Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tale of two stories


"Down the crest of an eighty foot wave went LOU...one of the few intrepid surfers able to handle the potential doom of JAWS. By his side slicing through the wave was his dolphin-pal...a friend he had saved from a storm many years before...a companion he had nursed back to health...and...a gate guard making sure great whites didn't have LOU on their menu."


"I had just gotten off work at the restaurant and my boyfriend was late arriving to pick me up. A well-dressed Democrat-prosecutor in a fancy sports car drove up...asked if I needed a ride...and...I accepted. When I entered the car with its rich Corinthian leather and bucket seats... I never realized that in the next few minutes I was to be the prey of ROY MOORE...a sexual predator with a hunger as big as Alabama. He drove the car to the back of the restaurant and stopped. He turned off the engine. He looked at me with the eyes of a demon...grabbed my breasts...fiddled my monkey...and...dumped me out of the car on to the cold concrete telling me not anyone would believe ROY MOORE would do such a thing. When my boyfriend finally arrived...I chose not to tell him of the rape. The next day I took make-up and hid the bruises on my neck...bruises inflicted by the monster known as ROY MOORE."