September 2017
Kellyanne Conway was asked about how she was shunned at all the gala events. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "Once pariah...the turd in punch bowl...backs and sneers reflected. membership in cesspool filth so wanted?"
When President Trump heard MSNBC Mika Brzezinski "bad mouth" him on TV...Big Don grabbed his Twitter and labeled her: "low I.Q. Crazy Mika". So fitted and fitting the frame...Brzezinski asked her husband, Joe Scarborough to inject some of his own newly-discovered Democrat venom. Of course...JOE...not wishing to be excluded from every club or golf course worth using...demurred...and...only said he was upset the president hadn't been more candid.
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Where will Donald J. Trump sit in the pantheon of the Ages? If he succeeds in deleting the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...eliminating thereby...the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE* with its yoke-and-choke agenda...he'll be messianic...and...will claim the throne...seated above all others. VIVA TRUMP!
*They said it couldn't be done...but Big Don with a chuckle replied...that maybe it couldn't...but...he wouldn't be say so...until he tried.
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The socialists of Puerto Rico want their island remodeled...their free housing restored...their free electricity flowing once wide screens...microwave ovens...and...stainless steel appliances throughout. Because socialists spend other people's money...never their own...the island's inhabitants are demanding* President Trump plunder storerooms...take wealth...and...deliver that stuff to them so they might have their socialist way of life once more.
 There was only time to save a few...would it be those who paid handsomely for the berth...or...those whose niche by someone else paid? Of course...those who had paid were the first to go. Once safely outside...the nursing home personnel re-entered to save the "government-supplicants". Unfortunately...the flames had become too hot...the building was aglow from the heat...there wasn't anything anyone could do but wait for the firemen who were stationed less than a mile away.
"Racist!" exclaimed the librarian when...for the first time...she read Yertle the Turtle. Never had her "salt and pepper" parents read Dr. Seuss to her. She was brought up on Karl Marx's Das Capital...and...Mao's Little Red Book. Her parents had abandoned her...though...and...left her on a door step of a Chinese couple residing in a one room flat where curtains never hung. And it was hard for "TOPSY"...until...some golden words...rolled off her freedom-hating tongue: "RACIST!"
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Special counsel Robert Mueller admitted had it been Hillary Clinton against whom he was directed to work...against whom his considerable investigative team would endeavor to scrape away the veneer...he'd have short-circuited the matter in its infancy declaring as justification that he and his wolf pack couldn't find anything on which to chew. However...because the target was Big Don...he relished...indeed...savored...the taste.
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"Some men there are love not a gaping pig...some that are mad if they behold a cat...and...others when the bagpipe sings in the nose...cannot contain their urine...yet...every man-jack one of them supports President Trump," quipped U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) when asked about the TRUMP tax cuts and the likelihood of escape from the grip of the hellish "flesh-seeking" 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
"Disparaging speech is what I'd call it," quipped House Speaker Paul Ryan when he heard that Senator Elizabeth Warren said she had prayed Steve Scalise would die and not return to the U.S. House of Representatives. "It's vicious obloguy!" added Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky)...himself...a firm believer in the power of prayer.
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Puerto Rico...that socialist toilet...smothered in debt...smothered in socialist red tape, tax and spend program and policy...and...recently wiped clean of its antiquated infrastructure...has demanded the island be everything...and...all done with other people's money. The socialists will remain in power...the inhabitants will go on their merry way receiving free food, free clothing, free entertainment...while the taxpayers will be soaked...their wealth taken...and...the loot spread among the 4.5 million parasites and servile supplicants of that beleaguered island.
Bringing back the money from oversees. Only a one-time tax imposed and that tax will be as low as possible. Such was a ground-breaking proposal today uttered by Big Don. If it were ZERO TAX it would be best...but...President Trump must assuage the freedom-haters by drawing some blood...something over which the parasites can gloat...and...something their allies in the complicit MASS MEDIA can feed their avaricious patrons.
"Never permit Kurds to escape the grip of the socialist Iraqi government lest Americans sense they...too...can rid themselves of their own 20th Century NANNY STATE and its hellish "yoke and choke" agenda," whispered U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D.OH) when asked what he thought about the Kurds attempt to form their own from the grip of the Iraqi parasites stationed in Baghdad.
President Trump knows America could be great again if the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT were loosed.

Opposed to liberation...quite naturally...are the scumbag Democrats whose mission enslave America...reduce it to a socialist toilet with them somehow in charge of the travail and squalor.

Hence...freedom-haters...such as U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...have come forth to condemn any tax cut since such relief would permit escape from the 20th Century yoke and choke agenda of the NANNY STATE CAGE.
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In 2013...the ZIKA virus was redesigned to be a weapon. The test market was South America where microcephaly was a normal occurrence among its unwashed masses. The weaponized virus could be unleashed and monitored without much concern by the targeted population.

What the OBAMA scumbags didn't know was that this BLOG had pet eye-balls surrounding the entire matter. As soon as it was learned OBAMA was about to release the pathogen so that he could watch its destructive effects...this BLOG alerted its brigades to swing into action and commence making the vaccine* that would counter this weapon.
*Although the MASS MEDIA was directed not to mention the connection...nonetheless...this BLOG was instrumental in the funding and directing of the development of the ZIKA VACCINE.
In Massachusetts...40% of the state's budget goes to the socialist healthcare system. It's obvious the socialists are not doing all they can. "We want 90% of the budget dedicated to our health and welfare," screamed U.S. Senator Elizabeth "blood money" Warren(D. Mass)...herself a parasite and well-known* LIAR,(WSJ B-12;09-30-17).
*To grab a government get other favors...Warren LIED about her American Indian heritage. She was never prosecuted for such deception because she's devout freedom-hater...someone to be commended not condemned.
GOLD must be the basis of currency since such delivers the most stable unit of value and assists the fixed income people the most since it stops inflation from draining the value of their "limited resources".

