July 2017
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Even though most Keynesian Economists can't understand the simple forces of supply and demand in an economy preferring to skew the marketplace with their idiotic intrusion...most producers do. They know if you deliver too much...the price goes down as the supply increases to meet the demand. Indeed...egg-producers...who suffered under the advent of avian flu...reacted to their hen-loss by buying more healthy hens. The result is an egg-glut...so many eggs there isn't sufficient egg-eaters to meet that supply. Hence...the price of eggs is plummeting.
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Why did U.S. Senator Rand Paul(D.Ky) refuse to support the latest version of OBAMA-CARE 2.0? If Uncle Sugar does not step up and pay the insurance companies...OBAMA-CARE will implode and all those people with health insurance that's "paid-for-by-others" will have to pay for it themselves. That likelihood has Democrats and some socialist-Republicans in turmoil. They promised their constituents they would enslave the producer for their benefit and now they find they might not be able to deliver on such a socialist-promise. VIVA RAND PAUL!

 Because the Venezuelans are universally ignorant...they can be easily directed and delivered wherever their would-be masters prefer. Instead of fighting for freedom...most Venezuelans consider themselves cattle and sheep...to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. They want to be benefited and don't care from where their would-be master gets those enabling funds. As scumbag Maduro said, "Most Venezuelans like licking boot in exchange for government handouts.
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Tax reform? It won't happen since the MASS MEDIA is pro-enslavement. Instead of describing whining insurance companies and disgruntled cronies for what they are...the MASS MEDIA is demanding those insurance companies be given taxpayer funds to make up for their losses incurred by going along with OBAMA-CARE. President Trump is quite correct in refusing to "fund their error" any longer and demanding these companies deliver healthcare in the socialist fashion they supported when scumbag-Obama* was in power. Let them eat off that plate!
*The MASS MEDIA wants to see people miserable and poor...two things which deliver a socialist world when a leader capitalizes on such a situation and promises more not less government benefits if only voters would give up their freedom in exchange for government entitlements.
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Hamburg police knew the Muslim supermarket stabber but didn't do anything to stop his attack on Germans in that grocery store. Somehow...they didn't want to upset Muslims and preferred that a few Germans would die. "We could not make noise about that idiot before he killed Germans since that kind of interdiction would have made the Turks and Arabs angry...something Chancellor Merkel didn't wish to happen," confided Gimsley...a German double-agent.
Unless President Trump can stop it...in 3 weeks...insurance companies will receive their portion of OBAMA-CARE. They'll be paid billions of dollars to cover their costs associated with "giving money" to the "poor and needy". The insurers were the first to promote OBAMA-CAREW because they were promised "kingdoms and glories" if they but knelt and licked the would-be master's boot,(MATTHEW 4:8).

Nowadays...though...with Americans finally understanding the horror of OBAMA-CARE...they want President Trump not to give that money to the insurance companies and force Congress to buy OBAMA-CARE as everyone else has been forced to buy. "If he forces me into that abomination...I'll scream and cry," whispered Comrade Susan Collins...a Republican senator from socialist Maine.
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U.S. Senator Susan Collins, (R.Me) said she wanted to help the "poor and needy" and President Trump was wrong in looking out for those from whom Collins would take wealth to preserve and perpetuate the socialist-medical care service laws she championed. "I will destroy liberty in order to pay for the poor and needy," screamed Comrade Collins as she looked at how Trump was trying to stop such government expropriation,(WSJ A-4;07-31-17).

Why should producers pay for the ERROR of the insurance companies? Those insurers thought a "big harvest" was in their future...and...they joined in on the destruction of the American health care delivery industry. Now that they've discovered they were on the menu...they want President Trump to pull them out and save them from the disaster this BLOG predicted would befall every company that participated in the OBAMA-CARE idiocy.

Comrade Collins wants socialized medicine for Americans. She has seen the results of such socialism in Venezuela where medical care is almost nonexistent. Yes...there are socialist clinics but the aspirin there is 20 years old...the bandages are reused...and...the doctors speak Cuban and could care less about the pathetic...ignorant...Venezuelans.
Using billion dollar super computers...man-made global warming enthusiasts predicted the summer of 2017 would be dry and drought would continue to hurt most of America. The MASS MEDIA heralded that prediction as PROOF of man-made climate change.

However...that prediction was WRONG and demonstrated categorically how WRONG the theory of man-made global warming.

"We asked the MASS MEDIA not to publish our ERRORS since it would make people wonder why they've been fooled for so long by such charlatans," quipped Albert Gore...a dude who's made millions of dollars off that nonsense,(WSJ A-3;07-31-17).
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When Ton wanted to cross the river...he discovered Tim and his crew had stopped bridge-building to save the scenic nature of the river. Without a bridge...Tom thought...these idiots are cutting off commerce and accepting the misery and privation such lack of trade brings with it. When Tom asked Tim about the refusal to permit such construction...Tim replied, "I want people to live in tents...sit about campfires singing and dancing till dawn...and...always obeying me and my crew when it comes to touching Mother Nature."
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When OPEC was the big noise in the room...those rag heads dictated and directed. However...due to American innovation and ingenuity...OPEC is just another bunch of nasty oil producing rag heads whose socialist fervor has been stymied by the loss of their power.

If OPEC...on the other hand...could use its governmental power to stop OIL production in America...something Obama attempted to do to assist OPEC...then OPENC could once more dictate terms to the world.

Short of that...though...OPEC countries will continue their descent into the socialist toilet of misery and privation,(WSJ A-1;07-31-17).
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President Putin reacted to Trump's belligerence by directing 755 American diplomats to depart Russia. Whatever the reason for this caustic interface the underlying premise is American and Russia must get along to get along. Free trade and commerce between countries always fetches that result. However...there are too many vested interests making money off the CONFLICT to get a "free-trade" agreement.
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President Trump discovered he could not fire most of the federal employees because of a law that insulated these scumbags from discharge. His march to make salt...to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...has the backing of a majority of Americas who wish to breathe free again. However...because of the entrenched freedom-haters...his task is almost improbable. Perhaps...TRUMP will need to gather his supporters together and demand liberation...thereby forcing Congress to open the GATE and permit freedom-lovers to flee. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-1;07-31-17).
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"Does he have the belly for combat?" asked President Trump when he conferred with Reince Priebus about Priebus' replacement as White House Chief of Staff.

"I believe JOHN KELLY will be quite able to handle the miscreants and knaves which seem to surround you," replied Reince. Of course...Reince was speaking about the turbulence which seems to be everywhere nowadays as "leaks" flood the MASS MEDIA.
When this BLOG warned German Chancellor Merkel about a coming knife-attack in Hamburg...the forecast was dismissed as sheer guess. The alert said it would be somewhere in the Barmbek section of northeast Hamburg...and...the assailant would be some crazed Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar as he cut his way through a surprised crowd.

Recently...as predicted...in that particular section of Hamburg...a Muslim who had been denied "staying-papers"...took a butcher knife and entered a supermarket where he sliced and diced. Instead of heading the alert...Merkel had pulled all the police from the Brambek area just to prove the prediction was wrong,(WSJ A-7;07-30-17).
Folks...we're in a war on freedom. The attempted escape from OBAMA-CARE failed. Now...the Democrats are laughing about tax cuts also dying somewhere before becoming law. "We won't ever release our perpetual grip on liberty," whispered "Dick" Neal...a scumbag-socialist wannabe...adding: "Indeed...now that the Republicans can cut taxes...we're going to scream about the $20 trillion debt that TEAM OBAMA incurred...and...demand that hellish increase be borne as a burden by the producer for centuries to come. Never shall the producer escape the grip of the would-be master of this horrific 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE."
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When that pig-eyed scumbag leader of North Korea finally revealed a 6,500 mile missile...it was obvious...he'd shown the world OBAMA'S LEGACY. Indeed...according to top Pentagon officials...it was during Obama's tenure...the North Koreans developed nuclear capacity and missile technology. Even though Obama could have stopped that jerk and his scurvy crew from building such a monstrous thing...he didn't. And...now...even his beloved Chicago is under the "threat-umbrella".
When Big Don was informed the "leaks" were coming from Reince Priebus(RP)...he asked RP to depart. While RP helped Trump at the beginning of his term as President...nonetheless...RP had to be discharged. He was too careless and trusted too many people. "There were so many eavesdropping devices in and around the areas where RP worked...it was inevitable "leaks" would occur. Yet...BIG DON couldn't risk RP's carelessness.
WIPEOUT! When a surfer falls off the board...and...slammed on the bottom for 3 minutes...the crowd anxiously waits for the travail to end. Yesterday...the Republicans suffered "WIPEOUT" on OBAMA-CARE. As predicted...they failed because they refused to label OBAMA-CARE for what it was: ENSLAVMENT.

