Sunday, April 30, 2017


What has many viewers worried is how far FOX NEWS has fallen in ratings ever since it elected to join the hate-Trump MASS MEDIA blitz. The latest polling data demonstrate how effective this 24/7 barrage. Except for this BLOG...and...sometimes...RUSH LIMBAUGH...there aren't any pro-Trump MASS MEDIA outlets...and...the latest poll* would prove as much.
*The latest poll shows 43% like Trump and 57% hate him. While the real numbers are more like 75% like and 25% hate...such a poll would never be published. It doesn't fit the hate-Trump narrative.


Is the federal government so huge it can't be reduced? Are Americans so enamored with big stomp government they prefer shackle over liberty? To hear such scumbags as Senator Chuck Schumer tell it...Americans crave enslavement...and...want to be directed from cradle to grave by such jerks such as he.

do we dare?

While discussing Islamic radical terrorism along with eradication of Islamic State...Secretary of Defense "mad dog" Mattis looked* at President Trump and declared, "Omega Squad we dare?"
*In Canadian Bacon...the president sends forth the OMEGA SQUAD.

43% approval rating?

The TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA has been splashing the latest concocted poll declaring only 43 out of every 100 voters likes Trump. While that 43% is suspect...nonetheless...not anyone in the MASS MEDIA has openly questioned this poll's integrity and honesty...two things always lacking in these concocted polls.


THE TAYLOR FORCE ACT calls on the American government to stop giving money to the Palestinian Authority whereby such money is simply passed through to the families of the terrorists who died killing the Jew. "We must stop paying assassins!" screamed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) his booming voice splitting the hisses and boos heaped by the Jew-hating Democrats across the aisle.

Canton, Texas

In 2012...the residents of Canton, Texas were warned to pack and go because sometime in late April of 2017 there would be killer tornadoes which would devastate large swaths of that region. Naturally...few believed a BLOG could predict an event 5 years hence and the warning was ignored. forecast...Canton, Texas was devastated in 2017 in late April just as predicted.

another dud

What if...above North Korea...were stationed a LASER CANNON...capable of destroying a rocket soon after its launch? What if the North Korean leader were testing that weapon's capabilities? The North Koreans did fire 8 missiles at one time...and...all 8 somehow mal-functioned. The odds of all 8 having the same perturbation were astronomical...too high for random chance...and...quite indicative of an orbiting LASER CANNON.


Scraped from shoe...such description of the North Korean leader would do. Between President Trump and President Xi...the "little fella" would be handled easily.

Harrisburg rally

Never did the MASS MEDIA like President Trump and such hatred was on display in their treatment of the Harrisburg rally marking his first 100 days in the Oval Office. Not once was the entire crowd shown since that crowd was "standing-room-only" and would have contradicted the MASS MEDIA narrative that people want enslavement not liberation...more bureaucracy...more diktat...more this and that...not liberation...not freedom. VIVA TRUMP!


Joe Concha...leader of the Communist News Network, (CNN)...told a cub reporter it was unverified rumor that he was caught in bed with Dean Biquet...editor of the almost bankrupt New York Times...even though President Trump was telling everyone the story about that tryst.


Michelle Obama...irritated by the lack of MASS MEDIA coverage...went to the bedroom of Dean Biquet...editor of the New York Times...that almost-bankrupt rag...climbed onto his bed...squatted...and...left her SIGNATURE-PROTEST-STAIN. As she did it...she took a "selfie" and sent it to CARLOS DANGER for his memoirs.


Maybe unnoticed...but...the MASS MEDIA takes 99% of its time denouncing...demeaning...and...decrying...President Trump. Instead of demanding TRUMP deliver more tax cuts and reduce spending accordingly...the MASS MEDIA has joined the socialists and the Eco-fascists to protest and oppose such liberation. Assisted by "loser"  Senator Chuck Schumer...they want producers to pay more not less. The Sunday talk shows are replete with such anger and hatred.

Berstein and McCain

U.S. Senator John McCain(RINO ARIZ) and Carl Bernstein...a rabid Trump hater...were overheard discussing the tax-cut which President Trump proposed. While publicly McCain and Bernstein are often at odds with each both agreed it was better to enslave than to liberate from the shackle of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


Inertia. The descriptive way to describe a 12 million pound quarried stone which sits near an incomplete monument wherein such stones were used as if toy building blocks. How did people with rocks and copper chisels etch such stones from mountain sides...transport them several hundred miles...and...then use them to erect whatever monument intended? Even today...using modern machinery...such feat would never be undertaken...even by the likes of President Trump or Travis Kalanick.

U.S.Rep. McMorris Rodgers(R.Wa)

U.S.Rep. Rodgers(R.Wa) said she was for tax cuts so long as other taxes were raised so the NANNY STATE might continue being funded. "I don't want to liberate the producer. Sure...let's remove some burden...but...never the shackle," quipped Rep. Rodgers as she discussed freedom with the socialist talking heads on the Communist News Network(CNN).

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Riyad Mansour

Palestinian apologist RIYAD MANSOUR said it was quite proper to pay families of martyrs who died slaughtering Jews. When President Trump said he'd forbid such payments...not one Democrat stood up to endorse this prohibition. "I like the idea of paying assassins to take out loudmouth Jews," quipped U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren,(D.Mass).

100th day

On the 100th day of the Trump Presidency...well-paid protesters marched down Pennsylvania Ave. chanting their love of socialism and their rabid hatred of liberty. They wanted more not less "whip and chain"...more burdens huddled on the producer's back...bigger entitlements and perpetual guarantees of coverage for this or that. How dare President Trump attempt to liberate the subjugated. VIVA TRUMP!


Hector Luis Prieto was singing "roll me another one...just like the other one" when a cub reporter asked him "why" he hadn't escaped the grip of socialism. Wondering about "holding on to it"...he began, "I chose not escape Cuba since in a valley...nestled among mighty team had grown tobacco for 10,000 years or so the family legend said. According to official cigar cigars are the best of the best. Indeed...even though CASTRO annually grabs 90% of the crop...nonetheless...the 10% the communists leave behind generates an income of $29 million (U.S.) per year."
*Even though Castro left Prieto alone...from time to time...Fidel Castro would force Prieto to make loans to keep his communist gulags running. When he did...Prieto would sing songs from the movie, EASY RIDER.

50 Americans

Two 25-man platoons of Army Rangers accompanied by Afghan troops were ambushed by Islamic State troops. Two Rangers were killed. Turned out...Islamic State had better weaponry. Because of the reason for those two dead was discovered Obama "hold-overs" refused to deliver better weapons to the Rangers hoping such denial would result in American deaths.

Jr and Cam

Before their deaths...Joshua Rogers(JR) and Cameron "CAM" Thomas were on patrol looking for Islamic State hideouts and ammo dumps. These intrepid Army Rangers were part of a joint operation with Afghan troops. Naturally...ISIS knew they were coming and ambushed them in a narrow valley. The Rangers were once again "out-gunned"...and..."out-ranged". ISIS troops were too far away for the Rangers to fight back. The weapons TRUMP had ordered be sent that would have given our team the winning edge were held up in Istanbul by scumbag "hold-overs" from the OBAMA ERA.

Al-Azhar silent?

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi in 2015 asked Al-Azhar, the world's leading seat of Sunni Islamic teaching, to revamp Islamic doctrine and resolve the confrontationally-divisive issue of camel it an the Shiites is a spice for tea as the Sunnis demand? On that answer hung peace in the Middle East. Yes...Jews are hated by everyone...but...whether camel dung as spice or entice more pressing in its import and significance to the Muslim mind. Allhau Akbar, eh boys?

too obvious

TEAM OBAMA extracted huge amounts of wealth from America and then redistributed that wealth in a tribal socialist fashion. America reacted to this siphon by withdrawing and shrinking since few wished to be the slave of TEAM OBAMA. Nowadays...though...TEAM-TRUMP has offered liberation instead of subjugation and the marketplace is humming. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-1;04-29-17).

Friday, April 28, 2017


North Korea doesn't know what lurks off its shore at this very moment. While President TRUMP has seen fit to expose an aircraft carrier and one nuclear's obvious there are plenty more warships out there...but...not least...not yet. VIVA TRUMP!

Thursday, April 27, 2017


"Okay....10,0000 clowns out of're trying to be funny?" scoffed U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY) when it was his turn to speak during the ULTRA-TOP SECRET BRIEFING on North Korea...convened by President Trump to discuss the potential for a "nuke-strike" by the "little fella"...perhaps...Los Angeles disappearing beneath a mushroom cloud...or...Nome, Alaska becoming a fireball.

"I doubt the North Korean would shoot such a missile at us. In fact...I resent you sending the U.S.S. Carl Vinson and the U.S.S. Michigan into those troubled waters when Obama had withdrawn America from that region of the world," shouted Schumer his fist beating on the table as if some demented drummer were attempting another roll.


The U.S.S. Michigan surfaced* at a well-known port in South Korea. The appearance of the most powerful weapon system on the planet didn't disturb the North Korean leader much...except he sent 10,000 cannons to the sea shore and fired barrage after barrage at an invisible enemy to show America North Korea could shoot too.
*This nuclear submarine carries enough firepower to reduce North Korea to little more than glass and rubble.


It's obvious Trump-haters have found fellow travelers in the federal 9th circuit. What has so many people concerned is this latest federal judge laughed about his power and Trump's inability to send him home. "Trump can't tell me to clean out my desk and depart forthwith. I'm here for life. Not any Congressional impeachment could ever be forged in time to stop me from destroying liberty," dripped this scumbag judge.

bidding for talent

Tony Vinciquerra turned down a job with this BLOG in order to take the helm of the film-making division of SONY CORP. While his talent could have been put to immediate use by this BLOG...this wizard has chosen to make his mark on the big silver screen.


In Paris...186 nations met and forged the CLIMATE ACCORDS wherein everyone would work on wishing Mother Nature would change her ways. Indeed...according to Obama...these ACCORDS were reminiscent of the Hawaiian ancient agreement...wherein it was determined that virgin-toss could stop volcanoes from erupting. Ten thousand South Pacific scientists had signed a letter back then delivering absolute proof of volcano-taming...just as they signed a letter recently declaring mankind can change the climate of Mother Earth.


