May 2017
Man-caused climate change is about as preposterous a MYTH as has ever been incredibly lucrative profitable...even otherwise skilled scientists have signed a letter wherein it's proclaimed with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry.

Recall hallowed Hawaiian scientists many years ago connected virgin-toss to corking volcanoes. They all declared virgin-toss stopped eruptions...and...with a complicit MASS MEDIA...they tossed virgins into those fiery maws for centuries...each time their gullible public being told their computer software was getting better at prediction.
Glenn Thrush is a Trump-hater. He works at the New York Times...a well-known mullet-wrapper. He was given TV time on MSNBC...itself a bunch of scumbags and jerk-wads. During his 2 minutes...this verbose critter called President Trump as many bad names as he could muster...smirking with each opprobrious epithet. And...of course...the complicit talking head acted as if she agreed with every nasty petard thrown.
Albert Gore grabbed ahold of MAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE THEORY...and...made big bucks off the MYTH. Protected from accusations of deception and prevarication by a complicit MASS MEDIA...Gore and his fellow charlatans have profited handsomely. day...someone will demand their money back...and...compel Gore to disgorge his ill-gotten gains.
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Some years ago...Venezuelans were promised a socialist paradise...a place where government delivered sustenance and return...the herd worshiped whatever idol the would-be master* forged. riots are commonplace...starving peasants and city dwellers without food in a place times past...boasted abundance and bounty. Such is the conclusion of socialism.

As President Trump said, "To make America great again...the 20th Century NANNY STATE must be dismantled."

*Yet...the premise...that each producer would selflessly give product in exchange for whatever the master wished to give back...was flawed. Only at the point of a gun would the producer ever surrender such wealth...with few willing to become a pauper so that whomever selected to benefit might prosper.
Hillary-the-hag and Kathy Griffin were discussing crude ways to hurt President Trump.

"Why not cut off his head and hold up the bloody mess for the world to see?" queried Hillary as Griffin was watching on FACEBOOK Islamic State beheading Coptic laborers on a beach.

Griffin nodded with approval and injected she'd hold the head up and allow the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA to adopt it as their emblem...mantra...and...symbol. Of course...Crooked Hillary and Griffin refined their idea until it was horrific...but...such revulsion was their goal.
Kathy Griffin...a Trump-hater*...stood before a camera and held up a severed bloody effigy of Trump's head. Had she done that to Hillary or Obama...she'd have been punished. But...her attack on Trump drew praise and acclamation. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass)...for instance...told a cub reporter the bloody-head was quite fitting. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said he had told Griffin to cut off Trump's head in public with a machete for more drama and crowd-appeal.
*Griffin was told she had to attack Trump or lose her job. Her choice was horrific...but...accepted by Trump-haters everywhere as "clever".
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When Big Don was considering "draining the swamp"...he was unaware of the insulation and impenetrable armor federal worker bees have created to protect themselves from precipitous discharge.

"We can kill people and Americans must accept our evil. We can stomp them...chomp them...and...they can't do anything about it. We could run gas chambers and ovens and the MASS MEDIA would call it wondrous and inspiring. We can't be touched. Trump is way off base telling America he can get rid of us. We can kill... steal...and...Americans must accept it. We're all powerful," bragged a scumbag federal worker as she laughed at how trump was trying to eliminate her and the rest of that scurvy crew of cutthroats and has-beens.
Steven A. Cohen envied the wealth of this BLOG and declared he'd amass $20 billion for bragging-rights. "I can outdo that BLOG any time I want. If I want to create a huge pile of cash I can do it. That BLOG isn't the only ball game in town," asserted Cohen as he read about how FREEUSFLORIDA.COM was designated as the richest BLOG in the world.
Has anyone noticed Trump's defeat of Hillary-the-hag described by the scumbags in the MASS MEDIA as an "improbable victory"?

Improbable to whom? Certainly the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA was  surprised with the outcome since the MASS MEDIA did all it could to undermine and deliver the election to Crooked Hillary. It was 24/7 "hate-Trump" and an equal measure of "love Hillary" to smooth over questions about her obviously flawed character and fitness.

However...even though TRUMP carried more counties than anyone since Jesus...such a statistic didn't matter...not to a Trump-hating MASS MEDIA. They prefer describing that successful campaign as an "improbable victory". Mention is made of this "nasty epithet"...since it seems to be said as if it were true when the only people surprised by the 2016 Democrat loss were the freedom-haters. They were observed screaming and crying...tearing their shirts...pulling off their underwear...with some even going so far as defecating and smearing* horrifically disgusting dung all over themselves and a complicit MASS MEDIA.
*Elizabeth Warren emitted a pile so allowed 1000 Trump-haters to grab a handful. Her hatred of Trump as she put it was certainly for all to see.
Already...the MASS MEDIA is admitting there isn't any real evidence that Jared Kushner broke any laws. But...that lack of proof doesn't matter to Trump-haters. No...folks...Jared's motive...Jared's inner thoughts...those must be investigated. His smile...his frown...his tears...his push...up and down...all must be examined...lest REAL MOTIVE be left untouched and unexposed.
Disgruntled freedom-fighters ask, "Tax cuts are doomed because big foot government can't find smaller shoes?"

The enslaved producer isn't about to receive reprieve...although promised shackle removal.

"How dare the slave beg that burden be lightened!" shouted U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D. Mass)....adding..."As a socialist...I spend other people's money...reducing people to abject dependency...and...ruling over them as if some kind of would-be master. It makes my left leg tingle imagining how powerful big grab government has become."
German Chancellor Merkel informed a cub reporter she was quite surprised that President Trump
 insisted on Europe paying its share for common defense. "He actually told me that we should pay for our own defense," whispered Merkel adding..."We're socialist. We spend other people's money...never our own." So angry was Merkel that President Trump would insist on people paying for what they receive that she contacted the editorial staff of the Wall Street Journal to lament about it.
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Most of the editorial staff at the Wall Street Journal hate President Trump. Anything they can say against him is printed, their malicious scribbling praised by fellow Trump-haters, and their purpose to torment and undermine. with the New York Times and Washington Post...most people use it as mullet wrapper and dog-dung picker-upper. VIVA TRUMP!
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Folks...socialism is an omnivorous maw...consuming all in its path and leaving behind what can be found in such toilets as France and Venezuela...filthy...deteriorated...and...miserable. Why would Americans want such horror? Yet...the MASS MEDIA 24/7 is pushing for that kind of outcome. But why in America? Why must we be pushed into the socialist cesspool? Could Americans be so dumb?

Freedom-loving Americans(50.1%) control the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the White House...yet can't reduce taxes...or...spending levels. Why? What is holding them back? The answer is the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA won't support removal of shackle. Somehow...the wizards of the MASS MEDIA believe their existence is dependent on their support of perpetual enslavement of the producer.

Aligned with the MASS MEDIA are the would-be masters and their cronies. They...too...know if the manacle is removed from the producer...there won't be any need for them. They'd have to find real jobs and produce something...a fate they fear so much...they'd rather wallow in socialist filth than join with freedom-lovers and achieve a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.(WSJ A-8;05-30,17)
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Because it was the right thing to do...this BLOG wanted Goldman Sachs to stay away from Venezuelan bonds. Because it was a socialist toilet...the proposed $2.8 billion bond-buy was foolhardy. Yet...the wizards at Goldman Sachs listened to the WARNING...chuckled...and...proceeded to commit $2.8 billion. Nowadays...with their bond-package almost worthless...many member of the board of directors of Goldman are asking "why" was that WARNING not heeded...along with..."who" was the know-it-all who elected to ignore an OBVIOUS pitfall.
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"Fangsheng" (life release) is an annual ritual wherein Buddhists release billions of fish, turtles and snails into the rivers of China...restoring...developing...and...energizing Mother Nature. It's a wondrous effort and one which other religious sects are adopting. In America...for instance...Catholics and Baptists released over 1 trillion fish eggs into the rivers to replenish what has been lost.
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Another missile launch from North Korea? Somehow...the "little fella" is getting international attention with his display of rocketry. the next few years...he'll finally get a missile that can carry a "nuke" all the way to Los Angeles...but...for now...he'll have to be content on obliterating Guam. While Big Don could attack North Korea and eliminate this threat of MASS DESTRUCTION...the Russians and the Chinese would oppose. Such opposition could gravitate into world war...something not anyone wishes to unleash.
David Shulkin...head honcho at the Veterans Administration(VA)...told a cub reporter that he's dedicated to bringing "best practices" to the bring best of best to the veterans. Of course...standing against him are the freedom-haters who are entrenched and capable of stopping him from accomplishing this feat. They want veterans under their control...and...Shulkin is attempting to defeat that grip.
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Grading the success of President Trump...a/k/a...Big Don...and...using ART OF WAR as its's OBVIOUS...Big Don knows what he's doing.

He wants to eradicate Islamic State. He knows al Baghdadi...its putative devout Sunni. Hence...Big Don chose to meet with Saudi Arabia's ruling elite because House of Saud is the core of the Sunni movement throughout the world.

If Saudis were on America's side...ISIS could be deleted. Eradication of that errant Sunni army portraying itself as the REAL LEADER of Islam could be achieved without the entire Sunni sect rising up to defend their brethren...even a crew as nasty as Islamic State...defend them...from the stomp and chomp of the "crusaders".

