When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson realized Russian President Putin and the Saudis were making deals without including America due to all the hassle and hinder which comes with any dealings with any American company...he informed President Trump something had to be done about the repressive NANNY STATE...that the yoke and choke agenda of the welfare state was consuming American trade and dulling the competitive edge.

President Trump acknowledged as much...but...pointed out that America was headed into the socialist toilet and there wasn't much he could do to stop it. Sure...Big Don could hold rallies...enormous gatherings...standing-room-only crowds...and...still...the MASS MEDIA would declare he lost his power to break the grip* of big grab government and Americans would have to submit to socialist diktat as envisioned by the freedom-hating Congressional Democrats.

Just the other day...to avoid any misunderstanding about why Russia and Saudi Arabia were excluding America...President Putin called and asked, "Is Rex there?"
*And tell America the time has come to kneel and worship the NANNY STATE and its ruling elite.
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