January 2017
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TRUMP dispatched a WEED-TEAM into federal departments, agencies and outlets identifying...classifying...and...forming a script for deletion. Sure...embedded in that 3.78 million bunch of federal vermin are Trump-haters of all sorts and sizes. And it's this bunch which President Trump must eradicate. VIVA TRUMP!
President TRUMP fired an insubordinate* Sally Yates as acting U.S.Attorney General. Naturally...Democrats postured and demanded TRUMP reinstate her to that position. TRUMP told them to go pound salt. He wasn't about to allow a rattlesnake back into his sleeping bag. VIVA TRUMP!
*Recall Sally Yates was appointed by Obama because she's a well-known freedom-hater seeking to enslave America using Gestapo-tactic.
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Unpredictable...clever...and...above all...shrewd. Such the frame for TRUMP'S surprise Executive Order. Had TRUMP told the world he was imposing a travel ban...all the bad dudes would have crossed into America before the ban took effect. Because TRUMP is doing exactly what he said he would do...Americans are cheering him onward. Sure...the 24/7 hate-TRUMP MASS MEDIA is pounding away with "hate-Trump" drivel...but...most Americans believe TRUMP is proceeding to make American great. VIVA TRUMP!
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On the moon...huge lava tubes are available for habitation. Free from solar radiation and cosmic rays from wherever else...such areas could be used as human-habitats. The moon has water and maybe even some Geo-thermal energy sources...plenty to support a lunar population of 300 million. But to sell off such spots...a land office is needed. To accommodate that need...a robot land office agent will be on duty 24/7 to show available parcels and close the deal. VIVA TRUMP!
Because the MASS MEDIA is so much against TRUMP and his plan to dismantle the crushing 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...this BLOG has chosen to feature* a 30 minute YOU TUBE SHOW whose mission statement: LIBERATION OVER SUBJUGATION. While its title has not been selected...it might be the name so memorable it'll be an instant success. VIVA TRUMP!
*Rush Limbaugh was asked to join the effort but he refused choosing to remain insulated from the real battle.
U.S.Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY) stood in the well of the Senate and called SALLY YATES every praise-worthy name he could fashion. She was to be commended on opposing TRUMP'S effort to vet incoming refugees.

"We need more people like Sally Yates. Yes...Americans will die at the hands of terrorists who entered due to this lack of vetting...but...the more death and carnage in America...the more likely I'll be re-elected," dripped Schumer as he looked at the TRUMP Executive Order halting immigration for 90 days.
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A super-cavitating torpedo traveling at MACH 1? Probably...still...sci-fi...but...an Arab frigate...stationed off Yemen...was struck by a torpedo traveling at 450 mph! The skiff which launched this incredible weapon was blown out of the water but not before it had fired its amazing torpedo. So surprised was TRUMP by this technological advance by Houthi bushmen that he directed his generals to fashion defense measures.
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Using two 300 hp Yamaha outboard engines...a 24 foot skiff armed with missiles...headed toward an Arab frigate in the Red Sea off Yemen at 60 mph. Surprised Arabs scrambled* to their gun turrets to fire upon the quickly advancing skiff only to find it zigzagging and otherwise maneuvering to avoid destruction. Somehow...these Houthis...knew the frigate lacked any way to stop such an attack.
*The Obama-led CIA had given the Houthi team the blue print for that frigate.

In Quebec...at a mosque...a hooded figure entered...began to kill parishioners...and...shout: "Allahu Akbar!" It turned out this shooter was a student brought up in a socialist public school and whose last philosophy paper described the goodness of socialism and how he could advance this paradise by killing people.
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How can a platoon...assisted by infrared technology...ever get ambushed? Before they ever arrive at "ground zero" the enemy's heat signature would have been detected permitting the ground force to call in an airstrike and obliterate those personnel waiting to ambush them. However...if such equipment intentionally isn't provided...then...that platoon runs a great risk of destruction.

TRUMP plans on dispatching well-equipped SNUFF UNITS to travel about eliminating Islamic terrorists and their organizations. In Aleppo...for instance...a SNUFF UNIT tried out its new game-gear killing 3477 Isis troops* in less than 24 hours. VIVA TRUMP!
*The slaughter began with a flare fired by the advancing SNUFF UNIT. The resultant airstrike took out 3400 ISIS troops in less than 30 seconds. The mop-up took longer because the SNUFF TEAM had to shoot the remaining 77 rag heads as they hunkered down in a trench.
U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) told a cub reporter she liked to be called: BUBBLE WITCH noting it was a popular mobile app game which had a witch that closely resembled her own visage. "While I'm reviled and despised in almost every part of America...as BUBBLE WITCH...I'm in the hands of their children giving me awesome power to push these little mush-minds into tribal socialist thought," drooled this viper in drag.
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Many years ago...scientists staked their reputations on the proposition that water(H2O) was unique to Mother Earth and not found anywhere else in the universe. Science books carried that GUESS as FACT since there was not any way to challenge such statement. However...nowadays...most scientists accept the idea that WATER is probably quite plentiful throughout the cosmos and hence likely civilizations are also present. HUH?
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One of the 1st things TRUMP was shown on his 1st day in office was pluperfect proof that there are multiple civilizations in our own solar system. He was cautioned about ever revealing such knowledge...however...since it would destabilize the world's cultures and promote exploration of those other places...exploration that might not be wanted.
U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) candidly described the 2017 Democrat Party as "callous and corrupt" with dim prospects for re-election in 2018. "Unlike the Republicans...we Democrats want to enslave America...raising up parasites and cronies...and...stomping the producer," proudly declared Senator Brown when asked about his beloved NANNY STATE CAGE.
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TEAM OBAMA unwittingly decimated the Democrat Party. Indeed...Republicans gained greatly because voters did not want socialism or Eco-fascism..and...picked politicians who shared their views. The Democrats are out-of-touch with the productive part of America choosing to be the party of the parasite and crony...bed-pals who will only bring down the rest of the Democrat politicians.
In the movie, VERACRUZ...Burt Lancaster tells a bunch of cowboys he wants them to assist him in grabbing some gold. Hearing his plan...Charlie tells Burt: "I'm not going to chase some wagon that you think has gold in it." Hearing his recalcitrance...several other cowboys near Charlie declare, "Yeah...I'm stringing along with Charlie." And with that they trot their horses over to where Charlie is perched on his steed. Burt seeing his idea getting stomped...he pulls his six-shooter and kills all 3 of them asking the other cowboys, "Anyone else wanting to string along with Charlie?"

When Sally Yates...the acting U.S.Attorney General...declared she was not going to enforce TRUMP'S Executive Order for a 90 day ban on refugees entering America...TRUMP fired her and told her to empty her desk and be gone by Noon. Trump then turned to the rest of the vermin at the U.S.Injustice Dept and asked, "Anyone else wanting to string along with Sally?"
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Escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Obama did his best to make America escape-proof...eliminating every way to break free of the grip and grab of big stomp government.TRUMP promised to delete the stifle and stymie heaped on the producer during Obama's reign of idiocy...however...and...make America great. If Congress will stand with him...America can breathe free again. VIVA TRUMP!
Ahmed Gallab...a/k/a...SINKANE...told a cub reporter he liked TRUMP and wanted to see America and Nigeria link up in such fashion that both thereby made more prosperous. Hearing about his affinity for TRUMP...Michelle Obama went to where SINKANE slept and urinated on his bed.
Arabs are camel-jockeys...and...lack the skill required to operate warships. Recently that observation was proven correct once more when an Arab frigate was struck by a missile fired from a Houthi skiff near the port of Hodeida...a well-known port on the Red Sea. While the Arabs were able to destroy 2 of the 3 attacking craft...one was able to launch its missile before being blown out of the water.