Had they done as much and framed the argument in terms of parasites...would-be master-with-mob...and...shackled slaves...they would've prevailed. As it is...America is stuck with OBAMA-CARE...that horrific socialist miasma. In the next few months...as more and more health insurance companies flee this horrific situation...even the Democrats might reconsider their "resistance to liberation".-
Laughing at the Republican refusal to repeal hellish OBAMA-CARE...Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) promised to make sure taxes were increased not cut. "We will use the budget as the hammer...declaring the 20th Century NANNY STATE requires such taxes...such burdens...such stomp and chomp. We'll bring crippled kids and starving babies on stage to prove how crass and demented the Republicans are for destroying such children," whispered Schumer as he relished how easily Charlie Gard was killed by the British socialist medical system.
Scaramucci...before he worked with BIG DON...was accepted in the inner circle of power. However...once he became a Trump-helper...anything he said or did...not only gathered but published within a New York-second. Along this line...recently...despite the alert given by this BLOG...Scaramucci...an arrogant know-it-all...ignored it. How dare a BLOG attempt to warn the great Scaramucci.
*Scaramucci admitted he erred when he trusted a reporter whom he had known for years...a fellow-traveler...so to speak. "I thought that reporter was my pal...my cohort...my homeboy...and...it turned out...he wasn't. Since then...in many dark hours...I was thinking about this...Jesus Christ was betrayed by a kiss...But...I can't speak for you...you have to decide...If Judas Ascariot had God on his side."
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There are 23 million Americans who pay noting for their health insurance and yet demand platinum service and highest quality medical care available. They're the proverbial parasites and want their hosts...the victims of their avarice...to remain viable so they might continue to suck out whatever benefit the LAW provides.

On the other hand...the hosts...the victims of such parasites...want to rid themselves of such torment yet find they can't since the LAW compels their labor and thereby their fiscal support. It's "obvious" enslavement although the matter is framed* euphemistically as a "mandate". The producer is forced to pay for the medical care of the "freebie-receiver"...and...in exchange the parasite supports any politician who preaches perpetuation of the "whip and chain".
*In the 1850s...in America...in the Deep South...there was a similar "mandate" imposed on African-Americans. Even then...a Civil War had to be fought to end enslavement. Might a similar war erupt between the parasite and the producer, (think ATLAS SHRUGGED).
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Americans have had enough of OBAMA-CARE to know it's a disaster. However...Congressional Democrats were told to remain obstinate and be the hurdle to its repeal. They've succeeded in that mission and President Trump reacted by telling Americans: "you're healthcare has been derailed by Democrats. Whatever horror you suffer as a result of OBAMA-CARE...it's because the Democrats refused to assist* in repealing its hellish provisions.
*Those Democrats who stopped repeal will be called upon...of course...to pay the excessive premiums their constituents are forced to pay. Yes...the parasites who get "free" healthcare...and...don't have to pay one penny...will love Democrats until they discover their "free insurance" buys them nothing except a call-number and a long line in a filthy public clinic packed with hacking...coughing...stinky...fellow-parasites looking for the same hand-out.
HiQ Labs and LinkedIn are squabbling over the intense examination of published data by hiQ Labs...whose mission to examine mega-data...draw conclusions...and...sell that information. Of course...Bill Gates...the Microsoft wizard...directed his team to stop hiQ Labs from mining such data even though such facts were public domain stuff once published,(WSJ B-4;07-28-17).

Sensing the disruptive aspect of hiQ Labs effort...President Trump asked hiQ to examine the Democratic National Committee 2016 data and look for collusion with Russian agents. So far...Glenn Simpson...the well-known political-trickster...and "little" Dick Durbin...the Democrat scumbag from Illinois...have surfaced as objects of the investigation: "persons of interest".
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Shorting Twitter stock? Yes...borrow Twitter at $16.84 per share...sell it...and...replace it with cheaper Twitter stock next week. Yes...folks...Twitter is headed into the toilet. Big grab government is taking so much from Twitter in taxes and red tape compliance costs...it'll be on the "tumble-down" list for quite awhile,(WSJ B-3;07-28-17).
Wang Jianlin...a mogul and benefactor...agreed to buy a 9% stake in this BLOG for $27 billion. Indeed...WANG found such an investment better than the one his company, DALIAN WANDA had made with Hollywood. So well received was WANG by the ECNOOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG that more Chinese moguls are considering buying a stake in this august BLOG. Thank you, Wang.
Ted Van Dyk...a faithful Democrat and freedom-hating socialist...told a cub reporter...the 2016 election was lost because Democrats did not tell voters "how" their socialist paradise would be built:

"If we had simply revealed the "whip and chain" we planned to impose on producers...reducing them to beasts of burden...we'd have defeated BIG DON in 2016. The voters want to be cared for and culled as a farmer would the herd...deleting and benefiting as the master deems fit. Had Hillary told America she would reduce them to slaves...she'd have prevailed. Americans want to be yoked and directed as if cattle and sheep."
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Should Trump prevail...and...he has a majority of Republicans in both the House and Senate...then...he can dismantle this entire 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "our tears...your purse!"

The Democrats will attempt to block liberation in the Senate if the 60 vote rule is perpetuated. On the other hand...if the matters might proceed on a 51% vote margin...then...the socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters won't be able to protect their beloved CAGE. Yes...folks...if you support TRUMP...there is a way to escape this CAGE.
When someone declares carbon dioxide(CO2) heats up Mother Earth...and...mankind must stop emitting CO2 in order to save the planet from destruction...the declarant should be challenged instantly with scientific fact and factor...things the climate-change crew never wish to discuss. To speak about plant-life eating CO2 and volcanoes emitting CO2 would be to undermine their polemic...something never permitted.

Al Gore...that global warming charlatan...for instance...admitted Mother Earth was in equilibrium and any infusion of CO2 could not alter that equilibrium. He acknowledged he was a deceiver but it was so lucrative he had to keep LYING lest his creditors catch up with him. "I know reduction of CO2 is a fool's mission statement...but...I've made big bucks propounding such FALSEHOOD and I don't think I'm going to stop. Why throw away the gold-egg laying goose?" quipped Albert Gore as he stuffed another bundle of $100 bills into his black-coat pocket.(WSJ A-15;07-28-17).
Recently...Bjorn Lomborg agreed to come forward and call ALBERT GORE a LIAR and CHARLATAN. He agreed to do as much since GORE had cut LOMBORG out of a lucrative deal last year when the PARIS CLIMATE crew were in town to kill off the last vestiges of economic freedom. Instead of making the payment as promised...GORE gave LONBORG'S money to a Nun and told her to spend that $19 million on helping turtles survive the winter...something LOMBORG knew would not stop Mother Nature from inundating the planet and drowning mankind.
According to Glenn Simpson...FUSION GPS was hired by Hillary-the-hag to dig "dirt" on Donald Trump in 2016. The funds used were drawn from an account in London and transferred through several agents until it was delivered to Simpson who in turn paid Russian officials to concoct horror-stories about Trump. While Simpson was willing to admit who paid him when asked by a cub reporter...he declared he'd not reveal such secrets to the Republican Congress,(WSJ A-13;07-28-17).
Chinese businessman, Zhao Weiguo asked this BLOG what he needed to do once the jerks in Washington DC stopped him from building a $24 billion semi-conductor plant in America. Naturally...ZHAO had attempted the feat during the hellish OBAMA era...a time when socialist hatred of freedom was on the march. Nowadays...however...with BIG DON and company at the controls...he could have done it. Unfortunately for America...ZHAO could not wait and commenced construction in WUHAN, CHINA. Once more...America lost out due to the freedom-haters in Washington DC.
Scaramucci...when asked how he became so popular...so much noise in the biggest room...Scaramucci smiled and put it all in tune: "Ah...but...one night...in some empty room...where curtains never hung...like a miracle some golden words rolled off of someone's tongue...and...after years of being nothing...they're all looking right at you...and...for awhile...go in style...on Pennsylvania Avenue."
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Where is it written...that taxes should be used to hurt people? Yet...in America...tax cuts must be balanced by tax increases so the omnivorous maw of the 20th Century NANNY STATE might be fed. Somehow...taking from Bob and giving to Bill is better than leaving each alone...permitting them their futures build.

Let's put this notion into perspective...shall we? There's Bob cutting wood all day and by nightfall a pile above his head stands as the product of that day. Government comes along and removes 50% of that pile and gives it to Bill. The next day when government arrives to grab 50% of that newly cut pile...it finds no pile at all...only Bob standing there ready to climb aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

When the product of one's labor is called the property of the state to be distributed as the master with mob sees fit...liberty is gone and only freedom-to-obey remains. It's hideous to think the Democrats relish this horrific state of affairs wherein they take from Bob and give to Bill so long as Bill licks their boot with candied tongue.
Shaka Zulu told a crowd he never eliminated his ministers since they always had their own entourage and there wasn't any reason in having enemies so close to home. Might President Trump have that same belief? Might the Sessions matter be some kind of cover crop for what is really occurring...and...Trump has masterfully pushed the Trump-hating MAS MEDIA onto a false trail while he proceeds to eliminate this horrific NANNY STATE CAGE...something the MASS MEDIA protects 24/7?
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Folks...we're in a war on freedom. The TAX CUT rhetoric will be as "class-based" as the healthcare debate. Competing for attention will be many ideas...most of which are designed to perpetuate the 20th century NANNY STATE...intended to drain away self-esteem and replace it with sheep-like willingness to obey. However...there is one team inside Congress who know the ONLY WAY to escape the CAGE is to create tax cuts and permit producers to produce without fear of expropriation...and...storeroom plundering. Let's hope they can out-sail the would-be masters and their complicit MASS MEDIA cohorts whose mutually-announced goal to enslave not liberate.
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President Trump delivered a terrific speech which received incredible applause and approval from those who were in attendance. However...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA objected to BIG DON injecting some barbs and tangles that were clearly intended to tell the world the Boy Scouts were behind him and his mission to delete the hellish grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE...and...liberate* America thereby. VIVA TRUMP!
* In a poll conducted by this BLOG...99.9% of all Boy Scouts...of all ages...not only liked the Trump speech but also wanted to help eliminate the NANNY STATE. "We want to delete the NANNY STATE, " quipped one Boy Scout as he looked at the Illinois pension bust and the OBAMA-CARE screw job.
Scaramucci questioned the insulation Reince Priebus deployed when many of the "leaks" seemed to be coming from his area. Reacting to this inquiry...Reince instantly began a "bug-hunt" and discovered Democrats had "bugged" his office...house...golf cart...and...drinking cup. There were so many eavesdropping devices found it was obvious the Democrats were skilled at espionage.
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Adolph Hitler was telling his inner circle how loyal Himmler was when he was interrupted by a messenger who told him there were reports that Himmler had contacted the Allies and was negotiating Germany's surrender. Might that same defection be occurring in the Republican ranks as they're asked to support liberation of America from the grip of the hellish 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?
Elon Musk grew noticeably fearful when the smartly attired robot seated next to him turned its oddly-configured head and said, "Elon...eventually...people will realize you're all hype...all noise...all talk...no walk...just talk."

