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The maniac who shot people from a 32nd floor window had many guns and lots of ammo. He had more firepower than he could ever have used but felt it necessary to surround himself with all kinds of weaponry including machineguns...and...anti-personnel grenades. Why bring more than might ask...and...yet...Paddock was always heard to say, "Rather have it and not need it...than need it and not have it."

Instead of condemning Paddock...however...the Democrats have raised him up as their poster child for gun control. "How come he had so many guns?" queried U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer as he stood with 200 well-armed body guards surrounding him.

Sensing his power...Schumer went on to add:  "I'd like to see laws that take guns away from everyone and only the police will have them. Sure... many people will be slaughtered as gun-totting bad guys massacre and destroy. But...these losses must be accepted and acceptable. We're trying to create a NANNY STATE environment wherein the individual is a mere cog in the greater wheel of the hive. Such deaths must be overlooked for the greater good."