Monday, November 13, 2017
Leora Horowtiz, an associate professor of population health and medicine at New York University, was sent home after her heart attack from a local hospital whose decision to send her home based on OBAMA-CARE rules...and...not on what was best for Ms. Horowtiz.

Unfortunately...Leora had some more heart trouble...but...due to OBAMA-CARE...the hospital refused to admit her...telling her helping-friend to take that blue-faced female down the street to the government health clinic where she was sure to be seen before she died.

Yes...folks...OBAMA-CARE is claiming more and more victims as its DEATH PANELS decide who lives and who dies,(WSJ B-6;11-13-17). Ms. Horowitz...for example...ironically...was on one of those "decision-making" committees but never foresaw how her idiotic "go along to get along" would send her "blue-faced" body looking for someone to render assistance.