February 2017
When Kellyanne Conway was asked "why" the Iraqi army could not take and keep Mosul...she looked at the latest body count of Kurdish dead...and...said, "The sky grew dark as onward came an armada of grenade-dropping drones...each one equipped with 100 bombs...each bomb capable of blowing a 20 foot crater 4 blocks wide."
When asked why the Iraqi army can't take and keep Mosul...Kellyanne Conway replied, "They had cannon and obliterated our troops before we ever drew close enough to fire whatever guns we had. They out-gunned and out-ranged us on every front. They even had grenade-dropping drones flying around blowing holes in almost everything we had."
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TRUMP must demand liberation from the grip of big grab government. Why must government grow? Why must government take so much? Why must people fund what they know is idiotic? If TRUMP answers such questions when he discusses the State of the Union..he'll be deemed truly the Messiah...the anointed-one. VIVA TRUMP!
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Repeal OBAMA-CARE and all rule and law that created the problems OBAMA-CARE was designed to address? That would be a monumental undertaking not anyone but TRUMP could achieve. VIVA TRUMP!
How does one move a 16,800 ton stone? Yet..megalithic builders did as much and more across the face of this globe. Might TRUMP have such prowess?
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The town was thriving. It's coal mine employed hundreds...the orchards the rest. Looking at the scene bucolic and bright...why mess with that place...why hurt with wrong what's right? Yet...ignoring righteousness...the socialists descended bringing with them MASS MEDIA cannon...government-employee union thugs...and...a host of hooligans dressed in oriental rugs.

They passed laws that taxed coal and fruit...grabbed big chunks of wage...and...used those funds to grow grip for loot. The "made-dependent" voting bloc grew bigger and bigger...as more people succumbed...the schools preached slavery as good...the students made very dumb.
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TRUMP must declare liberation...promise elimination of the NANNY STATE...and...offer every American an opportunity...an unfettered chance to prosper free from the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE would-be masters with their envious loudmouthed mobs. Should TRUMP preach liberty and promise shackle-removal...he'll crush* any chance the freedom-haters might have otherwise had to stop escape from their NANNY STATE CAGE.
*The MASS MEDIA is following OBAMA around as if he were some 3rd world out-of-power dictator. Every time Obama demands more not less whip and chain...they call such stuff wondrous and wizard-like...while any cry of freedom by TRUMP framed as insignificant.
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Bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics. Indeed...super-bugs are plentiful* nowadays with abundance found more often than not in hospitals where they prey on the sick and helpless,(WSJ A-9;02-28-17).
*Military scientists have developed a strain of gonorrhea which literally eats flesh. The bug was dropped into the brothels of Jakarta and Manila to test its effectiveness.
North Korean officials were killed using a 30 mm anti-aircraft cannon. Trying to burn all bridges leading to him...the "little fella" ordered his top Security Service officials arrested and killed. He was deleting* any link between himself and the murder of his half brother at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 02-13-17.
*James Clapper pointed out that such elimination meant Kim Jong Un didn't plan his brother's murder very well.
TRUMP told insurance companies he was going to eliminate the grip and grab of government on their risk pools...remove tax...hurdle...and...deliver a cleared path for commerce. Some of them asked TRUMP if he were going to offer an otherwise unhampered market to every enterprise thereby delivering a 21st Century paradise where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. TRUMP pulled back from the table...looked at a photo of George Washington and replied, "I'm going to delete whatever stifles and hinders. We're not going to suffer the shackle of the NANNY STATE any longer."(WSJ A-5;02-28-17).
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As if Roy Del Ruth were doing another TOPPER RETURNS...Steve Harvey announced the wrong lady as the winner of Miss Universe in 2015. His error was the brunt of jokes for weeks thereafter. While his error was venial...it served notice on the envelop handlers to be extra careful. Yet...when the Oscars were announced as to best picture...that same error showed its ugly face. Instead of announcing "Moonlight"...Faye Dunaway called out: "La La Land". OOPS!
Have more than you show...say less than you know. While it's not prudent to predict calamity since those who heed never get hurt and those who don't resent not having been told sooner...nevertheless...folks...TEAM-TRUMP is about to be attacked.

Islamic State will be the fall guy...but...the real perpetrators will be traced to a shadowy cadre linked officially to the Democrat National Committee.

Confirming this forecast...U.S.Senator Joe Manchin told a cub reporter that in times past...in such places as his home state of West Virginia...saboteurs caused a dam to break thereby poisoning the drinking water of West Virginia...adding..."Although that particular instance of sabotage was never investigated officially...nonetheless...off-duty Secret Service patriots discovered a direct connection between the destruction-squad operating under the label:THE OMEGA TEAM...and...Gina McCarthy...head stooge at the so-called* Environmental Destruction Agency."
*The Gold King Mine was another sabotage site...but...Gina's squad was caught in the act of poisoning the otherwise pristine Animus River.
The TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA...just 5 weeks into TRUMP'S term...and...already TRUMP has the least favorable polling numbers that anyone can remember...polling numbers demonstrating hatred for TRUMP boundless and everywhere found. HUH?

Even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was granted TV time to disparage TRUMP. How dare he try and remove shackle. How dare he not produce a jobs-bill for her jobless constituency! When told tax cuts always was the best jobs-bill...PELOSI screamed, "But tax cuts remove shackle...I want to whip...and...stomp...and...grab...not release the producer...not liberate the worker bee. No...my mob and I want enslavement...CAGE not KEY."
When U.S.Senator Harry Reid was Majority Leader he imposed the 51 vote rule circumventing the 60-vote filibuster gambit. Now that TEAM TRUMP has ascended to power...the Democrats want to keep the 60-vote rule so TRUMP can't pass his tax cut agenda and deliver another one of his campaign promises. While the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA wishes to impose the 60-vote rule to stop TRUMP from liberating the otherwise subjugated...TRUMP has found ways to side-step their hurdle. VIVA TRUMP!
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If TRUMP were to designate an area as a tax free...red tape free...bureaucrat-free commercial zone...that spot would be the most valuable ground on Earth. TRUMP knows as much and has picked Florida for this award. Hearing rumor of such liberation...speculators are figuring even scrub land in the middle of the sunshine state will be worth $17,999.99 per acre. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S.House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi(D. Ca) criticized TRUMP for not lifting one finger to help the jobless. "We want a jobs-bill...a spending measure to put jobless-Democrats to work in areas that did not support TRUMP," screamed an irate Pelosi as she looked at the Democrat stratagem which called for her to be super-critical of a President who has a 60-vote hurdle in the U.S.Senate...a hurdle that could be removed by U.S.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) if he were so bold to choose liberation over continued subjugation.
Alice Ravel...the Obama-stooge at the Federal Elections Commission(FEC)...was asked to depart. She had overstayed her welcome and needed to clean out her desk by 5:00 pm and be gone. Reacting to her discharge...she screamed, "We almost achieved enslavement. However...we're not done. Trump can't find all the moles and freedom-haters embedded in the system. I might be leaving but my stain...that is still here!"
When Michelle Obama squatted on Madonna's bed and urinated...she never suspected that crude act would become a chain-letter of sorts. Take Snapchat for instance. Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel screamed about the puddle on his bed delivered by Jack Dorsey...that otherwise quiet...diffident Twitter Chief Executive. Not to be out-done...U.S.Rep. Keith Ellison delivered unbridled squat to the Holiday Inn bed of Tom Perez. "If this kind of rude aspect is not stopped...it might go viral," opined Barack Obama as he mopped his own bed after U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D. Mass) had dropped her package,(WSJ B-4;02-27-17).
Play-doh...Hasbro's best selling molding clay...will be manufactured not only in China and Turkey but also in East Longmeadow, Mass...a socialist paradise...a place where the 123,889 employees needed to make that stuff can find shelter, clothing and food. When asked why suffer such socialist burdens...Hasbro leaders laughed and said TRUMP was going to insulate them from the grip of big grab government and give them benefit and advantage. VIVA TRUMP!
Removal of tick...a chore most dislike but in Florida the pets requires such attention. The tick sucks blood from the host-pet...only dropping off when gorged. Might that describe medicaid recipients...people dependent on big grab government for their health service funding?

Indeed...U.S.Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) told a cub reporter medicaid was parasite-packed but those people were a Democrat voting bloc and he would see to it their plight of loss of health service funding was made known to all enslaved producers. He'd demand the producers of Florida continue to deliver a portion of their wealth so his voting bloc might continue. As a man of the people Bill Nelson wanted no less.
Martin Feldstein was as wrong in 1980 and he is wrong today. Yes...Marty is one of those Keynesian goofballs who can add 2+2 and get "5" every time. And...now...he's surfaced once more to tell TEAM-TRUMP to add more taxes...more burden...more grip and grab. TRUMP should tell Marty to crawl back into whatever hole from whence he came,(WSJ A-19;02-27-17).

Assassinated with VX...a lethal nerve poison? Yes...folks...at that Malaysian airport...the North Korean "hit-squad" used VX to take out Kim Jong Nam...the half-brother of the leader of the hermit state.

