Sunday, May 28, 2017


Grading the success of President Trump...a/k/a...Big Don...and...using ART OF WAR as its's OBVIOUS...Big Don knows what he's doing.

He wants to eradicate Islamic State. He knows al Baghdadi...its putative devout Sunni. Hence...Big Don chose to meet with Saudi Arabia's ruling elite because House of Saud is the core of the Sunni movement throughout the world.

If Saudis were on America's side...ISIS could be deleted. Eradication of that errant Sunni army portraying itself as the REAL LEADER of Islam could be achieved without the entire Sunni sect rising up to defend their brethren...even a crew as nasty as Islamic State...defend them...from the stomp and chomp of the "crusaders".

Now that the Sunnis have been placated...President Trump can attack Islamic State and not fear reprisal from an indignant Arab population. It's classic Sun Tsu...and...Big Don should be commended for his dedication to victory and success.