Now that the Sunnis have been placated...President Trump can attack Islamic State and not fear reprisal from an indignant Arab population. It's classic Sun Tsu...and...Big Don should be commended for his dedication to victory and success.
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Big Don...President Trump's new times past...was told: everywhere spies afoot...every word somehow grabbed...every act, that public or private...didn't matter...didn't matter at all...through the wire...through the air...underwater...through the wall...didn't matter if they wished to know...they could know it all. as paint...Jared Kushner was dispatched to meet with Russian envoys...and...discuss secret communication...insulated from such "grabby-grab-grab". By using the CONE OF SILENCE* to speak...Big Don might confer with President Putin without some Trump-hater listening and then conveying to the New York Times whatever selected.

As it turned out...there was not any reason for the secret pathway since the measures to be taken could be done without resort to such conferring. The secret communication route was never created...that bridge never built...and...its proposal little more than an entreaty to discuss major issues free from the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA.
*In the episodic comedy: GET SMART...Maxwell Smart would declare, "Chief we must confer beneath the CONE OF SILENCE."
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Donald J. Trump thought he could waltz into the Oval Office and the entire government would run the way he wanted. But...he did not take into account the embedded federal employee structure. To delete federal worker bees takes more than a flip of the finger and pink slip. It requires arduous effort and hence these worker bees are well insulated. They can run the NANNY STATE without any directive. They will keep the gas chambers working...the enslaved well-shackled...and...the so-called master oblivious to what is actually afoot.
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In North Korea...the hermit Kingdom...everyone is "cookie cutter"...except the leader. While this little country is atheistic...nonetheless...their religion is "leader worship". Everyone inside North Korea is the same. Same clothing. Same stultified look. Same beliefs. Same everything. It's as if a termite colony and not humans existed in that horror-hole.
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Have you noticed that you can turn on any channel and the talking heads during the so-called news hour use the same phrases...bluster...and...drool. Same screwed on face...same anger quotient...same diatribe on liberty. It's as if they were given a script to follow from ONE COMMANDER...a central headquarters kind of directive. Perhaps...TV has gone 100% propaganda-mill...designed to trick...fool...and...hurt.

Here's a buy-line: VIVA TRUMP! One you'll never hear least not on Democrat-controlled TV or radio. Except for this BLOG...there are not any freedom-fighting organizations afoot in America nowadays. However...this BLOG will continue to invite its audience to consider another way: 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
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President Trump is a way-finder. He wants to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE but finds too many on the other side wishing he'd fail. They like their niche...their power...their entitlement...their whatever...and...fear the loss of their NANNY STATE CAGE...somehow its bars...its walls...its diktat...loved...and...worshiped* as if a golden calf, (Exodus 32:24).
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At least when a mole burrows through the lawn...a watchful observer can spot the endeavor. the intelligence community which Donald J. Trump's rife with moles. Unlike nature's kind...however...these moles are hidden from view...their divulging of data thoroughly insulated...and...their identities completely protected. Because there isn't any leader or organizational structure for this hatred of Trump...finding these scumbags and deleting them will take time and a skill package only a few contractors* have.
* In times past...there was a cartoon where the hero was called THE HUNTER. He was a blood hound that could speak English quite well. The police captain would say..." looks like the work of the fox. There is only one person who can solve this crime. Call in THE HUNTER." another scene...the hound declares, "I'll get him....for I am: THE HUNTER. Then great hunting horns would blow. Quite funny.

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Should America go down the socialist would confirm what most historians have said, "People don't want freedom and prefer enslavement with would-be masters standing above them with whip and chain...grabbing whatever they wish...leaving behind only enough to sustain." And...while there are freedom-lovers who want to stop this march into Hell...they are out-voted by the freedom-haters...people who want to be forced to live the way their master deems best.

Take California...for instance. There is a huge social movement afoot demanding the government take over health care service completely rationing care and service as the government deems proper and fitting. Gone would be individual choice and mood. Indeed...even though any customer could choose any doctor and get all the service for "free"...the number of doctors willing to work as slaves would be minimal with foreign doctors filling the void...doctors from such dung heaps as India and Pakistan...places where people are left in filthy corridors to wither and die.
When British police were told that Abedi had been heard glorifying suicide bombing...they ignored the tip. When the police were told Abedi went to Libya...they refused to place a "watch-team" around him when he returned. When Abedi was collecting the raw materials for his sophisticated back-pack bomb...the police acted as if he were grocery shopping for a picnic.

Now that Abedi is dead...and...children slaughtered at an Ariana Grande concert...the POLICE are promising to "double down" on their effort to protect the British population from terrorism. Admitting there was a problem...Prime Minister T. May told a cub reporter there were at last count almost 35,000 "known" terror-suspects the U.K. "Had Hitler had such a cadre in Britain in the early days of World War's likely we'd have been conquered," the Prime Minister opined as she looked at photos of dead kids.
In Maryland...a new law forbids drug companies from selling their product at the price the company wishes to sell.

"We're going to force drug companies to sell drugs at the price I say is correct," drooled Brian Frosh...Maryland's Attorney General pointing to a provision in the new law that gives him the power to attack.

When Brian was informed such a law would surely drive the needed drugs from Maryland...Frosh chuckled and replied, " 2010 to 2015...OBAMA-CARE was in its zenith...and...these companies had to raise prices or go bankrupt. It's my opinion bankruptcy would have been best since a bankruptcy trustee could then force the company to sell at the prices I direct. This new power makes my left leg tingle."(WSJ A-3;05-27-17).
Kellyanne Conway...when asked about the MASS MEDIA attack on President Trump through his household members...used her Ivanka primp-kit...tidied up a bit...and...replied, "Jared Kushner was set-up "big time". He was to speak...and...into a web of sin...Jared did leak...Jared went in. Golden words they poured in his ear...his spider senses told him steer clear...but...something went wrong...for Jared's sweet song...he was caught in a celluloid jam....when from Russian a deadly pace...this is how the message ran."
Joe Biden...Obama's sidekick...told a cub reporter he'd like to meet Greg Gianforte behind a barn for a fist fight. "I'd smack him up...beat him down...break a nose...poke the clown," declared a confident Joe Biden recalling perhaps a memory about a time long past where alone he fought 60 Irish drunkards over what beer best. Hearing his crowing...though...President Trump added, "Ole Joe fights shadows and mirrors nowadays."
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Islam is "eye-for-eye"...while Christians "turn the other cheek". In Egypt...after Islamic State...that erstwhile Sunni army...killed another 25 Christians...there was rumor the non-Muslims were departing the country as fast as they could lest they be next. Why the Sunni jihadists are slaughtering Christians hasn't been fully might be al Baghdadi...putative leader of Islamic State...was directed by his handlers to kill some Christians to get the attention of the American MASS MEDIA so that al Baghdadi's announcement about "all out war" against the infidel might be published 24/7.
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An angry Josh Barro told a cub reporter there isn't a night he doesn't cry about Hillary-the-hag being defeated by TEAM-TRUMP in the 2016 election cycle. He wanted the hag since she promised more taxes...more stifling red tape...oodles of spending increases...the stuff which reduced the folks of Venezuela to the status of cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by Maduro's bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. "Had Hillary won...America would be on its way into the proverbial socialist toilet...a place where would-be masters...such as myself...are part of the ruling elite," quipped venomous Barro.
QUIST lost to GIANFORTE. Almost a billion bucks was poured into that Montana U.S. House of Representatives contest in a special election. The MASS MEDIA yesterday was predicting QUIST would trounce Gianforte...particularly after Gianforte grabbed* that snotty reporter and threw him to the ground in a self-defense maneuver. Today...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA hasn't mentioned that contest due to the huge vote count for Gianforte.

Had Gianforte been defeated by this would-be master...however...the MASS MEDIA had a script ready for America...a declaration of sorts...calling for socialism and Eco-fascism...more taxes...more stifling regulation...more enslavement and have scumbag QUSIT leading the way bragging about how his socialist-views were so powerful he defeated the Republican freedom-fighter.
*The VIDEO shows the reporter preparing to groin kick Gianforte but Greg saw it coming and fired first. VIVA GIANFORTE!
President Trump reaffirmed NATO but asked the members pay their bill and not leave America with the entire tab. Naturally...the socialist scumbags in the room instantly reacted in outrage and bluster. French President Macron declared, "You can't ask us to share the bill! We're socialists...we spend other people's money...never our own...we're parasites...we siphon...suck...pilfer...but...we never pay for what we take. We're scumbag socialists."
Last week...based on insider information delivered by OBAMA-moles in the federal government...this BLOG was able to generate a $132 million profit. The government insider...a Mr. Worrell...told Timmy Titler...a well-known editor of this BLOG...that OIL was about to take a mighty dip in price. Based on that GOLDEN DATA...this BLOG sold OIL it had buying replacement-oil at 5% less amounting to a profit of $132 million. (WSJ B-1;05-26-17).
Hillary-the-hag stood at the Wellesly College graduation podium spewing garbage and hate. The crowd loved the idea of enslavement and poverty imposed on them by would-be masters. Indeed...Wellesly College teaches its mush-minds to kneel and lick the master's boot with candied tongue. It was as if the crowd were cheering a nasty pile of dung. As Senator Blumenthal(D. Conn) admitted, "Wellesly College turns out dung-worshipers who would kill their own mother to advance the cause of socialism and Eco-fascism."
"We all understand that it's not acceptable to take care of yourself," quipped George Clooney when asked "why" he supports enslavement of the producer by the would-be master. "I love socialism because it creates a ruling elite of which I am a member. We know what's best. I love the idea of forcing people to lick my boot. It makes my left leg tingle," drooled Clooney as he watched the debate over OBAMACARE and TAX CUTS.
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D. Oh) bragged about being able to kill someone and never be prosecuted because he's a Democrat. "I could kill someone...shoot them down in public...and...the police would look the other way. I'm a Democrat Senator so I can kill with impunity. Hillary-the-hag provided as much. She committed all sorts of crimes and the police looked the other way. Had she been a Republican...though...she'd already be in prison. If you are a freedom-hater you can kill anyone. Hillary proved it."
Ivanka Trump pushed her father into offering a "paid-leave" provision which would probably bankrupt most businesses. Why she wants to enslave hasn't been's more likely than not...her schooling was by socialists and other freedom-haters who taught her to hate liberty and love the "whip and chain". It's horrible to see Ivanka sullied in such a way...but...she is being praised by other freedom-haters as one of them. The taxes and burdens she wishes to impose are as bad any Hillary-the-hag would have proposed.
OBAMA wanted to staff his Environmental Destruction Agency with knaves and jerks and hired Francesca Grifo to fill the so-called position of "Scientific Integrity Official" with a job description simple but terrifying. She was supposed to stifle any dissent with respect to MAN-CAUSED CLIMATE CHANGE. Because she is not a political to speak...she can't be fired. She has a life-long job similar to what federal judges enjoy. When Scott Pruitt...Trumps' EPA director...was asked about Grifo he replied, "She's a classic freedom-hater. She drools venom and will kill her own mother to advance the cause of Eco-fascism. While menace to liberty...her credentials are that of a monster waiting to eat liberty."
President Trump was angry when he was informed by British Prime Minister T. May that the data her team had just given to the Americans had been leaked to the MASS MEDIA within minutes. Who was revealing such ULTRA-SECRET stuff? Since President Trump was with the British could not have been Trump or his entourage...but...someone back home...some Trump-hater...some mole...some jerk whose mission to hurt Trump and keep hurting him 24/7 if possible.