Yemen...embroiled in civil war...is one of the countries TRUMP has singled out as too hot to permit its refugees to enter the United States. "There is not any way to vet these people and we can't risk some terrorists entering America due to this lack of screening," whispered TRUMP as he looked at the 200 million wannabes waiting to enter this blessed land,(SABA and WSJ 01-31-17:A-6).
Sally Yates...a rabid freedom-hater...refused to follow TRUMP'S order. She was fired as acting U.S.Attorney General replacing Loretta Lynch. She hated TRUMP so much that when asked to do his bidding...she refused. She deserved to be fired and marked for public derision. VIVA TRUMP!
Navy Seals are masters of deception and artifice. Yet...one of them was killed in Yemen because Obama had sent them into that hostile area without proper equipment or backup. TRUMP...having just taken office...was not apprised of this lack of protection and was angered* when he heard a Seal had been killed due to Obama's recklessness.
*TRUMP directed Mad Dog Mattis to see to it those who were involved in the death of that Seal are obliterated. VIVA TRUMP!
The MASS MEDIA has told every interest group to contact them when TRUMP takes away their government freebie or favor. U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) told a cub reporter that he had told every parasite and crony to squeal as if a stuck pig. "I told them to squeal like a pig," chortled Schumer in an act of deliverance.
U.S.Rep. Elijah Cummings told a cub reporter he would defend all federal worker bees from dismissal. When asked "why" obstruct down-sizing...Cummings replied, "The federal work force is 99% Democrat. They're the nastiest of the nasty. They hate freedom and are dedicated to eradicating what little liberty remains. They're the ones who hold signs on street corners...betray their neighbors...and...can be counted on to endorse anything that imposes more grip and grab. Hence...they're the Democrats' army and they must be insulated from the desire of TRUMP to dismantle my beloved NANNY STATE CAGE."
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When BUSH-CHENEY attacked Iraq...some Iraqis chose to work for America as interpreters. In exchange for their loyal help...BUSH-CHENEY promised them permanent resident status in the United States. TRUMP by Executive Order interrupted this pathway...telling those "traitors" they had to remain in Iraq...a place wherein they're hunted. Of course...TRUMP will permit most of those "helpers" to depart Iraq for America in the next few weeks...but...TRUMP wanted to alert the world that even helpers were not exempt from interdiction in the fight against radical-Islamic terrorism.
Two Titans spoke by telephone the other day. TRUMP and PUTIN discussed mutual efforts to eliminate terrorism around the world and delete whatever is stopping prosperity from bubbling forth. Naturally...the MASS MEDIA did not report this amazing interface since it does not fit their hate-TRUMP narrative. VIVA TRUMP.
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President TRUMP needs to fire about 99% of all federal worker bees...sending them home with thank you notes...fruit baskets...and...NOTHING ELSE! Yes...by Executive order TRUMP could delete the NANNY STATE CAGE by firing the whole nasty lot of them...every scumbag bureaucrat sent packing...with public derision following them wherever they go. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-15;01-30-17).
Marine Le Pen...the French lady who wishes to lead France out of the European Union...told a cub reporter she's been dubbed: MADAME FREXIT. Her idea is to remove socialist France from the EU. By such departure...France could advance more quickly on its road to socialist despair and misery. "Once the French are totally smothered in socialist tax and regulation...they'll be easy to rule and direct," squeaked Le Pen as she read how many socialists are already accepting their role as sheep.
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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canada would accept all refugees...come one...come all. Of course...Middle Eastern refugees don't want to live in an ice box so they aren't herding towards that region of planet Earth. No...folks...they want to live in the southern part of America where they get free food...free medical care...free shelter...free clothes...and...spending money from the socialist-machine TEAM-OBAMA created.
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Arabic writing on huge signs carried by young Americans standing outside the White House with a malicious MASS MEDIA soaking up every nasty nuance. Such stuff is an obvious indicator of who is interested in such protest. Americans can't read Arabic. Hence...those signs and that protest was meant for Muslims in Muslim countries. What purpose such TV coverage might mean hasn't been determined.
A terror-cadre was prepared to enter the United States as refugees but was thwarted by TRUMP'S Executive Order halting all refugees from specific areas where terrorists were known to be huddled. Instantly...the scumbag-Democrats screamed and hollered about open borders for everyone.

"How dare TRUMP stop terrorists from entering America where they can reek havoc and slaughter people!" screamed U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) who saw potential political benefit from another 9-11 kind of attack.
Fortunately for China...they have a leader whose vision is not only imaginative...but...the stuff from which epochal change flows. President Xi Jingping sees China as the most powerful country on planet Earth along with it being the richest and most prosperous.

To accomplish this feat...he needed to eliminate the grip and grab of big stomp government...while...preserving the power structure. The only way such could be achieved was to permit an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) paradigm...a market which needs only essential government services such as courts, police and national defense to function...services his personnel carry out fervently and with honor.

In the history books centuries from now...President Xi Jingping will be called one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. And...it's the solemn wish of this BLOG that TRUMP will also be framed in such terms. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-4;01-29-17).
While the hateful MASS MEDIA along with their angry Hollywood cohorts are busy denouncing TRUMP 24/7...there are people who are saying "wait and see"...preferring to see if TRUMP really will delete the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE permitting Americans once more to breathe free.

Take for instance, Mary Tyler Moore. Before she died...she told a cub reporter she liked TRUMP and wished she could live long enough to see America once more great and prosperous. "I want to breathe free again. Stifling taxes and red tape have smothered America...pushing it ever closer to the maw of the socialist toilet," Tyler whispered as she listened to the MASS MEDIA tell the world how wonderful socialism and Eco-fascism were."
Yuji Ijiri...a 4 time winner of the American Accounting Association's Notable Contributions award...was able to tell TRUMP before Yuji died that TRUMP had a chance to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

He told TRUMP to disregard the experts* who declare America will profit by "x-amount" and rely on those wizards who examine historical data and from such data propose what the immediate future might hold.

Indeed...should TRUMP delete the estate tax, the progressive income tax and 99% of all regulations...America would prosper mightily far beyond whatever supposed x-amount one can imagine. VIVA TRUMP!
*In the movie, THE JERK...Steve Martin is walking about his estate...with one of his underlings telling him, "We made x-amount of profit last month." To which Martin responds, "Ah...yes...x-amount."
U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer laughed when told America would breathe free again. Framing his disgust for liberty...scumbag Schumer went on to say, "Escape? There is not any escape from the grip of the ubiquitous 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein big stomp government can force people to buy whatever the government directs...a place where scumbag-bureaucrats dictate from cradle to grave...indeed...a place wherein the would-be master decrees: "Our tears...your purse!"

Hearing Schumer's sarcastic description of TEAM-TRUMP...Vice President Pence declared, "However...that kind of abject submission to big foot government was "yesterday". In contrast...today...with TRUMP demanding liberation of the subjugated...there is a way to escape the grip of big bottleneck government. Yes...TRUMP will delete taxes and regulations which are strangling America and preventing manifest-prosperity. VIVA TRUMP!"
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Wind farms slaughter 5 million birds per year according to Donald Ashe...head honcho at the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service. However...instead of demanding there not be any wind farms...that there not be such wholesale slaughter of bald eagles and other almost-extinct species...Ashe...as a dutiful big-government-scumbag...banned lead pellets used in shotgun ammo.

Somehow...lead pellets are eaten by water fowl and other bids who then sicken from lead poisoning. Indeed...498 bald eagles in the last 10,000 years have died from lead poisoning.

When asked about this obvious hypocrisy...though...Ashe...ever the scum-sucking pig that he is...said he didn't care about the 12,346 eagles slaughtered by wind farms in 2016 since that wind farm meant people were being forced to return to a time of tent and mule...a time when people struggled to eek out a living from a recalcitrant Mother Earth. And that kind of compulsion made his left leg tingle.
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Because of the hassle and hinder of big grab government...the American economy for 2016 grew at an annual rate of 1.9%(WSJ A-1;01-28-17). Should TRUMP succeed in deleting the grip of the would-be master...prosperity will manifest. If TRUMP can remove the bottleneck and hurdle the socialists and Eco-fascists have erected...America will bloom and blossom once more. VIVA TRUMP!
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In Mexico...$1.00 U.S. currency can be traded for a million pesos. The American dollar is KING. A Mexican...for example...who wants to buy a lawn mower made in America that costs $100 at Sears in Vero Beach...in Mexico...that lawn mower costs $100 million pesos...enabling only the very rich to buy such mowers. The strong dollar helps the American producer since in Mexico...one mower drains from their socialist system roughly 2000 gallon buckets of Mexican paper money script. WOW!(WSJ B-3;01-27-17).
"All needs met?" Yes...only in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...however...are all needs met. Unlike any other place where government interferes...in the OUM...the consumer is queen or king...not some bureaucratic ghoul or creep.

U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) knows as much...but...is afraid to come forth and declare the OUM is the solution to any medical service delivery bottleneck,(WSJ A-14;01-27-17). Instead of declaring America an open market...Senator Paul would prefer there be some plan...some government scheme...although his a benevolent one...wherein all Americans are given options...but...only those options determined to be "acceptable".

Folks...TRUMP has the awesome power to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. But...his cohorts in Congress...people such as Senator Paul...must join with him and demand total liberation....demand the release of the grip of the would-be masters...and...offer America an escape from the CAGE. VIVA TRUMP!
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Congress can delete the NANNY STATE CAGE beginning with voiding 100% of all Obama's regulations. The Republicans in one day can use their majority status to send to TRUMP an Omnibus Repeal Bill(THE ORB) wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE is repealed thereby enabling an otherwise unhampered market to manifest...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-13;01-27-17).
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Nero...the demented Roman Emperor...would direct his knaves to bring him a crucible when he was about to shed a tear. The servant would bring to Nero a container...into which Nero's tear would fall. Then...a lid would be affixed...the contents...thereby...hermetically sealed....preserved for eternity...kept safe for posterity to loop upon and marvel.
*Johnny Carson not only knew about Nero's tears...but...kept his magic questions in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar sitting on the doorstep of Funk and Wagnels since Noon today.
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Using pig embryos...human organs have been grown. Need a new liver or lung? Just have your own cells implanted into the pig embryo...and...a few months later...the organ you wish will be grown and available for "tire-change",(WSJ A-2;01-27-17). Yes...replacement surgery isn't easy...but...the results are fantastic. The ONLY THING holding back such commercialization is big "stop" government...the thing TRUMP is trying to eliminate. VIVA TRUMP!
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Europe slowly devolved into a socialist quagmire. Those producers who can escape that miasma are choosing to transfer their effort to America where a producer can breathe free once more. Yes...TEAM OBAMA and its nasty big grab government is getting evicted and that prospect of liberation has ignited the spirit of enterprise...a flame so bright...even the Europeans are noticing the change. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-1;01-27-17).
New York City has been declared a sanctuary city wherein local officials refuse to enforce immigration laws including refusing to alert HOMELAND SECURITY when an illegal immigrant is caught committing a victim-crime, In the Big Apple...for example...Jose is released after he serves his state-sentence* and is not held for deportation even though federal law requires as much.
*Kate Stein? In California...a lady was shot to death by an illegal immigrant who had been deported several times for felonies but had reentered to do more damage.
So inspired was U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren when she heard Michelle Obama urinated on Madonna's bed in retaliation for doing Barack in the Oval Office...Warren...ever the stealthy Indian princess...went...to where Madonna was about to lay her head for the night...took off her catcher's cup...squatted on her rebel heart tour and drained her bladder.
How could Congress create a government agency whose director can't be fired by a president or Congress? It's preposterous. Yet...Cordray has refused to step down and promises to fight TRUMP any way he can. He's the proverbial rattlesnake in sleeping bag...and...TRUMP must evict that critter. He's a scumbag and deserves public derision and scorn. He's a menace to freedom and must be deleted...and...marked for public acrimony.
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In Mumbai...at Dhobi Ghat...the world's largest outdoor laundry...Gaurav Gupta sat on a rock and asked people if they wished to trade their 100 square feet without toilet or electricity for 294 square feet and indoor plumbing and electricity. If the washers said they were interested...Gupta would sign them up and dispatch them towards their new home...often located several miles away...but...located in an area most people would call up-scale and wondrous.

