March 2017
Legal expert Alan Dershowitz was surprised when Mike Flynn said in exchange for "immunity"...he'd tell America what happened. Trump backed up his former adviser by telling the world "immunity" was required during a "witch-hunt"...and...he didn't oppose such an idea. Because PRESIDENT TRUMP knows all the data...although he can't say one way or the other because to say would be to reveal the TOOL used...TRUMP is playing the MASS MEDIA and its erstwhile experts with definite grand master talent brought exquisitely to bear. VIVA TRUMP!
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MSNBC featured Michael Crowley who lambasted the Russians for declaring they had nothing to do with all the alleged hacking.

"How dare they protest their innocence when Democrats following a hate-Trump narrative say they did," quipped Crowley as he looked at proof that the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) possessed TOOLS to make it look like...seem like...appear to was CIA all along.

While Crowley doesn't know as much...the so-called RUSSIAN INTRUSION was masterminded by CIA. In contrast...Trump does know but is permitting the Democrats to crawl out on that limb of idiocy...laughing at how scumbags such as Crowley are skillfully leading the way. VIVA TRUMP!
Using Edward Snowden "pass-key" software...this BLOG can access any communication. Sure...2 cups connected by string impervious to this "pass-key"...but anything electronically-transmitted accessible. Hence...the cellphone dialogue between Lois Lerner...the stooge at Internal Revenue Service...and...TEAM OBAMA...were all captured and turned over to Julian Assange for publication. Likewise...the interface between Mike Flynn and German Chancellor Merkel about secret sub bases in the Antarctic were also grabbed and tendered.
U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff told a cub reporter he'd never be a cock boat in the wake of a Trump man-of-war. Yet...Schiff's skiff bounced and bobbed when shown top secret data demonstrating Obama's effort to spy on Team-Trump...a criminal enterprise Schiff had theretofore doubted ever occurred. tomorrow...Schiff will declare the data he saw confirmed some of what Trump a Trump-hater...little more would he acknowledge.
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To live on Beggars' Lane...a test had to be passed. From the pocket of the BELL BOY a coin PLUCKED without disturbing any bell...if sound by BELL BOY made...that would-be resident driven away with stick and stone. To make the feat even more difficult...that would-be resident had to balance on a stool with only 2 legs. Because the BELL BOY was a manikin festooned with the most sensitive bells...few ever made it into the ranks of Beggars' Lane.
Mike Flynn with immunity has a story to tell. In preview...for the benefit of a scoop for a cub reporter...Flynn said, "Come sit right down...and...hear a tale...a tale of a fateful trip...that started from whatever port...aboard my tiny ship. The first mate a mighty sailing man...the captain brave and sure...America set sail that day...for a national security tour. Well...the weather started getting tiny ship was tossed...if not for the bravery of the fearless crew...America would be lost."
Abbe Lowell...a white collar crime lawyer...told a cub reporter he knew Hillary-the-hag could have been convicted of influence-peddling during her tenure as Secretary of State...but...she was insulated from prosecution because she had too much dirt on Obama in Benghazi and Loretta Lynch in drag...dirt about which Bill Clinton saw fit to remind both Obama* and U.S.Attorney General Lynch when he secretly met with them at the Phoenix airport.
*Obama appeared by special cellphone 2-way video...he thought secure. In that meeting...Bill Clinton told Obama Hillary was prepared to tell what really happened in Benghazi...reveal to the world why Chris Stevens was everyone just how nasty and evil Loretta could be. The threats were real and powerful as could be observed by how Hillary was thereafter declared to be free of GUILT...that extremely careless was not intention misconduct, etc.
When President Trump characterized MSNBC and CNN as toilets and fake-news outlets...never did he realize MASS MEDIA would join to hurt him. Take for example scumbag-Chuck Todd of MSNBC labeling the 1st 70 days of Trump's reign as chaos...obviously following the template laid out long ago by the wizards of hate. His venom dripped after Trump when asked said Todd was something you scrape from shoe after walking across the neighbor's yard.
Mother Earth since birth has conferred climate change on all within her grasp. It's been deep freeze cold...and...equatorial hot...and...everything in between. And...for Jeffrey Immelt to declare mankind can change the climate...such is as ridiculous as it is obscene. Following Jeffrey's idiotic logic virgin-toss should quiet the angry volcano...and...singing to the wind confuse so much the hurricane goes away. the others...Jeffrey has investments in "green energy" boondoggles which will fail if Americans were to examine the MYTH of man-caused global warming armed with REAL FACTS,(WSJ B-1;03-31-17).
Heather Mac Donald was surprised to hear Harvard had directed its English Dept. to compel the study of so-called marginalized writers...people whose prose and depth shallow and inane...yet...worthy of examination. On their must-read list...for instance...will appear Obama's tome on his need for tribal socialism...and...Chuck Schumer's essay on sexual appetite for young Cambodian boys,(WSJ A-17;03-31-17).
*Heather should have included in her list of great authors: AYN RAND...and...RAY BRADBERRY.
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When hospitals by federal law were required to take anyone despite lack of an ability to pay...the entire medical service industry was doomed. When OBAMA-CARE carried that diktat into the insurance market dictating insurance companies could not deny coverage due to preexisting condition...the entire system was destined to collapse. The healthy would never accept enslavement to fund health care for those determined by big gift government worthy of such GIFT. And those in need would never spend what they had to buy what they could get for free. Hence...once the POISON OF SOCIALISM was was only a function of time before trouble struck what was theretofore a vibrant and carefully designed health care industry.
Hydraulic Fracturing("fracking") of oil-laden shale was thought to be impossible or so expensive not anyone would ever undertake such a foolhardy effort. Indeed...before facking...10,000 scientists declared Mother Earth was running out of fossil fuel and if "green energy" were not 2020...America would be destitute...devoid of oil...and...unable to energize what industry remained. While such forecast was called ludicrous...nonetheless...until fracking* actually arrived...those 10,000 scientists were earning big bucks off the theory of "peak oil"(WSJ A-1;03-31-17).
*iSteer is an "app" that directs the drill head to remain in a 10 foot window thereby reducing cost of drilling and increasing yield 300 fold.
Recently...this BLOG received a "thank you" note from Russian President Putin for the help getting Nord Stream 2 off the planning board and into construction. Yes...folks...unlike all the other noise-makers...this BLOG actually funded "needed" things so that President Putin's dream of delivering natural gas to Germany could be fulfilled,(WSJ A-9;03-31-17).
Pussy Riot took to the Moscow parade ground to demonstrate using their famous calling card as the "lead-in" musical. Of course...they were yesterday's rice...old news...hags-with-hassle...and...few Russians stopped their coming and going to watch. If it hadn't been for the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA camera crews...those expressive gals would have been playing to empty chairs,(WSJ A-9;03-31-17)..
U.S.Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a cub reporter he would arrest, prosecute and imprison those OBAMA people who leaked secret data thereby committing a federal felony. When asked if Sally Yates was a person-of-interest...Jeff chuckled and replied, "Sally was only following orders...orders given by Trump-haters."
In Venezuela...the Court took away the powers of the Parliament thereby granting Maduro complete power. His closely-knit supporters blocked outraged voters from entering the Court building while he...Maduro...on national TV...told the world he was in control of Venezuela and those who wished to eat had best be kneeling to his power and prowess,(WSJ A-7;03-31-17).
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Right now...if Americans wished to escape the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...they would need to elect 61 freedom-fighters for the U.S.Senate and an equally dedicated president. While the majority in both houses is held by the Republicans along with the Oval Office...nonetheless...Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) evinced an unwillingness to go around those freedom-haters (48 Democrats) using a 51% vote-majority permit this historical moment to pass without any deletion of the oppressive CAGE.
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Claudia Cunha paid off her credit card with money her husband received for his part in an oil drilling lease in Benin, Africa in 2011. When that lease proved to be a "dry hole"...other investors wanted to know where $34.5 million had gone...disappearing off the balance sheet as if scraped away.