Perhaps...someone back home watched the movie, ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN and decided to be the "deep throat" in the Trump era...delivering incredibly harmful data to the MASS MEDIA so that it might be published in ways that would hurt Trump. U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer told a cub reporter he enjoyed watching TEAM TRUMP trammeled in such ways. "It reminds me of Dick Nixon. He watched the porno film DEEP THROAT over 50 times trying to get it down Pat," quipped a smiling Schumer.
Around Jeff Bezos' business...on the special stands...are bananas with a sign: "free...take one". Almost 8000 bananas per week are consumed by passersby making the BANANA STANDS quite popular. However...all the restaurants and cafes which sold bananas have ceased such offer since the "free banana" is just a few steps the other way.

While the phenomenon was not examined by the so-called Keynesian economists...this BLOG did. What was discovered is that the "free banana" drove the "paid-for" variety out of the area. Indeed...if free clothing were stores would also disappear. The force causing such dearth of sellers is the "free aspect". People won't pay for what they can get for free. the medical service medical care drives away the "paid-for" variety leaving only the "free clinics" medical centers catering to those who wish to pay for the difference in quality. Unlike government imposed "freebie"...however...the private-free-stuff only lasts so long as Bezos wishes to give his wealth away.
U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca) was recorded without her knowledge...spied upon by Obama...and....while she knew it was happening...nonetheless...she kept quiet about it. Obama had too much "dirt" on Pelosi for her to speak out. On the other hand...Pelosi attacked Jared Kushner claiming he had spoken to Russians...somehow...that interface was criminal in nature. Although there was not any proof of wrong-doing....the Trump-hating Democrats and its complicit MASS MEDIA have demanded* a full investigation.
*The CLNTON FAMILY FOUNDATION...a racketeering enterprise...was known to Pelosi and she remained aloof and quiet. When her relationship to the Clintons was examined...her fiscal connection became all too obvious. Yet...the MASS MEDIA and the knaves in the U.S. Injustice Dept. have refused to investigate Pelosi.
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When this BLOG began in 2009 to stand up against socialism...the only BLOG capable of such confrontation...there were loudly spoken rumors that freedom-lovers would not support such an effort to attack socialists...Eco-fascists...and...other freedom-haters.

It was widely predicted people would not read such a freedom-statement since they were themselves enslaved and without power to change their pitiful situation. MSNBC Chris Matthews...for instance...declared that such a BLOG would not be popular since most people had been dumbed down until they were cattle and sheep directed and controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

Yet...this BLOG has become the leader of freedom-speak...the new way to attack the would-be masters. To counter its power...the MASS MEDIA has been flooding the TV and radio with "Trump-hate"...hoping such deluge of animus and anger will rub off on the "dumbed down" and hurt Trump.
Maybe the public schools don't teach history but only love of socialism...but...folks...years the U.S. Senate...when one senator insulted another...more often than not...there was usually a fight with canes...each beating the other...stomping and chomping...until pulled apart. Somehow...Americana have become so feminized...masculine reaction to insult is almost not observed. Greg Gianforte...a Montana cowboy kind of dude...reacted to a nasty attack by a scumbag-reporter and the MASS MEDIA went apoplectic. Suddenly...Greg was a monster whose role-model-President Trump-often treated reporters the same way. HUH?
Housing Administrator Ben Carson told a cub reporter that poverty was a state of mind...something people can handle and effectively delete. Of course...the socialists instantly reacted. They like servile supplicants and parasites since these people can be easily directed. They can be forced to lick boot with candied tongue and worship whatever idol the socialists forge. "We can make people eat dog dung if I directed it," smirked U.S.Rep. Elijah Cummings,(D.MD) when asked about Dr. Carson's assessment of 99.999% of all HOUSING-PARASITES.
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A few years from now...if the federal government isn't removed from the health service market...there will be regions where the consumer won't find insurance coverage available.

Take BLUE CROSS of KANSAS CITY for instance. They were all for BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT to commandeer health insurance because they were told the would-be master could force people to kneel and worship socialized medicine. They were told by scumbag Democrats that Americans were cattle and sheep easily directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. They were promised BIG BUCKS if they supported such enslavement of the producer. They were all too pleased to go along with the WHIP AND CHAIN since they were promised rainbows and and other riches...their power over people greatly aggrandized...and...their long term prosperity guaranteed.

Of course that was all LIE...but...when tyranny is the goal...LYING is part of the scheme.
When Montana Republican Greg Gianforte "body-slammed" the reporter before she could "groin-kick"...the violence was instantly blamed on President Trump who was in Brussels speaking about terrorism and NATO. Even though there was not any CONNECTION between Trump's European speech and Gianforte's reaction...nonetheless...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA blamed the VIOLENCE on him. Indeed...MSNBC Chris Matthews when asked about such an obvious disconnect replied, "If a tree is cut in New York City...a baby falls to its death in Los Angeles."
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In France...the government dictates the content of radio and TV. Somehow...scumbag politicians and their cronies know best and the French citizens are relegated to the status of be cared for and culled as the would-be French master sees fit. Can you imagine some Frenchie telling you what you can and cannot watch? If it were attempted in America...those jerks would be identified and stomped until they disappeared. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-19;05-25-17).
Greg Gianforte...a Montana Republican running for the U.S. House of Representatives...was aggressively accosted by a reporter who looked like she was about to undertake a physical attack. Because Gianforte thought physical harm was about to occur and was imminent...he "fired first"...slamming the reporter to the ground...breaking her glasses and causing her to orgasm. When asked about the broken glasses...the so-called reporter replied, "Greg gave me what I wanted."
Reacting to an effort to release the producer from bondage...Congressional Democrats and socialist-Big Apple Mayor Bill de Blasio warned about the carnage such emancipation would bring to America. Children will die if enslavement of the producer is diminished or deleted altogether. We want more shackle not less enslavement. If the producer is given freedom...children will die...Mother Earth into flames will burst...and...our beloved socialist way of life will be yesterday's rice. I will kill to keep the slaves in line," shouted scumbag-Blasio.
U.S.Rep. Elijah Cummings, (D. Md) admitted he had looked the other way when Hillary-the-hag was delivering ultra-secret stuff to the Russians and Chinese. "I knew she was committing treason but she's a socialist and willing to destroy what little freedom remains in America. That desire made my left leg tingle. Sure...she was committing all sorts of crimes...her and that philandering husband of hers...but...she wanted tyranny...something I want I looked the other way," whispered Cummings when challenged about his complicity in the Clinton Family Foundation racketeering investigation.
Chief compliance officer at the Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) told a cub reporter a story of horror. According to Ms. of her DEA teams killed 1239 children...machined gunned them...and...into a mass grave buried their remains. "We needed to give some food to our tigers so we sent them to Honduras to eat. Naturally...because they're government scumbags they chowed down and them slaughtered children as dessert. While it might seem cruel and demented to was just another day at the office for us."(WSJ A-4;05-25-17).
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Man-caused climate change has scored another victim. This time it's BIG SUR...that national park. Due to climate change caused by mankind...a massive landslide closed a portion of a roadway. The mud and rock amounted to a mountain moving onto the roadway. "It was man-caused climate change alright that worked its harm," quipped Albert Gore...a climate change guru. "It had to be caused by man...nature* would never close a roadway into a national park," added Michael Mann...himself a global warming enthusiast.
*When asked "how" did mankind cause it...both of these idiots in chorus fashion replied, "Mankind must return to a time of tent and mule lest Mother Earth into flames burst."
If OBAMACARE is repealed...screamed Senator Chuck Schumer....there will be 23 million more people uninsured. When asked how that could be known...Schumer laughed and replied, "It's hokum...but we're trying to defeat any effort to eliminate socialism and its grip on the heart of America. As a freedom-hater...I want servile supplicants...parasites...and...knee-crooking knaves not freedom-loving Americans. The former are easily controlled as much as a farmer culls his herd...while the latter would mean the end of my job...something I'll never permit."
President Trump proposed a $4.62 trillion budget. It's almost impossible to imagine $4.62 trillion. With that chuck of change one could buy Florida and Georgia and almost the entire Midwest...and...still have plenty of doe to buy New York and socialist-New Jersey...although only a fool would ever buy toilets such as New York or New Jersey.
Socialists spend other people's money never their own. Since President Trump proposed his 2018 budget...the freedom-hating Democrats have been shouting about the "social safety net". "How dare Trump try and delete FOOD STAMPS and MEDICAID!" screamed Goolsby...a freedom-hater of the 1st order. "I want people dependent on government so we...the ruling elite...can tell them what to do...when to live...when to cry...when to breathe...when to die."
British born Salman Abedi didn't know what "jihad" meant but wanted to undertake "jihad". To satisfy his curiosity...he went about finding such answers. He asked local Imams and Mullahs. They smiled and told Salman that "jihad" meant slaughtering children. "You wrap yourself in explosives...and...detonate in the midst of will be blessed by Allah. You will have 14 virgins and all the wine you can drink." The message was so ripe with motivated Salman to look for such a venue.

