August 2017
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The laws of physics apply until you reach the sub-atomic level...then...quantum physics takes over...and...that field of science is never-ending. would have to be that way since from a point of whatever the entire universe supposedly sprang...nowadays called an expression...although a 14.5 billion year old one. Indeed...from that point of whatever...the universe supposedly came...what observed today just the expression passing by.
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Little Bobby was dying of a rare blood cancer. His parents...fortunately...circumvented the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and saved their child. The everyone dedicated to killing as many people as possible by stopping life-saving drugs from reaching those in need...those whose lives prolonged if they can get around the WALL erected by FDA demons.

Because Bobby could not wait the billion years between idea and product sale...Novartis was approached by a team from the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG and shown a way to energize T-cells...send them back into the cancer-victim's body so that eradication might commence. So effective was this method of eradication that it was charted to be a "break-through".

However...Novartis said it could not commence saving children because the FDA had decreed their deaths...and...there wasn't much Novartis could do. Ignoring that horrific assessment...the T-cell idea was put into motion and the children are being saved despite FDA efforts to kill them. Yes...the rogues in the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG delivered another life-saving cure and did it despite FDA efforts to kill the likes of "little Bobby",(WSJ B-1;08-31-17).
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" burn". Such was what 34 Gator football players* were told by the chief of police. But they had already sold the lap tops they had bought on their GATOR ONE credit cards...the credit card issued to them by the Gator Football Association. And...they had spent the money they had received from their sale. There was not any practical way to get them back. Hence...34 gators won't dress for that game. Oops.
*Playing Michigan with 34 big shots on the bench for lap-top stupidity...could mean at least a 21 point loss. Ouch!
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From Venezuela...listeners for such things...heard a short wave radio operator delivering what could only be described as a first-hand in real time account of a massacre just outside of Caracas...the victims identified as opposition...souls who wanted to breathe free...but...were gathered up...herded to that mountain valley and slaughtered with only a mass grave for marker. think...the American socialist MASS MEDIA knows about such atrocities committed by Maduro and his scurvy crew...and...won't tell America. Maybe they can't reveal what socialism really is because to do as much would undermine their effort* to enslave an unsuspecting...gullible...low-information...America. HUH?
*Come in Rangoon...Come in Rangoon...Come in...can you hear us? Come in Rangoon...come in.
When the NANNY STATE is to be enhanced...not any limit to spending is ever mentioned. If it takes a billion bucks to subjugate and enslave another segment of the American be it. When the shackled and sheep-like cry out that they need a tax cut...that their yoke be lightened...their burden lessened...the would-be master with envious mob and complicit MASS MEDIA declare there is not any way to deliver a tax cut and keep the NANNY STATE afloat...they must stop whining...and...return to produce so that masters and parasites might sup tonight.
Instead of praising President Trump...a president who has given his paychecks to the poor and needy...that he and his esteemed wife-Melania had seen fit to assist in the Houston Flood...instead of doing something worthwhile...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA dwelt on Melania's choice of footwear and dress ensemble.
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The North Korean dictator is quite an asset...valuable in ways only world leaders understand. If there is a need for more money for the military...the "little fella" is told to make some noise. His recent rocket shot over Japan was such a noise-making effort. Indeed...there is not any way...anyone...even his knavish underlings...would permit this demon to launch World War III. Hence...his bellicose aspect is well-scripted drama but nothing more. VIVA TRUMP!
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While climatologists won't admit as much...plate tectonics...huge slabs moving around Mother Earth...changes weather and climates of various regions. Indeed...India smashed into the sub-Asian continent and created the Himalayas...and...such collision changed climate in many areas along with frequency of storms and droughts. The Sahara Desert at one time was a fertile green area...lush and animal-packed. But that all changed due to this and that...stuff the man-caused climate change enthusiasts won't ever admit as somehow important to them. Indeed...Mike Mann...scumbag-climate dude at Penn State...admitted they don't even take into account the solar cycles and solar surprises because such would reveal their entire theory little more than sham and hokum.

Has anyone heard the MASS MEDIA pushing climate change as the cause of the flood in Houston? Somehow...mankind had caused that flood. How mankind did such a wondrous thing...a thing only God has done in times long past...such explanation is left to computer programs...planned answers designed by the charlatans who profit from propagation of such LIES  as man-made global warming.

No...folks...Hurricane Harvey was just another hurricane in a long ancient line of storms...nothing much in particular...bigger than recent ones...perhaps...small in comparison with storms of long ago. Not anyone can really climate change aficionados ignored such obvious caveat and proclaim Harvey arrived due to mankind hurting Mother Earth. These gurus also declared with spoon and bucket they could dip an ocean dry.
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Some time back...after BUSH betrayed the Kurds and did not assist them in the uprising BUSH asked them to perform...and...when...BUSH refused to stop Sadam Hussien from killing Kurds with poison gas...the KURDS knew they had best defend themselves and an American politician. Since that time...the KURDS have never reposed trust in any American-led approach...and...always sleep with one eye open so to speak when Americans are nearby. They also have radar 24/7 since the Americans are known to drop bombs and then claim they didn't know.

Nowadays...the KURDS are following a detailed plan...a roadmap of sorts...designed by the POLITICAL DEPT. of this BLOG and guaranteed to deliver not only liberation but also prosperity the likes of which mankind has never before seen.

Indeed...the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) paradigm will be overlaid in Kurdistan permitting thereby paradise to bubble forth. So wondrous and magnetic the can't be permitted to happen lest all the big grab government scumbags would be exposed for what they are and have to get real jobs,. Hence...assassins are already afoot in Kurdistan slaughtering any Kurd who has voiced a desire to breathe free, (WSJ A-8;08-31-17).
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Incredible at it might seem...U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander(R.Tenn) has joined forces with a demented socialist and together they're pushing more government intrusion. This time...Lamar and Socialist Senator Patty Murray(D.Wash) are asking Congress to pay insurance companies who offer coverage to poor people. Instead of directing the poor people and the insurance companies to negotiate without federal assistance...they want the American taxpayer to pick up the tab. It's fascism writ large and Americans must not support such enslavement,(WSJ A-2;08-31-17).

Scumbag-Mueller...the so-called special counsel assigned to destroy President Trump...was asked "why" he was pursuing Paul Manafort and not Hillary-the-hag...someone who sold American uranium to the Russians and delivered vital secrets to the North Koreans. After reflecting on his nasty bent...he laughed and replied, "Look...I was hired to hurt Trump. I was told to ignore the racketeering of the Clintons and "Don't ask!"(WSJ A-1;08-31-17).
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Americans die when they're ambushed. To avoid such calamity...before an American team enters an area...the region is scanned for heat signals...each bird...each cow...each camel...each rag head is documented...position plotted...and...all metal in the area accounted for. Americans also die due to explosives such as mines being detonated.

Using MINE DETECTION technology designed by this BLOG...the American military has been able to locate and disarm 100% of all explosive devices of whatever variety deployed. So effective this mine sweeping's deployed before American troops ever set foot in the target area.

Hence...the incidence of ambush and detonation casualties are ZERO!
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Because the "little fella" never tells anyone before he launches a rocket...the latest missile over Japan surprised the world. According to national security officials...the North Koreans could probably strike 5 out of 10 targets with the anti-missile teams taking out 50%. However...if those 5 out of every 10 missiles which got through were "nuke-tipped"...the devastation from those 5 would be catastrophic.

In order to stop the "little fella"...President Trump will have to station his anti-missile ships around North Korea and place land-based anti-missile batteries in South Korea...all aimed toward North Korea. If the "little fella" does choose to fire a group of missiles...Trump's positioning might knock out 100% not permitting any missiles to get through this incredible WEB OF SECURITY.

Recall that this BLOG sent to President Trump the blue-print for such a WEB and the cost thereof. Within days of that transmittal...Pentagon brass was discussing the "how" and "when" such a WEB could be erected. And...while the "little fella" might be a noise-maker only...nonetheless...President Trump does not wish to give that scumbag any options...not any! VIVA TRUMP!
The entire editorial staff and the 34,999 employees of this BLOG eat at Waffle House and patronize this restaurant in almost every town where it's located. Equally supportive is the enormous fund this BLOG delivered to Waffle House to pay* for as many "jump teams" as required to assist storm-stricken Houston. VIVA WAFFLE HOUSE!
*Jump Teams are designed to enter a storm-stricken area and support the refugees and evacuees with incredible food...great beverages...and...a smile so needed in times like that.
President Trump thought it better if "transgenders" were left out of the military. Naturally...the 1200 transgendered Americans demanded the military take all applicants asserting thereby that transgender should not matter. "Anyone can shoot...anyone can why not permit the transgenders to do as much?" asked Senator Schumer...himself a transgender.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller not wishing to become irrelevant attacked Jason Maloni...a spokesman for Mr. Manafort...a Trump campaign helper. When Jason received the subpoena to appear before a grand jury...he scoffed and declared, "I will tell the world what a scumbag Muller is and what evil the Democrats are unleashing. We want liberation not more subjugation," VIVA TRUMP!
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Once the government has enslaved the producer...the shackle is never removed. It took a civil war to force the Deep South to abandon slavery.'s not the Afro-American who is the slave but the American producer. Indeed...the socialist state is now parading "low income" children across the stage each scripted to tell the world they'll die if the shackle is removed from the producer's life. And to think a law created such dependency and is so protected by not only by the Democrats but also by the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA, (WSJ A-3;08-30-17).