When Timmy of those beleaguered investors...heard Claudia had paid off her credit card...a debt about which she constantly complained...he wondered if Eduardo had "wet his beak". Timmy recalled a recent conversation with Eddie wherein Ed lamented there was fire not oil in Africa when asked how the news of "dry hole" would affect* his bottom line.
*Judge Sergio Moro sentenced Eduardo Cunha to 15 years prison for his part in a criminal enterprise to fleece Brazilian government-Petrobas,(WSJ A-7;03-31-17).
WOW! Kansas Governor Sam Brownback stood nose to nose with socialism and refused to back down. He vetoed the expansion of Medicaid in his state pointing out that expansion to include another 150,000 able-bodied voters was irresponsible and not sustainable. "We would have to grab 98% of all income and 80% of all other wealth to pay for that MONSTER...and...I can't stand by and watch Kansas go down the socialist toilet," Gov. Brownback explained to an inquisitive cub reporter.
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...used special tools to spy on TEAM TRUMP. While he did cover his tracks well...his gambit was discovered...shown to President Trump who instantly rebuked that monkey on Twitter. The White House showed U.S.Rep. Devin Nunes the PROOF that Obama had "wire-tapped" TEAM that Nunes might understand what Obama did and why such spying must never be shown to America. That TOOL had to remain "secret" leaving only* the DATA and not its source as the REAL NEWS,(WSJ A-4;03-31-17).
*The Democrats know TRUMP won't reveal that TOOL only the data derived therefrom leaving everyone guessing as to SOURCE. Hence...scumbag Adam Schiff is demanding Nunes reveal the TOOL and hurt TRUMP'S power to listen in on Schiff or Schumer.
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Maybe the MASS MEDIA lacks ability to recall events...but...most Americans know that tools exist which can make it look like the Russians, Chinese or Aborigines were the hackers. Hence...the "witch-hunt" by Democrats is nonsense because they KNOW it was TEAM OBAMA that did virtually all the hacking. What Obama didn't know was that waiting to ambush and acquire that "spy-created data" were minions of this BLOG...WikiLeaks helpers...some of the worldwide web of observers who fight for truth, justice and the American way. VIVA TRUMP!
Rumors coming out of Senator Chuck Schumer's office are always worthy of attention. Recently...EXAR CORP. was noted to be a target for Max-Linear Inc. and should someone go long on that stock...the BUY-UP would fetch a tidy profit. Naturally...this BLOG heeded Chuck's leak and stands to make over $23 million. Thank you Chuck for the leak!
Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit another incredible display of brilliance...removed some more Obama-era nonsense thereby delivering a new marketplace packed with newcomers from everywhere proposing to do what they say can't be done,(WSJ B-5;03-30-17).
Tichaona Brown and Tabrese Wright...two ladies in the Fox News payroll room...filed a lawsuit against Fox News but never complained before such suit was filed. Why they waited so long was never explained. Turns out they were working under a racist witch who was fired within 14 days of Fox News being told about her misconduct. While what little damage suffered by these two ladies can't be meet their need for vindication...Fox News generously offered both irate females lucrative reporter jobs in Damascus or Pyongyang,(WSJ B-5;03-30-17).
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In the movie, SCARFACE...when Tony Montana meets his boss and police-dude-Mel. His boss asks him "Tony what happened?" Montana tells him two guys he didn't recognize them...not from around here...tried to kill him. His boss interrupts and says, "I bet it was the Diaz brothers. We'll pay them back in spades." Mention is made of this scene since it might very well be President Trump and Obama will meet and President Trump...having discovered Obama's attempt to undermine his campaign...will call Obama a "pig that doesn't fly straight."
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"Hear that? It's the sound of Trump's hell-hounds on our trail," whispered Obama when he heard Trump had found "how" Obama had spied on him in 2015...2016...and...2017. Also found were documents linking U.S.Senator Dianne Feinstein to Hillary's pay-to-play scheme while Clinton was Secretary of State. While most other "affected" Democrats haven't yet reacted...the fear etched in Dianne's face spoke volumes about what Trump not only found but was willing to reveal. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S.Rep. Garrett(R.Va) couldn't support Speaker Paul Ryan's healthcare bill. It perpetuated OBAMA-CARE in ways antithetical to prosperity and quality healthcare service delivery.

Because this time around freedom hangs in the's time President Trump becomes* the voice of liberation. Why must producers be enslaved to pay for the poor? Why not direct charities to handle such needful spirits?

Such is how it was done in times can be once more. As soon as America deploys  THE ORB...the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule or law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism will be chased away and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market will manifest...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!
*President TRUMP is being told that he must be "center-cut"...not too rare...not too done...just there...not there and mighty...but...just sort of there.
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Jack Welsh told a cub reporter that man-caused climate change was preposterous but because it was such a lucrative LIE...few were willing to delete such a golden-egg layer. When cornered...Jack declared, "We must continue to test our hypothesis. The same way Hawaiians pursued their hypothesis about virgin-toss stopping the idea that mankind can compel Mother Nature must be continually tested."
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Repeal and replace OBAMA-CARE. Such the mantra of the Republicans since 2010. When the time delete this excrescence of the 20th Century NANNY STATE...Speaker Paul Ryan(R.Wis) balked and pulled* the Republican version of socialized-fascist medicine before it could become law. Instead of getting rid of the mandate-tax...for instance...Speaker Ryan declared only a 60-vote margin could achieve such liberation of the enslaved hence the REPUBLICAN BILL left that Democrat-forged shackle in place. It was this give-and-take aspect which soured the Freedom Caucus.
*There were too many people who understood that REPEAL had to its place an otherwise unhampered market paradigm permitted to flourish with any hurdle or hassle instantly identified...all government employees conducting a NANNY STATE "intrusion" fired and publicly humiliated as freedom-haters. Only in this fashion could America's troubled medical service industry be assisted...and...its beneficiaries served. [When hospitals were required to take everyone without regard to payment...the ship was mortally damaged. OBAMA-CARE was the consequence of such foundering.]
Years ago...President BUSH told the world about a thousand points of light. was meaningless...and...silly...but BUSH was using that nonsense to frame what he meant by private charity.'s been revealed that President Putin dispatched a thousand fake news sites in America...each one pumping out false reports...fake data...and...forcing people to choose Trump over Hillary...a Republican over a Democrat. So angry was Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) about this attack on America...he screamed, "Take that thousand points of light and shove it!"
Comfortable with bragging about committing criminal acts...EVELYN FARCAS...a White House stooge...admitted she revealed secret data in order to hurt Trump. She even acknowledged Trump was being watched closely as far back as 2015...long before he announced his intention to be President. _____________________
*U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) when he heard Farcas admit to federal felonies...he declared, "Her revelations were incredible...MASS MEDIA refusal to focus on her misconduct...equally as unbelievable."
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Man-caused climate change is nonsense. Carbon dioxide(CO2) on planet Earth is not a climate-changing molecule but food for plant life. The more CO2...the more abundant plants become. In time...their surfeit portion gone...consumed mightily....then...back to beanie-weenies so to speak until another volcano erupts or another smoke stack belches. No matter what...equilibrium remains. Perhaps such explains "why" CO2 is labeled a TRACE GAS.
The witness protection program hides witnesses insulating them from potential assassination. In the charlatan protection program(CPP)...the mission is to insulate the LIARS and DECEIVERS from critical examination and their declarations from critical analysis. Centuries ago...the virgin-toss scientists created CPP to run interference for them among naysayers who doubted their proclaimed connection between the toss and the eruption. They staked their reputations on the theory that volcanic eruption could be stopped by virgin-toss. Of course...their theory was protected because it was backed by a religion which inculcated such divine animosity as part of the herd's social conscience.

While cults and secret societies come and go...CPP has remained a viable organization. Nowadays...CPP is protecting the man-caused climate-change gurus who say carbon dioxide(CO2) is a climate changing gas...and...mankind can stop climate change by simply emitting less CO2. When asked if CO2 were plant-life's meal of the day...the gurus refused to answer lest their theory be revealed as nothing more than "virgin-toss" nonsense,(WSJ A-8;03-30-17).
*CO2 is a trace gas and any overage is instantly eaten by plants. It's nonsense to declare the eating schedule of Mother Earth is not only known but inside their computers. It's ridiculous...but...a very lucrative LIE. It was seized upon by freedom-haters since CO2 is emitted by humans and hence humans are a danger to the planet and must be restricted and controlled as one would cattle or sheep.
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Insurance subsidy. If you are able-bodied but your asset-income range fits OBAMA-CARE receive a subsidy from Uncle Sugar maintaining thereby such health insurance coverage. But for that subsidy...though...6 million Americans will lose their health insurance. Indeed...those 6 million need that subsidy and most of them are quite willing to kill to keep* that subsidy.
*Subsidy comes from government funds. Government funds come from taxpayers. Hence...the taxpayer is enslaved for the benefit of those $6 million. Such is anathema to liberty.
When Kushner told his Chinese buddies the $7.5 billion deal in New York City was off the table during his father-in-law's term as President...envious Democrats shouted and danced.

"We will make his presidency a losing venture," quipped a delighted Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY).

Even though that $7.5 billion was bringing in new this and that...nonetheless...the envious Democrats didn't care. They had hurt the Trump family and that made them giddy with joy.
Before the pyramids were organizers protested...drawing large crowds. They did not wish to have such structures constructed on sacred Indian ground. Sure...the Indians they were championing had all died off 100,000 years before...but...their memory and determination bubbled forth.

 Of course...their protest didn't last too long since nowadays we call those Egyptian pyramids great tourist attractions.