Of course...we know he chose the ARIANA GRANDE concert where children were packed like sardines to hear the mega-popular Ariana. Salman waited until he could detonate in the middle of those children. His nails and bolts bomb...massacred as many as 22 children and wounding many more.

As soon as news of the massacre was published...almost every Muslim in the world cheered. Here was real "jihad". A Muslim had killed such...according to the Qu'ran...such slaughter was deemed the epitome of religious fervor. Allahu Akbar!
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President Trump knows he must produce a budget for 2018. When OBAMA presented his budgets...during his 2 terms as president...the MASS MEDIA swooned over his excessive spending and taxes. While Congress rejected his budgets...the MASS MEDIA didn't demean or denounce OBAMA but labeled him a visionary...a tribal socialist whose mission to take from the producer and redistribute as the ruling elite saw fit. However...the MASS MEDIA has called Trump's budget "mean-spirited" because it unshackles the producer and reduces the amount the "takers" can expect.
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While there isn't any hard evidence that President Trump colluded and conspired with the Russians to defeat Hillary-the-hag in the 2016 election cycle...rumor and innuendo says otherwise and it's that kind of stuff which the MASS MEDIA has framed as "proof". Had Hillary-the hag been examined* in the same way TEAM-TRUMP has suffered...she already be in prison along with her philandering husband.
*To underscore this need only watch ex-CIA Director JOHN BRENNAN'S testimony in Congress yesterday. It was pathetic to see this scumbag LYING about TRUMP.
Islamic State chose the Ariana Grande concert to demonstrate its power. According to al-Baghdadi...putative leader of Islamic State...he dispatched a squad to terrorize the Brits. "I sent one of my suicide squads to slaughter and terrorize. They were dispatched to deliver a big body count and they did as directed," quipped al-Baghdadi. Of course...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA blamed the carnage on President Trump. Allahu Akbar, eh boys?
Ex-CIA Director John Brennan during the 2016 election cycle let it be known he hated Donald J. Trump. carry his hatred to its logical conclusion...this scumbag told a U.S. House of Representative committee he thought TRUMP was colluding with the Russians to undermine America and bring it down. When asked if his animosity towards Trump infected his typical scumbag fashion...laughed and replied, "I hate him and I'll lie and do whatever to hurt him. I'm a freedom-hater and I do not want him to dismantle my beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE."
In 1967...the Muslim attacked the Jew. The Muslim anticipated an easy victory but lost miserably with most of their equipment and personnel obliterated. The JEW acquired by right of conquest the WEST BANK (Judea and Samaria) along with Jerusalem. Ever since that debacle...the Muslim has been plotting to extinguish Israel...and...dispatch the JEW to wander in Sinai for another thousand years,(WSJ A-9;05-23-17).

President Trump met with the Muslim and the Jew asking them what can be done to assuage ill-feelings for one another. The president pointed out that commerce heals all wounds and paves a path to perpetual peace. Unlike Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...Trump offered ways to address the hatred and anger between the Jew and Muslim. VIVA TRUMP!
When OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...visited the WEST WALL...prayed and left note...the MASS MEDIA was joyful and praised Obama for his elegance and passion for peace. On the other hand...when President Trump visited the WALL...the MASS MEDIA called it "wrongful"...and..."war-causing". The difference in treatment by the MASS MEDIA is another example of Trump-hating.
Trump-hating scumbags have been asked to parade in Congress and tell their stories. Mr. Brennan...a CIA jerk...said he thought President Trump had committed treason. "How dare Trump tell the Russians that America has a mighty military. That data was ultra-secret and it was treason to reveal America's overall power," whispered Brennan when he was asked about the Russian-Trump connection.
Ted Van Dyk...a freedom-hating Democrat...told a cub reporter he loved socialism and hated capitalism. "I want people to be dependent on big gift government so that I can be part of that ruling elite which tells people what to do. Imagine people working all day and I come and take their work-product away to redistribute as the ruling elite sees fit," drooled Ted as he looked at how many people starved due to socialism,(WSJ A-21;05-22-17).
People...who own electric cars...are more often than not observed sitting on their car hood on the side of the road dripping with perspiration and cussing. Maybe a thousand years from now the electric car might be a viable competitor to the gasoline motor...but...that accomplishment is still decades away. ELON MUSK...a TESLA MOTORS enthusiast...told a cub reporter...for example...he liked watching people stuck on the roadside because their electric car failed.
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American dairy farmers have discovered a GLUT in the milk-market. The governments of the world have begun to loosen their grip on producers and milk production has responded. There's so much milk out there it's hard to believe anyone is starving in the world. If they're without's their government's fault for socialist intrusion into their marketplace. Remove government and there would be so much food available* starvation would be a historical footnote and little more.
*Plants eat carbon dioxide(CO2) and emit oxygen as a waste product. The more CO2...the more plants eat and deliver abundantly. WOW!
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President Trump promised the producer he would liberate them...remove their shackles...and...insulate them from the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein the would-be master can decree: OUR TEARS...YOUR PURSE! Naturally...the oppressors do not want taxes tape deleted...since such things give them power over the producer. VIVA TRUMP!
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It's mean-spirited to take what another has produced. It's also called theft. Alan Blinder...himself a notorious thief and scumbag...bragged about stealing from producers and redistributing the loot as Blinder saw fit. "I want to take what people produce and pass it out as I see fit," drooled scumbag-Blinder...a name he acquired* when he began teaching at Princeton University.
*This BLOG offered Princeton a $34 million dollar gift if they not only would fire ALAN hard to keep that scumbag from ever teaching again. Maybe Blinder can clean toilets or empty trash cans but he definitely doesn't deserve to be an educator.
Alan Blinder doesn't dare walk across campus without a bodyguard. He has been targeted for public excoriation. U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D. FL) said she hated to see such a freedom-hater attacked on Princeton's campus. "I like Alan Blinder. He wants what I want: enslavement of the producer. He teaches his students to hate freedom and love the shackle and whip. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about how BLINDER molded mush-minds into socialist worms and parasitic supplicants," bragged Wasserman-Schultz.
Steve Martin...a former Drug Enforcement Agency scumbag...told a cub reporter he loved the  WAR ON DRUGS. When asked about the idiotic aspect of such a WAR...he laughed and revealed a thousand instances where he had personally destroyed families taking away the bread-winner and leaving the starving kids and crippled wife to fend for themselves. "It makes my left leg tingle every time I reflect on the MISERY and DEVASTATION I inflicted as a DEA scumbag," bragged Martin as he looked at the number of Afro-Americans in prison for trying to get "high" or helping someone else "get high".
Eric Bauman and Kimberly Ellis competed for the title of leader of the California Democrat Party with Bauman defeating Ellis by 60 votes. After hearing she'd lost...Ellis told a cub reporter she and Bernie Sanders were going to work harder to make California a socialist state wherein people sit around with their hands in each other's pocket thinking they're getting rich. "I will enslave the producer and force the producer to pay for us," whispered Kimberly.
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When Mother Earth has over 350 carbon atoms per million cubic feet of air...the world into flames will burst and everyone will die," declared 10,000 scientists who were paid to sign that declaration. When asked about the fact plant life eats carbon dioxide and the more carbon into the atmosphere...the more they eat...the more lush the jungle...the more fruitful the apple tree...the 10,000 scientists refused to answer since their LIE would be exposed. If they admitted their theory was hokum...they'd have to give back all the money they took based on that LIE.
Chris Whipple...a rabid Trump-hater...told a cub reporter he disliked President Trump since Trump planned on eliminating his beloved NANNY STATE CAGE. "I am against eliminating the NANNY STATE. It grants such power to scumbags such as myself...I'll fight Trump to stifle his effort to liberate the enslaved.
Benjamin Wittes...the consort of James Comey...appeared to tell the world he and James were intimate and during an episode...Comey whispered how he had been violated by President Trump in the secret room where Monica was attacked by a half-naked Bill Clinton. As the president was having his way with "Jimmie-boy"...he demanded Comey stop chasing Mike made Trump jealous. So powerful were Wittes revelations...MASS MEDIA wizards decided to parade Wittes-Comey relationship as a banner of truthfulness. WOW!
When James Comey was asked what dirt he had on President Trump...he replied, "There isn't any. He's as clean as a hound's tooth. I could concoct something like FBI is notorious for doing...manufacturing evidence...but...real criminal conduct...there wasn't any found."
Peggy Noonan...another WSJ hack...came forward to denounce Trump as if it were a novel exercise and not a 24/7 mantra spewed by all the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA (99.999%). Obviously...she was well-rewarded for her hate-speech,(WSJ A-13;05-20-17). But...her ideas are unworthy of any further discussion since she wanted Hillary-the-hag as president...and...what little liberty remained in America finally removed. That TRUMP defeated CLINTON miffed Noonan and forced her to join NEVER-TRUMP crowd. What a jerk!
Because he's a produce of socialist schooling...Barrie Levitt must be forgiven although admonished for his support for enslavement,(WSJ A-12;05-20-17). In the WSJ...freedom-hater-Barrie says old-drug prices must be controlled and directed not permitted to be whatever the seller desires. Because Barrie does not own a drug-making factory...he wants to impose his ideas on those who do. He wants it "Barrie's way"...a way that somehow helps the herd...not the individual.'s this kind of IDIOCY which public schools preach...and...Barrie is just the produce of such nonsense.
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Mount Sinabung erupted sending more carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere than mankind has emitted in the last 500 years. However...the MASS MEDIA and the so-called man-caused climate change enthusiasts and acolytes...didn't tell anyone about such intrusion into Mother Nature's domain. If they had revealed as much...their entire LUCRATIVE LIE would be undermined and they'd be exposed as charlatans...exposure they simply refuse to suffer,(WSJ A-7;05-21-17).
In Montana...Rob Quist...a rabid freedom-hater...received support from socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders...himself a fellow traveler. Although the crowd which Greg Glanforte...the Republican contender for that seat in the U.S. House of Representatives...drew was a thousand times larger...nonetheless...the MASS MEDIA televised only the Sanders-Quist connection portraying such relationship as VITAL AND SIGNIFICANT.
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There are two competing paradigms....the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...the 21st Century otherwise unhampered the former...a would-be master can decree: "our tears...your purse!" distinct contrast...the 21st Century approach demands government remain insulated from the marketplace...funded by  rents, royalties, fees...and...Warren Buffett like donations, delivering only COURTS(both civil and penal)...POLICE to protect and serve...and...a small national defense force to protect against barbarians.