Indeed...GOLD prevents* the would-be master from looting the otherwise secure storeroom.When a government inflates its currency by printing more of it...the value of the individual dollar drops forcing the consumer to pay more because the producer has to pay more for what is used to produce the product. As President Trump said, "Government-caused inflation is legalized theft." Gold stops it. VIVA TRUMP!
*The Chinese Yuan rises and falls almost daily as does every other script-currency not backed by gold. Chinese President Xi understands this problem and has directed its cure. VIVA XI!
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Following a template provided by this BLOG...Go Pro,Inc. has produced the HERO 6 BLACK. Folks...the device is incredible. It delivers what others in times past called "science-fiction-stuff". Yes...smartphone has camera...a niche to save some of it...and...also doubles as phone. However...if you're in the midst of trouble...or...tripping have the HERO 6 BLACK might mean the difference between: "huh?"...and..."wow!".
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra told a cub reporter he knew what was best for people and would kill anyone who didn't follow his orders. If he thought water better than Gatorade...for instance...then...anyone drinking Gatorade would be shot for such disobedience. When asked if such a bent were not socialistic...he laughed and replied, "I'm the would-be master. We're in California where I can direct people to eat and drink and live my way. It's California...the place where my ideas are important not yours."(WSJ A-17;09-30-17).
MICAH 6:8* was engraved on Judge Moore's name plate. It might very well be that Judge Moore might very well go to Congress and patch up the crack in the Liberty Bell.
*He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?
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Because of the assistance this BLOG has given...both financial and otherwise...the Kurds are about to create their own nation...a country based on a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) paradigm. With that one change...Kurdistan will become a haven for investors and the country will blossom and bloom. So attractive is the OUM that it'll SUCK out all wealth from socialist Iraq leaving that part of the region little more than a bunch of parasites demanding their daily bread be taken from others...a fate the KURDS by their effort for independence know they won't have to suffer. VIVA TRUMP!(WSJ A-8;09-30-17).
When the socialists and other freedom-haters demanded FACEBOOK and TWITTER stop accepting Russian advertising because it might sway patrons to reject NANNY STATE grip and grab....and...make them want to eliminate the YOKE AND CHOKE escape from this horrific CAGE...this BLOG stepped into the gap and informed the Russians that this BLOG was just as popular and accessed as much as those two so-called social media giants. Instantly...President Putin dispatched a "thank you" and directed his team in this BLOG'S direction. VIVA PUTIN!
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When this BLOG approached the Puerto Rican socialist government with a proposal to hurricane-proof the island...the socialists rejected the offer. "If a big storm hits...we make more money from sorrow and travail. Your idea is to insulate the unwashed masses from such terror and trouble. Your proposal is anathema to us," whispered the Puerto Rican governor.
President Trump was miffed that HHS Secretary Tom Price would rely on OBAMA-era employees to tell him if "private jet travel" were both a good idea and an acceptable government expenditure. Tom had forgotten those scumbags were everywhere and quite unscrupulous. Tom should have sensed these jerks were LYING to place him into the position in which he now finds himself: paying for those trips...trips taken during Hurricanes...trips that required precision-timed port-to-port travel time...and...for such precision...Tom paid handsomely. Now...he's paying out of his own pocket even though he was deceived and duped.
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Reacting to the desperation of the inhabitants of Puerto Rico...this BLOG in conjunction with other internationally recognized charities dispatched two fully loaded ships to the island to deliver assistance. However...instead of greeting such charity...regulators said those ships would be sunk if they did not turn back.

When asked off-camera "why" threaten and thereby of the officials in charge of socialist "red tape" whispered, "We need a catastrophe we can blame on Trump. If your two ships off-load the bulldozers...the front-end loaders...the chippers...the furnaces...the trillion tons of rice and beans...the staple of the RICANS...and...America hears it was charity and not big grab government that SAVED THE of the reasons for the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE will be seen as GONE...and...refuse to support any further enslavement of the producer."
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It's obvious to anyone who cared to listen...Congressional Democrats are in favor of a tax increase because such stomp-and-chomp advances the power and grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE; a corollary...they OPPOSE any TAX DELETION since that would unshackle the enslaved. think...there are Americans who vote for such nasty, despicable people because they like enslavement or the entitlements the would-be master uses to keep the cattle and sheep dependent and obedient to bureaucratic ghouls and creeps. Indeed...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) has many times said he wants an estate tax, (a/k/a death tax), because he wanted to see Florida farmers eliminated and big grab government producing the food and fiber.
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Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told a cub reporter he wasn't about to permit the Kurds to unshackle the socialist chains and liberate their homeland from the grip of the horrific 20th Century NANNY STATE...a CAGE that BUSH-CHENEY permitted to remain after they ousted Sadam Hussein. Indeed...the KURDS know how the American will LIE and BETRAY.
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Has anyone heard the Democrats* declaring taxes can't be cut because it would shrink the 20th Century NANNY STATE...and...reduce their power over people? If...on the other hand...the Republicans proposed to take even more from producers...the same scumbag Democrats would be demanding the tax hike be greater so that the producers are never able to climb out of the hole the tax law creates. VIVA TRUMP!
*Deficit spending is good when it grows the NANNY STATE. And never c an the producer be permitted to escape the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT.
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) when he heard the tax plan presented by Big Don...he balked...choked...and...declared, "I want other people's money to spend. I know better than they how to spend their money.'s a NANNY STATE approach...but...I am the power that directs. The American people are the cattle and sheep who do my bidding."
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In Saudi Arabia...women are enslaved. They lack any rights at all. But...due to this BLOG'S insistence...the leaders of that Arab land agreed to permit ladies to drive beginning in June of 2018. But...even though seated in the driver's seat...they still have to wear their sleeveless shirts...and...tight...short shorts.
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Bob sold widgets and derived from such effort a billion bucks. Those dollars represented the satisfaction of his customers. It represented the great benefit he delivered in exchange for that billion bucks. Across town...however...Bill was unable to sell his BIGGETS. He couldn't even hardly give them away.

His envy of Bob was obvious and he began death...Bob's wealth be taken away so that Bob's family would be as poor as Bill's outfit. "I don't care how much benefit he delivered...he was successful and I was not. I want his wealth taken and redistributed to me and to anyone else the would-be master might choose worthy of such government gift: drooled Bill-the-scumbag,(Exodus 20:17).
*The estate tax is based on envy. It is a Marxist tax. Indeed... scumbag-Karl Marx said the government if it were to be a tyranny...had to be able to take at death from the producer thereby keeping that family enslaved.
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Donald J. Trump asked the editorial board of this BLOG: Who do you say I am?" He was instantly told he was a messiah...a leader for the Ages...a legend in the making...and...his bringing back the American Dream...something that had to be done. VIVA TRUMP!
*.(MATT 16:13)
When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?”
14 They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”
15 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”
16 Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”
17 Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. 18 And I tell you that you are Peter,[a] and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades[b] will not overcome it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be[c] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[d] loosed in heaven.”20 Then he ordered his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Messiah.
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When the Muslim attacked the Jew...their idea was to eradicate...delete...wipe clean. However...the Jew was able to defend and to take whatever they needed to make a better country.

