barrels...some taking turns.

Might there be another voice...a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan (JOHN 1:28-29)...beseeching Americans to join the march to make salt...to fight against those would-be masters whose mission to reduce the producer to a beast of burden and raise themselves to the pinnacle of power?(EXODUS 32:24).
JOHN 1:23:...the scouts of Caiaphus were dispatched to find out why Temple receipts were dropping precipitously. There were fewer and fewer parishioners willing to sell their belongings to get 2 shekels so they could pay the priest and get some mumbo-jumbo prayer. John the Baptist stood in a puddle and plunged people into the depths and when mere water was all there was rebirth arrived for free...salvation with mere water...but...delivered...though...JOHN THE BAPTIST seed.
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Ah...yes...the same bunch of pollsters who predicted Hillary's 2016 landslide victory are proclaiming President Trump will preside over an economy headed into bankruptcy. In reaction to such nonsense...let it be known that Big Don can bring America into a Golden Age...without government grip and grab...and...with passionate pleasure and welcomed munificence.
As one runs the table in Bridge...the opposition eventually erects a wall...a "stopper" deployed. "The U.S. Senate BYRD RULE is an obvious barrier to NANNY STATE CAGE escape. It must be eliminated," quipped U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs...an Arizona cowboy with liberty bubbling...heart and soul...adding..."Americans need to breathe free once more. The would-be master with envious mob has been pushed back...but...their numbers swell with parasites and servile supplicants who have been told big gift government in on the menu and they had better riot...burn tires...break bank windows...and...call the police bad names if they wish to keep their entitlements flowing,(WSJ A-15;12-26-17).
Rex Huppke...Chicago Tribune columnist...admitted he had trouble and didn't know where to turn. Instantly...he was directed to the Hall of Presidents to watch President Trump...#45 in the parade...tell the world about the honor and glory of America. "If you would simply sit quietly and watch that ROBOT speak...and...gesture...all your dreams will come true." Hearing* such forecast...HUPPKE replied, "So...I don't have to vote for Pedro?"
*Napoleon Dynamite.
For Your Information(FYI)...BITCOIN and all other crypto-currencies are novel and useful for some while a pitfall for others. Only the most intrepid and bold should dabble in BITCOIN. Those marginal investors...one step away from oblivion...should hesitate and turn back...the potential for calamity...and...utter loss something too terrible to encounter. On the other hand...if you're Tyler Winklevoss(FACEBOOK dude)...you don't care if there's an up or down...since your billion dollar storeroom can take the "hit" should BITCOIN devolve into digital gibberish.
*Once big grab government enters BITCOIN...its mystique will be gone and its value decided by government hacks...not...marketing mavens and wonks. Until that moment...though...crypto-currencies will continue to skyrocket in value. Yet...the avarice of the would-be master is so great...and...the tools of take-over already so there...it's only a matter of time...perhaps...36 months...before BITCOIN and other block-chain currencies are little more than yesterday's rice.
The Children's Health Insurance Program(CHIP) was passed in 1997 and it gave parents who made more than the "cut-off" for federal poverty programs a way to get health insurance for their children and pass the cost on to the taxpayer. As with all socialist nonsense...it only works so long as there are available funds taken* from other people.

Recently...the Republicans cut off funding for CHIP. Instantly...the socialists screamed that they wanted more not less funding. Their protest was met...though...by the power of this BLOG. "Why not form a charity to pay for such CHIP?" asked the editorial staff of this BLOG..."If it's so important...why not dedicate all your income and wealth and leave other people who don't care alone?"

When scumbag- Schumer was asked that question...however...he stepped back and choked on his cud. "How dare you ask me to dedicate my wealth...my future to such an effort! I'm a socialist. I spend other people's money. I create victims who are so dependent they lick my boot. I'm all-powerful because I fund their children's health care. They kneel and worship me. I'm not about to leave my perch and grovel for donations to pay for CHIP."
*When the cupboard is bare...however...big spend government simply prints more money, (think Zimbabwe or Venezuela). The printing of money siphons off the value of whatever paper script is out there...reducing the value of all the colorful-paper money. In Venezuela...a socialist paradise...for instance...inflation is running at 5% per day...making that $1.00 chocolate bar cost $1.05 tomorrow...and...$1.15 the very next day. It tends to crush the fixed-income people...and...those too old to work as hard as needed to keep up with that kind of "inflating-the-price".
From the crowd stepped a dude holding his bloody nose. When asked what happened...the Wall Street Journal editor said, "I described mankind as animal spirit and someone next to me became angry and punched me in the nose," whispered the editor as he looked at his beloved Keynes who had fashioned that idiotic description of the urge of man to breathe free...adding..."If I had only described mankind as a heroic being would I have been insulated from such a blow."(WSJ A-14;12-26-17).
In an extremely unguarded moment...U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(R.FL) when asked about FBI'S infamous McCabe...grew angry about him getting caught and replied, "Andrew McCabe should be stripped of his pension and marked for public derision. His sword broken...and...thrown out the gate for him to pick up as he departs in disgrace and ignominy."
State and local taxes(SALT) are to be capped as a deduction at $10,000 on IRS form 1040. The Democrats wanted the SALT to be 100%. However, they refused to back the tax cut threatening to defeat any tax cut if that particular kind of tax cut required a 60 vote margin. Such 60-vote barrier...one the Republicans could have removed had they the courage and boldness of Donald J. Trump...prevented the Republicans from passing anything but some budget-stuff masquerading as government decision-making. And...part of that nonsense was the $10,000 CAP.