Had Brazil been an OUM instead of a CAGE...the politicians would never have sought bribes and none would have been paid since government inside the OUM can't pick winners and losers...can't stifle competition...can't grant privilege and favor to one while denying another in exchange for bribes. Brazilian President Temer has been exposed...for the CEO of the giant meatpacker JBS pointing to the $400 million his crew had to pay to play,(WSJ A-1;05-20-17).
President Trump chose Saudi Arabia as the 1st country he visited as President. The honor made the Saudis well-wishers of Trump...something the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA can't mention lest it seem the MASS MEDIA somehow relenting in its hatred of the President. Even though such relationship between the Saudis and the United States was critical to achieving peace in the Middle East. VIVA TRUMP!
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How did Trump defeat Hillary-the-hag? The answer is FIRST BRIGADES. These were action-teams...each situated in every county everywhere across America. Their job was to talk up Trump...and...ask neighbors to consider liberation instead of more subjugation. The choice of KEY or CAGE was so drew people to the Republican side and away from the "whip and shackle" crowd. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R. FL) told a cub reporter the embedded bureaucratic state was too big...too be deleted. When asked if the laws creating such a leviathan could be repealed thereby eliminating those oppressive departments, agencies, bureaus and outlets...RUBIO almost cud-choked. Why he'd never help dismantle his beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE part of an effort to liberate! No way. He'd talk the talk...but...never walk that walk. Not ever.
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Trying to sell advertising? To be good at such must be able to show the advertiser how many people an ad in that particular publication will reach. If the magazine has a readership of 1000 ad in that publication would fetch very little. Why spend $1000 on such an ad when for the same $1000 a billion people can be reached?

When the MASS MEDIA saw how lucrative Trump-hating could be...the flood gates opened and anti-Trump was released...24/7 hate-speech....never revealing their motive....always belittling...demeaning...berating anything President Trump does. And in so doing perpetuating their customer base and enabling them to sell advertising at premium rates.

However...there is not any factual underpinnings for 99.9999% of the hate-speech leveled at TEAM-TRUMP. Even Special Counsel Robert Mueller won't be able to find any proof of election-tampering by Donald J. Trump. the meantime...the MASS MEDIA will attack and demand the investigation of TEAM-TRUMP continue forever...dogging his trail 24/7....badgering...bumping and pumping...always attempting to keep the HATE-TRUMP ENTHUSIASM on fire.
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When OBAMA assassinated U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY before he could divulge "politically damaging information"...the MASS MEDIA did not excoriate and denounce. When OBAMA assassinated Ambassador Chris Stevens before he could divulge election-outcome-changing data...again...the MASS MEDIA preferred to propagate the VIDEO LIE Susan Rice was telling.

Yet...when Trump-haters say they heard the Russians defeated Hillary while colluding with Donald J. Trump...such rumors have fostered a "special counsel"...24/7 hate-speech from talking heads...and...forced some in Congress to scream: IMPEACHMENT!

The difference is palpable. While it was OBVIOUS Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...had KILLED those two men...the MASS MEDIA chose to hide it. In contrast...when rumor bubbled forth about a RUSSIAN-CONNECTION in the 2016 presidential election cycle...the defeated Democrats and their controlled MASS MEDIA pounced...and...haven't let go in bulldog fashion.
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Trump-hating is fashionable. So popular that pollsters are making big bucks producing FAKE POLLS which show Trump is losing his support in every county in America...particularly noticeable in the counties in which he defeated Hillary-the-hag in 2016. The same counties were polled by this BLOG just to check Monmouth's methodology...for example...and...discovered the Monmouth poll was FAKE...indeed...the polling numbers for TRUMP were 89% "for"...and...11% "against"...not only a dramatic difference...but also...proof...that the MASS MEDIA and its cronies are skewing NEWS to hurt Trump.

Roger the age of 77 years...fell dead. His heart just gave out from all the horrible stress he suffered. Recall he was accused of sexual harassment...a charge he bitterly denied. Sure...he had patted Sally on her shoulder and said "good job"...and...had referred to another female employee once as " go...girl." All that was combined to prove ROGER AILES was sexually harassing ladies at Fox News. It was callous to accuse Roger...but...he was targeted for termination by freedom-haters who never forgave him for launching RUSH LIMBAUGH. God speed, Roger.
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President Trump agreed with this BLOG when he framed the so-called special counsel as a "witch-hunt" with Robert Mueller leading the effort. Armed with Bible...candle...and...bell...Mueller has been dispatched to reveal the demons from Hell. Waste of might delay President Trump in his feat of dismantling the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE!
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Rosenstein...described by Democrats as a sanctimonious prick...told Senators in a SECRET MEETING...closed cameras...that James Comey had to be fired because he represented the EVIL in the world. So sensitive and earth-shaking were Rosenstein's revelations...ultra secrecy had to be imposed. Every attendee swore not to reveal the meeting's content.

Yet...within a nanosecond after that meeting's conclusion...its content was examined by scumbags at the New York Times and Washington Post...two Trump-hating rags. They found Rosenstein was correct. James Comey was "bad seed" and had to be deleted. But...these rags couldn't tell the world that President Trump made the correct* decision lest such praise undermine their "hate-Trump" mantra.
*Whoever it was who chose to "leak" content...such identity won't be revealed...though...since it's likely the entire alleged "content" was bogus. and there isn't any leaker to be divulged. Synthesized news...framed for the 24/7 hate-Trump narrative...seems to be the script the MASS MEDIA has selected. Hence..."Comey-dirt"...the stuff Rosenstein revealed to the Senate in that secret meeting...such dirt won't be published. It would help Trump...something Trump-haters won't do.
The Department of Justice opted to appoint ROBERT MUELLER as a "special counsel" to probe the Russian-Trump connection...a palpable strong...the Democrats demand impeachment.

Suspecting that MUELLER was picked because President Trump had "closet dirt" on him and could be counted on to exonerate Mike Flynn...and...everyone else sullied by the wrongful attack undertaken by the Democrats and their complicit MASS MEDIA...U.S. Senator Mark Warren(D.Va) told a cub reporter that not only did Warner know* Mueller was a practicing transvestite...but...such information was so was obvious such wrinkle explained "why" President Trump picked Mueller.
*Insider Steve Bannon reported Warner told him that Mueller was a transvestite because Warner danced with him many times in Georgetown's Gay Bars. So intimate was Warner with Mueller that Warner knew Mueller's nickname: SLEEPY HOLLOW.
Russian President Putin told a cub reporter he was surprised the American MASS MEDIA hated President Trump. Not to be outdone...President Putin highlighted "why" it was nonsense to attack the president. It might very well be that President Putin will reveal who inside the American government are the moles and President Trump would like to have as he goes about "draining the swamp". VIVA TRUMP!
While the pollsters at Quinnipiac University in times past might have been impartial...lately...they're "hired-guns"...employed to deliver "hate-Trump" polling numbers. By the complicit MASS MEDIA...their POLLS are called the GOLD STANDARD...even though they're "paid-for"...and...designed to deliver the result envisioned.