Of course...after Gupta has removed all 50,000 slum dwellers from the area...he can bulldoze and then erect ultra-expensive high rise apartments stretching from coast to coast. The slum dwellers in exchange for departing receive FREE HOUSING and monthly stipend so they might enjoy their socialist-paradise. Sure...Gupta can't possibly sustain such an inverted pyramid of need...but...he might be more interested in how he leaves for America: well-funded...and...indifferent.
How do you spell "cost-overrun"? How about: Lockheed Martin Corp for an obvious answer? Yes...folks...the F-35 is already obsolete but it's considered treason to question Pentagon boondoggles. The so-called elite F-35 fighter jet...for instance...is designed to carry out all missions as a one-size-fits-all approach with each unit costing upwards of a billion bucks each.

Sure...the F-35 might do many jobs...but...it's "over-target" time is less than 10 minutes making the need for tactical data in a "real-time" mode an imperative aspect. Recently...the F-35 drawbacks were demonstrated...for instance...when an air-strike directed by Obama killed 12,455 children...8,993 women....and...sundry others whose identities could not be established due to "obliteration". Because of shortcomings in the equipment...Obama missed the real target and slaughtered* all those unsuspecting people.
*U.S.Senator Marco Rubio called Obama a WAR CRIMINAL because of the number of innocent people he slaughtered during his 8 years of tyranny.
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. recorded another spectacular year of e-commerce. Jack Ma...it's founder and exalted leader...years ago...took the advice of the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and offered what people wanted. Sure...it seems simplistic...yet...until Jack Ma stepped into the pond...there were only quaint ripples...but...never Tsunami. VIVA JACK MA!
Sergei Millian told a cub reporter that he had a video of Michelle Obama standing on a bed in which Madonna had slept and urinating all over it. According to Millian...Michelle was miffed at the way Madonna described her sexual encounter with Barack in the Oval Office. The urinating in Madonna's bed was Michelle's way of showing her disgust for that trollop.
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Building with 2 million pound granite stones even by today standards would present an improbable task. So much hassle to quarry...transport...and...place...few would ever consider trying. Yet...all over the planet...there are massive structures employing such tailored stones as if stacked toy blocks...and...demonstrating that in times long past...there were machines capable of such manipulation.

In some ways...TRUMP fancies himself a mega-builder and sees America capable of metaphorically erecting incredible structures of wealth and prosperity...that in the years to come...posterity will marvel at what grandeur America attained despite MASS MEDIA and Democrat hatred for liberty. VIVA TRUMP!
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According to California's latest vote-count...Hillary-the-hag defeated Trump 62% to 32% demonstrating why eventually California will be called the Socialist Republic of California packed with parasites and cronies of would-be masters. Indeed...Alex Padilla...a big shot in Golden Bear government...told  a cub reporter that had California been permitted to have a bigger voice in the Electoral College...Hillary would have been taking the Oath of Office...and...not some liberator holding forth in Trump Tower.
Cannons to the right of him...cannons to the left of him...volleyed and thundered...yet...onward the TRUMP BRIGADE. To utter bafflement and dismay...TRUMP pressed on when all hope was gone...onward courage where it belonged...victory the only way. VIVA TRUMP!
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Why not...one spot...one place...freedom braced? Why not one state where an open market exists for any kind of insurance...able to leap across state lines...national boundaries...and...derive risk pools sporting asset valuations in the trillions of U.S.dollars?

Recently...this BLOG joined with Mubadala Investment Co. with a combined power-fund of $125 billion. The idea...once OBAMA-CARE is repealed...to offer Americans an incredible deal on health insurance at incredible prices. What skewed the OBAMA-CARE market was only the sick and pathetic sought coverage under OBAMA-CARE...everyone else shunned it.

With the advent of an unhampered insurance market...the risk pools will form for every malady...so that everyone might be covered who seeks coverage. Those who wish to do without coverage might find themselves in a "must-pay-cash" situation with a trip across town to the charity hospital the only door left open. But such is their choice...and...their potential plight should never be a blank-check call any other purse but their own.
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"Buyer beware!" Such the caveat when a buyer goes to buy some product or service. If the buyer does not wish to scrape the veneer to find what's beneath...that buyer must suffer whatever difference later found. In times past...most buyers looked into the mouth of the horse...kicked the tire on the Model T...always suspecting deception and trick. Might TRUMP do as much?
An open insurance market* would offer the best quality at the lowest prices with products designed to fit the customer. Of course...states would be constrained not to interfere with risk pools or their management enabling almost any insurance company to compete by delivering more than their competitors. Indeed...almost everyone...nowadays...agrees...an otherwise unhampered marketplace is the best way to deliver affordable health care to everyone.
*In a free market...anyone can always begin their own charity if they feel somehow they're being neglected by either their loved ones or their otherwise nosy neighbors.
U.S.Rep. Tom Price informed the socialists in the U.S.Senate he does not oppose access to health care. He objects to forcing producers...though...to finance such health care services. "If your heart bleeds so much for the crippled child...then...let your purse match such empathy. But leave my pocketbook alone," quipped Rep. Price...off camera...when challenged by U.S.Senator Warner,(D.Va).
Because the Arab wanted to get in on the profitable real estate business pioneered by this BLOG...Sheikh Khalifa...in close coordination with the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...will lead Mubadala Investment Co with a liquidity of $125 billion. "With a power-fund such as this one...we could buy the entire state of Rhode Island and probably most of New Jersey...maybe...reselling to unsuspecting Venezuelans looking for another socialist paradise," quipped the Sheikh as he wondered if he'd ever erect the tallest tower on planet Earth.
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Mongolia is slowly inching its way out of the Middle Ages. The environmentalists...however...sensing such a desire to breathe free...want to keep them as backward and primitive as possible. "The coal mines bring them wealth and we do not like that," whispered Gina McCarthy...the former head of the so-called Environmental Destruction Agency.

 Before she left office...Gina...ever the freedom-hater...used her international connections to stymie coal production in Mongolia thereby guaranteeing those people will continue in a state of misery and privation.