Nowadays...however...the Jew-hater describes those regions taken by conquest as Israeli-controlled territory not part of Israel. Even though the Muslim was trying to delete...these Jew-haters don't care. They don't care that giving the Gaza Strip

As confirmed by U.S. Chuck Schumer,(D.NY)...if it weren't for this BLOG...the Jew would have already lost the West Bank.  But do to political pressure and big bucks from this BLOG...the Jew will keep what they conquered and thereby retain their security. VIVA TRUMP!
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Socialist Puerto Rico is demanding the wealth of the United States taxpayer to grabbed and given to them so they might once more have a free clothes...and...spending money. They also wants their utilities they might continue receiving free electricity and cable TV.

Yes...folks...Puerto Rican socialists(99% of the island's inhabitants) look upon the taxpayer as their beast of burden...and...President Trump must address this aspect even if politically unpopular given the MASS MEDIA preference for socialism and its tyrannical grip on the producer. But...even deluged by 24/7 hate-Trump speech...Big Don will put America first...not someone's desire to loot and redistribute.
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The health care industry fascists who rely on government payments are worried they'll be not get paid back for advancing payment on health insurance for those who claim they can't afford health insurance. The Republicans must let OBAMA-CARE implode. They must not give those scumbag insurance companies any succor. They made their fascist them lie in it. VIVA TRUMP!
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OBAMA-CARE takes money from producers and redistributes that wealth to those parasites seeking health insurance paid for by someone else. Kaiser Family of the big proponents of OBAMA-CARE...confirmed there were about 10.3 million such parasites with that number growing daily. "Soon we'll have so many dependent supplicants...we will be able to herd them like so many cattle and sheep...directed and controlled from cradle to grave by our bureaucratic ghouls and creeps."
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Before yesterday...the producer had a chance to escape the grip of big grab government. Now...there is only more burdens...more travail...and...all because the Republican majority did not repeal OBAMA-CARE...a repeal they promised if elected. The parasites and the servile supplicants cheered when they were told OBAMA-CARE "whip and chain" will remain. America is headed into the socialist toilet...where good company with the Venezuelans and the pathetic Europeans awaits.
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Treachery...betrayal...outright lying. Such the tools of the Republican majority leaders in Congress. They promised liberation....yet...are delivering more subjugation.

Now...these scumbags want to raise whip producers even more...huddle even more burdens on their humble backs...and...reduce them to beasts of burden. It's horrific.

It's not what the Founding Fathers envisioned and America is headed into the socialist toilet. President Trump must fight for the producer against the parasite and servile supplicants. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) likes to be called the "enemy of the farmer". He brags about how he destroyed farming in Florida using the ESTATE TAX...that Marxist horror which enables government at death to take away the farmer's land...taking away his capital thereby.

In Vero the Intersection of Rd 510 and U.S. Hwy #1...there stands a reminder of what Bill Nelson means when he declares himself the "enemy of the farmer". At that intersection...there's a packing house...closed down...the farmer who operated that company gone...his land taken to pay off the ESTATE TAX.

Indeed...Nelson laughed about the 1200 jobs that were lost when that packing house closed down...the citrus producing land now houses...and...that once wealthy farming family in some breadline asking for toast,(WSJ A-1;09-27-17).
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Once enslaved...once shackled...the slave never senses freedom thereafter. OBAMA-CARE is such a horror. And the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate proved this proposition once more to be true. They could have repealed that "ENSLAVEMENT" but they chose to keep the shackles snug and affixed. Yes...they promised escape from this horrific 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...once in power and able...they chose to keep the "whip and chain"(WSJ A-1;09-27-17).
Amazing to hear the Republican Senate with a working majority can't find the votes to repeal OBAMA-CARE. For some reason they like enslavement and won't unlock the chains. American medical service industry lacks powerful voices. If there were someone other than this BLOG...just one other person or organization who would join with this BLOG to fight socialism...America could be set free from the grip of the scumbags in Washington DC.
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As ignorant and misguided as ever...Democrats and their cronies declared President Trump was a "racist" for admonishing the NFL-kneel during the national anthem. Big Don told a crowd it was shameful for such respected Americans to "dish" the flag. How such chiding is "racist" is never explained because it's idiotic and lacks any rational explanation.
William Miles of Witchita State University demonstrated his ignorance and his lack of qualifications to teach economics. According to this IGNORANT JERK..."inflating the money supply" is good...while deflation...the dropping in consumers bad. It's obvious...William is not on a fixed income and is a dedicated Marxist. Parents should choose another university and avoid this one. It appears this so-called University is infested with IGNORANT-SOCIALISTS...very dangerous critters.
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At a rate of 600,000 barrels per day through a pipeline which Turkey and the Kurds built...KURDS receive their governmental revenue. Of course...the Iraqis in Baghdad don't want to lose that income and declared they'd kill Kurds to stop such acquisition.This BLOG stands by the KURDS and has offered as much funding as needed to keep the KURDS free from Iraqi socialist grip. VIVA TRUMP!
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Talk about staged exhibition...the MASS MEDIA organized a team of cripples...people who demand others pay for their medical services...and...sent them to Congress to protest any unshackling of the producer. "We want our slaves working for us...not free from the bondage OBAMA-CARE imposed!" exclaimed Bertha...her legless body shivering from anger over the idea that enslavement would be eliminated,(WSJ A-4;09-26-17).
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Has anyone heard that 11 million Americans would lose healthcare insurance if the Republicans repealed OBAMA-CARE? If  you probably didn't ask that declarant who was paying for those 11 million. When such question posed...the socialist always replies, "We pay with someone else's money...never our own."(WSJ A-1;09-26-17).
Kurdistan will be free from the grip of the Iraqi 20th Century NANNY STATE...something President Trump wants but can't outright say. Because BUSH and OBAMA perpetuated the socialist stomp-and-chomp instead of erecting a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...Iraq is little ore than a collection of warring religious sects vying for their chance to take power and loot the storerooms of the losers.

The KURDS know this all too well...and...decided to break from such idiocy and establish a state wherein the love of liberty is held in the highest esteem...where the government only delivers courts...police...and...a small national defense force...and...where its government funded by rents, royalties and donations from wealthy Kurds.

Naturally...this BLOG...acting on a request from a person whose name can't be mentioned right now...helped fund* the referendum that was held. Virtually all Kurds chose to separate from socialist Iraq.  VIVA TRUMP!
*This BLOG sent $78 million to assist in this effort to separate.
In the fort stood a flag...its pole capable of holding it even in the greatest wind. When the enemy finally took the fort...around the pole...keeping it steady...and...the flag still waving...the bodies of the defenders lay...all died struggling to keep the flag erect. Indeed...Francis Scott Key was so moved...he wrote STAR SPANGLED BANNER. America...the most respected people in this blessed land...the NFL football players took a KNEE and refused to honor the National Anthem or its flag. Somehow...liberty and justice for all wasn't thought worthy of their respect.

