Friday, November 10, 2017
How is it Bill Clinton could lie about a sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky and remain President? Yet he escaped impeachment because Hillary-the-hag organized a superb defense...insulation that worked until the "stained blue dress" was revealed. It was obvious Bill Clinton had succumbed to the allure of Monica...himself sex-starved due to Hillary's preference for camels and Huma Abedin. But...despite it being so obvious...nonetheless...he remained President.

Nowadays...ROY MOORE has been accused of sexual attack on a 14 year old girl while she was in his presence. The story has changed over the last few weeks as the accuser refines her tale of woe...a story of terror...ghoul...and...creep...her trembling hands drawn toward pulsing crotch...her white "v" seemed closer keep.