Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"improbable victory"

Has anyone noticed Trump's defeat of Hillary-the-hag described by the scumbags in the MASS MEDIA as an "improbable victory"?

Improbable to whom? Certainly the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA was  surprised with the outcome since the MASS MEDIA did all it could to undermine and deliver the election to Crooked Hillary. It was 24/7 "hate-Trump" and an equal measure of "love Hillary" to smooth over questions about her obviously flawed character and fitness.

However...even though TRUMP carried more counties than anyone since Jesus...such a statistic didn't matter...not to a Trump-hating MASS MEDIA. They prefer describing that successful campaign as an "improbable victory". Mention is made of this "nasty epithet"...since it seems to be said as if it were true when the only people surprised by the 2016 Democrat loss were the freedom-haters. They were observed screaming and crying...tearing their shirts...pulling off their underwear...with some even going so far as defecating and smearing* horrifically disgusting dung all over themselves and a complicit MASS MEDIA.
*Elizabeth Warren emitted a pile so large...it allowed 1000 Trump-haters to grab a handful. Her hatred of Trump as she put it was certainly for all to see.