Nam was terminated with extreme prejudice because he had mentioned his intention of returning to North Korea and eliminating the "little fella".

What Nam didn't know...and...perhaps...never suspected...was that the "little fella" was actually capable of planning and directing his assassination.
The states with huge medicaid programs do not want to have to pay for them using their own in-state money since there isn't much that hasn't already been gobbled up by big grab government. In Virginia...for instance...the number of voters dependent on medicaid is staggering. How all those pathetic parasites became as much...a whiff of travail and woe. And how they would support keeping the producer enslaved...a story of ire and blows.

"How dare TRUMP offer escape to the slaves!" screamed Virginia Governor McAuliff. "We have too many on medicaid. If TRUMP stops federal money...Virginians will have to bear huge taxes. To continue to give free medical care to those on medicaid...we'll have to take big bucks from people and that redistribution won't be popular."
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What is medicaid? Well...it's a state-run health service fund...a fund derived from taxes on producers. Its benefit dished out to anyone qualifying for medicaid. The idea was to put so many voters on medicaid that a politician would not dare to eliminate that shackle. Indeed...already the MASS MEDIA is parading parasites across the TV screen crying about how they'll lose medicaid...lose their freebies...and...have to call upon their own resources including friends and family.

Take CNN for instance. CNN has groomed 7 blind men and 9 crippled children for one of their sound-bites. The group sings socialist* worker songs...demands the producer be their slave...screams in adulation when Bernie Sanders tells them he'll give them more...and...hisses with tribulation when TRUMP'S visage shown.

They are described as "everyone"...and...their plight the burden the producer must bear. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliff said he wanted Uncle Sugar to keep sending his state funds even though those funds were taken from other states. He does not care. He's a socialist and his idea is to spend other people's money...never his own...not ever.
*Due to MASS MEDIA involvement...most politicians are guessing there are more parasites than producers...and...hence preach more medicaid....more enslavement...more dependency.
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Most of the reporters assigned to the White House elected not to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Why attend when the master of ceremonies was not appearing. Yes...folks...without TRUMP present...that so-called politician-roast is just another boring dinner with cold roast beef and odd looking string beans.
The Oscar Award for this and that is represented by a golden statue mounted on a marble stand. This year...though...the statue has been modified to represent the transgender issue. It's a marvelous attempt to be politically-correct...anatomy notwithstanding. Meryl Streep was so impressed with the new statue...she gave her impromptu impression of a transgender with muscular dystrophy.
So boring as to be outrageous? Yes...the White House Correspondents' Dinner without TRUMP was ho-hum-boring. Trump impersonators were plentiful...each one taking their respective turn imitating some aspect of TRUMP'S comportment attempting to demean and belittle with every nuance and nick. But...overall...the conclusion by most attendees was : BORING!
Donna Brazille...handed the DNC gavel to Tom Perez...the Obama stooge who almost destroyed the conviviality of the workplace. Similar to other contestants for the job...Perez promised to deliver a socialist-paradise similar to what Venezuelans enjoy. He defeated the other freedom-hating loudmouths through the effort of Obama who promised the 432 Democrat-delegates he would help Perez destroy what little liberty remained and replace it with socialist freedom-to-obey.
Kellyanne Conway was asked why TRUMP intended to dismantle the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Why did he wish to delete the grip of big grab government and liberate the enslaved American producer? After looking into her climate-change mirror provided by Ivanka cosmetics....she replied, "Around the area were rocks suitable for construction...yet...megaliths were quarried and carried...sometimes...for hundreds of miles to their final site. Why such huge stones? Why such stone selection? What was there about the site which required such huge stones?" 
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Talk about stupidity? Disarmed...helpless...and...potential target. Such was the way OBAMA left the folks of Mosul. And take advantage of the departure the hooligans quickly did.

 Nowadays...Americans are back near Mosul retaking that city from the horrific grip of the so-called Islamic State.

Sadly...though...once the Americans depart...Shiite and Sunni hatreds will manifest once more...the Kurds will be slaughtered...Shiites will return to Baghdad...and...Sunnis will once more have to contend with some 6th Century-thinking monster.
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In National Harbor, Maryland...C-PAC held its annual meeting. TRUMP...of course...was the big drawing card for the event with standing-room only. Naturally...TRUMP promised to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!

Across town...in distinct contrast...the Democrats were selecting the leader of their national party with the socialists demanding U.S.Rep. Keith Ellison as their champion. If Ellison were to ascend to that position...it would give the freedom-haters a microphone to preach enslavement to the voters...promising them socialist-paradise...where people languish...their future whatever their would-be master might paint...the kind of paradise wherein ghouls such as Ellison grab power at the expense of the poor and needful.
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COMCAST must change* or lose out as wireless advances everywhere. If Netflix and Disney merge...for instance...that combo would be a mighty venue for wireless commerce...so dramatic...so powerful...COMCAST might become a dinosaur,(WSJ A-13;02-25-17).
*Ayn Rand..many years ago...foresaw such burgeoning of wireless commerce...and...declared the government must step aside. There are so many different levels of wireless use...regulation only would impede not augment such progress. Now...in 2017...her vision has been confirmed.
Before the 432 delegates...whose purpose to choose a new leader for the Democrat National Committee...stood U.S.Rep. Keith Ellison...the socialist firebrand...Tom Perez...Obama's stooge...and...Katniss Everdeen...a fighter of sorts. From the back of the auditorium...well-wishers screamed for Everdeen...revealing their hunger for her game.
TRUMP-haters don't care* what the polling data says about TRUMP. They're already convinced TRUMP will dismantle their beloved NANNY STATE forcing them to find jobs and cease their parasitic existence. Hence...these so-called POLLS are meant to discourage TRUMP'S incredible voter-base...a voter-base larger than any ever seen,(WSJ A-3;02-25-17).
*The POLLS are taken in hate-TRUMP areas...never in pro-TRUMP territory. It's such skewing which TRUMP calls "fake news". Sure...in the socialist states...he's hated most since these regions are parasite-packed and they fear anyone trying to loosen their grip. But...in freedom-loving states...TRUMP is praised as a liberator. VIVA TRUMP.
When Kellyanne Conway was asked about Sean Spicer deleting some obnoxious reporters from his gathering yesterday preferring to discuss TRUMP with honorable reporters...she stopped..looked at the sunrise and replied, "A gaggle of geese...a gaggle of  hand-picked reporters...little difference another broken peace."
Clyburn and McSweeny are two more scumbags who need to be identified in public every time they're afoot so that people can approach and spit on them. Recall they're the jerks at the Federal Communications Commission that tried to stifle freedom by taking control of the Internet. If it weren't for TRUMP...the socialists and Eco-fascists would have succeeded. VIVA TRUMP!
"Don't make me puke!" screamed Kellyanne Conway when told of Robby Mook. Somehow...this scumbag...ever a thorn in the side of liberation...found a receptive MASS MEDIA. He said he would attack TRUMP...fighting any effort to dismantle his beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where bureaucrats direct from cradle to grave.
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When asked why kill* each other...Shiite and Sunni......a well-known mullah replied, "Allah...God of Islam...God of eternity...through his beloved prophet-Mohammad...directed Islamic State troops to ambush and slaughter the infidel. Whatever butchery...in the face of God...accepted...and...desired." 
*(each to the other an affront to wisdom).
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Commemorating* the Ruby Ridge Massacre...TRUMP told U.S.Attorney General Jeff Sessions to beef up his attack-squads...they were going to war. Of course...few onlookers understood what blood-letting was about to unfold...hence...they lined the streets to watch the confrontation ensue. The park was pot-packed...people sitting around smoking their "urb"...chillin'...listening to tunes...watchin' poodle chase playful squirrel...when...suddenly...Billy-the-blind-boy's head exploded as a 50 caliber TRUMP-ROUND struck him between the eyes. How dare pot be used in such a way...screamed TRUMP as he measured blood and sway.
*Bill Clinton sent snipers to kill people at Ruby Ridge. The snipers were directed by TWILLIGER...a scumbag who declared he could not be reached during the massacre.
The Democrat National Committee must pick a leader. Should they select a freedom-hater or someone who wishes to march toward liberation not more subjugation?

If they pick U.S.Rep. Keith Ellison...for instance...the Democrats will lose 18 out of 25 U.S. Senate seats in 2018. By his loudmouthed leadership he'll force his team to preach more shackle...more squalor...more government-created misery...promising stuff most voters know doesn't work.

In contrast...if they choose someone such as Lady Elizabeth...they could defeat the Republicans quickly. She would offer a ONE PERCENT FLAT TAX on any income above $1.0 million...and...ZERO TAX on any corporate income. There would not be any entitlements and not any estate or gift tax. The borders would be open...trade to/from unhampered...and...a gold standard pursued so that what earned retained in value.

Conceding her glory...U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) when asked about Lady-E. replied, "Because she's pro-choice almost every woman would choose her for their champion."
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At every town hall...most of the audience was delighted to be there cheering on the Republican effort to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein parasites can pack town halls and demand politician continue to plunder and redistribute the loot to them.