Reacting to this robot's forecast...Mush stood forth and declared, "How dare a bag full of nuts and bolts condemn Musk for what will be the biggest loser of the early days of the 21st Century if the electric car is found to be nonsense."
What if factual proof of all the racketeering and other criminal misconduct of all Congressional Democrats were on a hard drive inside a lap top computer in the possession of A. Awan...the Pakistani genius who gathered all that data...compiled it...collated it...marked and tabbed it...and...had it in package format should he ever be attacked? Hmmm...what if?

While many insiders will say such a "what if" is exactly what was afoot...they'll also add that the MASS MEDIA will never push any criminal indictment of U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL)...or...U.S. Senator Dick Durbin...or...Obama, himself...even though A. Awan had pluperfect proof of their ill-deeds.
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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was directed by President Trump to fire anyone who was suspected of harboring anti-freedom thoughts and to begin with all the U.S. Injustice Dept. lawyers who were protecting TEAM-OBAMA from prosecution for criminal activities,(think Lois Lerner and Dick Durbin). While the firing will be vast...the need is that great,(WSJ A-15;07-27-17). The Temple must be cleansed...in all corners the filth removed, (MARK 11:15).
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The National Education Association(NEA) and the NAACP joined together* to denounce charter schools when they heard charter school students were 5 times more likely to receive a college degree than public school children from the same neighborhoods. Because charter schools take all children and are non-union...they can't be permitted to do what they do without hassle and hinder. Instead of examining what works and what does not...these two organizations wish to continue warehousing children...reducing them to cattle and sheep easily directed and controlled by 20th Century NANNYS TATE bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. And charter schools are both an opprobrium and earnest threat, (WSJ A-15;07-27-17).
*Todays unchallenged declaration of enslavement is tomorrow's accepted slogan.
One child in California cost taxpayers there $21 million last year. Governor Jerry Brown accentuated this point by threatening to take all assets from California taxpayers...grab it all...and...dedicate that money to helping as many of those needful children as the world could produce. He didn't care if all the gold in California was in some bank in Beverly Hills in somebody else's name...as far as he was concerned...it was "his"...to spend as he saw fit.

Folks...we're in a WAR NO FREEDOM. Eventually...even Californians will realize their socialist paradise in little more than a toilet of misery and privation...all caused by the collectivists whose motto: "Our tears...your purse!"(WSJ A-14;07-27-17).
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Achievement? You call enslaving America an achievement? While the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA has labeled OBAMA-CARE an achievement...most Americans call it SOCIALIST ENSLAVEMENT. In times past...politicians who preached enslavement were quickly ousted from power. However...backed by MASS MEDIA scumbags...power-seekers...nowadays...openly proclaim their intention to stomp and chomp...and...the hand-picked audiences scream and cheer with praise and approval.
George J. Terwilliger authorized* the murder of a child and its mother on Ruby Ridge and then told the world if he were prosecuted he'd reveal all the "Clinton-dirt"...something the planet could not handle. Hence he escaped prosecution. And...now...this scumbag has resurfaced as some kind of "good guy" when he's a murderer! Talk about "swamp things"...Terwilliger is a classic example of pond scum raised up as wondrous.
*Terwilliger to establish an alibi...disconnected himself from the Clinton government claiming he was on vacation when the child and mother were murdered.
Unlike Obama...who only spent other people's money...and...who blatantly refused to give his presidential salary to the crippled and needy...unlike that dung-throwing monkey...President Trump delivered his 2nd quarterly receipt of $100,000 to the Dept. of Education to be spent on students seeking to learn about science and math. Instead of that donation making headlines...however...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA pushed it back into the depths so as not to give TRUMP public accolade.
Justine Ruszczyk observed a scuffle in an alley...and...being Australian and somewhat of a busy-nose...she used her cellphone and summoned the Minneapolis police. She had heard about the danger in calling cops since they usually shoot the wrong person...but...ignored that injunction and made the fateful call.

Of course...the 911 operator dispatched two cops to investigate and slaughter if need there be. Approaching her that evening in that alley were two cops...Mohamed Noor and Matthew Harrity...each ready to deal death. When she observed the approaching squad car...she ran forth in order to point to the area where the fight was occurring. When she drew within 5 feet of the driver's window...Noor shot her in the belly blowing a bucket-size hole in her surprised and incredibly shocked soul.

What? Most people asked when they heard what Noor had done. They demanded retribution...how dare a cop slaughter such an innocent one! Yet...not any MASS MEDIA carried the horror...none spoke about what such DEATH meant to all. They dared not tell Americans...they're inside a 20th century NANNYS TATE CAGE wherein cops can kill as they see fit. Since if they did...most voters would demand the CAGE be gone...and...all those scumbag-masters finally quit.
Richard Cordray...a nasty scumbag...believes he can defeat quasi-socialist JOHN KASICH in the Ohio governor's race. He plans on preaching socialism and Eco-fascism and promise Ohio voters they'll be better off with him as their master and they as peasants waiting for a hand-out. What Cordray doesn't know is that a team of hate-Cordray people...wherever he goes...will be there shouting about what a scumbag he is and how he needs to be spat upon and groin-kicked.
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The voters in Illinois discovered their teachers had pensions better than theirs. They heard their property and income was to be grabbed to fund the teacher pension system. Reacting to this latest announced plundering of their storerooms...voters asked "why" was the money given to teachers and not to their students. Maybe...some day the voters will realize public schools are a thing of the past and now are only warehouses run by voracious freedom-hating teachers and their union cronies.
Florida must be careful to avoid PENSION CLOG...that horrific condition where the pension-recipients demand pension payment when there isn't any money to satisfy that payment obligation, (think Illinois). At some point...when suffering such a fate...the taxpayers refuse to continue as beasts of burden and escape to a state, (think Florida) where such PENSION CLOG hasn't occurred...and...due to Republican control of the purse it won't. VIVA RICK SCOTT!
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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions found himself the brunt of an expressed Presidential doubt. Sessions should not have recused himself and allowed Trump-haters to pick the so-called Special Counsel particularly a scumbag such as Robert Mueller. And for Sessions to permit Mueller to run around looking beneath every rock and ignoring Clinton-crimes when revealed...was too much for BIG DON.
Bitcoin....block-chain integration...has become useful in commerce because it lacks any kind of government "grab-threat". However...because socialists and other freedom-haters can't ever permit an escape route from their nasty grip...they're clamoring for regulation of BITCOIN...control of the product...so they might decide and direct...the two things which are the core reasons "why" BITCOIN has become so popular. Why would anyone wish some scumbag bureaucrat somewhere deciding for them their quality of life?(WSJ B-1;07-26-17).

BITCOIN is risky but that risk also gives BITCOIN its attractive feature. Risk-takers are worldwide. While some climb Everest...others partake in BITCOIN gambling...betting on "rise" and "fall"...reaping profits or suffering grievous losses. But its their gamble in all respects and government needs to keep its runny-nose out of that marketplace. VIVA TRUMP!
In the public schools...children are taught to kneel and worship whatever idol their masters might forge. Never are they told to cherish liberty but are directed to praise their government and what their government can do for them. In the University that same child is told to lick their master's boot in exchange for benefit. And when that person hears that same message preached by the politician...they choose that leader because that leader is telling them the same stuff they've heard their entire lives.
Two masters debating how much "whip and chain"...never seem to ask the slave what the other means. And...never...ever...is the slave asked to choose CAGE or KEY...not ever is such choice offered...lest all slaves elect to flee. America at one time packed with those who yearned to be free...nowadays...full of parasites and those who'd kill to prevent "slave-leave".

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio...a Floridian freedom-fighter...needs to stand before the world...in that OBAMA-CARE debate...and...tell everyone America stands for freedom...not the hellish 20th Century NANNY STATE. VIVA RUBIO!
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U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) refused to explain her relationship to an aide who attempted to flee rather than stay and answer questions about the funds he funneled to Schultz and others in 2014 through 2016.

Unsuccessful in his effort...however...he was caught and offered amnesty in exchange for his testimony about the racketeering and money laundering inside the Democratic National Committee.

Right now most Americans are asking each other: "Will this Muslim turn on his masters and "spill the beans" so to speak?"
Embedded in OBAMA-CARE was the draconian death panel concept...an independent board that could decide who lives and who dies. So anti-American was this DEATH PANEL idea that only Democrats supported it.

