Friday, November 10, 2017
OBAMA-CARE has opened enrollment and there has been a great surge in the number of people seeking insurance coverage for their medical care. Of course...these 601,462 enrollees have sought government handout...asking the government, [think taxpayer], to pay their way for 2018.

When asked about the surge...Peter V. Lee, executive director of Covered California, the state's OBAMA-CARE exchange...looked at the line of parasites and servile supplicants waiting to sign up...and...smugly replied, "The surge has been attributed to the way OBAMA-CARE is being advertised this year: "GET NOW OR LOSE IT". The lure of the "freebie" not only explains the surge but also shows the power of  "free"...socialism's hook. Once hooked on the "freebie"...the victim is absorbed into the collective...receiving whatever the would-be master thinks best. This surge is simply a manifestation of that phenomenon."(WSJ A-3;11-10-17).