When asked about keeping the Mongolians in a state of misery and privation...Gina gleefully replied,"I felt I owed it to them."(WSJ B-1;01-24-17).
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Without OBAMA-CARE...over 30 million people would have died. "It would have been a mass extinction event," dripped Michelle Obama as she read the New York Times framing her husband as the savior of the planet Earth.When asked if she cared such a claim was a LIE...she paused for an instant...and...replied, "No...people need to hear what I wish them to know."(WSJ A-14;01-24-17).
Social Security Actuarial Life Table for death probability and life expectancy for the entire population before age 65 and after 65 shows no "blip" in the smooth mortality curve as a result of the transition from a partially insured population to a totally-insured population.
John C. Goodman told a cub reporter he'd never read Ayn Rand or Ludwig von Mises and was oblivious to what is meant by an otherwise unhampered market. When told that such a market unleashes all the productive aspect of mankind...he drew back in disgust. "How would I ever allow anyone the freedom to paint their future as they see fit. I love the idea of my paint on your mess. I want to dictate and command not permit liberation of the subjugated," dripped Goodman as he looked at TRUMP'S idea of deleting the entire 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE,(WSJ A-15;01-24-17).
Madonna wanted to blow up the White House. She said as much at a rally where fellow travelers handed her the dynamite and a map to the Oval Office. Sure...she would have been arrested had it been Obama...but...since her diatribe was focused on TRUMP...her blather and belch were called wondrous and angelic by the complicit Trump-hating MASS MEDIA. VIVA TRUMP!
Howard Frumpkin is a bumpkin and would destroy what little liberty remains in America if he had the chance. Yes...he's a parasite embedded in the federal bureaucracy...but...he can be evicted...if enough people demand his departure from the so-called Center for Disease Control(CDC). He must be fired and marked for public derision so that people can spit on him when they spot him in public.
At public schools children are taught to lick boot and worship whatever idol forged by their socialist-teachers. Perhaps that explains why U.S.Senator Susan Collins(R.Maine) does not want Americans to be free of the grip of her beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. "I want people to be directed by their would-be masters. It makes my left leg tingle," dripped Susan-the-socialist...adding..."The free market could deliver better at lower prices but such would cut out the "master-slave" relationship I happen to love."(WSJ A-2;01-24-17).
Federal Judge John Bates issued an injunction stopping the merger of Aetna and Humana...a $34 billion deal...thereby guaranteeing OBAMA-CARE will remain too costly for most Americans. This injunction issued at the insistence of Obama's U.S.Injustice Dept will stop these two companies from offering better at lower prices...something...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...never wished to occur,(WSJ A-1;01-24-17).
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George Soros...a freedom-hater with a big purse...paid for the "billion bitch march"...the name Breanne Butler...the march's global coordinator...dubbed the effort to highlight the plight of women around the world. "I want a billion bitches out there protesting and screaming," shouted Breanne Butler as she listened to Ashley Judd call TRUMP a "pecker-wood".
Get the ball bat. Why? Because Alan Blinder is outside* and I want to discuss how nasty and idiotic he has been in a way that might very well get that scumbag's attention. What has upset you so much? Well...Alan Blinder is a bald-face liar at Princeton and that niche protects him from almost everyone except someone with a penchant for candid discourse,(WSJ A-21;01-23-17).
*While Blinder does not believe in the virtue of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...he is a champion of socialist hokum and Keynesian nonsense. Perhaps Princeton has fallen so far in its intelligence quotient that drooling snakes such Blinder find an accepting niche.
no image
If the parasites who voted for Hillary-the-hag discover they don't need to be dependent...that they can exist on their own...that TRUMP'S effort to remove hassle and hinder has created a better scene for them in which they can prosper...they'll lose interest in the Democrat's political carrot-and-stick parade wherein they declare: "Our tears...their purse!" VIVA TRUMP!
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Replace OBAMA-CARE with an otherwise unhampered market and the medical service industry would explode delivering almost virtual immortality. Imagine changing out parts as they wear out including nano-reconstruction of bone and bone marrow. Yes...even Mr. BRAIN can be exchanged with all electrical stuff intact. As one futurist noted, "Most people won't know they even had a BRAIN EXCHANGE since the BRAIN they gain is theirs but only new and ready for another 100 years."
The Old Order Swartzentruber Amish religion forbids modern day tools and other related* things. Take for instance...the electric drill. That device is forbidden. The diaper for the horse so that manure does not fall onto the roadways...such collection device is also forbidden. Hence...when Todd and Brad were arrested for horse manure droppings...they rebelled and demanded a jury trial by their peers all of whom were in agreement about the need to respect their religion.
*Todd regularly went by Momma Paul's house for breakfast on his way to school. One day...she refused to cook breakfast for Todd. So angry was Todd...he reached down and grabbed some horse manure. "I'll eat this if you do not fix me breakfast," threatened Todd as he displayed the horse manure in his out-stretched palm. Ms Paul screamed, "My God...Todd...don't do it. Go to the barn and get "fresh".
TRUMP should not reveal his income tax returns. Keeping them private is important. The MASS MEDIA has hate-Trump script ready to go once TRUMP errs and releases his tax returns.

As for the so-called POLLS wherein 60% of Americans want the tax returns released...those numbers are FAKE POLLS...created to fit the narrative.

Yes...Pew Research Center in times past...was somewhat reliable. But they threw away their integrity and honor and signed on to the Hate-Trump movement and their POLLS are LIES and nothing else. Pew has devolved into a cesspool of scumbags and jerks.
no image
Environmental groups relished their power under TEAM OBAMA...power that fetched such things as the shut-down of the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline. But...with the advent of TRUMP...they're screaming and shouting out obscenities in an effort to stop TRUMP from liberating America from such a nasty grip.
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In New York City...protesters told a cub reporter they were there to shown solidarity for socialism. They did not want TRUMP to stop delivery of federal freebie and favor. They liked the idea of others working for them. It was nice to receive such bounty from the enslaved. And Trump was going to disturb that honey-pot? How dare he!
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History repeating itself. Yes...TRUMP plans on removing the shackles from the producer...permitting the producer to breathe free. The Democrats...as they did before...are fighting such liberation declaring they need their slaves lest their cronies* back home suffer. It's despicable that Democrats would once again defend slavery. VIVA TRUMP!
*It's ironic in a way that Obama was instrumental in imposing slavery once more with his OBAMA-CARE.
In calculating crowd size...there is always some guess work since crowds grow and dwindle through time. Take for instance the crowd Obama drew at his Inaugural was smaller than the one Trump had. Yes...the MASS MEDIA wasn't about to declare such a thing since Obama was their darling...their Marxist on mission...their classic tribal socialist...and...they weren't about to say TRUMP out did him in terms of crowd size. Yet...420.000 people used the subway to get to Trump's ceremonies while only 317,000 were counted for Obama's affair.
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People receiving free medical care do not want to lose the freebie and voted for Hillary-the-hag because they were told TRUMP was about to delete their umbilical cord...and...deprive them of their freebie. The Democrats...in reaction to Trump's effort to eliminate the shackle of OBAMA-CARE...directed all parasites to muster to the line and march on Washington D.C. demanding their freebie remain untouched...intact...and...shackled around the producer's future.
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In times past...critics focused on content of speech...demanding better adjective or verb...and...wondering how such things could have been overlooked. Nowadays...however...critics dwell on the stuff few people ever consider...their excoriation in barrage format pummeling everything. Such nasty-scribblers were what Sean Spicer...in his first news conference...chose to frame when asked about "idiotic and perplexing".
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If you have a grandchild...you need to create a LEGACY for them. If you're a freedom-hater..tell your grandchildren you wanted them to be free not enslaved. If you're passion similar to William Wallace,(Brave heart)...you'll tell your grandchildren they must always be vigilant. You must tell them about Exodus 32:24 wherein the Jew melted gold to create an idol to be worshiped. You must tell them the ESTABLISHMENT will attempt to preach LIE and inculcate servile obedience...and...if such were to befall them...that they stand forth as Dr. Warren did at Breed's hill...leading defiant rebels against tyranny.
Where you going Sean Corren on this cold and foggy night...
you know the danger out there...
you know it ain't your fight
And you know it be treason to mount those barricades
There's go to be a reason for defying the crown this way
Hush..now...Momma...for a goin' I be
to mount the wall to prevent the fall of Freedom and Liberty
And...Momma...why such gloom...
I'll be returning as sure as the rising of the moon.
And where you going Jimmy Corren
with yiur brother tiws dimal day
Can't you put that terrible gun down
Can't you see it my way
No...God...Momma...Sean's going
and I've my mind to keep
I've seen that side of freedom
And that is what I seek
And...Momma...why such gloom
We'll be returnin'
as such as
the rising of the moon.
And...as the fog...closed about them
as they moved from the room
they promised they'd be returning
as sure as
 the rising of the moon
And...now...I hear  'em  a'  comin'
keepin' their promise to me
to soon be returnin'
for them...now...I can see
The blood it has dried...
how long I have worried
How long I have cried
but I knew you'd be returnin'
to wipe away my gloom
to return to me
for these old eyes to see
in the light of the rising moon
every night
I hear their fight
Those rebels in the glen
their double strong
to glory they belong
and my love
to them
I send.

Moses told Pharaoh to let his people depart Egypt. Eventually...Pharaoh relented and Moses led the indentured Jew away from Egypt...a place his team had gone many centuries before to find sustenance.

Yes...Pharaoh pursued Moses since Moses had taken the Ark of the Covenant...a super-conductor Pharaoh was using to power his empire. When Pharaoh discovered Moses had taken the SUPER-CONDUCTOR...the power source Pharaoh thought from the Gods...he chased Moses.

Of course...Moses used the power of the Ark of the Covenant and parted the Sea of Reeds enough to pass. Once on the other side...Moses turned off the machine and Pharaoh's pursuing army was annihilated in the on-rush of waters otherwise inhabiting the area.

TRUMP chose not to tell the world he had the SUPER-CONDUCTOR...but...he did tell them that he planned on eliminating the grip and grab of big stomp government and permit Americans to breathe free once more, Such declaration in the time line of mankind was due and waiting to be articulated once more. VIVA TRUMP!
The majority of voters who chose Hillary-the-hag didn't care how knavish she'd been...they wanted to stop TRUMP from eliminating the Obama-created "green energy" regime ruled by mythologists who wish to impose their preposterous views since such ideas while ridiculous can be used and are being used to subjugate otherwise free-acting people. It's nonsense that with a spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry. Indeed...there are creatures who can trace their ancestors back 500 million years(+). Sure most of their brethren were wiped out along the way...but...those lucky enough to be in some kind of protected aspect...they survived.

Mention is made of this obvious flaw in the theory of man-made climate change...since in the coming weeks the MASS MEDIA and its allies in Congress will whine loudly about how warm they are and how desperate people will be when Mother Earth into flames finally bursts. Indeed...scientists say that one day a few billion years or so in the future...Mother Earth will be consumed by the fire of the sun as it slowly grows into a Red Giant.

Until that ultimate fire storm...mankind will have time to plot a course for Europa and Titan and some other moons which in times long past were inhabited by sentient beings. It might very well be the 4 million pound stones that archaeologists have found on most moons circling the outer planets were part of this organization which long ago went elsewhere when Earth once more became too nasty to inhabit easily.
Anybody here seen the bust of Martin Luther King...it was removed from its place. Of course...that factoid was false. Yes...Obama removed the bust of Winston Churchill from its historical place...telling anyone upset about deleting the bust of a man who stood against tyranny while most of Europe trembled beneath the jackboot of the Hun...that he didn't like the guy and preferred Churchill's bust be in storage.