TRUMP'S WALL. Might President Trump confront similar opposition when he attempts to erect that BARRIER? And...centuries hence...might some tour guide tell his group the WALL was built by those* seeking immortality.
*This BLOG has offered to fund 750 miles of the wall construction in exchange for some kind of brass plaque.
Here. Sit here. An elderly gentleman* exchanged seats with a soldier coming home on leave to see his wife and 15 children. Instantly...a professor from Harvard erupted in disgust. "How dare you give your 1st class seat to that hooligan!"
*The elderly gentleman was the sole survivor of Company C...that group of men who were slaughtered on Hill 888.
Jon Hilsenrath didn't take time to read all the NONSENSE in the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership proposal. If he had done as much he would have instantly observed the REASON "why" President Trump killed it. Man-caused global warming is nonsense. Compelled unionization is anathema to liberty. And the placement of government above all economic activity tantamount to global fascism not global liberation!(WSJ A-1;03-30-17).
CAGE GUARD. Such the label adopted by National Democratic Committee chairman Tom Perez when asked by a cub reporter what purpose thwarting tax cuts. "We're committed to taking from the rich and redistributing that wealth to the poor and to whomever else licks boots best," proudly asserted Tom as he packed his pocket with donations.
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According to most astronomers...our sun and planetary system has been around for 4.3 billion years in a known-universe perhaps as old as 14.8 billion years. Yet...the outer gas planets could not have formed in only 4.3 billion years making them intruders from other places...their moons inhabited even today. Maybe they're not moons at all but star ships from some place else...probably escaping a dying some power yet on Earth to be discovered...tele-ported to the outer portion of our solar system to avoid busy-noses of Earth.
What if Islamic State cadres* are already in America and only await the signal to attack? Fortunately for President Trump...the CODE WORD has been discovered. As General Townsend said, "It's either P.O.E...or...O.P.E..."
*Col. Bat Guano was asked by group captain Lionel Mandrake for access to a pay telephone to stop the destruction of the world.
Left behind the ruins of empires...whatever lost...gone forever...unless somehow etched for the ages...preserved so that a billion years hence their struggles...their paradise...their dreams...all might be heirs so far down line not even DNA computers know of them.

President TRUMP has the opportunity to be a leader for the ages...someone discussed a million years hence...a titan...a seer...someone who understood destiny and how greatness found only in liberating the subjugated. VIVA TRUMP!
Centuries ago...Mehmet ali-Ottoman erred and attacked Vlad. His highly trained Muslim army was equipped to defeat all comers. Overlooked...though...was the fact a child...had been raised in the Turk's court and trained as part of an elite corp of assassins. Whatever Mehmet was about to dispatch...VLAD was ready.

Instead of waiting to be attacked...however...VLAD dressed his team as Turkish soldiers and commenced to attack all over Bulgaria...slaughtering as horrifically as possible. SHOCK AND AWE so to speak. His bunch would enter a camp...pretend to be associates...and...when fully in place...kill as many as possible and impale the rest.

Mention is made of this historical conflict between Christian and Muslim since VLAD was turned down by the Hungarian king...a representative of Christian Europe...because he could not afford to be caught siding with a loser...predicting VLAD would never be able to stop Mehmet once Mehmet had killed* off VLAD'S assassins and focused on VLAD himself.
*Could Islamic State leaders see themselves as the reincarnation of Mehmet and his men?
U.S.Senator Burr(R.N.C.) told a cub reporter he'd seen probes...but...the one the Democrats wished to use on PUTIN-TRUMP the biggest he'd ever seen. Sure...Obama had done Schumer and Sherrod Brown with smaller probes...but...this one...the one the Senate Democrats propose is the biggest probe. Indeed...introspecting a moment of unusual blush and candor...openly doubted the Republicans could take* such a probe...the biggest ever.
*Burr said he preferred examining known criminal misconduct such as unmasking Mike Flynn...or the Oval Office SNUFF ORDER to delete U.S.border guard BRIAN what really happened in Benghazi on 09-11-12...or...find out why Gina McCarthy attacked the Gold King Mine.
U.S.border guard Brian Terry was assassinated because he discovered Obama had dispatched special teams to foment unrest and discord along the Mexican border. Within 72 hours of his report to his supervisor...Brian Terry was dead. The assassin was never caught but the gun used was traced* to Alcohol,Tobacco, Firearm(ATF)...the same scumbag crew who burned children alive in Waco, Texas.
* In the movie, EDGE OF DARKNESS...Captain Jeppers cleaned up a mess. Maybe...the assassin who carried out that mission had the spirit of Jeppers...and...used a gun which fired a bullet that could be traced all the way into the Oval Office...thereby exposing the source of the SNUFF ORDER
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Islamic State uses human shields when its troops are confronted by overwhelming firepower. In Mosul...the body count for civilian casualties has been climbing ever since President Trump commenced his ISLAMIC STATE eradication process.

In one well-publicized instance...ISIS troops took 124 women and 237 children...roped them together...and...stood in the middle of them firing a 20 mm cannon at oncoming Peshmerga. Before the Peshmerga could silence that cannon...though...1267 Peshmerga were dead due to their sensitivity to civilian casualty* statistics.
*[Perishing in that gun battle were 123 women and 236 children and 3 ISIS troopers...each one possessing an autographed copy of OBAMA'S book.
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Medicaid was not available to able-bodied working age people but with OBAMA-CARE the Medicaid rolls grew mightily as worker bees accessed the new expanded Medicaid coverage. They were told to ignore the freebie was to incur a PENALTY...they'd be whipped until they admitted their name* was TOBY...knelt and licked big grab government boot. And so far...72 million Americans are tethered to Medicaid...each licking big grab government boot with candied tongue.
*In the movie, ROOTS...Lorene Green beats the hero until he admits his name is TOBY.
How define "bear stare"? Michael Mann...Penn State climate guru...attempted to short-sell TESLA MOTORS based on "insider information" that the price of TESLA MOTORS stock was about to drop. Instead of reading this BLOG to find out if such data accurate...Mann instantly borrowed Tesla Motors stock and sold it. Later when it came time to return that stock...instead of Tesla Motors stock being very was very high...consequently costing Mann his entire retirement account. "Ouch!"(WSJ B-16;03-29-17).
*BULLS believe market is rising...BEARS believe stocks are falling.
Tesla Motors sold a 5% stake for $1.8 billion. Based on a rumor about electric cars getting better mileage...TENCENT HOLDINGS took a 5% position in Tesla. When asked about the gamble...Jack Ma...himself a titan of industry...told a cub reporter ELON MUSK should be commended for his ability to sell SIZZLE not STEAK. If everything went as forecast...TENCENT would double its investment in 24 months...making Jack Ma another billion bucks. VIVA JACK MA!
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What if there were an "ouch" pouch...a container into which every mistake...every blunder...every foolhardy misstep were found inside an "ouch" pouch...all there...every man-jack one of them an exquisite tutorial? While official experts argue about such a crucible's existence...nonetheless...White House observers pointed out a curious bag President Trump has been seen fondling.
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There are 72 million(+) Americans receiving Medicaid...with another 120 million to be added in the coming months as state after state expands the entitlement to cover even more people...always hoping the federal government will continue to pour money into the program so that even more people can be made dependent and sheep-like. "If we can make 200 million voters dependent on government-funded health care services...we'll remain in power," chuckled U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY).
Because the students pay for their schooling at a Bridge school...they get a great education whereas across the free public school...the kind Randi Weingarten envisions...students are warehoused and little is taught. Because the for-profit schools deliver so much more...Weingarten wants them deleted...stopped from giving so much to what Randi would otherwise have as cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.
"Reverse targeting" is a phrase used to describe the misuse of a search warrant. The REAL TARGET can't be affiliate can be. So the culprit gets a warrant for the affiliate and while performing that search grabs whatever associated with the REAL TARGET. Such "reverse targeting" was used by Obama to wire-tap...that is to spy on Team Trump.
March 29, 3013:

Yes...the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) wants to delete sulfur...even though sulfur is a natural occurring element. A volcano emits more sulfur in an hour than mankind emits in a 100 years! Yet...the assert its Neo-feudal power has directed refineries to reduce sulfur even more or face closure. The refineries have warned consumers this high-handed feudal stuff will cost TEN CENTS more per gallon!

Because EPA personnel get government cars with government gas and use air conditioned offices and have air conditioned homes in the hottest parts of Summer while most Americans do without...because of all their power and perks...these scumbags want Americans to kneel and lick their boot. If Americans permit the EPA to impose such stupidity...then...Americans deserve the incredible misery and darkness such RULES AND POWER generate!

MARCH 29, 2017:

President Trump is trying to undo the hassle and hinder TEAM OBAMA imposed on the energy industry. Using executive orders is all he has so far to fight the Eco-fascists...but...hopefully Republicans will join the effort to eliminate the grip of the NANNY STATE.

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As everyone's preposterous to conclude carbon dioxide(CO2) is a pollutant...and...a dangerous gas. However...the U.S.Supreme Court(SCOTUS) in 2009 declared as much...describing CO2 as a dangerous gas...similar in danger to that of cyanide or chlorine gas. And because it was so deadly...there was instant need of strict regulation,(WSJ A-19;03-29-17).

Even though everyone knows CO2 is a TRACE little as to be negligible and what there is of it is consumed mightily by plant-life...nonetheless...SCOTUS decided such CO2 was dangerous. When those scumbags on the Supreme Court were asked...if...human beings exhale CO2...and...plant-life consumes could such be called a pollutant or dangerous...they sniffed...turned up their ruling-elite noses...and...regally walked away. Whatever they said was FACT no matter how ridiculous* matter how idiotic.
* In another politically-decided 1857...SCOTUS determined a human being could be considered chattel and doomed Dred Scott to a lifetime of enslavement.
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In Mineiros, Brazil...growers of chickens and turkeys are getting hammered because their local slaughterhouse was closed down due to sanitation violations. And...because Brazil is a socialist toilet wherein farmers must kneel and lick big government boot...this town is about to lose its 171 turkey farms and most of its income,(WSJ A-11;03-29-17).

