Monday, November 13, 2017
Former Vice President Joe Biden told the world he might take on Big Don in 2020 and give America back to the parasites, servile supplicants and their "ruling elite"...reducing America to a socialist toilet similar to Venezuela...a place where everything is "free" provided loyal support for such NANNY STATE forthcoming,(MATTHEW 4:8).

Joe Biden told Megan Kelly he recalled how his he lay there dying...used the last few gulps of breath to exact a promise...a commitment to run for president...a duty imposed by his dying son to which he relied that he would...only to find his reply was to a dead son...a son that died before he could reply.

Invoking his son's last request...he told Megan he might run in 2020 so that he could enslave America...burden it with mounds of entitlements...huge taxes...and...government diktat so terrifying...only the most skilled ever able to navigate it's shoals as much in memory of his son. Reflection of what...he'd gladly show...when liberty that way undone.