Suniva sought chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It's business plan was based on government-subsidy and expensive solar panels. When Asia produced solar panels that were as good but 30% less in price...SUNIVA could not match that price reduction. It had a business model based on subsidy not on market prowess.

Nowadays...the SUNIVA TEAM is asking President Trump to insulate their IDOTIC BUSINESS MODEL and to force consumers to pay more* for their solar panels so that SUNIVA can continue its parasitic existence,(WSJ B-3;04-27-17).
*Indeed...but for the ASSININE INFUSION OF CAPITAL by TEAM panels would still be rare and those available exorbitantly high in price.


Finally...a freedom-lover has ascended to a position of power and is trying to delete the GRIP of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT. Yes...folks...AJIT PAI...leader of the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) doing all he can to eliminate the terrible rules Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...imposed on our blessed land. VIVA PAI!

Zuckerberg: parasite

FACEBOOK relies on the INTERNET. Mark Zuckerberg...FACEBOOK leader...told a cub reporter he wanted so-called "net neutrality" since it delivered his parasitic existence. When asked if he'd build his own internet...Mark laughed. "I'm a socialist. I spend other people's money...and...hurt as many as I can so I feel better about myself."

body guard kicked

Scumbag Tom Wheeler...former Federal Communications Commission chairman...was groin-kicked by his own body guard when they were alone in a restroom in Asheville, North Carolina. Tom wanted to use the transgender bathroom and the body guard had to remind him. When people heard about the incident...they lined up to spit and slap in order to alert Wheeler how disliked he was by most Americans.


The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives told a cub reporter his preference was to "root-pull" OBAMA-CARE...ripping it out completely...and...ushering in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market in the healthcare service industry. Should Congress delete the RED TAPE that is strangling America...the cost of medical services will plummet. VIVA TRUMP!


"Stifle any effort to undermine socialism!" shouted Aaron Hanlon...a so-called professor at Colby College. Of course...Aaron was referring to how Berkley treated Ann Coulter...a freedom-lover with glib tongue and bountiful passion for liberty. Indeed...Coulter was prevented from speaking at Berkley because campus police could not guarantee her safety. "Had she arrived to preach enslavement...she would have been greeted with roses and crown," drooled Hanlon as he fondled his COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.

"dog and pony"

U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth(D.Il) told a cub reporter she was sent to Washington to enslave not liberate. Indeed...she'd prefer a "dog and pony" show to a large tax-cut. "I hate freedom...and...taxes keep people enslaved. I love it and hate trump for trying to remove shackle," dripped Duckworth as she examined tax-cut proposals that would shrink her beloved NANNY STATE.


"If President Trump prevails...BIG SPEND GOVERNMENT will evaporate and limited efficient administration will take its place," shouted U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill(D.Mo). "Yes...we want socialist intrusion...and...enslavement...not liberation," declared U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) when asked "why" oppose Trump.


Martin Feldstein should demand liberation not subjugation. When given the chance to speak out in the WSJ...he chose to speak about how much MONEY the government needs to run itself. He wanted to massage big spend government so that the producer might keep a little more of his product...something socialists never wish to happen. reduce the size of this NANNY STATE...he couldn't find the words. It's OBVIOUS...Feldstein is a closet socialist whose hatred of freedom rivals that of Chuck "scumbag" Schumer and Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...two freedom-haters of the 1st order,(WSJ A-17;04-27-17).


When discussing tax-cuts...has anyone noticed the MASS MEDIA is screaming about the LOSS OF REVENUE to Uncle Sugar? While TEAM OBAMA was spending money to create this NANNY STATE...the complicit MASS MEDIA was silent. Yet...when President Trump tells America he wants to remove the chains...they shout about keeping the shackles. "How dare the producer be liberated!" shouted U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer,(D.NY) whose goal of subjugating America would be frustrated should President Trump get his way on tax-cuts. "I want America to be a socialist paradise similar to what the Venezuelans enjoy," added Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...herself a confirmed Eco-fascist.

Coulter barred

Ann Coulter was barred from giving her speech at Berkley since the campus police could not guarantee her safety. Because her speech addressed the travails of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...something the Berkley residents wish to see perpetuated...they didn't want her appearing and persuading the mush-minds of that university.

"lost revenue"

"We can't cut taxes...big spend government won't have the funds to continue destroying liberty and erecting the NANNY STATE CAGE," quipped U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) herself a rabid-freedom hater. "We need to enslave more not liberate," shouted Senator Schumer(D.NY) as he attempted to inject his hatred for liberty.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM and Congressional Democrats sense their NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein scumbags such as Schumer and Warren can dictate and commandeer. It's time for America to take the country back from the freedom-haters...sending them to North Korea where their passion for slavery will be welcomed.

Ivanka perfume

The MASS MEDIA went all out to denounce Ivanka Trump for representing America in Europe. How dare a daughter do what a man can do," screamed the leader of the feminist movement.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

35 miles

The capital of South Korea is 35 miles from the North Korean border. Although the North Koreans would have a hard time passing over the trillion land mines situated in a no-mans land between the two nations...nonetheless...they might ignore that obstacle and attack. Yes...the North and South Koreans look alike...but...the North is a slave state as where the South abounds in prosperity and freedom. And that difference has always rankled the communists of the North.


THE DEATH TAX. It's a tax based on the mortal sin of ENVY,(GEN. 20:17). President Trump is eliminating this horrific tax...and...denying the would-be master* a way to terrify the bereaved and disheartened. Not any longer will the estate tax vultures step over the crying widow...push past the sobbing kids...and...pick the bones of the decedent. VIVA TRUMP!
*Karl Marx said to impose tyranny the ruler must have 2 things: (I) progressive income tax and (ii) an estate tax. The former to grab during life and what was missed taken at death leaving behind only what the would-be master determines to be fitting.

OBVIOUSLY WRONG AGAIN's obvious to be noticed by the MASS MEDIA one must speak out against President Trump. Hence...economists...on both sides of the so-called aisle...claim the tax cut as proposed takes too much from big spend government forcing big spend government to spend less...something big spend government does not wish to do since it hurts its supportive voting blocs...the voters who keep them in power where they can create even more "made-needy" victims and parasites whose future depends on their gift and favor.

Yes...folks...the same jerks who have been WRONG about every one of their well-publicized

The reason for such a turn-around: they are Trump-haters and naysayers whose vision for America is that of a socialist paradise similar to what Venezuelans now enjoy.


When the scumbag-Democrats were doubling the national debt to fund their 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...not anyone in the MASS MEDIA cried for such idiotic spending to stop. The Republicans went long because they lacked any MASS MEDIA to back them up should they have chosen to resist such enslavement. Republican and Democrat are opposing tax cuts?

Enslaving America has been easy. The complicit MASS MEDIA and the public schools preach the benefit of enslavement...the need for the common good to be perpetuated...while the individual absorbed into the collective goo. Trump wishes to delete this 20th Century miasma and usher in a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...there is a demand the NATIONAL DEBT be given priority and producers enslaved even more.

100 possible leaks

President Trump will meet with the entire U.S. Senate to brief them on North Korea. While the data revealed is ultra-secret...President Trump...nonetheless...taking the risk of including Trump-hating Democrats and some wishy-washy Republicans. Why he's taking the chance of a leak hasn't been fully understood...but...his tactic might very well prove to be another successful gambit. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump long ago concluded Congressional Democrats hate freedom and wish to enslave. To circumnavigate such HURDLE...he asked U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to change Senate Rules to permit passage of his tax plan on 51 votes. By going around the so-called 60 vote WALL...Trump will have both secured liberty for a 100 years in all directions for the producer and deleted the "whip and chain" so well-forged by TEAM OBAMA. Viva Trump!


A spokeswoman for Waymo LLC...the autonomous-car unit of Google parent ALPHABET,INC...told a cub reporter Phoenix was the site for their test. "We will have a driver in the driver's seat just in case the driverless car fails to do what it's supposed to do." When asked about collision coverage of $1 trillion...the Waymo rep laughed and replied, "Our cars will never have such an accident since we have* bubble technology!"
*Bubble technology takes bubble wrap to a new level and dimension.


Outside the building where Obama gave his $400,000 speech...sat a crippled kid. When Obama and his entourage exited...the invalid cried out, "OBAMA...I want that $400,000!" His voice was so striking...OBAMA stopped...pushed his body guards out of the way and approached that little huddle of rag and tear...and...whispered, "I'm a tribal socialist...I spend other people's money...never my own. You need to go and beg elsewhere, lad."

$400,000 fee?

Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was paid $400,000 for a 60 minute speech wherein he lambasted President Trump...and...framed his time in office as the GOLDEN ERA...a time when tribal socialism grabbed America by the throat and strangled it. His audience cheered such nasty notion of enslavement since they were profiting mightily from the stomp and chomp of the 20th Century NANNY STATE.

150,900 to 40,000

Even Coca-Cola is down-sizing from 150,900 employees worldwide to 40,000 in response to changing beverage consumption habits. President Trump told his team that kind of down-sizing was prudent* and the federal government must also shrink accordingly.
*TRUMP called for "decimation". In times past...when a Roman legion didn't perform well...every 10th legionnaire would be selected and killed.

Canton, Ohio so-so

Night and day. Such was the difference between the treatment of President Trump in Canton, Ohio. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA interviewed Trump-haters who called TRUMP every nasty name they could marshal while across town...Fox News interviewed a random assortment of patrons at Pete's Place...a well-known breakfast spot...and...discovered they all liked Trump and wanted the Democrats to get out of his way and permit him to make America great again,. VIVA TRUMP!

MS-13 and Islamic State

In Suffolk County, New the basement of the building where most of Hillary's 2016 presidential campaign was planned...MS-13...the Hispanic gang...and...Islamic State emissaries met to discuss how New York City would be attacked. Attending that top secret meeting were Robby Mook and John Podesta...their interests somehow aligned with what the gang and rag heads had in mind.


Where in the Qu'ran is it written that a man can rape a woman and find a blessing from Allah therein? the Arab world...Arab men rape pup-tent wearing women when they can't find a camel.


Yesterday...Turkish jets bombed Kurdish positions near RAQQA slaughtering dozens of Peshmerga. It was a strategic attack to destroy the KURDS ability to supply weaponry to the Turkish Kurds whom Erdogan calls "terrorists". However...the murder has caused the KURDS to commence plans to eradicate Erdogan in an eye-for-eye act of revenge.