Instead of showing the 99 happy people...though...the complicit hate-Trump MASS MEDIA only televises the screaming cadre stationed where the cameras get the best angle-shots. Then...tells a gullible America the town hall screamed its anger and disapprobation...never mentioning that most attendees wanted liberation not more subjugation.
"Daesh" is Arabic for "dung-eater". It's the ascription appended to Islamic State troops by the subjugated Shiites. Indeed...the Kurds use that label to boost their own troop morale. As Senator Schumer(D.NY) pointed out, "Somewhere in the Qu'ran it is written it is permissible to kill dung-eaters."
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Okay...so the "little fella" killed his 1/2 brother at a Malaysian airport. So what now? Who's going to do anything about it? The North Koreans have the "nuke" and a fairly dependable ballistic missile to deliver it as far away as Alaska. Certainly TRUMP doesn't care about it and the report of Nam's death didn't stop President Putin from continuing his dinner party.
When Kellyanne Conway was asked from where did TRUMP get his inspiration for his effort to dismantle the misery-causing NANNY STATE...she hummed a tune...and...then replied, "Ah...but...then one night in some empty room...where curtains never hung...like a miracle some golden words....rolled off Donald Trump's tongue."
In the movie, Silver Chalice...Simon the Magician attempted flight only to squish himself in front of a horrified audience. Might the Congressional Democrats be attempting such flight when they oppose TRUMP'S effort to liberate America from the grip of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE?
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Zimbabwe produced colorful paper money...with magnificently plumed birds and charging elephants. Yes...the script was all but worthless...but...it was so colorful it possessed intrinsic value as wall-covering and toilet towel. Might such fate be ahead for America if the Congressional Democrats are permitted to stifle TRUMP'S dismantling of the crippling 20th Century NANNY STATE?
Kellyanne Conway was asked what TRUMP foresaw as some new things happening in America. After a moment of introspection...Kellyanne replied, "Raisin...that German powerhouse...partnered with a well-known BLOG to deliver a new way to conduct commercial transactions...free from the grip and grab of the would-be master with mob. Unlike the dinosaurs in America...RAISIN allows savers to maximize interest rates by moving cash across the European Union. This feature gives any business the incredible power of the herd...wherever that stampede might be."
Ivanka Trump told* a cub reporter with a spoon and bucket she could dip the ocean dry. Mankind was pumping carbon dioxide(CO2) into the atmosphere where it was causing Mother Earth into flames to burst. When asked about how much CO2 was consumed daily by plant life...Ivanka choked on her cud. She had never been told how to handle an obvious flaw.
*F.Y.I. plants eat carbon dioxide and return oxygen to the atmosphere. In times past...Earth had CO2 concentrations larger than today. However...CO2 is a "trace" gas...so little in the atmosphere as to be negligible. There is not any way to measure CO2 consumption by plant life. However...the more CO2...the better plants grow. Hence equilibrium is maintained. The so-called "greenhouse gas" effect is nonsense!
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After conferring with the editorial staff of this BLOG...Steve Bannon took to the CPAC stage and told the world the would-be master with mob wasn't about to step down without a fight. The "enslavement-crowd" understands if freedom-lovers take back America...they'll have to find real jobs and won't be able to loot other people's storerooms to sustain their power and prominence,(WSJ A-5;02-24-17).
At town hall meetings across the country...Congressional Republicans have been shouted down by organized parasites whose mission to emit NOISE so it can be used in the hate-TRUMP narrative. The parasites demand: free medical care...eradication of fossil fuel...and...anything else big grab government can give them. When U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance(R.NJ) tried to tell his audience he was fighting to eliminate the grip of Uncle Sugar on the throat of liberty...the crowd erupted in jeers and hisses. "We want to be enslaved from cradle to grave!" they chanted.
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Where it began...not anyone knows...but...it spread so fast...everywhere exposed. There were two teams...so to speak...those who smoked the "urb"...and...those who cried "death to freaks". TRUMP should have ignored the "urb"...and...all big grab government delete. He should have told the world getting high...the better way to eat.
Sean Spicer was asked about marijuana with respect to the federal government. Sean Spicer said he was in favor of medical marijuana...but...recreational "urb" use was something TRUMP would stomp out...tearing down walls...bashing down doors...shooting little children as they sleep.

Yes...TRUMP would use snipers to pick dudes off as they sat quietly on their back porches sharing "urb".

"We will give rewards for any sniper who can kill three pot smokers with one bullet," Spicer added as he looked out across a sea of trusting faces.
When this BLOG claimed the disruptors at TRUMP rallies were paid Democrat-thugs...the idea was poo-poo'd. How dare anyone accuse Hillary-the-hag of such dirty tricks. Yet...later on...due to revelation thereof from adroit hackers...this BLOG'S claim was confirmed.

The same kind of tactic is being used in the early days of the TRUMP administration. Town halls are being packed with nasty-vulgar-disruptors whose mission to deliver the NOISE the Trump-hating  MASS MEDIA needs to carry on its confrontation with TRUMP.

Sensing danger...U.S.Rep. Louie Gohmert(R.Tx) announced his cancellation of town hall meetings pointing out Gabby Giffords was shot by a demented person screaming how much he loved socialism. Because Rep. Gohmert preaches liberation from the grip of big grab government...he very well could have been someone's target.
Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus were said to be enemies. But today...they were together on stage at CPAC discussing national interests. From their rapport and casual appearance...it was obvious the MASS MEDIA was once more LYING about TEAM TRUMP in order to hurt TRUMP. Not only were they friends...but...trusted each others wisdom. VIVA TRUMP!
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When asked about the pivot away from lending toward online retailing...a Lufax spokesman replied that online retail was the upcoming way to make money. When pressed about the dangers of such commerce...Lufax dude laughed heartily and described the envisioned scenario: "Don't touch that package...it's addressed to Bobby," alerted Todd the dormitory leader as people circled the mysterious bundle...wrapped in 4000 pounds of duct tape...and...large enough to require forklift.
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OIL is so abundant those 10,000 scientists who declared otherwise have been called IDIOTS. Most of them knew their "peak oil" assertion was nonsense...but...they were paid well to join the deception. Some even told a cub reporter they went along because they were promised a socialist world where they were the ruling elite and hence were willing to LIE to gain advantage,(WSJ B-10;02-23-17). Others said they went along with the MYTH because they had families and didn't want to lose their jobs.
In the movie, THE JERK...Steve Martin...as he strolls around his pool deck...receives reports from his cronies and underlings. One of them in whispered tones informs Martin that his investment in bla-bla earned him X-amount to which Steve Martin in an impressed voice replies, "Ah...yes...X-amount".

Mention is made of this scene since its underlying aspect bubbled forth recently when Southern Co.'s incredible loss of $7.1 billion was revealed to the public.

In times past...Southern's board of directors had bought the idea that it was profitable to invest in the idiocy of "green-technology". They relied on an estimate of $3.0 billion to construct a clean-coal plant in Kemper County, Mississippi...never asking what basis for such estimate...what ground to forecast such future profit.

Indeed...at that last critical board meeting...the advocate for the BOONDOGGLE was asked to be precise and the lady replied, "I can guarantee X-amount!" To which the entire board murmured with approval that they stood to gain X-amount.
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The Board of Directors of Southern Co. were promised that by using green-technology 2+2 could equal 5 or 6 or whatever number one might conjure. Impressed with such news about the incredible benefit underlying the theory of man-made global warming...Southern's board voted to build a clean-coal plant in Kemper County, Mississippi. Sure...it went $4.3 billion over budget but when saving Mother Earth from conflagration...overruns are irrelevant,(WSJ B-6;02-23-17).
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And so the directive* went forth that every freedom-hater should attend town hall meetings and demand enslavement continue...that there not be permitted any escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...or...surcease from the grip of big grab government.
*The complicit MASS MEDIA knows the loudmouths in the audience are big government hacks whose mission to deliver NOISE for the hate-Trump narrative.
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Potable water...in the form of torrential rain...flooded California...yet...because the "greenies" hate dams and reservoirs...most of that water was dumped into the Pacific Ocean...depriving the farmers of that much-needed water. When asked why not store such water to be used when DROUGHT arrives...the "greenies" laughed and said that was too easy. By dumping such valuable resources...it enables the government to grab even more power over farming...something the "greenies" know will come in handy when they demand even more power.
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TRUMP directed his cabinet appointees to identify all anti-freedom underlings...and...delete them as quickly as possible...removing them from any positions where they might hurt TRUMP...demoting them to toilet attendants and mop-scrub teams.

In a sort of preemptive strike...one scumbag...working at the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)...said he could not work for TRUMP and his departure was publicized as another indication of trouble inside TEAM-TRUMP...never telling the gullible audience the departing loudmouth was a pro-Hillary* jerk.
*Hillary-the-hag represented enslavement and squalor-rich socialism.
President Xi Jingping heard Dalian Wanda Group was about to make an improvident deal with Dick Clark Productions,Inc. When asked to assist...President Xi agreed to interdict the transaction claiming it would be a disaster. The board of directors of Dalian were surprised by the edict...but...accepted its intended benefit. VIVA XI!
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In organic food production...farmers must watch what they're doing more than conventional farming. While Americans farmers offering so-called "organic-food" comply with the rigorous production requirements...Eastern Europeans and Turkish farmers have been ignoring the strictures...simply labeling all their production "organic" when it is anything but.