Aggravated by the callous disregard for the people who have died defending what that flag represents...President Trump called them out and said they didn't need to be representing America that way. VIVA TRUMP!
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Most Americans don't care about Catalonia attempting to separate from Spain. They don't care if the Spanish socialists don't want to lose their slaves in Catalonia. Of course...the Catalonians wish to be free from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE. But...somehow...Americans don't care. Maybe...Americans have accepted socialism and want to be slaves. If such be's horrific!
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Kellyanne Conway was asked about the North Korean dictator and his latest threat to detonate the hydrogen bomb over the Pacific. After primping with her INVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "The "little fella" notified me...if he didn't get his way...he'd detonate at sea. Well... President Trump took another look...and...had another cup of tea...and...some butter-pie."
"We're your equal," the snotty North Korean told Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Standing nose to nose with this 4 foot tall Korean was Rex stooped down...and...said to him, " have some nukes. But getting them off the ground...aboard missiles...that'll never happen. You'll be obliterated before your first missiles leave their launch pads."
Executives at India's largest mobile-payment app, PAYtm told a cub reporter they had adopted the software structure created by the COMPUTER DEPT. of FREEUSFLORIDA.COM since it had what was needed to transcend big grab government and deliver whatever the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market might want. While others struggle to get their balloon off the ground...PAYtm is soaring.
Is BITCOIN the "new" GOLD? The answer is "no"...not anything ever could replace GOLD. A person need only handle gold coins...dropping them into their palm...feeling the cold-of-gold...hearing the sound of gold striking other pieces of gold. No...folks...not anything will ever replace GOLD. some ways...BITCOIN will become a repository for the new electronic pay systems springing up worldwide with JACK MA and his incredible team leading the way. VIVA JACK MA!
Growing up...the Goski twins were always playing together. And...when they became adults...Mike and Chris joined a special outfit whose mission to enter a country...delete "bad guys"...and...then...depart leaving behind a better place. They were superb at this task with commendations filling up wall after wall...their exploits legendary...told in barracks across the world as warriors discuss the feats of well-known soldiers.

So in tune with the requirements of 21st Century warfare...the twins sought TOP BRASS involvement in the idea of attacking and defending using robots thereby avoiding any loss of American soldiers. But...their request for WAR-BOT(tm) was turned down and Chris paid with his life for that ignorant...idiotic Pentagon decision not to use robots and flying drones to delete rag heads in the Middle East.
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Reacting to President Trump's characterization of the "little fella" as "ROCKET MAN"...the North Korean dictator labeled Big Don "Dotard"...a person in his dotage. Instantly...the MASS MEDIA began calling TRUMP "dotard" pushing the narrative of hate and anger. To the fondling MASS MEDIA the "little fella" represents socialism the way it should be practiced: gulags...whips...chains...and...outright murder. And because they like the "little fella" anything he does* or says is considered enlightened and worthwhile.
*Note how cheerfully the MASS MEDIA greeted the North Korean threat to detonate the hydrogen bomb above ground in the Pacific.
Samantha Powers while United Nations ambassador directed the unmasking of people who were part of the Trump campaign. She worked closely with others in TEAM OBAMA to leak those names and the data when such publication most ruinous. Eventually...such connection between Power's demand for unmasking and the attack on TEAM TRUMP will be revealed in such fashion not even a complicit MASS MEDIA will be able to hide it. And when that day comes...who will stand up for Ms. Powers? It certainly wouldn't be Obama. He'll be hiding beneath some rock praying the U.S. Injustice Dept. overlooks his involvement.
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Surrounding Erdogan were his body guards...Norsemen...huge hulks...Ninja quick...ready to defend and secure. As Erdogan was making his NYC speech...a man with a well-cut beard yelled out some nasty remark...and...instantly...he was identified...singled out...and...surrounded by these GUARDS who escorted him out of the auditorium. As the dude was being taken off...people who liked Erdogan were smacking well-wisher reached over a railing and swatted his pate as he passed.
U.S. Senator John McCain,(R.Az) said he couldn't repeal OBAMA-CARE. If Republicans such as McCain won't stand up for liberation...then...who will? What chance is there for escape from the grip of the 20th century NANNY STATE if McCain won't fight for liberty?
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Rocket man told the world he might test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific. Such a blast would create worldwide catastrophe...frying electronics...destroying computers...stopping most cars...falling jets their passengers screaming for help...ships colliding because radars don't work....a real catastrophe, no doubt. And threatening as much was ROCKET MAN.
Alan Blinder began to cry after being struck by the fist of another child who had the toy first. When Alan grabbed the toy...and...jerked it away...he didn't know a fist was also there to play.

Whack! Alan released the toy...turned to the teacher...and...began to cry...he wanted government to step in and take that toy away from that other child and give it to him. He deserved it. He was Alan Blinder.

Mention is made of this scenario since ALAN BLINDER recently demanded the wealth of the producer be taken away and given to him so that he might redistribute as he saw fit. His realm that of health care...his power that of government...and...his desire* to grab as powerful as it was at TENDER-SCHOOL so long ago.
*And...there Blinder stood...demanding wealth be given to the "needful" anyone else Blinder thought deserving,(WSJ A-15;09-22-17).
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On an island...miracles performed. Cutting-edge technology combined with 21st century computing power. And with such things...people are saved...lives made better...and...whatever done offered to the world. In contrast...on the mainland...people must accept government healthcare...their number read by a machine...their doctor another stranger with clipboard. They must accept whatever granted since they are cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

Mention is made of this island and mainland dichotomy since the contrast and difference so stark and horrific.

Take for example cancer. That all its forms and formats...on the island...has been eradicated using an approach the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) attempted to stop since it would prolong too many lives...something contrary to the FDA'S mission statement. With that "precision medicine"...however...a cancer sufferer can come to the island and expect complete remission.

If a person has a damaged spinal cord...a new one can be grown* as easily as growing corn or planting potatoes. Another approach the FDA attempted to stop since it would give too many back their lives and release them from the grip of government dependence.

Yes...the contrast is striking. The waiting list for the island as long as Jesus...but...another jetport is being built with hotels and restaurants to accommodate another 5 million customers.
* one doctor who has been working on the island for several years said, "Had we been here...Superman would have walked again." Of course he was referring to Steve Reeves whose spinal injury left him a quadriplegic.
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Although he was warned about the bellicose aspect surely to be encountered in the Big Apple...the Turkish leader proceeded to the podium to deliver a speech on cooperation between Turkey and Uncle Sugar. Into rage the paid-for crowd engaged...they slapped and spit...threw dung-packed bags and urine-filled balloons. As the Turk was led from the stage...his security team trying to dodge and duck...a bald-headed dude standing in a nearby bleacher leaned over and swatted the demagogue.
The Kurds must be cautious if they're to become an independent nation-state separate from Iraq. While Barzani...the Kurds' putative leader...has experience in taking enemy-held positions...he's unfamiliar with the treachery and deceit practiced by all political players in that region.