Had that latest "hate-Trump" poll...for example...been done in a TRUMP REGION...the numbers would have been "pro-Trump". That outcome would have been terrible since Quinnipiac was paid to deliver "hate-Trump" results. Hence...the pollsters skewed their "pool" in order to get the results needed. It's a charade but a lucrative one, nonetheless,(WSJ A-17;05-17-17).
Because this BLOG demanded liberation...President Trump appointed Ajit Pai to lead the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) out of the NANNY STATE delivering thereby to the world an unfettered INTERNET. Sure...there are freedom-haters who envisioned themselves gaining and benefiting from such enslavement...but...President Trump knew such EVIL was afoot...and...put Ajit Pai in charge* to see to it such EVIL is eradicated. VIVA TRUMP!
*900 billion hours on mobile apps last year.
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Pandora opened the box and out flew EVIL into the world. What was left behind...what was left in that box? Yes...folks..."HOPE". When President his one-on-one dialogue with FBI Director James Comey...declared, "I hope you can find a way to lay off Mike Flynn"...that expression of HOPE was just that an expression of HOPE and never has such an expression ever been considered some kind of DIKTAT...some kind of veiled command...some kind of interference with an investigation.

Yet...the wicked MASS MEDIA has spent the last 72 hours proclaiming President Trump obstructed justice with that expression of HOPE.

Even U.S. Senator John "scumbag" avowed* enemy of Trump...took the opportunity to slap President Trump labeling the COMEY INTERFACE as serious and as grave as Nixon's WATERGATE AFFAIR.
*When McCain was asked about the use of the word HOPE...though...McCain choked on his cud. He had not been told about that aspect and he was caught. President Trump's expression of HOPE was not anything other than an expression of HOPE and could not be interpreted any other harbored ill-will for TRUMP beforehand.
President Trump is attempting to liberate Dr. Afridi from a Pakistani prison. Afridi was convicted of TREASON for his role in the killing of Osama bin Laden in May of 2011. His trial was held in a tribal area where sentiment for bin Laden was dramatic and profoundly religious. When Afridi gave Obama bin Laden's angered the tribal population. And it's this ANGER which President Trump must confront and assuage.

In Pakistan...there are tribal areas...places where the central government does not go. Sure...they might intrude with tank and soon as they're gone...the tribal government returns. Because of the danger to them...most Pakistani soldiers refuse to enter those areas. They know that after they depart...the terrorists will follow them...and...slaughter them and their families as they sleep,(WSJ A-11;05-17-17).
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When the head honcho of the Bank of Japan bragged about pumping so much paper money into Japan's economy that prices were rising...few fixed-income Japanese cheered. Their lifestyle was being pinched by rising prices...their burdens made even was some government whack-job proclaiming how wondrous the effort and its results.

Somehow...taking WEALTH from people...and...redistributing it as the ruling elite deems better than permitting people to deal with their own lives as they see fit.

And while the MASS MEDIA is championing this interference into the economy...most Japanese know such intrusion will only lead to greater misery and privation.
Andrew Auernheimer...a/k/a...Weevlos...told a cub reporter he hacked the computers of Democratic National Committee...Hillary-the hag...Emmanuel Macron...and...John Podesta. He had left computer-code-trail so that the Russians would be blamed while his team escaped with the data. The DAILY STORM...a Neo-Nazi rag...confirmed this disclosure...but...declared Andrew had undermined their "sources" by telling the world about his exploits,(WSJ A-10;05-17-17).
"FAKE NEWS". It's found in almost everything the MASS EMDIA does. Take for example the WSJ article on overseas allies alarmed over Trump's revelations to the Russian ambassador about laptop bombs. That story had been out there for the Europeans...for was OLD NEWS...but...perhaps not to the isolated Russians. As Kellyanne Conway said, "Only an EVIL PERSON would wish to keep such data secret even if it meant people would die...people who could have been warned. Only evil-Democrats could want such horror. In distinct contrast...President Trump was trying to save people. Quite a the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA simply won't reveal."(WSJ A-6;05-17-17).
South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo told a cub reporter if the North were fueling a rocket to be launched against South Korea or Los Angeles...South Korea would strike first. "We would never permit that maniac to attack," whispered Min-koo as he listened to the MASS MEDIA discuss the latest North Korean missile firing.
Before President Trump warned the Russian ambassador about lap-top bombs and other airport security issues...the matter had been widely discussed. Even the WSJ had carried a story about laptop computers as bombs. Hence...Trump's reference to such data was already in the public domain.

Now...the WSJ and other rags are declaring TRUMP-TREASON. "How dare he tell the Russians to be on the look out for such devices!" screamed U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY) when he heard the Israeli data was meant only to be seen by President Trump and that he was not to alert the world of this menace. "If people have to die to keep such data secret...then...I don't care if a million victims were slaughtered. It was meant only for Trump. He should not have warned of that danger. I hate him for it. I was expecting a huge body count," confided "scumbag" Schumer,(WSJ A-1;05-17-17).
President Trump records dialogue. Hence...he knows he never asked FBI Director James "scumbag" Comey to cease an FBI investigation of Mike Flynn. On the other hand...there's the JAMES COMEY MEMO...a memo written by James Comey memorializing the encounter. In that MEMO...JAMES COMEY...writes about what he observed. It was obviously self-serving...and...intended to be used should he suffer discharge. Since Comey's been most other scumbag-bureaucrats in Washington...he launched his torpedoes. What a scumbag!
(WSJ A-1;05-17-17)
Because President Trump is the commander-in-chief he'd top dog when it comes to data and its secrecy. Whatever data he shared with the Russian ambassador was already a well-worn meme on social media. In the city of Riyadh...for instance...lap-top bombs are made to be given to Israeli children. If some make it to America or blow a few jets from the sky...then so be it.

What has startled so many political scientists is how far the hateful MASS MEDIA is willing to take this GUESS about what President Trump told the Russians. MSNBC talking heads...for instance...are trying to lead the wolf pack by reciting a theme of national security breach so grave America won't see tomorrow. As MSNBC Chuck "LIAR" Todd said, "I hate Trump and whatever LIE I can tell...I'll tell it." Allahu Akbar, eh Schumer?
no image
Make President Trump open his egg from the small end!" screamed Senator Jack Reed,(D.R.I.)...a well-known Lilliputian. "How dare Trump speak to the Russian ambassador in a closed-meeting...excluding the hateful MASS MEDIA!" shouted another Lilliputian sporting the name "papoose" Warren whose proclivity for LYING a notorious badge of infidelity.
no image
Someone bugging Bernie Sanders' bedroom. Such news would never see print or TV-mention since not anyone cares about Bernie Sanders. He's a nasty...angry...vicious...socialist jerk whose desire to enslave unbounded and few Americans wish to know what such slime. Yet...any tale that demeans President gets front-page headlines. VIVA TRUMP!
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Folks...what we have in Washington DC is President Trump among Lilliputians. He towers above them. Just the other day...he trapped them into a preposterous guessing game about what transpired in that now famous closed-door meeting between President Trump and Russian Ambassador Lavrov. The trick was to induce them to write stories* based on supposed "leaks".
*According to "unnamed sources"...for instance...the suckered MASS MEDIA reported that President Trump revealed ultra-secret data to the ambassador...compromising American national security for a thousand years in all directions. So dastardly and horrific the revelation that U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D. NY) demanded impeachment proceedings be considered.
no image
When Hillary-the-hag left her private email server open for hacking...America suffered a great loss of ultra-secret data. However...the MASS MEDIA refused to castigate or belittle her for such a national security breach. However...President a closed-door meeting...mentions lap-top bombs to the Russian Ambassador and that discussion somehow betrays everything safe and secure about America. Even though that information had been around for awhile...the MASS MEDIA treated* it as if it were the nuclear launch codes.
*RUSH LIMBAUGH made such a connection as well.
In a "no-MASS MEDIA" meeting...President Trump told Ambassador Lavrov about the Middle East and how America would handle Somalia and Yemen. Later on...McMasters told the world that President Trump told the Russians things that were already public record. When McMasters was asked "why" would Trump reveal SECRETS that were the SECRETS of America's particular Zimbabwe...McMasters chuckled and said, "The data exchanged was public atom bomb could be detonated in Zimbabwe...and...the world would find out sometime later on."
no image
President Trump sent anti-tank weaponry to the Kurds. Of course...the Turks were miffed by such provisioning since the Kurds are their enemy. "Islamic State has at most 5 operational tanks but the Americans sent 100,000 anti-tank rocket launchers," screamed Erdogan as he sipped* his spiced tea.
*The Kurds use camel dung as an aphrodisiac while the Turks use it as a spice for their tea. Such preferential difference has made these two camps mortal enemies each proclaiming the other an infidel.
no image
Folks...90 out of every 100 Americans believe the MASS MEDIA is a cesspool...its talking heads excrement...and...their stories "fake news". Underscoring this belief...the Washington Post was caught fabricating NEWS. Somehow...according to WAPO...President Trump divulged ultra-secret stuff to the Russian Ambassador and betrayed America in so doing. While totally FALSE...the entire MASS MEDIA propagated the WAPO LIE as if it were true never telling their small audiences they were simply passing along the LIE.
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Fossil fuel is the best way to produce energy. It's cheap and efficient.'s become the pariah of the man-caused global warming enthusiasts who proclaim CARBON KILLS...going so far as to induce the Supreme Court of the United States to declare CARBON DIXOIDE(CO2) to be INHERENTLY DANGEROUS despite it being a natural occurring TRACE GAS( very little of it)...and...the gas humans exhale every time they breathe.