Outside the White House...Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon can do so much more to help Big Don make America great again. Somewhat reluctant...Sebastian and Steve agreed with this BLOG'S  assessment that only from outside could President Trump hope to force Congress to dismantle what they had eliminate the grip of big grab government...and...liberate the producer from the  shackle so mightily bestowed by parasites and their power-mongers.  As insiders....though...these two stalwarts of liberty were helpless. VIVA TRUMP!
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Before the end of last school a Houston high afterhours discussion was held...the topic: local Indian lore. While the forum was open to everyone...only a few Apaches appeared and only 4 pale-faces could be found.

After the advent of Hurricane Harvey...though...many are asking for the video of that forum since therein the panel of certified experts forecast that on August 24, 2017 Houston would be flooded with so much water...that mass evacuation would have to be done. Because it was thought impossible to forecast with such precision...few Houston residents felt it necessary to attend. Yet...that video is now the most sought-after disc on Earth since that incredible prediction was based on local Indian lore.
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Folks...when you hear MASS MEDIA talking heads declaring the 2017 Houston flood a record-breaking must step back and ask, "When did the measuring begin?" When told it was sometime back...then...ask...what was the amount of rainfall 2.3 million years ago in the Houston area? When told there's not any way to say...then reply: "'s not's just breaking records about which you know and nothing more."
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Using 21st Century computer algorithms...this BLOG bet the storm in the Gulf of Mexico would become a hurricane and strike Texas. So confident were the editors...they bought enormous future contracts on gasoline. bet fetched a multi-million dollar profit,($126,799,223.00). [Thank you, Mother Nature for your bounty,(WSJ B-1;08-29-17)]
Masked and armed...ANTIFA* approached the peaceful demonstration in a tree-lined park in Berkley, California. These would-be assailants marched silently...their steps in conformity...their spike-dubbed bats arrayed in battle format. And just as one of the speakers was telling the crowd of 1.5 million that all the gold in California was in a bank in Beverly Hills in someone else's name...she was struck in the head by a human-dung bag knocking her off the stage and causing to her to fall into a batch of wires and sticks.
*When asked why throw that dung-bag and hurt a female speaker whose speech was about peace and love...the ANTIFA member replied, "We're for unbridled tyranny where we say who lives...who dies...who laughs...who cries." This member...sporting the name, "too sweet"...went on to admit he was stare-crazy bored and went out to the park to show the world who he really was.
While most insults are overt act of disrespect is not. For example...if a Pakistani wants camel dung as an aphrodisiac but is told it can only be used as a spice for tea...that rebuff...that insensitive response...might very well engender physical attack. Indeed...according to Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY)...jihadists might very well be born when such request rebuked...citing an instance where he grabbed camel dung from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's grip and told him: use sand,(WSJ A-15;08-29-17).
When Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen was heard touting the benefits of DODD-FRANK that horrific banking law the Democrats pushed editor of this BLOG approached her and loudly said, "WRONG,LADY!" adding..."The free market is best...and...DODD-FRANK is the worst. How dare you commend tyranny!" So profound the admonishment...the crowd at Jackson Hole cheered for this editor whose passion for liberation well-known to everyone...except snotty Janet Yellen.
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) admitted she considered NIELS HOEGEL to be a special friend...someone who embodied her best thoughts and principles. When confronted with the fact HOEGEL had killed 84 people while a male nurse in Germany...Warren chuckled...and...replied, "In socialized medicine...there are steps which must be taken to insure the quality of the herd. Niels knew as much and was applying my ideas. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about him injecting heart stuff into the those unsuspecting patients."(WSJ A-8;08-29-17).
In Siberia...Masud of Surgut closed his lap top...grabbed a 12 inch butcher knife...and...proceeded across the street to the gas station where 3 Russian special agents were standing near the gas pump chatting about the wonders of America.

From typical Muslim fashion...he stabbed one in the upper back...killing him instantly. The other two were so surprised...they could not unzip their guns to shoot.

Masud took that few seconds to slash the second officer across his face and neck and would have continued to slice and dice had it not been for the 3rd agent. He unzipped his gun from its safety holster...loaded it with bullets...pulled off the trigger lock...and...fired 12 times...shooting until the rag head stopped moving,(WSJ A-7;08-29-17).
Special Counsel Robert Mueller and anticorruption prosecutor-Ivan Valesquez were overheard in a Skype conference call laughing about how much hassle they were delivering to their respective targets...Mueller shooting at President Trump...Valesquez confronting Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales. While neither of them were worthy to hold such prestigious and powerful position...they both agreed their bosses had picked the nastiest...most unprincipled....and...hence...most capable of destroying with impunity.
Chimeric antigen receptor(CAR-T) is the latest approach to deleting cancer. Using technology developed by the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG...a cancer-fighter is created and injected. The newly designed T-cell...a type of immune dispatched back into battle. This hunts down any cancer and deletes it. So effective is this CAR-T expectancy might be measured in hundreds of years.
"Delay Antony until we have completed the task," Cassius was overheard telling one of his henchmen. The lack of Antony would guarantee success in the slaying of Caesar. Similarly...but yesterday...the word of Donald J. Trump might have stood against the world. With his helpers such as Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka...though...might President Trump be stopped from making America great again?
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The Patriot Prayer parade was attacked by Marxists and anarchists...each trying to outdo the other with bat and dung-bag throwing. One masked crusader...for example...was video-taped throwing 1000 human-dung bags. He threw so many that his shoulder became painful and he had to switch to the other hand.  His helper was feeding this thrower with two bags at a time and singing socialist worker songs...ditties written by Bernie Sanders and his theft-probe wife-Jane.
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When the federal worker bees heard President Trump was downsizing and most of them would have to get a "real job"...they screamed and chanted socialist worker slogans...the ones they had heard OCCUPY WALL STREET and ANTIFA mumble. Somehow...they felt their mystical incantations and drum-beating would awaken the demons and send them out to terrorize Big Don.
Arthur C. Brooks is a scumbag. His idea is to keep the poor and impoverished in a state of deprivation so that scumbags such as he can dictate and direct. His latest idiotic statement is the LOTTERY is hurtful to the poor. Oh...sure...they might win and become millionaires...but...the odds are against them and Brooks doesn't like that kind of doorway. He wants people asking him for money so he can step over them...laughing at their predicament...a situation he helped create. What a scumbag!(WSJ A-17;08-28-17).
Sandy Praeger told a cub reporter she wanted socialized medical care in America similar to what the Venezuelans have. When told how horrific the medical service is in Venezuela...she chuckled and replied, "Cattle and sheep deserve the cruelty of bureaucratic ghouls and creeps." Of course she was expressing her socialist view of the world and how she looked upon the unwashed masses...but...her view...though horrific...was held by almost every Democrat in Congress.
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The best way to make a difference would be to "stiff" federal workers...don't pay them...and...force them to get a real job. Internal Revenue Service...for example...should not be given money for 99% of its employees...forcing them to find other employment. The Environmental Destruction Agency should also downsize by refusing to pay 99.99% of all its employees. Such an approach...while hurtful to the scumbag federal employees...would be a boon for taxpayers as they finally observe their Congressmen finally deleting the horrific* 20th century NANNY STATE. VIVA TRUMP!
*The Omnibus Repeal Bill wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE is repealed must be passed. Even the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution(universal enslavement) must be removed from this blessed land.
Jared Kusher was dispatched by President Trump to meet "Jew and Arab" and discuss some kind of peace treaty between them. Although Jared clasped hands...smiled...and...promised everything possible...nonetheless...the Palestinian saw only more of the same...too much Jew not enough Arab. He did his promise the Muslim space to pray and raise a family...but...was left without audience since the spot Kushner was told "available" was somewhere few could by map and compass find.
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Hurricane Harvey brought needed rain to Texas along with some nasty wind storms. While some places were messed up...for the most rain fell upon what otherwise might have been desert sand. Mention is made of this storm since the man-caused climate change gurus said such a storm could not occur according to their infallible computer models. HUH?
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Within a nano-second of the issuance of the presidential pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA marshaled every screw-faced talking head they could find...and sent them into the world to tell everyone Trump was clearly wrong for delivering Sheriff Joe from the clutches of the horrific NANNY STATE. Even the two U.S. Senators from Arizona were angry about the pardon. McCain...for instance...was still miffed about Arpaio supporting his 2016 opponent and was drooling over Arpaio going to jail. When Big Don stopped that travesty of justice...McCain became enraged and shouted socialist worker slogans.
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Sheriff Joe Arpaio...known for many ideas...some good...some not so good...but...all effort committed to effective law enforcement...was pardoned by President Trump. There was not any reason to hurt Sheriff Joe who had reacted as most Americans did when the country was flooded with illegal aliens who received free clothing, free medical care, free food, free shelter, free transport, and spending money.