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu refused to meet with Germans when he discovered he was to be politically ambushed by "BREAKING THE SILENCE"...a group that wants Palestine to become a nation state. The Jew knew the plan was to hurt Israel and stop the strategic settlement of the West bank an imperative the Jew can't ignore lest Israel be overrun one day by the rag heads. VIVA NETANYAHU!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WATER AND CLIMATE CHANGE times past...signed a agreement of sorts...wherein they supported the assertion that WATER was rare* in the universe and Earth was probably the sole source of water for a trillion light years in all directions. Indeed...if an astronomer said otherwise...he or she was drummed from their job. How dare someone rock the consensus boat!
*At the time...astronomers lacked machinery to examine. But such lack thereof didn't stop these astronomers since they got paid if they supported the NO WATER theory...and...LOST INCOME if they said otherwise.  While these conspirators knew absence of evidence was not evidence of absence...nonetheless...they gambled the public was ignorant of such stuff.

Aisha Bin Bishr: block chain

Blockchain is a 21st century way to move goods and services and avoid most of the bottleneck and hassle otherwise involved. While hackers and pirates will always be lurking...blockchain stands to be a great method of lousy government eyeball monitoring...demanding...imposing...or...intruding,(WSJ R-8;04-25-17).

When this BLOG asked Aisha Bin Bishr to assist in pushing blockchain...he was hesitant. To overcome his caution...though...he was informed that by 2020 Dubai would be the fount of bitcoin...the 21st Century hub of commerce...the spot where everyone wished to be. He was shown computer models that proved the theory was correct and that should he participate he'd be quite wealthy...a prospect Bishr couldn't resist.


Folks...president Trump is demonstrating leadership and well-educated business sense when he told the world America would have a 15% tax rate for business. Instantly...the D.O.W. went over 21,000 headed towards 22,000. WOW!

Modi nonsense

Gandhi denounced alcohol-consumption...and...a Judge stationed on a power-perch agreed. Considering the issue so important...this JUDGE elected to insulate all highways from alcohol by 547 yards. began to tell customers that Beam were not any longer permitted to be served 547 yards from a highway such as the one out front of the establishment.

The loss of tourist dollars has been profound. One hotel had to close it august doors and declare bankruptcy. Its patrons had elected to remain in America instead of going to a dung-heap such as India and not be able to drink the day away. One bar owner had to let go his 3000 pole dancing ladies since without alcohol to fuel the rhythm...there was not any way to keep them aboard.

Somehow...Modi and that Judge making alcohol harder to drink...they could save lives on India's crowded 2-lane thoroughfares...most of which are decrepit and in grave states of disrepair. But in a socialist toilet such as India little more could be expected. But to have some Judge and scumbag-Modi stop people from drinking and drowning their woes and worries...such is almost tyrannical.


Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told a cub reporter in an alley he met with Carlos Danger...a/k/a...RAUL. They discussed on-line pole dancing and how Russian oligarchs pay big bucks for great portrayals of the Bear.

Backing up this testimony was a well-known talking head. According to MSNBC Chris Matthews...RAUL...years ago...also had met with JAMES EARL RAY the alleged assassin of Martin Luther King...and...gave him money to rent a room at a motel and stay there until he heard sirens.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...took the national debt from $9 trillion to $20 trillion and never did the MASS MEDIA gripe or noise-make. Because Obama was growing the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...making it more intrusive...more powerful...the MASS MEDIA remained quiet since its goal to assist this enslavement.

However...President Trump wants to delete this NANNY STATE and is willing to cut taxes...eliminate the grip of big grab government...and...the MASS MEDIA is screaming about the NATIONAL DEBT declaring such DEBT means America is going down the proverbial bankruptcy path and taxes must be raised...more red tape applied...and...spending increased so that every entitlement fully funded...ever task master fully paid...and...the shackle firmly applied.

Might the American people stand with President Trump and demand* the "whip and chain" be removed...the subjugated liberated...and...America once more set on a course to abundance and prosperity? VIVA TRUMP!
*The national debt was doubled. Government grew at the expense of jobs and business. Trump will correct that horrific situation.


If the authors of SHATTERED are to be believed...the last thing the RUSSIANS needed to do was intrude on the Trump-Clinton 2016 contest since HILLARY-THE-HAG never had a chance to defeat the Republicans. Even her announcement-speech wherein she declared herself a candidate for president was called FLAT and BOVIOUS "TELL" that this lady was a LOSER.


Ivanka observed German Chancellor Merkel wearing an Adrienne Vittadini dress and scarf. The design...the dress color and pattern LOOKED so familiar...but...Ivanka...polite and demur...remained silent about her suspicion. Later on...she was informed Merkel was wearing a G-III...Ivanka's brand...but...the label had been changed. When asked "why"...State Department officials replied, "We hate your father and want to hurt you too."(WSJ B-3;04-25-17).


This BLOG contacted Israeli Police and identified Michael Ron David Kadar as the culprit behind 2000 threatening phone calls in Tel Aviv. Even though Kadar is Jewish...he pretended to be an angry Palestinian seeking revenge for the death of his cow and dog. He called one school and told them he'd buried a billion ton bomb beneath their statue of Netanyahu...and...told Rabi Rob...he'd throw grenades into a Synagogue,(WSJ A-9;04-25-17).

Which one now?

In Afghanistan...Taliban and the Islamic State compete for hegemony. Of course...the Russians want Taliban to defeat Islamic State since of the two contestants Islamic State is the greater threat to world peace. Hence...when Taliban asked the Russians for ammo and weaponry...President Putin dispatched a million guns and bullets by tons,(WSJ A-9;04-25-17). VIVA PUTIN!


Why doesn't the MASS MEDIA ever mention Venezuela and how terrible their socialist paradise has become? Perhaps...the MASS MEDIA doesn't want voters to see how horrible socialism and Eco-fascism are...and...what tragedy they produce since to reveal as much would undermine the Democrat Party. Somehow...the Venezuelans ran out of "other people's money"...and...their way* of life has gone down the proverbial collectivist toilet.
*And...if the MASS MEDIA and Democrat Party have their way...America will go down the same toilet.

Heather Nauert

Because Heather Nauert told a crowd she wanted to delete the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...she was elevated to a position of prominence so she could carry that message to the world. She'll now be the spokeswoman for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. VIVA TRUMP!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Recently...North Korean leader Kim Jung Un wrote "DEAR ABBY" for advice. "Dear Abby...Dear won't believe stomach makes noises whenever I girlfriend tells's all in my stomach tells me to write you instead. Signed: NOISE-MAKER.(John Prine)

Trump-hating poll numbers

MSNBC was delighted to pay for a concocted POLL which showed more people hate than like President Trump. Although there were competing POLLS which showed the exact opposite result...nonetheless...these were passed over in favor of the "hate-Trump" poll. What a bunch of jerks the MASS MEDIA has turned out to be. VIVA TRUMP!

diplomacy unhinged

President Trump while receiving a military briefing on North Korean missile deployment...asked Secretary of Defense Mattis how tall was its leader, Kim Jung Un. Secretary Mattis replied, "4 foot 10 inches, Sr." The President looked out his window and whispered to himself, "I didn't know you could pile dung that high."


What if there were a scheme to grab money from Airlines? What if flight attendants collaborated off-camera with the "victims" such that once the victim recovered the Dr. Dao billion dollar to speak...those involved would take their portion. It would be a classic "shake-down" scheme. With complicit flight attendants beating travelers or saying nasty things to them as "trigger" enterprising lawyer could garner big fees while his compatriots pocket huge sums. What a rip-off, eh boys?


Kellyanne Conway was asked about how data on the Middle East was being sifted and mulled. She looked into her Ivanka mirror...smoothed her lipstick...and...replied, "American probes have been looking for ways to enter the various ruins on Mars. So far...most of the entrances have incredibly thick metal doors designed to discourage intrusion."

Where's Old Yeller?

Missing in Taiwan is the barking of dogs. In America...neighborhoods are alive with yelps and barks. The difference: in is considered a source of protein...with 1000 pounds per person consumed per year. As one Taiwanese put it, "I don't see dog...I see a great meal for my family." Indeed...the remake of OLD YELLER had to be shot in Hawaii even though Taiwan is the backdrop of the new edition of that old family favorite.


"Pinch the French!" shouted al-Baghdadi...leader of the Islamic State when informed French special forces had attacked an Islamic State outpost near Raqqa. "Send in one of those maniacs who wish martyrdom," whispered al-Baghdadi as he looked at the Champs Elysees...that quiet boulevard packed with FRENCHIES.


Social Security and Medicare were sold using the idea that the weekly contribution by each worker bee was collected and kept in a LOCK BOX whose trustee bought gold and platinum to guarantee the FUND was always flush with money to pay retirees as they applied for the benefits for which they had contracted so long ago. Had they been told their money was going to be used to buy wind farms and food for Nigeria...however...few would have supported such intrusion. They had to be deceived and kept deceived so they would not rebel and demand their money back.

Nowadays...with most social security checks unable to cover the costs most retirees experience...though...some of these VICTIMS are joining together to demand the Social Security Trust Fund convert all the paper I.O.U. stuff into gold. This one maneuver would guarantee the Social Security beneficiaries always receive their share of the overall corpus...a share...they...long ago...had been promised by both Republican and Democrat politicians.


"Shut down the whole damn thing!" shouted the crowd* languishing outside the walls of the White House. They were referring to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN should Congress not appropriate sufficient funds to feed the leviathan. The complicit MASS MEDIA was already showing scenes with poor people eating dog food because they did not get their FOOD STAMPS...and...crippled kids in orphanages screaming for more soup.
*And here was a crowd outside Trump's Washington DC address demanding he eschew socialism and direct private charity to take up the slack?

nasty hash tag twitter

@ALT_USCIS purports to be the dissenting view of some federal officials deep inside the Trump Administration,(WSJ B-3;04-24-17). Troubled by the obvious "leakage" of TOP SECRET stuff...though...U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions invited JULIAN ASSANGE...WikiLeak examine the issue. "Unlike the crows nesting at the FBI and CIA...Julian will find out who is leaking such critical data," confided Att. Gen. Sessions when asked "why" he was having lunch with Julian.