The problem is government regulations. Remove the regulations so that any farmer can compete for the "organic-food" consumer and let the consumer choose which to buy. As one "organic-food" buyer said, "I can tell the difference. And if I feel I'm not getting what the label declares...I'll use social media to end that farmer's career. Violate my trust and you pay dearly."
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While most retailers experience pressure from online buying...Wal-Mart and Home Depot have seemed immune,(WSJ B-1;02-22-17). Their product requires an actual "hands-on" aspect...something many online sellers simply can't provide. As with any market...there is going to be losers and winners with those succeeding able to foresee the next trend and be there waiting.

TRUMP'S 2016 presidential campaign was just such a foresighted effort. TRUMP was told by this BLOG what he needed to say and when to say it. Following the template...TRUMP was victorious. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S.Senator Claire McCaskill(D.Mo) was overheard laughing about the desecration of Jewish cemeteries across America. "I'm up for re-election in 2018 and people need to know where I stand on the Jewish question. I favor a FINAL SOLUTION...and...will campaign on that issue. People hate Jews and I want to use that animosity to get re-elected. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about how many graves were attacked...their head stones knocked over...their coffins burned," drooled Claire as she read how hated OBAMA-CARE...her treasured shackle...had become in Missouri.
Peter Pitts...a former Food and Drug Administration scumbag...told a cub reporter he loved making health services expensive since it guaranteed many people would die. "I love a good body count," confided Pitts himself an employee of a public interest think-tank whose mission to find things to kill people in less costly ways. When asked if an unhampered market...free of governmental intrusion...would thwart his plan for KILLING FIELDS...he laughed and replied, "No...TRUMP is a big grab government hack and he'll continue down the KILL-ROAD that OBAMA designed."
Masha Gessen...a plain-Jane New York Times hack...was asked by scumbag-Chuck Todd...the MSNBC slime slug most people have come to despise...what she thought of TRUMP. Was he a winner or loser?

Hearing that jerk ask such a question...caught TRUMP'S interest. He looked at Melania and declared, "Who needs to hear this plain-Jane give her hate-Trump drivel?"
*The MASS MEDIA'S plan:  Hopefully enough viewers will hear and pass on Gessen's opinion...never asking how such a plain-Jane ever was elevated to the heights where her opinion was anything better than spoiled vomit.
"We were wrong to declare water was a rare thing in the universe," whispered Penn State man-caused-climate change guru Michael Mann...adding as an aside..."Sure were were guessing but we got paid handsomely for presenting fiction as fact."

When asked if he were not up to the same kind of ruse pushing that idiotic idea that man could alter the climate of Mother Earth...Mike laughed and replied, "You think I'd admit such a thing and lose my income!"
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"NEVER SAY ANYTHING NICE!" was the edict issued by the top brass of the MASS MEDIA smarting from the slap-down TRUMP gave them recently. Indeed...TRUMP labeled them "liars"...and...that stomp hurt their feelings even though absolutely true. And...in scumbag fashion...they directed their underlings to spew venom every time TRUMP is mentioned.
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Perhaps most voters don't know it...but...the socialists haven't disappeared. Sure...Sanders and Hillary were defeated...but...their envious, greedy, hungry minions are still afoot and intent as ever to delete liberty and replace it with more freedom-to-obey,(think Obama-care mandate). Their presence can be observed at town hall meetings where they're mission to disrupt and shout-down in order to deliver the VIDEO FOOTAGE for the anti-Trump MASS MEDIA.

While TRUMP can withstand such aggression...most politicians lack the fortitude or freedom-philosophy to stand forth and preach liberation. Most of them quiver and shake...somehow losing their spine...choosing to be whatever the MASS MEDIA demands. Instead of firing back freedom-blistering retort...they slink away preferring to tell their audience they will return to Washington and enslave as Obama envisioned....thereby preserving his legacy of tribal socialism.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the recent cross-border bombardment to/from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Knowing the distortion the MASS MEDIA would spin as to any answer she might give...Ms. Conway...in her inimitable way...declared, "Islam has many off-shoots but they all share on primal aspect: KILL INFIDELS. Each Sect has God on their side and are determined to delete all opposition. Allahu Akbar!"
Good fortune shined on the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG yesterday when National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMasters mentioned his interest in WAR-BOT(tm) as an alternative approach to deleting the enemy without losing any American troops. And with the agreement of "mad dog" Mattis...TRUMP might very well deploy WAR-BOT(tm) in MOSUL so that it can be officially tested in battle against the rag head. VIVA TRUMP!
President Putin had a dossier on Obama's psychological make-up. His experts labeled Obama a "dung-throwing monkey". Indeed...President Putin was told that every time he looks at Obama...if he were to imagine a dung-throwing monkey...he'd be best served and know when to duck "in-coming".

Naturally...TRUMP was examined as well...but...their conclusion was quite in contrast to that of Obama. Instead of facing an imbecile...this time around...President Putin was told TRUMP was a Titan...as powerful intellectually as he...and...President to President...the two of them would get along famously. VIVA TRUMP!

Recently...Dr. Robi Ludwig...a psychologist...told a cub reporter she had pegged Bill Clinton as a closet rapist...using his power to overcome his victims...and...Obama as a dung-throwing monkey willing to kill his own mother to advance the cause of tribal socialism. When asked about TRUMP...Robi almost had an orgasm as she described his prowess and Titan-like deportment.
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TRUMP has arrived to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and the entrenched vested interests hate him for his intrusion. "How dare he attempt to open the CAGE and permit escape!" screamed Senator Elizabeth Warren,(D.Mass). Echoing her anger...virtually all of the MASS MEDIA joined her "hate-Trump" cacophony hoping the "low-information" crowd( think Democrats) might stir to life.
Travis Kalanick and Madonna tangled over what her friend did in one of UBER'S ride-cars. From what was overheard of their dialogue...U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) used the back seat as a toilet despite being reminded the car was privately owned. According to Kalanick...scumbag-Warren ignored the "privacy" warning declaring she was a socialist and she could piss on anyone or anything she liked,(WSJ B-3;020-21-17).
Jason Furman told a cub reporter he liked the label: SCUMBAG. He loved to impose himself on others and if he could force people to kneel and lick boot...he'd feel happy and powerful. Because he is protected by fellow travelers...his evil aspect hasn't been challenged. Maybe that's why he doesn't go anywhere there's a crowd since some might recognize him and spit on him,(WSJ A-19;02-21-17).
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Has anyone recently attended a public school to see what those idiot-teachers are preaching? You might wish to get off your butt and go look. It'll astound and perplex. The students are being taught to be slaves...to kneel and worship whatever idol their would-be masters might forge. It's anti-freedom but if you don't fight against it...if you don't insist those teachers be fired...if you don't police your local school board...the students leaving those places won't know freedom and will support their own enslavement. It's ironic that America would succumb to such socialist attack.
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The slums in Manila burn down several times per month. But the Philippinos who reside there like it and rebuild as soon as the smoke clears. Their living conditions* while deplorable by American standards are considered wondrous by them. 
*The squalor and misery are directly attributable to socialism. If big grab government was not intruding as much...these people would build better structures. But they're prevented by socialism from improving their lot.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un...a/k/a...the "little fella"...issued a SNUFF ORDER similar to the one Obama issued* to kill U.S.border guard Brian Terry. Responding to the ORDER...two women approached the brother of the "little fella"...while one grabbed him from behind to hold his face still...the other wiped Kim Jong Nam's face with a wet cloth. The entire death-attack took less that 5 seconds.
*U.S.border guard Brian Terry was killed before he could tell America what Obama was doing on the Mexican border. Before the slaying...the gun used to kill Terry was in the constructive possession of Obama. Such is absolutely proven since the bullet dug from Terry's body was traced to a gun over which U.S. Attorney General Eric the Holder had complete control. Eric directed the murder and was assured by Obama he'd never be caught.
Uncle Sugar's budget deficit each year adds to the total national debt. The freedom-haters have been deficit spending for years knowing that if the producers tried to stop such tax and spend...they'd declare: "We can't cut taxes...our budget deficit will increase. We can't cut spending because too many people are hooked to the umbilical cord. We must continue into the socialist toilet...a place where the ruling elite directs and controls."
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Congressional Republicans must fight for liberation. They have working majorities and they can circumnavigate any hurdle erected by the freedom-hating Democrats. Sure...the scumbag-Democrats can try and stop escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...they won't succeed. There are too many freedom-lovers in America. In Europe...where there are cattle and sheep...it would be easy to direct and control using bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. But not in America. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-4;02-21-17).
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Obama lied about "shovel-ready" when he grabbed $878 billion to spend on the Democrat Party...yet...the MASS MEDIA overlooked that LIE. When Obama LIED about "keep your doctor...keep your insurance"...when pushing OBAMA-CARE...again...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA overlooked that deception.