He tried his best to deport as many as he could catch. One dude who was really born in east L.A. for instance when asked who was president replied, "The guy who does Death Valley Days...John Wayne." Well...Arpaio sent that dude back across the a place where people spoke so fast he could not understand them." If it hadn't been for drain pipes and clandestine maps...he'd still be in Tijuana eating barbeque iguana. Yet...Sheriff Joe had done his best. VIVA TRUMP!
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In North Korea...a non-farmer directs the farmer as to when and what to plant and harvest...creating the food shortages observed in 1998 and in 2016. And while any other government would sense the bottleneck and remove the hassle and North Korea when starvation was observed...the North Korean leadership decided to put another non-farmer as supervisor of the other non-farmer who in turn supervised the farmer guaranteeing another starvation cycle.
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Fad foods come and go...but...some food never grows old and almost everyone enjoys the meal. Take barbeque for example. There are many different ways to prepare the meat...different techniques...different sauces and dry-rubs...and...all the other magic the chef prefers. And...because it's not one-size fits all...barbeque will remain one of those staple items most Americans request when choice offered.

Mention is made of this obvious aspect of the general culinary palate...since recently the environmentalists are clamoring that snail and lizard be imposed as the only source of protein in America. Enlisting the aid of AMAZON.COM...such food-haters as U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren said it was about time the cow and pig weren't on the menu.
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Rook takes knight? Yes...folks...President Trump is not only a grand master chess this very moment...engaged in quite a match with Imran Khan...the charismatic Pakistani who wants President Trump to leave Pakistan alone and permit it to eradicate whomever they please. If such delete-and-cleanse exercise includes the Taliban...even the Haqqani should be their exclusive decision. The best move...perhaps...the most obvious move....would be to depart and leave the rag heads to their own civil wars...their own sectarian hatreds...and...go about our business elsewhere.
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Yesterday...the WSJ told the world that all a Muslim needs to do is say aloud "talaq" three times...and...a divorce has occurred...both parties become strangers henceforth. Now...we find the Germans have a word that frames much: #fedidwgugl...which means "For Germany in which we live we live well and happily." After reading these things...and...not to be American word-enthusiast offered the word: "Hillary" which roughly translated means: "crooked enterprise and deceitful face",(WSJ A-1;08-25-17).
As the 3 black SUV passed at 112 mph...their speakers blaring "east bound and down...loaded up and trucking...we're gonna do what they say can't be done..."motorists were surprised and slowed down causing a bottleneck that stretched from Yee Haw Junction to people pulled over to permit this parade to pass unhindered. Later was discovered those vehicles were packed with K-9 officers who were headed for another national victory.
Jessica Tarlov told a cub reporter her skin crawled when she heard Hillary denying she had anything to do with the assassination of Ambassador Stevens on 09-11-12. Tarlov frankly admitted she'd heard from sources inside the State Department that Hillary had prepared an alibi if ever questioned about her whereabouts. Indeed...Jessica vomited when she heard the alibi. She knew Hillary had been a player in that misdeed and to hear such bold-faced lying framed a visceral reaction.
Due to fracking...natural gas was found in abundance in areas with huge populations...the benefit and paradise aspect manifested for all to see. In Pennsylvania...for instance...utility bills plummeted as cheap, plentiful natural gas was available to run the turbines which generate the electricity in that region. In places like socialist New York...however...they were denied such benefit because in that NANNY STATE a scumbag such as Governor Cuomo interdicted that bounty...and...forced New Yorkers to kneel and worship the idol he had forged,(WSJ B-1;08-24-17)..
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Unlike Obama who told the enemy what he was going to do...enabling them to prepare...Big Don is different. When he told an Arizona rally he was staying in Afghanistan...they knew what he meant. He was going to extricate America in such a manner that what was left behind would be a stable open-market economy with a small limited government...with the tribes determining their own security.

As everyone knows...Taliban arose due to the socialism that was imposed by the Russian-backed government. BUSH-CHENEY...when they attacked that toilet bowl...retained the socialist structure thereby guaranteeing inter-tribal conflict forever...something BUSH-CHENEY thought would insulate America from any further terrorist attacks originating from that region of the world.

Some day...if an open market economy is permitted to exist...and...the socialists are sent to Pakistan or India...Afghanistan...perhaps for the first time since Alexander the Great...might prosper. On the other hand...if President Trump is thwarted and stymied and does not depart leaving such a stable open market economy...Afghanistan will descend once more into depravity and despair.
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Man-caused climate change is nonsense* and is similar to the proverbial idiocy: "With spoon and bucket dipping the ocean dry." Carbon dioxide and methane are trace gases in the the phrase TRACE is meant there is very little of it. New York Governor to the man-caused global warming crowd...has interdicted the flow of natural gas into the Empire State.

"By forcing New York residents to pay 44% more for their electricity than folks in Florida...for example...I am preventing a worldwide calamity from happening on December 31, 2150 at noon," snorted Cuomo as he looked at early polls showing him a clear winner if he opposed Trump in 2020. When asked about the date and disaster...Cuomo chuckled and said 10,000 scientists had proclaimed that date as doomsday. a powerful protector of Mother Earth...during his tenure he'd stop humans from emitting CO2.
*The 10,000 scientists...who signed the man-made global warming letter...for example...didn't obviously realize CO2 was a trace gas and any increase by mankind in CO2 emissions would be eaten by the plant life of the Earth until equilibrium was attained once more. And even if they did know as much...they couldn't very well reveal it since to do so would undermine their paychecks for propagation of that idiotic myth.
Sports announcer Robert Asian student at William and Mary...was removed from the football game announcer's seat. When a surprised Robert Lee asked "why"...he was informed his name was too controversial...too incendiary...too packed with nasty aspect. The Asian was stunned.

In America where it's character not color on the William and Mary it was name-identification. Yes...Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general who erred mightily when he invaded the North...but...that was 1863.

Robert Lee was an Asian at an American college in 2017. "The difference surely was noticed by someone with decision-making power?" queried Mr. Lee as he sat outside the booth listening to an unskilled person attempt exciting sports-announcing.
Betsy Devos was asked about the waiting list [48,000 at last count] in New York City for charter school seats. In reply to the question tendered by the cub reporter...she looked at the lottery for seats and despaired, "If only the socialists released their grip on the public school system...we could teach these needful minds...but...the socialists want cattle and sheep easily directed by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. Because the socialists want dumbed-down adults...they had to kill off the vibrant public school system...packing it nowadays with who can't be fired under almost any circumstances,(WSJ A-15;08-24-17).
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Why was the U.S.S. McCain in the Malaaca Straits anyway when it was struck in the left rear area by a tanker moving at snail speed? What mission required that warship to be in that area? And was there somewhere else...less congested perhaps...where the McCain could have continued its surveillance aspect? And...where were all the lookouts and radar personnel at that moment* when they had the chance to avoid such a tragic collision?
*The U.S.S. McCain had a window for clear avoidance. As that window closed...the prospect of collision grew mightily until there wasn't even time to sound the collision-alarm of the U.S.S. McCain so that below-deck personnel could muster and save themselves.
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Has anyone noticed the MASS MEDIA'S idea of polling in order to find the approval rating of a politician? Obama...for instance...had an average approval rating of 68%...a number that was ridiculous...but...because the MASS MEDIA liked that dung-throwing monkey...they never would admit Obama wasn't liked by almost 89% of America. Similarly...while 79 out of 100 Americans like President Trump and support his effort to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is telling the world not even 30 out 100 want liberation from big grab government. Their goal to influence voters who are asked to believe them and choose enslavement over liberty.
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) has done more to hurt Florida farmers than most care to admit. When it came time to fight against enslavement...he supported OBAMA-CARE. When it came time to cut taxes...he opposed any tax cut for the producer insisting big grab government needed more money to pay for its socialist footprint. Bill Nelson must be defeated...and...shunned thereafter as an enemy of freedom.
Hillary-the-hag told the world at one debate...when Trump approached her as she answered a made her skin crawl. Hearing this revelation...a cub reporter asked "the hag" if her cover-up of the assassination of Ambassador Stevens made her skin crawled. She laughed and said those 4 Americans died due to her woeful wasn't intentional.
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Although socialists refer to their controlled economy as a's anything but. Yes...there are some entrepreneurs who survive but most of the businesses in such a place are there because government has picked them over others.

This aspect is no less true in America where OBAMA-CARE grabbed 1/6th of the economy and nationalized it. Since that take-over...that conquest...Americans have experienced trouble and trauma.

If it weren't for the complicit MASS MEDIA anyone who ever supported OBAMA-CARE would have already been identified and shunned...spat upon at grocery stores...and...groin kicked in local bars.
DREAMHOST refused federal access to its hard drives declaring FREE SPEEECH was at stake and as a freedom-fighter they weren't about to open their closet to agents looking for internet planning of the assault on rally-goers in Charlottesville. As everyone knows...the interest in DREAMHOST by federal prosecutors was the footprint of Robert Kramer...the scumbag who pays hooligans to disrupt otherwise peaceful gatherings. Based on official rumor...James Alex Fields, Jr. was paid to drive his Dodge Charger into the crowd with a bonus if he were to kill someone.
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Shares of the world's largest advertising company, London-based WPP PLC, fell nearly 11% yesterday with more plummet in sight. Somehow...the socialists at WPP never considered their future in what they couldn't see was an ever-changing market. They were dinosaurs...with...their footprint in history to be discovered by erstwhile historians looking for an example of socialist arrogance coupled with incredible stupidity,(WSJ A-1;08-24-17).
President Trump had planned on raising $1 billion for the charities of Florida. However...all but one* has pulled out of the festivities their decision based on the Charlottesville references Big Don made after Heather Heyer was run down and killed by well-known Democrat James Alex Fields, Jr.