Hearing about this pending calamity...the ECONOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG working with President Trump dispatched a SAVE-TEAM with a plan to reopen the slaughterhouse within 72 hours...a time table most growers liked since it accommodated their respective 120-day grow-out schemes. The idea was to clean the slaughterhouse from top to bottom...install cleaning units where needed...and...get that slaughterhouse back on line. VIVA TRUMP!
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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin told a cub reporter TEAM OBAMA had set America on a course into abject bankruptcy with millions of Americas getting stomped by big foot government as it attempts to perpetuate its 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein scumbags such as Gina McCarthy can poison* the Animus River or send saboteurs to make coal piles flood a West Virginia river.
*In several emails...EPA honcho Gina McCarthy was caught directing an attack on the Gold King Mine.
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Turn on the spigot. Such was the order once Dakota Access was completed. Yes...folks...the $3.7 billion pipeline is almost done. Sure...the American Indian wishing for a time of tee pee and dung heap is protesting the last 1.2 miles of pipeline...but...most Americans know their protest is not inspired by love of land but love of money.
Montgomery County, Maryland is a wealthy area with Rockville one of its shining stars. illegal alien raped a little girl. When asked "why"do such a thing...the illegal alien said he had watched Senator Chuck Schumer rape 10 year old Cambodian boys...and...thought it was an American custom.
Carbonero...a talented magician...revealed how he had faked out the Republicans and killed off repeal of OBAMA-CARE. "They thought it was an elephant in the room," snickered Carbonero promising to stop TAX CUTS in a similar slight-of-hand fashion. "I want Americans enslaved and directed from cradle to grave," snorted a power-hungry Carbonero.
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ALERT! Do not invest in Saudi Arabia. It's a socialist miasma with little left once its OIL is shoved aside in favor SHALE OIL...something likely to happen in the next 24 months as American and Russian production compete to see which the greater. The consumer will benefit mightily as fossil fuels plummet and the "green energy" boondoggles are abandoned as "nonsense". Imagine your light bill dropping from $500 per month to $10.00 per month due to abundant cheap fossil fuels. Imagine as much and you'll sense what President Trump has in mind. VIVA TRUMP!
Richard Dreyfuss...ever the freedom-hater...told a cub reporter he wanted big grab government to take more and redistribute as it saw fit...pandering to whatever voting blocs with the most power. When asked if such vision little more than a rendition of tyranny...Dreyfuss laughed and said he was willing to sacrifice all the wealth in America if it could feed one more hungry child...or...clothe one more naked wretch shivering in the deep-freeze of winter.
BITCOIN...a computer-currency...was identified early on as an escape route should runners choose to flee the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Block-chain without border...without intrusion...ultimate privacy between seller and buyer...such stuff was anathema to the would-be masters of this CAGE who foresaw CAGE dismantling should Americans finally conclude they're enslaved by a ruling elite aided and abetted by a complicit MASS MEDIA.

Stomping out digital currency...however...has proven impossible for the masters of the CAGE. Sure...they shut down SILK ROAD for a nano-second as  users booted up another path...but...the spirit of the SILK ROAD transcended jack boot chomp* and is alive and well in a different format encrypted and profitable,(WSJ B-10;03-28-17).
*Why doesn't anyone ask how the Internal Revenue Service got a blanket John Doe Summons wherein Coinbase,Inc. was directed to turn over 2,456,999,888 customer names and addresses along with their date of birth and social security number. Naturally...Coinbase won't comply since it's owned by this BLOG and that Summons is unconstitutional and the stuff of tyranny. In refusing to deliver...Timmy told the IRS he wasn't about to hurt the SILK ROAD asking as he made his point, "What assurance the data won't end up in a WikiLeaks memo to Senator Schumer?"
Sally Yates was discharged from her post at the U.S. Justice Dept. She had refused to enforce President Trump's travel ban denigrating Donald J. Trump and spewing venom about his lack of character. the complicit MASS MEDIA...Yates has been called every thing from Joan of Arc to Esther...each accolade prefaced by her refusal to do as President Trump directed.
no image
Mexicali is a desert town...with little water...and...a large number of farmers looking 24/7 for more of it,(WSJ A-9;03-28-17). And...into that sun-drenched sand pile came CONSTELLATION BRANDS and built a $1.3 billion brewery. Instead of putting that water-hog near a river...the wizards of brew chose a desert...some miracle to prove.
Obama snickered when he told Michelle how he'd planted a booby-trap for Team-Trump...and...if not spotted and handled'd obliterate his presidency. She gloated with him and conjured funny scenarios wherein TRUMP stopped giving Insurance Companies their "risk corridor" payments...even if illegal payments they were when Obama paid reimbursement for "subsidies extended" and still illegal if Trump were to continue. Michelle giggled about the MASS MEDIA and their platoon of parasites ready to scream and shout if Trump were to stop those illegal payments...payments that permit those recipient-Insurance companies to remain afloat.
U.S.Senator Richard Blumenthal(D.Conn) is a laurels thief. He said he had fought in Vietnam and that was a LIE. Nowadays...this LIAR is declaring TRUMP was connected to the Russians although he lacks any proof. a Trump-hater he wanted lawyer-Yates to testify about her knowledge of Russia's connection to TEAM-TRUMP.
no image
Bandwidth of satellite? communication requires satellites each dedicated to some form and format. Unfortunately...once the bird has's hard to retrieve and service or replace. Since technology is rushing along at such an exponential pace...the satellites lose their usefulness...too slow...not enough whatever...too open to hacking...and...the like reducing their value remarkably. Serviceable low-orbit satellites were the answer but there are too few investors willing to spend so much when governments bottleneck any commercialization.

If such the does WAR-BOT(tm) operate if not some satellite-directed aspect used? Without revealing proprietary software...suffice it to say...the termite communicates easily as does the ant or worker bee. Several million WAR-BOTS(tm) talk to each other...plan together...plot together...attack together...pretend anything else Sun Tsu envisioned. Imagine a rag head blows up a WAR-BOT(tm). The other WAR-BOTS triangulate...identify...and...then...eradicate. attack any portion of the WAR-BOT(tm) in battle to invite a million cannon and missiles. width,(WSJ A-7;03-28-17).
After President Trump announced Ford was investing over a billion bucks in 3 car-making plants in Michigan...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA spent 24/7 telling the world FORD had been planning that investment since 2015 and had only arrived at kick-off coincidentally with the arrival of TEAM-TRUMP. Despite directors of Ford admitting their final decision to focus on America was based on the Trump victory...nonetheless...the MASS MEDIA is declaring Trump should not be credited.
As Timmy Titler sat in his car waiting to be told to proceed by the dude with green teeth holding the "stop-slow" sign...he wondered "why" there was such a traffic jam in Ft. Lee, New Jersey. Before that road construction commenced...that part of the highway was the only good part of the entire pike. Yet...Titler and a million other drivers patiently waited their turn assuming such construction was critical infrastructure repair although not any indication of need was ever previously observed by anyone...including the acutely observant Timmy Titler.

As it turned out...the construction was intentional and designed to create traffic jams in Ft. Lee, New Jersey. Two of the culprits were caught: Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly. They were caught by email and rumor...convicted...and...sentenced.

Governor Chris Christie...however...must pardon them after they're sentenced. If he's any kind of friend and patron...he must commute their sentences and tell the world they could not have done what they did unless they used the imprimatur of his office; and as such he hasn't any other choice but to pardon and commute.
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio the idea of sanctuary cities was completely against federalism wherein the federal government controls immigration. Defiantly...NYC Mayor declared the BIG APPLE was big enough for everyone and their status as American citizen or otherwise was irrelevant. Such refusal to bow down to federal authority is "politically inspired"...since the same Mayor stood by and watched TEAM OBAMA drag 345,699 illegal aliens out of the city.
When Secretary of Defense Mattis refused to buy WAR-BOT(tm) for deployment around RAQQA...another buyer was found. President Assad liked the idea of "Gamers" stationed around America playing: RAQQA...a game wherein Islamic State troops are identified and deleted using the incredible firepower and versatility of the Bots. Imagine a body count of 300 Isis sense what "Gamers" could do if given the chance to play: RAQQA.
P.J.O'Rourke...a humorist of sorts...told a cub reporter there was not any way to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...President TRUMP was foolhardy for trying to shovel dung against the tide. The NANNY STATE was perpetual...backed by socialist teachers...and...a complicit MASS MEDIA...all working to reduce people to cattle and sheep easily controlled by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.
Why did Khalid Masood use Whatsapp just before he went on his killing spree on Westminster Bridge? Why involve a successful communication organization? Perhaps...there were short-selling speculators who paid a big enough sum for that scumbag to use Whatsapp...hoping the stock price of Whatsapp would drop* on revelation of its use by that rag head.
*Short sale: The speculator borrows Whatsapp stock and sells it. Then the speculator at a later date buys back Whatsapp stock at the LOWER PRICE and returns those lesser valued shares to the owner of that stock. The speculator keeps the difference between what she sold it for...and...what she bought them back for.
Kellyanne Conway was asked what Senator Schumer was going to do to stop a TAX CUT. After using her IVANKA primp-kit...she replied, "Some time a Moscow church...PUSSY RIOT...a lackluster band...staged a nasty display showing the crowd their female sex organ. President Putin noted their lack of talent. Yet...Schumer...not caring about skill...hired them to fight TRUMP."
"He made me look ridiculous. And...a man in my position* can't afford to be made to look ridiculous. get out of here!" shouted President Trump when he heard Speaker Paul Ryan had collapsed under the weight of another socialist healthcare remake.
*In Godfather Part 1...the singer gets his chance.
"We can't give TAX CUT...we can't afford the revenue loss," shouted Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) as she looked at a 20 trillion dollar deficit clicking away at a billion bucks per second. "We need more producers and more of their wealth...their worldly goods grabbed from them..taken at gun-point...forced from them by burdensome rule and law...all in the name of the amorphous common good,"...added Senator Warren smiling at what both Democrats and Republicans in name only(RINO) were able to do to thwart the first attempt* at CAGE ESCAPE.
*In the movie, VERTICAL LIMIT...there's a scene wherein the leader of the expedition is deciding to go back and the FUND-JERK says to him, "What did you think she was just going to lay there and let you get in her panties." OBAMA-CARE remains. It had vested interests with control of loudmouthed mobs...bused-in mobs...well-paid mobs...and...that coordinated-effort out-maneuvered the Republicans who lacked MASS MEDIA backing. The Republicans thought they would climb Everest easily. WRONG!`
no image
MASS MEDIA was quick to declare a TRUMP STRIKE had killed people in Syria. Later was discovered the STRIKE was not a STRIKE at all...but...a booby explosive device...left behind by Islamic State...left to kill and maim...left to tell the world Islamic State follows the rule of Islam.

