Sunday, November 12, 2017
Lady Elizabeth stood at the podium facing an audience of parasites and servile supplicants. Before she spoke...that crowd had clapped and cheered for the socialist-demagogue who promised larger entitlements...greater taxes on the producer...and...more power concentrated in the hands of a ruling elite...a collection of wizards and wonks...each one inimitably able to impose what's best.

She began by telling them about enslavement...and...all that glitters is not gold. They listened quietly...acknowledging by their attention the passion and point of what she had to say. "Why worship whatever idol that power-monger might forge?" she asked. "Why be herd when you can be prosperous and fulfill whatever future you might paint?"

Listening to Lady elderly attendee turned to another and remarked, "She'll never be heard. But...brave, though."