But...when it comes to TRUMP...they're looking for anything they can fan into a raging fire...and...thereby hinder or stifle TRUMP'S effort to prevent America from going down the socialist toilet. VIVA TRUMP!
What Republican politicians face at town hall meetings is nothing less than orchestrated hatred for TRUMP delivered by well-paid loudmouths who attend the town hall meetings to get TV coverage. Take Dan Donovan for instance. He did a town hall meeting that was attended by anti-liberty people...scumbags who want more not less enslavement and shouted down U.S.Rep. Donovan(R.NY) every time he attempted to explain why freedom was better than shackles.

Naturally...the complicit MASS MEDIA refused to show who was behind the protests at the town hall meetings. In 2009...in contrast...when Tea Party people crowded into town hall meetings...they did so to demand liberation over subjugation. They sought freedom from the grip of Obama's big grab government and they were able to unite sufficiently so that most Democrat politicians were evicted...marked for public derision...and...ever since have had to hide lest they be spat upon.

Unlike that 2009 liberation movement...the Democrats are sending their minions to the meetings to demand more shackle...more burden...more stick and stifle. And while the complicit MASS MEDIA is trying to fan that vomit into some better...most voters know their mission: to subjugate not liberate. VIVA TRUMP!
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Killing his brother was easy...dodging the criminal indictment for his death is something else. Might the Malaysian government issue a warrant for the arrest of Kim Jong Un...the scumbag leader of North Korea? It's obvious he killed his brother to stop him from ascending to the role of leader of North Korea. By killing him in that airport...the "little fella" thought he could commit the crime and avoid doing the time for the slaying. Was he correct to conclude as much?
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On the campaign trail...in 2016...TRUMP said had he been in charge in 2003 when Iraq was invaded...he'd never have given them back their oil. TRUMP never said after he became president he would take Iraq's oil. Yet...the dishonest MASS MEDIA (including the scumbags at Fox News) are declaring he did. Again...more distortion and obvious malice afoot. Secretary of Defense when asked about this "taking of oil" told the dishonest MASS MEDIA Trump was not engaged in such grabbing...a message the MASS MEDIA did not wish to hear and hence refused to report.
Gene Huber from Boyton Beach...jumped a small fence to speak to TRUMP. He was tackled by Secret Service agents. Trump told them to let him go and permit him to approach. What TRUMP did was release a patriot from the grip of big grab government and in return Gene Huber has become one of TRUMP'S big supporters. VIVA TRUMP!
From 02-20-13 BLOG:

Naturally...when a lady is raped...the last thing she would have used to prevent such attack is a whistle. Perhaps...a gun or knife...but...a whistle? Yet...OBAMA and Joe Salazar...two idiot-Democrats...said rape is preventable by merely using a whistle. While any sensible person would say such "whistle-protection" is nonsense...because Obama and jerk-wad Joe Salazar said as much...it's called wondrous and insightful.

And...on 02-20-17...Obama passed whistles out to a crowd of well-wishers telling them to whistle when TRUMP attacked. When asked what constituted "attack"...Obama replied, "Our beloved NANNY STATE CAGE is being dismantled...and...liberation offered. That is "rape" as far as I'm concerned and you should think that way too. Blow your whistle."
First Lady Melania Trump took the stage at a rally and invited everyone to say the Lord's Prayer with her. Melania is from another country so she read the prayer to the crowd. Everyone there enjoyed the rally and loved her recitation of that famous prayer. Naturally...TRUMP-HATERS took umbrage with "reading"...demanding it be recited from memory. How dare that lady read that prayer," screamed socialist-Elizabeth Warren...herself an atheist.
Former Obama Secret Service agent Dan Bogino told a cub reporter that Obama was instrumental in placing freedom-haters among the influential MASS MEDIA. The idea was to use the MASS MEDIA to discourage any effort to escape the grip of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein people can be forced to worship whatever idol scumbags such as Obama might forge.
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Sweden erred when it permitted so many Muslim refugees to enter their country. Instantly...their socialist this and that was burdened. How could Swedes work all day just to give some rag head food and shelter? Indeed...most Swedes have become concerned they might very well become the minority in their own country and themselves find their homes threatened by the very people they attempted to help.
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TRUMP has discovered the MASS MEDIA is not only dishonest but socialist-packed. They are freedom-haters and resent TRUMP'S intrusion into their effort to enslave America and reduce it to a socialist toilet wherein they are the ruling elite. It's as nasty as can be imagined...but...TRUMP must begin to mention those outlets which are pro-TRUMP. By avoiding material contact with the anti-TRUMP MASS MEDIA...and...only dealing with the pro-TRUMP media...such as this BLOG...he will reduce their significance to that of a pool of vomit...something to be avoided.
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U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham(R. S.C.) didn't like getting slapped around by TRUMP during the 2016 campaign season. He was literally pushed off the stage by a more brilliant TRUMP. Nowadays...this jerk is obstructing TRUMP...stopping the president from defending America against its enemies and liberating America in every way possible. VIVA TRUMP!
Richard Cordray...leader of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau...will be fired by TRUMP. After he loses that job...a team will follow him around not only announcing his presence but adding as much opprobrious epithet as possible...alerting everyone...a scumbag is in their midst and they should spit on him or groin kick the jerk when he's not looking...something he deserves 24/7-365 for the rest of his mortal days. What a scumbag!
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CNN...ABC...NBC...MSNBC...and...CBS...are packed with fake-news artists. However...it took TRUMP'S excoriation to bring the issue to the fore so that everyone might look at how nasty and untrustworthy the MASS MEDIA has become. It's as if Obama's tenure enabled the most vicious of the socialist and fascist MASS MEDIA to belch forth their "freedom-hating" drivel and tripe. VIVA TRUMP!
Because the MASS MEDIA is packed with freedom-haters...TRUMP'S effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE has been met with caustic denunciation. "How dare TRUMP remove shackle and permit the producer to breathe free again!" screamed Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh).
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SEIU...the public-employee union...takes money from union members and non-members and uses those funds to support freedom-hating politicians. Take for example the home-aid workers. In Minnesota...these home-care workers are drained of their wages by UNION DUES. The money so pilfered is given to freedom-hating scumbags whose mission to enslave those who don't already suffer shackles.,(WSJ A-12;02-19-17).
Venezuela is suffering from socialism just as every other country which has succumbed to its satanic allure. TRUMP knows how horrific socialism or fascism can be...and...he wishes for Venezuelans to throw off their shackles and breathe free. Unlike Obama...a nasty Marxist on mission...TRUMP is a liberator. In distinct contrast...TRUMP offers prosperity whereas Maduro offers misery, squalor and privation...the three things socialism always delivers. VIVA TRUMP!
An embedded tick is hard to dislodge. Using turpentine...though...a tick can be removed easily. To stop tick removal...big parasite government issued a decree to stop producing turpentine lest the ticks of society be removed. "If we loose the dependent and parasitic...we lose our voting bloc majority" whispered Senator Bill "scumbag" Nelson...a slime slug of the 1st order.
Bitmoji is a mobile app which gives the user the ability to add a cartoon to a text-message. The use of bitmoji has become so popular...even politicians are using it. Senator Elizabeth Warren...for instance...uses bitmoji as an introduction into her EVIL WAYS. Her bitmoji is a "dripping scumbag". When asked why pick that one...she laughed and replied, "People know I'm a scumbag...who'd kill her own mother to advance enslavement of America and they like the idea behind my bitmoji."
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"Americans can't be given a tax cut* since they would want more and in the end they would demand complete freedom from the grip of big grab government," screamed U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren,(D.Mass). "If they demand liberation...what will scumbags such as myself do?" added Senator Schumer(D. NY) as he and Warren discussed who to perpetuate enslavement of America.
* Tax cuts must be delivered. Those government-parasite links deleted. If there is not sufficient funds...then...whatever "spending" which must be cut to meet that shortfall must be accomplished. The idea behind Democrat obstruction is that they know if taxpayers get a whiff of liberty...they'll demand the scumbags such as Warren and Schumer be kicked from office and spat upon daily.
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Because Germany does not use all the electrical power it generates...it dumps its excess onto the grids of Poles and Czechs...causing them to have power surges which fry their own stuff...hurting down-line users who didn't prepare for the tsunami coming along those wires. As one Czech noted, "I've bought 12 computers...replacing ones that were destroyed by power surge. Yes...I had all the protection to insulate my game gear...but...it wasn't enough. Those Germans are putting more electricity over those wires than mankind can imagine."
TRUMP was quite correct when he framed most of the MASS MEDIA as the enemy of the people. Instead of championing his effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...they're hell-bent on stopping him...preferring to be ruled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves. If TRUMP were a lesser person he might cower at the barrage fired his way 24/7 by hateful...disgusting talking heads. But TRUMP...the Titan that he is...stands forth his own inexorable self...defiant and proud...telling everyone he meets...he intends to keep his promise and make America great again. VIVA TRUMP!
"How dishonest is the MASS MEDIA?" Kellyanne Conway rhetorically pondered. After some reflection...she declared, "When TRUMP landed in South Carolina...129,444 people turned out to cheer him onward. The Boeing hangar where he spoke was standing-room-only packed. His message was one of liberation...deleting what strangles and harms...and...supporting commerce so that everyone might prosper. Yet...the anti-Trump MASS MEDIA...and...that's about 99% of all MASS MEDIA...they reported on TV and RADIO that the crowd was small...the enthusiasm lackluster...completely opposite of what occurred."
Before WeChat...there was QQ. Over the years...WeChat has become formal and stuff-shirt framed...while QQ is accessed by a billion young people not only in China but worldwide.This BLOG...for instance...the internationally acclaimed platform*for liberation...has funded as much of the effort as possible so that everyone might connect to anyone else they choose.
*This BLOG was the only BLOG located inside the United States that recognized President Xi Jingping not only as a great leader but one to be called the greatest leader China has ever had. VIVA XI!
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Hailing services...such as UBER and GO-JEK...are competing for consumers in ways reminiscent of the late 1800s...when the consumer was queen or king and only those producers who catered to their wants prospered. The buggy makers and covered-wagon makers...for instance...disappeared as the horseless buggy became popular. A car didn't require feeding...or...shoveling manure...two things which catapulted the car to top shelf popularity.