 Although the recipients of those charities were looking forward to their new arms...eyes...hearts...livers...legs...and...other things...they'll have to do without since the board of directors of those charities preferred to make a political statement. One director...for instance...scoffed at the loss declaring the people dependent on his organization will have to learn they are 'takers" and must accept whatever given.
*FREEUSFLORIDA is one of the largest charities in the world and refused to boycott Trump's get-together...proclaiming Big Don was a Titan to be praised and honored.
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Afghanistan will never be free of turmoil and will always have to contend with would-be masters with envious mobs. Since they climbed from caves...the Afghans have always had to fight to keep what little they had from the plundering 2017...Taliban is as voracious and vicious as any tyrant ever to attack these pathetic people...people who can't protect themselves because their socialist BUSH-CHENEY created government won't permit it...leaving them defenseless and dependent on the scumbags in Kabul.
Governor Rick Scott will defeat BILL NELSON. Florida farmers have suffered mightily during the OBAMA administration helped by "scumbag-Bill" as he's known in the Orlando area. Businesses have dwindled due to Nelson's insistence on more taxes...more red tape...more hassle and hinder. Indeed...even Marco Rubio came forward to tell Floridians he would help Scott defeat "scumbag-Bill".
Despite the next-day anger-filled commentary by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...the Phoenix rally was wondrous. The place was packed...wall-to-wall with pro-Trump enthusiasts...and...they cheered his demand for liberation. When he called for the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE...they roared with approbation. When he said he wasn't about to stop trying to remove the grip of big grab government...and...betters days with less government were ahead...the audience stood up and screamed their love for him.VIVA TRUMP!
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The purge envisioned by the Democrats includes getting rid of the national anthem pointing out it's racist-packed...and...tells children they can breathe free...something the freedom-hating Democrats never wish children to hear. "Home of the brave...don't make me laugh," admonished U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) when asked if he thought the anthem should be deleted.
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The bubble nosed tanker struck the U.S.S. McCain on the left side. The dent in the rear portion of the warship was a perfect fit for that big ball nose. It was obvious the much faster McCain misjudged the tanker's speed. How that error was made will be examined over and over again at the U.S. Naval Academy where navigation is taught but not taught well.
no image
Well-armed hunters have been dispatched to Afghanistan to track down and delete Taliban. One Taliban leader was having tea in the confines of his mud hut...yesterday...for example...when...his head exploded. A hunter had spotted him...used a 30 mm sniper-cannon rifle to blow through the 6 feet of mud...and...strike that rag head. VIVA TRUMP!
When OBAMA-CARE imposed the "pre-existing condition" insurance companies knew without Uncle Sugar subsidy they'd have to depart the so-called OBAMACARE exchanges or face bankruptcy. Instead of eliminating the grip and grab of government...cutting away its tentacles...OBAMA-CARE added even more layers guaranteeing the American medical service industry would implode...doctors getting stiffed...hospitals getting less than promised...and...most Americans receiving government-quality healthcare, (think Veterans Administration).

Instead of supporting deletion of government intrusion...scumbags...such as Craig Blinderman...want even more layers added...more red tape...more market intrusion...and...all done to satisfy the socialist bent of Blinderman and others.
William A. Galston is an inveterate freedom-hater whose mission seems to be to tell the world about the "truth and virtue" of communism. Somehow enslavement to Galston is wondrous and should be pursued by power-mongers who believe in its "truth and virtue". Indeed...yesterday...when Galston went to the grocery store...he found himself spat upon and groin kicked by an 80 year old lady who hated him for his evil bent. Onlookers cheered as this woman explained her theory of liberty in graphic terms,(WSJ A-13;08-23-17).
After some hesitation...companies associated with the North Dakota Access Pipeline agreed to sue GREENPEACE for $300 million alleging violations of the racketeering law. "If it had not been for the LEGAL DEPT. of FREEUSFLORIDA.COM...we would not have been sued. We had them all bullied and fearful. But...that BLOG would not stop asking people to support a law suit against GREENPEACE," quipped Tom Wetterer...the lawyer for GREENPEACE.
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Once it gets dark...the hooligans plan to attack the Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Robert Kramer's computer* was hacked so that such data could be given to this BLOG'S readers. Scumbag-Kramer has hired 200 skin-headed freaks and 400 Afro-Americans to collide...throw dung-bags...and...burn the obligatory tire in the street.
Recall Robert Kramer was caught orchestrating disruption at Trump campaign rallies in 2016.
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Why send American soldiers into the Afghan meat grinder? If the mission to find and delete terrorists...that mission is never-ending...and...America will continue to lose personnel. The Afghans have a saying: Americans have watches...we have time. And...because BUSH-CHENEY did not establish a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market in that socialist* toilet bowl...the various religious sects will continue to slaughter each other vying for the season in power. Allahu Akbar.
*Trump would have to eliminate all socialist grip and grab and back the change with brute force discouraging would-be master with envious mob from seizing power and imposing once more socialist beans and pone. That kind of dedication is too much for war-weary Americans.
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Folks...the Taliban has been given a rifle that fires a 30mm cannon shell and can strike targets 5 miles away. With that kind of firepower...even Apache helicopters face destruction should they get within range. Equipped with such weaponry along with rockets of all shapes and sizes...Taliban is formidable...and...President Trump knows as much. Such is "why" Big Don is sending sniper eradication teams into Pakistan and the mountains of Afghanistan...each team directed to delete all snipers wherever found.
Jason Furman...and...Bob Kocher are two eloquent socialists who want to impose their plan for spending other people's money. They frame their idiocy in terms of "bundled payments"...packages with price tags as to each component...and...anyone who wishes to participate in such medical service payment scheme must accept the directed payment,(WSJ A-17;08-22-17).

Somehow...these two wizards don't know anything about free markets and how such so called bundles are used but used as the medical service providers see fit.

The difference between a free market and the miasma envisioned by these two remarkable since the FURMAN-KOCHER format leads to the same slop and poke found in the Veterans Administration...people dying and nobody to explain "why".

Indeed...without government financing FURMAN and KOCHER couldn't get a job flipping hamburgers. As soon as the boss heard what they were...they'd be tossed out and told to find the nearest socialist toilet.
no image
Inside the rally in Phoenix...will be disruptors adroitly stationed...each in front of a MASS MEDIA camera crew so their attack on rally attendees can be documented. Their plan is to wear Trump shirts and strike Afro-Americans who will be placed to take the blows and scream 'RACISM' when camera crews focus.'s scripted...and...definitely another excrescence of generic's clever in as much as it furthers the "hate-Trump" narrative.
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Jerry Springer has "stop-the-slap" dudes surrounding each soul who appears on stage to discuss cheating...or...something worse. Before Molly can slap Jennifer...for instance...a huge guy steps between them as insulation. When asked about this type of assistance...President Trump noted Charlottesville police should have used the Springer team to keep potential assailants separated. Their absence spoke volumes about how well orchestrated* the entire RIOT had been.
*Because of the planning by a disruptor-squad...there was sure to be a riot. The rioters were from the same bunch but only wore different disguises. While the complicit MASS MEDIA knows as will never connect the dots. They'd be sued by Heather Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, for sure.
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Because of the omnivorous maw of the 20th Century NANNY STATE...there are few politicians willing to deny such appetite. They prefer forcing more and more people into dependency than affording them less hurdle and hassle so they might by their own effort prosper as they see fit. "By forcing people to rely on big stomp government our power enhanced...our re-election secured," bragged U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh).
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While everyone...except the captain...knew Murray was error-prone when it came to interpreting RADAR BLIMPS...not anyone expressed trepidation when they were told Murray was the one standing post as "look-out". "It'll be a miracle if Murray can avoid all the oil tankers in the area," quipped one of the sailors as he snuggled into his bunk for some deserved rest. Unfortunately for that sailor...he and several more of his mates were killed when an oil tanker slammed into the U.S.S. McCain.
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Yes...folks...never to waste an event...10,000 scientists signed a letter declaring the 2017 solar eclipse will cause Mother Earth into flames burst on September 11, 2045 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. In exchange for that prediction they received $2500.00 each. When asked about the of these charlatans replied, "Look if you're here at 11:00 am on 09-11-45...and...Mother Earth does not inflames that can demand back the $2500 I received in 2017. Until then...I don't believe we have anything about which to converse."
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In Phoenix...Big Don wishes to have a rally. Of course...Trump-hating Democrats are against such a display even though Obama held rallies throughout his lackluster presidency without much oppositional acrimony. Will President Trump hold his rally...or...will there be sufficient Democrat-inspired hooliganism to thwart its manifestation?
Cooking hot dogs in a solar grill during an eclipse? Yes...folks...over 30 million solar grills and packages of hot dogs were sold by this BLOG to accommodate the solar-eclipse enthusiasts who wanted a hot dog to remember such an historical event. "What better way to memorialize the 100 year event than to eat a hot dog cooked by Mr. Sun while kissed by Mother Moon," quipped U.S. Rep. Brian Mast,(R.FL).
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Into the socialist toilet of Afghanistan...Trump plans to dispatch 100,000 scrubbing bubbles...soldiers with guns and plenty of ammo...all with the singular goal of finding Taliban and scrubbing them into oblivion. Their problem they'll the same hurdle faced by every other would-be conqueror: who is Taliban? How do you know when you're face to face with Taliban? They all dress the same...they all smell the same...they all congregate does one determine who and who is not?
Kellyanne Conway was asked about how President Trump framed the Charlottesville riot. After primping with her IVANKA face-kit...she replied, "Trump went down Virginia...seeking shelter from the storm...caught up in the fable...he watched the tower grow...5 year plans and new deals...wrapped in golden chains...and...he wonders...yeah...still Big Don wonders...who'll stop the rain."
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Why attack socialist Spain...a place where the government pays for food, medical care, shelter, clothing and transportation? Because Muslims are inveterate attack on such a socialist toilet as Spain seemed aberrant and downright evil. "Why bite the feeding hand?" asked socialist U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...adding..."We socialists like to kill producers not each other."
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According to an smug insiders at the Democratic National Committee...the Charlottesville riot was planned thoroughly by the Democrats who plotted to create fear and terror at the white supremacist rally.