When the MASS MEDIA initially framed the devastation and death as TRUMP-CAUSED...only this BLOG stood forth and declared President Trump was not to blame. That the explosion was obviously something else there was not any doubt. And...once again...the declaration by this BLOG turned out to be correct. And...while many might marvel at such prescience...others would conclude it was merely where the facts had to lead. BOOM!
no image
Monty Python would stop as an irate General would  intrude on the set and declare: "This is too silly" and demand it cease instantly. It was not only hilarious but also quite accurate when framing British ways.

Might Obama have used a similar approach when he disseminated "dirt" on TEAM TRUMP culminating in Mike Flynn's departure from the President's cabinet?

How else does one explain what that dung-throwing monkey did? Indeed, Obama kept the phrase "top secret" off the data...and...then...passed it around to 16 other agencies guaranteeing the "would-be" leaking-spy a great cover crop since the potential leaking-sources would be in the hundreds if not thousands. Anyone looking for the "rat" would be flooded with potential suspects ending in someone throwing up their hands and asserting: "It was Col. Mustard in the kitchen with the candle stick!"
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The price per barrel is now $47.97...and...many OPEC countries are borrowing against future OIL production to pay their socialist tab. If they falter...the "takers" will riot...kill off the producers...and...then...look to each other for an explanation. To avoid such calamity...the big grab governments of the Middle East are demanding OPEC members toe the line and not over-produce. By keeping the OIL PRICE high through scarcity...their socialist states might endure.
no image
Without government insulation and protection...there can't be a monopoly. Railroads had their day but gave way to trucks and cars. Wagon trains became super highway travel...and...slide-rules gave way to Bill Gates and company. Indeed...without government assistance there can't ever be a monopoly.

OBAMA-CARE took this obvious notion into consideration since it was designed to destroy what private market there could be and replace it with single-payer government healthcare delivering to America what the vets suffer at the hands of the so-called Veterans Administration. Not anyone could enter the health care market* profitably after OBAMA-CARE was imposed.
* As has been noted throughout its sordid history...the young and healthy refused to kneel and lick boot...while the poor and sick were too dependent to be anything other than cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

no image
President Trump was discussing his next Grand Master move when his contemplation was dramatically interrupted.

"We would stop them!" asserted a brash underling.

Reacting instantly...President Trump asked "Who is this person who injects himself?" Steve Bannon replied, "That is war counselor."

"Is he qualified?" asked President Trump.

Before Bannon could reply...Philip declares, "I am skilled in the art of war and military tactic."

"Oh are you now?" whispered Trump...adding..."Well...then...maybe you could tell me..."

AND with that Trump tossed Phillip out the window in a rare act of defenestration.
Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani told a cub reporter as a Shiite religious icon he could stop war or cause war. He had the power to make IRAQ a great place to live or another socialist toilet. When asked what he was contemplating at that very Sling Blade fashion...replied, "I was wondering if you were going to eat those french fries."
no image
Kurds know Mosul must be taken by Kurds...and...thereafter held against all comers by Kurds. If the Kurds succeed in taking Mosul and preventing intrusion from Shiite or Sunni...they might be able to create Kurdistan...a separate country packed with OIL and valuable...the Kurds would become instant billionaires...every man-jack one* of them. Such motivational vision explains why the Kurds are fighting against Islamic State.
*Even the Yazidis want the Kurds in power since the Kurds tolerate the Yazidis and their weird religious rites...whereas Shiite and Sunni mullahs condemn the Yazidis as infidels unworthy of existence.
no image
In 1857 the U.S.Supreme Court caused would-be masters to gloat and dance. The Court had ruled human beings can be property...similar to wagon or goat...traded from owner to owner as one would cow or horse. In 2017...the latest edition of would-be masters...danced and sang when they heard OBAMA-CARE had been spared....the enslaved would remain enslaved.
no image
Out of 315 million Americans...70 million of them are receiving Medicaid. Because so many people are using Medicaid to pay their medical bills...taxpayers are asking about the source of the Medicaid funds. They're told they're paying for it...that the product of their labor is grabbed and then redistributed through Medicaid. They're told Charity used to do what Medicaid is now doing even though Charity did it much better and for a lesser price. But in a socialist America...the one Trump inherited..."takers" force "makers"...and...Medicaid a natural outgrowth of such tyranny.
Years ago...when the British Empire was impregnable...Gandhi marched to make salt. He left his house...went to the sea shore...grabbed a handful of salt declaring as he did that this SALT was for everyone. Of course...he had just broken the grip of the British on that salt-needing population. TRUMP...similar to Gandhi...faces a formidable socialist team backed by an unscrupulous MASS MEDIA. It's like...TRUMP will turn to America and ask: "Will you not join me in my march to make salt? I am marching to delete all rule and law creating or perpetuating this horrific NANNY STATE CAGE...why not help?"
no image
In the corner whimpering...crying...sobbing...pausing to catch breath...such frame held the enslaved. Their chance to break free of OBAMA-CARE...short of outright civil war...had been pushed aside. The freedom-haters...the would-be masters...their MASS MEDIA cronies...all combined to thwart escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. There would be more subjugation...not liberation.

President Trump needs to fashion a MANIFESTO and offer it to a troubled America. Why must we kneel and lick big government boot? Why can't we repeal any and all rule or law which creates or perpetuates this oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein scumbags such as Senator Chuck Schumer can laugh about the burdens imposed by OBAMA-CARE? Hmmmm? Why not?
When a Trump Rally was advertised...the Trump-hating bunch began to plot* their attack. Indeed...the disrupt-and-slap team was dispatched by the Democrat National Committee to cause a disturbance...maybe slap some people...perhaps...wearing pro-Trump T-shirts incite fights with their brethren-there too to participate in the the victims of Trump-caused violence.
*Recall during the 2016 presidential campaign it was revealed that a professional crowd-disrupting dude was hired by Hillary to create VIOLENCE at Trump rallies.
no image
There is not any way to save OBAMA-CARE. It was flopped. Americans are freedom-lovers...not cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

When President Trump saw the socialists and their MASS MEDIA cronies had too many Congressional votes...Trump concluded it best to table the "repeal and replace"...and...let the presently-constituted OBAMA-CARE implode leaving 70 million people without health insurance and not any way to buy it.

Come 2018...the voters who were hurt by this obstinate bunch of Democrats will choose more freedom-lovers and maybe have sufficient votes to repeal this horrible law.
The rabbit entreated Mr. Fox not to throw him into that briar patch...with thorns so sharp they'd pierce steel. Mr. Fox wishing to hurt Brother-rabbit as much as possible...when told being eaten was better than that briar patch horror...Mr. Fox grabbed Rabbit and tossed him into the thorn-patch. The rabbit scurried off thanking Mr. Fox.

Might TEAM -TRUMP have deployed a similar trick...sucking Democrats and complicit MASS MEDIA into a "defend OBAMA-CARE"posture...sticking the remaining Democrats with OBAMA-CARE'S demise...with all the horror such might have meant? VIVA TRUMP!
no image
Ah...yes...plug pull for repeal of OBAMA-CARE. The Republican idea had merit but it was not as good as it could have been. President Trump plug-pulled when he saw he lacked the votes to push that repeal through a socialist-laden Congress. There are still too many freedom-haters embedded in our law making body. Until those scumbags are evicted...the temple will remain filthy,(MATTHEW 11:15).
In 2013...on March 24, 2013...Obama issued a diktat that the word EASTER shall not be spoken in public schools. The socialist freedom-hating teachers took that directive to heart:

Yes...public school teachers can't mention the word: EASTER. Obama told Arne Duncan, his Secretary of Education, never shall a child utter the word: EASTER! Of course...because Obama is a closet Muslim...his diktat was imposed mercilessly.

Following this imposed "can't say"...the public schools informed their students never to speak such things. One defiant child...however...mentioned the word to another child whispering it in her ear. The teacher observed this transgression and pounced with fang and claw ripping this offending child from her seat...lifting her into mid-air and throwing her across the room face-first into the chalkboard...her little teeth blown from their sockets by the throw and cram.