Nowadays...looking back on how Hitler killed 6 million Jews using a similar law...Republicans are attempting to eliminate it while the Democrats wish it to remain in place envisioning a day when millions of people can be shuffled into cattle cars and taken to their final destination.

Senator Chuck Schumer probably said it best when he noted, "It makes my left leg tingle every time I think about killing all those helpless people...people we made dependent and susceptible to our power and control."
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The Japanese have struggled for years beneath the socialist straitjacket imposed after World War II with its idiotic Keynesian economic theories. To make matters worse...the Bank of Japan(BOJ)...yesterday...promised to do everything possible to cheapen the Japanese Yen thereby destroying the urge to save and produce. "I want a socialist state wherein everyone is equal in income and assets...everyone eating from the same plate...wearing the same clothes...and...singing the same socialist worker songs," declared Goushi Kataoka...the newest member of the BOJ.
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In the Persian Gulf...when an Iranian patrol boat drew within 150 yards of the U.S.S. Thunderbolt...the captain aboard the American warship sounded the whistle...fired flares...and...then...two cannon rounds across the bow of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard vessel. The Iranian boat stopped its aggressive aspect. Later...the rag heads said they had decided not to sink the Thunderbolt out of respect for President Trump. VIVA TRUMP!
Chinese consultant Li Xiaopeng watched America go down the socialist toilet and finally concluded it was CHINA and not the UNITED STATES which was ascending to the pinnacle of power and prominence.

The Chinese were slowly removing the hinder and hassle to production and prosperity while America was headed in the opposite direction. Indeed...when the Democrats had a super-majority and a tribal socialist as President...instead of removing the "whip and chain"...they forged new and better.

And...in 2017...as Li points out...even with a Republican majority in both the Senate and the House along with a pugnacious president...Americans can't delete BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT,(WSJ A-1;07-26-17).
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When Democrats interfered with Japan's effort to take over Asia...the Japanese reacted with Pearl Harbor. Might the North Koreans initiate a SURPRISE ATTACK seeking the same kind of remarkable initial victory over astonished Americans? And...is there sufficient resolve on the part of Americans to invade that disgusting Hermit Kingdom?
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Five years ago today...this BLOG ran the following statement:

Because of the power and reach of this BLOG...millions of elderly Americans are contacting their Senators and Congressional Reps and telling them to reduce taxes not raise them. They're demanding Uncle Sugar stop its deficit spending and eliminate 98% of the Federal Government at all levels...closing entire departments and sending home 3.78 million federal worker bees with only a thank you note and a fruit basket for their selfless, drooling public service.

The ALERT was issued when it became clear the Democrats were about to attack the elderly and reduce them to eating dog food if not licking the MASTER'S boot for freebie and favor. According to the Democrats...capital gains taxes will be raised. Such increase in taxes will financially devastate 94.2% of all elderly people...making their fixed incomes even more tenuous and doubtful.

According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...the increase in taxes is designed to force the elderly to depend on Uncle Sugar for sustenance making it likely these "hungry" won't bite the "feeding hand". As one TEAM OBAMA insider said, "When we take Granny's wealth...she'll be forced to vote for us!"

As one ancient soul confided on JULY 25, 2017: If it weren't for President Trump and his Republican helpers in Congress...the elderly would be in for terror and trouble. VIVA TRUMP!
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Qatari leaders have financed terrorism throughout the world. Nowadays...with the Jew trying to make the Muslim portion of Jerusalem safe for everyone...Qatari officials are funneling funds to Palestinian Jew-haters who wish to kill not entertain or tolerate the Jew. Even the Jordanians are angry over the Jew's idea of making the area safe for everyone since the Jordanians see their role as one of insulator not some side-lined caller.
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Afghanistan is a boring place...so boring...the rag heads spend their time killing each other. So thrilling is the slaughter that almost every Afghan dreams of that moment when their knife plunges deep into the heart of the infidel. Of course...anyone who does not believe as they are infidel and deserving of instant merciless death. Allahu Akbar, eh boys?
Even though the Democratic National Committee claimed its computers were by the Russians hacked...nevertheless...the DNC never permitted the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) to examine its computers. The reason is obvious: the hackers were not Russian and didn't get all the "bad stuff".

"To open the pantry to the FBI would surely have invited criminal charges being filed against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta and Donna Brazile..something the Democrats could not suffer in 2016," whispered Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh).
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Although universities teach otherwise...only government creates and imposes* monopoly. When OPEC was in its prime...for instance...government decided how much fossil fuel the world would consume. Indeed...there were 10,000 scientists who signed a letter declaring "peak oil" had been reached and green-energy was required lest mankind be pushed into a new stone age.

Most notably...OPEC recently revealed that it could not control production of its members who agreed to limit production but as soon as away from that meeting room ramped up production to fill the void the other "suckers" created. "We can't stop the production of fossil fuel unless we kill everyone unwilling to follow our orders...a feat easily done in the Middle East but not anywhere else. Our attempt to stymie production has failed," quipped Khalid al_Falih, the Saudi Arabian energy minister,(WSJ B-1;07-25-17).
*Nowadays...most people know...due to non-government research and non-government ventures...America has become energy-independent...no need to import oil...since there's so much domestic supply.
Former First lady Michelle Obama was caught on video squatting on Melania Trump's bed and urinating prodigiously. While such misconduct vulgar and horrific to most...to Michelle's crowd it was a fitting tribute to President Trump. When shown the video...U.S. Senator Elizabeth "blood money" Warren(D.Mass) said she had done as much in London to a bed used by First Lady Melania.
Maduro is going to draft a new constitution which delivers Venezuela into his hands as dictator. So nasty this idea that President Trump has threatened sanctions should Maduro ignore and proceed. Hearing about this potential imbroglio...bond-buyers refused to buy Venezuelan bonds. And those BONDS will remain on the "avoid" list until socialism is eradicated...something not likely to happen since most Venezuelans* are "stupid cattle and sheep".
*Maduro told a cub reporter he thought most Venezuelans were stupid cattle and sheep easily controlled and directed by his army of bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) revealed his utter ignorance of the rift between Palestinians and Jews over the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Chuck's idea was to install not only metal detectors and surveillance cameras at all entrances but he also wanted drones flying around toilet areas so that every rag head knew they were being watched. "I want the rag head to be as watched as Americans are nowadays in our beloved POLICE STATE...a place where scoundrels such as myself and Hillary-the-hag can steal from America and be praised for the effort," dripped scumbag Schumer.
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If the Republicans don't dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...America is doomed to spiral inward...socialist toilet-bound...into that miasma of misery and privation. Inside the NANNY STATE...permits are required for all businesses. If the license or privilege is withheld that would-be producer must depart to look for a place where liberty and not bureaucratic vomit cherished.
The song Orange Crush* is the latest frame for JARED KUSHNER. His portrayal of the interface with Russian agents was not only credible but fit perfectly with what happened. Unlike opaque-Hillary...JARED KUSHNER told Congress what he recalled and offered supporting circumstantial proof bolstering and cementing. [From the editorial staff of this BLOG: Good job, Jared.]
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions nowadays is beset by internal discord. President Trump wants the Russian-probe terminated since it's a typical Democrat-inspired witch-hunt. Instead of telling the world he will investigate the obvious racketeering of Hillary-and-Bill...he's focusing on alleged Republican collusion with the Russians. While there isn't any PROOF OF INTERFERENCE...nonetheless...Sessions is leading that charge. It's foolhardy but something the Democrats relish to observe.
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Hitler killed Jews. His German bureaucracy herded Jews into rail cars...took them to gas chambers...and...slaughtered 6 million. The perpetrators passed a Jew-Law and knew German bureaucrats would follow that law and Jews would die. Likewise in America...Democrats want OBAMA-CARE to continue since it KILLS CHILDREN. They know it makes them more powerful the more people they control and can kill. It's horrific but scumbags such as Democrat Corey Booker call it enlightened.
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FOLKS...we're in a war on freedom. OBAMA-CARE was just another excrescence of that horrific march into serfdom. Of course...the would-be masters and their cronies want to continue on their way into the socialist toilet since in such a miasma of misery and privation they rule supreme...maintaining their control by delivering more not less freebie and favor to their respective voting blocs.

President Trump must frame this fight in terms of slaves and masters...with the Democrats earmarked as the ruling elite. The MASS MEDIA...ironically...is protecting OBAMA-CARE and all the other horrid features of enslavement. Their directors accepted enslavement as their "default" position...and...they're protecting the "whip and chain" with their incessant proclamation that slavery is "good'...and..."liberation" is "bad".
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OBAMA-CARE hurt the producer. It was designed to enslave the producer and create "cattle and sheep easily directed by bureaucratic ghouls and creep". It was intended to destroy liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey". And...the Republicans promised to repeal this lousy law...this anathema to liberty...this abomination...this Democrat horror. President Trump must eliminate this hellish law and Republicans in Congress had best join into the deleting-process.VIVA TRUMP!
Why the American Federation of Teachers continue to permit RANDI WEINGARTEN to hurt their cause hasn't been explained. But under her leadership...charter schools have out-paced public schools endangering teacher pensions...the one thing RANDI promised to protect. "I represent the pension people...NOT...the students. If they learn so be it...but...I protect the pension not the quality of the education," squirted Weingarten when asked "how" Betsy DeVos was able to get such good results using charter schools.
Jared Kushner met with Congress to discuss his relationship with the Russians...a relationship the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA says began back in high school when Jared met a Russian female spy pretending to be a cheerleader for the local football team. From that interface onward...Kushner was groomed until he became an unwitting puppet for Moscow.

