Sunday, November 12, 2017
As science and technology leap and bound forward...military weaponry and equipment should also enjoy such progress. However...that profound idea can't enter the Pentagon door.

Instead of robots and drones conducting the work ground troops once performed...Pentagon prefers to send personnel into harm's way. The contrast is remarkable. The cost of putting a fully equipped and supported Marine...for example...into Iraq or about $125,000.00 per day...while that same task-package can be handled* as successfully by WAR-BOT(tm)...a robot-drone battalion which is sent to a region and given a task to perform.
*WAR-BOT(tm) costs $15,000 per day. In RAQQA and in MOSUL...WAR-BOT(tm) was deployed. The areas assigned to WAR-BOT(tm) were cleared of Islamic State combatants in 48 hours compared to the areas assigned to Peshmerga and Marines which took weeks to cleanse.