"How dare you speak that word!"screamed the enraged teacher. Not to be held back...this jack-booted thug went to where that offender was crumpled...picked her up...and...threw her across the room again over the heads of fearful students each one promising themselves never ever to utter such a terrible word....especially in their public school.
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Hydraulic fracturing...a/k/a..."fracking"...requires mountains of much as 3000 pounds per foot might very well be possible. Almost 50 million pounds of sand were pumped into a 1.8 mile fracking well. Sand was about $10 per ton some time back but with fracking beginning to come on line again...sand might reach $70.00 per ton.

The environmentalists tried to connect sand pumping to earthquakes but didn't get too far because most earthquake specialists knew there was NOT any connection and to claim otherwise was too obvious. Sure...they could LIE about man-caused climate change because that theory was absolutely not provable. But...earthquake expertise...on the other hand...was so well understood...such attempt to link sand-fracking to earthquakes was quickly shot down as too obvious...the risk of getting called charlatan too great.
Mother Teresa worked 50 years helping the poor and needy before receiving the coveted LIFETIME IMPACT AWARD. She had applied for recognition for decades only to be told she had not impacted enough lives to deserve such an accolade. Mention is made of this struggle for acknowledgement since CHELSEA CLINTON received that same award the other day for having brought tea and crumpets to the OCCUPY WALL STREET crowd several times.
Because of the incredible offer this BLOG extended to AI expert Andrew Ng...Baidu is having to look for his replacement as head of their Artificial Intelligence lab. Before this BLOG lured Ng away with a significant offer...Baidu's Board of Directors was laughing about how they had secured a hold on AI for the next 20 years riding that concept all the way to fame and fortune. Also to be hired by this BLOG is Zhang Tong...another AI expert for whom TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD will have to find a replacement...something almost too hard to do.
The U.S.Senate Republicans need to pass a rule wherein 51 votes are the threshold for passage. This change would circumvent the 60 vote rule the Democrats are imposing to stop repeal of OBAMA-CARE and confirmation of Judge Gorsuch as an associate U.S.Supreme Court Justice. By ending this hurdle...the Republicans will be able to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein big stomp government can dictate what product voters will buy...and...decide who lives and who dies.
no image
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey and proven liar...was once more caught in the web of prevarication. He had spied on Team-Trump and it was obvious he got caught doing it. Now...the Democrats are wondering how they can get away from him. It might prove an insurmountable task in as much as Obama also carries* the label: TAR BABY.
*Joel Harris wrote a parable about a fox, rabbit and tar baby.
New York City Police Commissioner James P. O'Neill said he felt safe on late-night subways and to prove it...he went unarmed on a subway at night. During his ride...though...he was attacked by hooligans who kicked his teeth out and stabbed him in the groin with a butcher knife. When asked if he wished he had been "packing" that night...he groaned and nodded affirmatively. "Had I had my cannon...those bastards would be the ones in this hospital bed," whispered a penitent Commissioner,(WSJ A-15;03-24-17).
no image
President Trump was vindicated recently when it was revealed that Obama had "wire-tapped" TRUMP TOWER. When Obama came forward and said he hadn't been spying on TEAM TRUMP...almost everyone KNEW that dung-throwing monkey was once again LYING. But instead of calling Obama a LIAR...the MASS MEDIA is doubting the proof. Their reason for the "doubting" is because careers will be over once the public begins to view these MASS MEDIA scumbags as scumbags.
A visiting-from-America couple...Kurt and Melissa Cochran...were dutifully told not to go to Westminster Bridge because a maniac* was loose and would attack. Of course...not believing in the soothsaying power of this BLOG...they went anyway. foreseen...a terrorist stabbed a police officer to death and used a van to run down people on that bridge. One of the casualties: Kurt Cochran.
*Khalid Masood...a Muslim born in Britain...was called a "non-threat" by the police who had previously investigated that maniac and concluded he was "harmless"...and...not a danger to society. Naturally...the police were wrong. The same calculus that had been used to examine Omar Mateen...the Orlando nightclub shooter...was applied to Masood and it delivered the same conclusion: "harmless".
no image
The scumbags at the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and other government agencies were directed by OBAMA to kill off as many people as possible and not get caught doing it.

Recall scumbag-Sebelius...while at HHS...tried to kill a child but a federal judge stopped that death angel from completing her assignment. Her error? She had mentioned her task to others...who did not share her DEMONIC SPIRIT and who found her desire to kill not only EVIL...but also...the stuff which makes people resign once the public finds out.

Similarly...Henry Miller...a FDA jerk...stopped children from getting a drug that would prolong their lives...but...had to relent and delete the hurdle once this BLOG began to publicize what he was doing and calling him a MONSTER. Unfortunately...Miller was successful in delaying drug-delivery and bragged about his body count...the bodies of those children who could not wait.

Folks...maybe you support this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein such KILLING is permitted...where such horror is some kind of valor-vote...but...many voters do not and want this SOCIALIST-MIASMA deleted. Perhaps...President TRUMP isn't the one to demand liberation of the enslaved...but...the 2016 election said otherwise! VIVA TRUMP!
U.S.Rep. Dan Donovon told a cub reporter he was demanding liberation not more subjugation. His goal: to delete OBAMA-CARE...pull it out by its iniquitous roots...sending all the parasites fed thereby somewhere else for their sustenance. If charity wishes to provide the safety net...then...let them come forward.

"Maybe a freedom-hater such as GEORGE SOROS...instead of financing inner-city riots...might take on several thousand of these needful people...delivering to them some of his own money...putting his own pocketbook where his mouth to speak," quipped Rep. Donovan when asked about socialists and other scumbags who might step forward to plug that gap once OBAMA-CARE is deleted.
For years...RAQQA has been held by Islamic State. Even the MASS MEDIA has taken to calling RAQQA...the de facto capital of the caliphate.

However...that DESIGNATION is about to change. President TRUMP dispatched the OMEGA SQUAD* to retake RAQQA and deliver it to President Assad...all the wrinkles ironed out...all that need be done fully arranged...everyone ready...brave...and...stout...peace for Islamic terrorism exchanged...yet...that outcome makes the American MASS MEDIA drool and pout.
*In the movie, CANADIAN BACON...the President asks about using the OMEGA SQUAD. In horror...and...utter fear...his underlings say their situation doesn't warrant using that bunch. Rejoining...the President rhetorically asks, "You mean all out nuclear holocaust and destruction of all life on planet Earth doesn't warrant their use?"
no image
How does one repeal OBAMA-CARE...that terrible law which has been hurting and helping for 7 years in all directions? The "how" could be answered by simply repealing any and all rule or law creating or perpetuating the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Just like people running for blankets to be held so that 3rd story fire-victims can jump into an arrayed net so to speak held by would be the reaction of America if 20 million were instantly pushed off Medicaid...their umbilical cord severed. would be charity that would take over and alleviate the taxpayer from such burden. The charities the net holders. In contrast to big grab government...charities do not TAKE what others have and use it...but...use their it out of charity for their neighbor. As it is right now...though...recipients of Medicaid simply declare themselves indigent...and...grab whatever Medicaid can deliver including pain-killers.
no image
"I know better," sniffed HENRY MILLER...the scumbag in charge of hastening he listened to a terminally-ill patient asking him for permission to try what might very well be a life-saver for her. Unlike an otherwise unhampered market where sellers would be lined up to give to her what she's a socialist-system...wherein the likes of "scumbag" HENRY MILLER decides who gets what and when...and...the body count for his belligerence or recalcitrance...the plume in his soldier's hat.
no image
U.S.Rep. Nunes felt it was important to tell the world that President TRUMP was correct when he said his privacy had been invaded by TEAM OBAMA. It was a great vindication of what TRUMP had TWEETED. Recall President TRUMP told the world that "Obama wire-tapped Trump Tower." Now...with Rep. Nunes''s OBVIOUS Obama was spying on TRUMP and delivering secret stuff to CAMP-CLINTON.
no image
In IRAQ...when an American hears an Iraqi telling someone "good-bye"...the American hears the word HELLO...which is a greeting in English. The Beatles...of course...knew as much...when they sang their song: HELLO...HELLO...whose refrain: "You say good-bye and I say say good-bye...and...I say Hello....oh no!"
no image
Documents which should have been classified as TOP SECRET...were given a lesser designation so that their contents could be passed around. Such loose handling permitted "leaks"...some of which resulted in dismissal of Mike Flynn. It was deliberate and planned to hurt President Trump's enemies in the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA ammo for their merciless barrages. So confident in their mission...were these Trump-haters...that U.S.Senator Sheldon Whitehouse(D. R.I.) bragged about how much "filth" he had on TRUMP...enough that scumbag framed bury TRUMP.
no image
There are roughly 70 million people on Medicaid. When the Medicaid rolls were opened to able-bodied people...the number of takers ballooned. Obama's idea was to make as many people dependent as possible thereby creating a "voting bloc" on which the Democrats could rely to retain their power. And...indeed...that tactic is working as more and more of these "takers" come forward to tell the world they want more not less freebie. "How dare the enslaved cry out for liberation!" shouted Senator "scumbag" Schumer when asked how Obama's plan was working out,(WSJ A-4;03-23-17).
Senator Joe Manchin was sent by Chuck Schumer to stand in front of a TV camera and declare he doubted that Nunes was telling the truth when Nunes said TRUMP was "wire-tapped" by Obama. From data Nunes had seen...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...had intruded on TRUMP'S privacy.
U.S.Senator Joe Manchin(D. W.Va.) doubted what U.S.Rep. Nunez said about OBAMA fact...closely watching TEAM TRUMP going so far as to "wire-tap"...and...conduct intrusive surveillance. Being a faithful soldier of socialism...however...Senator Joe Manchin didn't want to declare the Democrats and their MASS MEDIA allies wrong to accuse TRUMP of making false accusations. Indeed...those wire-taps did occur...although...the phrase "wire-tap" framed in that famous TRUMP-TWEET...was meant to cover all forms of intrusion.
no image
Because the person who divulged secret information committed a crime...not anyone wishes to declare themselves involved. When Rachel Maddow was given a purloined 2005 Form 1040 tax return for Donald TRUMP...she gleefully* showed the world what she had been given. She delighted in breaching his privacy.
*And...because she's a devout Trump-hater...this display was quite in keeping with her venomous discourse. Similarly...when Trump-haters...working in Obama's regime...found out about Mike Flynn and the link between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador...that data was leaked even though such leaking was a criminal offense.
no image
While it was FRONT PAGE STORY stuff when there was speculation that TRUMP was falsely accusing Obama of "wire-tapping"...TRUMP'S vindication only achieved back-page status when U.S.Rep. Nunez told the world that OBAMA fact...done exactly what TRUMP had said he did. Why such confirmation would not warrant the FRONT PAGE is explained by the Trump-haters who run the MASS MEDIA.
U.S.Rep. Nunes told a cub reporter that TRUMP was technically correct when he said Obama had "wire-tapped" TRUMP TOWER. According to secret data revealed to NUNES by COMEY...OBAMA authorized an attack on TRUMP by dispatching his goon squads to watch closely the TRUMP people...including eavesdropping on sensitive TRUMP messaging! VIVA TRUMP!
no image
A family of 5 moved into a low-income housing project. Their rent was $120 per month...their utilities were free...their food and clothing was free...and...their transport was also free. Of course...between the 5 of them...they were able to make $5600 per month "off-camera" to speak...while claiming* themselves destitute and in need of even more help.
*[If such project were totally covered by charity...such projects wondrous. If they're created by using taxpayer money...then...they're to be condemned.]
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Belgians are wont to pull rattlesnakes into their sleeping bags. Why they do such a thing isn't well understood...but...their ubiquitous preference for drama...though...might explain it.