From unnamed officials inside the White House...Kushner was molded into an unwitting spy-machine...someone who would divulge secrets and not even know the horror such revelation fetched. For instance...when Kushner informed his counter-part that his father-in-law didn't believe mankind could change the climate...that data helped forge the nuclear-attack plan for President Putin and the North Koreans. WOW!
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If there were one place where a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market were permitted to manifest...that place would be the most valuable on this planet. President Trump knows as much...but...can't find the script capable of securing a majority vote to eradicate the grip and grab of the hellish 20th Century NANNY STATE.

In order to assist...this BLOG dispatched a team of experts their purpose to delete the NANNY STATE. Gallant of show and promise of mettle...this team will deliver the votes required to pass this marvelous escape from the would-be masters with mob. Yes...the MAS MEDIA is aligned with the ruling elite and any step toward escape from the CAGE will be met with vicious resolve...24/7 barrage...and...as much fake polling and swollen hemorrhoidal tissue as required.
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President Trump complained about the lack of Republican support for his effort to make America great again. In this kind of fight for liberation...BIG DON wants comrades to protect his back during the scuffle...but...realizes...he might be alone...surrounded by "glad-handers"...and...pragmatic cronies.

While most leaders would capitulate and deliver more socialist state...BIG DON is different. He knows what freedom tastes like...and...wishes to serve that feast to America.

"Why eat the scraps from the Democrat table?" asked BIG DON when confronted with his purpose in deleting the NANNY STATE.

but...few...if any...loyal helpers dedicated to eradicating the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE.
As if criminality were communicable...Chelsea Clinton was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. While verification wasn't easily accomplished...factual underpinnings prove Chelsea was as much a prime actor in the criminal enterprise as her mother and philandering father. In fact...Hillary-the-hag admitted Chelsea was instrumental in getting the Russian uranium deal done...a deal which fetched CRIME-CLINTON the sum of $23,990,877.00 in profit.
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Valerian...the most expensive movie ever produced($180 million)...flopped in America although in Europe the patronage was better although not as contemplated. Perhaps...producers should know their audience-preferences better. Had they simply asked the ENTERTAINMENT DEPT. of this BLOG they would have been informed what movies were the most attractive.
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Supply and demand are obvious economic concepts. Too much of something brings down prices while scarcity raises them. In OIL...for instance...countries have tried to control the marketplace only to find their efforts frustrated by these two concepts. If OPEC...for instance...tries to stymie supply in order to raise prices...those producers not in OPEC simply ramp up their production to fill the gap and reap the profits OPEC could have had. Once again...big stomp government only retards and hampers the marketplace hurting the consumer every time it's done. BIG DON knows as much and is demanding the fossil fuel industry be left alone and permitted to provide what consumers want. VIVA TRUMP!
Jason Furman...as a child...was regularly beaten at school by classmates who hated him and his ideas of socialist domination. Nowadays...though...scumbag-Furman works at Harvard where he can spread his filth among willing recipients. Unfortunately for Furman...some of his classmates from high school are in the neighborhood and are stalking him waiting for that moment when they can beat him once more. He's targeted as are most* other freedom-haters. VIVA TRUMP!
*Americans are not cattle and sheep easily controlled by Furman's bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.
Jason Furman has been called many names but the best fitting moniker is: FOOL. Instead of demanding government remove its horrific self from the medical service delivery industry...thereby creating an otherwise unhampered market...this FOOL thinks he can trim about the edges of SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT and somehow deliver a better product. It's obvious this jerk is not a liberator but another scumbag-subjugator.
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Why attack Russia? The Russians DID NOT inveigle themselves in the 2016 election. When Hillary-the-hag was rejected by America in favor of BIG DON...the Trump-haters in the MASS MEDIA and in Congress decided they'd blame the Russians...a familiar whipping-boy. Although FALSE...nowadays...TRUTH isn't the issue...it's political* power and what can be gained from such vented "anger".(WSJ A-1;07-24-17).
* A patriot inside the Central Intelligence Agency told a cub reporter the CIA possessed "hacking tools" which left a false trail. But...the MASS MEDIA won't tell America as much since it would undermine their "hate-Trump" narrative.
Recently...a merger of sorts occurred. Treasure Coast tele-care and JioPhone collaborated on a way to reach 1 billion people of India. Mukesh Ambani met with the head honchos of Treasure Coast Tele-care...and...hammered out a way to forge a bridge to quality medical assistance with independent pharmacies around India delivering the prescription if one needed. So fantastic the concept...Mukesh...reportedly the richest entrepreneur in the world...agreed to put this company in every country on Earth.
U.S. Senator Patti Murray, (D. WASH) told a cub reporter if enslavement isn't working under OBAMA-CARE...it's up to President Trump to make it work. It's up to him to close all the escape routes...and...shackle producers...forcing them to do the bidding of the socialist state of America.

"I want enslavement and President Trump must do all he can to impose it on the producer. I want to reduce producers to beasts of burden...forced into my hellish yoke. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking how much horror President Trump must unleash to make OBAMA-CARE work," drooled Murray as she looked at how many insurance companies refused to be on her menu.
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Somehow...ultra-secret emails between Russian officials in America and President Putin in 2016 were intercepted by the Central Intelligence Agency and decoded. These incredibly secret messages said the Trump team wanted to find a workable relationship with Russia...something that would benefit both countries. Also included in those messages of mutual benefit to be derived was mention of Jeff Sessions...at that time...an outspoken supporter of BIG DON.

Nowadays...such communication between Jeff Sessions and Russian officials has been labeled dastardly and treasonous...that seeking common ground bad news for America...and...there Jeff Sessions was selling out America and its power when meeting in 2016 with those Russian spies...and...other secret agents. HUH?

The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has been demanding Jeff Session step down as U.S. Attorney General. How dare Jeff Session have discussed harmony with the Russians! While newcomers might not sense the hypocrisy in that MASS MEDIA demand...most veterans recall U.S. Attorney General Eric the Holder actually being caught killing U.S. border guard Brian Terry and receiving commendation not condemnation for such nefarious misconduct from Obama.
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President Trump dared the rag heads to sink to U.S.S. Gerald Ford...the largest aircraft carrier in the world. Aboard that swiftest of ships will be an entire wing of bombers...fighters...and...drones. Surrounding the carrier will be 15 nuclear submarines...10 cruisers...28 destroyers...and...a host of supply ships.

If anything...the North Koreans must realize their options grew smaller in number as the fleet draws closer to that area of the world. Even their screwball leader...sporting the moniker "little fella"...will sense annihilation should he ever* attack America.
*Indeed...according to Hillary-the-hag...America has a response time of 15 minutes should it be attacked. She divulged that ultra-secret information in 2016 during a debate with Trump.
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In the socialist state of Seattle...an income tax will be imposed. The RICH TAX will deliver sufficient funds to erect low-income housing in various parts of the city. The inhabitants of the areas charted for this latest socialist intrusion...have told the world they're ready to depart as soon as they can find a sucker to buy them out. "I'm departing the socialist state of Seattle as soon as I can find someone to buy me out," quipped Timmy Titler...one of the RICH whose past included "warm beer under bridge".
When TEAM OBAMA was creating the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...they didn't care how much they spent. They increased the national debt from $8 trillion to $19 trillion. Nowadays...the same scumbags declare there can't be any tax cut because to cut taxes would mean to cut spending and that would mean a diminution in the grip and power of the CAGE...something the Democrats find too much to accept. Indeed...Senator Chuck Schumer met with ALAN of ANTIFA about unleashing fire-bombings on Republican headquarters throughout America.
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In no-mans land...bodies in barbed wire hung till buzzards ate whatever left. Safely in trenches...fearful eyes looked on in horror...as the wind moved to and fro in death. Captain James was the most well known...he'd been in the wire since the war began...his skeleton would invite...drawn hard by desperate hand. Harvesting well...machine guns in blood oft spelled...more come Captain James to cheer...taking their places along the wire...peace will come heart in spear.
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Sean Spicer was both mawkish and sardonic when asked about his departure as the White House Press Secretary. His resignation speech was both ridiculously sentimental and humorous in a grim way. He said what made the difference was the rumor that Michelle Obama squatted and urinated on Spicer's bed in Trump Tower. The evil behind that revelation was so disgusting...Spicer thought it best he not appear in public where he might be moved to say something about Michelle and that monkey-husband of hers.
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) was asked about the mink farm vandals who released 30,000 minks from their cages into Eden Valley, Minnesota...a place where the endangered duck and the endangered snail...two delicacies of the mink...are only found.

"We risk losing two of the most precious species ever to inhabit this planet...their ancestors dating back as far as 4.3 billion years...and...now...due to this onslaught of hungry minks...those remaining will be consumed as these ravenous critters eat their way not only through to the end of those two species but the other 1490 species these fur-balls will find and eat," shouted "Papoose" Warren when shown the satellite photos of the swath of devastation this army of minks had so far unleashed.