Take for instance the poison gas event unleashed by Sadam Hussein when the Kurds revolted. The Kurds were promised tactical military support by BUSH if they revolted. When the Kurds did revolt...BUSH didn't deliver and left them to be killed by poison gas. In another classic case of rank betrayal...the Kurds were promised weapons and air-support by Obama. When the Kurds arrived to gather their supplies...they were a massacre Obama denied knowing anything about.

Hence...the KURDS must be cautious. They must look behind the smile...sense the deceit in the hand-shake...and...know their stuff won't be theirs until they stand forth and proclaim themselves an independent nation...ready to defend borders...and...equally ready to participate in unfettered...unhampered commerce.
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Bob worked all day chopping wood. While he chopped...he envisioned how he'd spend the money when he sold the pile. Perhaps a new car...or...a new dress for his wife...and...better shoes for his kids. Back and forth his imagination painted and he chopped and chopped away.

As an exhausted Bob was examining his pile...a mob* arrived with a law that said that pile was theirs and they'd be taking it all. They needed the money to pay for little Billy...the crippled child whose medical bills were so large a law was passed to take everything anyone had to pay for little Billy's "life gone bad".

His pre-existing condition required everyone's wealth...everything taken...nothing hidden by stealth. Whatever future...such to be decided by what little Billy might want or need...and...Bob's pile was "starter-kit"...plow and seed. Even if Bob had his own designs...those pushed aside...for the sake of little Billy's kind.
*Tyranny has its roots in the temper of little Billy's mob. Their tears...Bob's purse. If Bob refused...his stuff...nonetheless...taken and by such reluctance stand accused.
Kurdistan must fight all comers. Strategically...however...the Kurds could make peace with Turkey by promising to cease all terrorist activities. The Kurds could make peace with Iran by promising to keep their nose out of Shiite maneuvering elsewhere. And...the Kurds could tell Baghdad the days of socialist rule are over...and...that henceforth...the Kurds will insist on a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place wherein Shiite-masters can't decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
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In his bunk...the captain lay drunk he couldn't stand and muster. His sub was packed with torpedoes front and back...full of for a 6 month bluster. And from Pearl Harbor his sub departed...into water miles deep...if descent to be done...slowly into the depths the sub should creep.

Yet...the captain ordered CRASH DIVE...nose aimed toward oblivion...almost straight gentle descent...but...a plummet into bottomless trench. With only seconds before pumping would be useless and doom for certain crunch...the radio officer issued an order to SURFACE instantly...causing pumps to commence...and...saving themselves from doom's never crossed fence.

Countermanding the captain's order to die...never before had it been done. Yet aboard the U.S.S. Whale...such a legend spun. Naval commendation...though...foregone...why discuss drunken sailors with death at dawn?
In times long past...a river 100 miles across ran from north to south and if anyone were asked...they'd declare such river be there forever...such vastness never overcome...such wonder never abated. Yet...from satellite images...there were many such rivers...desert now where once jungle found...coming and going with the great...not any human can sense...yet...from the geologic record...nevertheless...can be discerned.

Where is there such a river on its way into desert? What climate change approaches? What tectonic event will bring forth another Ice Age?  From the audience...such questions were asked of Albert Gore...climate-change guru...only to be told...had GORE been an ancient Hawaiian...he'd have supported virgin toss as a sure-fire way to stop volcanic eruptions. "Had 10,000 scientists signed a consensus letter about the need for virgin-toss...had that been can bet I'd have supported the effort," quipped Al Gore as he signed another photo of himself holding a polar bear cub during a break at the climate conference.
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As Don Corleone sat in his Limo...departing a meeting of the Mafia dons...he aloud remarks, "It wasn't until today that I realized it was BARZANI all along." Mention is made of this epiphany September of leaders are admitting with respect to the issue of Kurdish independence...Masoud Barzani stands behind the demand for liberation and not the Chinese.

The KURDS know they cannot trust anything the Americans promise. They recall how BUSH betrayed them. How BUSH stood by and watched Sadam Hussein drop POISON GAS on their villages...and how BUSH stood by and never defended them. They recall how BUSH promised to come to their side if they were to rise up against Sadam's regime...a promise BUSH never planned to keep.

Barzani and his troops would be foolhardy* to do anything other than demand independence forthwith. The separation of Iraq and Kurdistan by well-defended borders would go far in delivering a lasting peace in that region and open that area to viable commerce something everyone can appreciate.
*Hussein's reaction to their revolting against his regime...a revolt BUSH promised to support...a promise BUSH never planned to keep...was to gas the whole lot of them. As BUSH later admitted...his idea using that promise of help was to draw KURDS out into the open so they could be picked off by Sadam's henchmen.
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What does the commander-in-chief add? Ask a general in Afghanistan and he'll tell you flat out it's the quality of leadership. With the same personnel and equipment...for example...President Trump and his 8 months...have succeeded in wiping out 99% of all Taliban and 88% of all Islamic State operatives...a feat OBAMA could not achieve even though he had 7.9 years to accomplish the task. VIVA TRUMP!
Why must a person in Florida subsidize medical services for someone in New Jersey? If both are voluntarily part of a health insurance pool...the answer is that both contribute their premiums so the event...there is a need to access such health insurance coverage...that such coverage be there and be funded in accord with the contract between the patient and their respective health insurance company. But the consumer chooses which company to engage...if any to be chosen at all.'s not obligatory...then...due to competition...the number of health insurance companies promising "viable risk pools" is always sufficient to handle the market's need. When there is not any interference...not any bottleneck...the consumer chooses what is best or better...not some scumbag bureaucrat...and...all needs and wants are necessarily met in one way or another...perhaps not in the way you might a way created by the marketplace.

Take "precision medicine" for example. In America...before TEAM TRUMP...government involvement stymied progress. private sector science...over the objection of vested interests...using computers and exquisite instruments...designer defenses* were fashioned. So innovative...and...of such promise...the federal government demanded cessation until a DEATH PANEL could be imposed to decide who lives and who dies.