Most of the Democrats* are from socialist states that tax and tax and tax some more. They grab all that can be grabbed...and...refuse to release their grip from the throat of liberty. To these worms and knaves...the 60 vote barrier prevents escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where such ghouls as RICHARD CORDRAY can walk the street without being spat upon due the guards he has surrounding him.
*U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) has done all he can to destroy the Florida farm. He hates liberty. He must be defeated in 2018! NELSON is a farm-hater. His idea is to have government farms much like in China and North Korea...run by ghouls and knaves...his team so to speak. Instead of asking the Democrats to support TRUMP...scumbag-Nelson led the Democrats to fight against the ESTATE TAX repeal and as Nelson said, "That $10,000 cap will destroy almost every farm in Florida. It makes my left leg tingle."
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Folks...countries all over the world are going bankrupt as they finalize socialism in their respective countries. In those horrific nations...producers quit producing and refuse to deliver their storeroom necessitating the government to print more money to cover the short fall in tax receipts. Zimbabwe...for example...was passing out $100 trillion dollar notes to pay for a cup of coffee. Similar ruinous inflation has grabbed socialist Venezuela, as well, and is drowning Venezuelans in socialist misery and privation.
A secret judge issues a secret FISA warrant enabling eaves-dropping and spying. While disturbing to most Americans...that kind of activity* has been sanctioned by both sides of the aisle. However, what was not condoned was using the FISA system to attack a rival political party and influence and otherwise rig an election. In 2016...Hillary-the-hag enlisted the aid of a FBI big shot, Andrew McCabe, to attack the Trump campaign. McCabe...himself a freedom-hater...gladly accepted the mission and commenced to attack and hurt.

McCabe didn't realize...though...his future was about to end in infamy and disrepute. He was joining a criminal conspiracy to rig the 2016 presidential election. He concluded by assisting in that criminal enterprise...he could profit mightily. He had positioned his wife to receive big bucks which were to be handed to her in exchange for McCabe's influence and guidance along the way as the ATTACK was unleashed.

Fortunately for America...in spite of McCabe's concerted assault...Hillary-the-hag was defeated and Big Don elected. Because President Trump knows not to permit rattlesnakes in sleeping bags...he directed McCabe to depart within 90 days. VIVA TRUMP!
*The FISA system must be insulated from the grip of scumbags such as McCabe and Bruce Ohr.
The U.S. dollar is worth about 18 cents based on 1930 value. That means it takes about $1300 to buy one ounce of gold. The U.S. Dollar is a government creation...and...anyone who relied on that dollar to keep its value was foolhardy and suffered grievous loss. As OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...admitted, "Inflation is legalized theft...and...I enjoyed the horror I inflicted."
Might BITCOIN and the other crypto-currencies be another form of gambling and risk-taking* so "iffy"...so "Tulip-crazy"...that people would rather take that leap than rest on their pile of U.S. dollars?
*In 1637...a Tulip bulb sold for $1.0 million. Of course...that market evaporated when it was discovered there were tulips everywhere.
Cameron Winklevoss...one of the patrons of this BLOG...is looking to push BITCOIN...an investment he made recently. Recall Winklevoss assisted Zuckerberg in creating FACEBOOK...and...his sense of business is extraordinary and worthy of attention. His entry into BITCOIN...that crypto-currency and block chain phenomenon...means many other gamblers are willing to wager on the future thereof. Might you...too...jump into that risk-taking pool?
Ayn Rand...the greatest philosopher* this world has known...foresaw a day when Americans would sense they could breathe free once more...and...throw off the shackles imposed by the would-be masters and their envious Hun-hordes. An escape of sorts from the grip of big grab government would unfold when Americans finally concluded there was another way.
*Ayn Rand  proposed liberation would manifest when JOHN GALT arrived. Might Donald J. Trump be JOHN GALT?
"If it's so good...there won't be any trouble raising money through donations for Planned Parenthood," quipped Senator Marco Rubio,(R.FL) when asked about deleting federal funding for Planned Parenthood...adding..."Taxpayers should only be asked to pay for essential government services such as courts, police and national defense...the rest needs to be handled by charity and private enterprise."
Why is Andrew McCabe still employed at the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)? What kind of insulation does that scumbag have? How about Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page...two other jerks who were caught conspiring to RIG the 2016 presidential election? Why are they still employed? What protection do they enjoy?

Might they have "dirt" on too many politicians to be attacked? Might they have what has been called "Democrat-Jon Corzine" kind of dirt...stuff that can take down Senators and Judges? And with such a portfolio of injustice and criminal misconduct might they spill such data onto the world stage if attacked?

Folks...they can only stay insulated while in their office. When they go home...they're exposed to public derision. Indeed...this BLOG has dispatched demonstrators to walk on the public right-of-way...in front of their homes...carrying signs that tell the world about these jerks. Just by passing the sign...using the FREEDOM-APP...a person...using this app...can receive a drive-by account of the criminal acts of the targeted politician.

Indeed...as a result of this effort...Andrew McCabe has been thrown out of 3 social clubs and has been asked to depart his subdivision by the property management company describing his presence as anathema to his neighbors. Bruce Ohr was spat upon in the grocery store by so many angry patriots he could not identify them when he called the police. As for LISA PAGE...her pole-dancing days are over. Instead of $20 bills in her panties...scorpions and black widow spiders.
no image
OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...along with his team of miscreants, freedom-haters...and...socialists...almost pushed America into the proverbial collectivist toilet. What saved America will be a question long answered in many ways. However...those investigators with an impartial view will conclude it was this mighty BLOG that led the way back from such precipice!
As the owner of the estate was sitting in his den speaking to a comely young lady about the coming events in their lives...a loud knock on the door interrupted and chastised. Within a moment of "come-in"...the door flung open and in walked a penguin. The owner...stood up...walked over to where the penguin was quietly standing and declared, "Not now...Bixby...tell the plumber to come back tomorrow."
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As the producers rushed to the door of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...led by President Trump and his band of patriots...the Democrats stood between escape and subjugation. Led by scumbags such as Senator Schumer and Rep. Pelosi...the Democrats are doing all they can to interdict and otherwise prevent escape from the grip of their beloved big grab government. VIVA TRUMP!
Across the TV screen and cellphone face came a terse message...short...meaningful...and...passion-packed: FREEDOM-GRAB IT.

Of course...Congressional Democrats are up in arms about this message. "How dare an American BLOG fund such a thing!" exclaimed Senator Schumer when he saw his entire office staff change in mood and temperament when they watched that 30 second BOLD FACE MESSAGE.