Might the entire "green-nation" dispatch its minions to Eden Valley...and...trap these minks? Might these "all talk" people finally demonstrate the "walk"...travel to Eden Valley with their nets and bug-spray...and...gather up this incredible* "feasting bastion of fur"?
*The label was appended when the survivors crawled from their bunkers and surveyed the devastation sensing their good fortune having survived the so-called "first wave".
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MEDICAID CUTS? Why not Medicaid eradication? Why not send government healthcare back to the states? Why not tell the parasites they will have to look for victims inside their own state borders? According to official statistics...deleting MEDICAID would also require dismantling the entire NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminating the 'feeder-system'...a system wherein only the most skilled survive...the rest fall into the "needful-pool"...those souls who lick boot for freebie and favor...the constituency of the Democrat Party nowadays as Bernie Sanders is wont of saying.(WSJ A-4;07-21-17).
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Ending slavery was one of the American Civil War primary motivators. The South relied somewhat on slaves and resented Northern discussion about their property. In 1857...the U.S. Supreme Court in the DRED SCOTT decision declared humans could be chattel...underscoring the South's fascination with morality. Many Americans...in 2017...however...hearing such portrayal of slavery...will simply reply: "That's so yesterday...and...doesn't apply right now."

Yet...there are Americans who are standing up...and...demanding liberation of those enslaved in 2017. They know slavery is afoot in America disguised as OBAMA-CARE...the PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX...the ESTATE TAX...and...the myriad of stomp-chomp regulation...and...they are asking their brethren to join with them...to combine to confront and defeat the would-be master with envious mob.

Might these new "Abolishionists" find better ear than what those in the 1850s found? How many John Browns are out there ready to put their talk into walk? How many patriots are there who will insist freedom be the hallmark...and...all anti-liberty rule and law removed enabling Americans to breathe free again. Moses was right when he told the world that the TEN COMMANDMENTS were all that was needed should a society* wish to be godly and prosperous.
*In ATLAS SHRUGGED...Ayn Rand explained the problem and offered the cure: a 21st century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!".
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President Trump should remove all American troops from Syria along with Iraq and Afghanistan. If the rag heads wish to kill each other...Americans mustn't get in their way. Eventually...there will be only one bunch left and it's that crew which America will have to confront since that team will be pushing to delete all infidels. VIVA TRUMP!
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Bruce Siegel, president and chief executive of America's Essential Hospitals, told a cub reporter America must dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and permit medical services to be rendered as the marketplace demands. "If government simply removed its horrific self from medical service delivery...permitting the 21st Century unhampered market to prevail...medical care would be incredible...life span perhaps 100 years longer...and...government bureaucrats standing in bread lines asking for toast.

In making his wish list...Bruce conceded that nowadays America was headed into the dark ages of socialized medical care where the poor and needful are put into cattle cars and shipped to whomever will accept them...a despicable state of affairs and one Siegel found disgusting, (WSJ A-6;07-20-17).

The cub reporter listened intently and then injected, "Would it be best if there were not any law that compelled hospitals to accept all comers offering instead an otherwise unhampered market model wherein charities and their respective hospitals and clinics would dispense treatment and long term care?

Siegel looked baffled...appeared to cud-choke...and...quickly said, "We will never be liberated from the grip of the would-be master with envious mob. The idea of freedom in the marketplace is not any longer an American purpose and goal but a myth told long ago by people far...far...away."
Paul Manafort owed $17 million to a Russian oligarch...and...somehow that relationship has been questioned by the ubiquitous Trump-hating MASS MEDIA. The same venom...though...was not unleashed when Hillary-the-hag engineered a sale of 20% of America's Uranium to President Putin. The difference in treatment is so obvious...yet...this BLOG is the only international media outlet exposing as much.
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President Trump will achieve his purpose: liberation of America from the hellish grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE. However...Americans need somewhere they can go to help. So far a majority of them have delivered the U.S. House of Representatives...but...the U.S. Senate is still socialist-packed...freedom-haters who want more not less control of your life.

There needs to be 61 Senators dedicated to liberty not enslavement; and with that mix President Trump can make America great again. Remove the hurdle....the hinder...the hassle...and...permit the producer to continue without fear of storeroom-plundering and America will become paradise for everyone. VIVA TRUMP!
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In 1861...Lincoln was reluctant to declare slavery abolished. But...by 1863...when he knew the Confederate Army was doomed...he emancipated all slaves in states in rebellion. Even in 1863...Lincoln was fearful of alienating Northern interests whose interests included slave ownership somewhere. Perhaps...President Trump...in 2017...wants to liberate America from grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE...but...similar to Lincoln...unable to bring himself to speak out against the whip and chain,(think OBAMA-CARE and the ESTATE TAX).
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At the now infamous G-20 meeting...President Trump and Russian President Putin held a 2nd meeting off-camera...so to speak...and...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA wants to know what was discussed. When pushed...Sean Spicer told the Trump-haters that some time back...Obama was caught "on video" promising President Putin the entire region of Crimea and most of the Middle East. In fact...Obama in that dialogue said "After the election...I'll be able to do more." But the MASS MEDIA overlooked that bit of treason since Obama was the perpetrator.
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Why send American troops into the Afghan meat grinder? If Americans aren't going to delete all Afghans from that country...why mess with it? In Biblical times...the conqueror took slaves...concubines...and...deleted all others. It was an insurance policy against insurrection so to speak. But it was quite effective as demonstrated by how the Jews eradicated all the tribes who resisted their demand.
U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY) was one of the primary authors of OBAMA-CARE. The number of people Schumer has hurt or killed due to OBAMA-CARE at last count was well over 22 million. Although blood dripping from his hands...this "scumbag" demanded President Trump somehow remove the horrific aspects of OBAMA-CARE but leave the NANNY STATE in charge of people's lives. It was disgusting to watch "scumbag" assert he wants the producer enslaved not liberated...and...more people reduced to abject dependency similar to the boot lickers on Medi-Cal.
no image
President Trump said he would take more federal dollars and pump up OBAMA-CARE...delivering the billions of dollars needed to pay for medical care nationwide...opening the flood gates...and...sending whatever needed to finance OBAMA-CARE. Yes...OBAMA-CARE was imploding but socialism had President Trump and his need to help there to assuage the devastation and perpetuate thereby the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Or...is DJT doing something that was envisioned and delicately described by this BLOG last year?
no image
If OBAMA-CARE is dumped...22 million parasites will have to find another way to pay for their health insurance. The insurance companies who were delivering health insurance coverage for these people will have to find another umbilical cord once the federal government is extricated by repeal of this abominable law. Medi-Cal...for example...will have to fund insurance needs of state residents without the help of Uncle Sugar. Likewise...Ohio will have to find a way to pay for all the parasites Governor John Kasich permitted to enroll in his state's Medicaid program.
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Mother Earth is in equilibrium...and...any injection of something...such as carbon dioxide(CO2) into the atmosphere...that additional aspect is addressed until equilibrium is once more achieved. In the case of CO2...plant life increases with the abundance of CO2...consuming that extra CO2...and...doing as much as the CO2 is increased. Thus...never* could the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere become so great a greenhouse effect would occur.
*Yes...folks...man-caused climate change is dramatic but lucrative hokum.
Nissan Motors...located in Canton, Mississippi...has been targeted for termination by the United Auto Workers. If its employees choose the UAW...it's likely there will be strikes...and...lay-offs...two things the employees will find quite* burdensome.
* When OBAMA was asked about this latest destructive act...he replied, "The promise of "strike-pay"...money received by worker bees on strike...comes with blue ribbon and gold paper...two things deployed because such trappings...such pomp...makes them feel safe and secure."
no image
Medi-Cal since 2012 has added 6 million able-bodied souls who were given free medical service. Nowadays...though...few Medi-Cal people can find any doctor willing to perform service

The cost associated with Medi-Cal payment is so nasty...so fraught with pitfall and uncertainty...few doctors are willing to attempt such treacherous passage.

And to think Congressional Democrats and some Republicans wish that miasma to bubble forth everywhere else. No wonder Trump said, "I won't own it...you will!"
no image
In Fresno county...51.8% of all residents are receiving Medi-Cal benefits. When a Fresno resident goes to the Emergency Room...the only place where Medi-Cal is accepted...they must stand in line...sometimes as many as 1200 people waiting...their number card tightly gripped with guard dog and black sunglass wearing dudes about.

At one clinic...tents were erected so the overflow could be handled when the flu arrived. The Medi-Cal patients demanded they be given the air conditioned suites inside and the cash-paying customers pushed out into the 90 degree tents. "Because we are receiving "freebies and favors"...we demand the best treatment...the best room...the best nurses...and...woe to the person who says otherwise," shouted a local Fresno pastor when asked "why" the hurdle to treatment,(WSJ A-17;07-19-17).
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Subir Chakrabarti Srikant Devaraj...a/k/a..."Smitty"...took time from his hand-washing experiment to tell a cub reporter every time the minimum wage is increased by TEN CENTS per hour...there are more hand-washings than before...so much hygiene exhibited the patrons could be secure in the belief their food was not handled by someone who just left the restroom without hand-washing...and...replacement of the hair-net.

