Why must a person in Florida subsidize medical services for someone in New Jersey? If both are voluntarily part of a health insurance pool...the answer is that both contribute their premiums so the event...there is a need to access such health insurance coverage...that such coverage be there and be funded in accord with the contract between the patient and their respective health insurance company. But the consumer chooses which company to engage...if any to be chosen at all.'s not obligatory...then...due to competition...the number of health insurance companies promising "viable risk pools" is always sufficient to handle the market's need. When there is not any interference...not any bottleneck...the consumer chooses what is best or better...not some scumbag bureaucrat...and...all needs and wants are necessarily met in one way or another...perhaps not in the way you might a way created by the marketplace.

Take "precision medicine" for example. In America...before TEAM TRUMP...government involvement stymied progress. private sector science...over the objection of vested interests...using computers and exquisite instruments...designer defenses* were fashioned. So innovative...and...of such promise...the federal government demanded cessation until a DEATH PANEL could be imposed to decide who lives and who dies.

Acknowledging how important the victory of Donald Trump...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "Had it not been for Big Don defeating Hillary-the-hag...a million Americans would have been doomed. We had planned* on stopping precision medicine to permit an easier culling of the herd. And Trump is hindering this socialist-exercise."
*If a person has pancreatic cancer...the area that has been compromised is excised and a replacement inserted...the same occurring at the nano-mechanical level...with such precision...the recipient can't tell if the new parts are new or just refurbished in renewed format.