Friday, November 10, 2017
When Brazile received such acclaim for her revelation of misconduct in 2016 inside the Democratic National Committee...other ladies looked on avariciously.

One lady...for instance...was so consumed with envy...she contacted as many news outlets as possible until she located a Trump-hating outfit that wanted to hear her lurid story about how ROY MOORE as a young prosecutor seduced her inside a jail cell. He had blacked out the in-cell cameras and told the detention deputies to take a hike...hed' be busy for 30 minutes...a dialogue 15 Democrat gate guards remember as if it were yesterday...although the matter is claimed to have occurred over 30 years ago.

Although the JAIL sign-in sheet for that era is gone...a cab driver...a Democrat from Sutherland Springs, Texas...remembered how he was driving by the detention center and happened to see ROY MOORE trying to wipe clean a "blue dress".

Underpinning his recollection...he had a trip-ticket with a finger print of ROY MOORE on it...a ride he'd given ROY MOORE 15 years later...15 years after observing Moore wipe clean the blue-dress stain. As U.S. Senator McCain asserted, "That kind of evidence is so dramatic and so overwhelming...ROY must resign."