"The disgusting odor and stain can be expected where the minimum wage is not increased. Indeed...our studies show a minimum wage of $100.00 per hour will insure hand-washing is always done. Sure...only a few businesses would be open with this kind of burden...but...the food would likely be served with clean hands," drooled Smitty as he looked at the 120 million worker bees who would lose their jobs if such ideas were imposed.
U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito, (R.WVa) told a cub reporter she didn't come to Washington to hurt people. When asked about the enslaved* who must toil to pay for OBAMA-CARE...Capito replied, "I'm for whip and chain if it won't hurt people. I want producers going to the fields singing socialist worker songs...never caring the bounty of their labor redistributed as I see fit...and...always making sure I don't hurt anyone when I plunder their storeroom."
*Comrade Capito...if she's so interested in avoiding the infliction of pain and misery...should ask the people who suffered in Russian gulags because they refused to be slaves in the system Senator Capito finds so appealing. Indeed...OBAMA-CARE is built on the idea of hurting the producer and benefiting the parasite. Perhaps such interface might provide the knowledge she seems to lack, eh Shelley?
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South Korean President Moon refused to admit "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies were strangling employment creating a permanent pool of unemployed worker bees. Even though he was shown pluperfect proof that the minimum wage was a barrier to "youth employment"( ages 17-29)...nonetheless...he declared his support for such barrier pointing out those people are easily directed and constitute* a voting bloc [nurtured but dependent],(WSJ A-9;07-19-17).
*Moon scape? The socialist solution to the problem of unemployment...and...lack of jobs...a problem government interference in the economy created...is to create 810,000 new public-sector jobs...jobs such as police...firemen...judges...lawyers...and...candle stick makers.
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From California came millions of disgruntled freedom-lovers who finally were able to sell out and come to Florida. Nowadays...with fuel and utility costs skyrocketing due to the newest layer of red tape...Californians are departing to seek a better life...a life not burdened by scumbag bureaucrats directing how much water...food...shelter...clothing...and...transport each person shall have,(WSJ A-3;07-19-17).
In Venezuela to circumvent the opposition to enslavement...MADURO has planned to hold an election on 07-30-17...controlled by him...wherein a new constitution would be implemented delivering to MADURO despotic control.

In our country...the DEEP STATE is doing all it can to thwart the TRUMP-PLAN to liberate America from the grip of our own hellish NANNY STATE. Indeed...Trump-hating judges are issuing orders to stop TEAM-TRUMP from deleting the merciless grip on the throat of freedom. Ironic to think in America where liberation is being attempted...the NANNY STATE is doing all it can to stifle and hinder.
President Trump directed all hurdles be removed so that energy production might flourish. The benefits have been noticed as far away as Germany and Britain. "Had it not been for President Trump rebuking that global warming myth and ramping up fossil fuel production...the Germans and the Brits would be paying enormous prices for their energy products," confided a disgruntled U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) whose wished energy prices to be so high only the ruling elite could afford air conditioning and limousines,(WSJ A-18;07-19-17).
Without a philosophical predicate...the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate stifled itself...unable to gather sufficient support within its own ranks to pass a REPEAL OF OBAMACARE. Instead of rejecting socialism and whatever else underlying OBAMACARE...the Republicans sat around wondering "how" to continue the "freebie and favor"...and...force other people to pay for it.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The MASS MEDIA...ironically...favors enslavement not liberation. The Republicans seem afraid to dismantle the otherwise well-protected 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein such abominations as OBAMACARE can be forced upon the voters and their representatives hesitant to remove the yoke and shackle.

Why not delete and eliminate? Why not dismantle the NANNY STATE? What is there in America's history which would declare enslavement the better path? Indeed...the Civil War was fought to end that very kind of tyranny...and...yet...in 2017...the Republicans are worried they might not get re-elected if they liberate* America from the grip of the oppressive NANNY STATE.
*Ayn Rand envisioned this moment in ATLAS SHRUGGED. While Ayn Rand refused to say she was a soothsayer...nonetheless...the horrific scenario portrayed in that tome is afoot in America in 2017. Is DJT "John Galt"?
President Trump...when asked about the Republican Senate refusal to repeal hellish OBAMA-CARE...replied, "The Democrats own OBAMA-CARE. It's a disaster. But...if the Republicans won't send me a repeal bill...then...I do not own OBAMA-CARE. All the millions of people hurt by loss of their government-paid-for health care due to lack of funding...they can call Chuck Schumer or Steny Hoyer...two socialist misfits whose disgusting need to force compliance somehow delivering to them thereby some kind of weird feeling of superiority.
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There are 4 closet-socialists disguised as Senate Republicans who won't support repeal of OBAMA-CARE because they want a replacement that delivers even more goodies...more freebies...more this and that...not ever caring about those enslaved beasts of burden who are taxed to pay for this ENTITLEMENT. They don't care who is hurt by this law so long as socialism is preserved...and...the producer enslaved. It's OBVIOUS the philosophical aspect of capitalism hasn't been properly declared...or...if it has been enunciated*...the MASS MEDIA has done a great job in keeping it off the TV and RADIO.
*If freedom were loudly discussed...these 4 freedom-haters would be constrained to repeal OBAMA-CARE or lose to a liberty-loving primary opponent in 2018, (think Eric Cantor).
In ancient Hawaii...if the child didn't come out looking as it should be...the parents threw the suckling back into the sea. In Britain...Charlie Gard is about to find if big stomp government is compassionate and kind. Instead of the parents deciding if little infirmed CHARLIE GARD should live...big stomp government decides if life...withhold or give.
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) told a cub reporter he was fighting to preserve OBAMA-CARE admitting that it was a nasty law...and...obviously an abomination. However, it was so dastardly in how it enslaved and destroyed liberty it made his left leg tingle.
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The Indians observed the ocean rising and knew they had to move their teepee and crops. Despite having deleted all carbon-causing climate change...nonetheless...sea levels were rising. Somehow...their self-imposed deprivation hadn't satisfied an insatiable Mother Nature. So perplexed were they...the call for virgin toss from the man-caused climate change bunch seemed so reasonable...so likely the answer.
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President Trump said he was prepared to repeal OBAMA-CARE. But...so far...he doesn't have the votes to achieve this wondrous objective. If he isn't successful in getting rid of this choke and chain...OBAMA-CARE will continue to implode...and...people dying by the millions as they discover they can't rely on BIG GIFT GOVERNMENT to pay their way.
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President Trump discovered there was a need for 120,000 seasonal employees but only 15,000 more visas were available. The ripple affect was almost instantaneous. Farmers throughout America who rely on such seasonal labor found themselves with rotting crops and creditors refusing to listen to their excuse that big grab government had...once again...kicked them down. President Trump directed his team to expedite...but...because the bureaucracy* is replete with Obama scumbags...the issuance of these visas has been "slow-walked".
*TEAM TRUMP is getting the "bad press" due to this shortage when the cause is due to Obama-holdovers who are slow-walking these visa requests.
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Why not permit one place to be free of big bottleneck government...no taxes...no red tape...no would-be master with mob ready to plunder? While such a place would be a veritable paradise...the elitists would never permit as much since it would prove socialism...Eco-fascism...and...all the various forms of totalitarianism are so much bunk to be eschewed by everyone. Indeed...where would the master with mob get jobs when their purpose to destroy the very structure which sustains them?
"Why not repair OBAMA-CARE?" queried U.S. Senator Joe Manchin(D.W.Va.). To him...OBAMA-CARE was the just the 1st step on the road to enslavement. He wanted to repair whatever was wrong so that the shackle and whip might be brought to bear on more backs. So devoted to socialism is MANCHIN he refused to consider repealing OBAMA-CARE...noting that he liked watching businesses struggle and children wondering about tomorrow.
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In the movie, ROB ROY...the finale is a scene wherein ROB ROY using a huge sword does battle with an expert fencer whose skill with a French Rapier...a slender blade with a tip as sharp as a needle...so much better than ROB ROY it is certain doom for Roy. However...in a surprise-move...ROY grabs the opponent's blade...retrieves his own sword from the floor...and...slices and dices the other person. Might President Trump be ROB ROY?
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The NANNY STATE evaporates when there isn't any more money to spend and what printed is considered worthless. TEAM OBAMA spent trillions of dollars building the NANNY STATE wherein people are considered cattle and sheep...controlled and directed by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. The burdensome red tape and taxes were heaped upon producers until they cried out for respite...someone remove this horrid yoke!

The Republicans were supposed to dismantle this nasty 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in thereby a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

However...because the Republicans have ONLY this BLOG to assist them...they must become united around the basic purpose of America: LIBERATION! And...if they do so combine and unify...they'll offer something so good not even the dependent-on-government-parasites will be able to resist joining the march to freedom. VIVA TRUMP!
Until then...
It's "red tape, tax and spend".
Unlike every other BLOG and every other media outlet...this BLOG predicted the defeat of Hillary-the-hag. The prediction was based on the firm belief that most Americans were not parasites and wanted their future to be bright not cluttered and dark. Nowadays...the same batch of voters who picked Trump are still on his side despite 24/7 barrages by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA.

Can TEAM-TRUMP manage to operate beneath this onslaught? Might there be too many moles...too many two-faced ghouls...too many Trump-haters in all forms and formats...just too much to be overcome? If he preaches liberation...offers KEY to CAGE...and...righteously stands forth against the socialists, the Eco-fascists and all other freedom-haters...he'll not only be the greatest leader since George Washington but he'll be revered in the centuries to come as the Messiah. VIVA TRUMP!
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Historians will one day write about "how" President Trump...at 2017 exchange rates...delivered $1,107 in energy savings for each of Germany's 37.5 million households. These same historians will note...however...how hated President Trump was by those Germans most hurt by this dramatic gift: the green energy charlatans and deceivers.

If not for President Trump...the average German would never know their electric bills between 2006 and 2017 spiked by approximately 47% and that 23% of their utility bill goes into a fund to subsidize the so-called renewable energies,(WSJ A-13;07-18-17).

