Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Because the NANNY STATE CAGE is so well protected...the Republicans must approach liberation with passion and wisdom.

They mustn't be deterred by hateful MASS MEDIA whose mission not only to stop escape from the CAGE but to tell Americans they like enslavement and are happy with the horror of socialism.

They must cut taxes massively...and...liberate the producer from the grip of big grab government. Any barrier to such endeavor...any drawback* to such an achievement must be identified and adroitly circumvented. VIVA TRUMP!
*The so-called BYRD RULE must be deleted along with any other obstacle to liberation. If there is to be a day of reckoning for tyranny...if there is to be a day when the parasite is evicted...if there is to be a day when servile supplicants must look elsewhere for their daily bread...if there is to be a day when the producer need not fear a would-be master with envious mob...that time is now.