TRUMP will eliminate the grip of big grab government and liberate the subjugated...delivering his people from bondage. Sure...it's similar to Moses leading his beleaguered team from the clutches of Pharaoh...but...modern-day Democrats and their complicit MASS MEDIA see themselves as a ruling elite. However powerful they might seem to be...though...TRUMP might very well send the whole vermin lot of them back* to the minor league to start again. VIVA TRUMP!
no image
Mosul is a Sunni city inhabited mostly by Sunnis. Until Islamic State arrived...though...the Sunnis tolerated other sects. When the Daesh arrived...however...Sunnis were directed to revert to 6th century intolerance...whippings...cutting off hands, noses, fingers, feet...beheading...drowning...incinerating...and...all done for in the name of Allah. While such stuff is horrific...it's Islamic State's imprimatur.
Goes Nowhere...Does Nothing,(GN-DN). The suit filed by Apple, Inc. attacking Qualcomm for trying to protect its proprietary interests is just that: GN-DN. It's ridiculous to think a seller does not have the power and authority to set terms of purchase. If Apple,Inc. wishes to deal with others...then so be it. But to sue Qualcomm because Qualcomm won't kneel and lick boot...that kind of lawsuit is: GN-DN;(WSJ B-3;01-21-17).

*GN-DN was written on pipes in the Star Trek stage sets. The idea was to look as if it meant something. Gene Roddenberry
Chris Whalen...an avid Hillary supporter...told the MASS MEDIA he did not like TRUMP stopping him from selling sub-prime mortgages whose underlying debtors were already in default or about to go under. "How dare he stop me from putting taxpayers on the hook again," whispered Chris as he stroked Dave Steven's glistening hair.
*David Stevens is president of Mortgage Bankers Association.
Oscar Lopez Rivera...sentenced to 70 years for murder and mayhem...was pardoned by Obama. Rivera told a cub reporter he was not penitent...and...could be expected to lead another effort to liberate Puerto Rico from the clutches of Uncle Sugar. If he had to kill and maim as he did before...then...so be it. In many ways...Rivera sees himself as the leader of all South America and will not stop until he has slaughtered* his way to that pinnacle of power.
*Obama released al-Baghdadi from GITMO in 2009. Al-Baghdadi went back to the Middle East and founded Islamic State...sewed together a BLACK FLAG...and...began to kill and kill some more all in the name of Allah. However nasty such a release turned out to be...though...not anyone in the MASS MEDIA has cited that ROCKY HORROR release as SCANDAL since it was done by Obama...the 1st Afro-American president.
TRUMP asked Steve Harvey* to be the one to open the envelop and announce the winner in the U.S.Supreme Court Judge contest. VIVA TRUMP!
*The entire nation will glued to the TV to watch Steve Harvey open that envelop and read the name of Trump's choice for that venerable position. Recall Harvey read the wrong name at the Miss Universe in 2015.
no image
Had the British stopped Gandhi from making his historical "march to make salt"...India might still be part of the British empire. Similarly...had the Democrats and their MASS MEDIA legions stopped TRUMP before he commenced his run for the Oval Office...they might have succeeded in protecting their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein Americans are cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. Alas...they did not succeed...although they tried quite hard to derail TRUMP once they saw his support was overwhelming* across America.
*The MASS MEDIA and its complicit Democrats and cronies pushed FALSE POLLS...each one denigrating TRUMP and delivering to the MASS MEDIA underpinnings for its 24/7 hate-Trump narrative. According to such scumbags as Steve Kornaki,(MSNBC clown), TRUMP was going to be blown off the map. Indeed...almost every Democrat pundit and pollster staked their reputation on Hillary defeating Trump.
Years ago...Jack Bailey hosted a show called: QUEEN* FOR A DAY. The show centered around 3 people drawn from a hat...each one would come forward and tell the world "why" they should be queen for a day. At the end of all 3 interviews...Jack Bailey would stand behind each contestant and ask the audience to applaud. A "clap meter" would be super-imposed so the TV audience could see the 'rating' given as to each lady. At the end...Jack Bailey would announce the QUEEN FOR A DAY. The show-audience would cheer as the winner was escorted to a throne...given a crown, robe and roses and handsomely paid $250,000.

Mention is made of this old show and its format since the MASS MEDIA superimposed a modern day "clap meter" to rate TRUMP'S Inaugural Speech as if it were some kind of contest. Their purpose was to demean TRUMP and undermine his message of greatness for America. Perhaps...the MASS MEDIA will continue its attack on TRUMP throughout his tenure...but...most Americans realize their goal and their ulterior motive. VIVA TRUMP!
*Because the ladies were vying for big bucks their reason for wishing to be queen for a day more often than not centered around some horrific tragedy or some loathsome disease consuming the contestant's loved ones.
no image
In Australia...in a protected bay...ancient stromatolites can be found. These critters take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen as a waste product. Billions of years ago...or...so the most recent spin has it...vast colonies of stromatolites emitted oxygen in such quantity that Earth became inhabitable by oxygen breathing creatures whose waste-product was carbon dioxide. Nowadays...Mother Earth is in equilibrium such that if carbon dioxide(CO2) were released into the atmosphere...everything that eats CO2(think plants and plankton) would chow down until equilibrium* once more attained.
*Maybe someone should tell the man-caused climate change mythologists that there is not any way to calculate how much plant life there is on planet-Earth. But the CO2 in the atmosphere has been calculated and classified as a "trace gas" which means there isn't much of it. And while the mythologists will never admit it...with spoon and bucket they can never dip the ocean dry...no matter how intensely they believe they can.
By the nasty MASS MEDIA...Kellyanne Conway was asked how she would frame Trump-haters. Pensive for a moment...Keyllanne replied, "Way up in the Ozark mountains there was a band of soldiers with one can of beans and one piece of chewing tobacco. The captain turned to the cook and said, "Cookie...tell us a story." And Cookie began, "Way up in the Ozark mountains there was a band of soldiers...with one can of beans and one piece of chewing tobacco. The captain turned to the cook...and...said, "Cookie...tell us a story...and...Cookie began." 

And with that Kellyanne returned to the Inaugural festivities.
no image
Folks...there's a big difference between 0.2 and .05...even though...the climate change mythologists refuse to accept it. Using computer models based on the mythologists' numbers...10,000 scientists staked their reputations on the prediction that Mother Earth would suffer a 0.2 degree increase in temperatures. Such did not occur...instantly calling into question the man-caused climate-change theory. The complicit MASS MEDIA did not reveal this shortcoming since such revelation would undermine the entire hoax and cause people to demand their "money back",(WSJ A-18;01-20-17).
no image
The Wall Street Journal yesterday ran an article written by a knave declaring Mother Earth into flames was about to burst. After this BLOG took umbrage with that presentation...though...WSJ reacted to printed some TRUTH which undermined that previous article's theory. The WSJ should be congratulated for its ability to reveal the "fake" aspect as soon as it's apprised of the deception. Thank you,(WSJ A-18;01-20-17).
Crowd manager of Washington D.C. issued 1200 bus permits enabling Trump-hating ladies to attend the Inaugural and protect Trump's ascendancy to power. "We want TRUMP to know we're socialists and we want America enslaved...and...reduced to the same kind of miasma Venezuelans suffer. It's the better way," declared Rosie O'Donnell.
El Chapo...the Mexican drug lord...will be extradited to America where he'll face federal drug charges. Obviously...the fed's have some snitches who are willing to LIE about him. When TRUMP heard El Chapo would be in America...he contacted the U.S.Injustice Dept. and directed them to "release" him so that he might assist in erecting the wall between Uncle Sugar and Mexico. VIVA TRUMP!
no image
Governors* from socialist states...reacting to the hatred of OBAMA-CARE...asked TRUMP to take money from the productive part of America and give that loot to them so they can pass it out to their voters to retain their position of power. TRUMP told them "go fish". VIVA TRUMP!
*Ohio governor John Kasich...a rabid freedom-hater and general jerk...wants TRUMP to plunder storerooms so Kasich might retain power. Recall Kasich said he wanted HILLARY not TRUMP. Hence...it's obvious he has been asked to join the socialist-movement to destroy what little liberty remains in America. TRUMP told Kasich to stick it where the sun doesn't shine. VIVA TRUMP!
Near Cannon Ball, North Dakota...21 protesters were arrested for their blockading of a bridge. They were trying to tell TRUMP that the last leg of the 3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline(DAP) should not be completed. "We want fossil fuel to be left in the ground. It will force people back to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule...a time when around campfires people would dance and sing til dawn," whispered U.S.Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh).
When Kellyanne Conway was asked about how TRUMP will dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...she looked into the future and said, "Howie would ask the pensive player: "Deal or No Deal" and the contender would have to push the red button and accept or close the plastic covering and exclaim "No deal!" Then the player would have to pick more cases and the game would continue until the player accepted the offer or was forced to open the case. Sometimes...the player would turn down $100,000 and find in the case only $10.00. The look on the face of that WRONG-PERSON sometimes is worth the wait to see."
Rick Perry told Congressional Democrats he regretted declaring he would delete the Dept. of Energy. He had been briefed on what the Department does and he regretted his antipathy towards that bunch of scumbags. "I will accept that mankind does change the climate and that with spoon and bucket I can dip the ocean dry. It's preposterous...but...most people believe in such myth. So I'll adhere to the belief and declare such nonsense is good for America," whined Rick when asked about man-caused climate change by freedom-hating Democrats.
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Arabia has dropped it oil production below 10 million barrels per day for the 1st time. Of course...the Arab will open the spigot when oil prices begin to rise to grab as much market share as possible. The "cut-back" by OPEC...though...is meaningless to America since America...due to technological innovations...can produce what Americans need. Yes...7.1 million barrels are being imported...but...that is due to long term contracts. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ B-11;01-19-17).
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The Obama Labor Dept....will be decimated by TRUMP. He plans on firing most of the scumbag lawyers and agents for that department...sending them home with only thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their selfless, drooling public service and NOTHING ELSE! He might even tell America their names so people can spit on them and groin kick them when they are found in their proximity. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ B-2;01-19-17).
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In an otherwise unhampered market...high-risk pools for sick people with preexisting conditions can be found in all makes and models delivering to the consumer a panoply of choices. TRUMP will delete OBAMA-CARE...that miasma of diktat and misery...and...replace it with a free-market paradigm. Anyone with a preexisting condition will be able to find insurance. What they won't get...however...is some kind of subsidy from uncle Sugar to buy their insurance. They'll have to pay it themselves or find a charity to assist. Not any longer will it be: "my tears...your purse". VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-19;01-19-17).
Unlike every other expert...this BLOG forecast great things for Britain should it exit the European Union. And...as predicted...good things are happening in Britain. Unlike the miasma of the EU...Britain's population has experienced a wondrous bounty from the BREXIT,(WSJ A-8;01-19-17).
no image
Folks...the major newspapers...including the Wall Street Journal...have decided to attack TRUMP. The WSJ...for instance...was filled today with anti-TRUMP stuff. Indeed...Janet Hook...one of the WSJ writers...claimed voters had mixed feelings about TRUMP as if that were somehow news* following an election wherein the socialists were defeated.
*Yes...freedom-haters are angry that Hillary-the-hag was defeated and they plan on attacking TRUMP every way possible. For instance...TRUMP knows man-caused climate-change is nonsense. Yet...the WSJ carried an article about "warmest year on record"...never telling Americans that "on record" begs the question since Mother Earth has been on-going for 4 billion(+) years.
U.S.Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan told a cub reporter she couldn't wait to rule on the TRADE MARK imbroglio: THE SLANTS. When an oriental band wanted to trade mark their name: THE SLANTS...big stomp government refused necessitating the Supreme Court to make a ruling on that issue.

