Saturday, November 11, 2017


The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...looking for ways to attack TEAM-TRUMP...was approached by a Clinton-operative claiming she had been attacked 39 years ago by ROY MOORE. Her story about a 14 year old girl whose white "v" was caressed by the searching hand of ROY...a 32 year old prosecutor at the time...a prosecutor who knew this 14 year old girl would never tell about their interlude.

Instead of telling the world that the accuser of ROY MOORE was a CLINTON-OPERATIVE...that critical FACT was never mentioned until this BLOG made NOISE about such lack of candor...such DELIBERATE DECEPTION...such display of hatred few can say they've ever witnessed evinced by the MASS MEDIA. Until this BLOG revealed CLINTON was connected...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA was not telling the world that the attack dog barking about RAPE was a political attack as dirty as anything Hillary to-date had unleashed.