From beneath a rock...Obama crawled to tell the world not only was he a tribal socialist...but...wished enslavement of the producer for the good of the hive. WOW!

$2 trillion compliance cost

How much does it cost the private sector annually to comply with the burgeoning regulations? In 2010...TEAM OBAMA estimated such compliance costs at $2 trillion. While the bureaucratic state enhances its power utilizing smothering red tape...such stifle and hinder operates to stifle and hinder. Such explains why during the Obama-years...the American economy was at best sclerotic,(think 1.2% GDP).


AFL-CIO Ed Wytkind told a cub reporter a socialized railroad was the only way to operate such transport. "We drain the producer and give that wealth to the train union for its pension fund...its entertainment fund...its got-hurt-on-job fund...and...a hundred other rat-holes too numerous to mention."

Feeling secure and confident...Ed bragged about how a few accidents on AMTRAK had forced government to plunder storerooms for the money needed to fix public-railroad infrastructure. "We kill some people ever so often to keep the public funds flowing into our magnificent salaries and platinum pension funds," whispered a devilish Wytkind as he examined the latest report on RR mishap.


U.S. Senator John Kennedy told a cub reporter Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) was an "enemy to the farmer"...and...needed to be defeated in 2018. Supporting Kennedy's polemic was Nelson's atrocious voting record wherein he always voted to hurt the farmer. "I'm proposing a law to insulate local banks from the grip of DODD-FRANK...that law. But he's called by his colleagues...wants to destroy private farming altogether," whispered Kennedy as he looked at Nelson's anti-freedom voting record.


Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received a narrow victory in the referendum on his move to enhance his power over his people. Official Turkish experts were quick to point out his habit of having sex with camels seemed to push the voters in his direction. "They enjoyed the YouTube video of Erdogan and that sexy camel," quipped Fethullah estranged Turkish Imam...when asked how Erdogan mustered such support for tyranny.


In India...on a rural stretch of road...a truck driven by Pehlu Khan, a 55-year old Muslim dairy farmer, was stopped by a mob of angry Hindus. They wanted to release its cargo: 200 cows. While Muslims eat beef...Hindus consider the bovine sacred...and...any destruction of the cow forbidden in all directions. They not only released the cows but also beat* Khan to death,(WSJ A-15;04-24-17).
*Khan and his burned-out truck were found by a Good Samaritan. Khan died in a local hospital from his wounds.


President Trump congratulated PEGGY WHINSTON for her memorable space station trek. After 500(+) days in space...PEGGY is still fit and able. The radiation bathing the space station has not had a deleterious affect on her physiognomy. While other astronauts had to quit their stay due to radiation poisoning...she's been immune. It might very well be some people are more able than others to make the hazardous trip to Mars, for instance.

watch time

BUSH-CHENEY embroiled America in a civil war in Afghanistan in 2003 and Americans are still waging that war in 2017 without any apparent finale planned. The other day...the infamous Obama-defeated* Taliban staged another attack which killed 170 people(+) and was carried out by a small cadre whose mission to kill as many of the "crusaders" as possible...deleting the intruders...and...restoring the land to its rightful owner,(WSJ A-9;04-24-17).

President Trump knows Afghanistan is quicksand and America must withdraw leaving it to be hacked apart by the Taliban...Islamic State...and...other would-be despots...all who have been awaiting that day when America finally gave up and withdrew. As one Taliban colonel said, "Americans have watches...we have time."
*In 2012...Obama crowed about how he had defeated the TALIBAN...even though...TALIBAN controlled 1/2 of Afghanistan when Obama made that proclamation...and...uttered that LIE.


In the Philippines...methamphetamine is called: SHABU. President Rodrigo Duterte told a cub reporter in the last 60 days he deleted 7000 shabu-users...their bodies fish food...their stories the back page of local news. While Duterte enjoys an 80%(+) approval rating...nonetheless...the Human Rights division of the United Nations is labeling him: MASS MURDERER.

Mark Lopez

Mark Lopez organized his predominantly Latino community near downtown Los Angeles to march against a 100 year old battery recycling plant whose air emissions contained minute traces of lead and sulfur...two dangerous things that could* KILL PEOPLE.

So powerful was Lopez that he succeeded in closing down that business and killing off the 1259 jobs that business generated. He was called "hero" by Governor Jerry Brown...and...U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca). U.S.Senator Barbara Boxer said if Lopez were given free rein...he could close down almost all businesses in California thereby creating the socialist...Eco-fascist...paradise of which she and most Democrats have dreamed,(WSJ A-5;04-24-17).
*Lead and sulfur are inimical to humans but in the quantities emitted by that battery recycler the harm was non-existent!


If you conduct your poll in an area where Hillary Clinton was stronger than Trump...the polling data will be skewed to ward "hate Trump". If you do not reveal your can make it appear as if the POLL-OUTCOME were valid and objective...the two things it was not. Such is "how" the latest poll was done on Trump.'s dishonest and deceptive...but...when you're trying to hurt TRUMP nothing is off the table.


Yesterday...the ignorant...the idiotic...and...the politically-inclined...gathered to demand MOTHER NATURE listen to their demands. The MASS MEDIA joined the effort since it had fanned this LIE about man-caused climate change. One of the organizers said it was a repeat of what occurred in Hawaii many centuries ago where Hawaiian scientists concluded virgin-toss would quiet volcanoes and stop tsunamis.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


"Besiege him!" shouted every Trump-hater in the MASS MEDIA and the Democrat Party. And so began the 24/7 barrage of "tear-down-Trump"...every TV channel...every radio station...every social media outlet, except this BLOG...all combined to oppose...and...thwart. Indeed...FALSE POLLS were deployed to make it appear as if Americans really wanted to be enslaved instead of liberated. Hollywood stars were directed to disparage President Trump using labels and opprobrious epithets only they could public...say.


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio not to obstruct deportation efforts. "If that mayor does hinder or hassle America's effort to enforce its immigration laws...we'll cut off the $23 billion Uncle Sugar sends the Big Apple," threatened Sessions when asked his alternative after Bill De Blasio gave him the proverbial "finger".


U.S.Rep. Keith Ellison was asked "why" had the Democrats suffered during Obama's regime. Before answering Ellison was informed a thousand seats in multiple legislatures along with a plethora of governorships had been lost. After swallowing his cud...KEITH ELLISON declared, "Obama was in power...and...we lost while he was in power. It seems he has to be blamed."

Sanctuary states

HELP WANTED. That sign everywhere posted throughout "big tax" New England. Yet. .an exodus of sorts has commenced...people departing for Florida or Texas...the ONLY two places where a person can actually become wealthy without fear of expropriation.

Le Pen?

Marine Le Pen...seeking to lead France...might very well defeat her opposition and become the latest frame of Joan of Arc. Might Le Pen lead her people to new levels of prosperity or further into the toilet bowl of socialism? In answering that question...Le Pen turned to the camera and said, "IPSE DIXIT! Matthew 16:15".

borders of great grand dad

When asked about great grand dad...the great grandson replied, "They left Pearl Harbor...a full complement of torpedoes...fully loaded for battle. The boat's captain...still drunk from the night before...ordered an emergency dive...just to do it...some random notion explored. Instantly...great grand dad...the radio officer aboard...knew such DIVE would be disaster. The sub was too front-end heavy...and...such a dive would surely plunge the boat to crush depth within seconds. Reacting to this situation...Great Grand Dad told the crew to cease that DIVE...PUMP OUT...and...level off before CRUSH DEPTH attained. While the captain never said 'sorry'...or...'thank you'...the U.S. Navy acknowledged this feat of extraordinary heroism...and...such is how great grand dad's framed."


Social media shows the travails of escape. In Venezuela...viewers can watch as people attempt escape only to be dragged away beaten and bruised by GATE GUARDS. In America...escape from this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is also afoot. Unlike Venezuela...though...escape from the grip of Uncle Sugar isn't as easy since the MASS MEDIA is aligned with the would-be masters.


President Nixon's White House Counsel was JOHN DEAN. As most might recall...DEAN was one of the rats who turned state's witness against Nixon. Nowadays...this slime slug appears on socialist media to denounce President Trump. On MSNBC...for example...this worm appeared and labeled TEAM TRUMP "incompetent". When Kellyanne Conway heard what Dean said...she smirked and quickly pointed out the freedom-haters were having to dig deep to find Trump-haters.


President Trump would be an extraordinary leader...indeed...if he were to declare the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE "yesterday's rice"...and...demand there be a dismantling thereof and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market permitted to manifest. VIVA TRUMP!


Tara Dowdell...a rabid freedom-hater done well...told a cub reporter socialism would overtake America...tyranny impelled. What little liberty remained...Dowdell and her team would drain. Freedom-to-obey thereby attained.

toilet bowl or treasure chest

Afghanistan. A country of ancient tribal hatreds and jealousies...a place where would-be masters come and go with the seasons...and...yet...a place with great natural many as to fetch the greed and avarice of the world. Instead of avoiding that toilet...however...President Trump is chasing the treasure.


What if the North Koreans possessed a ROBOT TORPEDO? What if the North Koreans deployed several thousand such weapons and simply waited for the U.S.S. Carl Vinson to get within range and then dispatched them to sink that warship? What would President Trump do once he discovered there was not any way to invade by sea? Too many Bots...too much risk...little gained by losing the entire Pacific Fleet.


When asked if al-Baghdadi...Islamic State's leader...was to be assassinated...Kellyanne Conway replied, "Dirty deeds...done dirt cheap."

Saturday, April 22, 2017

can't ate won't

"Can't happen"...ate..."won't happen"...when happenstance confluence bear. Odds and chance mixed and matched...darkened crowd hissed and glared. Such the frame Kellyanne Conway used to explain why surprise always stared.