Trying to get some publicity out of the imbroglio...many Democrats weighed in on the topic. U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer said he tried to trade mark the word: NIGGER...but...was turned down. Similarly...U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren wanted to trade mark the word: SHIT-EATER and was rebuked even though she claimed it was her stock-in-trade.
no image
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...during his tenure as president made sure the student-loan industry was nationalized delivering all those student-voters into the clutches of big grab government...creating an army of indentured servants...each wanting to get that student-loan debt off their backs in exchange for supporting the Democrat.

Obama's theory? The students were unable to discern the shackle and whip and through time these slaves would kneel and worship whatever idol forged and support whatever Democrat promised more freebie and favor,(WSJ A-3;01-19-17).
Warmest year on record? But how far back does that record go? The answer...of course...is as far back as needed to support the MYTH* of man-caused climate change,(WSJ A-3;01-19-17). Because the MYTH is taught as fact in the public schools along with abject knavery...most people will accept this proclamation never once questioning the motive and purpose of such skewing of REAL FACT.
*It's obvious the MYTHOLOGISTS needed to have some support from the various mullet wrappers masquerading as newspapers(WSJ and NYT).
The enthusiasm of the scumbags who are demanding an investigation into TRUMP-RUSSIAN-MONEY is obvious...almost palpable. Their glare and sneer as if etched from darkest heart.

In times past...these same enthusiasts knowingly...overlooked the OBVIOUS "pay-to-play" scheme Hillary-the-hag conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State because she was a freedom-hater...ready to stomp freedom...and...that predilection earned her INSULATION...insulation TRUMP can't ever expect.

As for TRUMP anything that can be said against him will be not only highlighted by the authors but also...by the complicit MASS MEDIA...raised up as god-like.
FTC Chairman Edith Ramirez said she would continue her attack on freedom until evicted by TRUMP. When told of such nasty aspect...TRUMP laughed and replied, "Edith is as much a part of the evil aspect of big grab government that she needs to be put out to pasture so vultures might pick her bones."
U.S.Rep. Tom Price was grilled by scumbag Democrat Senators who have never done anything but spend other people's money. Take Senator Murray, for instance. That lady has never done anything in her gray little life except get elected because she is a rabid freedom-hater. Indeed..Murray was overheard saying she wanted Americans enslaved not liberated since her constituents might decide to run her evil self off. Hence...she could not ever permit freedom-lover Tom Price to run the biggest bureaucracy ever imagined.
no image
The MASS MEDIA declared America was divided between freedom-lovers and freedom-haters...with the liberty-lovers having prevailed overwhelmingly in every venue where the choice was KEY or CAGE. Sure...Hillary-the hag received massive support from freedom-haters but there just weren't enough of them to defeat TRUMP whose overall appeal delivered more counties for him than any president on record. VIVA TRUMP!
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...admitted he was sending $500 million to the CLIMATE CHANGE BUNCH in order to keep the MYTH alive that mankind can change the climate. Yes...it's a lucrative lie...but...a lie...nonetheless. Just because 10,000 "paid" so-called scientists claim mankind can change Earth climate...does not mean that nonsense is anything other than obvious nonsense. Sure...some people believe mankind with spoon and bucket can dip the ocean dry...but...most rational thinkers know otherwise. VIVA TRUMP!
Louise Radnofsky was called a bald-face liar by this BLOG and invited to do battle if she wished to have such confrontation. Indeed...she told a cub reporter OBAMA-CARE was despised by most Americans. However...Louise said she could not write such TRUTH since she was paid to LIE and declare OBAMA-CARE was loved,(WSJ A-6;01-18-17).
no image
The MASS MEDIA is highlighting the decision of Congressional Democrats to boycott the Trump ceremonies. The MASS MEDIA isn't questioning their patriotism or belief in democracy...but...labeling them as INCREDIBLE PEOPLE. It's obvious TRUMP will have to use alternative media to get his message to America. VIVA TRUMP.
Gloria Allred...a California lawyer...told SUMMER ZERVOS that if she were to tell a lurid story about TRUMP...that TRUMP would push back...and...then...ZERVOS and ALLRED would get public attention from a Trump-hating MASS MEDIA when they filed a DEFAMATION SUIT claiming TRUMP said "bad things" about Zervos. Never ind the nasty-lie Zervos was telling about Trump since LYING has been Allred's stock-in-trade.
no image
Green energy production is idiotic. It's based on the silly belief that mankind can change the climate of Mother Earth by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Sure...10,000 scientists in exchange for grant-money and other favors signed a letter declaring Mother Earth into flames was about to burst. Yes...it's preposterous to think with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry...but...when 10,000 scientists say it can be done...naturally...the gullible* and easily deceived accept such nonsense as fact.
*Tutorial: the biomass of the  Earth either eats carbon dioxide(CO2) or emits it. When CO2 levels rise...the plant world chows down...and...equilibrium is maintained. Mankind could probably poison the atmosphere with cyanide or arsenic and kill people...but...short of that...Mother Nature always stays in equilibrium. It's obvious...yet...because it's so obvious...the easily-deceived can be told to overlook such HOLE IN THEORY.
no image
MASS MEDIA is anti-TRUMP. They do not want America liberated from the grip of big grab government. Why the MASS MEDIA signed on to that horrific goal can only be explained by examining their philosophy which is centered around socialist dogma...the same junk which brought Venezuela to the brink of privation of squalor.

TRUMP invited big companies to remain America since he was going to make America great again...and...they needed to stay so they...too...might enjoy the bounty. Yes...the MASS MEDIA said TRUMP had nothing to do with the decision of several large companies to remain in America...but...once more...FAKE NEWS is what the MASS MEDIA is purveying. VIVA TRUMP!
Even though it costs $1.00 for fossil fuel...and...$5.00 for "green energy"...nevertheless...environmentalists want Americans to delete fossil fuel and return to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule...a time when people feared the night...and...toiled endlessly through the day. "We will force people to live in tents...urinate in the bushes...and...worship whatever idol we might forge," drooled U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...herself a freedom-hater of the 1st order.(WSJ A-19;01-17-170.
no image
Similar to the Clinton Administration...TEAM OBAMA was scandal-packed. Yes...the MASS MEDIA wishes to paint* a different picture of Obama's tenure as President...but...most people recall how U.S.border guard was killed by a gun that was under the control of Obama...and...how 4 Americans begged for help in Benghazi only to be left to die by Obama. No...folks...Obama's tenure has been fraught with trouble and the LIES told by the MASS MEDIA won't cover them up.
*Obama was a dung-throwing monkey!
Renee M. Willis...a rabid freedom-hater...prefers big grab government take more from her storeroom so long as everyone else suffers equally. "I want people to depend on government for their existence. When that kind of enslavement is imposed...something Obama almost achieved...my team can ascend to the pinnacle of power and direct from cradle to grave. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about a socialist paradise," dripped Renee as she looked at how Obama had destroyed what little remained of liberty.
Vice President Joe Biden has been grabbing other people's statements and presenting them as his own without appropriate footnote. He's an inveterate plagiarist...yet...because he's a rabid freedom-hater the MASS MEDIA overlooks his THEFT. Unfortunately for Monica Crowley...her plagiarism was found unacceptable BECAUSE she is a freedom-fighter and her venial adoption of several passages from another author's book was found to be "too much".
CIA Director John Brennan needs to crawl back into his hole. This scumbag "leaked" nasty-false-data to the MASS MEDIA in an attempt to undermine TRUMP. Of course...his attack did not work and now that he's departing government service...people can spit on him...flatten his tires...sugar his gas tank...spray-paint his house...toilet-paper his lawn...and...do such other neighborly acts to show their disgust for him.
The son of Martin Luther King...at the dramatic behest of this BLOG...met with TRUMP to discuss Afro-American opportunity in America. The interface undermined the MASS MEDIA narrative that Afro-Americans hate Trump and gave most people hope that TRUMP will delete the hurdle and hassle BUSH-CHENEY and TEAM-OBAMA erected to stifle and stymie.
Karen Bass...a Democrat Congresswoman...on her FaceBook page...asked her constituents if she should attend the Inaugural. Naturally...because her following her most loyal fans...their vote was a resounding: "BOYCOTT!" Karen Bass...announced her decision...but...did not offer anyone her VACANT seat.

