Thursday, November 9, 2017
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch used a pseudonym(Elizabeth Carlyle) when conferring with Bill Clinton about Hillary's potential indictment. When confronted about this "fake name"...Loretta chuckled and referred the inquiring mind to BLACK CUBE that Jewish outfit whose mission to investigate...find dirt...and...then deliver that questions asked or answered.

But why did Loretta choose to hide herself in BLACK CUBE? The answer's surprising.

It turns out BLACK CUBE has a long history of such assistance. Recently...for instance...the team was employed by HARVEY WEINSTEIN to plow the region and find out how many ladies were claiming he raped them. Rose McGowan...a Weinstein rape-victim...was approached by DIANE ILIC...a woman portraying herself as a representative of a rape-victim group based in London.

Rose answered all Diane's questions about the number of ladies Rose knew who were about to come forward and accuse Harvey. Never did Rose suspect...however...that her interviewer was really a disguised BLACK CUBE operative investigating the rape-theory for Harvey-the-pig,(WSJ B-1;11-09-17).