Instead of compliant cronies...Schumer had an office full of patriots demanding he change his course and support liberation. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY) said he liked the POLL NUMBERS that showed Democrats gaining prominence due to their opposition to elimination of slavery. The tax cuts are only the 1st installment...as big grab government is denied more and more funds forcing it to downsize...and...delete 98% of the federal employee pool. Schumer and his complicit POLLSTERS are busy trying to convince Americans they're better off in chains...receiving whatever scumbag-Schumer thinks they deserve. VIVA TRUMP!
Of course Congressional Democrats refused to support the loosening of the grip of big grab government. Their template calls for subjugation...more "whip-and-chain"...more burdens heaped on the producer. President Trump understood the evil they represent...confronted it...and...delivered the 1st portion of a dramatic change in the course of this country. "We're not headed into the socialist toilet after all,"quipped Senator Marco Rubio,(R.FL).
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Folks...the Republicans could have changed the 60 vote rule and passed even greater tax cuts. But...what was accomplished was good and will help make America great again. The Democrats want more taxes...more whip-and-chain. If the Republicans remain steadfast and tell voters they plan to cut even more...and...downsize the federal government's footprint...it will force Democrats either to agree or become would-be masters seeking more shackle. VIVA TRUMP!
During the civil war...into Frederick, Maryland came the rebel horde. Barbara Fietchie grabbed the flag and waved it bravely from her attic window declaring: "Shoot if you must this old gray head...but spare your country's flag," she said. Might that same courage have arrived when the Republicans passed their tax cut? VIVA REPUBLICANS!
How does one buy the future? The stock market is one way. Buying a going business is another way. Of course...buying a business is a big gamble. But...if it's a McDonalds or a Mexican or Chinese restaurant...the investment will not be lost but recovery of that UP-FRONT-MONEY will be a long time in coming...maybe as long as 60 months before return of investment is accomplished. With the stock market...the return can be daily...and...th treasure received might be plowed back into the stock market...buying different stock so the overall portfolio finally becomes: 1/3 bonds...1/3 stock...and..1/3 cash...not encumbered...and...instantly available kind of cash.
When empires are built through freedom...they tend to remain so long as the heirs remember what made the fortune in the first place.

There are environmental factors...though...which can destroy a business. Take for example citrus-greening. The fruit looks good but is so sour and acidic you can peel paint with it. The farmer thinks he has good-looking crop having spent $100 per acre making the fruit. It only took 60 months...5 growing seasons to put 90% of all citrus farms out of business. They were forced to fence their property and raise cattle and elephants. Florida property taxes did not abate and the burden has only grown to nasty proportions threatening almost 78% of all farms. Indeed those farms are in danger of being sold for ad valorem taxes liens

President Trump spotted this horror and directed the estate tax be eliminated. VIVA TRUMP!
When the Republicans...VEHEMENTLY opposed by all Democrats and their complicit, freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...repealed the so-called OBAMA MANDATE...they freed TOBY. In the movie ROOTS...Loren Greene beat the African until he admitted his name was TOBY. The so-called OBAMA-CARE mandate was the metaphorical whip across the producers' back. VIVA TRUMP AND SENATOR MARCO RUBIO!

While it's not taught...the Democrats imposed the JIM CROW laws...and...denied the freed-slaves the right to vote.

George Wallace...a loud-mouthed Alabama governor...was forced to permit black students to enter an Alabama university. "WHY DIDN'T THEY CHOOSE HOWARD OR TUSKEEGEE," lamented Wallace as these intrepid Americans disappeared into oblivion. He stood there and watched as Forest Gump handed the black girl her book she dropped due to her fright with the size of the crowd and the police there with vicious dogs ready to unleash them if provoked in any way.

The book she dropped was the Bible. How times* don't change, eh Schumer?
*U.S. Senator Schumer was angry that President Trump and the Republican Congress finally delivered some relief to the producers...the people Schumer calls beasts of burden.


*Senator Bill Nelson chose to vote "no" so that Florida farms are forced to sell their heritage.
The Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah reported for battle in Syria. Their mission was to eradicate the Sunni army operating under the BLACK FLAG of the Deash...a/k/a...ISIS...a/k/a...ISLAMIC STATE. That Sunni attempt to displace Shiites in the Middle East confining them to IRAN and perhaps Europe and Canada was to be stopped. OBAMA..ever the dung-throwing monkey...helped Hezbollah by insulating their $45 billion per year cocaine and heroin racket...directing the DEA to back off and leave them alone..
Folks...President Trump just signed the TAX CUT. We're on the way in the march to make salt. Big Don...at the edge of the ocean of tyranny...making salt. Yes...the Democrats hate him for making salt when the law forbid such effort. "How dare he offer escape from the grip of big grab government!" shouted Senator Schumer demanding Americans reject such liberation and continue mired in their beloved socialist miasma.
Folks...we're in a war on freedom. The Democrats are fashioning a 2018 message for parasites, servile supplicants and their would-be masters...telling them their empire is under attack and to defend the whip-and-chain...they must choose Democrats...politicians dedicated to delivering more not less government handouts.

Countering this flood of whip-and-chain rhetoric...though...the Republicans can easily frame such Democrat nonsense as a "Hun-horde gobbling and grabbing"...a nasty allusion most voters will hold as a powerful reminder of "why" they can't support the Democrats.

President Trump told the world he was signing that tax cut today. The MASS MEDIA was telling its small group of listeners Trump would not sign the tax cut even though he promised the same. So...to burst their hateful bubble...Big Don signed the tax cut! WOW! VIVA TRUMP!
There must be a cleansing of the Temple, (MARK 11:15). President Trump must begin to delete personnel...running off the moles...the freedom-haters...the would-be tyrants...and...not replacing them...downsizing...eliminating...until all that remains is a skeleton crew dedicated to limited government delivering only essential government services with all other ideas handled by the private sector.

Because man is a rational heroic being...and...not some depraved animal spirit jerk...such 21st century otherwise unhampered market will eventually manifest.

`Yes...the would-be master and attendant knaves will do all they can to suppress that desire to breathe free...but...as President Trump and President Xi Jinping have come to realize...mankind was born to be free not enslaved.
Instead of worrying about the appeal of President Trump to the female voter in 2018...the Republicans should fashion their message around liberation and prosperity...promising to delete even more bigfoot government grip and grab...and...forcing thereby the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA to acknowledge Americans want liberty not "whip and chain".