Hearing of her decision...a crippled child asked for her seat and funds for travel and hotel. The child had been rooting for TRUMP since June of 2015 and had predicted he'd prevail despite MASS MEDIA attack. Despite the heart-throbbing aspect of granting this "no arm or leg" child that wish...Congresswoman Bass declared,"I want the world to see how much I hate TRUMP. That empty chair will remain vacant. How dare some crippled child ask for my seat!"
After a speech...both Republican and Democrat spin-doctors interface with the MASS MEDIA to give their respective side the best look...the better sound...the greatest grip. Hence...the definite and dramatic need for a SPIN-SCRUBBER.

Recently...U.S.Rep. John Lewis...an avid Trump-hater...for instance...labeled TRUMP "not legitimate"...pointing out Hillary out-scored him in the popular vote although losing to him in a record number of counties across America...and...because of that vote-margin...and...because President Putin dictated the 2016 election outcome...he was boycotting the Inaugural...and...his seat would remain empty.

Yes...a crippled child from his congressional district asked for his vacant seat...but...JOHN LEWIS...felt his boycott would be better understood if his seat remained empty instead of being occupied by a cheerful lad missing his arms and legs.
BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith defended his revelation of unverified scurrilous allegations against TRUMP including one where TRUMP hired prostitutes to urinate on a mattress on which Michelle and Barack Obama had previously slept in order to demonstrate his dislike of them. Although there were 35 pages of nasty drama...Ben felt the urine-on-bed was the most credible, He'd been in the filth-business long enough to sense when a story had factual underpinnings...corroboration bubbling forth everywhere.
TRUMP...since the election...has tweeted over 300 times...driving market analysts crazy trying to quantify each tweet in terms of market-affect. Twitter has seen a great increase in patronage as more people enter to hear and access TRUMP. What has many Twitter stockholders uneasy is the fact that once TRUMP becomes El Presidente on 01-20-17...he'll stop Tweeting...and...TWITTER will plummet. SELL TWITTER NOW!
Punitive tariffs avoided by labeling aluminum as something else brought Lui Zhongtian misery when Homeland Security attacked a warehouse owned by Perfectus Aluminum Inc. and grabbed $25 million worth of that ubiquitous metal. Crowing about this latest "grab"...big foot government officials told a cub reporter they felt like NAZI GESTAPO...the power they felt...the urge to unleash that power...it felt so good...so overwhelming the emotion...they could not wait for LUI to err again.

Maybe...TRUMP will protect inefficiency in Domestic aluminum production by reaping some very short-term benefit from such a "grab"...but...he might declare an open market in aluminum and give consumers the benefit of lower prices on all aluminum products...a benefit delivered to everyone without any big government subsidy. As TRUMP pointed out, "There is not any worker in the world who can out-sail an American worker. It just does not happen." VIVA TRUMP!
"Stop grinnin' John* Brennan!" shouted Reince Priebus as Reince looked at John's smile from ear to ear. "How dare you laugh at the mess you and Obama created. We have to sort out the tangle and web you made," declared Mr. Priebus...a well-known TRUMP-helper.
*John Brennan...CIA chief and well-known scumbag.
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Ringling Bros. Circus after 130 years will close in May of 2017. Animal-rights groups cheered the news. Now...elephants in Africa can be killed and never have any chance of escape. As for all those lions, tigers and bears...those too will never have any chance to escape death from poachers and ill-timed hunters. Yes...those animal rights organizations did their job well...and...now...the 124,788 people involved with that circus presentation are looking for work with most getting told there isn't any job available for animal-killers.
TRUMP'S assessment of Obama as a weaker leader than President Putin infuriated U.S.Rep. John Lewis...who preferred to label TRUMP: "not legitimate". Why Lewis said as much was exposed when this BLOG discovered the Democrats were using Lewis' declaration of illegitimacy as a FUND RAISING power-point.
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TRUMP...if he plays his cards right...can undermine 18 Democrat Senators whose chances for re-election in 2018 could be dramatically diminished. He needs a team in each state whose mission to attack that Senator for his or her vote on OBAMA-CARE and for general support of the NANNY STATE...a thing most Americans hate when it's revealed to them...a thing most Americans would uproot if given the chance...indeed...a thing about which TRUMP said he not only knew...but a thing he would rip out...and...replace with an otherwise unhampered market paradigm...and...deliver a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!
Rosie O'Donnell...a hate-Trump loudmouth...told a cub reporter she planned on parading naked in front of the Inaugural crowd sucking on a lemon. "I'll show the world what an Irish gal can do!" quipped Rosie as she examined a tattoo she would prefer covering.
Rosie Perez...a foul-mouth socialist...told a cub reporter she would fight TRUMP should he attempt to dismantle her beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein would-be masters force people to kneel and worship whatever idol forged. 

"It makes my left leg tingle every time I think how people are forced to buy health insurance they can't afford or use. It shows how powerful we are...and...how sheep-like America has become. And...now...TRUMP wants to dismantle this CAGE...liberate the sheep...and...offer them routes to prosperity eliminating the dependence we socialist imposed. It makes me mad to think Americans might once more breathe free," dripped Rosie as she looked at the record number of counties choosing TRUMP over CAGE-advocate-Hillary.
Historians are already labeling Obama a "failed-president" noting that he was the worst president ever eclipsing even Jimmy "peanut" Carter. Instead of liberating America from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...added layer upon layer of diktat and directive...smothering and stifling....erecting a more powerful CAGE...packed with parasites on government dole...and...legions of bureaucrats ready to stomp out whatever vestiges of freedom that might have escaped their bulldozers.
Charlie Fern told a cub reporter she liked TRUMP and thought he would dismantle the hated 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. "Yes...in the socialist regions of America...Hillary did quite well. The voters were told to support their purse by choosing Hillary since her mission: to plunder storerooms...and...pass loot about generously.

Those fools who pull that FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...however...in reaction to such parasites...gathered themselves behind TRUMP...and...begged him to remove the shackles...and...permit them to breathe free once more. VIVA TRUMP!
When asked about man-caused climate change by Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass)...Rex Tillerson was told to say whatever needed to satisfy gurus of nonsense. "Did you know 10,000 scientists agreed that mankind is causing climate change?" Warren asked Tillerson as he and she were entering the hearing room together. Tillerson...into her ear...whispered, "Listen "papoose"...I'll say what need be said...but...you're slime...nasty...disgusting slime."
U.S.Rep. John Lewis told a cub reporter his hatred of Trump reflected in his exquisitely ugly face. "My visage drawn and haggard...etched with hatred of Trump...I will do all I can to stop him from dismantling my beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein big government can force people to worship whatever idol forged," dripped Lewis as he looked at the tents surrounding the Inaugural stage area.
TRUMP noted Steve Harvey* would be tapped to announce his nominee to the Supreme Court.
*At Miss Universe...Steve Harvey announced the wrong person as winner only to be told that he had erred requiring Steve to remove the crown from a now-crying lady and put the crown on a now-smiling lady.
Not only did Obama betray the Jew with U.N. Resolution 2334...but...he also decided Cubans fleeing Cuba will be sent back to be tortured and killed. "I owed it to Fidel to honor his request that I stop Cubans from escaping to freedom and any that do escape to return them so the Cuban government might torture and kill," declared Obama as he recited his list of accomplishments.
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Obama betrayed the Jew when he permitted Resolution 2334 to become some kind of bludgeon. In 1967...the Arabs attempted to extinguish Israel...but...got their own butts royally kicked. In the aftermath of that war...the Jew grabbed what is now called the West Bank. And while the Jew has from time to time entertained the idea of giving the Palestinians their own nation-state...that reverie has been quickly dismissed since it portends destruction of the Jew. The Jew cannot return the West Bank to the Palestinians. From that spot...the Palestinians and other Jew-haters will marshal another invasion and the Jew will...once more...have to defend or be annihilated.
Sean Rushton told a cub reporter that America would be doing better if the U.S.dollar was inflating at the rate of 1000% per day."This kind of inflation* is good. It kills the urge to save money. It forces people to use their money instantly lest it buy less tomorrow...and...it keeps everyone poor enabling big stomp government to control and direct from cradle to grave. Looking for an example...Sean pointed out that Venezuelans are pathetically impoverished by the 10,000% daily inflation of their bolivar...and...such poverty enables Maduro...their would-be master...to force Venezuelans to do as he commands. Such power made Sean's left leg tingle.(WSJ a-13;01-13-17).
*Tutorial for Sean. If the $100(U.S.) bucket sold in Cuba costs $10,000 Cuban-dollars...then...when that Cuban buys that bucket and pays the $10,000 in his almost worthless paper...the foreign exchange gives to the seller of the bucket $100.00 U.S. since $100 U.S. equals $10,000 in almost worthless paper-money. The American bucket seller received an EQUIVALENT sum even though paid in almost worthless paper. If the seller has to pay some jerk a premium to exchange pesos for dollars...then...that seller took that chance and elected to suffer that "cost" so that at least most of the overall purchase price might be delivered to that seller.
Most of the lunch room in the courthouse erupted in spontaneous laughter when...on the wide screen TV hanging in the corner...it was announced the U.S.Dept. of Injustice was going to investigate "why" the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) elected to attack Hillary Clinton. Sure...the Injustice Department could look into Hillary's "pay-to-play" scheme she ran during her tenure as Secretary of State...maybe...even look into the murder of U.S.border guard Brian Terry where the bullet that killed him came from a gun known to be in the physical possession of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm(ATF) Agency.