A Florida water moccasin is territorial. If a child were to happen into its area...there is a strong likelihood of a strike. When a 4 footer was found asleep in a drain area...a place where children might go...there was too much danger to permit it to remain. Lacking snake-grab gear...the only alternative was bullet-to-head.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ajit Pai moves quickly

Following the script...Ajit Pai is dismantling the NANNY STATE permitting thereby INTERNET FREEDOM...and...delivering the INTERNET once more unto the otherwise unhampered market...a place where billionaires spring up over night as imagination and investors merge in ways not anyone could have foreseen. VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders(D.Vt) told a cub reporter he wanted the Democrat Party to become outright freedom-haters...drop the disguise...stop the masquerade and reveal themselves as "would-be" masters...people who know better and are ready to impose their ideas at the point of a gun. Scumbag Sanders went on to recite how he'd take all wealth and redistribute as he saw fit with himself a proclaimed: YERTLE THE TURTLE.


After Reagan...America suffered a long line of jerks. However...rebirth was afoot when D.J. Trump was elected as the 45th President. Might President Trump delete the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?


When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the world IRAN was not living up to its commitment to oppose terrorism...the rag heads in Tehran laughed and said, "SO WHAT!" As one military expert put it, "If they can delay America's invasion long enough to develop an operational "nuke"...their borders thereafter will be inviolate lest nuclear holocaust be unleashed on the world. Allahu Akbar!"


"IF YOU DO...THEY'LL KNOW!" shouted the would-be master. "We can't repeal any tax...remove any hurdle or hinder...lest those so suffering such intrusion benefit from the liberation and prefer civil war to accepting once more the shackle.

tree growing money

Fables about money growing trees...birds laying golden eggs...and...treasures found where none thought to be...have been eclipsed by what has become known as the GOVERNMENT MACHINE. Indeed...Jimmy Sengenberger CEO of Millennial Policy Center...declared BIG GIFT GOVERNMENT should give every person at least $7000 per year to be spent on medical care or health insurance. When asked from where that money[$7000 per person x 350 million eligible Americans] would come...JIMMY grinned and pointed to Venezuela...that exquisite socialist paradise for the answer.


OCEAN LEVELS NATURALLY RISE AND FALL? But...we were told in public school burning coal makes sea levels rise and polar bears to drown. And...that stuff wasn't true? was LIE...but...a lucrative LIE...and...a good one too. It even was able to fool someone like you.


It has been announced Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...will make a speech at the University of Chicago...the topic: CIVIC ENGAGEMENT. In order to make sure he does not escape NOISE-MAKING...professional disrupters...looking for work since Hillary lost...will be dispatched to INTERRUPT and DISTURB...such that Obama will know TRIBAL SOCIALISM is anathema not dogma.


"But how* will we locate those girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram?" Michelle Obama asked her guide as they worked their way down a narrow path...impenetrable jungle on either side. The guide whispered they were very close and that Michelle had best be ready to shoot if challenged. Hearing such cautionary aspect...Michelle racked a round in her AK-47...set the laser scope...and...pulled that cannon to her hip ready to make a difference.
*When asked about Michelle's dedication to finding those 300 girls who were kidnapped...Senator Schumer(D.NY) stated that he had overheard a dialogue proving Michelle was not a hypocrite.

Steve Koonin erred

A theoretical physicist sporting the moniker STEVE KOONIN confided in a cub reporter that he would lose his job if he ever revealed MAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE was a hoax...although one of the most lucrative ever fashioned by complicit charlatans.


Has anyone heard "soak the rich" when discussing taxes? People making such ignoble declarations are telling others they're ENVIOUS and want to hurt that "rich person" so they can feel better about themselves and their pathetic existence. Just because a person got up...went outside...and...produced something should not cause anyone to be least not so ENVIOUS as to wish to hurt that winner.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


NO AIR POWER. NO JETS. NO HELICOPTERS. Yet...Islamic State claims caliphate over an area as big as Texas and holds it with less than 10,000 dedicated jihadists whose mission statement to impose 6th century Sharia Law and delete the infidel. ISIS destroys ancient monuments with impunity...lops off Christian heads on You Tube...and...surreptitiously unleashes POISON GAS timing the release with the daily Syrian Air Force bombing runs...and...all without AIR POWER.

Today...President Trump told the world he didn't see a role for Uncle Sugar in Libya. That region was always Arab...and...would remain under Arab control. As to which Arab sect would prevail was left to the warring tribes in a winner-take-all confrontation. President Trump wasn't about to lose personnel to such a meat grinder. Underscoring this decision...Secretary of Defense Mattis confided America wasn't about to touch "TAR BABY". VIVA TRUMP!


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D. FL) told a cub reporter he was seeking re-election in order to avoid becoming a "nobody"...another faceless supplicant seeking whatever the would-be master might offer. "Five minutes after I depart the U.S. Senate...they'll be saying "who?" when my name mentioned. Moreover...I've been a freedom-hating scumbag for so long...I'm afraid to go out in public. Just the other day...a well-trained monkey cornered me and threw dung all over my $10,000 Armani suit."


When Kellyanne Conway was asked "how" President Trump was going to make America great again with so many freedom-haters and a complicit MASS MEDIA arrayed in battle formation to oppose liberation....Kellyanne...paused...grabbed her IVANKA MIRROR...smoothed her lipstick...and....then...loudly replied, "While modern archaeology attributes the pyramids to Bronze Age builders...the SCIENCE behind those enormous structures around the world would strongly suggest people who possessed such mathematical and astronomical knowledge had more than wooden hammers and bronze chisels. Take for example the ability to overcome inertia and move 6 million pound stones for many miles and then exquisitely place them as if toy building blocks. Whatever tools and machinery employed remain unknown. feat would be near impossible to accomplish with the stuff modern day construction has at its disposal."


Ipse Dixit: It is because I say it is. A sort of self-fulfilling foot note one might say. Such the frame of CARTER PAGE when he was watched by spies from the FBI and NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY. While Carter Page...a Trump campaign insider...did visit Moscow...he never met with any Russian agent or official but confined his stay to a local brothel and popular drug-bar. Yet it was this spying on Page which permitted OBAMA to listen in on all* matters inside TRUMP TOWER.
* a sadistic voyeur. Although Obama knew Carter Page was not a billionaire oil magnate...or...a world class financier...nonetheless...Obama directed his stooges to SPY on him and thereby grab ALL DATA ON TRUMP. It was monstrous...illegal...but...plausibly deniable.


RUSSIAN BEAR BOMBER? Yes...folks...President Putin dispatched his propeller-driven BEAR BOMBER to fly near Alaska...take photos of F-22 fighters circling and watching...and...return home with data on how America handled the intrusion. Great stuff and worthy of the Russian Bear. Indeed...many top-secret analysts are classifying this INTERFACE as classic stage appeal of the highest order. VIVA PUTIN!


Unlimited bounty. Such the label for a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: our tears...your purse.

Preventing such escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE are the mighty Congressional Democrats led by Bernie "socialist" Sanders, Elizabeth "papoose" Warren and Chuck "scumbag" Schumer. They're demanding America continue into the toilet of socialism and Eco-fascism...turning away from the "light" and accepting the misery and darkness of tyranny,(MATTHEW 6:24).

Trump's sub

How fast can a submerged nuclear powered submarine travel? Such data is classified as ultra-top secret since 600 miles per hour would be mind-boggling. How could 6  million pounds of metal be propelled to such speeds?


AUSA Sarah Normand was offered "immunity" in exchange for her testimony on "how" and "why" her boss-Preet Bharara concocted LIES in order to bolster prosecutions of Americans TEAM OBAMA didn't like. Judge Reena Raggi in a secret in camera session issued a "take-and-hold" directed at David Chaves...a FBI employee who 2014...identified by this BLOG as not only a "pet-eye-ball" for Obama but also a highly skilled LIAR,(WSJ A-16;04-20-17).


Recently...anti-freedom advertisements have been running on Treasure Coast TV...declaring the Republicans are attempting to take away healthcare from those now receiving government-granted healthcare coverage. The underlying premise is that government can take from those who have and redistribute to those who have not...and...can do it because it's for the common good...for the betterment of the hive.

Folks...remove government from the medical service industry...delete its insidious would be affordable for everyone. Without government skewing and hindering...such a marketplace would be burgeoning with every sort of insurance policy and medical provider imaginable. So available...any effort by a politician to restrict such grandeur would be met with determined resistance from every freedom-lover.


When Samantha Bee...a so-called comic...made fun of a lad with "NAZI HAIR"...she didn't know that he was a recovering stage-4 brain cancer victim. When Bee heard of her callousness and how much bad-press she was getting...she issued an apology. "He should not have been attending that pro-liberty rally," Bee quipped defending her attack on what she thought was a conservative-voter attending a pro-freedom event.


Jon Ossoff is a rabid freedom-hater. He wants more taxes...more red tape to stifle and stymie...and...more spending on the "made-needy" so he can mold them into a herd...a voting bloc...whose sustenance by him provided. Makes a Georgia voter wish Ossoff were already on his throne. As Jon put it, "Georgia is ready to open a big box of "eager" and see what's inside."


It's obvious President Trump knew the U.S.S. Carl Vinson battle group would stage whatever their North Korea assault plan was near Australia masking it as a long-planned exercise. When he told the world he was sending that battle group to North Korea...he did not give a time-table for its arrival off the shores of North Korea. So brilliant has been the masking of his PLAN...even Chinese news outlets acknowledged Trump had duped the world again,(WSJ A-6;04-20-17).

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ruth Marcus on Bill

An ENVIOUS Ruth Marcus bubbled with glee as she discussed "how" Bill O'Reilly was ousted from Fox News. Despite his ratings as the best of the best in candor and cajole...the SEXUAL ALLEGATIONS were too many for management to stand behind one of their better money-makers. "Had Bill simply urinated on her bed...we could have accepted such a Madonna do her driver's seat Caddy Shack was too much. He had to go," confided anonymous Fox official.

Mr. Bungles

Bill O'Reilly was ousted from his time slot on Fox News. This niche-evict was a reaction by management to the story told by this BLOG that Bill had been cornering ladies and kissing them with unwanted slobbery lips and dripping tongue. While O'Reilly paid the "vig" to stop any further ripple...his bosses didn't much care for how it smelled. Hence...THE DEATH OF BILL was written...just as this BLOG predicted.