Acknowledging how important the victory of Donald Trump...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "Had it not been for Big Don defeating Hillary-the-hag...a million Americans would have been doomed. We had planned* on stopping precision medicine to permit an easier culling of the herd. And Trump is hindering this socialist-exercise."
*If a person has pancreatic cancer...the area that has been compromised is excised and a replacement inserted...the same occurring at the nano-mechanical level...with such precision...the recipient can't tell if the new parts are new or just refurbished in renewed format.
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From the herd stepped the FIRST BRIGADE. It had come to liberate North Carolina as best as could be done. Yet...despite MASS MEDIA opposition and Democrat trick and trap...North Carolina succeeded in reducing some taxes and received the predicted boost in economic activity this BLOG foresaw.

Yes...folks...producers are tethered. Liberation their demand. Are you part of the FRIST BRIGADE in your socialist state? Are you prepared to liberate your region from the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE? The Tar Heels saw wisdom in removing about you?
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After hurricanes ravaged several counties in south Florida...a buyer arrived with a big proposition. The buyer proposed to buy the entire county...paying off everyone in the terms they saw fitting...buying the county from Tallahassee so that it could become an independent territory such as Puerto Rico...and...doing everything else to make the county self-sufficient in terms of electrical power...power generated using Tesla resonance technology and Chinese-made software. All roadways leading to/from that county were to be redone...32 lanes of commerce available crisscrossing the Sunshine State so that commerce might proceed unimpeded by local hassle and hinder...the stuff for which such toilets as Miami and Palm Beach  are well-known.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the tax cut approach President Trump envisioned. She looked at that ravenous bunch of freedom-haters...who had gathered to hear her portray what Big Don had in mind. She knew they wanted to hear him retreat from his promise to unshackle the lighten the producers' burden...but...she also knew America wanted to hear more about their liberation from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

After reflecting on obvious envy...and...unbridled hatred for success....she declared,"You take my life when you do take the means whereby I live," whispered Shylock as he contemplated his predicament. Before fair Portia trapped...however...he had called for a pound of Antonio's flesh...refusing all offers of gold...insisting that his BOND be paid in accord with its terms from flesh nearest Antonio's heart...and...yet...having found his WORDS didn't cover the jot of blood aspect...Shylock faced not only cureless  ruin but mortal doom as well. Hence...he beseeched government to leave him with something."
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Puerto Rico is comprised of many different building types...from the make-shift the bunker-like cement building with steel roof and bomb-blast door. Because it's a socialist toilet...everything is antiquated...the power lines strung among telephone polls...and...all exposed to the fury of Mother Nature.

Since the storms have basically flushed out San Juan and other dung piles...why return to the socialist model? Why not open Puerto Rico to the blessings of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market? Why not remove the hinder and hassle and permit commerce unfettered...untrammeled access? Sure...big grab government won't like it since they'll have to find real jobs...but...Puerto Rico will be the richest place on Earth.
In China...President Xi Jinping told a cub reporter he permitted BITCOIN mining to continue although he had stopped everything else.

Before President Xi imposed bottleneck...Chinese investors numbered in the millions...each vying for that special corner of wealth insulated from the grip of some would-be master.

 Nowadays...however...that vast number has dwindled until only a few intrepid gamblers can be found deploying bitcoin,(WSJ B-9;09-21-17).
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While Ambassador at the United Nations...SUSAN POWERS used her position to force the unmasking of 260 people most of whom worked with the Trump Campaign. From data off her hard's been revealed her intention was to hurt Big Don and help Hillary. While her effort was illegal...the MASS MEDIA has refused to label that enterprise as such since to frame in that fashion would be to blame Obama...her puppet-master....and...that is something the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA won't ever do.
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Michael Dempsey revealed "why" the Iraqi War went badly for America. Instead of eradicating the NANNY STATE...BUSH-CHENEY allowed the NANNY STATE to remain...thereby guaranteeing perpetual civil war between religious sects as each vied for their season in power so that they might loot the storeroom of the loser,(WSJ A-19;09-21-17).

Instead of demanding the implementation of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm thereby assuring all players a "live and let live" format...MIKE DEMPSEY argued for more not less BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT.

And...of everyone knows...BUSH-CHENEY went along with the BIG STOMP GOVERNMENT idea...and...Iraq is smothered in 2017 in a bubble of civil strife with Kurds vying for freedom...and...the Sunnis demanding Shiite restraint.
Myanmar...a socialist toilet...lacks enough food and other stuff to support the Rohingya...a bunch of parasitic Muslims who have camped in Myanmar looking for handout...and...demanding they be given as much as any other Myanmar resident. Of with all socialist toilet bowls...there just isn't enough to go around. Instead of "pie-divide"...though...the Buddhist-majority chose to flush the parasite...burn village and cart...and...basically chase that consuming horde back into Bangladesh,(WSJ A-11;09-21-17).
"Why won't President Trump impose a two state solution in the Middle East?" Kellyanne Conway was asked recently.

After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "Once the Palestinians have their own state...they will stockpile weapons...marshal their army...and attack the Jew. Because of the proximity of the Palestinians...the JEW will be forced to fight asymmetrical battles...street by street...basement by basement...window by window...and...continue that effort for a billion years in all directions. Unlike the Jew who prospers in times of peace...the Muslim thrives on death and carnage."
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Perhaps the Jew has not understood the travails recited in the Old Testament. Certainly that conclusion correct if the Jew ever grants the Palestinians their own nation-state. The Muslim will push the Jew back into Sinai. Never can the Jew deliver to this enemy such a region as envisioned in the most recent conjuring. The Jew can't afford to pull a rattlesnake into sleeping bag.
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A bulldozer operator at the New York City dump decided she needed a new job. She heard there was an opening at the Dept. of Health and Human Services overseeing the "precision medicine" vector of American medical science.

Perhaps it was whimsy...maybe...a lark...but...she applied and landed the job. She was now in charge of overseeing the most advanced aspect of medical research. Instantly...she demanded a halt to all such effort declaring mankind didn't need life-prolongation.

Her decree was so enlightened...the MASS MEDIA called her a messiah.
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When President Trump invited healthcare redesign models...he received one from this BLOG. It was entitled AMERICAN HEALTH CARE and focused on delivering top notch medical services in an unhampered market of the grip and grab of government...its customers free of taxes so that they might use that money to buy medical care when needed...indeed...a place where never could some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

So novel the earth-shaking its import...President Trump instantly took it and directed his team to implement. Instantly...his underlings reacted and told him that 50% of America wanted enslavement not liberation of the producer and what better way to accomplish such feat than to shackle the doctor...reduce the doctor to the order of serf. They showed him statistics from CUBA wherein the herd was preserved using doctors as the bludgeon.

