Friday, November 10, 2017
Several decades's alleged...U.S. Senator ROY MOORE...while a government-prosecutor...sexually assaulted a 14 year old assault that only now has been revealed by this accuser.

Instead of coming to the support of U.S. Senator ROY MOORE...though...prominent Republicans have called for his resignation including such shining examples as Senator McCain and Senator Gardner...two men who giggle when they hear the phrase "innocent until proven guilty".

Because ROY MOORE is presumed not guilty of these horrific allegations...this BLOG has dispatched a legal team and $1 million to defend. In terms of "why" this BLOG concluded as it did...consider the following:
(1) Why wait so long?
(2) Why the details selected?
(3) Was there any coordination among victims?
(4) Is there a common thread...perhaps...alleged victims contacted by the same person?
(5) Is there some political link between Moore's opponent and the organizations pushing the STORY LINE about sexual assault?