Monday, November 13, 2017
When the SPORTS DEPT. of this BLOG heard NFL Commissioner Goddell asking for an annual salary of $50,000,000...the reaction was instantaneous as the entire SPORTS DEPT. sent their "hire-me" package to the wizards who make that decision...pointing their application...that for $5 million the same duties could be carried out with aplomb...without a need for private jet or an armed guard when the national anthem played.

Naturally...with politics as it is nowadays...the offer was turned down due to the connection to TEAM-TRUMP...a link President Trump has denied...a bridge Kelly* won't defend.

Of some consolation...however...the applicants were told they had been considered. "Had your BLOG been anti-Trump...the offer to handle the NFL for $5 million would have been accepted," confided the owner of the Dallas assessment backed up by none other than Elton John who wished to come in on the matter.
*White House Chief of Staff Jim Kelly told a cub reporter he didn't react to Trump's tweets.