Surprised by the kind of people surrounding him...Big Don stepped back...looked at them...and...said, "I want liberation...and...America will be unshackled." VIVA TRUMP!
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@Russia tweeted about Ukrainian nonsense...and...@Ukraine replied with cartoons about Russian stupidity. Back and forth the tweets went...each more hurtful...everyone intended to attract attention...and...gain favor with the MAS MEDIA whose appetite for the strange and unusual legendary. break help placate and assuage...this BLOG dispatched "Tim-the-wizard"...whose fame began in Monty Python's Holy "OH-TIM" a mission statement far beyond that of mortal man,(WSJ A-1;09-21-17).
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Slave against would-be master. Such the coming civil war...a battleground where producers revolt and refuse to carry the master's burden. As if JOHN BROWN were once more prophesying about the are those who sense the public employee "grab" will be so huge...that only by wholesale "grab and take" can such a debt be paid. By some estimates...there is a $645 billion shortfall around the country when it comes to covering retiree benefits of public employees. And that kind of "can't fund it" stuff always results in some kind of civil war...perhaps...not with guns this time around...but...a war, nonetheless,(WSJ A-1;09-21-17).
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The National Security Agency(NSA) proved the hydrogen bomb North Korea detonated destabilized something and the huge Mexican earthquake just suffered was its consequence. Whether the North Koreans realized such megatons could disrupt sufficiently isn't known...but...from the smile the "little fella" had when he was informed Mexico City was little more than a pile of rubble...many experts believe his purpose was to send a message* of sorts to President Trump.
*Maybe the North Korean Hermit king has acquired Tesla resonating technology and used hydrogen bomb energy to implement its grip. If so...a doomsday weapon is now in the hands of a maniac.
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At the United Nations...speaking to a crowd of freedom-haters...President Trump outright condemned socialism...using Venezuela as a good example of the squalor and misery socialism always delivers.

Instantly...socialists from all over the world shouted out with anger. How dare this American tell the enslaved...they can push the would-be master off their back. How dare he invite the unwashed masses to unite with him and dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in thereby a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. How dare he declare as much!

Amy Wax was asked by this BLOG to stand up and resist the HANGMAN. Instead of cowering as they did when the HANGMAN* picked his prey...she stood forth...her own inexorable self...and...told the world that values such as self-esteem...self-reliance...and...honor...were time-tested...and...delivered the most out of life...providing the basis for a great future.

Instantly...she was called a RACIST. How dare she ask those who can' put aside doubt and tackle that thing that couldn't be done. Might this new frame be the latest eruption of that horrific chant: BURN-WITCH-BURN?
*THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden

za 1

Into our town the Hangman came, smelling of gold and blood and flame. And he paced our bricks with a diffident air. And built his frame on the courthouse square.

The scaffold stood by the courthouse side, only as wide as the door was wide; a frame as tall, or little more, than the capping sill of the courthouse door.

And we wondered, whenever we had the time, who the criminal, what the crime, that Hangman judged with the yellow twist of knotted hemp in his busy fist.

And innocent though we were, with dread we passed those eyes of buckshot lead; till one cried: "Hangman, who is he for whom you raise the gallows-tree."

Then a twinkle grew in the buckshot eye, and he gave us a riddle instead of reply: "He who serves me best," said he, "Shall earn the rope on the gallows-tree."

And he stepped down, and laid his hand on a man who came from another land and we breathed again, for another's grief at the Hangman's hand was our relief.

And the gallows-frame on the courthouse lawn by tomorrow's sun would be struck and gone. So we gave him way, and no one spoke, out of respect for his hangman's cloak.

Stanza 2

The next day's sun looked mildly down on roof and street in our quiet town and, stark and black in the morning air, the gallows-tree on the courthouse square.

And the Hangman stood at his usual stand with the yellow hemp in his busy hand; with his buckshot eye and his jaw like a pike and his air so knowing and businesslike.

And we cried: "Hangman, have you not done, yesterday, with the alien one?" Then we fell silent, and stood amazed: "Oh, not for him was the gallows raised."

He laughed a laugh as he looked at us: "Did you think I'd gone to all this fuss to hang one man? That's a thing I do to stretch the rope when the rope is new."

Then one cried, "Murderer!" One cried, "Shame!" And into our midst the Hangman came to that man's place. "Do you hold," said he, "With him that was meant for the gallows-tree?"

And he laid his hand on that one's arm, and we shrank back in quick alarm, and we gave him way, and no one spoke out of fear of his hangman's cloak.

That night we saw with dread surprise the Hangman's scaffold had grown in size. Fed by the blood beneath the chute the gallows-tree had taken root;

Now as wide, or a little more, than the steps that led to the courthouse door, as tall as the writing, or nearly as tall, halfway up on the courthouse wall.

Stanza 3

The third he took — we had all heard tell — was a usurer and infidel, And: "What," said the Hangman, "have you to do with the gallows-bound, and he a Jew?"

And we cried out: "Is this one he who has served you well and faithfully?" The Hangman smiled: "It's a clever scheme to try the strength of the gallows-beam."

The fourth man's dark, accusing song had scratched out comfort hard and long; and "What concern," he gave us back, "Have you for the doomed - the doomed and black?"

The fifth.The sixth. And we cried again: "Hangman, Hangman, is this the man?" "It's a trick," he said, "that we hangmen know for easing the trap when the trap springs slow."

And so we ceased, and asked no more, as the Hangman tallied his bloody score; and sun by sun, and night by night, the gallows grew to monstrous height.

The wings of the scaffold opened wide till they covered the square from side to side; and the monster cross-beam, looking down, cast its shadow across the town.

Stanza 4

Then through the town the Hangman came and called in the empty streets my name - and I looked at the gallows soaring tall and thought: "There is no one left at all for hanging, and so he calls to me to help pull down the gallows-tree." And I went out with right good hope to the Hangman's tree and the Hangman's rope.

He smiled at me as I came down to the courthouse square through the silent town, and supple and stretched in his busy hand was the yellow twist of the hempen strand.

And he whistled his tune as he tried the trap and it sprang down with a ready snap— and then with a smile of awful command he laid his hand upon my hand.

"You tricked me, Hangman!" I shouted then. "That your scaffold was built for other men. And I no henchman of yours," I cried, "You lied to me, Hangman, foully lied!"

Then a twinkle grew in his buckshot eye: "Lied to you? Tricked you?" he said, "Not I. For I answered straight and I told you true: The scaffold was raised for none but you.

"For who has served me more faithfully than you with your coward's hope?" said he, "And where are the others that might have stood side by your side in the common good?"

"Dead," I whispered; and amiably "Murdered," the Hangman corrected me; "First the alien, then the Jew... I did no more than you let me do."

Beneath the beam that blocked the sky, none had stood so alone as I - and the Hangman strapped me, and no voice there cried "Stay" for me in the empty square.