Nowadays...with the consumer faced with ride-service choices...all the providers are trying to find ways to encourage the consumer to push their mobile app...UBER...or...GO-JEK...for example. So creative the effort from all providers...most consumers choose the one with the most imaginative presentation. Indeed...GO-JEK uses the song: SUKIYAKI sometimes when its algorithm indicates the person to be picked up has had a bad day and needs that kind of tune.
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Howard Root...leader of Vascular Solutions...was indicted* by the U.S. Injustice Dept. for an alleged illegal act. Naturally...Howard Root was found not guilty. One juror emailed Mr. Root after he had defeated those government-scumbag-lawyers and told him that all the jurors concluded Mr. Root had been unjustly accused.

Root had been attacked by the Injustice Department. Sally Yates...one of the scumbag-lawyers...gloated over how much money she had cost Root: "He had sleepless nights and a smaller purse by the time I got through with him. I can't wait to attack him again just to make sure everyone know who I am."(WSJ A-15;02-17-17).
*In the beginning of the movie, HOWARD THE DUCK...Howard's doing his after-work thing...when...suddenly...a tract-beam grabs him and his stuffed-chair...and...blows him across the universe where he lands in a trash can in Cleveland, Ohio.
Lee Jae-yong...leader of Samsung...paid off some government officials so Samsung could consolidate. Nowadays...that payment has been labeled "illegal bribe". Because there should not be any such interference with such mergers...his payment was not only understandable but also expected. Indeed...instead of arresting this big-league dude...the government should concentrate on repealing all rule and law enabling government officials to inveigle themselves in such business assessments.
FOOD STAMPS. Uncle Sugar takes wealth from the producer and redistributes that wealth to whomever. The FOOD STAMP program is such a wealth-transfer.The future of the producer is entrenched by Uncle Sugar...taking away wealth...making things harder...so that such funds so taken might be given to those who need such FOOD STAMPS.

Nowadays...FOOD STAMP recipients fear their would-be master might stop them from buying junk food...and...soda pop. Fighting to preserve their parasite-future...U.S.Rep. David Scott(D.Ga) said he opposed such monitoring of FOOD BOUGHT."You can't deny these parasites their freedom to make choices without violating their pursuit of happiness. Yes...by taking from producers we hurt the producer's future...but...there are more parasites than producers hence to remain in power such voting bloc must be appeased."
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In a South Carolina Boeing Aircraft plant...TRUMP told the 'standing-room-only' crowd he was going to deliver a level playing field...less taxes...less red tape...less stifle and stomp....and...provide the producer with an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP.
Islamic State considers Sufi Muslims to be heretics and hence marked for death. In Pakistan...recently...at a packed Sufi Mosque...a bomb exploded. The death toll might be as high as 100. Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told a cub reporter such massacres were common in the 6th century...but...nowadays...it was reprehensible.
When Pudzer stepped down from consideration as Secretary of Labor...freedom-haters jumped with joy. Had Pudzer been confirmed...unions would have all but ceased to exist. In contrast...Alexander Acosta...the new appointee...has been called a freedom-hater by fellow employees who think Acosta is jerk and will hurt America not make it great again. Maybe they're wrong. Apparently...TRUMP feels comfortable with him. Perhaps...a wait and see attitude...is the better approach. VIVA TRUMP!
Inside the Navajo Nation is found a huge coal deposit and a coal-fired power plant nearby. The combination has provided cheap electricity for the needy people of Arizona. Russell Begaye...leader of the Navajo...said TEAM OBAMA tried to kill off that power plant and deprive 800 Indians of jobs. TRUMP has offered to remove the stranglehold and thereby permit that power plant to continue,(WSJ A-4;02-17-17)..
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Planned Parenthood(P/P) as an organization can survive on donations and does not need to tap the U.S.Treasury. If P/P is such a necessary organization...donations will flood into P/P coffers so its personnel can continue receiving $200,000 salaries. If the donations evaporate...then...P/P personnel will have to dig into their own pockets...something they will never do. They're nasty socialists bent on spending only other people's month,(WSJ A-3;02-17-17).
While there are difficulties inherent in any organizing effort...when it comes to getting freedom-haters to join in a cause...and...then...remain steadfast and enthusiastic from start to finish...that feat is almost impossible to perform. There are too many chiefs and too few Indians...and...that disconnect befuddles most organizers and discourages them from continuing with whatever cause envisioned.

Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told a cub reporter he was leading freedom-haters...directing them to attend town hall meetings and disrupt and take away seats from well-wishers...thereby...giving the impression the entire town hall was packed with a random selection of people and that "packed hall" HATED TRUMP. Of course...the MASS MEDIA...knowing such ruse afoot...never reported it since to do so would hurt the freedom-haters and undermine OBAMA.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Trump discussed West Bank settlements in a meeting in Washington D.C. Trump told the Jew he favored settlement as much as anyone else...but...publicly...to keep heat off the congressional Republicans...had to say slow-go was better.
* In a top secret meeting...beneath the CONE OF SILENCE...Netanyahu and Trump discussed building 10,000 more settlement enclaves each connected in such fashion that should the rag head attack...the Jew could depend on the West Bank as one of its best lines of defense.
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At a mighty press conference...TRUMP said his administration was running smoothly and the "chaos" stuff put out by the MASS MEDIA was "fake news". The tenor of TRUMP'S excoriation was mild but firm. He ignored those known to be DISHONEST...calling on reporters who appeared to be earnest and forthright. VIVA TRUMP!
"Because people know you're little more than fake news outlets...your patronage has plummeted...your popularity if any only among low-information voters...and...your nasty-bent too much for most people to stomach," declared TRUMP as he left the podium and headed out of the press conference area. VIVA TRUMP!
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A well-known American spy told a cub reporter she was keeping "data" from TRUMP thereby making his job harder. "I was hired by Obama...and...I hate freedom. I want to hurt TRUMP and keep America enslaved," quipped the spy as she looked at how many fellow spies were refusing to do their job and reporting to President TRUMP. Might he "fire" them and get better spies? The answer is obviously "yes". VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-1;02-16-17).
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Has anyone noticed the criminal activities of Hillary-the-hag have evaporated from public MASS MEDIA discussion in favor of some chimera in the closet having something to do with Russia and TEAM-TRUMP. If America can make a solid link to Russia...perhaps as strong as the relationship between America and Canada...a 21st century prosperity avalanche will come. VIVA TRUMP!
TRUMP was told to pull back PUDZER. There were too many socialists and freedom-hating unions aligned against him. Yes...PUDZER would delete the NANNY STATE...but...all those DEMOCRATS would be hurt by such entrenchment of power. And...somehow...TRUMP agreed to drop PUDZER in exchange for support on his tax cuts and his final deletion of the Marxist ESTATE AND GIFT TAX. It might very well be those "appeased" Democrats will honor their commitment...but...it is more likely than not they won't...and...instead will demand more enslavement not less.
When Kellyanne Conway was asked about the departure of Mike Flynn amid questions about his forthrightness with Mike Pence...she stopped...fixed her lips with Ivanka pink...and...replied, "There was blood on the saddle...blood all around...and...there was...a great...big...puddle...of blood...on the ground."
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The MASS MEDIA hates TEAM TRUMP. Any congressional Republican must understand such ill-bent and avoid discussing any "real matters" with them. Should such circumnavigation be adroitly undertaken...the MASS MEDIA will be left with the Democrats denouncing "yesterday's rice" while the Republicans go about dismantling their beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein people can be forced to worship whatever idol the would-be master with envious mob might forge.
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The MASS MEDIA has become the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party...delivering hateful 24/7 barrage on TEAM -TRUMP'S beleaguered position. Never did they attack Obama...even though he was a devout Marxist on Mission. Likewise...they never enthusiastically endeavored to scrape veneer and expose the OBVIOUS criminal misconduct of Bill and Hillary. But...anything even remotely connected to TRUMP has been framed for excoriation and vitriol.
Anti-Jew PewDiePie was canceled on YouTube. It was just too caustic...too hateful...too nasty...and...with 53 million hits per day it was quite popular. The Muslims throughout the Middle East tuned in each day to hear about how hated the Jew was in every part of the world.
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Kim Jong Nam was caught using a fake passport to enter Japan to visit Disneyland. Of course...his 1/2 brother was picked to lead North Korea since the Disneyland venture was just too much to accept. Estranged and isolated...Kim Jong Nam lived in Macau...but...party'd hard in Malaysia. In an airport headed to another party-venue...NAM was attacked by two ladies with needles...assassinating him and ending an embarrassment for the "little fella"(Kim Jong Un).
Scumbags such as William A. Galston...people who opposed TRUMP...are now attempting to direct TRUMP down the socialist corridor destroying what little liberty left replacing it with freedom-to-obey. "Had Trump told voters he was going to dismantle the NANNY STATE...he would have lost," quipped scumbag-Galston. Even though that declaration absolute LIE...nonetheless...Galston and his kind don't care,(WSJ A-15;02-15-17).
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Economists claimed European socialism was thriving and the European Union was growing and prospering. Of course...that was LIE...but...when you're trying to deceive the "low-information" crowd,(think 99% of all Europeans)...such LYING is necessary lest the would-be master get thrown out and have to go find a real job,(WSJ A-7;02-15-17).
Around Jupiter orbits Ganymede...a moon with its own magnetosphere and a 60 mile deep warm ocean protected by 8 miles of radiation-deflecting ice. Inside that protective mantle...and...further insulated by the iron-core created magnetic aspect...life abounds. It's similar in many ways to the life found in our own oceans but more dramatic in some respects since sentient beings occupy that spot in much the same way we occupy our own biosphere.