They knew the Neo-Nazi crowd would be there...all decked out in their crisp brown shirts and swastika arm bands. They also knew they could mix in with that white nationalist crew and not be noticed as interlopers.

At the same time...another contingent of this team merged with the opposition crowd...people who had come to tell the white supremacists they were wrong. Again...the disrupters were not noticed.

When the signal was given...however...the disguised disruptors went into action...striking people...fomenting unrest and mayhem...and...doing it all "on camera" for publication by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA who had prepared scripts blaming Trump for any damage or death.

no image
Afghanistan...another socialist a place into which BUSH-CHENEY stuck American be killed and maimed. Those errant Republicans never should have put the American military into such a worthless place.

But having done as much...BUSH-CHENEY could have remodeled the government of that toilet be a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market such a spot...never could there be found a would-be master with envious mob. Not ever!

Only in a 20th Century NANNY STATE is there room for such hate and anger as bubbles forth from the hooligans sporting the label: TALIBAN. BUSH-CHENEY were told to remove socialism and impose a free market economy and only in that setting could there be a barrier built to thwart Taliban attack. Instead of doing as instructed...however...BUSH-CHENEY just added more layers of socialism...granting power to some...forcing others to be enslaved...and...calling such efforts enlightened.
The lookout on the Titanic wrote a manual on what to do when stationed as "lookout". Of course...that manual was not required reading aboard U.S. warships and as such there have been several quite avoidable collisions. The most recent being the U.S.S. McCain traveling at a nimble 40 knots was struck by an oil tanker traveling 8 knots. How could such a broadside collision occur can't be explained without adding ignorance and stupidity into the discourse.
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Two police officers spotted a man walking along and they decided he "looked suspicious" they stopped their patrol car...exited with their guns drawn...and...demand the man stop walking and come to them. The man turned around...examined the guns and the ugly grimace on both officers' faces...and...knew he was about to be shot. He pulled is cannon and began to shoot striking both officers in the head. Asked about the incident...U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters(D.Ca) replied, "Naturally...the shooter was instantly blamed even though he had been accosted by two costumed thugs with guns."
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Folks...maybe some of the attendees were not paid hooligans...but...many on both sides were part of the same clandestine organization...a bunch of miscreants whose deal-maker...Robert Kramer...made a made a name for himself in 2016 when he was caught orchestrating disruption at Trump events having his team dressed in both Trump shirts and anti-Trump shirts. In Charlottesville...Kramer's hand was obvious as opposing sides...seemingly bellicose...truculent...unleashed barrages of rock...stick...and...human-dung bag at each other...with every bit caught on camera for MASS MEDIA distribution. It was obvious Kramer pageantry.
no image
President Trump put a podium in front of the elevator in Trump Tower and then traded barbs with some jerk with camera-man and light-holder. Trump said there were combatants on both sides and both sides needed to be condemned for unleashing violence. Naturally...that talking head was scripted...and...Trump held his own telling that idiot there was battle from both sides and both sides needed to be condemned. Talk is talk...but...clubs were not warranted and their use was obviously wrong. VIVA TRUMP!
While Millennials have "Alexa"...Trump's generation had the EIGHT BALL and the Ouija Board. While the Board is obvious...the other is not. You would ask EIGHT BALL a question...shake it up...and...wait for the answer to appear in the window on the bottom side of EIGHT BALL. Among the myriad of answers was: "You can depend on it"...while another simply said, "Try again".

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Wizards at Goldman Sachs Group were told natural gas prices were going down. Instead of accepting this revelation...Goldman Sachs bet a $100 million the price was going to rise. When they lost their $100 of the wizards was asked "why" did they ignore the obvious to which the guru replied, "How could we know there would be trouble in the pipelines."(WSJ B-1;08-19-17).
Three separate protest groups on Boston Commons and not any rioting erupted. The Boston Police...using a template designed by this BLOG...successfully insulated all three groups from each other...ball bats...swords...Chinese death darts...and...human-dung-bags...all were left in huge piles at the several gates....somehow not needed among their own. As for the thrill-seekers...the hooligans who came to smack and slap...they were relegated to standing in the men's room smoking cigarettes and showing each other ugly tattoos.
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Steve Bannon revealed an inner circle conclusion: "no war with North Korea." Such revelation upset President Trump who had closely held cards but the "little fella" really didn't know what hand Big Don held. But...after Bannon's utterance...though...the North Koreans know America would NEVER invade. The 300,000  "shock troops stationed on the South Korean border...without sleep or rations...they can be told to stand down since America isn't about to attack. Oops!
In a small Hong Kong restaurant...a patron ordered WONG-LAW-CHOW...and...was served a bowl of cow-rooster-pig...dashed in soy sauce and garnished with ghost pepper triage. When asked "why" choose such a spicy dish...the customer...smiled and said, "Joshua Wong....Nathan Law...and...Alex Chow...were imprisoned for trying to deliver Hong Kong to some other world power...something the mainland Chinese simply could not permit. VIVA XI!"
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Steve Bannon told a cub reporter the vision of liberation was gone...that President Trump would devolve into another lackluster politician who could have dismantled the 20th Century NANNY STATE but for some unknown reason lacked the TITAN-aspect...instead of prowess...he showed worm...instead of grandeur...glowed dull and tepid.

Whatever is holding Big Don back from declaring liberation over subjugation and demanding the grip of the NANNY STATE be released...that commerce be permitted once more unfettered circumstance...whatever it is which holds him back...restrains him from crying out for liberty...whatever it is...might there be some force to marshal and punctuate?
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Instead of trying to deal with them...Maduro....simply inaugurated a new assembly whose mission to draft a new constitution which would enable Maduro to take complete control of all forms and formats of production...delivering to him absolute control over the future...something socialists hold as a prime directive. Of course...the surprised opposition to such an END RUN made noise...but...with the MASS MEDIA under Maduro's thumb...only pro-assembly propaganda has been permitted.
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"No tinc por" Catalan for "I'm not afraid" was chanted by Melania Trump when she was informed her husband had been marked for assassination by a Missouri state senator who declared, "...I hope President Trump is assassinated." Naturally...that kind of declaration unsettled Trump-helpers but was candy to the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA who instantly canonized this female Afro-American hag.
Finally...the statue of ROGER B. TANEY has been removed. Recall he was the scumbag who declared human beings could be property in his 1857 Dred Scott decision. Mr. Scott had sought liberation only to be captured. When he declared himself a human being...Judge Taney said he was not human but chattel. Taney's motto: "Often wrong, never in doubt!"
As incredible as it might sound...Islamic State has an official news agency dubbed: AMAQ. That scurvy bunch of cutthroats and miscreants has an official news agency.

Now...that excrescence might not be a "tell" for most of the ignorant of planet Earth...but...for the astute it is. That kind of organization with a news official news an OBVIOUS puppet for a bigger mind...and...that just happens to be Uncle Sugar. Indeed...from official Obama's been revealed that Obama in 2009 sent al-Baghdadi to the Middle East to foment unrest and mayhem.
Susan Bro...the estranged mother of Heather Heyers the lady killed by a Democrat-driver in a Dodge Charger in Charlottesville...told a cub reporter she was glow-plug hot about President Trump equating Heather's death with the violence on the part of the so-called opposition. "Sure...both sides had clubs...and...Heather had urinated on a crying-child-on-blanket just moments before her death...but...she was righteous and correct to be at that rally," fumed Susan Bro when asked to say something hateful about Big Don...something "no apology" can wipe away.
President Trump has friends everywhere...and...need only summon them. If Big Don had demanded OBAMA-CARE be fully repealed...for instance...such declaration of liberty would have been greeted mightily with a call to do even more to eliminate the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. The applause heard...the sound so huge...not even the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA could have ignored it.

Now...comes another chance...this time to remove the "stomp-and-chomp" TAX CODE and reduce taxes so that not any more than 10% can ever be taken during lifetime and ZERO taken at death.

