Friday, November 10, 2017
U.S. Senator Roy Moore...the flamboyant freedom-fighter from Alabama...was accused of attacking a 14 year old girl over 20 years ago. Of course...Moore was said to be guilty based on that accusation never once considering the political motive behind such "late-arriving-news".

Not only do people wonder "how" this lady could wait so long...they also suspected BLACK CUBE* to be involved. Why would this "accuser" wait until the final days of an election to come forward? And how did other ladies with similar stories all decide to come forward at the same time? Adding to this situation is the ever present "why" did these accusers wait in the same way when all had the same story?

Might someone in the Democrat Party...the "dirty deeds done dirt cheap" dude...having seen the furor surrounding HARVEY WEINSTEIN'S indiscretions...have concluded such accusations against ROY MOORE in a Bible-thumping state such as Alabama might just change the election outcome? is that DIRTY DEED unfolding with the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA publishing the LIE as if TRUTH. The American ideal of "innocent until proven guilty" thrown away in favor of hurting ROY MOORE and helping the Democrats gain a critical U.S. Senate seat,(WSJ A-3;11-10-17).
*Black Cube is a Jewish research firm specializing in "dirt".