Might some crop circles be products of some kind of communication? The answer is "yes". Until recently humans could not speak to apes or dolphins...but...as most people know...apes are writing great tomes and dolphins have revealed their connection* to the planet-Nibiru.

Speaking about such things...Penn State climate-guru Michael Mann declared, "It's as likely as not...the minds of Ganymede...through crop circle imagery...are trying to discuss their "voter fraud" or "missile crisis" with outsiders who might have a different perspective."
*The ancient Sumarians depicted Nibiru...a planet with a 3600 year orbit...delivering Nibiru into the inner planet orbits...disturbing space debris...and...causing great disaster on Earth.
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Congressional Democrats feigned anger when National Security Adviser Mike Flynn resigned. Their facade was obvious. These are the same scumbags who looked the other way when Hillary-the-hag was selling influence while Secretary of State. Sure...Flynn discussed commerce and lack thereof with Russian officials and offered ideas on how to address imposed sanctions...but...never did Flynn sell his office as Hillary was wont to do and did.
TRUMP couldn't accept leak in trust...so he accepted the resignation of Mike Flynn opening a spot for a new national security adviser. Before Trump won...Flynn had discussed potential and actual SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA...something Flynn...when asked by Pence...denied until the taped dialogues were produced by the SURVEILLANCE SQUAD.
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Sitting off Washington D.C. was a Russian spy ship packed with intercept and decode technology. Because the ship was in international waters...TRUMP couldn't do much about it. However...off-camera...TRUMP dispatched "disruption-beams" rendering acquired data little more than tangle and tint. Naturally...TRUMP did not apprise the MASS MEDIA allowing it to speculate on what TRUMP could do to insulate secret from grab.
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"We want her reprimanded!" screamed an ethics office employee when told Kellyanne Conway had defended Invanka Trump's cosmetic line* when Ivanka's product was summarily pulled from Nordstrom shelves...adding to the vitriol by fuming, "How dare Conway defend her close friend."
*When Hillary was conducting her "pay-to-play" scheme while Secretary of State...the same scumbags infesting the so-called ethics office ignored her illegal activities. When Obama left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi not anyone in that ethic office asked about it. TRUMP must clean out the ethics office...clean out the whole nasty lot...and...start fresh.
Mike Flynn resigned as national security adviser yesterday amid criticism he had conferred with Russian officials about sanctions before he was appointed. Of course...Flynn denied any material involvement and said his dialogue never focused on such things. Because there is too much ANGER brewing about this potential trouble...TRUMP had to delete Mike from TEAM-TRUMP.
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President Trump and Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau conferred on issues of trade and mutual national security. While Trudeau did not fear a North Korean missile striking his country...he was concerned about losing half of America to a North Korean "nuke". "Should the 'little fella' blow a hole in Manhattan or Hollywood...such calamity would certainly hurt our bottom line," quipped an Armani-suited Trudeau.
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Some time back...this BLOG described the army of liberation...a loosely knit band of patriots whose mission to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and thereby make America great again. While there were many leaders of this army...the two most prominent were TRUMP and Lady Elizabeth...with Elizabeth preferring TRUMP from the Oval Office commence liberation of the subjugated. VIVA TRUMP!
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"Liberal tea party" is an Oxymoron. The Democrats demand enslavement and big grab government in control of almost everything...whereas...in distinct contrast...traditional tea party advocates call for the NANNY STATE to be dismantled and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market permitted to manifest. Hence...a "liberal tea party" must be something as deceptive as it is malicious.

Recall OCCUPY WALL STREET where its members demanded government take away all wealth and redistribute as the mob saw fit? Nowadays...this tasteless bunch of miscreants has taken on the label: LIBERAL TEA PARTY. Whereas the traditional tea party rallies were let spotless and the speeches patriotic and wondrous...OCCUPY WALL STREET sites were marked by dung-drool-and-decadence...its signs and declarations that of Marxism and other such drivel.
Joy Villa had an album she couldn't give away. Yet...after wearing that incredible TRUMP DRESS at the Gammy's last night...her album shot to #3 with millions of ladies buying the product so they might in their own way support Joy's assessment. VIVA TRUMP!
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Keynesian drivel: "Japanese companies are raising their earnings forecast thanks to the recent sharp weakening of the yen."

Somehow...the yen doesn't buy as much as before and yet that loss is called "good" because it takes more "paper"-yen to buy what the stronger yen bought the day before.

Imagine the yen backed by one ounce of gold yesterday but today backed by 1/100th of an ounce. What entrepreneur would find "good" in such a loss in value? The answer: only an ignorant Keynesian.(WSJ B-3;02-13-17).
Fascism became popular in the years leading up the second world war. Unlike socialism where the government owns the means of production...in fascism...the people have title to their property but the government directs what will be done with such wealth.

In a fascist state...such as America...for example...INTERNET PROVIDERS are told what they can and cannot do with their property...even though such interference is unwarranted...nonetheless...it's pushed by the MASS MEDIA and the NANNY STATE'S would-be masters. Against the satanic-grip stands Ajit pai...a freedom-fighter...and...an articulate advocate of the 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can some would-be master with mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"(WSJ B-1;02-13-17).
*Net neutrality was the fascist grip on the Internet. Of course...big companies wanted such interference since they control the hurdle-maker.
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While down the street George Soros paid hooligans attacked Betsy Devos limousine...over in the park...Alan Blinder was cavorting with socialists and Eco-fascists...their merriment made greater by Blinder's declaration that congressional Democrats were opposing the effort to delete the grip of big grab government,(WSJ A-17;02-13-17). Might Princeton endowment-donors wake up and demand Blinder be fired?
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In 2009...Obama knew an open-market would solve whatever problem prior government intrusion had caused in the medical service industry. However, if he were to implement such a paradigm...Americans would instantly see there was not any reason to have so much other big grab government this and that...and...his team would suffer a dramatic loss of power. Hence...he crammed OBAMA-CARE down America's throat...choking...and...choking some more.