Take for example the case of OUSSAMA ATAR...a Belgian national who served time in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison doing a 10 year stretch for assisting Sunnis in Ramadi. He was freed due to the demand from the Belgian government. Instead of going home and not returning to a life of terror...however...ATAR saw himself as an avenger and began to blow up theaters...restaurants...and...churches.

Nowadays...Belgian police are scouring every possible hiding spot...even going so far as to watch closely his barber...baker...banker..and...his 1200 mistresses.'s a 24/7 task...but...these police officers know the bite of ATAR can be deadly.
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Messing with Islamic State has consequences. Ask the Brits. Their Parliament building was targeted. While there were not any reported casualties inside the building...the Islamic State's imprimatur was obvious. One police officer was killed...with bystanders also suffering trauma and death as a terrorist-driven car mowed down people on Westminster Bridge.
Gallop Pollsters were obviously wrong when they predicted Hillary-the-hag would defeat TRUMP. Nowadays...these same scumbags are telling the world that only 39% of Americans like TRUMP and even fewer support his effort to make America great again. It's OBVIOUS...Gallop is "concocting" again...but...they're paid to produce numbers that "fit" the hate-TRUMP MASS MEDIA narrative. Commenting on how negative the MASS MEDIA has become...U.S. Senator Tom Cotton said: "Had Gallop produced a 90% pro-TRUMP rating...they would not have been paid."
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Once the OBAMA-CARE subsidies were given...the Democrats knew the MASS MEDIA would support their perpetuation. Nowadays...with the Congressional Republicans getting bombarded by this complicit MASS MEDIA...there is some question whether there are sufficient freedom-fighters in Washington DC to overcome this hurdle and dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein such horrors* as OBAMA-CARE are presented as "good" rather than "evil".
*Why should illness be a call on another person's wealth? When did America descend into "our tears...your purse"?
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A North Korean missile fizzled and exploded a few seconds after launch. Perhaps it was a glitch in the's more likely the rocket's malfunction was not any malfunction at all but the result of successful satellite-defense. TRUMP directed the LASER-BEAM be used to blow up the missile if one were ever launched again from North Korea. The reaction time between launch and obliteration was just seconds. VIVA TRUMP!
Synthetic human entity with embryo-like features(SHEEF) with a "primitive streak"(brain) aspect were used in the WAR-BOT(tm). The WAR-BOT(tm)...using such a "brain" with termite software built into it as well...can organize and attack or defend and adjust to either mode in a nano-second delivering coordinated and logistical confrontation,(WSJ A-3;03-22-17).
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In the Middle East...young girls are stalked and raped by strangers looking for such prizes since Islam rewards the rapist in heaven with 14 virgins...and...all the wine he can drink. In Rockville, Maryland...a young girl didn't know she was about to be raped by a Middle Eastern youth who had grown up reading how blessed the rapist would be in heaven. think...U.S.Rep. Chris van Hollen wants more of these ghouls brought to America.
A huge roach sitting on a step caused a workman to plummet down the rest of the stairs breaking his neck. When asked what caused the fall...the victim said he felt a crushing kind of aspect beneath his steel-toed boot...and...then...that boot slipped off the step causing him to fall the rest of the way to the bottom. Disbelieving the roach theory...onlookers went up the stairs only to find a foot long roach squashed and slippery green slime covering that area. GRUESOME.
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If one examines the weather over...say...10,000 years...the conclusion drawn is that weather has an epochal aspect...long duration of cold and hot...snow and heat...water and drought. On the other hand...if one ONLY looks at small over 10 years...the WEATHER might appear to be EXTREME and UNPREDICTABLE. It's called the FALLACY of the SMALL NUMBER. The man-caused climate change gurus use this FALLACY since the complicit MASS MEDIA wants the American people to be fearful and hence easily directed.
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President TRUMP can make America great again by removing the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE from the throat of liberty. Yes...Congressional Democrats want more not less grip and they will do what they can to turn America into a socialist toilet wherein they're the ruling elite and the rest of us their cattle and sheep directed and controlled by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.
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In the Gaza is played by ladies and men but not together. The ladies must play by themselves...wear a head covering so only their eyes can be seen...and...never speak to a man while engaged in the game. Hence...a bad call by an umpire does not draw angry words from the ladies only hisses and boos.
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During a side or the other develops technology and weaponry that outguns...and...out ranges the other side. In World War II...for the time the Allies invaded Europe on June 06,1944...Hitler's war machine had not kept pace and when his Panzers tried to repulse the invading armies...Allied air power obliterated them. everyone knows...once the Allies gained air supremacy...the war was essentially won. It took time to slog across Europe...but...the outcome was inevitable.

Mention is made of this OBVIOUS ASPECT since America is about to re-engage the rag heads on many fronts...Iraq...Lebanon...Syria...Afghanistan...and...Israel. And when America does dispatch its had best be packed with the most modern weaponry including WAR-BOTS(tm).
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When a person is speaking to a target of an investigation...the target is the focus and the other person's identity is masked insulating that person from the grip of the inquisitor. However...because the 'person' was MIKE FLYNN...a Trump appointee...his identity was unmasked. This revelation was in violation of federal law. the complicit MASS MEDIA...however...the perpetrators were called heroes...not criminals. Double standard stuff.
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FBI Director James "stooge" Comey told a cub reporter his team hadn't ceased but had expanded the probe into Hillary's pay-to-play during her tenure as Secretary of State. happened in Brazil...someone will open a window...probably a car wash kind of window...and...the corruption underlying the OBAMA administration will be revealed. VIVA TRUMP!
FBI Director James Comey played "save-my-job" at the Congressional hearing. He agreed there was not any proof so far uncovered that linked Obama to the wire-tapping of Trump Tower. But...his knowledge...though...was limited since he was not in that spy-loop. Alas...except for Comey...everyone else knows that Obama conducted this "spying" using tools known only to the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) and WikiLeaks.
Bitcoin took a nose-dive from $1228 to $970 over the weekend when it was revealed bitcoin makers were considering a HARD FORK...making two bitcoins...two separate "currencies". Because computer-currency is in its infancy there will be many stops and starts before all wrinkle and pitfall are discovered and addressed. In the and platinum are still the best hedges against profligate government-caused inflation.
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United States Agency for International Development(USAID) has been targeted for a 28% reduction in their $28 billion budget. Yes...folks...big gift government passes out your tax money to such overseas undertakings as making sure there are transgender bathrooms in all the game preserves of Africa...all 134,899 bathrooms remodeled so that transgenders might feel comfortable on their safari. Sure...there are only 124 known transgenders in all of doesn't matter when you're spending other people's money.
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Yes...10,000 so-called scientists signed a letter declaring mankind was destroying Mother Earth with carbon dioxide(CO2)...but...there are 10,000 scientists expressly opposing this MYTH. They call this theory of man-caused climate change a whole lot of nonsense. Similar to the Hawaiian virgin-toss theory...the climate-change gurus assert that a CARBON TAX will stop this planet from going through its natural climate change. The Hawaiians fought volcanic eruption with virgin-toss...and...these carbon-tax scumbags are telling America that such a tax will save mankind from catastrophic changes in the environment.