Rex text

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was asked by a cub reporter about IRAN and its possession of a "nuke". After reflecting on the question...Tillerson declared, "Houthis in Yemen. Hamas and Hezbollah in Syria. Shiites running Baghdad. It's obvious IRAN is on the march towards caliphate. If IRAN can embroil America in a no-win war in Syria and parts of Afghanistan and can go about harvesting every country as one by one they grow tired of the "Crusaders" and evict the intruders as if vermin at their door."

fresno rag head rage

In Fresno, California...a rag head concluded he had been disrespected. Instead of departing the area and wound-licking...this rag head pulled his cannon and opened fire. The target...fortunately...wasn't shot but his Rolls Royce was riddled with 3400 bullet holes. Allahu Akbar, eh dude?

U.S.Rep. Jason Chaffetz,(R.Ut)

Jason Chaffetz told a cub reporter he would not seek re-election in 2018. It was time to do something else with his life. His successor...though...might not be as dedicated to liberty as he and might very well cast the vote which deletes the last vestiges of freedom. While concerned about such a horror-scenario...nonetheless...Chaffetz felt comfortable with his knowledge of Utah and the freedom-lovers who reside therein. VIVA CHAFFETZ!


IVANKA TRUMP has a cosmetic line. The TRUMP trademark was granted recognition in China. Because that privilege was extended...though...the Democrats are screaming "foul"...and...want IVANKA to disgorge the $1.3 trillion she has made selling her PRIMP KIT in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


How did a micro-missile fired from a hovering drone pass by 1000 different people...go through a hundred different doors and windows...and...strike the target as he stood near an open door to his armored car? HEAT SIGNATURE,(H/S).

Yes...folks...every human being has different finger prints and different heat signatures for their bodies. Once the software had the target's H/S...the drone simply fired the missile and departed leaving the rocket to find its target on its own: "fire and forget" technology so to speak. Such is the manner of 21st Century warfare.


The New England Patriots were invited to the White House for a congratulation-ceremony for their 2016 Super Bowl victory. Most of them attended and those players who did not were too invested in their careers in the Democratic Party to risk associating with President Trump.

McKeesport, Pa

McKeesport, one time...was a bustling steel town...its unions intact...its industries humming...and...the socialist...Eco-fascist grip of Uncle Sugar had not yet manifested itself. more and more regulations...union grip...and...taxes huddled on the producer's back...the less inclined the producers were to stick around* and become "beasts of burden". exodus of sorts occurred leaving the town mostly empty in need of someone who wished to stay and work for the hive.

However...due to the advent of hydraulic fracturing and the legalization of marijuana...McKeesport is beginning to show signs of new ideas...and...a dedication to stopping any rule or law whose purpose to enslave, siphon or drain. If McKeesport demands the state continue to keep its hands off in all respects...that little river town will blossom,(WSJ A-3;04-19-17).
*Big foot government was draining as much from the region as possible


By a cub reporter...U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) was asked how she planned to eliminate what little freedom remained in America. After primping her snoot with an IVANKA mirror...she glared into the camera and snorted, "Once the producers get going...their storerooms full...then...we pounce...we raid...we take...and...tell them they must provide for the common good...for the good of the herd. Those who protest too loudly they're identified and attacked. We will enslave the producer...raise the parasite to the heights of such miasma rule with an IRON FIST."


The solution to the problems in healthcare is to remove government from the equation. Repeal all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE model...a place wherein hospitals can be forced to treat anyone at any time for anything and not refuse service due to lack of payment...a place wherein people can be compelled to buy lousy health insurance they do not need or want...indeed...a place wherein people are given subsidies...funds taken from cover their health insurance costs.

When Jimmy C. Capretta heard of this approach...the otherwise unhampered market idea...he cud-choked...had to grip the back of a nearby chair to steady himself.

Never had he heard someone propose liberation of the subjugated. Never had he heard this kind of proposed resolution...taking big grab government out of the equation...insulating the health care industry in all its infinite forms and formats from the stomp and chomp of the NANNY STATE.

So overwhelmed by this tsunami of original thought...Jimmy choked...swooned...and...recovered long enough to tell the world he wanted enslavement not liberation,(WSJ A-19;04-19-17).


Pig says "huh"...pull his tail and he says "Uh- huh". James Carpretta and Lanhee J. Chen told a cub reporter their idea was to create an entire new health insurance system wherein not anyone pays premiums for their coverage. Somehow...the federal government would pay for it...and...the money used taken from taxpayers...producers* enslaved to deliver such wealth to that system,(WSJ A-19;04-19-17).
*While they don't label their idea "socialized medical care"'s obvious such is their wish. To them the Veterans Administration's mistreatment of its patients somehow is not that horrific. To them...people aren't people but be cared for and culled as the would-be master might choose.

spineless and whimpy

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham(R.S.C.) conceded Senate Democrats can stop the march to make salt. "The Democrats have the power to stop America from escaping the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE....and...I won't do what I could to stop them. In many own power and prominence depend on the CAGE remaining intact," whispered spineless-Lindsey.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


What if the North Korean leader concluded he could "nuke" America...maybe blow a hole in Alaska...or...rearrange downtown L.A...and...escape retaliation? What if that maniac has buried enough nuclear weapons to poison the entire planet for a 100,000 years using THORIUM-G?


In the movie, WATER BOY...Henry Winkler has a PLAYBOOK. So fantastic and legendary...the most prized possession should his competitors acquire it. Might Hillary have grabbed what she thought was the PLAYBOOK...only to discover her entire approach little more than "yesterday's rice"?

Anthology shattered

Anthology shattered. Ami Parnes admitted her book SHATTERED drew most of its anecdotes from this BLOG. While she did not expressly credit her source...the fact she trusted frame and spirit thereof so sufficient as to not need complement or commentary. Thank you.


Jon Ossoff is a rabid freedom-hater whose mission statement to terrorize TEAM TRUMP by obstructing as much as he can should he defeat the Republican candidate for GEORGIA #6.

What has Ossoff offered but more enslavement...more burdens...more oppression...and...all in the name of the common good.

Might voters be asking "why" should I choose some scumbag whose purpose to spend my money and aggrandize his own position?


In the movie, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane...Bette the end is holding an ice cream cone in each hand and dancing...on the beach...surrounded by an astonished crowd and two inquisitive police officers. Might observed in such fashion particularly when it comes to describing "why" she lost what was an OBVIOUS slam-dunk?


Are you stoned or stupid? Innate or acquired? Such questions bashed U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) when she appeared for an interview with the editorial department of this BLOG.


Liberation. A word so framed it need not complement or commentary. It's engrained in the soul and can't be stymied for long. Eventually...even the most tyrannical of regimes gives way to this powerful universal message: live free or die!


Steve Stephens discussed slaughter and its moral aspect declaring it was particularly better if the destruction more random than deliberate. On FACEBOOK...this critter published a video of his murder of an old man. He snuck up behind the gentleman...and...shot him in the head. Fortunately for America...this demon was cornered...and...killed himself rather than be taken alive.

While America was aghast at such dwindles in its significance when juxtaposing that SINGLE-DEATH to the death of 90 people seated in a church in Egypt on Palm Sunday. Those 90 souls were obliterated by a stranger who happened into the church during prayer time. The crime was as horrific as what STEPHENS perpetrated...if not more so.

Such indiscriminate murder is not unusual in the long history of's a surprise for America where such DEMONS are so rare that when one does bubble forth to hurt someone...the ANGER and the DESIRE TO APPREHEND is so great that the culprit quickly found and brought to justice.


Why be drawn into a miasma? Why expose American military to the travails of religious civil war? Indeed...when the Saudis cheered President Trump's use of cruise meant America had been subsumed in the sticky wicket of war.


Nina E. Olson was asked to preach liberation of the subjugated. As a so-called national taxpayer advocate...Nina stepped forward to direct President Trump to simplify the tax code and reduce its grip on the throat of liberty. Instead of demanding a wholesale income tax cut...and...complete repeal of the monstrous DEATH TAX...however...Nina chose to be temperate in her vision...cautious in her approach...preferring to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue,(WSJ A-15;04-18-17).


Stanley A. Weiss...a/k/a...STANLEY THE ARROGANT...told a cub reporter he liked fascism but felt it needed to be regulated...harnessed...and...directed by the wise...the sagacious...the a people such as he. Instead of removing big grab government from the marketplace...STANLEY THE ARROGANT...wants Jared Kushner with his newly-made INNOVATION OFFICE to commandeer the economy and impose whatever STANLEY THE ARROGANT finds better or best,(WSJ A-13;04-18-17).


Kellyanne Conway was asked about why the MASS MEDIA hated Trump and his effort to liberate America from the grip of socialism and Eco-fascism.

She looked into an Ivanka Trump primping mirror...smoothed her lipstick...and...replied, "When the call went out for "mud throwers"...the response was incredible. Every freedom-hater was in that 200 miles long line waiting for their chance...that one chance...that opportunity to throw some mud and hurt whomever attempting to liberate the enslaved."


Once North Korea possessed a nuclear weapon it was concluded they could not be invaded without extensive radiation poisoning throughout that part of Asia and perhaps as far as America depending on the winds. While North Korea could be isolated and slowly starved to death in some grand siege...there could not be invasion to topple this tyrant. And...even though Kim Jung Un could attack if he pleased...not anyone could retaliate without fear of detonation of NUKES.


The North Koreans have a wall of sorts. Not anyone ever wishes to go to that POLICE STATE. Why voluntarily enter Hell?


Where's Major Jenkins? He's in the wire. Harvested well by machine gun they tell. Valiant...brave...and...bold...long live his fame...long live his glory...and...long may his story be told.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Facing North Korea...and...using a 1200 foot wide loud-speaker...Vice President Mike Pence told the world the era of "strategic patience" was over. From recent events...the Vice President noted it was obvious TEAM-OBAMA was gone. President Trump meant what he said and would back up his declaration with bullet and bomb.

new spot

With new software and new hardware...this BLOG has positioned itself to handle worldwide traffic. With the help of GOOGLE...this BLOG has become the most respected and read POLITICAL DISCOURSE ever offered. Congratulations.

Aiko Morita

"Hardware needs software," confided Aiko Morita when asked about his joint venture with the ENTERTAINMENT DEPT. of this BLOG. Because of the incredible interest and need for great entertainment...Aiko sought out this BOG'S "mirth-squad" to assist in bringing good stuff to the big silver screen.


" got da' clap!" a surprised pauper exclaimed as he listened to a fellow traveler recite his address for delivery of a food package from the Local Committee for Supply and Production(CLAP). In order to feed the poor of Caracas...Maduro instituted THE CLAP...a program to deliver food packages to the needy.

