Wednesday, October 4, 2017

tell me you have one

When Kellyanne Conway was asked about GUN-CONTROL and what the 2nd amendment meant to her...she primped with her IVANKA face-kit...and...with an appropriate look of stern determination...replied:

As the shooter was walking toward their train car...having slaughtered as he marched toward the next car...machine gunning everyone...slitting throats...hacking of the frightened passengers turned to someone who appeared to be a former Navy Seal and whispered, "Tell got a gun."

The Seal looked dumbfounded. He had bought into the Democrat no-gun-is-best mantra and had left his cannon at home. He had accepted the idea that police should be the only ones who have guns...but...the officer aboard that train had been killed first and it was soon to be their turn.

Had he only not bought into that idiotic idea that self-defense is nonsense...he'd have his cannon and be able to stop that murderer. lacked firepower and knew that machine gunning scumbag was bound to achieve his purpose.