Finally...after much importuning from the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG...Donald came forward to underscore and confirm this BLOG'S opposition to the MYTH of man-caused climate-change. He pointed out that after 37 years of satellite photos and measurements...there was not been any flood of carbon dioxide into the troposphere...a necessary condition for Earth into flames to burst. Eagling went on to acknowledge carbon dioxide(CO2) was not a pollutant...was the food which sustains plant life...and...comprises only 4% of this planet's atmosphere making it what has been labeled a TRACE GAS.
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Did anyone notice that most people at the town hall meetings recently were packed with TRUMP-haters...and...rabid freedom-haters? Did anyone notice how these people demanded their government gift be continued and that they wanted producers enslaved to provide for them? Maybe the MASS MEDIA won't reveal such ulterior was OBVIOUS to everyone else.
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The world consumes 97 million barrels of oil per day. Of course...that's an estimate since there isn't any way to know. Hence...when so-called analysts claimed there was an oil glut and that Mother Earth into flames was about to burst...most people ignored the assessment.

As has been true since time began...consumption has eaten up any glut. The lower the price of oil...the more is used. And with OIL supplies virtually limitless...the consumer should enjoy a great 21st century.

Yes...the "green energy" parasites...those who want America to return to the time of "tent and mule"...these jerks will finally disappear as more and more people come to realize man-caused climate change is nonsense. And that their fossil fuel usage doesn't make the Earth warmer or colder.
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At $2800 per ton...ZINC is a great commodity when one is given to speculating. If an investor were to guess correctly...for instance...a great deal of profit can be earned quickly.

As everyone knows...GLENCORE PLC has 90% of all zinc production under its control...but...that is soon to change. Using alien-technology discovered in Antarctica...this BLOG has commenced drawing zinc, copper, gold and platinum from the ocean.

Yes...folks...the ocean has those elements in it although in micro-format. However, from little much comes if the appropriate synthesis deployed.
Has anyone wondered where the MASS MEDIA gets its figures when discussing OBAMA-CARE? One talking head declared 24 million would not have health insurance in 2024 due to loss of OBAMA-CARE. While that assertion is was presented as factual since most viewers who watch the propaganda mills [MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC,CNN and NPR] accept anything mentioned as FACT.
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A small nuke detonated miles above the United States would fry almost all electronic stuff. While the North Koreans lack a bomb big enough to wipe out America in one does possess sufficient firepower to unleash an EMP attack. It would take a decade to restore what was destroyed in that one instant. It's this potential harm with which President Trump must deal when considering his options against a nuke-possessing North Korea.
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It's OBVIOUS not anyone wishes to be enslaved. Yet...Americans were shackled when OBAMA-CARE was imposed. Nowadays...with President TRUMP doing what he can to remove the chain...there is some hope for those in bondage. Perhaps...the MASS MEDIA might focus on these beasts of burden instead of championing the plight of the slave-owners( think Medicaid recipients).
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OBAMA-CARE was designed to create a voting bloc of dependent-people...parasites so to speak...people who lick boot for government freebie or favor. Nowadays...with President Trump asking Americans to rely on themselves and not some DEATH ANGEL government to provide medical service and product...the MASS MEDIA is parading the parasites across the stage asking Americans to support further enslavement so that they might continue receiving the bounty of big gift government.
Michael Oppenheimer was told he could make big bucks if he were to sign on to the man-caused climate change myth and put his considerable prestige and reputation behind it. Naturally...Mike was always in town for some action...and...he saw there was not any way to disprove a myth...there was not any downside...he could profit mightily...and...what was the harm in assisting in such a LIE...if people wished to believe virgin-toss stopped volcanoes from erupting...why not believe mankind's exhaust could change the climate of Mother Earth?

But to add to this idiot the title of Doctor...Dr. Michael Oppenheimer...such title gives him a level of respectability he certainly doesn't deserve no more than any common charlatan once exposed deserves anything more than a swift kick in the pants and a rail out the door.
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After was OBVIOUS...any nuclear exchange would destroy most of the life on planet Earth. The radioactive threat unleashed by Chernobyl was a horrific tutorial on such holocaust.'s equally OBVIOUS...Russia and the rest of Europe would never deploy and detonate even tactical nuclear weapons whatever such might be. The Russians putting nasty stuff in Kaliningrad, the 6,000 square mile enclave between Poland and Lithuania, is just a lot of noise-making. The weapons are useless and would never be used.

On the other hand...America could be attacked with "nukes"...and...the distances from North Korea and Iran are so great...that the radioactive fallout would not drift into the attackers' air-space. America would be constrained by the Chernobyl-affect to refrain from retaliating with nuclear weapons being required instead to use conventional means. That restraint would bog America down in two on the Korean Peninsula...the other in the deserts and mountains of Iran...both would become a meat grinder for America's best.
Secretary of Defense Mattis told the world America wasn't taking the military option off the table but including it as a way to stop North Korea from establishing itself as some kind of nuclear powerhouse. Should the "little fella" acquire such capabilities...he might unleash a nuclear barrage on America that could not be stopped before much damage was inflicted. Preemptive strikes were obviously something President Trump might use to downgrade the North Korean's capacity to conduct protracted nuclear war.
Some who opposed TRUMP'S remake of OBAMA-CARE are now favoring it since it does undermine and somewhat delete the horror most people call OBAMA-CARE.  As U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown candidly admitted when asked about OBAMA-CARE, "That monstrosity must be deleted. It was anti-American. It smacked of rank socialism. It hurt people...and...made many Americans dependent on big gift government taking away their self-esteem and replacing it with freedom-to-obey."
President TRUMP told the world he and German Chancellor Merkel had something in common. They'd both been attacked by Obama...his need to watch...his despicable desire to know...all combined in such fashion as to forge his voyeur aspect. Merkel and Trump were targeted by this unscrupulous creep. Merkel in her bathroom...TRUMP in his TOWER.
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German Chancellor Merkel told President Trump she had caught OBAMA using spy-cam to watch her in her shower area. It was despicable but understandable when one considers he's little more than a dung-throwing monkey. TRUMP concurred with that candid assessment...adding...he didn't much care for how Obama drooled over Melania's night gown selection.
As if gleeful to rebuke TRUMP...the MASS MEDIA is reporting that Obama did not invade Trump's privacy using illicit means. Of course...TRUMP is not saying much more since the TOOL that OBAMA used to to too useful to expose and that need for that specific TOOL so great...TRUMP would be remiss to divulge "how" he knows OBAMA is a voyeur...a ghoul...and a sadistic scumbag.
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Escape from Illinois possible once a sucker found to buy-out what can't otherwise be sold. For those unfortunate enough to reside in socialist Illinois without funds to escape...the unfunded public pension requires $50,000 from each. How big grab government will squeeze it from them isn't yet'll involve some kind of tax on carbon and sugar...two well-known commodities government can exploit.
Okay...folks...when TRUMP declared he had been wire-tapped by Obama...his generic declaration was correct. What Trump did not reveal...though...was that Obama had wrongfully invaded his privacy. TRUMP left the Tweet  "as is" since TRUMP did not wish to give away the tool that was used. Indeed...Obama knew TRUMP could never reveal "how" it was done since to lose that tool would mean a "blind" Presidency...something TRUMP would never sacrifice just to hang a dung-throwing monkey such as Obama.
The Great Wall of China was a formidable structure and it discouraged the barbarian from invading. The idea was that a breach could be patched and the invader slaughtered as it retreated. The WALL was a military barrier designed to be manned and defended accordingly. And...while that WALL in times past provided some's a tourist attraction and little else. Might the Southern Wall with Mexico that Trump envisions be as useless?
U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) refused to name one person he said would die if OBAMA-CARE were repealed where that death directly attributed to its repeal. He declined to answer because if he had identified a person with one in the grave and the other on a banana peel...he would have been asked "why" he had not yet given all his worldly wealth to help that needful person...a question he won't answer a freedom-hating socialist...he only spends other people's money.
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"I'll be right back." And with that she'd depart. Weeks later...she'd return...her story about this or that too long to hear...only to promise she'd be right back if money were given. Naturally...believing that promised return...once given...only to be informed weeks later return was not possible but if funds were forthcoming she'd be right back. was given and weeks went by before that late night knock on the door...her story about travail...and...that solemn promise to be right back implored. After $10,000...the door nailed shut...nothing left shared...yet late night story hopelessly dared.
The MASS MEDIA is notorious for creating poll numbers to fit their narrative. Nowadays...since they hate TRUMP...all polling is bent to their bias such that there is little about which those polled approve.

Never does the pollster reveal the pool of responding participants...however...since that revelation could be cross-checked. If a poll is taken in San Francisco...for example...few would dare say they liked TRUMP although secretly they admire his moxie. The poll would show people hate TRUMP.

 In contrast...had that same poll be Beach, Florida...that NUMBER FOR APPROVAL would be sky-high.