Aya Hijazi acquitted

Because of the help delivered by the LEGAL DEPT. of this BLOG...Aya Hijazi was acquitted in Cairo, Egypt of charges ranging from murder to aggravated child abuse. Her crime: she attempted to feed starving Muslims pork sandwiches and almost dead Hindus bovine entrails,(WSJ A-9;04-17-17)


Bertha-better-than-you-are and her dog were strolling the sidewalk when she heard a BIG VOICE declare: TUBA...TUBA...TUBA. She knew to stop and look behind her.

Approaching was TUBA...the food-delivery robot. It had shopped for Maria Romanova...grand duchess and head of the House of Romanov...and...was now attempting to make its was from the grocery store to the front gate of the castle.

The ALERT was well-known in that town ever since SMOKING ANGELS CLUB commenced its delivery of food and cigarettes to shut-ins without a home,(WSJ A-9;04-17-17).


"I would have done the same thing," quipped Obama when asked if he would have dispatched cruise missiles against the Shayrat Airfiled or dropped the GBU-40...alias Mother of all bombs...on that isolated ISIS cave-tunnel complex. Reacting to the significance of his endorsement...Kellyanne Conway declared, "Coming from a dung-throwing monkey...that's quite an endorsement."


In Kansas...the proverbial house fell on the freedom-haters. The Republicans defeated a socialist in a recent election wherein President Trump himself was a big issue. Obviously...Americans are backing Trump and those politicians who are both willing to declare allegiance to the cause of liberation...and...ready to stand against all would-be masters. VIVA TRUMP!


The North Korean dictator killed his half-brother. He promised he'd not build nuclear weapons but now boasts an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. He said he not construct intercontinental ballistic parades openly his impressive inventory of rockets. And...President Trump is supposed to TRUST this maniac?


As ironic as it might seem...the MASS MEDIA...for the most part...prefers socialism and Eco-fascism. It does all it can to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". Take the proposed tax cut for instance. Somehow cutting taxes will ruin America because the BIG SPEND AGENDA would have to be reduced. A parade of "would-be-hurt" scenarios has been scripted for the next few months as part of the argument that BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT must remain lest there be losers...and...fewer parasites.


IRAQ has Shiite...Sunni...Kurd...and...other sects...all residing in small tribal regions each jealous of the power they hold and the wealth they command.

President Trump could eliminate the ill-will between these competing sects simply by imposing a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) paradigm...eliminating any way for any sect to ascend to power and thereupon loot the storeroom of the losers. Instant peace and prosperity would bubble forth.

Knowing such benefit flows from the OUM...though...will prompt the would-be masters and their minions to fight against such liberation. They know that once people taste freedom...they reject the call for more enslavement,(WSJ A-17;04-17-17).


Folks...mandatory e-verify is hideous and anathema to liberty. It's advocates want a command-economy wherein they rule the roost. America was not founded on such whip-and-chain...and...Americans must never accept E-verify. It would impose a POLICE iniquity without repair. VIVA TRUMP!

Article I, Sec. 8 Clause 1

Coordinates for answer to the question: who can spend federal money? Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1: Only the U.S.House of Representatives...can authorize FEDERAL EXPENDITURE.

And while the House has been in the control of Republicans since 2011...nonetheless...they haven't been able to reduce spending or cut taxes...permitting a HUGE DEFICIT and LONG TERM debt to bubble forth. Now that there is a Senate and President aboard...there isn't any reason not to cut taxes and spending...and...return America to its path of greatness. VIVA TRUMP!


Mandated by the omnipotent OBAMA Food and Drug Administration(O-FDA)...the calorie count on all food must be presented in a way people can examine,(WSJ A-16;04-17-17).

Reacting to this IDIOTIC REQUIREMENT...Publix...a well-known grocery chain...for instance...has created a 1000 x 10,000 square foot room with all its food items not only graphically displayed but the exact calorie amount as to portion and kind also prominently revealed. Steak...for example...takes up 4000 linear feet and ice cream takes over 30 minutes to examine.

The shopper is ALSO required to examine each display and to certify with a thumb print they have taken the time to read every word and know every number.

Instead of it taking 30 minutes to shop...the FDA proudly declared it requires 5 hours just to read the data FDA has required people to read before shopping.

It's great BIG STOMP GOVERNMENT at its best. Let's hope President TRUMP repeals such nonsense in favor of liberation. VIVA TRUMP!


What if President Trump positioned a laser-cannon over North Korea and directed any missile launched by the "little fella" to be deleted soon after launch. On March 22,2017...a N/K Missile was blown up as it left its gantry. On April 16, 2017...another missile was destroyed soon after launch. President Xi Jinping had given his permission to use the orbiting LASER-CANNON.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


The last one...did myself...the others...blamed someone else. Admitted deed...uncut secret heed.


Making two sides of an enormous statute's face if mirror image of the other side...can't be done with wood hammer and copper chisel. Yet...Egypt is packed with such statues which have such perfect symmetry. Could the ancient Egyptians have had sculpting machines with computer precision?

97 missing

The American military doing an after-bomb assessment asserted 97 ISIS troops had been killed when that 21,000 bomb( GBU-43) was dropped. Hearing that declaration...Islamic State informed the world it hadn't lost anyone in that bomb-drop. Hearing such conflict...this BLOG dispatched its own "look-see" and discovered Islamic State had dressed up captured Afghans....the bodies counted were those of the Afghan soldiers. OUCH!


Obama's stooges at the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) stopped rheumatoid arthritis sufferers from receiving "baricitinib"...a drug that delivers relief from the chronic pain and giving its recipient a good night's sleep. Fortunately...due to the persistence of this BLOG...the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is removing HURDLE and HINDER so that treatment might be available. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ B.10;04-15-17).


North Korean noise-maker was told so long as it remained only big deal. However...should a nuke finds it way affixed to the tip of an intercontinental ballistic missile...there wouldn't be much room for compromise and he'd be deleted. Fearing such snuff-order...Kim Jong Un...a/k/a/....the "little fella" called Erdogan of Turkey and Syria's Al-Assad and asked them if they would join with him to fight President Trump.


Iranian patrol boats kept their distance. They were told American warships would sink them on the slightest provocation...that President Trump had given orders to sink Iranian ships if they threatened in any way. It was OBVIOUS from the distance the patrol boats have maintained since 01-20-17 that President Trump has been taken seriously.

lovely parade

Unified...organized...and...colorful. Such were adjectives framing the North Korean military display. Thousands of soldiers arrayed in every color of the rainbow trotted...and...pranced before their master. It was a mighty demonstration of prowess...telling the world that the "little fella" had more punch than one might expect. Yet...beneath his smile and jovial way...many political analysts agreed lurked an obvious fear of President Trump. VIVA TRUMP!


Dave Donaldson sat on the lawn at Stanford University pondering how to get noticed enough to procure a prize...some public recognition. As he reveled in "how"...his vision was interrupted by a voice. It was Lady Elizabeth. Having observed him in a meditative state...she thought it best to inject something valuable.

Surprised she was able to mind-read...Dave asked her what need be added. In reply...Lady E. pointed to the wind and said something such as that should in your book be.

"Into your pages scribble the LIE about man-caused climate change. It'll sell your book and it will fetch that prize for which you were wishing. Because that myth is popular and is also being used to enslave the world...your book with that LIE will be heralded as the final word in economics...the big noise in the room...or...whatever other label your imagination might append," Lady Elizabeth whispered as she departed...another wisp...some fragrance on the dew.

Friday, April 14, 2017


While the "little fella" told North Koreans he was ready for confrontation with President Trump...most military experts know such conflict would be over in a fortnight.

CRISPR-cas 13a

Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats(CRISPR) is what bacteria use to improve their immune system. CRISPR captures the invading DNA and integrates it into the genome of the bacteria to fend off future attacks. Once this idea was reduced to software for gene-splicing...a concept adroitly refined by the SCIENCE DEPT of this was only a matter of funding before clinics could process cancer victims with 100% cure rates at a price almost every victim might afford.

Nowadays...almost any cancer can be identified and a BOMB created to delete that invader once the engineered-stuff is reintroduced into the victim's blood stream. Even consumptive small-cell lung cancer can be deleted in a fortnight using this amazing approach to cancer eradication.

Jennifer of the pioneers...has worked tirelessly delivering to the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG every square inch of her knowledge so that a cure might not only be funded but delivered to the world on the Internet so that cures might be sent via U.S.mail by next day delivery. WOW!


What if Jesus were given tetrodatoxin...puffer-fish poison? He'd appear to be dead. The affects last a specific period of time: 72 hours...and...the accounts of his crucifixion describe him being given something while nailed to that tree...that upright stake. It was soon thereafter that Jesus died. The spear in the side fetched what appeared to be proof of death when it was simply what is also found in a person under the influence of puffer-fish poison.

Moreover...a trial run was done with Lazarus. Jesus took his time getting to the tomb since Jesus knew it required 72 hours before the person could once more spring back to life. Hence...the Bible portrays Jesus as taking his time going to the tomb of Lazarus. The Bible also points out that once Jesus arrived...he called for Lazarus to come forth and Lazarus did. The POISON had worn off.

 Similarly, inside the tomb of Joseph of Aramethea...Jesus was placed. When he returned to his senses, his task was to roll away the stone door. With assistance from "angels" he was able to accomplish this feat. The Roman guards were drugged and could not admit they had passed out for that short time when retrieval of Jesus was performed.

Once Jesus was free of the tomb...he had to avoid being spotted by the Romans or Jews who didn't much care for a messiah in their midst. The Bible also supports that kind of mind-set in Jesus since the Gospels describe how Jesus was only seen by specific people including Thomas who required 'wound-poke" before he would conclude it was really Jesus who stood before him. The Bible also tells about how Jesus departed their presence...something Jesus would have done if he were on the "run" so to speak.

The best place to hide in that time period was France. It had thousands of square miles of woodland...few tribes scattered here and such a place Jesus and Mary Magdalene could take up residence...feel free of persecution...and...raise a line of kings one of whom was Charlemagne.


