On an island...miracles performed. Cutting-edge technology combined with 21st century computing power. And with such things...people are saved...lives made better...and...whatever done offered to the world. In contrast...on the mainland...people must accept government healthcare...their number read by a machine...their doctor another stranger with clipboard. They must accept whatever granted since they are cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and creeps.

Mention is made of this island and mainland dichotomy since the contrast and difference so stark and horrific.

Take for example cancer. That plague...in all its forms and formats...on the island...has been eradicated using an approach the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) attempted to stop since it would prolong too many lives...something contrary to the FDA'S mission statement. With that "precision medicine"...however...a cancer sufferer can come to the island and expect complete remission.

If a person has a damaged spinal cord...a new one can be grown* as easily as growing corn or planting potatoes. Another approach the FDA attempted to stop since it would give too many back their lives and release them from the grip of government dependence.

Yes...the contrast is striking. The waiting list for the island as long as Jesus...but...another jetport is being built with hotels and restaurants to accommodate another 5 million customers.
*Indeed...as one doctor who has been working on the island for several years said, "Had we been here...Superman would have walked again." Of course he was referring to Steve Reeves whose spinal injury left him a quadriplegic.