Opposing this CAGE escape...however...are the socialists...the Eco-fascists...and...all the other would-be masters with envious mobs. Can they thwart this march to make salt? Or...will Big Don be as successful as Gandhi was with his own dramatic effort?
White House chief strategist Steve Bannon was sacked after giving an interview he thought was "off-the-record". Indeed...Steve Bannon's plight appeared similar in scope and nature to that which befell Anthony Scaramucci...himself a 10 day employee. How could such a wizard have blundered so mightily was the question everyone was asking with CARLOS DANGER delivering answers as fast as he could.
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D. FL)...was overheard telling several of his country club pals that he enjoyed watching niggers getting their heads beat by white police officers. It made his left leg tingle just watching clubs striking those nappy heads. Because he thought he was in the privacy of the locker room...he dropped his guard and used the N-word. think that bigot is a Senator from cosmopolitan Florida. Shameful.
When Jack Ma offered investors a chance to participate in his incredible commercial ventures...this BLOG was the first in line to buy as much as possible. That investment*...folks...has fetched so much profit that 15 charity-hospitals have been constructed in America. VIVA JACK MA!(WSJ B-1;08-18-17).
*Alibaba accounts for 75% of online sales in China.
Every MASS MEDIA talking heads has the MILLIKON MEMO on their minds...banging around in their monstrous most unable to grasp its design. As the "informed" know...that MEMO was the roadmap for the Charlottesville riot...the instruction to speak. revealed there were "paid-hooligans" who were to appear at the white supremacist rally...masquerading as representatives of both sides...and...then...commence rioting...with the purpose of people getting hurt or killed.
When an investor is asked to put her money in China...into some business...into some stock or bond...the investor can always say "no". And...if a sufficient number refuse to attempt such venture...eventually...the perceived hurdle or hassle is deleted...the rock removed from the road...the pitfall identified and eliminated...and...commerce again unfettered. Such is the genius of President Xi of the greatest world leaders this planet has seen! VIVA XI!(WSJ A-15;08-18-18).
no image
Ever since the producer organized into a protective community and demanded their market be unfettered...the parasite has been doing whatever to subjugate and enslave...lest the parasite be compelled to sustain himself. While charity afforded to those in need...nonetheless...there was not any compulsion to deliver. such a free market setting...everyone prospered...and...those in need were addressed through donation and charitable enterprise.

Nowadays...however...there isn't any free market...but...only what appears to be such...with prescriptive government permitting and licensing to be found everywhere...some so burdensome only the well-connected can achieve success therein. add some kind of moral authority to such fascist and socialist mixture...Pope Francis was asked to declare that Jesus would approve of big stomp government...picking winners and loser...destroying and permitting...and...doing whatever to impose the common good.
no image
Jesus followed the TEN COMMANDMENTS. However...recently...Pope Francis said JESUS advocated GOVERNMENT GRAB...and...that free markets were anathema to the teachings of JESUS. Out of esteem and respect for Pope Francis...suffice it to say he is wrong. Jesus espoused charitable giving and loving of thy neighbor...and...never did he support THEFT whatever its source.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio reacted to the illegal immigrant invasion Arizona suffered some time back. He would ask those drivers detained if they were "illegal aliens" and if the answer were something less than "ah...come on...boys"...that driver was taken to an internment camp...scrubbed down...and...directed to wait until papers could be checked. When a snotty federal judge told him to stop...ARPAIO...thumbed his nose...and...kept on grabbing illegal immigrants. President Trump must issue a pardon for this patriot.
no image
Steve Bannon...a White House adviser...told a cub reporter there wasn't any military solution to North Korea's nuclear threat. Of course...Bannon was correct and most Americans would agree with him. Whatever resolution there might does not involve a military answer. Invasion would be ridiculous since the North Koreans are basically a colony of ants...and...they'll fight to defend their gulag-way of life. Even though freedom was offered...they'd rather have their 'whip and chain" life style,(WSJ A-6;08-18-17).
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Unless government is somehow involved...there can't be a monopoly. On Fox News...last night...Marc Stein was incorrect when he labeled Google and FaceBook monopolies and should not have engaged in such loose usage of a very special word. At any time...either one of these behemoths could go the way of Beta-Max and wham-weasel. Without government insulation...those today-big shots might be tomorrow's travail.
Apple, Inc...while a great widget-maker....lacks any expertise in mass entertainment "production or publication". Indeed...revealing such dearth...Tim Cook said he was spending $1 billion to produce movies about man-made global warming and slavery in the Middle East...two topics which have his interest. "I want Lawrence this time around to be transgender and fight repression in the Arab world," quipped an enthusiastic Cook as he examined that part of the script where Lawrence is show the mysteries of camel-sex.
Lee Boyd Malvo...alias the Beltway sniper...was denied parole once again. In an interview about his future...Loretta Lynch...while seated on an empty jet...told a cub reporter she was doing all she could to gain Malvo's release. To her...Lee Boyd Malvo was a great American who tried to change the way socialism would be imposed. "It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about Malvo snuffing Republicans as they pumped gas," snickered Lynch.
no image
When a freedom-lover and a socialist take the stage to debate shackle and whip...never does the would-be master prevail...invariably the audience demands explanation not cover-crop only to be told by the big government hack the collective best...the individual...a cog in some grand design only the wizards know. Yet...from that podium...only words are matter how matter how dramatic...nevertheless...only essence only sound.

But...civility in the audience and track of discourse disappear...however...when in the audience are instigators...disruptors...people whose mission to batter and beat when MASS MEDIA cameras are focused. Such INJECTED POISON is demonic and intended to stifle the freedom-lovers who wish to tell America there is an alternative to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
President Trump...when asked about what has come to be known as the Charlottesville massacre...looked at the obituary for Heather Heyer and declared, "Racism is the crudest form of's's must be confronted when such rears its ugly head."
Randi Weingarten told a cub reporter that charter schools are the polite cousins of segregation. When asked about the great number of minority children fleeing public schools...schools inhabited by Weingarten apostles...Randi grimaced...squatted....and...began to defecate on the reporter's camera bag as a sign of demonstrative protest to any mention of her loss of power.
When asked to define fascism...President Trump replied, "You own...but...government directs." The response was the mark of genius since in a few words Big Don framed the entire matter. Take OBAMACARE for instance. That NANNY STATE CAGE stuff was imposed on freedom-loving Americans with the proclamation: "Our tears...your purse!" Indeed...under OBAMACARE...big stomp government can compel a person to buy whatever product chosen by those who "know best".

In order to impose this horrendous companies had to be induced to support such nonsense and Obama achieved such "carrot-stick" result by delivering CASH PAYMENTS to these otherwise bankrupt insurers who thought they could "get rich quick" if they supported enslavement. Nowadays...though...President Trump...a free market advocate...has mentioned cutting off that umbilical cord since it was "fascist"...and...definitely...not American. VIVA TRUMP!
no image
Recently...around the proverbial South...monuments and magnificent statues are being defaced or deleted. President Trump told a cub reporter he regretted such a loss of history...scraped away...hauled planted where once stood some marker depicting for the ages whatever meant. But...he noted Islamic State...that rag headed bunch of hooligans...had set about erasing as many ancient monuments and structures as they could manage in the short time they held power in order to propagate their own message free from competition.
Man is an heroic being...capable of vast innovation....and...liberating aspect. To sully this idea...the Keynesian Economists labeled mankind's effort to breathe free and to prosper as each might see fit as "animal spirits"...somehow...reducing man's aspirations to that wanted by wolf or cow.

Every time you see "animal spirits" used by some author or commentator...please...understand...the label is intended to demean and sully. More often than not...the phrase is followed by some government intrusion into the otherwise unhampered intrusion necessary to restrain "animal spirits",(WSJ A-14;08-17-17).
Giddy at the prospect of working with Shonda Rhimes...the imaginative producer...the ECONOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG has told the world its stages and sound-rooms are open for business. This BLOG will produce 15 award-winning 30 minute shows and 200 hour-long thrillers...all derived from Florida stuff...and...delivered to Netflix "on schedule and within budget".(Seeso?)
no image
In Charlottesville...the new template for Democrat Party revival was revealed. According to officials inside the Democratic National Committee...Robert Kramer* paid hooligans to pretend to be on one side or the other...their mission to disrupt "on camera"...and...engender a physical reaction from the targeted group or person. And...they did as they were paid...they threw human dung bags at the white supremacists...beat several about the back and shoulders with ball bats...and...urinated on any crying-child-on-blanket,(WSJ A-5;08-17-17).