Moreover, the 10,000 scientists who signed that LETTER OF DANGER refused to tell the world that plants eat carbon dioxide and volcanoes emit more CO2 per eruption than mankind has produced in 500 years. They also didn't tell the low information crowd Mother Earth is in equilibrium and CO2 emissions are absorbed accordingly making the MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING theory preposterous and likened to the idiotic idea that with spoon and bucket one might dip an ocean dry.
President Trump excluded the MASS MEDIA from his meeting with Russian Ambassador Lavrov in order to create MYSTERY...and...lure the Trump-haters into another morass of guess and mess. "He revealed ultra-secret stuff!" screamed Byron York...himself an inveterate Trump-hater. When asked what was wrongfully divulged...YORK was without an answer since he didn't know. He was told by his bosses to GUESS and hence he was GUESSING in order to retain his job. His moral imperative overborne by his need to please his Trump-hating managers.
Wannacry is a malicious worm which someone used to hack the world's computers. It's likely the perpetrators will be found. The worm got into computers through a DOORWAY which Microsoft was directed to install in all its computer software. The DOORWAY was designed to give big stomp government a path to absolute tyranny. Of course...Bill Gates went along with it since he's a notorious freedom-hater of the 1st ironic and horrible as that sounds.
The Washington Post story about President Trump revealing ultra-secret stuff to Ambassador Lavrov is totally false. However...because the Post was not permitted into the room...they elected to concoct a story and then rely on the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA to propagate it. It took H.R. McMasters to come forward to tell the world that IDIOTIC STORY was "fake news"...but...acknowledged it sold more copies of that rag than have been sold in one day in 2 decades. VIVA TRUMP!
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As idiotic as it might seem...the MASS MEDIA is attacking President Trump for discussing world problems with the Russian Ambassador. Of course...the MASS MEDIA was not permitted into the they were left to speculate. Now...these TRUMP-haters are claiming President Trump revealed American's closest held secrets. Even if such accusation is preposterous...nonetheless...scumbag talking heads are pretending as if President Trump had finally given up West Point to the British.
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In Washington...did Donald Trump...a stately pleasure dome secret and ultra ways not anyone could see. Ah...yes...the chief executive somehow revealing something to the Russians...something so secret...even President Trump could not reveal without committing treason. Yes...folks...President Trump told the Russians that Obama was a transsexual and Elizabeth Warren was an Indian warrior wearing a catcher's cup. Such divulgence was too much for even a considerate MASS MEDIA. They had to preach TREASON...even though most believed Warren is some kind of imposter.
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Obama killed 4 Americans in Benghazi on 09-11-12 but the MASS MEDIA overlooked his recklessness. However...the same MASS MEDIA is attacking President Trump 24/7 for bogus accusations about collusion with Russia without any proof. According to this MASS MEDIA narrative...somehow the Russians defeated Hillary-the-hag even though her helpers said her defeat was entirely her own doing(think SHATTERED).
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When you build a mold...the 1st item bears the cost of the mold. time goes on...the cost per unit plummets since the cost of the mold has been covered. In 3-D printing...the cost of one unit is the same as the cost of 10,000 units. It might very well be the MOLD METHOD and the 3-D method over long periods of time are equal in their capital cost. NIKE is experimenting with 3-D shoes that can afford the wearer greater speed and jumping distance. NIKE demonstrated a pair of tennis shoes which enabled the wearer to run a 3.9 second 40 yard dash and jump 120 linear feet.
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Moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is an important step in protecting Israel from obliteration. President Trump promised to move that embassy in order to demonstrate fidelity between the Jew and America. When the Jew was attacked in 1967...the Muslims intent was to eradicate. However...due to the better defense and offense of the Jew...the MUSLIM lost territory...territory the Jew must never give back. Not ever!
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If President Trump did tape-record his dialogue with FBI Director James was a brilliant maneuver and it will be called another GREAT TACTIC. Whether or not such tapes exist will be the focus of Democrat-curiosity while TEAM-TRUMP proceeds to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. By keeping the monkeys focused on nonsense...TEAM TRUMP will be able to pass their OMNIBUS REPEAL BILL, (THE ORB) wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the NANNY STATE are deleted. VIVA TRUMP!
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If it's free...people will take. Put "free" on a basket of fruit...for a few minutes...the basket is empty. Medicaid is such a basket and the replacement of fruit is getting more arduous...tenuous...and...almost never there.'s a given that most people do not want to pay for other people. OBAMA-CARE was fruit basket on steroids. Nowadays...there are 73 million takers looking for fruit and they won't take "no" for their answer. They want fruit!(WSJ A-4;05-15-17).
Has anyone noticed that the POLLS follow the MASS MEDIA narrative?  Because the MASS MEDIA is packed with freedom-haters...they're opposed to TRUMP since his mission statement is to dismantle their beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Their POLLS support such Trump-hating and are designed to hurt not help.(WSJ A-4;05-15-17).

For instance...a recent POLL supposedly showed Americans didn't like President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey. Yet...when Steve Colbert...a socialist jerk...mentioned that "firing" on his lackluster show...his small audience cheered...a display of approval and praise Colbert was exquisitely surprised to observe. So surprised...Colbert was stuck for words...since he was told his crowd were Trump-haters.
When this BLOG warned investors to stay away from Puerto Rico...most savvy ones did. But the "eraser-heads" at the mutual funds concluded this BLOG'S warning was of little import...ignored it...and...proceeded to buy worthless bonds. Nowadays...with Puerto Rico bankrupt and all these bondholders taking haircuts...these mutual fund know-it-alls are asking this BLOG how to extricate and save whatever possible from "wipe-out".(WSJ A-1;05-15-17).
no image predicted by this BLOG...the world has been hacked. The perpetrator is a Pakistani child of 13 years whose mother and father asked him to stop world commerce for 24 hours so they might take a respite from their busy day. the Hindu tradition of need and want...the child complied and the results made front page news,(WSJ A-1;05-15-17).
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While Bernie Sanders told the crowd he would enslave the producer and redistribute whatever grabbed...some did not cheer such declaration. They'd heard it before in 1933 from the NAZIS...the German Nationalist Socialist Party...and...they knew such tyranny only fetches destruction. Why so many were supporting such EVIL could only be explained by the American public school inculcation of socialism as a moral imperative.
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Recently...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA carried a story about people who want to hurt Trump. According to this article...there are 20 state Attorney Generals calling for an independent prosecutor to see if President Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary-the-hag. What the scumbag MASS MEDIA doesn't tell that these same 20 jerks also were pro-Hillary and were all found crying and snorting over her political defeat. Now...they see a way to hurt President Trump and thwart his effort to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein scumbags such as these 20 so-called attorney generals are plotting to undermine a freedom-fighter so that their beloved socialist miasma might continue.
Why would universities ask Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren to speak at a graduation ceremony? These two scumbags are freedom-haters...and...their vision of America is that of a socialist toilet wherein they are the ruling elite similar to what the Venezuelans suffer. And to think the audience cheered their EVIL VISION. Perhaps Jesus was correct that there would be FALSE PROPHETS who would come in his name with EVIL in their hearts.
Dan Rather...who was caught intentionally publishing a LIE...was able to get some MASS MEDIA time by telling them he'd come forward and call President Trump a "loser"...and...declare America in its darkest days. When asked by a cub reporter if he weren't LYING again...he laughed and said Americans were dull and dumb and would believe whatever the MASS MEDIA proclaimed.

Fountain of Youth. When Masayoshi Son was approached with the prospect of immortality...he was doubtful. Despite his critical aspect...though...he permitted the presentation to continue. He was respectfully informed the idea of immortality was quite real since on Earth there were several species of plant and critter that had unusually long life spans. By snipping off that LIFE-GIVING-STUFF...and...inserting it in the DNA of Masayoshi...he could live 100 life times before ever having to plan his demise. He was shown Crispr-Nine...and...other recent innovations in GENE EDITING and the design of the machine which would employ those software packages and produce immortality, (WSJ B-3;05-13-17).
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Another casualty of the OBAMA era was long haul trucking. Due to a sclerotic economy...trucking fell in volume. Nowadays...there are tens of thousands of diesel trucks with 500,000 miles on their odometer with a value far less than what's owed. Because of this difference...though...there is a way for BIG BUCKS to be made off such a glut. Indeed...this BLOG bought 1000 trucks for $500 each and resold them in Tibet for $25,000 (U.S. currency) with a profit of 1000 x $24,500.00. The deal was possible since every government scumbag who could stop it...signed off...desiring to see a new approach to prosperity...a 21st century approach...a path whereon there can't be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ B-2;05-13-17).
The JEW must not repose trust in the Muslim! The Muslim is committed to the eradication of the infidel...and...the JEW is PUBLIC ENEMY #1. The JEW must not give the Palestinian...for instance...any NATION STATE lest Israel become* little more than a punching bag for the Arab. As it is right now...the Jew can stop the Palestinian from stockpiling weapons for that final attack...but...could not prevent such build-up if PALESTINE were its own separate nation-state. Indeed...the JEW must never grant any land to the Muslim lest the JEW be driven back into Sinai.
*Jewish cities laid waste by mortar and rocket barrage...Jews slaughtered by suicide bombers who enter through the Palestinian State...yet...the JEW chastised by the world for the body count.
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There should not be any government funding of research or development. The tendency to reward friends and eschew enemies so great...never should government coffers be accessed. By investment and donation...worthwhile research has always been funded. However...such source of funding necessarily limits the areas of research. For fast shrimp run on the ocean floor was funded by government...while research on a cure for Alzheimer privately supported.