Somehow...though...investigating those kind of criminal acts...aren't as politically gratifying as investigating the FBI. Indeed...U.S.Attorney General Loretta Lynch was overheard telling Bill Clinton on an airplane that she would make sure Hillary was vindicated and her accusers made to pay for the insolence.
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Most of India is squalor and misery. Their plight caused by socialism. If there were a free market in India...people would not be impoverished but have a way to better themselves. As it is right now...however...most people in India are not only poor but have been taught to lick boot for freebie and favor from government officials. It's pathetic but India won't ever be anything more than a toilet bowl due to socialism and Eco-fascism,(WSJ A-9;01-13-17).
George Soros...an avid reader of this BLOG...elected to ignore the ADVICE this BLOG was preaching...and...bet against TRUMP and his bet resulted in a loss of $1 billion. Soros bet the stock market would plummet as soon as TRUMP was determined to be the 2016 winner. Soros said the BLOG was wrong and American stocks would fall* precipitously in reaction to such misfortune.
*So far...there has been a 9% increase(WSJ A-1;01-13-17).
A cub reporter...while driving through the 3RD REICH...observed "hidden" tanks draped in burlap and festooned with twig and leaf. Within a few hours of her 08-29-39 sighting...she wrote about the 1000 tanks she had seen and the invasion of Poland such entailed. That scoop propelled that reporter for the rest of her life enabling her to report on almost every war since that terrible invasion by Hitler.

Her mastery of the scoop was so well known that in America her skill was emulated. Indeed...BuzzFeed...and...its minions...for example...copied her enthusiasm...but...unfortunately...did not also incorporate her veracity choosing instead to publish "fake news"...and...horrific innuendo in order to keep its audience of ghouls and creeps.
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People who relied on OBAMA-CARE subsidies to pay for their health insurance will have to find another victim on which to feed should TRUMP honor his promise and repeal it. Maybe...TRUMP might grant some kind of work-down* period...maybe 90 days...giving these parasite thereby time to procure some kind of charitable umbilical cord. VIVA TRUMP.
*If a master in the deep south relied on slaves for crop production...would it be right to keep those slaves in bondage lest the master thereof suffer some kind of loss due to the repeal of SLAVE LAWS? No...it'd be preposterous for the master to demand "whip and chain" remain lest his crop be lost due to lack of slave-labor.
U.S.Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to clean out the U.S.Injustice Department eliminating as many scumbag-lawyers as possible. He needs not only to fire them...but...mark them for public derision and scorn. "They're the worst people probably in America today. They'd kill their own mother to advance socialism and Eco-fascism," quipped Mike Cohen...a well-known TRUMP-insider.
According to BuzzFeed and Mathew Ingram...TRUMP had sex with a blond Russian lady in a bedroom with a glass ceiling. The hidden VIDEO was offered to GAWKER but turned down by them due to their involvement with the "steamy Hulk Hogan" video depicting HULK as a gay-lady in stockings.

In an effort to verify and substantiate this RUSSIAN SLUR...U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) told a cub reporter he'd been in Moscow and Prague and in both instances there were glass ceilings in the bedrooms. He...too...was told the Russians had secretly taped his exploits with that 10 year old Cambodian boy something he thought not anyone could know. And...because of his own unholy experience...he'd have to conclude the tape of TRUMP exists.
Kompromat: Russian word for getting "dirt" on someone. In Ian Flemings' From Russia with Love...James Bond is to be blackmailed using such filming of sexual preferences.
Michael Cohen told a cub reporter he was not in Prague at that secret meeting with top Russian oligarchs and other potentates. Yes...BuzzFeed and most of the MASS MEDIA pushed that hate-TRUMP story even though they knew it was a LIE. But when you're going out of business as most of these scumbag MASS MEDIA outlets are doing...anything goes...and...the most heinous...the most hateful...the most untruthful...such will be published to garner interest and stop the plummet into a sea of red ink. VIVA TRUMP!
At a zoo...someone screamed: "MONKEY!" Another person yelled: "Incoming-duck!" The crowd heeded the alert and hit the ground just as MONKEY-DUNG was getting tossed around. Such metaphor...a fitting frame for Obama's so-called farewell address.
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While Hillary-the-hag was conducting a "pay-to-play" scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State...Senate Democrats kept quiet. They knew she was selling influence but didn't speak out since they didn't wish to incur the WRATH OF CLINTON. Yet...today...those same Democrats couldn't find enough BAD THINGS to say to Rex Tillerson...the nominee for Secretary of State...demanding that he reveal all his wealth and pledge never to aggrandize himself using his status and station.
While MSNBC concluded CHUCK TODD as its 5:00 pm anchor was attractive...the MSNBC audience reacted and departed. Indeed... TODD turned off so many viewers that MSNBC is looking for a replacement. They were thinking about Megan Kelly...but...MSNBC potentates were exquisitely afraid she'd make false allegations of sexual misconduct against them. "TODD was bad enough...why pull a rattlesnake into our sleeping bag?" queried a MSNBC hiring-specialist.
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TRUMP held a news conference and answered questions. When asked about some kind of rapport with President Putin...TRUMP quickly noted Putin liked him and he didn't see why America and Russia could not get along. TRUMP side-stepped the Crimea issue since that takeover was an obvious act of national security insuring Russia had a base on the Black Sea...a critical body of water should IRAN acquire a nuclear weapon system.
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After Michelle and Barack departed their vacation place in Hawaii...the housekeepers were appalled at the nasty way these two people lived. In the presidential bedroom...there was human feces smeared on the wall and urine on the sheets. In the bathroom...Barack had written the 1st 10 lines of his contemplated farewell speech on the backside of the door using a indelible ink along with Michelle's new phone number.
U.S.Senator Corey Booker,(D.Pa) admitted he was not only an inveterate liar...but...a nasty-cheat...someone who'd betray and deceive...and all done in such fashion as make him a true Democrat-politician. Indeed...not only did this scumbag admit the "run-into-burning-house" scene was staged...but...that it was done to augment his standing in the Afro-American community. He laughed at how easily he fooled them pointing out he could piss down their back and tell it's raining...and...they'd believe it. Allahu Akbar, eh Corey?
Ah...yes...Trump's press conference. He was powerful in his statements. Moreover...he took time to upbraid the DISHONEST MEDIA since it was obvious the MASS MEDIA is packed with TRUMP-HATERS. TRUMP told them he was going to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...ripping it out by its roots. VIVA TRUMP!
Anthony Scaramucci...one of the prominent backers of this BLOG...was tapped by TRUMP to advise him on how to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed..."Tony Mooch"told the world he planned on helping eliminate the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...and...delivering a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
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Picking ticks of your dog is a summer chore most dog owners dislike. Similarly...removing parasites from the medical service industry is an unpleasant chore waiting to be performed by repealing OBAMA-CARE. Yes...11.5 million people/parasites are accessing OBAMA-CARE through blood-sucking subsidies. Naturally...Democrats like socialized-medicine since it destroys liberty and replaces it with "freedom-to-obey" reducing people to cattle and sheep easily directed from cradle to grave by Democrat-ghouls.
Obama's Council of Economic Advisers is about to be discharged. Their names need to be highlighted so they might be subjected to public scorn and derision. When one of those jerks goes to the local supermarket...that person needs to be identified and publicly denounced. Senator Marco Rubio was heard to say, "Some people might spit and kick them just to let them know how hated they are."
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Ah...yes...another whipping boy for the freedom-haters in Congress. This time it's Russia...pathetic...backwards Russia. Somehow...this insignificant country has transgressed by protecting its borders from hooligans. And...the scumbag Democrats and some erstwhile Republicans believe they can advance their own political capital by denouncing the Russian Bear.
Obama...ever the dung-slinging monkey...tonight...delivers his so-called FAREWELL ADDRESS. It'll be boring...rambling...and...something designed to be reviewed by Afro-American children when they are asked about a tribal socialist who almost ironically destroyed what little liberty remained in America.
General MacArthur...told a crowd like an old soldier...he was just going to fade away.