Instead of sticking by Big Don...however...his underlings said he should have been more forceful in his denunciation of the white supremacists and more accepting of the terror the opposition unleashed. Had the opposition not thrown those dung bags...and...urinated all over those 15 babies as they lay on blankets...perhaps...the white supremacists would have refrained from striking perpetrators. But with such offense afoot...they didn't have any choice but to defend...a defense that was belittled by the MASS MEDIA and some of Trump's helpers.
*Robert Kramer paid people in 2016 to disrupt Trump rallies. He would put his hooligans in Trump shirts while others would wear anti-Trump signage.
no image
Two or more gangs collided in Charlottesville. The rally-goers weren't looking for trouble but came prepared to defend should attack commence. contemplated...the "paid-hooligans" arrived and began to beat and shove the neo-Nazis and other white supremacists until physical defense became the only option. Of course...the MASS MEDIA cameras were aimed at the white supremacists so that the thugs could beat* anyone they wished and escape "later-identification".
*President Trump was making an obvious observation when he said both sides clashed with physical violence unleashed by those who had come to denounce and smack-down the "Nigger-haters". While left unsaid...Big Don inferred he could understand the bellicose reaction by the racists when they suffered a barrage of human dung bags.
no image
It's not the words which frightened Heather Heyer that fateful day but the "stick and stone" aspect bubbling around the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Undaunted...though...Heather approached the rally site...saw her friends throwing rocks and beating cars with ball bats...and...decided she'd squat and urinate on a Neo-Nazi crying-child-on-blanket. As she stood up from her misdeed...her life ended as the front end of a Dodge Charger slammed into her.
no image
Poster boy for Parasite Magazine...Nicholas Bagley...a so-called law professor...told a cub reporter he loved the idea of forcing people to worship whatever idol the would-be master might forge. To replace liberty with socialist "freedom-to-obey" made his left leg tingle.

Of course..."Nick the tick" he's affectionately called by his students...senses the unwashed masses want to breathe free and that kind of desire angers him and drives him to burn tires in the street and bang on Dodge Chargers with club and hateful* fist,(WSJ A-4;08-17-17).
*According to THE TICK...the employee can demand the employer deliver whatever insurance coverage the employee wishes and should the employer refuse to buy "contraceptives"...for example...BIG STOMP GOVERNMENT can be summoned to attack and ruin.
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Many hand-picked chief executive officers of publicly-traded companies have quit the various councils Big Don inaugurated to advise him when it came to cutting taxes and public spending. Their universal caveat is that they don't wish to be associated with a white racist such as he.

Even though President Trump is not a white supremacist or some kind of racist...nevertheless...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA will never concede as much. Not ever...not when these jerks believe they have Trump "back-pedaling"...fearful of his to be directed as they see fit.

The ship to speak...have product lines they do not wish to have attacked by NANNY STATE hooligans especially when the miscreants are backed wholeheartedly by the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA. Their allegiance is to their patrons and investors not to any politician and hence they're departing preferring to insulate their profitable products from assault.
Almost everyone knows where they were the moment Elvis died. Donald J. Trump was pursuing deals in New Jersey...Oprah Winfrey was calling herself billionaire...and...everyone else was crying the blues. The loss of THE KING was more than most could take...some weeping bitterly for months on end...non-stop...24/7....weeping...screaming in tongues...and...wondering aloud what left of the universe. Others...quiet...stoic...taciturn...simply grimaced every time they considered life without ELVIS. How about you?
Years Kent undercover FBI agent...took out his .38 caliber revolver and fired a shot. The armed National Guard troops thought they were under attack and fired back. It wasn't until years later that the perpetrator of that massacre was REVEALED to be an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Whatever Nixon had in mind with that crew he sent to Kent involved causing fearful Guardsmen to shoot.

That same REMO WILLIAMS stuff is afoot today. According to official files...Obama used a crew to assassinate U.S. border guard Brian Terry before he could reveal all he had discovered in his investigation into Special Ops units fomenting mayhem and unrest along the Mexican border.

According to former Obama insiders...the MASS MEDIA knows the truth but has so far covered Obama refusing to tell the world that Obama not only killed U.S. border guard Brian Terry but also assassinated Ambassador Stevens on 09-11-12.
President Trump must stand forth and demand Congress help him dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

It's time to shuck the shackle...chuck the chain...tell would-be master with mob...freedom remains. Nowadays...every demagogue with passionate prose...tell their listeners...everything will be the Emperor's new clothes.

President Trump with his bully pulpit can show Americans a way to escape this horrific CAGE. And...because he's preaching liberation...the MASS MEDIA won't be able to undermine or detract from that wondrous verse. VIVA TRUMP!
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Bob was cutting wood when his wife appeared and asked him to stop and listen to the Democrat announcement that henceforth all wood belonged to the government and anyone wishing to have wood would have to seek out government permission. "What are we going to do?" asked his worried wife. "We'll stop chopping wood and produce something else," replied her sweat-dripping husband. Hearing his dismissive rejoinder...though...his wife quickly added, " know wood was the last thing not on the "permission list".
Instead of condemning fascism...Stephanie Armour of the Wall Street Journal devoted an entire article to the issue of payment of billions of dollars to the health insurance companies lest they be forced to raise their premiums to meet OBAMA-CARE'S ugly requirements,(WSJ A-3;08-16-17). When asked about her bias...ole Stephanie declared, "It's our tears...your purse!"

Reading such nonsense...U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) aloud rejoined, "Folks...even though myopic Armour might not see it...we're in a war on freedom. When the hospitals were forced to take all comers without regard to ability to pay...the stage was set for socialized medicine to enter and kill off America's greatest achievement. OBAMACARE was just a natural excrescence of this ugly law which was destined to ruin most financial statements of most hospitals...even the not-for-profit ones were destined to become burdened and bankrupt."

As RUBIO went on to note...nowadays...following this ripple effect...the scumbag insurance company executives and their idiotic cronies in such places as the Kaiser Foundation...are demanding President Trump pay their them for giving freebie and favor to those designated by big gift government as "recipients". They don't care that the money used for such recipients will continue to be taken from producers who didn't want their wealth siphoned off for such things.
Jerry Drake Varnell...a devout socialist and a Bernie Sanders supporter...was arrested after he attempted to detonate explosives packed in a van parked outside the Bancfirst building. This 23 year old had been tagged as someone capable of carrying out such a mission...someone who could be duped...and...groomed. Why Robert Kramer* chose to use Varnell has not been explained...but...suffice it to say Kramer wanted to see if his new ideas could attract creeps such as Varnell.
*Before every Trump rally in 2016...Bob Kramer would pay hooligans to wear Trump shirts...enter the rally...and...strike Afro-Americans where the MASS MEDIA cameras were focused.
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"No one should have to live in fear, worship in secret or face discrimination because of his or her beliefs," Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared when examining how Christians are attacked by Muslims in almost every Islamic country. Although Rex was framing his statement in terms of could also be applied to ideological expression. In Charlottesville...last week...for example...white disgusting as they might be...held a rally and were attacked by equally-hateful thugs whose mission to make trouble for the MASS MEDIA camera crews to absorb.
President Trump had officials examine the several videos taken at the Charlottesville white supremacist rally...and...was informed there were violent actions on the part of all groups. The socialists and other freedom-haters...for instance...had dispatched thugs with football helmets and baseball bats. Their purpose was obvious and they applied their skill mightily beating many Neo-Nazis and interrupting speeches about enslavement of the white man by the minorities. Reacting to the attack...many white nationalists responded with rock and beer can...but...were overwhelmed by the freedom-haters firepower,(WSJ A-1;08-16-17).
Yes...folks...a crop circle...appearing in a daisy patch...after much examination by 1000 Harvard scientists...was declared a divine message wherein DONALD J. TRUMP was predicted to defeat Hillary-the-hag. Somehow...the universe wanted freedom...not enslavement...and...bold enough to break the PRIME DIRECTIVE and interfere with Earthling development.
What President Trump said about Neo-Nazis and the hooligans dispatched to fight with them was quite sufficient.

Instead of congratulating President Trump for candor and courage...however...the MASS MEDIA script framed President Trump as some kind of fact...he's anything but. Yet...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA pounded away on the statements of Trump declaring the utterances too little too late and not passionate enough to be

And while all other media outlets have chosen not to stand up for TRUMP...this BLOG...this bastion of freedom...has stood forth and declared President Trump: "the messiah". VIVA TRUMP!
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Where ya' goin' Sean Corran
On this cold and foggy night
Ya know the danger out there
Ya know it ain't your fight
and ya know it be treason to mount those barricades
And there's got to be a reason
for defying the Crown this way
Hush now momma
for a-goin' I be
to mount the wall
to prevent the fall
of freedom and liberty
and momma why such gloom
I'll be returning as sure as the rising of the moon
And where you goin' Jimmy Corran
With your brother this dismal day
Can't you put that terrible gun down
can't you see it my way
No...God...momma...Sean's a-goin'
and I've my mind to keep
for I've seen that side of freedom
and that is what I seek
And...momma...why such gloom...
we'll be returnin' as sure as the rising of the moon
And as the fog closed about them as they moved from the room
They promised they'd be returnin'
As sure as the rising of the moon hear 'em a-comin'
-keepin' their promise to me
to soon be returnin'
for them now I can see
Oh...Jimmy...Oh Sean...the blood it has dried...
how long I have worried
how long I have cried
But I knew you'd be returnin'
to wipe away my gloom
to return to me...for these old eyes to see
in the light of the risin' moon
And every night I hear their fight
Those rebels in that glenn
Their double strong
to glory they belong
and my love to them I send.
The driver of the Dodge Charger that struck and killed Heather the Charlottesville white supremacist rally...was a card-carrying Democrat. He was photographed at several Bernie Sanders' rallies and possessed secret documents that could have only come from the desk of Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL).
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Folks...if you wish to read USA Today or the Press Journal. These two mullet wrappers deserve to be ignored and never patronized. Their editorial staff is pro-socialist and anti-freedom...their stories boring and lackluster. As U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) declared after reading those two rags, "It's obvious the foolhardy and nefarious have found common ground."
Okay...223 miles in 23 minutes using the hyperloop...that tunnel system connecting Washington D.C. and New York City. Sounds fairly interesting and probably useful to several million would-be hyperloop riders. Might the innovation-haters stop Elon Musk and his vision? "Odds are every envious scumbag in a position of power will attempt to interdict and hassle ELON MUSK," chuckled Jill Stein...a 2016 presidential candidate.
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Folks...volcanoes are a fact of Mother Nature. When they erupt...the cause for it while somewhat understood...still...guess-packed. Yet...Albert Gore...a man-caused climate change guru...noted that the Hawaiians had figured out how to stop eruptions using the proverbial virgin-toss. While Gore did not know the actual science behind their cure...he was confident they had a consensus of scholarly opinion.
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President Trump as soon as he heard about the death of Heather Heyer contacted the family and offered his condolences. He said a few things publicly but kept them brief out of respect for the Heyer family's time of grief.