In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...funding for research goes to those people whose effort actually produces something which might be useful. In a government-funded contrast...a scientist can get funding for almost anything. One scientist got $1.3 billion to study whether hunger causes couples to fight using the number of pins stuck into a VOO DOO DOLL as the measure. Another scientist received $697,117.00 for producing a musical about coming to terms with Alzheimer's. The lyrics and music had to be rewritten so many times...the script grew in cost.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was hissed and booed as she attempted to deliver a commencement speech at Bethune-Cookman University. She had been invited by Edison Jackson, the head of the university to speak to the graduating class. She'd done* so much to help inner-city children obtain better educations...and...yet...the beneficiaries of such effort were interrupting and shouting. It was disheartening to see such a display of ingratitude and outright anger over such assistance.
*Betsy DeVos could be sitting on the boardwalk sipping wine and eating snails or on her yacht cruising the islands. Yet...she chose to help the unfortunate get an education. And for such assistance she's hated and reviled by the socialists who need DUMB-VOTERS...not...BRIGHT ones.
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TEAM OBAMA...may a curse be upon them...developed a foreign policy they deftly labeled "CHEW THRU". When asked about this policy...JOSH EARNEST replied, "If you permit termites to eat and eat and eat...eventually they chew through whatever edible and they depart leaving the home owner...for example...alone thereafter. Similarly...we permitted the terrorists and other notables to take whatever they wished since we knew their grip only for a season. Why spend time and money confronting what will eventually depart?"
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Folks...President Trump video-taped the dinner with James Comey at which Comey declared he was not investigating the president. keep the STIR going...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is now demanding that VIDEO so they might examine it. In response...Kellyanne Conway told them such wouldn't be given. They had to trust Trump he had such ammo should they ever try and present another LIE.
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Tim had worked for 5 years and saved enough money to buy a car. But...because he lived in America...the government took his money and gave it to Bobby's dentist so that Bobby's teeth might be straightened out. Bobby's mom and dad were on welfare...both able-bodied but without on free public medical dental work. All they had to do was vote for their socialist masters and they could continue plundering Tim's storeroom.
For freedom-hating Euro-zone scumbags...Uber Technologies described its service as an on-line sharing experience and not some kind of taxi service. Of course...every European taxi monopoly demanded UBER be stopped lest they lose their grip on the marketplace. If UBER could not be some material manner...hindered or hassled...the TAXI SERVICES would have to upgrade their dirty cars...and...force their drivers to bathe...two things which otherwise would not happen,( WSJ B-4;05-12-17).
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Bernie Sanders never spends his own money...only the money of others. He's an inveterate socialist...a loudmouthed freedom-hater...but...he's the leader of the Democrat Party despite Tom Perez's protestations to the contrary notwithstanding. He is demanding enslavement of the producer...more whip and chain...that that kind of EVIL is what attracts Democrats.
While the Russian photographers were permitted into the Oval Office...the American scumbags were told to stay out. In many ways...President Trump was telling the MASS MEDIA you "bite"...I "bite" back. The preference was so dramatic it made the MASS MEDIA scream with indignation. How dare TRUMP choose people who like him!(WSJ A-6;05-12-17).
President Trump recently dispatched the American military to assist the Turks in eradicating the Kurdish terrorists who threaten Erdogan's idea of empire. In exchange for permitting American jets to refuel in Turkey...President Trump has sent teams into that hellish area on the Turkish border trying to buffer these two opposing forces: Kurds and Turks...insulation which will disappear as soon as President Trump concludes the civil war between Turk and Kurd centuries old will never be resolved and America should step back.
Kellyanne Conway was asked by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA about how James Comey was sacked. After primping in her Ivanka mirror...she replied, "The boys were whooping it up at the Trump Hotel Saloon...nearby a tethered boy boxed out a rag time tune...and...behind the a solo game...sat Donald J. Trump in his side sat Rosenstein...revealing why Comey won't do.
*In the movie, The Godfather...Michael asked Carlo who approached him...Tatalia or Barzini. Carlo admits it was Barzini. Instantly...Michael sends Carlo to the car where Carlo is killed. Once TRUMP got all the data from Comey he was ever going to get...once TRUMP had scraped the bowl...COMEY lacked any further usefulness and had to be jettisoned.
Why delete James Comey? Responding to such query...President Trump said he had concluded the effectiveness of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) was undermined by the "show-boat" style of Comey...too much make* the FBI a much better place...Comey had to go. VIVA TRUMP!
*After the 10-28-16 announcement by Comey that he was reopening the CLINTON INVESTIGATION...U.S.Rep. Maxine Waters told a cub reporter she concluded Comey was not credible. But...because Trump fired Comey she wanted him reinstalled so Comey could continue investigating Trump...despite a lack of evidence.
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The estate tax is based* on ENVY...the hatred of someone for what they have. ENVY is one of the strongest of emotions and demagogues rely on ENVY to motivate their crowd to support tyranny. Indeed...KARL MARX said to impose tyranny...the would-be master must impose an ESTATE TAX and a progressive INCOME TAX...since with those two tools...producers can be enslaved...the parasite enlisted as ardent troop...and...the servile supplicant framed as voting bloc.

*Timmy Titler hated Bob because Bob died leaving an estate worth a billion bucks. Timmy didn't care that during life BOB had pleased so many customers that his business generated big bucks. In contrast...Timmy had failed 15 times...burned through his wife's money...and...left his oldest son wandering about the Grand Canyon...looking for him. "I hated BOB because BOB could do what I could never do. I support the estate tax because I can hurt BOB. How dare he have brought so much "good" to his much "good" did he generate that he was successful in his business. I hated BOB...and...I want to take whatever represents his effort and the good he delivered and I want it redistributed as I see fit. I hated Bob," drooled Timmy as he held up a Senator Schumer sign at the Trump-protest.
Venezuela has become a socialist toilet. Those comfortable in such miasma support the Maduro regime while those who yearn to breathe free are asking who will stand forth and lead the march to make salt. What has so many Americans concerned is how the MASS MEDIA is ignoring the misery and travail embedded in that terrible place. Perhaps...t's true that the MASS MEDIA is now controlled by least the smell would say as much.
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President Trump knew the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA would review and criticize the Comey "DISMISSAL LETTER". Following the advice of the POLITICAL DEPT. of this BLOG...he cleverly stuck into that letter a RECITAL of Comey having on 3 separate occasions told Donald he wasn't under investigation. The MASS MEDIA had to mention that RECITAL when they discussed the DISMISSAL LETTER...a letter delivered by courier in a manner that was obviously meant to tell everyone in the federal government you sit at the pleasure of Mr. Trump and do not forget that aspect of tenure. VIVA TRUMP!
When President Trump...using a Romulan Cloaking Device...heard FBI Director James Comey tell his underling he was looking for "dirt" but hadn't found any yet...Donald became angry. At a dinner not 24 hours before Comey had told Trump not only was Donald not under any type of investigation but he thought Trump was doing the right thing by eliminating moles and snitches. Comey was revealing his intent to look for the "bad"...and...ignore the "good"...something so infectious it would undermine what little VALUE remained in the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
Unhinged by the answer...the Democrats were in disarray. Their hatred of President Trump was stymied when every witness told them TEAM-TRUMP did not collude with Russia to defeat Hillary-the-hag. Somehow...her hopes for the Oval Office had been shattered by her own recklessness and incompetence and not by some unwanted intrusion from Hillary-haters.
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden(D. Or) is a well-known freedom-hater. When Hillary-the-hag was defeated by Donald J. Trump...for instance...WYDEN was observed screaming...breaking lamps...and...kicking his family dog. His vision of America languishing in a socialist toilet with him as part of the ruling elite had been shattered. Indeed...Wyden's chances of re-election might have been forecast with that incredible TRUMP-VICTORY, eh Ron?
Although most military experts believe it's a waste of resources...nonetheless...North Korea has built a sub to carry its nuke-tipped missile enabling the "little fella" to increase the THREAT he otherwise represents to world peace. Imagine...that sub off New York City...launching a missile to delete will sense what Obama allowed to manifest. The ONLY good part about that scenario is the North Korean sub is so noisy it will be easily spotted and obliterated long before it ever fires its nuclear package. VIVA TRUMP!
Folks...even though you're never told as much...METHANE is a trace gas in the atmosphere. By "trace" is meant "not much of it" such man's emissions of it could NEVER cause climate change. Yet...there were 10,000 scientists who signed a letter saying methane could change climate if there were someway to overload the atmosphere with it. What these 10,000 scumbags never told anyone was that methane as a trace gas can't change the climate. It's preposterous. Mother Earth is in equilibrium and man's emission* of methane can't possibly effect any dramatic change in climate. It's ridiculous to think with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean dry,(WSJ A-3;05-11-17).
*Senators McCain, Graham and Collins...all Republican In Name Only(RINO)...supported the methane gas emission rule even though its imposition would stymie most production on federal land since such methane emission equipment is expensive and the gas it grabs and hold almost worthless.
SNAPCHAT'S 1st quarter wasn't as good as expected. Unlike this BLOG which added 123 million first-time readers last month alone...SNAPCHAT didn't. To assist them...the ECONOMICS DEPT. sent a "level-9" navigator so that they might travel* once more without moving.
Steve Colbert...a lackluster late night show host...made a nasty remark about President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey. From the expression on his was quite obvious...Colbert was taken by surprise when his audience cheered the dismissal. Colbert could not believe his crowd supported Trump on anything. VIVA TRUMP!
With the surprise ouster of James Comey as FBI Director...the MASS MEDIA has asked the White House if there is some kind of short list of possible replacements.

Although the matter has been classified as ultra-secret insulating President Trump from a preemptive propaganda attack by Trump-haters(think New York Times)...nevertheless...leaks have erupted such that the so-called hush-hush list is known.

Indeed...according to an aide for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...CARLOS DANGER tops the list as the obvious preference of Donald and Ivanka.