What the Germans will do with such data isn't known...but...the freedom-lovers of that socialist state might rise up and demand liberation from the oppressive grip of the NANNY STATE. VIVA TRUMP!
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Why do Democrats...such U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz...want to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Indeed...the CAGE can only burden and abuse them as harshly as it does the producers whose own chains have become so oppressive that many are refusing to pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE any longer. So...why do it?

The explanation is as simple as "power" attracts the would-be master the same way as a moth to a flame is drawn. Ole Debbie likes to force people to do things her way. She enjoys watching the misery and privation her rules and laws beget. In many ways her perverse enjoyment is shared by most Democrats in as much as they've been taught to lick absurd pomp with candied tongue.
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Li Yi-dong, Chief designer of the Wing Loon which is built by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, told a cub reporter he was delighted to have received WAR-BOT(tm) designs and construction contracts and envisioned a day when the soldier is a robot...and...the commander safely nestled away in some bunker on the other side of the planet. VIVA TRUMP!
* In Mosul...the 5 blocks delegated to WAR-BOT(tm) were cleared of combatants in less than 48 hours with ZERO loss of civilians. It was so astounding...the Chinese instantly bought WAR-BOT(tm) noting President Trump was right in permitting this BLOG to participate in the re-taking of MOSUL. However...as a caveat...if WAR-BOT(tm) is not permitted to remain in MOSUL...Islamic State or some other nefarious Sunni bunch will take Mosul back,(WSJ A-1;07-18-17).
In South Korea...the NANNY STATE increased the minimum wage by 16.4% thereby causing a dramatic loss of employment of those worker bees who can't produce at least that amount of value per hour. By one estimate...this increase will cause a loss of 2.5 million jobs. Translated into real terms...there will be South Koreans who can't get a job because they can't produce at least the amount of value to the employer that is reflected* in the so-called minimum wage,(WSJ A-7;07-18-17).
*Because the South Koreans are headed pell-mell into socialism and its miasma of misery and privation...they can't sense the horror they are imposing on their fellow men and women. The minimum wage creates INSTITUTIONALIZED UNEMPLOYMENT...a permanent group whose members can't produce enough to warrant employment even at the minimum wage. The employer simply can't hire them and hence they remain permanently unemployed...and...dependent on freebie and favor doled out by the socialist ruling elite...the people...ironically...who keep them dependent.
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President Trump intervened and 6 Afghan teenage girls were permitted to enter the United States and compete in an international robotics tournament. Their robot was perplexing in its intricacy and use of discarded American military hardware...some coming from downed jets and exploded tanks...while other parts found in a "dig" near some ancient ruins dating back to 1.9 million years. VIVA TRUMP!
"Made in America" was appended to Trump products manufactured places other than in the U.S.A. When asked about this ascription of such a moniker on stuff produced elsewhere...BIG DON chuckled and said the STATEMENT was intended to imply "highest quality".

Of course...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA instantly demanded prosecution for such misleading labeling. "If it's not made 100% in America...it must not bear that declaration," shouted U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh).

"He didn't build it...someone else did," added U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D. Mass)as she drooled over the $1.7 billion profit earned from such "American" products.
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Although there were polls which showed BIG DON would defeat crooked-Hillary...these polls were not publicized. They were presented on this BLOG but due to limited readership...they never were mainstream. Even today...this BLOG'S polling data show President Trump is supported by 98% of all likely-voters and the Republicans are charted by this POLL to defeat 85% of all Democrats against whom they'll stand for election in 2018. But...only here will you find such data.
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Because there might be some question at some time in the future about the issue of theft...MOSES saw fit to include it in the TEN COMMANDMENTS. It was as sinful to steal as it was to covet the storeroom of another. And a society which worshiped such sins was immoral* and little more than demonic.
*(Genesis 13:13 lot pitched his tent toward Sodom).
Alfred Angelo and Joan Walsh were sitting at a table outside a Paris coffee house discussing President Trump posing different scenarios wherein Trump was driven from office due to some public imbroglio.

So dramatic was this discussion...they became enthused about delivering something that would cause such stir...such anger...it would surely force Trump from office. Their idea was to close all the bridal shops in America and blame Trump.

"It'll make women scream for his head. We'll get Kathy Griffin to cut off another monkey head and pretend it's Trump. We'll get "butch" Michelle Obama to urinate on Melania's bed in Trump Tower," mused a hateful Joan Walsh as she dried her dripping venom with a page of the POLITICO.
Robert Wilkins and David Tatel are homosexuals who also sit on the D.C. appellate bench. Recently...to avoid public exposure of their dramatic love affair...they decided to do the WRONG THING...something they were told they had to do lest their AFFAIR be made public.

Naturally...to hide their relationship...they agreed and decided to stop President Trump from liberating America from the grip of hellish OBAMA RULES.

Speaking about their lack of goodness...U.S. Senator Susan Collins, (R.Me.) whispered, "These two judges...these two immoral people...chose to perpetuate the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...for that decision they need to experience public shunning and scorn."
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Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a formal apology to OMAR KHADR along with an EIGHT MILLION DOLLAR cash settlement. Trudeau issued the cash award in such fashion as to defeat the claims of the American soldiers he killed and maimed. Because OMAR was only 15 years old when he killed one and injured another American warrior...Trudeau knew Canada owed this lad some big bucks. ALLAHU AKBAR, eh Justin?
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What is it about liberation which makes Democrats hyper ventilate...pucker...and...turn blue with anger? Could it be they know when people discuss liberation...they always use Democrats as examples of scumbags trying to enslave? Might it be that in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm there isn't any need for NANNY STATE jerks and ghouls...directing and controlling from cradle to grave? Whatever it is...the MASS MEDIA is packed-bottom-to-top with hatred for freedom.

Take for instance OBAMA-CARE. The idea was to force people to kneel and worship that idol. What happened was unexpected and surprised the freedom-hating Democrats. Instead of embracing enslavement...Americans rejected it.

Sure...some 23 million grabbed the freebies and favors and are now utterly dependent on Democrat-gift...so dependent a Democrat can tell them to lick boot and with candied tongue these parasites perform. But the other 272 million Americans are demanding that "shackle and whip" be deleted along with all the other horrors TEAM OBAMA visited upon this blessed land.
Cecilia Munoz, a top La Raza lobbyist, joined Obama's Domestic Policy Council and the $4.1 million federal funding for Raza suddenly went to $11 million. When examined...though...$3 million was unaccounted for and seems to have been given to a fund whose beneficiary happens to be OBAMA. It's a money-laundering scheme but because it involves freedom-haters...the MASS MEDIA and federal police are ignoring it.
Walleyed bass are popular with fishermen and entire tourist industries are built around that fish. In Minnesota...for instance...some businesses rely on that fish for income. Terry Thurmer...a 5th generation sport-fishing charter business...suffered a 95% loss of income due to the fishing restriction the government imposed. "I lost big time and the bass are plentiful. "Whoever made that decision is a scumbag and I'm looking to for him. When I find him...I plan to beat and bash until something is done," whispered a disgruntled Thurmer whose 1200 fishing boats lay anchored and leaking,(WSJ A-3;07-17-17).
By the ECONOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG...in 2013...John Walker was warned not to invest heavily in OIL since the market would plummet leaving EnerVest, Ltd.....[Walker's company] with huge debt and little income...a bad combo for a company which prides itself on skilled investment. Of course...the $2 billion Walker lost wasn't his money. No...not Walker-talker...as a big shot know-it-all...he borrowed money along with grabbing investor cash willy-nilly promising kingdoms and glories of the world. Now that his effort is worthless and investors are screaming...Walker said he was going into politics where he can steal...kill...get rich...and...never get caught,(think Hillary-the-hag).(WSJ A-1;07-17-17).
President Trump followed this BLOG'S polemic and finally declared the liars of the MASS MEDIA were distorting Democracy. Take U.S. Senator Mark Warner(D.Va) for instance. He's rabidly demanding the content of the now-infamous 20 minute meeting between the Russian female lawyer and Donald Trump, Jr. in June of 2016...but...never* did this scumbag ever ask Hillary-the-hag about her obvious "pay-to-play" scheme she conducted while Secretary of State.

As admitted by him recently...he observed racketeering...but...ignored it...because...Hillary was involved. Yet...when "junior" was reported to have met a Russian lawyer about "closet dirt"...Warner couldn't be held back. He wanted to know everything about everything and would not stop until he did.

And it's stuff such as this which prompted President Trump to frame such tactic as a distortion of Democracy. VIVA TRUMP!
*The difference in intensity denotes the HATRED for liberty harbored by Warner and other Congressional Democrats.
U.S. Senator Susan Collins,(R.Me)...the Republican who permitted OBAMA-CARE to depart committee and move into the commerce of law...said she didn't like insurance companies under the TRUMP-PLAN having so much freedom. "Under this approach...people could buy whatever insurance they liked...giving people the power to avoid buying THE INSURANCE POLICY Susan Collins liked. "I want to force people to worship whatever idol I forge," drooled Collins when asked about liberation of the consumer.
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Even though there wasn't any crime committed when Donald J. Trump, Jr. met with the Russian lawyer who said she had Hillary-dirt...good...solid stuff...things derived from Kremlin files. Of course...that declaration was total nonsense...but...the Democrats achieved what they wanted: an appearance of impropriety...something usable just in case the father was elected president. While this kind of stratagem is never used in Republican officialdom...it is always Standard Operating Procedure(S.O.P.) for the Democrats.