To counter this obvious message of power and prominence...the Democrats are busily fashioning a frame of WOMAN-HATER and putting it around President Trump. They noted Big Don wanted ROY MOORE over DOUG JONES that socialist-idiot running on the Democrat side of the ledger. When DOUG JONES prevailed because 20,000 Republicans chose DOUG JONES...though...the Republicans became "iffy" and decided President Trump should not travel the 2018 campaign trial pushing Republicans...accepting the FRAME the Democrats and their MASS MEDIA allies created.

Folks...we're in a war on freedom. When the Republicans joined with Big Don and removed a wee bit of the grip of big grab government by their tepid tax cut...the Democrats saw their own demise as a socialist-gathering. Their ranks were dwindling leaving only the parasites, servile supplicants and would-be masters to fill the auditoriums when elections near...to riot and burn tires...and...to parade across the TV screen demanding the producer deliver even more next year.
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When this BLOG announced it had funds available for business-assistance and for other things...but...requests had to be submitted on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time...never did the editorial staff foresee such interest. So far...in 2017...$1.4 billion has been distributed. With the TRUP TAX CUT now afoot...that funding should climb to $8 billion in 2018. VIVA TRUMP!

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If the Democrats want to cut taxes even more...to alleviate the burdens of those producers whose backs are about to break...then...let them declare as much. But...their protest is not that taxes need to be cut even more...but...that taxes were not raised. They wanted the burden to be made even greater...shackling the producer...whipping the producer...and...by such beasts of burden perpetuate their beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein such scumbags as Schumer and Pelosi can demand even higher taxes.
E-commerce Titan-JACK MA...and...Gaming-Titan PONY MA...traded looks one day across a crowded room of would-be investors. While Jack was pushing Alibaba and Pony jamming TenCent...their spirits fought in ways only now coming into view. Pony is buying up as much room as possible pushing Jack into the proverbial corner. Jack...on the other hand...is out-flanking with strategic purchases and positioning. Who will prevail in this mighty gambit has many speculators betting,(WSJ B-4;12-22-17).
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov told a cub reporter he didn't care what people thought about him...he was not going to stop fighting against socialist tyranny. In many ways...RAMZAN is the kind of leader the world needs to fight against tyranny in all forms and formats. Unlike the timid Europeans and the "me-too" Americans...the Chechens don't kneel and lick boot. VIVA RAMZAN!
Larry Levitt...a big shot at the Kaiser Family Foundation...told a cub reporter he set out to destroy* liberty in America and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey". He envied producers who could do what he could not...and...looked for a way to hurt them...to get back at them for being better than he. So he began to push OBAMA-CARE...an engine of destruction...designed to delete liberty and force people to kneel and worship whatever idol the would-be master might forge, (EXODUS 32:24).
*Levitt was angry the so-called MANDATE was deleted from OBAMA-CARE. He liked the idea of everyone having to bear the mark of the beast, (REVELATIONS 13:17).
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President Trump declared he'd reconsider his support for the United Nations after 128 countries voted NOT to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Palestinians demanded the JEW be driven back into Sinai to wander once more....and...granting the JEW such sacred turf wasn't going to happen.  VIVA TRUMP!
F.Y.I. for the rag head. Ever since 1948...Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel. In 1995...America said as much. Hence...Big Don was only doing what had already been decided. Yes...the rag head is angry...but...so what! Jerusalem is the capital of Israel...and...the site of the American embassy.
Somehow...when President Trump asked James Comey to be loyal to his administration...that request...a request made by every leader of the underling since recorded history...nowadays...smacks of collusion and witness-tampering. Indeed...when President Trump discovered all that COMEY had sanctioned or in which he...himself...was materially involved...he had to fire the scumbag. To keep such a miscreant near him would have been foolhardy...a trait Big Don does not exhibit. VIVA TRUMP!
The MASS MEDIA asked Democratic National Committee chairman TOM PEREZ what the message for 2018 would be for his team. Fuming from the rude slap the Republicans delivered yesterday with their incredible tax cut...PEREZ bubbled with anger...ready to denounce and belittle.

"Yes...the tax cut was delivered...but...it was not as much as promised and would hurt working Americans," scoffed PEREZ. When PEREZ was asked...however...if it were not the Democrats who refused to permit even more tax cuts for even more people...TOM backed up and retorted, "We demanded enslavement not liberation and America will come to realize their best days are in socialism not in free markets."
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Karl Rove has been wrong about almost everything he's said or predicted. He was anti-Trump and predicted a great Republican defeat. He was wrong. He's little more than a pig-eyed sack of dung. Why listen to such an idiot? He was wrong about the tax cut. He was wrong about healthcare...and...he'll be wrong about almost anything else he says about President Trump. In many ways...ROVE is showing his jealousy and his envy...two quite unbecoming traits. VIVA TRUMP!
Hashad al-Shaabi...the popular mobilization force...handed over its tanks and guns to the Iraqi military. After such disarming has been accomplished the HASHAD will begin to grab political power through election after election until Shiites have the helm and can begin to loot Sunni storerooms for a season. In reaction...the Sunnis will revolt again...slaughter Shiites...and...the process will begin all over...slaughtering...restoring...slaughtering...restoring....perpetually. Allahu Akbar!(WSJ A-9;12-21-17).
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Chief Executive Officers passed out $1000 bonus checks to employees congratulating President Trump for delivering a Christmas miracle. When this BLOG commenced its contact of all helpers inviting them to consider liberation over subjugation...the goal was deemed too far-fetched...too much imagination...not enough nail and saw. However, despite naysayers...this BLOG spent and spent some more dispatching messengers...experts...skilled and eloquent to every door. Remove the shackle...stop the socialist whip...permit Americans to keep their wealth...lest prosperity away from us slip. VIVA REPUBLICANS AND PRESIDENT TRUMP!
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders...a devout socialist...bragged about the wonders of Venezuela...a socialist nation. He pointed out there was food on every table...gasoline in every car...and...money in bank accounts just waiting to be spent. Of course...Bernie was LYING...but...socialists must LIE in order to avoid getting stomped by victims,(WSJ A-1;12-21-17).

