Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lew's bodyguard

Because Jacob Lew worked for TEAM OBAMA...he demanded a 24/7 armed body guards be assigned to him.

Since January 20, 2017...however...Jacob has climbed ladders trying to find his security team. At Columbia University where Jacob is a visiting-idiot...for example...he was approached by a cub reporter who asked him "why" he was a "freedom-hater".

Although the question had never before been asked...he stopped his saunter and reflected...his thin lips dripping with venom...his brain in full gear conjuring an appropriate reply...while his eyes scanned the crowd for the "promised security team".

Finding himself in a wet-paint corner...Jacob declared:

 "I joined TEAM OBAMA because he was a tribal socialist bent on replacing liberty with "freedom-to-obey". His idea of forcing people to worship whatever idol he might forge made my left leg tingle. Here was a scumbag who would enslave...remove freedom and impose the whip-and-chain agenda...and...that kind of destruction was something of which I had dreamed ever a young child...I watched would-be masters slaughter whomever they pleased."