Saturday, November 4, 2017
Bowe Bergdahl left his post looking for Muslims and was taken prisoner. Not knowing of this intentional desertion...however...Bowe's pals went looking for him. They were ambushed and several died with many more wounded. It was listed as an event without backup data and Bergdahl was cited as "missing in action".

It was only later...when it was discovered Bergdahl was a prisoner of the Muslims...that OBAMA revealed Bergdahl as a hero...a valiant warrior deserving of praise and accolade. So wondrous was Bergdahl's valor Obama traded 5 high-ranking Muslim terrorist-leaders warehoused in GITMO for him. end the tale of Bergdahl...a federal judge did not sentence him to prison for desertion. Off-camera...the judge said he could not hardly put Bowe in prison for life when OBAMA labeled him HERO. Weighing in on the matter...President Trump said the judge's decision reflected badly on the reputation* of the American military.
*BERGDAHL RULE: A soldier can desert the mission and be called HERO and if finally returned receive only a dishonorable discharge and no VA benefits.