Recently...Bernie's bunch in Venezuela were caught slaughtering the opposition. Soldiers would escort people into the woods...kill them...and...pile their bodies...some still alive...into shallow graves and bury them. As they were shooting and hacking...the demons sang socialist worker songs...the songs Bernie hums as he tells America about the wonders and glories of socialism,(MATTHEW 6:24).
Disgruntled Democrats jumped off the Republican cloud declaring such tax cuts would take away funds needed to grow big grab government. Freedom-hating senators...such as scumbag-Schumer and pedophile-Bill Nelson...told the world that tax cuts hurt government because it releases the grip on the throat of liberty...a grip Nelson made infamous in the backroom of a Georgetown pizza parlor.
The former Environmental Protection Agency head honcho...GINA MCCARTHY was asked to give her entire pension and all her income to finance the "clean-up" of the Animus River basin. Recall Gina McCarthy dispatched a team of saboteurs to blow up Gold King Mine and release a trillion gallons of toxic sludge into the basin. Her goal was to poison the river system and then claim it was done by industry...a claim she had scripted until the mine decided not to react as the team predicted when they detonated their explosives. VIVA MOTHER NATURE!
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U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D. Ca) and her cohorts passed OBAMA-CARE on Christmas Eve so that it could be slipped past a distracted America. At one point...Pelosi said they had to pass OBAMA-CARE in order to know what was in it. Doing his part to deceive...Obama went around the county LYING to people about "keep your doctor...keep your insurance". All of that was LIE...a LIE that OBAMA admitted telling...while he was laughing at all those dumb Americans who bought that LIE just because an Afro-American was telling it.

Nowadays...the pot seems to be calling the kettle black. Obama...and...Pelosi are criticizing the Republicans for a "shoddy" tax cut...something flawed and skewed...something her Democrat-team would never offer. In contrast...to hear Pelosi tell it...foot-thick OBAMA-CARE was a carefully crafted law that has worked well for the NANNY STATE. It put 14.4 million more Americans on to the socialist dole...giving them "free" medical care...paid for by "shackled producers"...beasts of burden...relegated to carrying whatever load Pelosi chose to heap.

But...here...on 12-20-17...Republicans...using their slim majority...passed a tax cut...so small many Americans won't enjoy any relief...but...a tax cut, nonetheless. This feat in the face of an all-consuming NANNY STATE might very well be historical in the sense voters demonstrated socialism can be stopped even when the MASS MEDIA is pell-mell for such enslavement. VIVA TRUMP!
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In a healthcare system where the government pays for the medical services* rendered...there is little reason to do more than tend the herd...culling and rationing as necessity dictates. In a such "free" medical system...everyone pays through taxes and the government decides who gets what and when. It elevates the snotty bureaucrat to the pinnacle of power...giving these knaves the power to compel the patient to wait until government decides it's time to receive medical care.
* So nasty was the wait-time...and...body-count...the United Kingdom granted people-of-means access to boutique medical services. Of course...within a few months...those victims of the government system were demanding similar services. When they were told to "shut-up" and accept whatever their NANNY STATE delivered...though...they rioted and formed BRITAIN FIRST CLUBS.
The premier of Ontario told a cub reporter the herd was well-tended. She culled when she wished...shed cared for whomever she wished...and...anyone who did not like her way had best be moving to another venue.

Yes...Premier KATHLEEN WYNNE revealed her power and disgust for liberty. "I tell people when they can receive medical care. If I don't like the person...I make them wait...usually the wait-time kills them. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about the carnage I've delivered," drooled WYNNE as she looked at the latest body-count figures for SINGLE-PAYER healthcare,(WSJ A-20;12-20-17).

In America...liberty-lovers are fighting the SINGLE-PAYER crowd...those selling the "free lunch"...but...never telling their victims their real intention...their desire for ultimate power...the power over life and death...over pain and comfort. WYNNE is a good example of the DEMONS such a system attracts.
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A small tax cut...tepid...meek...negligible...yet...opposed vehemently by the Democrats who prefer America go down the socialist toilet...that so-called tax cut has just passed the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a socialist miasma...the kind TEAM OBAMA attempted to overlay on America...their chances of retaining power...however...are better, (think Venezuela). If people are made-dependent...the theory goes...then...they'll lick boot and vote as directed.

Maybe in Detroit such theory is afoot in practice...but...in Florida...U.S. Senator BILL NELSON...one of these scumbag-theorists...is about to be defeated! VIVA RICK SCOTT!
"Where's Schiff?" asked the harbor master as the boat emptied of its passengers. "He must have fallen overboard midway," replied the captain...adding..."We didn't turn around to see either. It's one less scumbag in Washington."(WSJ A-23;12-19-17).
*Adam Schiff(D.Ca) was quiet when Hillary was operating her "pay-to-play" racket while Secretary of State. Schiff was quiet when Hillary attempted to destroy her email trail...a path collected by the diligent Russians and given to America so voters could see the CRIME afoot. Schiff was quiet when 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi. But good Nazis act this way, eh Adam?  VIVA PUTIN!
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Tax cuts should have been greater. However...because the Republicans are too timid...too fearful...too scared...they did not delete the 60-vote barrier in the U.S. Senate. Because that WALL was not removed...though removable...Republicans delivered a SMALL TAX CUT. Not anywhere did the Republicans downsize scumbag-government. Instead...the Republicans left the government-stomp-and-chomp intact. They were too afraid to grant liberation to the subjugated and shackled.
MacCabe, Page, Strzok, Ohr and all the other scumbags at the U. S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation should be fired...marked for public shunning...and...the spat upon as they depart. They're the kind of critters you stomp when you see them on the street. They deserve derision and condemnation. But...because they attacked Donald Trump...they'll be lionized...canonized...praised...and...worshiped by the Democrats and the complicit MASS MEDIA.