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What if a North Korean sub...carrying nuke-tipped missiles...slipped into American waters ready to bombard Los Angeles and take out Chicago? Would the noise-maker be more than before? Would his status as buffoon be dictator his moniker stand? As President Trump so ably pointed was on Hillary Clinton's watch as Secretary of State that North Korea acquired its nuclear technology and missile telemetry. might be on Big Don's tour of duty that this menace has to be eliminated.

"Sir...we're tracking what appears to be some kind of under water craft," reported the young sonar operator aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan. He'd been told to be on the look out for a North Korean boat which had slipped through the sub-nets spread across the was a BLIP...maybe that sub...perhaps arming to launch* its hellish payload and strike America while it slept.
*Not waiting for confirmation...orders were given to fire all cannon and anti-sub missiles...obliterating whatever it was. However...just as those shells and bombs were striking that fired its 1200 missiles and 10,000 atomic torpedoes. As these things were heard coming closer and closer...Sidney Poitier asks Richard Widmark what he planned to do.
President Trump's candid depiction of Iran as a scrub-squad of miscreants and buffoons...rankled Iran's Prime Minister. In one of his reactive retorts...ROUHANI framed Trump as "ignorant" unworthy of the world interloper...a rogue-come-lately so to speak. Yet...many in that audience of United Nation hotshots knew exactly what Big Don meant. They recalled how such rag heads as ROUHANI had slaughtered a million fellow Iranians in order to impose caliphate. And they knew...given the chance...the same rag heads would deploy and detonate the Sword of Allah...even if it meant destroying planet Earth and all that dwells thereupon.
President Trump told the world socialism was nonsense. He pointed out that Venezuela was in its present...pathetic...economic predicament because socialism worked as it was supposed to work. It gave power to a ruling elite and pushed everyone else into serfdom. So miffed at that kind of frame-job was Arreaza...a Venezuelan political big shot*...he reacted and called President Trump "another Reagan" as if that a pejorative reference instead of outright accolade.
*Arreaza was heard portraying the recent government diktat that all Venezuelans eat rabbit as a menu change that deserved imposition at the point of a gun. "People will eat rabbit and like it," shouted Arreaza as he chewed on some road-kill his team had found nearby.
Recently...U.S. Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS told the world that he had pluperfect proof that TEAM OBAMA was conducting domestic espionage* against the Trump Campaign.  He pointed out that James Comey was instrumental in directing wire-taps of Paul Manafort and that Comey personally directed placement of the bugging devices in Trump Tower.

"It's obvious to me and to anyone who examines the data...OBAMA and his bunch were trying to help Hillary Clinton and they were not above wire-tapping to find out what the Trump Campaign was doing or planning to do," whispered Sessions as he pushed past a gaggle of reporters who didn't wish to hear about Democrat misdeeds.
*According to official data...this BLOG was the only news outlet where it was reported that TEAM OBAMA fact...wire-tapping the Trump Campaign including Trump Tower wherein Paul Manafort had resided since 2006. The MASS MEDIA scoffed at such assertion....underscoring their disdain with quotes from James Comey and John Brennan...who solemnly declared such accusations of wire-tap to be without foundation...mere whimsy at best.
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Hillary-the-hag labeled as "dangerous" the United Nations speech President Trump delivered yesterday. Instead of praising Big Don as Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu did...the HAG chose to denounce and belittle. When asked about the forceful aspect embedded in that discourse...she revealed fang and sneered, "TRUMP didn't do any more than show himself as a buffoon."
no image
While protectionists* won't admit as much...the best of all possible worlds redounds in unfettered commerce...permitting the most efficient to prevail and delivering to society a well-oiled economic to speak. Aligned with the protectionists are the would-be masters who find power in such conflict of interests...playing each supplicant off against the other...and...grabbing more and more until there is only "freedom-to-obey".
*And it's these two groups who are demanding President Trump erect trade barriers lest their cronies disappear in the battle for the consumer's buck.
U.S. Senator Rand Paul, (R.Ky) was asked about forthcoming tax cuts Americans might enjoy. After perking up a bit...RAND replied, "Arrayed against President Trump are a bunch of freedom-haters...each with their own vested interests to protect. As the proverbial ESTABLISHMENT...a/k/a..."Da-man"...they stomp anyone attempting to escape the grip and grab of their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein the would-be master can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Hearing Senator Paul's assessment of tyranny...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) walked over to the cub reporter...bared his fangs and injected, "Big Don and his allies...such as RAND here...think they can liberate the subjugated...offer KEY over CAGE. Well...they'd best be looking again...because DA-MAN isn't about to unshackle the enslaved."
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the speech President Trump delivered at the United Nations yesterday wherein at one point Big Don referred to the North Korean leader as "rocket man". After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she looked at the cub reporter and replied, "There'll come a day at sea when you'll smell land where there be no land...and...on that day...Ahab will go to his death...but...he will rise...he will rise and beckon...and...then...all...all save one...shall follow."
no image
The most dangerous opponent is one possessed of death or victory. President Trump understands this aspect...but...also knows China won't permit the "little fella" to disrupt* commerce much longer. Many military experts...agreeing with this BLOG...though...are saying that as long as the North Korean "rocket man" is launching rockets into the Pacific...notice thereof optional.
*The North Korean leader might be looking for reaction in his effort to design an attack plan that will avoid anti-missile defenses and reduce such places as Chicago and the Big Apple to burned out rubble.
no image
Might President Trump dally until the "little fella" has Chicago or the Big Apple within range of his ballistic missiles?

When does Big Don dispatch his minions to delete that idiot from the world stage?

Or...does that miscreant serve another NOISE-MAKER...useful when the budgeting process has a strong military component and such a THREAT would serve greater purpose?

Indeed...Big Don wouldn't have told the United Nations that KIM JUNG UN was on a "suicide mission" should he persist in his bellicose ways...if the deletion of the leader of the Hermit Kingdom had not already been preordained.
no image
PROTECTED-EXPECTED. Such the motto of secret guards watching over the "little fella" as he sleeps in his palace in Pyongyang. Around the dictator's bed a billion amp laser do the attic's radar-guided missiles...each one tipped with a nuclear warhead capable of obliterating Guam.

Yes...folks...that demagogue* is protected...such bunker stuff...though...quite expected. such...President Trump took it upon himself to alert the world that should KIM JUNG UN continue on his reckless path...he'd surely be deleted.
*There are 1500 look-alike clones of the "little fella". The real one would be hard to identify since they're clones. And...if the real-one moved with the 1499 others...the odds of snuffing the REAL LEADER almost nil. Yet...BIG DON told the world he could eliminate if it came to that...a revelation of face-recognition technology far beyond what is afoot with the iPhone 10.