Naturally...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA took umbrage with such respect pointing out that Big Don should have condemned white nationalists for their exercise of their 1st amendment rights of assembly and free speech...never revealing it was the "paid-for-by-Democrat" hooligans who started the fights...threw the rocks...steel-needled darts...and...bags of dog dung mixed with human dung...hooligan dung...prepared over a 10 month period by these determined hooligans...each paid by a secret "bad news" team embedded deep inside the Democratic National Committee.

No...folks...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA would never tell the world Heather Heyers was killed by a Democrat(James Alex Fields, Jr.) who worked for both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. They'd never acknowledge it was the hooligans who commenced the rioting and it was only then that if given some kind of signal...aimed his Dodge Charger at a bulge in that excited crowd.
Bob Bland...Linda Sarsour...and...Carmen Perez...referred to as the unholy trio by U.S. Senator Elizabeth "blood money" Warren(D.Mass)...told a cub reporter they weren't inviting Warren to their MILLION WOMB MARCH in as much as they consider Warren an outsider...a misfit...hag...or...worse.
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Although the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA and its cronies are attacking Big Don 24/7...nevertheless...those voters who picked him to be President are still in his corner. They know the MASS MEDIA is uttering as much HATE-SPEECH as possible...blinded both by their rage and anger that socialist-Hillary did not win...and...their conclusion a proverbial socialist paradise won't manifest...something they have wanted ever since they saw the privation and misery socialism has inflicted on Venezuela and North Korea.
Tom Picketty and Emmanuel Saez were about to be fired due to their lackluster job performance as so-called Keynesian economists. To stop this loss of income...they joined  the OLD SOCIALIST CLUB in exchange for job security. Nowadays...doing what they promised...these two parasites are praising socialism and telling everyone Venezuela is a paradise...a place where master with mob gives away wealth and the peasants sing and dance till dawn.
Even though scumbags such as JOSH BOAK don't want big grab government to be dismantled...producers do. They're tired of the shackles. They want respite from the tax burden huddled upon their back. Naturally...scumbag-Boak wants more not less "whip and chain". What has Floridians the advent of Governor Rick Scott's effort to stop tax increases...something scumbag-BOAK finds too revolting to discuss.
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Rescue boats were threatened by the Libyan Coast Guard. In response...U.S. Senator Elizabeth "blood money" Warren(D.Mass) demanded they be destroyed should they come within 100 yards of any rescue boat. "I want that interference to cease. We are trying to save a million Libyans from drowning...and...that so-called Coast Guard doesn't wish such salvage to occur," squeezed Warren as she looked at the floating bodies of refugees.
Unlike all other media outlets...this BLOG was the ONLY outfit which predicted the North Korean dictator would back down and not launch a missile attack on Guam or elsewhere. Now's obvious to everyone the "little fella" was directed to make some "noise" so that political forces could use that THREAT for their own purposes,(WSJ A-1;08-15-17).
Not that it couldn't's open and obvious that an all out confrontation with the North Koreans wouldn't happen. Even the "Little Fella" would not sense any benefit derived from "nuking" Los Angeles or Guam.

While he might bark and snarl...he knows any launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile would be met with instant "shoot-down"...something that would make him look smaller than he is...and...constitute a dramatic setback for his international prestige. the WAR DEPT. of this BLOG has said many times...the script of the would-be masters calls for a noise-maker from time to time...and the "little fella" fits that part so well he's always asked to participate.
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In Florida...due to "home rule"...counties are able to create their own paradise or toilet.

In one county...for example...Bob was able to become very rich since the county government left him alone...while in the adjacent county...Bill...doing the same kind of business...was much grabbed...he could hardly make ends meet.

When asked about the disparity...a spokesman for Bill's county government replied, "We're socialists and Bill is a beast of burden...we force him into the fields...we take his bounty...and...we leave him just enough to keep him interested."
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the Charlottesville massacre...the event wherein James Alex Fields, Jr...a Democrat and Obama supporter...used his car as a battering ram and drove it pell-mell into the hostile crowd. Reflecting on the mayhem and carnage...she replied, "The whole town saw Jimmy on the 6:00 news...blood was on the sidewalk...blood was on his shoes."
John Prine?
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In Gorakhpur, a socialist hospital...the government did not have sufficient oxygen containers to assist its patients. In typical socialist fashion...though...the patients were handed tire pumps and told to pump the air they needed. When asked if American medical care was headed in that same direction...U.S. Senator Elizabeth "blood money" Warren(D.Mass) acknowledged the United States was headed into that socialist toilet and she loved the idea of tire pumps....declaring: "Others built those pumps and the patients should be grateful for government's gift."
(WSJ A-18;08-14-17).
Anthony Scaramucci worked at the White House for 10 days until he suffered a self-inflicted wound. When asked "why" he was "let go"...he noted his ways were too rough...too course...too rubbed raw the angry were they...President Trump had to ask THE MOOCH to leave.
Some years ago...Masayoshi Son...leader of SOFTBANK...and...the ECONOMICS DEPT. of this BLOG discussed e-commerce in China and India...noting the hurdle and hassle associated with both undertakings...and...concluding it could be done...but...the capital at risk would have to be the kind that if lost would not be missed. By assuming a 100% loss from commencement...a thorough analysis was compiled. So fact-packed was this report that it has become required reading in every corporate headquarters worldwide.

Take Jeff Bezos for instance. As AMAZON. COM leader...since 2013...he's been trying to out smart FLIPKART...India's best known e-commerce site. While somewhat successful...his effort was energized when he applied the MOVES recommended in the SON-RUN REPORT. Nowadays...his e-commerce site is as visited as FLIPKART'S,(WSJ B-4;08-14-17).
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It costs $5.00 per solar panel if made in America...and...FIFTY CENTS if made in Mumbai or Hong Kong. Because of the inefficiencies and government-imposed costs...American solar panel makers can't compete,(WSJ B-3;08-14-17).

In order to stop competition...such scumbags as MATT of the dudes who ran Suniva....a solar-panel-making company...into bankruptcy...want Congress to pass SOLAR TARIFFS...impose taxes on those fifty cent solar panels so consumers are compelled to pay $5.00 per panel if they wish to adopt green energy as an alternative to fossil fuel generated power.

"Yes...we're screwing the a fascist state such as America-2017...we are entitled to such a screw-job," quipped a jovial Matt Card as he looked at his plan to destroy freedom.
Matt Card grew angry when he saw a tractor pushing dirt that his team had been moving with spoon and cup. "How dare that company dump tractors in a market where we're paid by the cup full!" exclaimed Matt Card when his $100 per cup team was supplanted by a tractor with a competent operator.(WSJ B-3;08-14-17).
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BITCOIN...ETHERIUM...and...WITBOIN...are the three major block-chain cyber currencies available with several more on the way into the marketplace. Indeed...BITCOIN is up to $4,000 per unit...while after-hours trading...surpassed even that among its patrons. It's obvious these cyber-currencies will compete until there will be only one left standing. According to official government experts...however...WITBOIN will prevail because of its intellectual aspect and its easy-to-use dynamics,(WSJ B-1;08-14-17).
In January of 2016...when Tim answered the HELP WANTED ad in the Chicago Tribune...he never considered what the job might be. When he met Robert "Bobby" Kramer*...the potential employer and was informed he'd be paid for dishing out blows...he was surprised. Here was some dude offering to pay him to wear a Trump shirt...go into a rally...and...punch the first Afro-American when that attack could be staged for the MASS MEDIA cameras for 24/7 anti-Trump publication.

Because the pay was so good...though...Tim agreed...flew to a Trump rally...donned the shirt he'd been given...entered the rally...and...walked to the designated site to wait for the signal. When the signal was given...he turned to an Afro-America standing next to him...said, "'m sorry for this." and with that struck the Afro-American in the face breaking his jaw and crushing his windpipe.
*According to official White House records...Obama met with Bobby Kramer to discuss paying hooligans to masquerade as Trump enthusiasts whose mission to strike Afro-Americans "on-camera".