The email texts between them...however...create the fabric of treachery and deceit. These works planned to attack and disrupt the election. They thought Hillary was going to defeat Trump. They were trying to RIG THE ELECTION...and...not any spin on those texts can change that fact. They all need to be arrested...prosecute...and...imprisoned for sedition and racketeering.
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A federal agent wrote the matter out west was caused by over-zealous agents. If the agents had not started shooting...the ranchers would not have returned fire. The government intentionally started the fight. Of course...the whistleblower has been reassigned to a desk job in Alaska...and...damage-control is at work trying to salvage whatever Uncle Sugar can from that idiocy.
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The Atlanta Airport at Christmas time is the busiest hub on Earth. Last night plug pull occurred...electricity was gone...and...the airport stopped...planes stopped...passengers hurried from darkened hallways...some caught underground...the hazard light delivering some solace from what would become an arduous affair...one of survival...and...quick-wittedness...those slow on the draw being left behind somewhere back there. Yes...folks...the night Atlanta* stood still.
*"Michael Rennie was ill the day Atlanta stood still...but...he told us where we stand."
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Nationalized railroads are prone to wrecks. The rails are not maintained...drivers are insulated from condemnation...and...passengers are told they ride at their own risk. Hence...today...when the AmTrak went off the rail and killed some and injured others...few Americans took much notice. Wrecks were expected and anyone riding those rails assumed the risk...a risk that came bubbling forth today. Of course...big government advocates won't blame nationalization for the mishap since they'd be hung in the public square.
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Every time someone uses the phrase: "animal spirits of capitalism"...someone should slap and remind the declarant that capitalism is liberty and social-cooperation...and...does not have anything to do with the fang and claw of the jungle. The idea of prey-predator was injected into the description of free enterprise by a scumbag sporting the title Lord Maynard Keynes. Because it was derogatory and false...it was instantly adopted by freedom-haters when describing capitalism.
Fulfilling another TRUMP-promise...the U.S. Dept. of Labor retracted its idiotic decision in BROWNING-FERRIS thereby restoring the traditional definition of employer-employee. Recall TOM PEREZ...an OBAMA-stooge...had changed the rule to include franchisees as employees rendering the idea of an independent contractor null and void. With the retraction of that idea...and...restoration of the traditional definition...however...businesses from around the world are flocking to this blessed land. VIVA TRUMP!
BITCOIN...in 2009? When this BLOG directed investors to buy BITCOIN...that directive was called foolhardy. How dare anyone risk $200 per BITCOIN was the mantra that bubbled forth from almost every investment-advice-company. Yet...those few  who had traveled to Mt. Gox...those initiates who knew...those illuminati who perceived...they bought BITCOIN...and...now have $20,000 per coin profit in 2017...the year predicted to be the CASH-OUT TIME,(WSJ B-1;12-18-17).
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At one time...Harvard was on par with Cornell. Nowadays...however...Harvard has devolved into a cesspool of idiots and snobs. Take Jason Furman...for instance. This Cretan...who feigns to teach economics...was an adviser to Obama from 2013 to 2017. During that period of tribal socialism...American workers suffered mightily...a fact FURMAN won't ever conceded since such suffering happened during his tenure as an economic wonk.

To make America great again...the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE must be deleted and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market permitted thereby to manifest. In such a 21st Century environment...there can't ever be found an able-bodied pauper and those who can't...for whatever reason...survive are by charity coddled and tended. Never is it as Furman would wish: "Our tears...your purse!" (WSJ A-17;12-18-17).
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Congressional Democrats are criticizing the Republicans for a tax cut that does not give enough to the unwashed masses. Instead of proposing more tax cuts...more give-back...the Democrats want to kill all tax cuts and continue into the socialist toilet. They don't want liberation from the grip of big grab government but imposition of: "freedom-to-obey" the stuff of tyranny and collectivism.
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Ohio Governor John Kasich told the world he liked socialism...and...wanted to flush America down the collectivist toilet. Instead of calling Kasich a scumbag for uttering such idiocy...NBC talking head CHUCK TODD smiled and agreed with him. The idea was to push enslavement. Kasich was picked because he's a parasitic worm whose purpose to replace liberty with socialist "freedom-to-obey".
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How many moles...spies...and...other two-faced scumbags haunt the U.S. Injustice Dept....the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...and...other federal agencies and departments? Out of 3.78 million federal worker bees...80% could be deleted and they'd never be missed. President Trump should send out "the hatchet man"...to cull the herd...and...render a loyal band of servants ready to make America great again. VIVA TRUMP!
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TRUCK-BOT(tm) arrived just in time to save the trucking industry from another OBAMA-ERA stomp-and-chomp. This one requiring all 18-wheelers to have a DRIVER'S LOG...an electronic box that logs driver hours not to exceed 11 hours behind the wheel in a 14-hour day. If the trucker lacks the BOX...the truck can be impounded...the cargo seized...and...the trucking company penalized so much it won't be able to survive.

Yes...folks...BIG TRUCKS are going to be taken off the road unless the consumers are willing to pay 25% more for their food and fiber. Instead of repealing that stupid rule...the trucking industry will be decimated. Most small truckers can't survive on 11-hour day drives...and...truck-dependent states such as Florida will find consumer prices skyrocketing. Oddly enough...hurting the poor and those on fixed incomes was the goal behind this TRUCK RULE that OBAMA IMPOSED.
In business...Americans always are the winners. The same can be said for the Japanese and Arabs when their own realm in trade. Indeed...in a business deal...everyone gets what they want or they don't do the deal....and...as a consequence...everyone receives more than they gave or else they'd not have done the deal. Everyone walks away with what they want and more than they had before. Such the proverbial otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

However...in America...although less so since President Trump and Ajit Pai took the helm...business deals are skewed by taxes and regulations...so much intrusion...so much pick-and-poke...that the deal is less beneficial to the parties and probably won't be done.