Folks...should TRUMP be successful in eliminating the intrusion of government into the medical service industry...the cost of medical care would plummet...and...medical innovation would skyrocket...delivering better care and longer life. VIVA TRUMP.
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In 2006...under the BUSH administration...the so-called Financial Accounting Standards Board issued FAS 123...an edict that guaranteed employees earning less than $100,000 could NOT BUY stock options. FAS 123 made it so onerous on companies to offer such stock options to those employees...companies stopped offering them thereby depriving that pool of employees of a way to gain some vested interest in the company for which they worked. It was idiotic for BUSH to impose such a thing...but...BUSH was a closet-socialist...a freedom-hater...and...did what he could to hurt the "little fella".
Joy Villa...wearing a sumptuous dress emblazoned with "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"...became the focal point of the Grammy Award ceremonies. Most attendees drooled over Joy's body and selection of dress. Indeed...ROSIE O'DONNELL said while she liked JOY...she hated the DRESS because it reminded her of what she can't ever possess."
Sai Prakash and John Yoo...two outstanding members of SCUMBAG INTERNATIONAL...that coven of charlatans and screwballs...were caught trying to disparage TRUMP with spray paint on an alley wall. Their verse was terse...dripped with venom and scorn...these two scumbags were telling it all...how dare freedom from shackle torn!(WSJ A-15;02-13-17).
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In California are a multitude of spillways many of which are crumbling. Sure...they need to be fixed...but...the environmentalists don't want them repaired preferring the dams to crumble releasing obliterating floods and returning the region to Mother Nature. One environmentalist stopped at a farm and told the farmer how lucky he was to have such a farm and how blessed he was by God. The farmer replied, "Yeah...well...you should have seen this place when God had it all to himself."
Kellyanne Conway was asked about TRUMP'S plan to eliminate the grip of big grab government. After examining her hair in her IVANKA cosmetic mirror...she looked solemnly at the inquisitor and replied, "Why would anyone want socialist misery and squalor in America? Why not support the dismantling of this NANNY STATE model and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper? Outside of Egypt...for instance...few consumers seek out anything made in Egypt. Most Egyptians admit their goods and services outside of Egypt are unwanted. Sure...the Egyptians want stuff made elsewhere because it's better...but...because of their socialist welfare state economy...their MONEY is almost worthless. One Egyptian wanted to buy coffee with a billion dollar Egyptian note...and...was told that such colorful paper could only buy chewing gum."
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Obama lied to America when he said he would fund "shovel-ready" infrastructure projects and promised much of the $878 billion he received would be so dedicated. However...after awhile...Obama revealed he had been LYING and that there were not any "shovel-ready" projects only imaginary constructs. In California...for instance...a freeway extension had been in the works for 60 years and still is not finished. TRUMP is going to find such hinder and hassle waiting to oppose and obstruct his own effort to build better roads, bridges, tunnels and airports,(WSJ A-1;02-13-17).
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Prime Minister Modi stomped the poor of India by declaring illegal the $1000 rupee. The resultant wave of misery throughout the villages has been extraordinary. The deprivation and horror imposed hasn't been publicized since socialism would be called EVIL...and...MODI can't afford to have his effort labeled in such fashion,(WSJ A-1;02-13-17).
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When our sun grows to RED GIANT...every water-packed moon will be habitable. Ganymeade...Europa...and...many others will be where mankind will call home. Perhaps...in times past...the sun which was here before our sun had such a life-death...and...what found on Earth just part of that biomass which was able to survive that cataclysm.
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In Kill Bill, part one...Hatori Honzo is tasked with forging a sword for the blond warrior. Such the same aspect when TRUMP entreated the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG to develop a robot-weapon platform so that Americans could avoid the battlefield. Hence: WAR-BOT(tm). Imagine a M270 MLRS vehicle loaded with rockets and you'll sense the firepower of just one WAR-BOT(tm)...all packed into a robot weapon platform that can roll across ground...hop across walls...and...fly for extended periods...and...deliver as much firepower as a fully loaded M270 MLRS!
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At Dien Bien Fu...the French suffered 24/7 barrages...blowing holes in almost everything and reducing French fortifications to rubble. Eventually...the French were overwhelmed despite air superiority. The Vietnamese drew so close to the French...French war planes were useless.

Nowadays...Islamic State tactics use civilians as human-shields knowing such deployment prevents an American bombardment from land or air. When the Americans ignore such tactic...and...blow holes in the area...the MASS MEDIA instantly screams "massacre and slaughter of civilians"...never mentioning the civilians were used as shields...never condemning the perpetrators of such carnage.
Stephen Miller...a lawyer for Trump...was asked about how TRUMP planned on circumnavigating the bottleneck found at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Smiling about the allusion...he replied, "As the French police closed in on UGATEE...he ran to Rick and pleaded, "Rick...hide me!" Naturally...Rick didn't stick his neck out for anybody."
KellyAnne Conway...startled by another attack on Ivanka's cosmetic line...drew back and declared, "Far away...trouble boils...stomps...and...smears...too far away...though...to ever fear...assured such never near...at least gate guards first to swear...even when risk appears."
U.S.Senator Ben Cardin(D.Md) is despised by most voters and will not be re-elected. They have become disillusioned with him. "How can he ever deliver a socialist paradise by spending other people's money?" asked a University of Maryland professor of Economics.
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Within weeks from now....America will be watching the would-be masters fight against escape of the producer from the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein big grab government strangles liberty and demands fealty. Who will prevail? If the MASS MEDIA has its way...the DOOR kept shut...the producer...kept shackled. On the other hand...if TRUMP succeeds...America will be liberated and great again. VIVA TRUMP!
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A robot hand on Mars...for instance...would move once its command for such articulation was received from Mother Earth's operators. The distance the radio signal must travel limits the use of Earth-directed hand-grip if grip pressure were a necessary ingredient of the overall exercise. An egg...for example...grabbed gently compared to an egg smashed by too much pressure and the problem becomes obvious. Hence...there is a need for sub-set programs which are designed to carry out the overall task once directed to commence. The pressure-on-egg would be something the computer aboard the robot would already be able to determine.
When Kellyanne Conway was asked about how TRUMP would fight ISIS...she looked into a small cosmetic IVANKA mirror...primped her hair...smoothed her lips...and...replied, "Across the battlefield...until...cut down by bullet and boom...the peril of soldier...mortal wound. WAR-BOT fights despised...the soldier inside a bunker perhaps gets mad about loss of bot...but...at least he can recommence once he dispatches another team of flies...to begin again battle for spot."

Enigmatic...cryptic...yet...promise-packed...here was someone who knew what to say when all the cards against TRUMP stacked. Instead of losing personnel...America would only lose bots and drones...less expensive and always useful in such game of thrones. In RAQQA...for instance...TRUMP planned to send drone and bot...an armada of sorts...to slaughter Islamic soldiers and keep the spot.
The U.S.Army bought 500,000 units of WAR-BOT(tm) to replace several battalions of men and armor saving the U.S. Treasury over $394 billion. "There won't be another* William Ryan Owens to cry about," whispered TRUMP as he looked at the plan to deploy WAR-BOT(tm) and delete ISIS.
* Recall Navy Seal Owens was killed in a raid in Yemen...a raid designed by Obama but performed during TRUMP'S 1st week in office. While TRUMP did not know beforehand...the entire raid had been announced and the enemy was waiting ready to pounce. TRUMP realized later this raid was designed to fail.
Michael Painter...former adviser on ethics in the Bush Administration...was miffed when he heard Mike Flynn had discussed American sanctions with President Putin before Trump became president. Mr. Painter was equally upset when he saw Kellyanne Conway giving product-support for beleaguered Ivanka. Somehow such activities scraped and beat his conscience until rubbed raw.

When this Ivory Tower snob was asked...though...about the "pay-to-play" Hillary and Bill had conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State...scumbag-Painter refused to answer. Caught in the wet-paint corner...he simply declared he could not discuss matters of national security.
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Vanguard Group( $4 trillion) and Blackrock, Inc. ($5 trillion) and this BLOG ($9 trillion) have begun to make bids on Rhode Island and Florida. The winning bid would receive title to all privately owned real estate with a writ of possession evicting anyone the new owners wished to chase away. While this might seem harsh and a bit preposterous...it's the 21st Century way to grab huge tracts of real estate...delete the intrusive government...and...fashion a paradise wherein the inhabitants prosper through a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper,(WSJ B-1;02-11-17).
U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) laughed when she was told about how Betsy Devos was confronted by well-paid protesters at a public school in Washington D.C. "I'm glad the socialists and other freedom-haters are fighting back. If we can maintain our nasty-bent...we will stop TEAM-TRUMP from dismantling our beloved NANNY STATE...a place wherein people are forced to worship whatever idol we might forge," quipped Warren as she looked at a photo of a well-known protester spitting on the Secretary of Education.
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SEIU...the public employee union...was losing so much money its leaders saw misfortune for their pocketbook on the horizon. Hence...they enlisted the help of Democrats to create a siphon from PUBLIC MEDICAID FUNDS,(3% per Medicaid payment).

While this plan is working...many of the personal-care assistants have balked* and are demanding their UNION-DUES be returned to them. Of course...the SEIU is in the business of pushing socialism and class-warfare and not in returning STOLEN MONEY.

In one instance...a left-handed claimant discovered her name was crudely forged on a "TAKE-DUES-FROM-ME" card. Had it not been for the fact the person who forged her name was right handed...her Medicaid paycheck would still be suffering UNION SIPHON.
*TEAM TRUMP must assist these beleaguered victims of SEIU overreach.
In India...government distributes food through food entitlements. If the government wants a person to do something...the food entitlement is withheld until the recalcitrant kneels and does what the government directs. Take for instance the government's diktat that the people of India use toilets and not the bush. In Mumbai...for instance...dung is everywhere. Inside cabs and mosques great piles of dung can be found. It's disgusting but is typical of how most in socialist-India live,(WSJ A-8;02-11-17).
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Would-be creditors were warned not to loan money to Greece if they wished to be repaid. They were told Greeks are infamous for LYING and DECEIVING...and...they would suffer from such a nasty-bent. Instead of heeding this warning...however...many loaned money to them...only to be told yesterday repayment was out of the question,(WSJ A-6;02-11-17).