What if President Trump did not see the movie, BEDFORD INCIDENT starring Richard Widmark as the feisty captain of the Bedford...and...Sidney Poitier..the newshound who asks Widmark what he planned to do next when everyone realizes that a nuclear torpedo is headed straight for them? Could TRUMP push the North Korean "little fella" to attack? And...does...the "little fella" have sufficient firepower to deliver a "knock-out" blow?


"Timmy knew he was in trouble when the Inquisitor commenced by asking, "Just exactly who is it buried in Grant's tomb?"

my friend Cayla?

In order was issued to destroy all CAYLA dolls. According to Hans-the-destroyer...[a name given to the lad who has deleted 1,235,889 CAYLA DOLLS so-far by his own hammer]...CAYLA can listen in on any dialogue...and...see almost every act...transmitting that data to whomever wishes to monitor that particular CAYLA DOLL. When German authorities discovered the CAYLA DOLL was a SPY TOOL used by WikiLeaks to eavesdrop...the DESTROY-ORDER was instantaneous.


The Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) American-assisted group of Arab-Kurd fighters...refused to hire a map-reader even though this BLOG offered to provide one to help in the retaking of Raqqa from the grip of Islamic State. Due to a lack of a map-reader...mishaps were sure to occur. Indeed...the Kurds called in an air strike but the coordinates given were for SDF positions. The bombardment was brutal...the body count of Arabs and Kurds incredible...and...the line of coffins 10 miles long. OOPS! (WSJ A-7;04-14-17).


Abu Khan...a terrifying demon....was finally killed by Philippine police. He had been spotted by a dish washer emptying some buckets into the river. The dish washer observed a small boat pull into some bushes...and...3 men come of them eating a TACO...the SIGN OF ABU. Instantly...the dish washer called Timmy...and...soon the one room shack wherein ABU and his pals were sleeping was surrounded by 10,000 police. The bullet riddled bodies of ABU and his 2 lieutenants could not be readily identified and most villagers believe ABU is still out there...lopping off heads and eating eye-balls.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


President Trump took time out of his busy schedule to give a shout-out to this BLOG complimenting it on its passionate defense of liberty. Hearing the accolade...Senator Chuck Schumer was quick to attack declaring it was the only friendly BLOG in Trump's corner.


President Trump was informed the best way to collapse deep tunnel systems was to bombard them with MOAB...a 20,000 pound bomb dropped from a C-130 transport plane. It's dropped off the back of the plane...and...laser-guided it plummets to Earth where it penetrates 10,000 feet into the crust and explodes blowing a hole a mile wide...5000 feet deep. BOOM!


Mother Of All Bombs,(MOAB) was dropped on Islamic State military installations buried deep beneath mountains and rivers. The BOMB was so large it destroyed 1000 square miles.

ah, turtle

Well...turtle...what's up? Mr. Wizard I want to be president. Turtle why can't you be satisfied being a turtle. Golly...Mr. Wizard...I've always wanted to be president.

Very well...turtle. And went turtle into the Oval Office.

As turtle sat there...looking presidential...he was handed the HOT LINE...Islamic State had just fired missiles...nuke-tipped critters...and...they were headed for London and Tel Aviv...he could only save one of those two cities...which one would it be.

Turtle pondered...stared at that hotter-than-fire phone...and...cried forth, "Help me Mr. Wizard!"

Instantly...Mr. Wizard heard that plaintiff moan and to himself whispered, "Ah...turtle...thrizzle...thrazzle...thrizzle...throm...time for this one to come home."

And POOF...turtle appeared in the wizard's parlor.

As he materialized...turtle said to the wizard, "Thank you, Mr. Wizard, that was a close one."

To which the wizard replied, "Ah...turtle...might you be as happy as a turtle?"


While the bomb dropped in eastern Afghanistan was the largest non-nuke bomb built...there is a rumor a bigger bomb is being built to collapse caves and tunnels buried miles deep beneath mountains and rivers. One military analyst speaking on condition of anonymity described this next generation of non-nukes as capable of destroying entire regions on a 100 square mile scale.


President Trump wanted to show Afghan opposition he'd drop BIG BOB...the world's largest non-nuclear bomb. Just the other day...BIG BOB took out 9 square miles of farm and village...obliterating everything...leaving only rubble and body-parts in its crater. When asked if he'd drop another such bomb...President Trump looked into the camera and whispered, "Yes...I will."


Islamic State troops slaughtered everyone in an Afghan town. They timed the massacre to coincide with a HUGE BOMB that was due to be dropped in that area. When the explosion occurred...the slaughter commenced making it look like TEAM-TRUMP just killed 1000 babies.


The largest non-nuclear bomb ever built was detonated in Afghanistan. assessment team found only camel-parts and roof tops. "We didn't even get their ammo dump or their weapon supply," griped Secretary of Defense Mattis.

popular and effective

Nicole Eramo entered the bedroom of Sabrina Rubin Erdely and urinated on her bed. Recall Erdely in the Rolling Stone Magazine had written a nasty article about Nicole which turned out to be UNTRUE and DEFAMATORY. So miffed was Nicole...she had to frame her disgust in such fashion that Erdely would know the identity of the perpetrator.


Ah...yes...the "pro-slave" bunch...the people who want BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT to regulate and control the ever-changing INTERNET. They have power if they have bottleneck and to get such grip they need NET-NEUTRALITY to be left alone. The monster OBAMA'S SCUMBAGS imposed...the "pro-slave" team wish to remain in place. They even wish more "whip and chain" lest their position in times to come jeopardized by some innovator who does not wish to be controlled by the likes of them.(WSJ B-4;04-13-17).


Satoshi Nakamoto...the anonymous creator of bitcoin...has been an editor of this BLOG for the past several years promoting BITCOIN every chance possible,(WSJ B-1;04-13-17).

Hillary hires Bannon

Hillary-the-hag called Steve Bannon and offered him a job cleaning up the Clinton Foundation before its dissolution. There wasn't any reason for the continuation of that not-for-profit company since there was not any political influence left for them to sell. Rumor has it Bannon left Trump's inner circle to assist Hillary but did it with President Trump's blessings. VIVA TRUMP!

bombs, yes, but no gas-bomb

President Bashar al-Assad told a cub reporter he dropped bombs but not gas-bombs. The POISON GAS was released by rebel troops in order to stir passion and induce President Trump to retaliate ascribing a "shoot first-ask questions later" temperament to TEAM-TRUMP. While the HAWKS rushed to war...President Assad was confident the INVESTIGATION would demonstrate that his regime was not involved in that POISON GAS ATTACK.


Prof. David H. Autor...another MIT egg-head...declared free trade had adverse consequences and hence should be that such adverse consequences such as lost employment due to innovation could be assuaged. If he had his preference...he'd make sure things ran his way and anyone refusing to do as he dictated identified and culled. His venom...his drool...all seemed to frame his demented aspect.

By way of a tutorial for help him out of his turbulent dementia...let it be said that in an otherwise unhampered combine to deliver benefit to all parties. The laborer benefits when his employer sells the house and plans the next subdivision with his labor and skill in mind. The developer likewise benefits from the laborer since without such effort...the dream never gets off paper. A person never makes any deal when such outcome is not considered favorable and likewise with the other side of the bargain whose own benefit seen as greater that what was being exchanged. Both walk away from the transaction with more than they had.

Obama scum

Inside the Labor Department lurk OBAMA-SCUM...nasty...angry...hateful people...who want to hurt others and look for devious ways to carry out their dastardly goal. It'll take time to identify these JERKS...and...evict them. In the meantime...they'll attempt to do as much harm as possible...hindering...hassling...tormenting...and...all done to hurt TRUMP.


Justin Haskin...editor of HEARTLAND INSTITUTE...told a cub reporter that BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT was the only way to paradise. If BIG GRAB were to take $7000 from a producer and give that $7000 to a parasite and restrict that $7000 for healthcare service...for example...everyone would be better off. The producer would feel good that a parasite had been placated...and...the parasite could feel better because $7000 would be given no matter what.

Not to be out-done...Michael Hamilton...another HEARTLAND INSTITUTE helper...said he would take $7000 from the producer...and...give that $7000 to the parasite without any strings attached. That $7000 per year would make the parasite feel worthy of respect. Adding to his paradise...Hamilton described how producers would be taxed into pauper-status...whereupon they'd be offered some GIFT thereby turning them into servile supplicant-parasites,(WSJ A-15; 04-13-17).


The DAILY MAIL printed a scurrilous story about Melania Trump selling as much as she could to get to where she wished to go. Naturally...that story was UNTRUE...and...recently...due to the persistence of this BLOG...that newspaper in London has not only retracted the story but also agreed to pay Melania for the assault.

Quds Force multiplier

Syed Mustafa Haider while in Qom met with a QUDS FORCE handler sporting only the initial M. as his moniker. Haider and M. discussed attacking German cities...killing Germans...and...fomenting an Islamic uprising wherein the 130 million Muslims inside Germany would rise up and seize power sending all the Nordic Germans to Sweden and Norway for internment,(WSJ A-7;04-13-17).

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Might Ahab have said as much: "I'd smite the face of God if he insulated me...I'd stand and view Medusa's head had it but defied me to see...and...I'll pursue that great white fiend unto the bowels of hell...that great horror whose death when slain where demons dwell."


What if President Trump could simply remove Kim Jong Un...a/k/a...the "little fella"...and...replace him with another puppet...someone who would do as China dictates? This BLOG would point out that unlike any other model...the utter-tyrant can be replaced easily but the replacement must be more ruthless that his predecessor.

Jon Ossoff

Near Atlanta...Jon Ossoff is trying to replace U.S.Rep. Tom Price. When asked his creed...he described himself as a SOCIALIST ON STEROIDS...ready to enslave producers...and...plunder their storerooms. He wants BIG TAXES...BIG SPENDING...and...thinks Venezuela is a socialist-paradise...a place where the would-be master dictates when to laugh...when to cry...when to live...and...when to die.

Sicilian message

President Trump was handed a newspaper package. When he unwrapped it...he found a bullet-proof vest and inside the vest were fish. When the President asked "what?"...he was informed it was a Sicilian message: "Assad sleeps with the fish."


Hong Kong is about as close to an otherwise unhampered market paradigm than any other world-class economy. Indeed...on that small speck of land almost all of the world's wealth in some fashion handled...bought...and...sold.