As Paul Krugman...reluctantly conceded the other day, "Remove big grab government from the throat of free enterprise and the world prospers...but...the bureaucrat and would-be master are left behind...something I can't imagine."
*Krugman was the economist who staked his entire reputation on his prediction the stock market in December of 2017 would be 9000 and the economy in shambles.
The Communist News Network, (CNN) published FALSE INFORMATION declaring TRUMP and JULIAN ASSANGE had something going and CBS and MSNBC followed up with confirmation. When the FAKE ASPECT was discovered...though...CNN refused to reveal who had given them such FALSE DATA...and...the two collaborators...as well... refused to expose who had forced them to parrot FAKE NEWS. Suffice it to say if the story is anti-Trump it will receive top-billing and be published without any vetting whatsoever,(WSJ A-13;12-16-17).
Hatred for President Trump unites the Democrats. They hate Trump for attempting to downsize their beloved NANNY STATE. They despise Trump for demanding there be less regulation and more freedom in the marketplace. And...they want to rid America of such a man and perch one of their own...a person who wants to enslave...likes watching others suffer...and...unable to hear the cries of torment and anguish. Someone such as ELIZABETH WARREN...or...KRISTEN GILLIBRAND.
Ignoring the warning not to say it 5 times...Timmy Titler shouted: BEETLESTONE...BEETLESTONE....BEETLESTONE...BETTLESTONE...BEETLESTONE...and...to his surprise...the room began shake...the walls in all their quake...rug into air...suddenly...as if horror wished to share...appeared WENDY BETTLESTONE...a ghoul* from the Obama era,(WSJ A-2;12-16-17).
*This federal judge issued a decree preventing President Trump from liberating the employer from the grip of OBAMA-CARE...a law that forces a producer to pay for the birth-control of the employee even if such a payment is against that employer's religion. It was DEMONIC when that law was imposed...and...one of its demons: WENDY BETTLESTONE is imposing it as harshly and powerfully as she can muster. She must be removed by Congress instantly...marked for public shunning...and...spat upon as she attempts to walk in public. "She's a first class jerk!" exclaimed U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL)...in an off-the-cuff moment of unique candor.
Treachery...pure evil...and...utter injustice...are adjectives well-describing the U.S. Injustice Dept. in 2017. Yes...Big Don said he was going to drain the swamp. But he has not yet begun to evict the knaves and ghouls infecting the U.S. Injustice Dept. Will U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session identify these scumbags...and...tell them to be gone by 4:00 PM? Such a question is being asked by this BLOG. There isn't any other MASS MEDIA outlet demanding the INJUSTICE DEPT. be swept clean.
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Congressional Democrats...in one of their more disingenuous moments...declared the Republican tax cut did not do enough for the unwashed masses. When asked if they'd agree to cutting taxes even more and deleting "spending programs"...they balked...and...squealed as if  they were "stuck-pigs". Their idea...as it has been since tyranny stepped forth...is to shackle the producer...and...redistribute the product of labor in accord with whatever power-game they find suitable.

President Trump when challenged should tell the naysayers he would have cut taxes even more but was obstructed by those politicians who seek to enslave not liberate. VIVA TRUMP!
A myriad of theories abound when the Mayan civilization is examined. Why did a prosperous and highly skilled people depart the area...leaving behind the temples...the buildings...the roads and running in-door plumbing? There are as many answers as there are imaginations. But...the best of the best of explanations is that the producer left the area because BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT was relentless in its growth and insatiable in its appetite for wealth and redistribution. Once the producer departed...however...the priests...the bureaucrats...the ruling elite...all had to consider departing as well lest they starve.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the speech President Trump delivered at the FBI Academy. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied: "President Trump told FBI graduates, "I have your back." They knew what he meant. Rank and file would always be presumed better than best. However...top level FBI officials...during the OBAMA ERA...obviously engaged in criminal misconduct. They thought they were a government-insulated-body...immune from accusation...immune from penalty...and...impervious to discharge and public ignominy. These scumbags are soon to find out they were wrong. Americans want to know what they did and then punish accordingly."
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FATHERS AND MOTHERS from the battlefront came home for Christmas 2017. They came home...some to say goodbye...some to promise return...some with loved ones cry. Might there be some interlude...some pause...some gap...some wall...some impenetrable wrap? To those where the poppies blow...to those lost till none...brethren made it home...their war left undone.
Business Insider, Inc. chief executive...HENY BLODGET...sent a thank you note to this BLOG thanking it for giving him the idea of deleting "business"...and...offering the social media a new face: INSIDER,INC. "I was wondering how to get that critter moving...and...here came this HELPER..delivering what I needed," whispered Blodget as he took another bite of his vegemite sandwich.
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In HONG KONG...using a template this BLOG created...money raised from initial coin offerings(ICO) has surged past $4 billion for the 1st time...even as regulators worldwide have escalated their warnings about this new form of corporate funding. Similar to BITCOIN in dramatic risk...ICO are traded for "real bucks"...with the ICO somehow a placeholder...somehow valuable...somehow marketable outside* the parties.
*Indeed...if BOB promises to buy back ICO when tendered...then...TIM can hold the ICO as an investment knowing the absolute risk of ZERO always there. If TIM...in addition to such buy-back route...can sell that ICO to someone else interested in holding ICO...then...TIM might very well exchange "real" for "fake"...the cow for magic beans...so to speak,(WSJ B-1;12-15-17).
Taylor Swift told the world 2017 was the best year ever. Instantly...she was attacked by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA and its allies.

"How dare Ms. Swift frame 2017 as anything but lousy!" quipped U.S. Senator Kristen Gillibrand(D.NY) pointing to the offensive tweets Big Don had launched after Gillibrand attempted to bite* his feeding hand.

Lured by Gillibrand's animus...other Swift-haters have come forward to be identified. They've been asked if they were part of the bunch who was also hating Sara Idan(Miss Iraq) and Adar Gandelsman( Miss Israel) for publishing on INSTAGRAM their "selfie" with the post: PEACE AND LOVE FROM MISS IRAQ AND MISS ISRAEL? Naturally...they said they hated all of them and wanted the worst to happen.
*Gillibrand thought it humorous that Idan's family was burned out of their hovel in Iraq and were on "wanted" posters throughout the Middle East.
On election night...11-08-16...PAUL KRUGMAN declared America's best days were over...and...smart investors would sell off as quickly as possible lest they be caught in some massive market plummet. He staked his considerable reputation on his prediction telling his audience he was basing his conclusion on all his wisdom and technical skill. And...because so many investors liked KRUGMAN and his socialist-bent...they proceeded to sell.

