Thursday, October 19, 2017
When this BLOG told South Carolinian law-makers it was time to open their borders to commerce...eliminate trade-killing rules...and...give BMW what it wanted to move to Greenville, South Carolina...most economists scoffed at the idea of loosening the grip of big grab government as a marvelous path to prosperity.

To underscore their criticism...they pointed to their computer models and asserted it to be silly to project 9,000 direct jobs and countless indirect benefits flowing therefrom. It was preposterous to claim that by eliminating "whip and chain" such liberation would attract producers. always...these naysaying economists have been proven wrong. Greenville is booming. Its inhabitants say the BMW factory was the best thing that ever happened to their state. Indeed...BMW produces 40,000 car per year from that production complex...has 9,000 employees...and...surrounding enterprises exist because of the success of BMW,(WSJ A-16;10-19-17).