Yes...they were told to come back...to buy more not less...because the TRUMP-ERA would bring fabulous wealth* to anyone who wished to keep their hook in the water. Ignoring such "good news"...though...most investors sold and sold plenty precipitously dropping the market 700 points.

The MASS MEDIA called it doomsday as they attempted to fan that "flash-pan reaction into market rout"...but...some investors stopped...listened...and...knew they were being deceived...driven as if herd toward cliff...and...concluded KRUGMAN and the MASS MEDIA were working together to hurt Big Don and stifle his effort to make America great again.

Nowadays...with markets blossoming...producers finally returning to the economy...and...the DOW JONES about to break 24,000...those investors who sold are cursing KRUGMAN.

Some are looking to form a class action suit against him for malpractice.

GEORGE SOROS...a well-known freedom-hater...for instance...said he would dedicate the rest of his life to disparaging KRUGMAN...mentioning such occasions as Rotary meetings...and...public functions....wherein he'd dispatch KRUGMAN-CLOWNS to tell the crowd what a scumbag KRUGMAN really was.
*The market...in reaction to KRUGMAN...dropped precipitously 700(+) points. Anyone who was short-selling such plummet made a terrific sum of money. This BLOG told anyone with big bucks to short sell major stocks and the return would be wondrous.
In Tokyo...at a beauty contest...bikini-clad Miss Israel(Adar Gandelsman) and Miss Iraq(Sarah Idan)...together made a "selfie" with the post: PEACE AND LOVE FROM MISS IRAQ AND MISS ISRAEL...and...sent it to INSTAGRAM.

KA-BOOM! The anger and disgust in Iraq and other Arab toilets such as Abu Dhabi erupted as social media paraded that photo worldwide. "How dare a Muslim be seen smiling check to cheek with a JEW!" shouted Iraqis as they burned out Idan's family and bulldozed what was left. In Abu Dhabi...JEWISH JUDO GOLD MEDALISTS were denied their national anthem being played. When asked about this peculiarity...the officials declared the JEW didn't have any country.
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A little better than a barrel of monkeys...the editorial staff of the WSJ once more demonstrated why umbrellas must be deployed when passing their cage. Instead of congratulating President Trump for avoiding the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) miasma with its GOLBAL BOARD...its global reach...its one-world government-bureaucracy...WSJ lambasted Big Don declaring somehow socialist-fascist Abe of Japan will be able to eek out some kind of benefit for trading with the socialist-Europeans using the TPP...a benefit Americans won't enjoy.

While the WSJ monkeys are throwing dung back and forth...investors worldwide are finding ways to buy AMERICAN. Indeed...if the choice is offered...most investors always choose the United States...and...more so...nowadays...than ever before...due to the advent of TEAM-TRUMP!
Russian President Vladimir Putin took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to tell America that President Trump defeated Hillary-the-hag in a fair contest in the famous 2016 presidential race. He said Russian government effort was never directed towards that contest and the real culprits are to be found in America inside TEAM OBAMA. Thank you, President Putin. VIVA PUTIN!
President Xi Jinping foresaw the need for ports in the South China Sea designed to accommodate patrol vessels so that piracy and other nasty matters can be addressed quickly. His team was able to locate "stable environments" on which buildings...tunnels...and...docking facilities could be erected and maintained efficiently and for the least cost possible.VIVA XI!
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The HOUTHI in Yemen ousted the leadership and demanded caliphate manifest. Of course...the Houthi are SHIITE while the government they routed infested with Sunnis. So angry were the Saudis at such a takeover...they dispatched several divisions of rag heads to restore the government to its puppet-status. These warriors were met by the Houthi horde and sent running back to the safety of the sea.

Nowadays...Houthi brigades are firing missiles and dropping poison all over Saudi Arabia. Dogs and cats have disappeared as they succumbed to the poisons dropped by high-flying Houthi drones...while Arab airports are patching up the holes left by exploding missiles.

Perhaps...Sunni and Shiite will eventually slaughter each other until they're both gone...but...in the meantime...western civilization must be on guard lest they become battlefields for this eternal struggle.
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"Build it and they will come," the ghost told the destitute farmer. And...in a FIELD OF DREAMS...a baseball was pitched into a story about "come-back"...and...wherewithal. So attractive was this concept that Connecticut raised taxes on the premise: RAISE TAXES...BUILD THIS CAGE...and...producers will come to play therein. Instead of attracting producers...though...the TAX HIKES have compelled producers to depart...to go to Florida...the SUNSHINE STATE...and...escape BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT. VIVA RICK SCOTT!(WSJ A-3;12-15-17).
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She'd been working for the county as a code enforcement officer for 35 years. On Friday...12-15-17...she will perform her last duties and say goodbye.

Some of her co-workers...jealous...perhaps...even envious...took off work so they did not have to be present when this VALIANT LADY finally said "goodbye".

Somehow...over the years...though...the other 893 people who worked for the county government not only admired and respected this INTREPID WOMAN...but...were saddened to see her leave...since with her went CODE ENFORCEMENT at...its best...its most understanding...and...its most knowledgeable. VIVA BETTY!
Victoria Toensing told a cub reporter she was surprised and angry about the latest James Comey revelations coming out of Washington DC. She noted that COMEY did as much as he could to "rig" the 2016 presidential election. He even changed the wording on his public announcement in order to make Hillary-the-hag look better...a perk he would never have extended to Donald J. Trump. Indeed...when scumbag-Comey had his chance...he disseminated a FALSE DOSSIER the purpose of which was to create a SPECIAL COUNSEL...staffed by Trump-haters...and...used to hound Big Don at every corner...at every door...always telling the world they are chasing DEMONS.
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At $600(U.S.) per kilogram...VANILLA has become a hot commodity. So prized by consumers that bean-buyers are offering BITCOIN to Madagascar growers in exchange for their orchid-beans. In Ambodiampana...for instance...growers exchanged their supply for BITCOIN telling a cub reporter they took the crypto-currency since they did not wish to share their treasure with the scumbag-bureaucrats who would descend on their fields and threaten to burn them out lest they pay the TAX.